WWL>Topics>>8-21 6:15am Tommy, American killed by terrorists

8-21 6:15am Tommy, American killed by terrorists

Aug 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Bruce Jentleson, a Duke Prof. of Public Policy & Political Science and Global Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, about a video showing an American beheaded by a terrorist group

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My new intro music -- I was gonna say I'm all over it -- goes on for about four minutes you needed every day. -- -- -- Hey you know. -- really -- Larry -- -- is anything about him and. -- that's nice to work at night. Ideas by admires him so much at night he's got his top eight at eight and any. Got a really good chilly night and he hasn't hit me until midnight and I need terrorism out on powerball nights just to kill some time I would play this music and announce the powerball numbers at 10 o'clock. Did you not -- sometimes it plays -- sometimes -- -- -- ten minutes and it's time nuns. Along the lines. One. -- -- -- My name. Partner and nobody was listening and then at night knowledge on some management. Galleries here are only hitting like forty states -- night -- and Cuba. It still be here again but that's not the point now. One powerball ticket sold at the Brothers food mart on I ten in Metairie. Matched all dialed numbers David and it is a million. Dollar wall -- I go to my Brothers hi my ticket now is -- to percent to we're opening a powerful. And -- now. -- were four -- 213840. And the powerball was three we have head. Numerous experts on now finance people mathematicians some of the brilliant minds in the world the brain trust and they all agreed that it is very difficult. To win. Lottery drawing. But it gets. Infinitely more difficult if you don't buy a ticket. Ed rarely -- -- so I would suggests what. You buy a ticket. But it Aggie and I want to make a big deal that because normally uneven tactic not an act of tickets and and it looked dead just. You know wanted to time that I buy one ticket at a time but -- unless I hear something and now saying there's a big jackpot here you don't care and it's I should check him like every 23 months. All the way to not now is so you could be missing out on one of those medium to low prices may be a five grander something like strategists at their on your on your road. Table. An unknown disrespect at -- lottery people but. I think those 5000 dollar winners so rare that they -- newsworthy in here about two you know there's probably not know Jermaine just at a party here and just brick and stone yeah yeah I got you but let me ask you this -- if you had a stack and the year. -- one of those count of people like Tommy has. -- you looked. Up the numbers. On their computer. Or would you go in and trust. The lady behind the count now you can run your stick around and disrespect anybody and counter it is the chocolate Oreo -- now how many times and I played out. Yeah on this delegates are you and you know yeah. -- back at a 5000 no winners and now I'll always and that's -- they protected tickets maybe it's obsessive compulsive. I don't know but I checked the web -- dang it I think it will what if what if this is wrong. And then I'll hold the chicken and chicken again and that's crazy just check it one time from the for a lot of Obama. We column might under the official website because a long long time ago back when we used to have a newspaper. They printed the numbers wrong. And they apologized the next statements on a few head. I got a winning ticket hockey -- your heart it absolutely it did they get a text here David can you recap the numbers quickly that the numbers were. For. Eight. 2138. Forty. Powerball was three nights ago at -- that you were gonna get moving here because we have guests coming up talk about this terrific heading. This happened journalist by crisis again. -- Not even. I'd nice enough to fit in with al-Qaeda they -- two means even be -- al-Qaeda and I think when it comes something like this you've seen yourself what you can and you can negotiate you don't have to resort to violence I think -- so I think the only thing people like this understand is violence. And it's -- -- -- and respond to talk about it when we come back Tommy Tucker David Blake -- Jordan -- -- along with you on WW. Tommy Tucker get a WL talking about that that terrible beheading of a journalist. -- -- crisis group called eyes is now I think they're shortening their name to use yes Bruce channels and -- a friend. Duke University professor of public policy and political science global fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars he was at the State Department. 2009 and 2011 anywhere in the Middle East peace process in the 1990s. In the Clinton administration morning sir how are you. Well thank you think you've taken the time I think we're all upset over this horrific video of the beheading of this journalist and I think the first thing McCain in my mind is if you think you can negotiate with somebody in this mindset. You're kidding yourself and I am I correct in that. Yeah I mean I think the administration. Let it being and you know after this news broke that they actually did try it. You know special ops rescue -- floor. Fully and for other hostages and that there's there's not any illusions about how would tell awful this group is it is the same group that was holding. It all those women and children hostage and starving them and killing them up and about -- rock. And so nobody nobody is noted the decision not to paid -- ransom was the decision not to negotiate. Is some movement this -- movement that. It was an off. Shoot over al-Qaeda how how long has it been around it's appears to be gaining a lot of strength. So they started as the ought to develop Qaeda in. Big gains strength following you know US invasion of Iraq in 2000 -- That was pushed back by the surge 2000 haven't spent and -- actually believe an -- -- kicked out of -- Qaeda. For some of their tactics. And then with the war in Syria. They got another feeding -- opportunities to. Build themselves rob banks get money. I get ransoms recruit people -- the world and so they've been moving in between Iraq and Syria. And you know with military capabilities. I think -- pretty formidable you know people sort of think they're just there with their -- and pickup trucks but it's part of the reason -- we did start the air strikes again. So. It always amazed me how we wind up as a place but it had to start somewhere and I guess I'm talking about his eyes as a list group just. Began needed to come into existence in 2003. Well you know date date the date they were spurred by the Sunnis in Iraq. Feeling that after the US invasion of Iraq it to this year -- -- you know what you say give him the real shortage and instead. And then they were fed by Syria they're you know it's like open seasons Syria. -- the Asad regime. And doesn't have much control. Is hated and it -- program. And and they put together. Pretty quickly -- on movement. There's a lot of these rhetorical splinter groups are franchises produced independently -- West Africa. And their pattern you know as some similarities speech tries to figure out how to feed on on on local motivations. One thing -- I don't -- there is you know much in the news last night -- talk about the border. Between Turkey and Syria which for all intents and purposes other than a geographical distinction is nonexistent in terms of security. And of what is it to an even it's happening with some Americans that attracts people to this group to this. Ice this group is that something -- evil within people it's -- I was trying to figure out because there's about as bad as it gets there isn't. People here in America that somehow have become radicalized. As far as Islam goes. That's a really good question I think people really we've we've been trying to -- at least since nine elevenths and you know in different different sort of spurts of news and I think some of the strongest statements sites in the most powerful as the coming from the tip others there's some indication that. The actual killer was a British citizen has -- deterrent to terrorist. And that leading Muslim council in Britain. Issued a statement that zones saying this is this is not what Islam is about. You know there -- many of us are. You know offended man had everything even more because basically represented since so -- you kind of have to work with both the military strategy because strategy. Inserted inside out getting getting Muslims and countries of the world to basically stand up and say this is it's. They share information. But it's clear to the world that it's not it's not about Islam inherently you know it's about. Some really awful groups that are exploiting that religion. Secondly it's been done in history by other religions to to do some really awful things in claims some other to do in God's name. Psych and I guess it's the next question -- is this just a group of of thugs you mentioned robbing banks and I've never read the Koran but I would presume that there's something in there about stealing that you're not supposed to do that. -- that's where are saying this is this is and there's no way that this should people should take from this then you know Islam preaches this sort of -- Yeah yeah. It isn't a gang Bruce is that like a group of criminals that are united. It with a goal love and I'll ask you that what's that goal but under the pretext of religion. And that's right I mean it's a mix of people that think in the political motivations. And frankly in. And higher testosterone. Young people that are looking for this and now alluded to -- somehow twisted their minds to think that that this is the right thing to do you know to execute from Florida. Who seem to be a normal kid playing soccer and football everybody in ended up over Syria and it's a version of increasing before and and it really requires you know all fronts and it's not just the US is probably the other countries in the region. You know the Arab states affecting need to be stepping up the business it's it's even more of a threat to them since it's right next door. Bruce separation you're time is always -- really do you've you've been there done that word with a and we appreciate you sharing your knowledge of those. You -- thank you Bruce. Generals and and talk about. Again -- these -- about Duke University professor of public policy and political science global fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. That the State Department from 20092011. And work in the Middle East peace process in the ninety's in the Clinton administration that's not just abstract. Opinions from things that he reads these actually been there and been involved in at six point final take you calls when we come back. At T 6018720386. Exit 89087. Did you watch the video. Of the beheading of the journalist and com do you think the United States should even attempt to negotiate with -- deserves this -- some kind of movement that has to be crushed and put down. Six when he five timely traffic that would go to Terrell Robinson. No faith teaches people to massacre. -- -- No just god would stand for what they did yesterday and what they do every single thing. -- as President Obama talking about prices in the beheading of journalist James Foley at 619 on -- WL and you know asking a couple of different questions here first of did you look at the video. And if you did why or why did you not wanna see -- I look at it because I just want to know what about it was talking about and it's. They're very painful to watch. -- stands in its total opposite of what he is saying. Is little bit ahead of the president's. Sound bite your urges now but he was the wildest text was talking about the guessed it applies to what you just heard as well. Because the text says remember the Iran crisis in the eighties a look at Dearborn Michigan France and England. It's a violent religion. Allowances never negotiate with -- every last one involved needs to be wiped from the face to face of the earth. And I agree with negotiating as if some as opponent. Do that are even with al-Qaeda fly a plane and and -- planes into buildings and kill. Innocent people that you can't talk to them you can negotiate with them and even if you do you can't trust them I think the only thing they understand is violence. However when it comes to what the president just said when it comes to what the text -- said about nicest religious motives. I tend to agree with our guest Bruce genitals and JE NT LE SL and to some people are texting Wellington a look at my blood books -- ever. That. I I think there's just a bunch of thugs that are uniting. To. Did to carry out what it whatever kind of lawless acts they want under the pretext of religion because they can't believe people from the United States and Britain. Would suddenly convert to this radical form of Islam I think instead. Days some people are evil and I think they just look at this is a chance to. Do whatever they want. Be as violent as they want. Steel I don't know if there have been any rapes that have gone on but just I think it appeals of the worst in people I wanna know what you think when we come back right now though time for Devin W offers news and that would go to David Blake. -- in a story about the item. The them home invasion and the guy they got his gun and our guessing is against indeed kidnapped -- in your own home if -- out. He forced -- and I see that both the victim in the shooting victims. Or the the -- that was shot if you know if you want column victim and I. His weapon was recovered as was the weapon of the homeowner. And a of their means confiscated or not but. If some like Tanzania house. And you shoot come. Well then the police -- taking gun. And Edwards to be out on the street of who it is that shot whom and estimate in Israel -- looking for you're supposed to be defenseless I don't know what sense that may well. It's as they say and the investigation is continuing. So I would imagine that I would have to have that gun. And allowed just two to put all the pieces together and I'm not saying the other guy -- get a -- -- at well under our zeal while you're you've got a point -- elements and so I wouldn't do eagle by new gun word defenseless hopefully a more than one round. And then in terms of this group vices did not only are they involved in -- but brutal barbaric rate that as. Some women. Begging to be killed instead aren't Irish women. Do women and in their daughters just dragged out of their house whenever whenever of these people from rice's feel like rape and somebody and and that's -- I don't know that this about religion I don't know of any legitimate Muslim would know on this action. I think in the reason there and they've killed more Muslims than any group in blown up mosques at setter and I think. What's attracting and I hate to say this but it -- what is attracting summoning young man from around the the world including the United States is not. Not anything religious but rather did -- my opportunity to do what. Ever I want now. Without any punishment I've played bad guy and you talk about thugs on the streets -- and Barney is a thud to the nth degree. And again no no fear -- there are no respect for their life no respect for anybody else's. And you senator right earlier than it is the only thing these guys -- practice may be a 300 pound -- that their eye on the high end and there were reports the United States strident negotiate the release of James full yeah. And try to rescue and tried to rescue as well and I don't know how in the world you can actually think that you can negotiate with a group like -- so pretty jaguar opinion poll should the US negotiate with a terrorist group vices. If it means saving the life of an American citizen 90% are saying note 10% are saying yes. But I think another consideration here and I and I'd look I'm not trying to be heartless and I know everybody's still. Shockingly. Upset about. Did that. Video of the execution. But if you're a journalist in you've been warned to stay out of that area. And and you get kidnapped and find yourself in the in the worst possible position is it fair to ask members of the military to go in at. And rescue yeah I think that's a concern as well and I always look at it from everybody's viewpoint nudges that of the of the family of the kidnapped reporter but the family of of the troops that are involved in a rescue so both talk about that moment to -- 260187. He told free. 866889087. Tommy Tucker back with your phone calls in a flash and have a W. When people harm Americans anywhere. We do what's necessary to see the justice is done. And we act against Beisel standing alongside others. That's a president talking about the beheading of James Foley and apparently you can refer to this group in a couple of different ways. Prices. Or ice still. And now they're shortening their name to just I guess which I guess is is I don't I don't well. But it did I wanna ask you about this it -- deep deep care about this do you really think this is about. The Muslim religion -- now or the Islam Islam Muslim are the people islamists or religion I don't I don't think it is I think days just about. People want to know rob rape steal kill. It appeals everything evil in everybody because -- Or in people at least in some people because I can't I can't believe. While some people are taxing and that you know as a violent religion. Com. At no point I don't think does the Korean call for next year if you are. Muslim middle of the tortilla and at any point calls for a reaping. It will -- sexually G hot as they call it or -- is slaughtering people. Or even blown up mosques because -- I don't know how if Americans can. And he immediately be put on a list -- if you disrespect to allow refute. If you if you in any way disk disrespect a mosque guard. But yet the other side is the blow mop so -- -- hike -- say. That this is about religion. What do you think. Do you think all Muslims. Are violent and are the same as ices that. They they insist on dominating. Christians they insist on imposing their will on every country. Where do you think it's just a religion. That others have taken to extremes to justify their evil behavior and as a result everybody's locked in the same group. Some of the Texans are common and they must be made an example out of to put fear -- anybody who tries to join a group. And a sex and I'm quite sure what this means Christians have killed more than Muslims so they are worse. Then Muslims. And you know the guests did say that. A lot of people have been killed in the name of religion. This says US should just bomb -- make them think twice about killing an American and I. I -- bomb bomb all who -- you talking about there. And I -- David Blake talk about Ferguson earlier and I am not trying to be flippant here but. That was that was the -- focus of the news and then this man gets beheaded. And all of a sudden the focus is -- Ferguson and I can just imagine everybody in Ferguson's and or at least the demonstrators and I debts that were off the front page or go home. And it happens like that with stories where we think. I'd Malaysian airlines announced knocked it off the front page guess in a story about that plane anymore still never founded. Ebola something -- came along so we will worry about that anymore still going on. And a whole process just sometimes strikes me as funny 65010 before seven tunneling your traffic. And I would edit Terrell Robinson I Tommy Tucker I'm getting a couple of text here about this crisis saying. I really don't think there's about religion. It's about the perversion of religion. And I don't know do you think it it's just gathering out of every evil person in the world let's -- many are flocking there from the United States from. Great Britain and all over. The earth. Thinking you know one. We're we're gonna say we're out here to meet outline and and two the pursuit of the radical Islam when in fact. You know we're gonna rape pillage plunder -- to be the modern day version of the hunting because I care about a mile I don't care about yours. Some of the text. There are always going to be groups like this basically same situation as Hitler and the Jews. Hate breeds hate another Texas. The people this taxes and think Islamist violent religion are terribly misinformed. 20% of the -- follows Islamic religion if it was teaching violence this world would be a war zone everywhere. The universal hatred of Israel among all Muslims this text says enables and breeds extreme hate groups of varying degrees. What we're saying is one of the most extreme groups that not only hates Jews and everyone else that doesn't believe in the same thing that the group believes in. Wonder if that's the case how does somebody in America to get that extreme. And is willing to -- cross the border from Turkey. In two Syria. And then all of a sudden become affiliated with this group out of a how to get that message. One word Hiroshima mystic says and ended World War II -- a sane but. I think the problem with that is the enemy was in one country. In this case it's not necessarily true although you know not comic -- kill women and children. It's not Islam this text says Nazis client claim to be Christian and liquid they did. The US says stop messing around with crisis and other tech says certainly waste to the area now. And the US this -- says. -- did they must be made ices -- an example of by the US would fear and anybody who want to months to try to join a group. They care about being killed and I'd love to know what you think at 260 -- -- until 3866. 88908 said he FaceBook comment from David -- kill 1000 for every American. All the way to stop this evil known as Islam is totally eradicated at home and abroad. A lie and a farce of -- religion. I know a -- -- you think it. Islam itself is the problem that there's no way people that a Muslim can peacefully coexist with Christians with Jews and if you're Muslim again I'd love to hear from. A -- I'm coming in a -- and study WL has you tickets Andrew Lloyd Webber's epic and powerful music Phantom of the Opera. It's gonna transform this angers stage in the shadowy world below the Paris opera house in November. Never -- a good love story dome is broadway's longest running show on tour. And I got free tickets will be tomorrow morning between six and 10 AM. I have to do is listen for the song the music of the night. I'm giving the number to call and lucky number eight wins is that simple pair of tickets that Phantom of the Opera. At this anger on Wednesday November 5 -- 730. The value of the tickets 3200. Rather and 52 dollars. A airs today -- like from -- WL remember tickets on sale Friday August 22 at 10 o'clock. And general contest rules do apply next hour to move on. And talk about Spike Lee and Ferguson Spike Lee says there's a war on black men in America. And it general honoree is needed to establish or reestablish order in Ferguson. Will without threatening the people there and and I don't know that Katrina and Ferguson of the same thing at all. And in a long time Los Angeles cops as if you don't wanna get hurt. Shut up and do -- the police tell you to do it's going to take a couple of minutes a year time do you agree with either one of these people. And it all of this avoided what went on and Ferguson back in a -- -- --