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8-20 Scoot Show Bob Mitchell 8pm, Isis

Aug 20, 2014|

Bob Mitchell…the REAL Robert Mitchell…is in for Scoot tonight…he has lots of great talk topics: ISIS commits first act of terror directly against U.S.: What now? The U.S. government determined that a graphic video was authentic that shows 40-year-old American journalist James Foley being beheaded by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. In the video, an ISIS executioner who speaks with a British accent threatens to kill a second American journalist, Steven Sotloff, if the U.S. military continues airstrikes against the Sunni Muslim extremists in northern Iraq. What would your next move be back off or throw everything we have at them? Plus the latest from Ferguson: Do you support Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s statement that a ‘vigourous prosecution must now be pursued’ in the shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown…does this sound one sided to you? Doesn’t the police officer have a right to justice if his actions were justified?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well not -- it is -- Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in for duke tonight and the Porsche to warrant an astute. Fills in for Angela through things or guard WWL. Talked table of course the thing that just grabbed everybody. Was the situation -- licensed. You look at this play a system that's First Act of terror directly against the United States now. Well what do we do the US government. The president addressed the country. Today and they determined that that graphic video was authentic. Let's show forty year old American journalist -- full of the NB -- By the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria in the video and eyes was executioner. -- who I was speaking with a British accents of Arnold I don't know if that were trying to send us. A message that it week that we can get to you anywhere willow threatens to kill a second American journalists if the US military. Continued airstrikes against these Sunni Muslim extremists in Northern Iraq. Presidents of that when word we're not going to back down presidents that were going to remain diligent we're going to continue to flight -- I. I kind of expected in the B a little tougher you know he just seemed to be very mill now may be. Maybe he's speaking lightly and has got a big stick -- is back that is going to hit him with so my question to you tonight as. What would you do would would you back off when they do have hostages. We certainly don't wanna see more hostages lose their lives on the other hand we can't just sit here and take yet. So what would you do would you do more airstrikes. Which -- put boots on the ground would you go there to wipe them out. To secure a one -- 78668890. It's heavily and we will continue to keep your old did it with the situation and Ferguson I mean. There's there's just no ways that we can. Drop this in in in 123 probably Portland that the probable probably be. In Ferguson it'll probably be in the and the new short. Who knows wow. They say that even though that did the grand jury met today and started looking at things -- -- -- -- to eight weeks before they can. Aside what are going to. The Missouri governor -- -- I thought made a real goof ball statement. He said that a vigorous prosecution must now be pursued. In the shooting death. A black eighteen year old Michael Brown by white police officer Darren Wilson. He said we have a responsibility. To come together and do everything that we can do to achieve justice for the brown family. Well is that just one sided to you mean what about the police officer's family. Doesn't have a right per trust is too because we still we still don't know. What happened and obviously and that night after night -- the things like this happen but when it comes to the ice Tuesday. What would you do. What should the United States to above to hear bureau thoughts on this -- 26 or one point 78. 866890. It's seventy complexity of late 787 let's go to Bob Bob Bob thank you for an end tonight. Hello -- all right distorted darkly about the two subject that you mentioned. -- not think it's unbelievable as it goes to -- where he was and that they really do need to. Located you know the president does need to take some time to make this decision because there's other. Are hostages. He's -- Aren't the same way and so I think that they. Really need to think about trying to get to these guys for any decisions I know what they're going to be doing. He spoke to a very softly today during solemn. And just basically said that we were not going to be intimidated and that the United States is is not going do back down. In anyway. I'm I'm hoping. That an all out blitz is coming. I don't know what more than air strikes. That we can do you know I have been totally totally against sending troops back to -- to Iraq but. Now if if there is a reason this is the reason right here because I mean to me that that's an act of terrorism. Right against our country not under the opening quick and sit back and do nothing not that the president is not trying to nobody's been. Been using the air strikes but. Now this might be something to think -- -- actually more but an air strikes and that's taken opinions on -- is right is this a reason to send troops and you think. Well you know again I think they need to take the -- Other special forces. And bundled with these guys are prepared. Other people there. And of course they the option isn't a court would be taken -- out so. I think that he really eases. It is top. Special forces together. And go on these guys of the -- government Mon. It's oval op -- state county and they Cuba these. Well they said they'd say they actually did try but. That it failed they tried to rescue the hostages. But could not find them flow right I guess that's and then they have the stay a -- journal and aren't what would you -- Would this -- in your mine. Be a reason to send troops in there that to help the Iraqi arming. Well. And it has its property it's that. Again I do think it's just a few people do it and these it. And I think they need to focus on him more so Gordon you know court but he Indian church ticket you know. Need to take them out but not that the expense that. Hurting other people -- -- billions. Even the military people that are our -- Certain. You play the thing the thing that scares me is I I wanna be able to help but. I don't want to give the Iraqi armies anymore weapons because it seems like whatever weapons we give them Massoud was -- -- gets bigger than day. -- -- The -- of right now is using weapons that we gave the Iraqi Army. Yeah center -- -- chain as it and it it really did. Gonna take some Robert Smart people got -- and capture that -- leave little. Take care debate look though it -- Let me ask you are our big -- company project were opinion poll question has to do with Ferguson after viewing the police tactics in Ferguson. Blow. When it comes to handling the of the protesters were not talking about adding an option when it comes to handling the protesters. Do you think it went too far. Or were they just do their jobs they think they needed called all the military vehicles or bad news is that they pushed it too far or about doing their job. -- -- -- -- -- You know they have people coming in -- -- keep mr. So you know they do two. You know take it any precautions that they can't. Sit stopped -- you know they just need. Expedite this agree injury. And bunt out in making charges that they need to -- -- you know I -- -- Leah won this. Police officer shot this board six -- go to -- You know -- and he was protected -- these separate tours completely. And so boy out of the and well it's six shots in the line of secure right. And that corner I don't know want six bullets were put in -- so I don't know you're sporting the big gap. From all witnesses report he would act -- two officers so they agree entered -- the evidence enough. Make any charges. And I think that it can't. Slow things down the old. Oscar said that he attacked him and and fact Tebow central hospital with a broken eye sockets so we we really built. Have everything yet we've been -- that night after night and yet. Oh we all have a tendency to speculate on what we think happened but I agree. I'm I'm hoping and praying to -- we're talking last night the people will settle down. And hopefully now. Just I guess allow to take its course and see what happens. Right now and in integrated years make the right decision could hear a lot rut as so bigger. There and you know in the -- -- evidence and it. If they pop art is then there's a reason state decided not to. You know of course you know that it plans that the evidence. You know it just is out of all the media court. And strictly. -- got in 66. -- the left that. To the rights that the body. You know all the industry. You know some you know one particular shot -- bringing -- All right -- I appreciate donated -- art all right we have lines are open to figure of one late seventy Ghali told 3866889. Point 78. We're talking about the situation with our sixth and the beheading. Of law and American. What should we do next. The lead back down at all the league ratchet things up a little bit beliefs on them even more bombs what are your thoughts. I'd just blow them up as much as a possible though I'm sorry that's what I would do. 260178668890. It's Tony Bobbitt -- interest -- on WWL I'm Bob Mitchell in for us and tonight of course we're. Talking about what I assisted. I mean. How do you even talk about. Something like this that it looked so barbaric it. It's so horrible. I was. What -- paper chose the Hampton called the five and one of the journalists' ability. That he saw the actual video they have the -- -- -- video online world qualities that. -- salary Watson that he will never ever be able to that vision out of his mind so. What do we do. With the we'd do. How -- we come back text message -- says. I would escalate things. If they murdered journalist I would increased the air strikes tenfold and that it's -- denials of increases in crates of them a hundred poll. I would I would want to bring the end times. To them. Let's go to the folks who go to Howard and -- Oreo Howard. I for some talk when you Obama I want this one thing -- -- at -- -- as I'm sure our our state. I would not hold back and thing at all when you'd be hit somebody. In most lawless. -- that you could do in a war on I can believe that they would do that needs -- confident outlook sent. I would totally and now only. I mean we have the ball -- did do it. And it about it this man that certain -- another look good guy I mean you know more ads. Would this be the time to send troops and. -- -- -- -- and -- we have followed -- what we wanna do. And I would do I would -- consider that strange I would do I would let people know. In this world that this is not what -- due to an American. -- -- it -- not and -- seventy Centrino mortar that occurred there Phillip that -- that somebody without that. And that there that was one of the chopped off. That you can't aluminum -- insult the point that. In dog to a so young man in the days and that then candidate they like that all about somebody. In -- arms on -- outlaw murder or some like. You know all and then not iron right away bombs and all you're about oh it is more like net that we will be having -- American. Journalists and I would take it so well I would let them know what Tom Parker does it -- we will not tolerate that type of you know on the net by anybody nobody has award that is quite. Well. I'm with you -- word right that. Burn me up more than India and I -- really frustrates me more than anything that this. And that's on now brawl with those -- -- -- and those who died -- shot and where they oh he was shot in the back. Outage on that he was shot and -- and you can't say who where -- which other birds. While I'm on the opposite trying to -- dug ourselves you know I'm Sugarman now that they stopped somebody -- You know hard and it -- to -- safety. You know and I've never heard one person saying. And -- about what this guy on broad Ortiz -- -- -- -- you know apart I doubt you'll play I don't know why and then you know real sure commonwealth. Well because they have not released that there there are studying it right now they are investigating their talking to witnesses and that's what police do normally police do not. Give you ongoing information. At what during an -- that's fine. They want more important than it is if I could have been on not because the barrel on black would have been. One and the you know when you're on drugs like that you don't feel forward you don't feel pain. You know argued that bothers giving it to that person that you -- You know. Stopping you don't want Jared Allen and now that's almost it was almost the -- themselves. Well the main thing is going to be if they can prove the officer was protected himself now the officer's story is. Is that he he he punched the officer. In the face of the guy and broke his eye socket and he knew what it went to the hospital. And it was strata. Grabbed his -- through. The news that the window and the -- the stories that that are floating around. And of course there at at this point. They are trying to put together the story the prove exactly what happen. And well until until they do that group we will all continue to be get a signal we think. While they're not real real. An army if he was launched 41. A guy he was attacked by this man. OK -- he was you know we don't know that -- that we we don't know yet but broke and I thought it brought it happened from empire and -- protect themselves. No but we'd -- Maine what what I'm saying is the fact that what people are saying. Is they say this and they say that at at this point they have not released any any picture of the officer. I would. I would think that I would at least -- a picture of the officers so you could see -- coalition appease them but remember this -- the people in that community. Do not trust the police at all the people in that community thing to -- a whole league as a cover up the people in that community think that the police are lying to a right now. And that's the tough situation. While you know and and you know it doesn't really earning his use it community where a lot of crime. And have a lot of you know. People more against the police all of the result was that will call that won't feel like. So you eat out you know look at it from the -- ought to ought to view that. You know you'd have to protect itself you know one thing you protect the censored. The -- if you can't protect -- -- -- all right how well the a little -- guy does want to make that point that there. No problem no problem -- -- go to Al in saint Tammany. Now hello welcome at WWW. First thought with with prices. Mean to the B. The head and American -- we respond. I'm gonna actually that formally or. I would I would actually prominently. -- Obama. And they've actually put some of the people won't be like -- What would this be a reason to go back into Iraq with troops to that to make sure. Cargo. You know I don't I don't think anybody wants yeah. But you know like on the hill you know I -- much. Ammunition and Iraq is reluctant to. While the only the only problem I have with giving the Iraqis and ammunition or any weapons it looks like that. Too much of that up hands up in the once -- the hands of places. Yeah I mean that's true meaning outlets about it you gotta. You can't let you can't read about what might happen got a stable and. Well what I mean is I would do it must before I would give the Iraqi Army. More weapons of more anything I would go it and do it myself. -- -- -- -- I mean that any policy but boots and I don't doubt that -- -- -- I don't want anybody else over there. It's it's just it's probably -- out -- accurately it's a small. Area. And elsewhere about Obama what was it factory problems in the -- or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right. That Allen is negotiable and we'll talk about the situation Ferguson any thoughts on that. Yeah calm between these low information people keep all of gunshots six -- In Narnia prince shot six. It was shut down into the car and towards look at what -- wanted -- to air their show that without an important. -- -- OK what what -- what the cops. They re going to be all right all right now 10. Well the -- are -- that they do damned if they don't. I would not want to be a police officer who couldn't pay me enough. I wouldn't -- -- -- he argued this is our our new product onion here Ian Williams who you know. On the put in jail so they. Topic yeah yeah. It well what I will ask you this wouldn't allow what do you think about the national football. If you've heard about this. The National Football League and I didn't notice did you know that they don't pay. The halftime performers. While no idea what the armed. And now and now they won't accept a performers to pay them. Is it is this just too but I agree coming from the NFL. Oh my god they're just there. They're just exploding everywhere to make the popular -- -- you -- I know I've -- -- my question is is the greater good business I guess if you can get these groups to play. What what they want is that they want the groups that perform at -- time which. You know I don't even know if we -- these big halftime shows and got relatively more highlights. In a week that we can go to the games anyway. They're obligated champion and you -- become well again enjoy it more. But I don't think it's more than twenty -- and they -- the sentence. Com or -- I'm. If we don't monitor it. Well the National Football League now there are asked that there at -- that's under consideration where the halftime marsh Iowa are always thought these. Halftime groups get paid big money. But they don't give a dime but now the NFL says look we want you to play just to perform at -- time because of all the exposure -- -- -- Such a spectacle or restore chalking up with the other sort of action that your real. It's a little bombshell tell. Thank you Al thank you so much but let me grab a couple of text about a super text messages record like. Big. Another text message -- troops. Keep bombing. Keep bombing keep bombing another text message but journalists knew he had a dangerous job that was the risk he does sound vague yes -- bill. We cannot just allow this to go unanswered would that we we have to come back and come back -- hard let's go to Chris in Slidell Howard and Chris. How are you about compliant. I think that whole situation and -- Are all indoors and knowing her in eighty. When you have -- at it and you know when we invaded and they did it and we are back again. An -- again and that they keep you -- -- again it. 888 at the same thing over aren't overt and. And not -- that war I think there were out one. Like human -- total annihilation. This week -- -- ul -- We can go in there. That our own government and liked it on United States or -- Yet -- out and waited it. I'm in I'm not or. -- circuit -- occurring. You know a whole population of people and not think the the well -- -- And I would be he might. Out of it -- you get out and we need to make a statement. Drop a bomb down the -- and to be adding. You've got an eight year out here and in thirty years Natalie and -- not. -- -- I don't want dropped on one statement I make a statement about the you know -- dilemma -- at eight adding that it. But I you know -- are pretty good common ground and and going back in and help liberate Iraq. All it is it an outcry -- week -- out. And well I think we have to do whatever we can -- ice is totally out. Other good point ticket -- an -- that I don't I don't beat. Are you any good at. Chris one more questions -- -- -- ebony -- -- opinion poll question after viewing the police tactics of the Ferguson. When it comes to handle in the protesters do you think they went. Too far you're talking about it all the armored vehicles war. Do you think you were just doing their jobs on line right now 88% say they were doing their jobs only twelve episodes so they went two for what usually. -- regardless the what happened with the man we don't know all the EL we do you know -- beat Portland. And the in article one court at the responsibility to -- there that the owners. -- protect their hand you know making it go in there with kid gloves but is there. Trying to be politically correct if someone is is breaking a lot he use any means necessary the -- that. And around. I the -- -- it the way out. Our -- I think you're right at I think the police are damned if they do that day and they don't they and we've mentioned this earlier in the week. With -- -- would polluters with what they got caught up in is the fact that if if they had gone in. And shot and killed. Any of the black Lugar's. Then that there would be even more problems so. They really got stuck to that position where they just had the kind of like back off that -- and in order to avoid more violence. Damning bit depending I have a lot are packed with it you you know. Is that the bank Al. I'm with you Chris I appreciate your -- in okay. All right we have some low lines open if what we're talking about ice of commits -- First Act of terror by. -- -- an American huddle we respond. To this. Do we work harder just trying to get the rest of the hostages out or do we just this. No holding back. This is a reason to send troops to Iraq now. And the NFL says from now on they want the the high profile. Halftime -- to pay them. Is it -- Or just good business a ticket calls at 260178668. -- 90 its Lebanese Bob Mitchell improved boot and WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell and -- -- -- on our WWL talked table tonight we're talking about the beheading. Of an American journalist and how do we respond to crisis crisis is threatening the United States saying if you continue to bomb. We're going to be -- even more hostages. President said that we're not backing down. So how far. Should we go surely just increase the bombing. Is this a perfect reason to put boots on the ground -- though most people don't wanna do that I've been totally totally against that put. Odd odd odd just -- slowly more and I mean we cannot just sit back. And just I'll allow this not the would not to have some type of severe retaliation. Also if you wanna continue to talk about Ferguson's synthesis at displays in the news that you more than welcome to talk about that. Here is a a text message people have been wondering why. That this young man had to be shot six times. According to some reports that. He was punched in the -- and have a fractured eye sockets so. This person says his site was impaired and that's why he had to shoot six times. All right let's get back to our fault it's -- to Wesley in the and Gonzales Leslie how warrior tonight. I'm calling. You on a regular basis all of this week. And that Sheen that well all of your -- in the opposite end. Although all all of my what. No I don't know what happened that's that's my problem. All along well. Well maybe you didn't hear one in England when this started and here's what I said I said that if this young man. Was in. Reality had his hands in the were in the air. And said I I surrender and it's just the way he said. Then this police officer deserves to go to jail big time and what it what what what what ever whatever whatever the penalty is. That's -- he deserves. But why has been that the police officer. Trouble with my at all yet friendly toward me. And that -- the publication. And I guess you didn't hear the beginning of the show I said most of the people. And in this community do not trust the police because they've been through many things with the -- That offer different than what. If any. To the end. Of egregious. Interpret that. In fact we have a listener last night instead heard the same exact thing he said that. In school -- to bring the policeman around and meet officer friendly but on the street when you were pulled over. That was not officer -- that was pulling you over. Shameful. What -- happening. In that these people. That happen to a police because. It's certainly out there it is all that negative. -- Anything else was. All right appreciate Colin -- 2601878668. At 90 it's seventy. Gonna try to do my absolute best and while the president's advice this dust. Don't argue and yell at each other. Our phone lines are open to 60178668. At 90870. I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit on WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell in force due to died on WWL little things we are talking about tonight as the -- having. Over an American journalist by -- just. Just just so so bore Barry I did not watch the video I chose not to watch it. As I mentioned earlier that you were on the journalist on fox say that he saw that he was sorry. But he watched the -- will never ever be able wicket that of the -- so how do we react the president said we're not gonna back down. But should we pump it up even more you know I'm I'm I'm -- just go all out against -- is at this point Cassandra how are you tonight. Can. You write. I'm doing. All day island. I want to thank you point I sure. They now I'm that -- -- advocated. It really need to be said. A we have now I don't know. Wage should not. I has been killing people they have been hating people. I need a little. Gotten -- on eighteen right every -- me -- care. No. We ran at. Them when I. You know that you know -- meet people -- me. Up. Well you got it got a pretty good pointed out in a week we did increase the bombing but you'd you'd you have you have a good point in Obama I guess that's like to go. You beat on somebody else that's one thing but you know you -- of a family member and and and you get upset but you have a very good point you know but would only do now. -- I I am the Eagles beat people cry. And be eight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. Become. Okay. My. Well. Well we have to wipe off the terrorists before they eventually get. Yet to do things that that will affect this country. How well. It is as we know at the right now I. See no threat to America. Well. We we know what happened. Outright evil and it. -- On the and you can't get along with him. That's a possibility yes -- -- OK and that ultimately is okay I'll. That no way to completely. And people you can't and and I -- you can't an enemy what people can pick up. All my cell. Well if we don't if we don't do something they will take over -- that much we do. You're right they're pretty close to and in the wields that. Thank god we did a step in the slow him down and I'm for -- and every weekend but I do think we need -- show the president said the same thing we need we need to show some retaliation that. Cassandra thank you for polian and report like anything else about ten seconds. Yes bad bad about it -- I'm not really happy look on armed but what can -- Argues that it is such a sweetheart even the crisis that that. Yeah. It was -- and ultimately aren't. They Q did you talk to you later all right billions smiling and Bobby and I and -- be a big favor hang on I'll get to your run -- the top Leo our -- WW well.

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