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Aug 21, 2014|

Bob Mitchell…the REAL Robert Mitchell…is in for Scoot tonight…he has lots of great talk topics: ISIS commits first act of terror directly against U.S.: What now? The U.S. government determined that a graphic video was authentic that shows 40-year-old American journalist James Foley being beheaded by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. In the video, an ISIS executioner who speaks with a British accent threatens to kill a second American journalist, Steven Sotloff, if the U.S. military continues airstrikes against the Sunni Muslim extremists in northern Iraq. What would your next move be back off or throw everything we have at them? Plus the latest from Ferguson: Do you support Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s statement that a ‘vigourous prosecution must now be pursued’ in the shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown…does this sound one sided to you? Doesn’t the police officer have a right to justice if his actions were justified?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is made Bob -- be real Robert Mitchell filling in for student. I like to remind everyone I am not a talk show host I am just a guy that likes to go on the radio and talk that's pocket. Don't know a whole bunch about some of these -- do know one thing certainly numb what would like to get even with -- I mean the fact that they've cut off handed. An American. I mean I wanna strike back. President says -- not to back down -- Meredith Duncan backed down. -- you know if you don't back down we're gonna kill another hostage and of course more and more information coming -- they really they tried to free the hostages they. They did -- and special forces and ethnic and the Syria and they just they couldn't do it you know. And I'd I'd I'd like to respond to that to that by saying if you don't. A three are hostages. What we have given you so far. Is is is going to be an appetizer. We're going to give view that the main course and we'll -- to give viewed -- which is going to be more and more bombs. But that's just me and dawn -- numb and go from that could get it at. To total the other side as -- ever do anything really stupid to injure yourself what what I read this story had just cracked me up and I said. I've got to got to take some calls illness a woman and tell a four year. Got a ticket. After climbing into the draw raft exhibit at the Madison zoo which you've got kicked in the place she's 24 years -- -- to go over to fences. And a two year old twelve foot tall giraffe named Wally. Gave her a licked and then a -- in the place. Police ticketed car. For 686. Dollars for harassing. -- that I'm still trying to figure out how -- you arrest. -- -- You go hand in hand you. Were in the zoo and I'm not I'm not really sure let's go to Wayne and Gulfport power you -- And you figure out how to you harass an animal. Oh well -- could mean. That you. Hey look good -- or that important that you know that you. -- -- -- -- -- But. You wouldn't believe -- that you. -- Well you know that after yesterday I mean I'm I'm not. I mean I have a hard time figure out what people say -- he's far left birdies far right I mean now I'm. I don't know what they're talking about some part of me you know. You have no idea how I urged Iraq. Yeah you know I enjoy -- In the spotlight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We need to do a showed a delicate we -- structure which so far part on just about everything we'd have a fun time the other. -- -- -- -- -- You like you like about human. I'm might give him a heart attack Bob views on a visit with in -- callable. At. -- well I. Loving of loving but our I telling we ran into the our -- At the in the hallway album which doesn't students had. You realize -- -- -- -- show together -- -- do we don't agree on anything -- that it would it would be wonderful you know with. It which would we're probably it would it would be probably great radio. Thought drop overnight brought a lottery industrial. At -- through my problem. -- and now or Orton. And about when you and and and lipid and you can -- all of them below regular column. You don't have it in -- -- -- says he pushes the envelope. I don't know I don't even lick the Hubble I doubt it if others can always stick stuff -- -- and licked the envelope but -- All regret the and an intimate look -- but this stupid page antibiotic called the night. It would -- most preparing. -- -- -- it when I was 43 years old. On the Friday app they're up by given. What to Atlanta and -- model and and there are buried or -- crop development down more. Like eight rule where -- February open. And I was gone extremely. Are on industry. Well over the bridge and -- -- trooper -- -- panic. -- -- breaks and the -- came around on the what all the image that you ordered in 87 B and slammed into the picture. I thought up. But not well you're. Going. -- I'm I'm taking and he wasn't too happy. -- here in beauty. I went public on county. Days and the one good thing -- call went out should I mean it would it would. Oddly. -- it is wrong. It was about a lot. Always -- taxi. Also ordered a quarter to a Marco. And I immediately thought. But yet. Anchored by the pop up that. I I would say at this point. I would I would did you putt well you can stupid right now on the about it. All right. Thank you thank you went -- let's go to the Mets Mets to -- top that. Our bridge and will -- -- area -- story with these. -- And -- -- number your HD. Where they're all. Out at work or nine years. There. And from there wouldn't you culture construction. So -- -- -- here every. If you're wondering. -- Sure the million or. In. Your. Eye on the ocean shore. There -- and washing machine in -- -- wall. So. Tropical watch. It I. Around each. It. There at all. Art. And shares into all the orchard the level in the Wall. Street course in Germany. Beat. You are paramedic. A construction. And chasing you and -- the -- during your. Total will look out what happened. There was a optical which was cheated on the actual washing machine and it. It wasn't -- terrible or. On the wall -- actually -- -- -- watcher and on the watcher -- it was leaning toward. The wall in -- match we were able export. So -- -- -- you can replace them with the law I'm looking down in the washer. And they're sticking. They're actually into the college. You. Electricity to come through you here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I learned something tonight. Mitch thank you so much you wanna comment on an iso us. Are. You know. A big victory -- where are being warned. They are really -- And -- -- about it just a bottle like that your yell -- me. -- street all their their pictures -- -- -- -- -- -- Either way you know you're not -- you know just you know. That might be a might be a whole thing to say but I've been thinking the same thing I think it is the truth. What we tried to rescue them and and we couldn't do it -- we couldn't pull the job off. And so now you know they're gonna probably hide them -- them even more but I don't think weakened to stand back. And do nothing I don't think we can putt I don't think that we can a lull. Anyone. Two X acute an American citizen in that manner and not do something that they've got to play for what we've we've got to show. The world that America's not gonna sit back it'll also be like that that happened without retaliating. Exactly exact area you know and I don't need to be made it quite. Art art -- there and you know each pitcher these people back. You know you -- than you -- get them out but -- -- not going to be there on election of their own free will and you know. I'm -- Mitch thank you bud. All right let's go to Jennifer how are you today Jennifer. Content. In circulation and I think it was it you know her passionately -- -- similar -- like that people. And I think that would respond accordingly -- I don't think the silent. -- more violent -- anything. But silent. So what you think I had taken the dinner assemblyman. Share in the world class airline makes them gumbo. I think -- checked and compassionate in Latin and you know christianity. Well. So what was shall we should -- same. Please don't do this anymore that which are saying. I think in pirate will only like -- -- ambled. Tell me what was. Then tell me what you would do. It's violence is not the answer if we don't if we don't bomb them or do things to keep them from doing this to two other people. -- what would sit down and say please don't do that and him. Yeah -- I think he had that if you show compassion to like people think that -- -- by the. Well tell they would comic and passion which show you keep saying the public should not telling me anything. -- to look at it peep looking on it. -- and then. No I understand you're not answering my question. I think I answered it extended to. I think I'll say to -- Let's go to Mary how are you married. Oh I'm not talk about the lighter things tonight. I went fishing with my husband and it went -- down. And the whole thing happened at the invasion this and that that second. How much quicker quicker quicker that I am gonna talk about. So I'm just hoping happened so quick like this but what made it has quote all but I'll pull up this. Weird. Huge thing and you know on the fishing parole. And it's straight from -- I'm I'm a moment and confident maybe my vehicle patient on May have a little car analogy and go. I don't know but it had a tremendous model and it had huge -- And now that was a -- what he was headed might want to not say yeah. And so I decided well at the little you know about the amount and be in my hand so I decide to jump into the water -- -- When I get into a lot I know. That many of these things in Nevada and you know. I'll let you know when my husband told me he saw it the way at dove into the water it that way act came back and -- about. And like it in mid life. And he didn't take me -- too much after that. Maybe it too much for him and this is the second time that we've been in particular more now it wasn't quite funny but. -- around parade and I kept catching me you know finish. And he can't I mean like -- kept catching novel you know and he kept -- might choose Clinton and then things like this. I realized he -- his line to you know outside that the second. It would take him fishing anymore. Thank you Mary appreciate your -- and OK. All right 260 -- 78668890. It's seventy. Or we're looking for a and I it is especially did you ever do anything. I mean rarely stupid and you wind up hurting itself. Lighten up a little bit and of course that you wanna comment on on the situation. And Ferguson or crisis that we will keep that but. Which gonna try and and the show just talking about something you know when you did something. That you know you shouldn't have -- and you did something really stupid and you wind up hurting yourself I'm Bob Mitchell and put food on WWL. And we have. Several lines -- hope you wanna call -- That part of the show no waiting right now where we're looking for things that you have done. I mean dumb stupid things that you want to -- injury injuring yourself or. Doing something like me where you attack. A project that you can know look look. You have no clue what you're doing and you want to earnings of 260187866889. 08 symphony and we have -- ebony tree drive more painful question. After viewing the police tactics and Ferguson when it comes to handle in the protesters do you think they went too far. Or they were just doing their jobs you can go online at WW dot com and cast your vote or you can call me. 75% say they were doing their job point 5%. Today. They went too far. And of course the other seriously and we -- all on our part tables. What was announced earlier today and then as that crisis. They have in the an American citizen. And again fed. To. Actually directed -- -- to President Obama. That. If he doesn't stop bombing because you know we we we are bombing to keep them from moving and and -- and more cities in the rug. If we don't stop bombing there and -- going to take an extra cute. Another hostage we tried to free the hostages but just couldn't do it the president and he's not gonna back down. And Amal formally comes to about back in -- I hope we bomb them more. He sounded. And when you if you solve the the press conference on TV TV he was very very laid back to what I'm hoping. Is I'm I'm hoping he's. Do we think it was that was Roosevelt who -- speak softly and carry a big stick so. I'm hoping he's speaking softly is. It goals for. And I know -- wanna put that Eagles that let's go to him in Belle chase how orient him. Don't well there are you do in public argument and they have -- -- that are -- Kirk arched. There are between you are. Are polite and our. Now your pre ordered you know made a statement saying. Well you know we support peace in you know -- -- -- and unit or comment saying no war in Iraq in Munich saint. In in my opinion. You know -- that thing. And you keep -- you know what we got some -- I mean who week you know. The countries the United States of America elect the president said he is not about the back down he's in the -- diligent. With. Can confronting a crisis and diligent with the bombing that's what I'm talking about. And if you wanna show compassion that's fun but probably what you wanted to you can't just say. -- -- impressionable polity show contraction -- with -- -- can't just say compassion compassion but not not give me an example -- Booker brought a comparison. Okay that's that's completely wrong -- It it ignore because what are what we're -- So about it is okay year ordered that it. You know an American citizen. Who happens you're. Absolutely enemy. And I know. Many individuals who bought a wide -- expected. All the things that aren't range. And the Ole -- country you know at one beating the war on. They're not a one -- And go overseas -- You know and -- -- have to -- and for nine months and you know we're looking back historically all history repeat. -- -- I would argue we don't or are you are you in favor of increase. Bombing attacks -- license. No speakers it's it's a trap door all the it is. You know. Corporate level again. Who Robert Wright -- -- republic. And actually noble work. Artillery. Let me ask you this question as a as a military man. First of all. I appreciate it thank you for serving our country but as a military man can can we. Can -- a law all this kind of thing can can we allow all. All of a terrorist group like -- the state. Well the week cut dismantle them off and if you don't leave us alone were gonna cut the -- sales of often. Can we allow all that I mean what -- did that do not we. As as a country as a nation have to show that if you do something like that of one of our merchant that we you're gonna have a price to play. No officer. That's our are as American I'm not speaking for the military and speak in person in America. It's our responsibility -- -- a revenge game. That reporter who Wear an American citizen you know. But and you want to do the job and you want to be on the forefront -- you know that story -- the receipt innings so into. You know at a military member -- endorse. You know well I don't -- -- The government of the QQ mean you know it Detroit tonight. Are more than limits division the president backed down on -- the -- Maine he will we're we're -- and here's what I'm trying to say we're being threatened. We're saying if you don't have their say and if you don't stop bombing -- we're going to execute more people -- We back off -- was whom we know who would do we would be. We rate which we -- down to them is that what you -- and. Work or -- aren't out then you know. When he went in our peace and security and liberty are straight and right here in leaking and I work. Any anywhere staged a week we have an obligation a country to defend her. Orders or you're saying is we use and understand now used and we shouldn't be there at all we should be bombing highlights of the Volvo which are saying. You know and okay well there -- put. You know. All right help help me to understand because I'm not I can understand what you're saying we are currently bombing ices ices. -- Q did an American and said if you continue to bomb us we're going to execute more so what should we do. -- What should I disorder or so this year what are we we. -- -- Key analysts will would should we do at this point. Stop the bombing. Or OK right. -- You know of the no I was just trying to understand what you were saying so in other words you you feel that we should not be bombing crisis at all and and let nature take its course of the prices. Overruns are rock then Soviet. We had enough moral problem going around the country. There's just -- it to mean change that would keep present over what's going out of Iraq right now. All right Tim thank you Jennifer serving our country and thank you for being part of the show tonight all right. All right thank you -- anger. And OK okay let's go to ready mentally how are you ready. I'm doing fine are out there are out here. Yeah. I -- To say why why. -- com into your -- that's a the or not. But you know but we knew we signed agreements not to use nuclear work -- That we do. Does that -- our whole world would be against the that we did that. And got to stop being able to fight it as well sure all our. On -- -- and it's mostly are people. Let him. You reach. They're sorry. Actually I did I can go for that I did I good I could easily go for pulling out of what happens happens and then. -- take it take all that take. You know like what what I'd like to know is effective that if we had that trillions of dollars that we spent and I -- there which I've I've said many times. I was and I was never for going to begin with I don't think we should have ever gone to -- the regional left. Saddam Hussein alone and we we should have gotten involved in that because. That is the type -- way of life that that part moral lives they used to them what they do. And saw how I would have no problem but. When they hurt -- when when they execute at a bar people and threaten -- and say and if you don't stop bombing knows we're going to do this then I don't do well threats. Well tell all people try to you know where our own background -- Let them Chile channel that's a problem. All right ray ray are you of a football fan. You ready for the saints season. The I I I can't wait and unfortunately. I will be on the the NC Saturday I'm I'm I'm going to Chicago on currency -- little I'm I don't think I liked in. I don't think I can get the saints game. On TV in Chicago so I'll be listening to a WWL. Well -- on screen just -- The big screen install to. How -- is going to get. While. So definitely. -- thank thank thank you so much right okay. All right thank you so -- All right we have -- blinds open 26017866889. Point seven looking for people. That have done some stupid things. And you got injured because you did something stupid and it's all because I've read this article. About a woman. Who love giraffes so much she she actually she had a hop to fences to get inside the Madison -- to ramp exhibit. And I guess she was trying to be friendly with the giraffe and the -- first Lichter. And then Victor a lick of a kick and then the police came and not only was she injured she's got a ticket a fine. Of 686. Dollars and not a despondent and make it's just the worried okay. She got a ticket for a wrestling. The giraffe. And I still trying to figure out. -- arrest drivel I discovered text message telling me but the game. Is nationally televised. All right I'll be able watch the game in Chicago thank you so much for that 26017866. And it -- at seventy guess what is back in the news. Although. Guess -- bank the news. Mike Carey. Who. Was. I guess considered one of the NFL's best for authorities used on TV analysts. He said over the last several years of his career. I have though compliments over the -- summary of the of his career. He declined to work Washington Redskins games because he was offended. By the team's name. Because he said it was a racial slur on the others out of his -- Mike -- -- sometime -- like Bill Graham polyps around the house that says things these are shaking your head on -- and they'll say that. Mike did -- -- and says that it's only liberals. Who think that the Washington Redskins is a racial floor. Did insist the team's name is meant as they signed. Of respect so if you if you wanna if you wanna call and give me a blow -- the real quick like ago. Is that it's slower. Or is -- -- respect -- we can take some calls on them also to 6017866889. 0878. I am Bob Mitchell and though we're gonna go ahead and picked a break. And then will come back with your phone calls the brigades WWW. Well AM implement dot com also you -- that text me if you want. At the 878. -- right. And you can call late at June 6 0172038668890. It's seventy text via its 7870. -- it to you 12. -- read one text message. Compassion. For iasis. I got a confession for -- Bob. It's time for war on these people drop the big one on these barbaric idiots it's time to launch not launch wiped them off the face of the earth. They would do it to us that -- code collateral damage be damned it needs to be done now in order to save the future of view map. -- Oh let's go to Gary in -- -- -- After reading that that flash. I go followed -- and that's rough. You what Mike Ditka and get it would go to the -- who -- out -- in Andrea. Bird. And it. -- -- Please you you're a big Micah Mike says is only those liberals that think it's. A racial slur. Ally in the bunching. At the whole way. It really. What about you have you ever do any thing. Really stupid that you wind up injuring yourself. I'm sharing and the other Albania in particular. Amateur and I know that. It. Well no -- economy bikes -- Memory slip below but it may be. -- near normal reporting eight. I am I'm I'm asked I'm over 29 I'm older than him. Well every case trauma. Going to be good yeah. And and we love you to know what coming up correctly -- many years. They -- have a good night and you -- got you'd get the hell are near. All -- will do that -- can tell you -- just for you will keep it on 24/7. And fifty -- I'm all right. Are they every right thank -- there are all right and I I guess Joseph heard the latest thing from the NFL. I always thought that the halftime acts. That they don't like Janet Jackson and levered that they got -- incredible. Amounts of money. And don't get paid a dime. For doing the halftime -- now. Now the NFL wants the group to start. Play in them they have -- artist under consideration. For this high profile did to pay them and and in fact they. What what they're saying is effective when you when you appear on on halftime. That it helps your career so much they actually want like it if you go -- tore after that actually took a piece of the action. And it sounds like the -- 260170. 8668 at nine point seven to -- in the NFL to have a request that business. Let the NFL and the entertainer of work out an arrangement when he yeah. I guess of when you look at it that way though I guess of the and a pill can make than today. If they well. A couple of more text messages -- -- a -- -- by the -- we have a budget lines -- -- if you -- -- -- -- They'll be either little or or no waiting time if you wanna talk about about -- on. Well what if anything we should do because basically April. It in those words they told the paper called him Obama. This Obama. You know you don't stop bombing and let us live our lives when we wanna live them we're just gonna kill another hostage. And the president said that he was not backing down that he was doing a bit and diligently continued things. I'd like -- I'd like to gamble the more I'm I'm really hoping that the president is just you know. Been there so often and -- -- -- and you know of fact I think after you've made the adult and went back and played golf. And I hope he's just showing that you know on Sunday and then all the sudden -- hit him with something big. -- let's that he. Another text message. As far as the beheading thing I think we have to go in there and flatten. The points. -- Now this is one concerning the reporter and himself Bob whenever someone. Puts themselves in what could become a dangerous situation. Is the choice they make. The young man that was shot shouldn't have been there sorry but up from my son. I would that's the way I would feel a tape bunting the family. I don't know how the family it is holding open of the family was just. Just so that seemed to be so at peace. Wouldn't want when they held the press conference talking about their son so nothing but you know good things and on. I don't know I don't know I don't know if Huckabee that I really don't know. I I feel that as an American. Effective today pretty much threatened. Us not pretty much did threaten us saying -- -- if we did not stop basically. In -- fearing. In what's going on in a rock because it opened that that they they wanna continue to advance they -- -- their goal of course -- be to take over Baghdad. And the that if we continue bombing and and and and I -- ruining their plans but are going to kill more hostages. And model that we can totally wicked takedown of -- only weakens. All -- anyone or any organization in the moment no matter who the or any country. Two. To kill one of hours. And then simply say. Well. -- -- If you don't stop. We're gonna kill some more because if if that's the case. You know where the world's it and where does it stop you know we we we have to we have to show them as Americans. That you do -- -- like that you know we're we're we're not going to without the ball they'll say okay. Okay were afraid all right you made a point we've we will bomb you anymore. Always something new a WWL dot com. The world continues to react to crisis militants and the brutal beheading. Of American journalist James full. We able linked to this disorder and video. And up to the minute reports on the failure of rescue attempt -- -- we did the that they did send special forces and trying to rescue. The of the hostages and they just weren't able local office -- you know in the movies but always pulled off. Well sometimes it doesn't work plus we have the latest -- for us and Missouri attorney general Eric Holder lives of the grand jury. Begins the year evidence. During the commercial breaks -- I've been been been watching CNN and that that the people. In and Ferguson. Rose -- want to play have been interviewing them that the residents. They don't or wait for a book the grand jury because. They say that it -- Politico a month in whole or more for the grand jury to. Based -- listened to everything and talk to all the witnesses. And then you know make their decision. It it it's it's going to be interesting to see what's going to happen because there -- you know two entirely different stories here. And they'll I for one I'll say it closely as as a white man. If the grand jury. Looks all the bucks. And they say. This officer is is is guilty blow of what what what level of charges. That he. He had no right to shoot to strongman. And it didn't didn't matter what the young man said to him or whatever here today. The he had no right to shoot him and he gets accused of a murderer or whatever it is. I can handle that he felt guilty I'm I'm fine. But in listening to many of the interviews. I'm I'm I'm just not sure if if if the Bud Black community there would be able to take if the grand jury. So when you know. It happened the way of the officers said it happens. That. That he punched him. All oh in in in the place. Broke his eye socket. Setting to the hospital. Tried to get his Dolan. And he fired because she was fearing for his life. And so they're forward or not total quality charges. I'm just not sure of the community there will be able to take -- I think that you know day or at a point where. They can only see it one way and that's it and if if if justice it goes. In favor of the police officer. Don't know what's gonna happen but yet you know what would we live in the world in a society where. We have to live by our rules and know what whatever the justices. I hope that the -- thoughts will accept it. I would take a break and then. Always have something special for you before Levy for the night I'm Bob Mitchell and -- boot on the big it's seventy WW LA in my apartment dot com. Bob Mitchell welcome back that to the show on WWL a couple of text messages before we and -- the night. We need to hit the barbarians and everything we have flex our US muscle -- -- go on in two weeks. We have to show that part of the world we are not soft. When times get tough how well let's go play golf. -- Heard a retired lieutenant colonel today on Fox News. We need to kill -- kill every last one of them. And then killed their pet goats. I three I meridian and I didn't make that up. -- totally Bob we should not ball down to them. Although -- -- like the idea. In mr. Bob says the people for whom seem to want an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Give it to them. Generally -- that -- All right always like to have something. Special. As we end the night. Some exotic dancers went to church this past Sunday. And at topless protest. Six women march -- trusted view of the new beginnings ministries and central Ohio. The owner of the fox hold north club says church members have been protesting outside his club for years. So the dancers decided to pay them. A little visit. A local paper their reported that there was some heated exchanges. But no major problems during the protest. Mode to the congregation members of the church behind TARP where they could not see the topless woman. Yeah. Sure. That's why the minister said. Would you give me advance notice for next week I think I can the doubled my congregation. Are right that set. I'm Bob Mitchell I'll see you tomorrow night -- filling in for Angela. John thank you for giving me through the night and thank all of you for calling in filling the text messages good -- god bless you from WWL.

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