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8-21 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Aug 21, 2014|

Dave talks about germs & lemon wedges, eating more on vacation, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Fourteen minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL -- on this when he first of August 2014 combat that it stood to -- before Friday -- then allow me to be the first to issue a happy and healthy I get a EU us as we look forward to the weekend now just a couple of days. Yeah man it was a mass on the Titanic you're trying to come from Metairie into the city. And good news from Terrell they're gonna be out -- analog is about a mile delay what a way to start the day on all they had the two left lanes blocked by an. Had crash and the two right lanes are blocked because it overnight -- war. And so that left the to set airlines but yet people from the left in the right all trying to emergence of the senator ones. And so if you're coming that way folks at IB delays for the next 1015 minutes but hopefully. Now both clear the accident scene and the governor -- work in will be -- this explains. Right there. Anti ten inbounded bond tumbled by. I consider airline if you heard that yes. National day calendar dot com tells us it is that today is national -- mode any day tomorrow yeah -- -- -- -- -- me. I noticed the money is yeah. I'd be really yeah I as -- -- and as. But that hasn't -- doubt. You know Amani can Maloney. Molded ice cream made with layers of different colors and flavors usually containing candied fruit and. It's yeah I wasn't a big fan those bemoaning music yet items have neighbors that -- happen at all with Simon. It was like I can needed but in Honduras. I don't know something strong in their that I didn't care for its its its molded ice in the out -- the -- exactly. Today is also national senior citizens day and national Brazilian blowout. Brazilian blow out. Mean I don't know outlook that our rights and head down there Riordan jargon out -- -- is a little while lemon in -- When you get absolutely. Right when you are used wheat -- Unsweetened. Idea the by Sweden my own hypocrisy given sweetening an -- not a -- my sugar and sugar. And then not that they did the yellow with a blue -- -- unknown on the white real sugar real sugar. And -- with the limited absolutely didn't drop the lemon in here. -- kind of -- it in the hands doctor and Aaron I'll do the same thing with water to -- a woman comes with a watery. Now as I've admitted many times on this program I don't know if you could just I mean is it germ phobic but I am pretty careful when it comes to terms. I will not eats for example out of a bag of chips -- in other people's numbness in hands and here. And I just don't think that that makes sense that bloodied of them from a bowl of nuts sitting at a table and other people been putting their hands. I just don't know where the hands have been I don't know when the last and -- wash the hand house or your careful right. But when I go out I do Goran I do often order water with lemon. And I will squeeze the lemon and in my drank but I will not put the lemon in that contract because I know that the server who has been handling money and credit cards and menus. And food and everything else. Probably has not had time to wash their hands before they prepared my drink in place that lemon wedge on the side -- point. So all that stuff they've been touching is now on the exterior of my allotment. So I think the lemon juice is fine I'm not worried about your fairway where about the outside that a more about you out I just don't drop it in my drink but the doctor that Jim Hansen talked to. These Jefferson doctors infectious disease experts that you know on board about it. You get more germs just breathe. Our production and your phone and other things around. You get off of that lemons cities. And that may be true but I'm still gonna just. Squeeze it and -- donkeys -- to the side yet I don't need to put the I don't think it adds a whole -- of the -- that I won anyway in might re. And it's easier in the water. Says oh. I'm in -- Duncan. But the doctors as well. Yes the Internet is right. -- outside eleven probably is covered in bacteria out so I was just about everything else that she's credited -- heated there wouldn't be a bad idea for all restaurants but one of those hands sanitized or things. Next to the -- area. So that the servers could the sanitized -- hands. And before they start. Handle the -- February. That change your opinion about eleven now -- event so I don't get I don't think so. Your outlook negligence yeah I'm just gonna take a chance now and the doctor says it's probably -- ideas. The mistakes and it 77 he says Dave you're awards. I don't wants. Now what's that don't want don't -- my water. -- thank you David what attracted in about that ten minutes more -- WWL IMF and and a forecast from the Eyewitness News forecasts that are in sports Steve dollars. So. Yet generally I do because generally after I placed my order from my food I'll go to the washroom and wash my hands but I won't touch the handle when I leave. Because you don't know what's on that handle. So yet general idea especially -- be eating any food with my hand to benefit that of the -- meeting completely with utensils maybe now but -- French Fries involved. Anything out them picking up yes generally after I get my -- -- my food order I will go wash my hands because Washington hands is a good idea. Knowing the forecast is pretty good idea -- Lots of sunshine today and that built and the heat pretty quickly by mid day we're already at ninety and highs later today 93. With a 10% chance first -- stormed. We actually go even higher than that for Friday and Saturday 95 both afternoons and each day at 10% chance for rain for the pinpoint forecast center I need to -- just -- tell. And a hot and humid once again to start today. Partly cloudy 79. At the airport it's 90% relative humidity flat out clear and 75 degrees I'm Dave Conan too early edition of WWL. First news. Sports time now the saints had a late night practicing on the North Shore and a little glimpse into what may happen with the QB's that LSU with that and what we say good morning and happy day before Friday to Steve deal. Good morning everyone good morning -- of man to go high school hosted -- training camp last night to a crowd of over 6600. Fans. Coach Sean Payton said that the experience was a huge positive and. Those good change of pace coming up here I thought. Temple was good fields in real good condition and we -- please -- our guys handled it well and I thought just the turnout was a real impressive. A lot of good news on the saints' injury fraud corners Keenan Lewis in Champ Bailey returned to full participation. As did defensive end a team -- today's practice session has being close to the public. Who will be named LSU starting quarterback might not matter that much after all. Coach let's -- says that both Anthony Jennings and Brandon Harrison will get some snaps in their season opener against Wisconsin. But like we started -- I have to might be a starter through. Reporters who might be starter for the game it might be starter -- for the first consideration is a point where really both of our quarterbacks in the play. Too -- football openers -- also just around the corner in the majority of the key position battles have been settled. Including naming redshirt freshman -- leave the team starting quarterback. Coach Curtis Johnson on how ready his team issues. I think we still preparing not think this -- do. Really really good football team so we gotta get out things together we don't want to get to game plan out a little bit -- -- to move that time they started pics and stuff. We'll US basketball team destroyed the Dominican Republic -- 105 to 62 in an exhibition game. Pelicans all star Anthony Davis had a quiet night with just seven points. Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose with a late scratch after missing two practices this week would sore knees. And Tony Stewart won't race Saturday night at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee -- a third Sprint Cup race he -- since his car struck and killed. Kevin ward junior. Jeff Burton will again replace him in the number fourteen Chevrolet. Today a four on sports talk hear from Sean Payton and players following the saints' final practice before traveling to Indianapolis. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sport. 34 days ago and Steve -- with you on your radio so I'm not sure less miles sold as much of anything. The starter may play two series the starter may have played the first half may play three quarters may played all game. But both quarterbacks are gonna play at some point. -- basically downplaying naming a starting quarterback like it's not really gonna matter because both quarterbacks will see action in the game we'll see how this turns out I'm not a big fan of the dual quarterback system well that he. I think he kept his options open. I mean what a mail to play a couple of downs. Or if back quarterback comes in and has great success obviously -- Lieberman. -- yet you're you're right I -- -- -- very open ended I think less. Miles once again is being -- miles he's trying to say something without really saying anything. And given us something to chew on that end up with a taste better than that we wanna swallow because I don't know what it is so -- smiles and being vary less miles finished. -- I hate to do not care -- two quarterback system I think you can find. Examples throughout time some successful two quarterback system right. By generally speaking a single quarterback who leads your team. Who has the opportunity to get into the game flow and to feel like -- the man. Seems to be more successful via the old football saying is if you have two quarterbacks you don't have one. For. That's true with that -- at a that is the evil directed about 25 -- -- sports here at WWL AM implement that -- -- -- talk more about what the saints are doing and apparently they're practicing indoors today. So no more saints practice open to the public. Before that third pre season game we'll get details on that from Steve coming up about 550 WW LA -- them. And -- counts of Texas City 7870. Says it just rolled through that I ten problems spot. And things are starting to improve apparently picked up the overnight. Road work and then again that accident claimed up to become an inbound. I ten near Bonn -- -- the news is better now than it was thirty minutes ago taken a look at the tropics. That disturbance. That's not even in the Caribbean yet that's not even a depression yet. I'm still has just a 5050 shot according to the national market and about maybe becoming something. But because we've had essentially nothing going on in the tropics this season I have had more people walk up to -- -- let's go to that hurricane. Not a hurricane. But you know they -- there something going on of people are just thinking -- assuming the worst for whatever reason. Ladies and gentlemen the wave has not developed and anything else models are not clear on where it's going -- what it's gonna do. We're gonna keep and Diana and we'll keep you posted your forecast in the meantime for new war on. Mainly sunny skies this Thursday and a hot again 93 this afternoon with 810% chance for a stray storm. Then lows tonight dipping down to just under eighty degrees. Now Friday and Saturday looking at highs both -- around 95 and rain chances hold me at 10%. From the pinpoint forecast sent her I mean to -- just -- itself. Coming up an article one of the people who texted me 8787 into the people file to find out why also. When you're on vacation the more. Obligated to study -- 37 minutes after 5 AM early edition of WWL first news August 21 2014. And day before Friday happy Friday eve to you and yours. I haven't done this long long time. One of the people who texts me at 87870. And to the people while c'mon and a but some context and it's 78 if we had a discussion about eleven wages. And I said that I deal put the lemon wedge into my drink because I know that the exterior of the wedge. As a high probability of being covered in terms orca in Syria infectious disease agents. Because the server who puts that lemon wedge there has been handling money credit cards and menus and everything on that and our hands are gonna win and that they handled -- -- land back the damage that it food there. And there hurry attended you know bust their -- to quickly serve all the patrons -- giving it. So I don't put that lemon wedge in my practice texted me at that -- you touch it when you squeeze it in your water. And then you've got that stuff when your hands and I explain that pretty religiously. After. I. Order my food. I go to the restaurant. Now wash my hands. And then I don't touch the door handle them leaving -- -- use -- shirt Horry paper towel. Q opened the doorknob system because I don't want people do their business and and -- -- -- Very clear that's all over the door about one that I'm pretty careful about what I touch and this -- vaccinated 7870. And says. And I quote. You are full of crap. Don't believe you wash your hands after ordering your. No the reason I wash my hands because they are full -- Because I've touched the menu and I've touched a -- and and I've touched all this other stuff. And believe it -- not that is on everything so yeah -- definitely a sandwich or French riser. A burger summit got to use my hands the I absolutely go wash my hands and -- he'll rise on why they're claiming I don't. Why would. It's everybody -- I guess the key words in this ordeal full of crap you catch it they said -- the president is calling me a liar. If you you don't know what I do and I won't lie about that there's always you know me pretty well cannot I would say no I don't hear about avoiding -- you -- and I would stated it believes that without Ani troubled. And then the stamina does that mean now -- awards because it. And other people are pointing out that some research says it's good to get in terms and you because it helps you build your immunity. Your body learns how to fight. -- different germs by getting exposed to small amounts of give some -- down and there are well as a doctor pointed out we breathe -- germs constantly. And now I'm not walking around wearing a gas. Ask any thing now I'm getting plenty of charms on his careful about -- getting other people's. -- In in my mouth that's all I'm trying to avoid. In now so anyway so -- put them in the what is what is wrong. Hate you this report from Jim sanity about. When we go on a cruise or go to an all inclusive vacation that we eat more I did can't sit on the relentless and this is now want to hear this -- summit paid for this research. You do. Thinking about taking that all inclusive vacation. You may want to think twice if you value your waistline. And he studies founded vacationers on all inclusive trips on average double their daily caloric intake in the first 44 hours. Most were eager to cash in on the all you can eat buffet. Consuming an average of 5756. Calories on day one. And the rest of the trip wasn't much better infected typical tourist -- enough to run two marathons today. Jim Genovese CBS news. Someone paid. To figure out -- and I gonna cruise or go to an all inclusive resort of that I eat about twice as much for it you're gonna gain weight and hitting your. Come back a sizable why deal isn't that why don't like Oakland recruited to an all inclusive resort. So that I can't -- -- as if there isn't all I can eat buffet. I generally eat all like it now. And I think it should come -- you compared to eat buffets but like. Occasional vacation from my diet on vacation from my concerns were the hand and the longer the cruise goes the bigger -- going yeah yeah I absolutely expect to gain 510 pounds after a seven -- have that as part of the deal and let me ask you. Have you ever gone to the gym. At a hotel resort on record -- why even have it I don't know I really don't know I've I've never seen anyone. I think -- may be in my entire life and I stayed in plenty of hotels and nortel's pricing like one person in there. Early in the morning during something other than that it's empty. Early -- get -- early morning everybody that's young black. And we've got a state of the art Tim OK. Okay (%expletive) gonna work and equivalent to sitting in there getting tossed cover. -- -- -- -- need to find a TVs -- -- one in the Jim Nolan. It did it. Like -- about one and it's good secret Christian militants from Algiers ministers. With the investigation to a man says he killed an intruder into his home. Wedding gone with his wife and three kids. Oh god let's go live to direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good morning. It's meteorologist for months now got all hungry talking about all you hear is -- yeah. Pain do you believe they actually paid very -- study to figure out that we eat more when we go to an all you can. -- -- I honestly everything only with the -- is that that. The heated up after two parent if you. True during a weeklong vacation. I've -- that surprised me a lot -- now Europe pretty avid runner. Do you go to the gym and use that work out equipment while you're on vacation ended in a hotel workers' ship now I. I really I yeah. Yeah that whenever anybody else and even -- you're. Now -- -- like like physically I just feel better so concerned about. Anything it's just you know we need to vacation time Iran and a lot yes the right you know go out. Publication. I know that both he -- better than me pretty dedicated even even on eBay case and it matters to them. Out tonight he guilt and it is -- And we let it for a vacation our our favorite did you. Outdoor. Brisk walk or ride at your round and check out -- fight like a fast paced by its app. Is never anyone out in the gym senior in high. You are you're officially a little weird on Adam -- and that's okay to me matter that by the end. Because we we -- like on each week that is -- if we work out by the weekly in. Well people pulling out because -- animated. That at bat again today that these keys that morning in the immediate high heat intact along because it's already in it. It's another day were will be up in the mid ninety's -- for -- wanted to feel as hot as 110 yeah. High pressure kind of spreads over solidly through the weekend that can keep rain chances -- the high mid nineties all the Sunday all right there you go folks easy forecast -- I've got to have you please explain all. That this area of disturbed weather on the airwaves yet that invest 96 now rights is not. I tropical depression is not a tropical storm is not a hurricane it. And cannot be reliable way to have become any of that is only 5050 shot of doing anything yet and it's. It's really you know it's unfortunate that it -- sometimes people. Post stuff on line -- that the -- people all. Fired up and alarmed that you know that's what we do you like you know it's humans we kind of reacts oh my god there's going to be something in the gulf but. I actually had. A large number of people walk up to me come -- the new measurement of what's going on with the hurricane now -- America is not even at a press all right but now there is a 50% chance to could become a fresh. And here's the deal like we get people tropical wave and that's all the time for example we had an invest over the weekend last weekend did anybody forgot about it now we have in that all the time it just means. It's an area that they're kind of watching for possible development but I have to say this morning. Some of the models don't even development at all a few taken off the east I mean it's. It it is so disorganized at this point that it's just irresponsible to worry too much about that that you know it's just something you have to watch -- wish -- could speed the process up and in my crystal ball and say. This is exactly what's gonna happen but you know it's still -- better part of a week away from wherever it may had. And again at -- he can develop at all it's just something to keep. Well then we'll keep an eye on -- -- -- can't plan any plane ends or anything like that. We're gonna trust you to keep if it becomes like right now you'll let us now -- a year storm yes that I look at appropriately more worried about it. Hear from my voice and from what I say that right now I'm not worry about it. But I. Right not a depression not not hard out of hurricane message tropical wave and even the models this year that if it does develop most of them don't even bring it into the gulf right. You know and that's the interesting thing because you know as I always say -- have a center of the storm. Models are worthless you know and they're worthless yet I don't really art and so you know it that they may not even form a center if it does format to a depression or tropical storm. That's when the models have become a little bit more reliable I would even worry too much about what the models are sane and at this point it's just way. Wait too premature exit to stress out too much about it. You for stressing that making I have got to their eyes relax a little for the next president comes up to -- -- -- a photo of that hurricane that I'm gonna put them in the what are. By. Okay because it's it's not -- and -- eyes. Now -- Thank you Laura. But now eleven direct Eyewitness News forecasts. Exercises and vacate the year. He had ever gone to a gym at a hotel. Resort -- accretion tech community levity to -- Now shares of those -- and people still -- about whether or not they don't feel lemon and there water -- -- -- -- sports is next the. My first attacks and it is 7870 says it's hard to avoid touching anything that's got germs on like the chair when you put yourself in gets on the places people don't think about. The bottom side of a chair when you grabbed the slide in. You know kinda crazy -- and and someone else calls now says yeah you wash your hands but do you everytime you go back to the -- and touch those utensils everybody else's touching. No I don't wash my hands every time I go back of a thing but I do avoid great getting -- -- the -- that I have to pick up with my hands and eat out generally used utensils that. I don't you know so I don't have to touch my food and you gotta wonder how well -- -- the canceled I'm not a freak about this germ phobia or anything but just take reasonable steps to avoid care. I don't take reasonable steps to avoid Steve -- because I want north gone out of sports so I welcome news to you. It's good germs and all away at them calling it term. Hey I didn't have to kind of disinfect after getting them from the mountain different than it. I get generic you -- UN mountain man hair I -- training camp. At the end and I what's being on the he does like -- -- forget spears is getting jobs the fresh faced and clean Cott Steve Geller was sports -- before Friday good. Morning everybody saints camp had a prep football feel to it as -- the bill high school hosted the team's workout. The announced crowd with 6617. And coach Sean Payton says though consider taking the black and gold show on the road again next year. One of the things make you not just finished talking about his next year. You know looking at bringing the second practice to another area there's so many different fans and I think we have an evening practice also bill allows more families to be involved. Meanwhile the can that team continues to get healthier corners Champ Bailey Keenan Lewis as well as defensive end a team hates all practiced fully. Today's practice in Metairie though has been moved indoors and is close to the public. Pittsburgh Steelers running backs lately -- bill in the Garret blunt will be charged with marijuana possession following a traffic stop. Bell was taken to a hospital to have let out blood drawn and is expected to be charged with driving under the influence of marijuana. The possession and do you like charges are both misdemeanors. Just nine days now to the LSU football season kicks off with the tigers taking on Wisconsin. Coach less miles on how freshman running back letter for net has -- thus far. It was great -- make you -- He's been very physical back so seldom you find that guy who has -- passion will also released you know to a thirty pounds and can run -- -- you. Well one week from today the Tulane green wave open their season and Oklahoma to take on Tulsa. Generally he's been named agree any starting quarterback and coach Johnson says it continues to be a work in progress with a redshirt freshman. The ball really really well Philadelphia well one thing we like to see so this criminal just fine we -- some bumps in the road would. -- -- Philadelphia's Modi Davis the first female pitcher to win the game at the Little League World Series was pulled in the third inning last night after allowing three runs and 821 lost -- Las Vegas. -- allowed six hits and struck out six in to a third innings before leaving after 55 pitches. Thirteen plays an elimination game tomorrow night against Chicago team. And Tony Stewart is sitting out Saturday night's NASCAR Sprint Cup race at the high banked Bristol Motor Speedway. Jeff Burton's replacing him in the number fourteen Chevrolet this is the third straight Sprint Cup event that's stewardess if since his car struck and killed Kevin Moore junior. Today -- -- on sports talk -- from Sean Payton and players following the saints' final practice before traveling to Indianapolis. I'm Steve -- and that your early morning look at sports at practice is close to Pollack moved it indoors drive right exactly it's -- 11 o'clock session but still doesn't matter to the general public because inside means no room for fans. -- -- and -- last night says funny around for fans. Went 6500 showed up on the North -- on fans and the team seemed to really enjoy. Spent some time and -- you heard Payton talk about it and also the players were also saying it product had like a high school feel to it because of you know they were out of high school but just brought him back to the days of you know what when they first started playing the game. And really felt good to be there and it feels good to have you here we'll -- -- fifteen minutes north sport WW. That's of people are texting me because germ conversation numbers as. Germs just think about what's on a Wal-Mart buggy numbers is what about grabbing a gas nozzle and filling the car together germs all over that stuff. And I don't avoid touching it but I also don't eat right after a touch that stuff. -- -- -- After -- -- might. Water right eat them up putting it and drink and what it so -- reasonable reasonable that's the -- -- have a great day before --

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