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8-20 Scoot Show Bob Mitchell 9pm, Isis

Aug 20, 2014|

Bob Mitchell…the REAL Robert Mitchell…is in for Scoot tonight…he has lots of great talk topics: ISIS commits first act of terror directly against U.S.: What now? The U.S. government determined that a graphic video was authentic that shows 40-year-old American journalist James Foley being beheaded by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. In the video, an ISIS executioner who speaks with a British accent threatens to kill a second American journalist, Steven Sotloff, if the U.S. military continues airstrikes against the Sunni Muslim extremists in northern Iraq. What would your next move be back off or throw everything we have at them? Plus the latest from Ferguson: Do you support Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s statement that a ‘vigourous prosecution must now be pursued’ in the shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown…does this sound one sided to you? Doesn’t the police officer have a right to justice if his actions were justified?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm Bob Mitchell and for us -- to -- -- -- you of course are talking about -- be heading. Of an American journalist by vices. Now they're threatening that we do not back off the bombing there going through. Do the same thing to another journalist flow do we back often concentrate all our efforts on trying to fund the hostages or. Do we drop more bombs and of course we will keep you updated on -- Ferguson situation we have worked. Bill Gates -- pretty jaguar opinion poll question after viewing and the police tactics of Ferguson when it comes to handling the the protesters. Do you think they went too far. Or relate just doing their drugs to cast a vote at WW dot com or you can call me at 260170. 866889. Of -- of the text date. At 87870. Let me get caught up real quick like all a couple of -- Text messages the existence of the radical terrorists like I social partially our -- They're desperately dangerous because. They have been oppressed for decades but the leaders of the Middle -- it was supported by the United States. Bob it's time to war and these people drop the big one on the barbaric idiots. The cops. Are certainly guilty but shot in his man and arrest reporters. However looters should be arrested. I'm a police flow through the text message when I enforce the law. I'm not concerned with the reason the law was broken and Ferguson laws were being repeatedly broken by the looters no matter what the reason. It's still should've been in -- Bob when you're talking about the -- you mentioned black bloopers or were they black and yet they work. Black and white -- what said was that the last thing that the -- Needed to have happened was a white police officer kill a black Lugar. And then all hell would -- broken -- that's what I say all right we're gonna get to the -- to its gold to smiley. Smiley crisis. Exit Q did an American journalist an American citizen. Threatened that if we. Continue to bomb that they will execute more so. Do we continue to -- we bomb more or do we put all our concentration and tried to. Free the hostages. We negotiate. -- this is smiling you don't. I'm great who wanted to text and I've been able acknowledges this latest. Oh wait you didn't answer and in my questions. Yes and Mumbai I want to drop the -- well -- and I wanna drop by hand but doesn't know. I'd love to do would dictate did not get the idea of refused flat out giggle. But did you -- audience people well that's what -- -- -- -- -- reported. Today. I'd take remote like grant took great. And you you don't think the rest of the Middle East would try to retaliate against us. Well guess what we got -- duel well. That's it. No and now that police -- certain I wouldn't wanna be one of the country and if you do damned if. You know lives of that couple there's there's no way in the world knowing. Wanna get -- -- -- knocked out yeah so I headed god almighty did the same thing okay map out. Dish. On out. All right smiley thank you so all right all right I another text busters Bubba to the police -- for seventeen years. With in our area be in a police levels are nowadays is very difficult very difficult task. The fact that whatever. Someone puts themselves -- what could be a dangerous situation it's a choice they make the young man that was shot shouldn't have been there sorry. But the world my son that's the way I would feel a little my son. But the truth is the truth let's get back to the Pope will go to Billy calling from New Orleans is our ability. But the united. -- and -- -- and this do you go out Banco promulgated this program much. The government is on an immediate thing you know relatives on the floor and blah -- -- You know some -- society you know when we -- -- -- -- -- -- do. You know you have -- -- adult institute of I'm and you know. -- we've -- that. You know shall be. In shoot. It's. Seven to an anomaly of basketball. Paul. And stop and the government has got who are younger. That the government of this stuff and then all right you know. And again about sentiment is about what it is programs and you'd probably put -- and in my pocket problem he may player optimal bit -- -- And always respected and qualities with that that tries to Angela let that you -- And some -- that KO Robert Pollard -- he knows about it. Mad at them has to run lights out among them does that percentage -- it was in the call. -- -- every time they give me your opinion on on ice -- -- how do we how to re act 22. -- of an American citizen. -- mementos semantic. -- you know the president. Should we. Are you you play in the at least in a lot of bombs there are you try and our that we that. That's -- a situation unfortunate bad you know you know it would -- super serum and that as a necessary evil warriors. You know on Fox's yeah Paul announces the beer. Goggles was that the media man. These people outright that combat on the committee with the police adulation and aired it. Did you know they -- that go out there. Kidnapped from that man has. Yet he was kidnapped. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know the reality of the -- actually an orchestrated. You know we should do so we need to do. All right Billy pretty feels go to Bobby in Tennessee Bobby what are your thoughts on on ice those delete. Do we strike back to -- strike back a lot you know do we throw everything at them do we try to negotiate to get our hostages back do we. Try even more special forces. Activities and try and took took to get them out or to be just say you know the -- what -- left to lose money bomb to weekend. Actually out and -- airport. You can't. And I found yeah and -- thing applies here it comes to agree. -- -- they -- all right thank you Bobby let's go to Ryan in Slidell Ryan Howard you. Oh I'm now standing elbow your fund you agree with that last collar nukem til they glow. No. No. You don't really. Now when it comes ices you know pretty much day -- they threatened -- they said if you would we're. -- one of your citizens because of you're bombing in the view continue to bomb we're going to be had another one huddle we react to it. I think what we're doing now mostly aren't the only thing we really can do it's in the few more airstrikes which we already have. And maybe an attendant if you wore visors to API Iraqi Army. What else can we do beautiful indentation again. You don't think that would be a good idea. We finally got out of their character like in years. If we don't there again we won't be getting back -- per -- What. What more can we do. If anything rather than bomb to to slow -- -- down because crisis is continuing. To make progress and of course the last thing we would want would. Would be to have crisis control Iraq War. Can you look at it the other way in reality. I've always felt that no matter what we do no matter how many bombs we would at least and to the Middle East tomorrow how many bombings we do to. Crisis and the it is surgeons in the other radicals but eventually when it ends and we stopped doing that they're gonna take over anyway. On what can happen and I mean pretty wanna -- -- to work accurately. Assess the mentality around. But I don't think I rocks and -- -- crisis it's really a bowling captured the parts up by -- -- -- that religion. Which is the minority. They try and trick closer to Baghdad and -- a lot more resistance. Do we need to do anything to basically you say you don't mess with the US. Own I think we're doing -- mostly on helping should do anything at all. -- does cost more lives -- more money. Should we should we increase the bombing runs. About it though and are only -- -- our religion and -- opinion poll question after viewing the police tactics and Ferguson. When it comes to handling the protesters do you think the cops went too far or they just doing their jobs. I'm not too familiar that topic but from my seeing their writers the police fire here to ethnic and certainly not what they're due in any other situation -- right so that's really as -- ago -- -- we're just doing their talks. OK bottom line you say no boots the ground two to push prices back but more bombs. That's pretty much it may be and in a few advisors -- -- Thank you Ryan I appreciate your -- okay Chris and John I'll get back to you in the second week. You have some lines open -- zero only 78668970. You can text me at 87870. And wanna come back a -- put something light on the table a product. Ease things up a little bit for you okay Bob Mitchell missiles don't show on WWL. And I'm Bob Mitchell. And disturbed about it always something new a WW while dot com the world continues to react as ice as militants and the brutal beheading of American journalist James Foley. We have a link to that disturbing video -- -- a policy that whole thing. A look at two of the hole a little hatton did we'll watch it. Plus the latest on that person -- or his attorney general -- -- arrives and the grand jury begins to hear evidence. Also weather experts are keeping a close eye on the tropical wave in Atlanta. And we have up to in the reports and Kristian -- reports of all the action of the planes nighttime practice man -- Plus analysis from our resident pros Bobby -- -- Hokies remember. Tomorrow saints practices back in -- from 11 AM to 1:30 PM. Then checked out its latest blog media of faults in Ferguson solid line right now. At the WW well don't come that's something light to -- WWL talked able. If you'll talk about Ferguson that's fun we will of course continue to talk about. -- And what. We should do in public retaliation we -- we should do you know where we we we're not gonna back down on the presidents that were not where we're not backing though. And now that to me it's. Balls down to how many bombs that we can fit. At an at at their section of the country. Alright. Have you ever injured yourself. Doing something stupid. On May be doing something that you showed them and -- it may be mixing something around the house that you. The W should have been doing that but -- -- -- -- really doing something stupid. Like this woman in California. She was cited for climbing into the draw rapidly but at the Madison -- and she got -- -- the -- Police say that 24 year old Amanda hall. Was jumping over a fence climbing over weapons. One of two year old twelve foot giraffe named Wally. Gave -- -- -- And then kicked -- in the place. The zoo's staff says. That the giraffes are capable of killing lions of the woman was fortunate that her injuries were not life threatening. The initial thought was -- she was ticketed for harassment of zoo animals. -- harass those who battle the -- and go bad bad rap for something like that. But she got funds 686. Dollars. Police reports -- -- told officers that she climbed to do the exhibit because she loves Europe so have you ever. Injured yourself doing something really stupid. Doing something you know that you should not have been doing 2601878668. Or 9087 let's go to. John and home how are you tonight John. I don't know well. And to inviolable monuments to our. I'm not a -- Shouldn't that -- directory and I'll get back if you want for non relevant. You know we never heard about. And in the created. While I think I have a text message that goes right along what you're saying. This person says I'm not usually for war of any -- but this group has got to be stopped I don't know what the best way to eliminate them would be. But it has to be done if nothing is done that you'll definitely panic over more and more areas and more and more people -- And when when when you look at people like this and I I think that the well the executioner. Spoke with the with the British accent and I'm wondering if that was their way of saying. In a whole movement will really weakened state anybody in the country and -- yeah. The border in one like I'm sure -- would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well when it. Mean look what we -- do a lot. We checked. Into that we have a police. There and when Obama would and it does open it. Well -- -- and the president was doing what the American people around. Now. In the hour the majority of wanted to do about that remember that well one of this campaign promises that he was going to get out there. -- Oh. Here's -- the textbooks used plenty of social forces to rally the army than silently status of forces agreement and -- a couple bases in that work for you. Maybe from now on yet again. That and put it on the -- -- person. In Concord. And that way. -- had done little but you'd never injure yourself doing something really stupid like the lady who won at the death. She climbed out of a sense of losing. Yeah a little bit. Out there and get into that program. Got thrown down on got on certain ground around out there and wait gentle on the crowd and a -- But it -- -- and where nobody was. And you. Yeah if that were not an all right John thank you so much okay thanks you're the presence in -- Howard you're crest. Thank you for calling in. Dello sport and a this is old cars and light up a -- yup -- the American journal. Right there are named continue to -- -- extra cute enough. Yeah and it -- our org about a week. And and you don't but I probably shouldn't buy dot parallel won't -- -- -- -- -- -- forward or you know just you know -- Aldridge not out to people being murdered -- -- you know which is all about martyrdom that much -- so. You about their problem. The here about -- -- -- one person. Well you know all. You you're you're the second person to bring that putt up and you're right because what we heard about that they were -- having children and they they even has some horrific videos were children were were holding their heads that were chopped off of people and and you're right we do know I think the president -- -- in -- on some bombs but. If it did not touch us personally now this is like it's it's it's our family it's it's one of our citizens. And it does touch a war and I think that's natural and I well I wanna do whatever weekend at this point I have. I've always been against the sending more troops but. Now I don't know I wanna do what what would ever we need to do -- to stop these evil people. I'm afraid. Of giving the Iraqi Army too much responsibility I'm afraid of giving the Iraqi Army. Too many weapons because it seems like. The that they use. Drop them at at that what what went went went up whatever they could challenge facing in the drop the weapons and give him to the utterly. Yeah -- -- but shortly district random. We are under our country and Turkey and prince and are -- -- action and why Horry ships where we're doing. Shot together. And getting people involved and acumen can't all be glad to let them and car. -- or older and during -- Pre and we did you sort -- -- ball and and coop what it's -- on me so that's that. Yup you keep because we can beat the world's policeman people or resentment which. Chris what about you after viewing the police tactics and review in the police tactics in and Ferguson. Did they overreact to is that you were just doing their jobs. And -- Media all times launched a ball short and and racial and -- into form. -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's a lower interest and sit back your bulbs are stored -- about what shall. So Barbara what we wouldn't you don't. Which cultures. And and back up and potential to curb wrong. And it. If I were in a community that was that the point of it -- blow. In Austin and I'd I'd want the police the and the every weapon they need all on there have. It is to keep it keep the war now fortunately. That most of the protesters -- especially. The past several old days and writes that there has really been in the and I think someone threw well bottled water and -- officer. But we've not we've not had that that the break of the looting and the violence. That happened earlier. But you know I've I've always watched shows on TV. Always seem to me that the bad guys. And the bad guys have automatic weapons -- comfortable at Boston shooting down until I I don't I don't have a problem. Port in the police department to be well equipped to play here and Andy's situation in. Let's let's just hope that. This situation and Ferguson. Eventually it quiet down and you know week in which you talk about other things as. I'm tired of talking about it every night. It. Pressler but you have you ever introduce them to instantly stupid. To order a I'll admit I am not a good and -- really shouldn't do anything in my wife -- that this land. Hanging from the ceiling. And I put all those little things in -- -- is that looks like -- the nudist detected in the street Raikkonen and talking about. I don't know -- volley today. Well I put it in book pavilion upside down put -- I didn't put it where it opened up and and the states so applauded and not put this big plan -- -- -- -- in there called my wife Kelly. Look what I accomplished the ball that dynamic of crocodile in my head and had to get a couple stitches and -- so that the principal of the stupidest things I've ever done. Well -- but all of thank you Chris. Let's go to India and oak and Oklahoma Hawaii and the org or you do or what about you and he ever injure yourself to instantly released stupid. I've got to tell you -- yet I have numerous times and I'll wait and ball out. War or cute sayings or accommodation problem and those two things were female or alcohol and I'll leave it there. We have to you you don't want to you don't wanna share at least one of the most us. Alden well. -- -- -- You know college student. Let's just I would. Had they operate -- young lady she bought -- Mary. -- she was spoken for. He and I aimed -- -- their. Old war so I think that that. That -- let girls so. Except that. Yeah good that the bullet holes and and you. Absolutely. Pat thank god there but there have been -- my opposite alive the lord loves strong and little children. -- and this situation with this these radical all. -- barrack and trying to make him every nasty or -- On the area in Seoul what do we do with them -- mean and how much do we react now. Well. I think. And it comes to mind that speed why do and I'm not talking about me ego. I believe that. We need to revisit history and we need to consider. What cook. To be three people in the world what we were successful. In meeting people and all the minute you mr. Mitchell -- the person under forty. Realized. How ambitious we wore when the -- they axis powers. They've -- monopoly now -- you know I had. Well I'd just decided. But they do in order to. Stop these people think the reason that day -- are now because we -- -- -- -- -- -- The and buried in point the missile. You know -- bombing a -- got to be in set orbit on. Certainly -- -- sixty if you agree with this a text message that says the US needs to tell ices. If you don't release the hostages. Then we're gonna bond me even more fight fire with fire. I like what you'd say Andy I I think it's got to be just. Bomb bomb into submission. Saying it -- and I think that's -- real hard and that's sad. The stat that statement because there is going to be collateral should do there. In -- I'm I'm I'm I'm not for sending troops but I don't know this text messages says we don't need to send tens of thousands of troops -- we just. Need some small groups of special forces. Drones have been good intelligence tied in with -- airstrikes that probably. That that's probably the best solution. I -- have to agree with I think we need to think about it why is -- -- AT&T backbone anymore we hear more -- now why why. The world has changed and we cannot fight these people with conventional. I think you -- reactionary forces -- -- quickly augmented with carpet bombing. Andy we're on the same team but appreciative voting in 2601. Late 7866890. It's seventy text -- -- 7870. Much prefer a phone call but the law. That's symbolic again I'll take on Bob Mitchell and pursued a WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell and for -- due to back up things were talking about first of all have you ever injured yourself doing something really. Really stupid like this lady of California one of the at the giraffes and pop opens in the the total issued an arrest the but the -- to rev Victor and I think putter in the -- -- it during the Phillies. We're talking about our big it's -- pretty jaguar opinion poll question after viewing the police tactics and Ferguson when it comes to handle in the protesters. Do you think they went too far. -- were the police just. Doing their job. Text message got chased by a moose. In Yellowstone -- -- but mom beat -- but she kept telling me to leave the wildlife -- Another text message I would like to know. What the -- those al-Qaeda have to do with prices there are two completely different terror groups in the -- even remotely affiliated with the two other. Johnson. Did nobody is talking about know what John was talking about if someone had called in earlier. And said they did not big prices was any threat. To the United States today anyway and he said before 9/11. No one thought al-Qaeda. Was a threat to the states that's the connection was -- -- alright let's let's go to a Chico in -- -- Chico. And on Chico when it comes to prices. What do we do believe that the actor and let it let it go we've worked hard and try and bundles hostages -- -- -- We should go to war. The troops. You. -- world war. We. -- Oh. -- So. It leaves. -- Don't think we have this and ice is some kind of message that you we will not tolerate you. Putting the him off of an American. Ludwick and number closely. And it in relation to pretend to. Here are great where there for a -- Oh you bet all brought out all the cold barrel. And the police would do it like. It now or. And did not. You're situation and get those well off the street and in jail of -- do -- -- what I wanna get it when you're elected. To congress here. -- -- -- -- Law. Agree at all. Do you believe that people bait and I'm not the people aren't they walk. But there's there's the ball in -- -- is getting all the especially. -- -- from it -- at all. But what about the stupidest thing that you ever did the -- and troubled students on the I'm well I that you're not slide that. It. Actually -- A beer. -- oak tree and are bigger jump. Thirty the group. -- no. That. No it isn't isn't it amazing the number of stupid things men have done. With alcohol and women. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All the best of by someone gave me. As far as marriage. Is that when you wife asked you to do something you have two choices. You can do it right away. -- you can argue and fight with her for four days and then you're -- do but either way you're going to do it. Well our little area. Widget. Chico. Alert will never be. -- ever -- awhile but oh. Yeah. -- and they'll do and don't tell but -- don't know what -- ago. Europe and would. Or. -- They may be the weaker sex. But they have this Mars such. 100 that would that they're all. And they don't wanna controls that -- that at that. There Robert -- a little better -- -- that's a thank you but appreciate you voting and -- -- break. Thank you Chico. -- -- have a good night Dave pressed. Toll -- stay with me I'll be right back after the break at WW well I'm Bob Mitchell and spoke let's go to Chris in Memphis Howard if that I -- What's on your mind tonight -- I don't think. I -- at the other night and I am. And and -- to open Columbia state troopers. Without. And it's important such a bad position. Abu Jake and and -- Young reporter. After that could elation and clearing out the count out of midnight everything like that. And hit it and then at least it you. Don't check a litany. And with me tomorrow and see what city. When we need people put things beyond Bush's come from bridges and things like that. He said we're not gonna and an inferior beak and we. And that. Means is that. And been able to see what nine. Got through lunch and. -- -- -- -- Saying what. He apparently this is like 2 o'clock in the morning. -- Mid morning from the minute copper. And he -- to make up any will be CNN report. You have to understand accompanying. Came in and year. It and I was told because their situation. And I'd get the best. He's you know there are -- at. Night. And stood. People. Getting out and people approaching me being me what are you calling. These people -- -- hour store hours. You'll telling people. To attack -- -- What loses its. -- what was his bonds. One is. Well. It would continue. Between. The protesters. And -- and everything that. -- Chris thank you so much an amount of time I have to go to news. Dewey and totally being with you right after the top of the hour I'm Bob Mitchell -- -- this -- the big day it's seven AW WL.

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