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Aug 21, 2014|

Bob Mitchell…the REAL Robert Mitchell…is in for Scoot tonight…he has lots of great talk topics: ISIS commits first act of terror directly against U.S.: What now? The U.S. government determined that a graphic video was authentic that shows 40-year-old American journalist James Foley being beheaded by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. In the video, an ISIS executioner who speaks with a British accent threatens to kill a second American journalist, Steven Sotloff, if the U.S. military continues airstrikes against the Sunni Muslim extremists in northern Iraq. What would your next move be back off or throw everything we have at them? Plus the latest from Ferguson: Do you support Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s statement that a ‘vigourous prosecution must now be pursued’ in the shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown…does this sound one sided to you? Doesn’t the police officer have a right to justice if his actions were justified?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm Bob Mitchell and for us -- to definitely take the show all the way to midnight a couple of things we are talking about of course. If you missed that I mean. It's horrific that's the the most gentle words that I can use this drug would happen. When an Americans head was chopped off by ices. President said that we're not back down licenses that but it chopped his head off because of our bombing. And that they killed forty year old American journalist James -- -- that if we do not back off. But they won't kill another American in the presidents -- that we're not going to be intimidated we're gonna continue to do we're doing. My question. To you is should we do even more. On the news is this something you know some people called and and they're not totally -- but at the the beheading and the the crucifix and have been going on mean these these are the issues. These are mean people -- these. These people or statements double straight from Ohio okay. And we really you I guess it didn't hit home mentally -- let him of a of one of world. And now in the world angered and I'm with them in a Wallace and ultimately bombs like a lot of wipe them off the place of the earth as we possibly -- What are your thoughts on that 26 or -- late 7866890870. And of course we have orbit it's heavily project or opinion pulled clustered after viewing the police tactics in Ferguson would become to handle in the protesters. Do you think the cops went too far. Are -- just doing their job to go on line at WW dot com. Cast your vote you could simply call me on line 75%. Say they were doing their job point 5% said they want to report. And in order got to lighten things up a little bit I'll always liked the something on the light side to talk about. Have you ever injured yourself doing so in really. Stupid. Like this when California. Who got kicked in the face by a giraffe after she'd hop the fence. At a Madison -- Patrol officers who planted to the exhibit because. She loves to ups and -- as a xmas or too rough -- in the should have gone some place like global wildlife to get up close to Leo tries to back the world. Now I think when we left we were talking to Christen we have to Russia and go to neutral. Chris welcome back to the show. So mr. Mitchell -- sort of site at the other night Monday. When I watched that. -- interview with Ron Johnson. This state trooper. That he had said that he had. And then. Beijing had escalated. And you know business owners and people in the neighborhood and the peaceful protesters. Even you know how did you allow this happened. And -- that -- and they'd decided that they view ramp up their forces yeah. And do -- start pushing out these outside elements the ones from Oakland California. From all over you know. And states that. Elements to it come into. The area. And watched. Native copper who it out and in new -- it it was actually just between Jake Tapper and the other young -- in the -- Now are. At the one where they were riding a room. In the car. I'm certain -- -- -- -- -- that's what is this was after everything that happened at 2 o'clock in the morning okay and capitalize on Johnson with talking TJ Jake Tapper and the other young reporter -- see an -- tonight. I don't see him all on a ride along with what that young guy from CNN and and they they were touring the area I did see that they knew -- it was the same one. Well an air and that thing he told them that you understand. I'm not gonna put my officers. In a certain position -- -- Into one area that the dark area where people hanging out in parishes. And things like that. And show some dozens. And Molotov cocktail. That were confiscated from certain people and Molotov cocktail was. Pickup truck where it had taken that people out and pick -- truck. It's. Probably. It. Struck me what is it and captain Ron Johnson forty. -- that the quiver. When he was talking about it. The business owners who approached him and that can you -- -- happened. How can you let the people destroyed. At least. And it is if you pay attention you were not equip you use. Its -- that you weren't. -- assembly should and the. The job situation that you've been pretty and in other words he would put into the situation is being -- ski but that. He was put in the position of being. There. From here and end warned that. -- -- Is captain Ron Johnson because. Yeah and in the end as I step into the hill. That he would. Be hired. Physically tired because. They're for so long trying to keep appease anti. The equation. If you decide. What it really -- -- -- -- come true. I went outside elements coming here and give them. And and and it's saying that the people. In the country has -- we're -- protest. Time and weaving and watching last you can -- people. Then we're putting in between police. And the people. Between. We're not -- community when we were a peaceful solution to this conflict. And so it. There's so many plot elements. And and play in that situation. And mr. mentor I just want to -- Watching. Then and everything. It's saying that mr. and content captain Ron Johnson -- -- their compassionate person. And it means that he can. I have police. Now and he. That we. In everyday police whether it be -- we're going to be city police or should you know. So that. May want to. Thank you -- got to go to Dewey and Georgia what part of Georgia doing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- that changes so their child the majority. Well good -- a comment about you can't have anarchy -- it. -- OK yeah those were talking about I prices remained. That's that's a couple notes that. Ask our country and literally shook them never been. If you are -- arms in Iraq. -- -- it'd be our concern now what they cut off the head of an American. Absolutely. Looks really give it time anywhere if it to have an American is armed so stop forced. But in America. We should leave no American. -- Probably early this is this an act of terror against our country. Absolutely. Well all -- yeah earlier actually fixed. You have abortions and actions. Well no corporate straights but no one (%expletive) and once that no one ball. All kind of attributed charge reform roller. I don't think anyone. Thought al-Qaeda was going to. Via a threat to us in on our own soil I don't it'll probably people went I didn't think that. And I don't I didn't think it was possible to to do that our country. Okay so we're not very a lot of people know. -- -- -- don't become informed about what's going home. Actually. Well known. There will launch a memo today incoming president. Al Gore and PG. Secretary of state in the incumbent president to the intrusion. Had to be forced to admit or the animals. But the little. Bin Laden who's actually short out kind of which means that took place. Bin Laden with his power he married. His family values -- Arabia building. For basically United States there's -- -- power of people and slaughter and that they kicked out. That's because -- -- so radical. I don't wall. Can -- policy -- ago. We don't believe all. Shall bet awards for Goldman or -- or. Do they should believe should we send troops to help the Iraqi forces get rid of -- are just bombs. We shouldn't lower -- -- or. Although -- did not that many talking about riddle me. -- but we didn't send. -- all -- truth shall we lost a lot of book -- tried not about it then there's the blood of our young men and women will know whether. -- fortunate that are. For a reason. That I will not so where are. So all -- the and so I was -- Well in the first Herbert walker Bush Administration. Woods -- whole -- church officials. Little tear. What you do with your driver's meeting in the united here it is in Kuwait Egypt of that are next. All right doing I have to go to the break I'm gonna come right back at some phone calls. The go to Italy of some lines that are open to 601 late 7866889. -- -- seventy text me at age 7870. And -- -- the light things we have on our table tonight -- Have you ever injured yourself doing -- -- release and got a couple -- taxes or read about that welcome back we have lines open Cassandra you will be next. And -- -- seventy WW LA amount on the dot com. I'm Bob until welcome back to the show we have some -- lines are open to -- zero -- 786689. Point seven a couple of things we. We're talking about after viewing the police tactics and Ferguson when it comes to handling the protesters. Do you think the cops went too far. While we're just doing their jobs and have you ever. Have you ever done anything -- template. And injured just felt like this global in California. Who climbed the fence because she like giraffes. And Oliver. Pat one of the giraffes and the giraffe. Victory in the place. And not only did she get kicked in the face but you've got a ticket from the police. For harassment. Of zoo animals I'm trying to figure this out I'm gonna bring a dissenter in Rwanda and Sandra holly you. -- A -- ramp Hugo admit the big -- OK big detriment hot you know how to harass an animal. You want to big day. Is something is that the that they arrested a draft. He that would and the camera app and -- -- -- the you know got. I didn't. Say added incentive. And basically been -- -- -- crap about. And do it on. You know. I -- -- -- you know. You know. So but you never do anything stupid and hurt yourself. OK I can't demand manner how -- and out pretty well you were usually. -- -- -- -- -- Well because you sounded just like a valley girl there for a second but it. And America. You do. -- don't think that's not why you. OK -- -- and men and ask any country you could be. -- And that and one boy out. Like eight. And you collective CNET. Blogger blog about the high and out there. And you know about. Our country and I have never been. On the -- you know -- went out at me you know. Well you know you hear everything. You know hey -- I -- you know and you know maybe you know -- Oh tell you know. You know you're on the -- in -- -- and I'm going to be your equipment. And how to beat you at eight. Going I mean that -- gave. Up. -- -- -- That you might well mine. And and that -- why that was. I fired me -- you'd be able. Well did. It catches dollar but at -- -- -- I wanted to make this -- what -- -- on the -- -- -- I am humbled tiny little you know I was born Agassi before. Not you you. Got my name. I can't remember. Nobody. -- you know al-Qaeda before and. A while -- said that that would be foolish because everybody but I didn't think it was -- I thought it was a text message that I read that someone. Said that the ice this was what was -- to -- and somebody else responded saying but a lot of people didn't think al-Qaeda. Was a threat are are something like -- -- let me tell you one thing. Now I don't think anyone I mean sure you of people that I knew all along but I would have never thought that anyone -- taken and and terrorize our country like it did on 9/11 not in the Eagles possible. Now he's. And -- hope. That crop from any of that and -- I've. Been going on any -- Pocket. And -- beat 90 yeah. When I. See it over an act. But did you think there would be able to take him fly planes into the Twin Towers. Now well why don't people move and while some people and people like me. Went out. And possible there any. One -- You call. You. Back. And why now. And -- on court. How -- they're not. -- Now once. You know get on the move it. Do you know out no matter. What. -- 18 a copy now saying -- And it Indian way to come. Do you do you look at the fact of them coming off they have of American as an attack on this country. Well. It's an act of terror. Yeah yeah I'll put it that way I am. Condit. When you -- and he will be I mean and mean got hot in the -- And people we cannot Almonte got e-book on the crumble it may have -- you know. -- What -- and you know. I mean people. I. Think it. People. Call. Me not. An. -- Lleyton at. A time where it would. Hold up. They're not one on. One a campaigns. People. -- All right Sandra thank you so much okay. And John John -- talk to hold on for a second let's go to David in Metairie David how are you. Right. I don't. I'm I'm I'm glad I I guess this the situation with. With -- you know they have been. -- in people and just mutilating. Children and women and everything now for weeks but when they do it to one of your own. And it is it is Tuesday and you know extremely negative and it looked and so that you all are. So you know upper part of that that line also. On on board because all our bottom strategy you -- Well I -- I hope that we send them some. Bombs those gifts. And I rights social lord say. -- -- thought -- -- it looked at. It. Some time ago. -- charge. And speak on bonus. And they'll look let's be urged the people know. -- yeah and in the society. So. The news on wall. -- center on and you know and so. -- -- -- -- -- You know it goes down you know an -- news you know. So old. -- -- -- -- A sixty foot extension. -- -- reached just. So. Little high school. What bill. At all people. Expect to -- At all. That's mark that is Smart. Oh. Well plus a couple -- yet to. You know just be able I'm really Ohio on -- -- look -- let me make sure that is make sure I've I've got destroyed. You've got the the extent to that are on top of the table right. At all those white ya know those white folding tables right okay all right. -- we want. -- you know well. The -- To a slow down a broad. Well all -- all now. That the now. Absolutely. Believe. That -- expect. Did or did where you injured -- running thing. Black. And white. -- You know. Now. And you know I've -- -- will look like. On the right now. It all in somewhere between the collapsed and we -- broke -- all it. -- I looked like it. At all. The Davidson -- SP 22. Foot plot maturity ego. Which brought the average big. -- -- -- -- It SP bottle openers are. A little bit scary as the -- but it. At that post-Katrina. But that didn't work. Good. Old -- and qualities. You know. Where it. -- Number. All those sports at the far. And stroke like Apatow who want -- so why. And that David. And what's the situation of ice is the -- -- -- beheaded you know American journalist. The president says that you know we're not going to back down. How far should we go I mean should we throw everything at them I mean I'm look at these people where are. I was against going to Iraq to begin with a panel think we should have ever invaded the country. -- I truly think. And some people say I'm an idiot for say in this but a putt putt a truly think that they. Saddam Hussein. Was running the country OK I mean and and I know that things that he did vote when you when you look at -- we knew we went in and destabilize. The dictatorship and I believe that people in and in those regions that's the way they are used. The living you know what what what one -- my favorite those statements to bacon and it's what those people feel. You don't -- Saddam is a good man I have five sons really heal well and that's that's the way they think but now Tom Tom Tom I'm wondering you know. Do we send troops and totally crushed these people. Now the commanders. I don't think it would beat. Positive. And I military who should be Jerry that it Apollo we need to look -- -- -- Under the history. Now because I don't have that much city in the. So you're oh yeah but you for increased bombing right. These four. You know in the way. You know. Entry in that. You know -- Pupil -- Now it's even though the cities and you know ultimately -- or try them entry. According. Law. Spreading. Well that's that's the way I feel like you know I've but I wanna make sure that day that aid. Don't go any further and I wanna take away from them what they have been at and -- and the weekend news of -- news missiles and bombs would ever to to take care of that. I'm I'm all for the. Yeah. You know there. Ministry -- -- You know I don't know. Not -- you know the couple reaching bill to install general was killed all manner. It's what I understand the it. Then the general's funeral. You that's protocol. On not. No I don't know I was in I don't know I have to bills with. Maybe maybe someone who has been able though and and -- to call David I appreciate your voting in tonight. All right 260178668890. It's seventy here's what we're talking about of course. The beheading of a -- on American by crisis and basically threatening that if we don't stop bombing them. They're going to taken kill more hostages -- we react to that. On the all on the light side of things tonight. Have you ever done anything room please open it and wind up injuring yourself like the lady who climbed to blue giraffe exhibited Madison -- and got kicked in the face. We have lines open so you can get straight through his six year old -- 7866. And 90 it's -- -- -- At -- 78 -- I'm Bob Mitchell and does go to WWL. While Mitchell and for do tonight here's a text message we spent trillions. In Iraq. And we've built the largest American embassy in the world a few select people made billions on this war. That's the whole part of the world -- all of its oil not worth one drop of American -- journalist killed in Afghanistan and Juliet Georgia. All right let's get back to the polls we're gonna go to Phil and Phil. In my correctly you refer to yourself was the king of stupid. You're. Right -- and what did Jude. Dude that was so stupid the church itself. Where I used to be chocolate. And in Iraq over the race as well on Sunday in my motor and a third gear. The Smart thing to do most of the tablet market. And then. There are barriers. Am marketer in practice an -- can bring it out -- year. -- Fargo and back out or let's -- industry slept right amount for your body and shipped from second or. And somebody that should mean that occurred here. -- around the core I am about the operational not to ownership in the sport did you figure out. And the -- and yet the -- the -- Lanier and cheer about like or atop the education. And I or outlook plaster or not -- in my crotch pursue excellence. Well. We'll launch if -- Thought I got a pretty stupid -- you you Wear a shirt that says king astute at that that. -- -- -- Well I mean I've never done anything that's stupid but. Well when I mention that I did early I don't know if you were. Was the in my life one -- -- plant hanging plant the ceiling and I know nothing about stuff like okay. Thought -- ago while those little duties to stick in the walled Somali. -- -- and a that a technical on butterflies groups like that you know I'm talking about. All right well probable aren't the only problem is is that. Aidid what do you know upside down to that and -- and so happened. Was -- I'm -- -- plan put it in there and it held for. May be about thirty seconds of animal life over to look look at -- plan a plan out of that time. It comes crashing -- -- in the head and I'm gonna get three of four stitches. So I've I've done some pretty stupid things to. It you should have known better all of them motors. Which you want -- eat eat eat. I'll actually can't tell -- It sure does it does it it it changes it it changes everything in it and make -- or leave. It at that that. And what do you think about the situation in in there -- threatening to kill more hostages if we don't halt the bombing. I think global Arab American citizen that part of the world and and universe and another nickel over there and carpet -- bail out all -- -- All -- -- have a a text message that says pretty much the same thing here if if I confided basically will. What they said that it that the only way that we're ever going to solve anything noble there. It is just destroy. Let typically scale model and let god sort of man. Yeah. All right Phil appreciate your call -- okay. All right -- -- thank you so much leave you will be up next week a -- we have lines open to secure a late seventy. 866 Andy now though it's seventy. As we're kinda chilling down -- bitten lightly for example but it. Did you ever do anything really stupid where you wind up hurting itself like the woman. Who hop the fence in this -- at the -- In the -- and got a ticket. I'm Bob Mitchell interest due to WWL Bob Mitchell and -- tonight wake up and -- of atomic talker is always great conversation going for you when your morning drive and here's what's on tomorrow or throw. Spike -- there's a war on black men in America well along from LAPD cubs. -- -- -- regular showed up into the cops tell you to do. Who do you agree whether that's tomorrow morning starting at 6 AM on WWL. A couple of quick text messages. Black on black crime mostly drug related exist. White on white crime exist fighting over bringing drugs into America from everywhere. Got a point. Many whites walking with blacks praise god what they -- talk about the of the demonstration going on and for us right now. Tell you what. Wayne. I've only got about a minute so what I know you're a bar regular -- would do me a -- hang on. And then we'll get to you right after the top of the hour news but it is what country right now -- middle of the whole bunch of time. And we do have one Dublin's if you wanna fold in and get ready to go on after the top of the hour. It's 2601 late 7866. Indy nine poets of it is -- won -- oh yeah yeah yeah got to tell you about the -- Coming to New Orleans and WWL has your tickets Andrew Lloyd Webber's epic and powerful musical Phantom of the Opera which I've never seen I think I'm actually gonna. Get tickets and that -- of the -- In in November if you love a good love story don't -- broadway's longest running show on -- listen Tommy Tucker. Friday that's tomorrow is tomorrow Friday march Thursday that between six and 10 AM -- on. Music of the night he'll give you the number to call and lucky number eight -- to pair of tickets to Phantom of the Opera at the -- Wednesday November the fifth at 730. Prize -- valued -- 252. Dollars. All right. I will love -- back we will continue to talk about a subjects and looking for a people who have done something dumb. And you wound up injury yourself. Bob Mitchell in pursuit of the -- seventy WWL AM a famine dot com I'll see after the top Leo or news.

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