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8-21 8:10am Tommy, race, police, and Ferguson

Aug 21, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about Spike Lee's comments that there's a war on black males

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I get a text David that says why is nobody discussing the injuries that the officer received and I've not seen a lot of this Fox News or at least officially. -- medical reports Fox News reports a recording are -- wearing -- high placed source. That he suffered the officer did severe facial injuries including an eye socket fracture it was nearly beaten unconscious. By brown moments before firing his gun and mention that because there are two sides to every story some people texting insanity sides and the truth. I honestly do believe that's right now I don't think it's necessarily because people lie I think it's does. Things happen so fast you go back to an automobile accident that you may have had used up this have been -- that happen and I think -- there's a video you find out that. Everybody remembers it differently you know we're. Lasers in the video and -- you've probably picked up on this. Ongoing discussion about whether the cops need to have these so called chest cameras. Well I think definitely I don't even ask I can tell a story jobs if you look at Sheldon help with the name the musician well known and but it. -- Allen and we had him in studio I write yes and even that there was some isn't it yeah everybody had cameras on you couldn't you couldn't match it up NC win this woman doesn't comfort that when what I am all for that I think it would help them I think at some of the best money they could spend. Big game -- -- -- let me wrap it up with you and and we get a whole bunch of callers waiting so I asked you before. Game I think before we went to the break you said -- you know the officer with the hand -- gone and assault type weapon. If you. This I am gonna happen to you I think assembly -- innocent Bernanke says how's it different I think from there and miles and I gave you my opinion just to refresh the audience. Your point is -- you're saying that Spike Lee is correct to an extent when he says there should be. The -- should blow up. Think all of these things will really blow up he hopes if that weren't happy with the verdict of the. And the company went on screen here the people -- -- to cruel tricks. Group August oh what every month shares. This is still America. You know we still have the -- commitment and what what group. And Jermaine what did you say where I am honest. If the police tell people that you can't peacefully. Gather congregate peacefully now on congregating gather in protest company goes on. We are in deep trouble in this country -- I care if you like like green whatever. People were unspeakable all those vehicles with a mind state. All so mostly and the economy would never. We'll be able to understand why don't come -- -- Christian. And I totally agree that that level walked into martial. I didn't come -- group. You know and I didn't have to. You know what people think his opponent -- -- greens which are filed a complaint complaint after complaint and no one. Include. -- -- -- -- -- -- But that was a bad police department and they were operated under consent decree just like new loans is now in Philadelphia says. Optional that's all shall put his apartment and little. That don't reflect the community and we -- for this module. Up 20000 residents in the city. Already. -- police suspect. Could you -- you know to put. More people in the community. Like the community. Will be able to. More. In the world they'll respect now somewhat children all the time that respect it. Most helpful thing in the world and productive get stay in -- get respect shall look. The police -- give respect to the community and ought to respect. Big game to question or two questions first off do you want the best officer available or do you want. Does it all come down to race where they -- near the community. I want the best all so available for. Do not I do not like all the oh which corrections that they put on oh UK you know because of fish can't be an -- because of their. Everybody -- meet you full instructions. Are pretty sure that's something that you that you're not. Out of well. You know how to promote that he appealed to -- check which is that you on the radio beat when you were -- But big game here's the deal there are things I wouldn't went out on a radio that I shouldn't have done. I'm actually kind of problem I'm just didn't look let me ask your quick. A bomb when it comes to. Your comment about the police officers about Darren Wilson. And then the officer last night. Can you really say those two of the same are you -- profiling just like a bad police officer would do with all black people. Well you know what it is difficult for the mind state of the all and I don't think it does because and I can say is the mindset -- a black man. Did it -- -- market -- the company you know what it is. Like it is you don't want. -- -- -- People you know they're only one cause trouble -- -- Should. So -- 801 or two people should every bed each and every police officer at -- suffer for the bad ones. And don't mention what was your question. -- -- -- Who understand. Average man on -- street they're not -- they -- at a critical. I agree on that big game terrain and I quote. I got a bunch of calls got to move on I'm glad you called I know you'll call back more calls hang on. When we come back Tommy Tucker -- W I Tommy Tucker would be game Jermaine was talking about earlier in case you don't know when I'm getting some tax on this so I'll explain it. There's police officer not from Ferguson from but from a surrounding area they came and they help. He pointed. Likening her fifteen and and exactly what -- it was that a protestor. A peaceful protesters it's reported after a verbal exchange. And Ana county police sergeant came over and -- lower your weapon. And the officers and I will blinking killing you that was captured on video. And I I don't know that is beginning Jermaine said you can make a correlation to that any officer who shot Michael Brown Darren Wilson because. That was before any trouble had happened so I think if he gonna go to a mindset it does change after. All of the the the rioting and looting and peaceful protest. Every just tuning and welcome -- Spike Lee in an op Ed piece said that there's a war on the black male in this country and and that. If the results of the trial and -- Nazis skip and grand jury process and saying that there. There should be a trial he says I hope that things will really blow up if the people aren't happy with the verdict. And it brings up the question of is did this start is a -- legitimate concern over an officer involved shooting. And a dead suspect and then turn into extortion where you better do what we tell you to do -- Oh what we want done or else targets near the town apart again and I think just my opinion that. Railroading an innocent police officer -- just an officer involved in the justified shooting. Just to appease the community is as bad as if the other side of the story is true and and an officer shot and killed somebody for not doing any thing. Kevin New Orleans high -- got a W out the morning. Say good morning you don't need to think. -- There's column about the also that you had on them early. And you made a comment that you know you really need to look in the mirror at some. Or wait and let me clear that up to before you go on Kevin it was a an op Ed piece written by his seventeen year veteran of the LA police department he says. If you don't get hurt don't challenges and that a lot of victims of police violence if they're looking for somebody to blame they need to look in the new year so that's that's out. Yes I got there and and but but it comment also on deck and look like a lot of office and I think it's certain areas like in the long. With -- consent decree. Water is desperately needed that for the citizens because you so of -- RPG. People come out -- key. Constant -- and Cuban. So there you go you go announced trying to get an answer this have any other day which is. The phrase culture of the NO PD which is often use what -- don't think the culture of the NO PD is. -- well it is. There is it passed and president because the consent -- is making -- difference IQ IQ from that they've they've thrown down hole below the culture. Well the culture it was the most brutal police force in the country adept and one -- we what we went up and not want corruption. When the tournament that's problematic to file a complaint the government and law and be well on he's 28 I'm forty. We musicals. And make a complaint on a police it would never document or eutectic two of them and luck. Cook who killed we're all over the Ottawa and sort of police beat out. We grew up and -- it complain the police about it resorted. To shield the beaten. So their complaint -- went out port decree because when -- report aren't all our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that he goes to. Are turning out double hernia pop prosecutor Mike McMahon. Law also say yet fifty -- under indictment -- pretty easily prosecuted people went on three months. In and -- -- our country. Up distribution. Chipping. And things of actual. What the problem that thing we take back Katrina. Villa officers from taxes and bad will it actually kept the again the police department which. Will be. What feature are you really can't nothing New Jersey to the bid and ask your quick so we got it got to take the break here in. Did so you think all of that affects the way people react when their pulled over by police officer. They have certain beat them come pick up you know a lot of them have been aboard the terms -- doing nothing in what my. And intact and that's been you know call at feet down a while much heed the call YouTube in a documentary. Argued -- Yet so yeah gimme -- around Milan okay well our outlook live or not. Not to fall from -- district was -- area but this development are bad and the PGA. On arming people to put injured. So in my France would lose that Japan -- without the woman and where we know it got stopped -- -- let's outlaw the on the tail chopped patent and in the and I how to project. -- -- property that would but it one thing we want to -- the police. You get to know what you. Were pretty cannot search my call I'm not even McCormack -- all right they don't start but things. An -- with a built in again like the -- thing. What was by. Factories. Okay I'll folly and what that nobody needs are -- Could smuggle out there protesters. And somebody multiple -- into the windows. Ninety and do the right thing she might get her you do -- that the peaceful protests. It's not he's been out there that's out there alive. That's -- that -- name and we -- and and you would think we let them particular area that fit. We all think it in the -- Kevin and I think held -- you are. -- -- -- Kevin's gonna want this team. And to wrap up -- wanted to get a taxi Tommy a black employee of mine told me about something called getting your cart to cost. That's in the cup's not be for whatever reason they decide sale lights out on your played into the contents of your car on the street when they're finished the of the pleasure but -- stuff. They -- beckons street back in the economy times that have to happen before you develop an extreme distaste for police and guest. But the officer with LO LAPD is saying now resist -- the -- do and a follow up with. The complaint procedure but I can also see like big game Jermaine said. That I've never been -- like to colleges now said. -- driving along with my family and I get pulled over numbers in the -- a criminal and lay down on the street and everything else where that could affect. My perception a 26 more calls we come back right now time for -- WL. Traffic into that would get a Terrell Robinson and for the eight crowd -- thirty crowd just arriving welcome happy Thursday in and we're talking about a couple of op Ed pieces Spike Lee. Says that there's a war on black males in America he wants general on a -- we know him from Katrina and the other hero Ferguson Missouri. -- when people get to a point to the tipping point that they can't take it anymore and not sane people should burned down stuff. Ryan and Lou I mean when I used the word ride I'm gonna use the word up rising. And it says I hope that things won't really blow up -- the people aren't happy with the verdict of the upcoming trial happily resent that. Well to me David that goes back to the question. As -- is legitimate issue for some become an exercise and extortion which I think adds. Where if you aren't we don't give us what we perceived to be justice. Well then all -- to break lose any got to cop seventeen years LAPD sand. You know like -- you wanna blame somebody if your victim of police aren't blame yourself look into the mirror. He says -- I'm a cop if you don't get hurt don't challenge me. The only get shot taste pepper sprayed struck with a -- on her -- -- the ground. Just do what I -- you don't argue -- -- you know coming games -- and it was -- years that. If you look at. If you wanna start with the premise of a war on black males and you look at the response. Of black males and a perception of them to all police officers. And then you look at police officers who perhaps profile. People that are black I think you're talking about the same behavior on both sides I think. One's as bad as the other better how does this cycle end. Guide -- because you profiling everybody this always -- from a suburban Saint Louis. Police department you know been there for days on how long he's been there but it is certainly. Different situation then it's just a normal whatever Davis was of the Michael Brown shooting day of the week. Now all of a sudden does this event happens. And what was it did that. You know forget like lines at dale or railroad tracks at some point an inning inner sank what is it that led Michael brown and -- Wilson. Did two happened upon each other and and what happened from the. Yeah and and what now were really it's just within the last 24 hours hearing about. Substantial. Injuries to the officer. And -- wasn't news before. Now so you know we'll see ideas aren't I don't know I don't know how you if you want justice you can say you want justice based on what your perception of ideas. So the F yet the truss system and -- ready jaguar opinion polls speaking out that. Says it yourself by the police -- -- you shut up and do with the officer tells you to do. 89% are saying yes percent are saying no and I would like to know what. The breakdown that is the either by race or gender or gender -- applause thanks. Only good morning for holding your debit WL. Palin. On -- He didn't tell me what's going on. Aren't there. Canyon again has been. I was currently that he is patently late at night and -- -- -- policeman and he was for a beyond. The other set -- in mind and come back and I say yeah I am. Any and it gains at the time memo until I felt like Dan. Really -- -- offices are that that the big uniformed. That. I'll tell you this I don't know anything about the circumstances involved but if that happened just like that yet. The offices said am I gonna have to call back up. And year ex husband said yes then at that point. I think what he said is I'm gonna do I'm gonna challenge you -- Agassi -- top three years etc. that are. And I think the officer's right to take whatever action has suited to protect himself -- -- did he pursue any charges against police or complain. All of them now you need it in the wrong. Got you bloody do that was he was he drunk that a guy just have a bad attitude. Did it on I think -- Asian. Aggravated haven't you know been pulled -- -- that. Evening got arrested or anything like -- And presenter on he was -- -- and Ernie. Just Tuesday smacked him a couple of times and let him go. -- again and you know get to a another consideration of that probably better than being dragged to legal process into the appreciated. That's not so thank him lady called team. To Aaronson home I hate -- your under the W good morning. Well. The comment by. Two. You. -- -- you know. -- -- Baker you know some suggestion. And I'm -- where certain -- I believe. Follow and -- and it there are and an eight. All of. At the wrong -- -- -- -- on on the. What and and that is part. -- that and then in their. Home. By you know you know. You know as a follow. It follow. That. -- -- damaged and you. Mine are signed it -- did you view and so. And I'm Obama. You the you haven't gone well and broaden. Our -- know. Well it used. (%expletive) they're all it. Ought oh I'd keep it nine U. An -- -- my feet. You know -- A situation and and and job. And community certain. You know that you don't want you oh and turn. -- police or in terms of the -- fellow citizens. -- So you know as I'm. In your pocket or don't you know -- -- You know sold -- the these are. Certain element. So you will get that 45 minutes up. To be kept safe from drug dealers or. Whatever other bad element you tuchman. Perhaps -- winner and you know 000. And. And now -- talk about. The reason he won't. Job -- -- you buy it. There were all wrong partner what's going. -- let's say. Ought to be. And who. Not by -- and where are. You. Well -- But. And -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I appreciate cult were run and Whaley thank you so much -- Maryland has been only a long time. He's got a strong opinion about police officers and traffic stops we'll get to him next and everybody else when we come back under the WL. I Tommy Tucker next hour we'll continue this conversation will also talk about something that as -- -- in the country by storm and I think will define. The summer of -- fourteen when we look back on and -- -- in the morning thank you for your patience you are now on debit WL. Shell. I'm not been dubbed it global -- Obama. -- -- Everybody's welcome to go to hell would you wanna say again. Well mark what I would. I have been out. On top of practice. Long. Ball -- on the top but -- -- Between two and 2000. Whole war in 2000. And ma I've been so. We want. To stop. McCaw. I've been in -- -- an option while he was involved. Both Jews botched war that's hot button. -- proportional forward. Com in new gluten and it sure there. Do you stop it and can you won't change won't won't walk. In -- would that change. And employment. And why didn't execute well coach. -- -- Opted. Out of school that you folks in law who will almost on the other folks so polluted the on the topic. That. There. Are far more -- -- -- -- Now you can -- yeah industry. Not just what possible. And all that went along. -- On the kitchen. Model at all. Call my bra and -- war. And that. Age. Clearly you don't want you camped on a police officer and. Well you can't let that situation. In that situation won't do that one yet. Because. Under the car what. You have this problem and bought. The project. -- -- in control what somebody is supposed to do. When they get -- you -- here's my thing where I would disagree with he can. The egg on a second years that if your police officers and some stops a police officer stops you. If you put your hands on him or her don't be surprised needed shot because -- person they're gonna do is make sure that you don't get that weapon away from them. That the armed they -- walked one while I'm not -- gotten. That's why it is that -- go to graduate -- to you -- -- achieve edgy. Just didn't pit stop. And Jews bobbled. But if you don't use you says he took it to join Michael Brown -- -- to -- if if Michael Brown started. Probably well if that happened do you think it's a justified shooting. I'll look and you can bet there won't in the long. No I don't think you can justify you. Not at that thank you cannot. Police you. I appreciate the call that's an it is in question from camp I think. You know I think if you put your hands up police officers -- -- get whatever is commentary because you got to the police officers protect themselves be it. Man or woman from happening gun taken away in used on them. 855 time limit traffic and that would get a Terrell Robinson. I Tommy Tucker Ken says you know if you if you put your hands on a police officer and Michael Brown diseases took it to. Darren Wilson we're hearing about some injuries that there and Wilson at the officer that shot Michael Brown. That the police officer doesn't have to shoot that there are other ways you tell me at a police officer for you put your hands on a cop you deserve what ever comes to Ian.

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