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8-21 7:15am Tommy, police, race, and Ferguson

Aug 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Captain Black, an anti-crime activist, about race and the police

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One thing wouldn't talk about tomorrow and I -- -- on the newsletter sign -- found an interest in a a mom who happens to be. A military mom developed an -- That will lock your kid's phone. As anybody that matter if you kids don't answer a text or call. So it blocks of -- the only thing naked and would be able call is either the parent back or 911. Everything else's sealed off locked out instantly hear from our current. And what astounded me about this. Is that the kid would not hold back and still have the phone. It is the rule is at this moment pain right now goodnight -- it's. And after ten times I don't really. Need in the hands of. So -- on pain for the phone. And the condition AG got to answer my calls when I call you but you don't so. And just in the ignore that and get an app that would like you found got an app for that I'd -- and I'd like in and a daughter on a roof. -- You start answering my calls give you about six weeks and think about it then you get the phone back Arrigo. I find this interesting from a friend Mike pearl stayed over channel forward news partners. And any concerns qualifying yesterday Paul. He found something a little off creek well suspended juvenile court judge JaJuan -- king. Is under indictment facing felony charges accusing. Her line about. Where she lived when she won the seat last year Carl you out -- so last spring judge -- filled out paperwork that said she lived in New Orleans at a time when she claimed a homestead exemption and saint Tammany parish. And because of that the attorney general's office indicted her in May on charges of filing a false public record in violating state election law more -- Nobody's been convicted of anything no no it's still still in the process. So yesterday first day of qualifying. From the judge -- not a paper work. Listed a new loans post office boxes -- domicile. Can't do that now can't do that because you out -- operate I'm wearing handed domicile was considered a person. Primary residence and if you eliminate at the -- mighty tiny again. -- -- little -- house I have an hour later she filed another notice of candidacy listing the post office box as a mailing address and 420 loyal avenues week to ten answered domicile. But. Not can't do that because that's the -- numerical mistake you got a fact and and then which they think she meant. Was 421. Loyola. Which is the address of Orleans parish juvenile court but then again. But. Chances are she's not living there. -- Sam saying yeah I get is your place of employment here but you don't live here -- -- they have that sound effect over there at at the clerk and -- And his delegation don't -- they really sure -- it makes it pretty funny yeah it does yeah. So anyway she finally. Some in the form that said 5149. Base in -- drive which is small town house in eastern new long ones and her attorney Clarence Roby said that the judge atlas of these multiple addresses out of an abundance of caller caution. Because. Of the charges she -- based on how she filled out the forms last year. So mean to single watch it is I just think like you said David Liggett deal Poland better if for whatever reason. You know the secretary of State's office plus yeah. Yeah. On TV. -- I'm so sorry Canadian golf. And I feel it on yeah. Says there is saved. War on black men in America. In general lottery should be -- Bumpers and although it would seem orders somewhat restored it happens with the grand jury hearing the testimony and and if they choose to decide. If they Tuesday indict the office. And the other thing is a long time LE PD officers says -- you know again hurt. Shut up and do it the officer tells it to do he says going to take a minute or two time if you disagree with what happens. Pursue it in court later pursue it with the with the police investigative unit internal affairs and you but at that time. If you -- you shut up and do what they waited do nobody's gonna get these -- cup or hurt. We'll talk about it we connect Tommy Tucker wanna hear from you on WWI. Tommy Tucker talking about. Us offshoot of the events in Ferguson's likely talking and Anderson Cooper. Saying that general Russell lottery and we don't know about him after Katrina and the video opinions and put those guns down. When they pointed at people -- active storm. Spike -- and we don't need snipers on top of tanks winning -- billions in the nation in general lottery to calm things down and Ferguson is an interesting definition of calm things down does Spike Lee. He says I don't think he should be killed in this country because allegedly steals and -- real close I don't think you should be killed there's -- -- and uses them. I don't think anybody really believes that that's one Michael. Ground was killed at least I don't. He says likely when people get to appoint to the tipping point that they can't take in anymore and and and and that's and that people should burn stuff down. Ride and -- and I wanna use the word riot and any use the word up rising. -- hope that things will. Really blow up if the people aren't happy with the verdict of this upcoming trial. Is there isn't worn black -- and it's tearing the country apart now there's another op Ed piece. Written by a seventeen year veteran of LAPD. Who -- they've had their problems. Says that if people that are victims of police violence and for somebody to blame look in the mirror. Washington Post publisher is Collins says the comic not the only get hurt don't challenge me even though it might sound harsh and -- In -- -- here's the bottom line if you don't wanna get shot -- pepper sprayed struck with a but on a round -- round it is -- what I tell you to do. Don't argue with me you know call me names ultimately it's not announce am racist -- Don't threaten it -- zoom in take away my dads don't scream at me that you pay my salary. And don't even think -- aggressively walking towards me. Most fields ops are complete minutes how difficult it is it is cooperate of that law. Right now line anti crime activist friend of ours -- black comment on. On both of these when -- adult at this morning captain. Good morning. Create. Yet tell me what you think about both of those op Ed piece. -- -- -- -- -- -- Great filmmaker don't necessarily know right from should be the leader of any type of public policy reform in recent -- on the solution. We have problems in the black community that and do. Where -- -- people treat. We can go and recently here Norman's. Drive by shooting in the Lower Ninth Ward. What an engineered by copd. Went up -- move to injure it down shut you second hello once again. Wasn't near final PG now with that being. Move into what you're retired LAPD call social and if the -- are -- or missiles for Susan law goes out of work. Very difficult a lot of Americans -- to essentially keep the -- social approach. -- solutions that are -- -- -- you have scriptural. There. Random citizen what decisions -- most people do not -- with the please don't column careers and even New York. Aggressively. Approach. Michael Brown cage. A lot of people worked. Lot of people talking about police militarization. -- you're talking about 00. Take them premature in my opinion at least peaceful protests and put on the one go. You. Black. And -- -- Who are active and burdensome and -- -- -- We have one -- objectives. Make him. I don't care properly reform. They don't care. -- black and you know -- wall full citizenship. That is there explore the situation called mass destruction are I think -- And so somewhere in between between. Spike Lee is on its own one. And the advice apparently peace deal superiors. Take a break camp won't come back to talk about the war in the black male in America if there is one and if it is. If there is a Warren black men in America who is it that the enemy 724. On the other side of the -- associates a time would -- Traficant that would go to Terrell Robinson. I jet black -- guest. -- open phone lines next half hour just sought to -- all. -- cops from LA PDAs seventeen year -- is like you're you're looking for a a victim or some might blame when it comes police violence look in the mirror. You know I get hurt on challenges. Might sound harsh but here's the bottom line if you don't get shot -- pepper sprayed struck with a but on her throat in the ground. She is due -- tell you to do and pursue any complaints she got afterward now slightly says there's a war on black men in America. -- also says like. If if things. If people aren't happy with the verdict of this upcoming trial or grand jury investigation I just hope he says that things will really blow up. Kevin black and anti crime activist joins us right now and captain. Before I go to the calls. -- -- from you about this war on black males if there is a war who Louisiana -- is on the other side of. We look at the law -- Let me and regrettable. As some sort of the pummel our own worsens now roughly 400 people are shocked we shouldn't yeah. And then their percent of -- with -- punishment. -- black. Granted when they give you -- headline making stories. All moles. All occasions that usually aren't Latin America we do this that Internet completely just yet it if Barbara proper. Roughly 400 people shot by the league's annual. And believe them. The majority of not elect a majority of the headline making trees and Blackberry -- stand here. -- alliance sailor black -- leash. Have our approval of the Cold War of course we do and that's 1 of the central piece of mind to -- -- -- It's where police can communicate regional cannot work you know the way we treat the -- work on certain population. Then we won't keep having strong say over and over there and not call her. When people talk about the war and we need to be very arms about the war right there -- true there -- Some black and now. Live -- city whole life. Which invited him all the violence and all the instability. On the news shipment. From the GOP that the people are black -- and -- more network mean people know not church. They'll police performance. In the dorms Knowles her world we have federal consent decree in places right now. Based largely exclude. In the -- of people being true our police contacts. With the black and do we see black man in the general community. And you know PG work into remedies or so ago with the appointment of new superintendent. Hopefully -- Beatrice and it will change. I -- our locker room and part of the group. It has been met with public accountability that's what keeps crying somewhere in the middle. But it isn't true what's likely department found room to move which. But it does not necessarily Apple Store and Antoine fortune to charity -- LAPD. Also talked about moral law -- just do jokes where about the -- Answer whatever questions -- put to them and go on both of those age but. In the polls over right there will be very hard for Americans -- -- The -- and there are you know also now showed up to -- and dictate our course -- shot. Some would argue about slightly tedious that's you know we're probably. -- equate captain Jonas needed the good news you wanna see -- Spike -- says. If the people aren't happy with the verdict of the upcoming trial maybe even in the grand jury investigation he says I just hope that things will really blow law. It comes a Ferguson. Isn't the case of a legitimate issue turning into an exercise and extortion. We we get the arm of an obvious you would you me more information. Iran in the Asia on demand was not -- require ours. And that the please talk did not necessarily typical plant -- -- optimum situation. Is a lot more complex. -- The calls for -- That doesn't -- and. Police are not writing he says it's uprising. I think was the reason. You know what -- implicating. James Meredith Becker -- Malcolm Mac. Did not practice -- opera and not -- and when we black currently expect -- -- so -- we're trying to do right now -- report. Am I appreciate your time is always talking again. -- -- black and and I crime activism here from you know we come back at T six 187 Neitzel freak. 86 exit 890 -- editing when it comes a year interactions with the police officer. My opinion I tend to think it's it's best to do with this guy from LAPD said. Judges do it dictated the I mean if it's ridiculous -- -- taking out some way to shoot you while I guess that's that's a different thing but generally speak and you shut up do -- they tell you to do and if you have a problem deal with that later. Because I think a lot of times yet look at what's gone on on the other side of the bad team when it comes to Ferguson. Did this start is a legitimate issue in terms of all right let's -- -- the shootings justified or not. And and become extortion where you better do what we want and if not. There's going to be hell okay. Which to me is pretty close to if you don't pay protection money a bricks and go through your Windows 7 34 -- a bit late. Hybrid up WL first news hi David Blake we're talking about the police and what to do if you're stopped -- -- retired LAPD. Offices says you know -- don't get -- you don't get hit with a baton you don't come you don't wanna get roughed up and up don't give me any trouble. And I'll do what you're told it'll only take a couple of minutes and if you don't like when happens pursue it after that. I don't know of argue. But whenever I'm pulled over IE I have to treat the -- -- with. The highest respect I do -- I don't get it back then you know I'm not gonna put up Caracas may be you know. I'd complain later but at that time no I'm gonna follow every rule that he puts down form. And I haven't been pulled over that much speaker's -- you know I -- be an all time -- I am -- -- so -- -- again vegetables over a lot but I'll tell yet I've found if you are very respectful. You'd get respect back. Now it's like cape flats but what's your problem my pay your salary will then -- -- -- here on getting gets in trouble back. But I I got maybe it's because of the way I was raised never had a law enforcement person in my family but I always had the utmost respect for the bullies out. Let me tell you to Asia and Iraq but you mean you've never used that do you know who I am. No but it did used in time and delegates -- down -- and the teacher and a couple camps to get me out of a jam. Or -- -- -- -- yeah. Yeah -- I'm baloney point miles of silencing. But but seriously I do have the utmost respect for the police and and I know it's a very tough job and we could be in trouble without as the -- police offices but a perfect absolutely not. Does that mean some racist apps are not racists there are none are absolutely not. But you know talking about this Ferguson thing I get a text referring to -- captain black. And it says ask uncle Thomas -- honestly can dismiss the added of effective trade on -- Which had -- -- the police officer the strangling in New York history itself. And the killing and Ferguson obviously perception of large black men is that they are dangerous and are -- to handle with deadly force obviously in capital letters. Lest you be killed harmed by them what's the fuss well for herself we don't even know what happened and Ferguson yet and that. Brings me to my next question which years. Did this start as a legitimate issue and now has it become an exercise and extortion because I would lean toward. The exercise and extortion where you better indict this guy out is if you don't. We are gonna raise hell and Spike Lee says you know what I hope with a quote here. I just hope that things will really blow up of the people aren't happy with the verdict of this upcoming trial. And I think it's gonna begin with that with the grand jury and obviously if they don't decide to indict her maybe maybe doesn't understand processors presuming that. There's not to be a trial at the grand jury doesn't indicting. And I don't think. That politics -- enter into what happens in the courtroom base that on facts tell me what you think when we come back under the W. I Tommy Tucker phone lines are jammed talking about Spike Lee comments and is -- Warren black males it. If but things he wants things to really blow up he hopes that things early blow up of the people aren't happy. With the verdict of the upcoming trial and burgers and you get a veteran LAPD cops and you know the only trouble. You don't get amazed Hillary hit with the bids on. Or pepper sprayed or any of those things do what do police officer tells you to do don't argue. And we're asking you take on all of that -- any other question I have about Ferguson is did this start is a legitimate issue legitimate concern. And and change into extortion where you better do what we want. Regardless of the facts are all hell's gonna break lose Ryan -- these things. On the morning your under the W well. But we learned a good paying any. A lot to digest what. He's from my perspective from two New York American I have to point aren't suited to detection just grid. You know market choking black person could only black people used the term on top to you know beat this guy who described cap and black work. I think we're in denial you know a lot of black people are in denial. And I don't -- particularly if you wore all black men the only war he used to open -- -- were -- and obstacles. Weighed more than police are truly liked him. So I mean guy and now I'm in an issue with not being addressed. All it took questions or you know or a person of another reason. To kill black man. For people so it would be -- on split on who bought the children that go on in the world and Chicago literally in New York you know checks and Leonid. People black people in Cuba the black black people more than. You don't nobody wants to address the issue. Yeah but he talks about the wrongful shooting a Michael Brown I don't know if it was not Nolan does do but couldn't. And reserve judgment Mike. The old old old gone and so are jumping to conclusions. Could affect a -- Do -- message to north American political opinion a -- -- -- -- what happens -- but -- you know denial forming an opinion of the top. Was unjustified and you know he needs to be punished for. If you walked in you know that that's the verdict replicate people can -- people -- jumping to conclusions. He notes and people need to take -- you can -- to be emotional equation just look at the facts and wait for the practicable. Ryan if if you just for political pressure or. Decayed into extortion you don't want all celebrate -- you send police officer to jail for something he didn't do that to me uses wrong. A police are shooting guidance that is stanza. And don't really all I'm actually at the police you know art you know on corrupt or not they're not -- you know there. Some you know they've made tidbit did you actually issued and went to -- I'm delighted -- -- -- Legacy that I don't think it's it's bigger problem -- people became adults could be because orchestrated this will be more efficient and a black community that need to be addressed. Before we get to police. You know brutality and violence to be important -- complicated -- known each other waited more than that. You selling your -- thinks things out -- as you want questions over let me let you go. A police officer sat -- I presume you -- duty tells you to do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Again and look around time right when only ask you is if for whatever reason. You get out ban officer and he system using new and throwing you to the ground for something you didn't do -- pepper -- and are you going to file a complaint are you think in. And making any justice -- element do his thing of the rest of the police apartment. Also. Didn't graduate from Purdue and me not only welcomed -- attitude is supposed to work. Brian I'm glad you called albeit very dale -- different again but -- Make you even at 752 of you on hold hang out a guilty as soon as we possibly can you don't Belushi plays 752 time -- traffic delegates Harold Robbins. I Johnny Tucker data WL it is times like this that I wish we didn't have news not panel of the news but I got. Phone lines jammed delegates everybody as quickly as I can't. Big game Jermaine just say you know -- about two and a half minutes. And what you do. You know work OK my social. Issue with. Partly. Partly agree what would. Spike reached the article on. About the people. Home screen open about the verdict is just an apple is not the right. Probably Heidi you know with the right verdict is big -- me. We got to get ahead an indictment offers a year saying no matter what happens this grand jury should -- no matter what the evidence ship. That's not a complaint comes in -- let's get -- a sport that I'm not exactly. -- little -- is it the next don't go along with what you're pregnancy -- and play some part not what comes out. -- -- -- -- -- -- Pointing his -- on the that you shield them you know can you. And didn't want to -- people that are. Well let me just say it is. What I would immediately do if I was a defense attorney -- say first of these are two different people. Secondly this is an office -- hang on hang minimum amount leads a low over the NAFTA in the UC -- finished. I would say first of these are two different peoples so you can't say that all people of the same. You can't say -- white police officers are the same just like you can't say all black men are the same canyon. So -- and then the other thing I would say is this. Darren Wilson and the officer that shot Michael Brown. Had not been subjected to a week of stress like this officer had with the not I'm not saying. That what the guys said was right or anything else understand it's a different set of circumstances will come back the big game Jermaine and all -- Wanna hear jet say stay on hold listen avenues dubbed W.

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