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8-21 9:10am Tommy, ALS ice bucket challenge

Aug 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jamie Craig, with the ALSA Louisiana/Mississippi Chapter, and Clare Durrett, of Team Gleason, about ALS and how the ice bucket challenge works

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David if I was detailed use there would be something that would increase. Revenue from forty wealth from two point one million dollars of 41. Point eight million premiered a year you'd think there'd be a pretty good thing when I could be an investment I'd like to know about well that's exactly. And it's not really. Revenue for profit thing it's for. Resurgent ALS this ice bucket channel. Or it's just -- increase has increased donations from two point one. A million at this time last year same time period. And two of 41 point eight billion dollars is just phenomenal and I think if you if you and look at what defines the summer of two when he fourteen it's definitely in RD. The ice budget challenge at a -- conversation going with police force and but -- racial profiling and so and some other things and and if a police officer. Is attacked by somebody they have the right to use the ultimate force and defend themselves but want to take a look at a time and talk about this ice -- challenge because it seems like. Everybody's you wanted everybody knows all of it but they don't know how about it so much and how it goes from. Get in a dump and a bucket of ice water dump on dump Dona. To generating money to help -- rail lesson we welcome in. -- do read who -- with teen Gleason. And also Jenny Craig the director of development and community relations for the Dallas association the Louisiana. Mississippi champ -- good morning and welcome. Good morning. Com Jamie let me start with view and this whole ice bucket challenge what what is the origins of this. How does it work and why do you think it has struck such a chord with people and -- and why it is. Just going crazy in the country. -- -- I I believe it's started to win. And a group that wanted to raise money for various charities that side as an opportunity. You put something out there. And social media that get people to become more aware of whatever their consulate in Denny's Q it it. The analyst community is pretty passionate. And there is that a young and up in Boston. -- in the Massachusetts. And has been at peace treaties you flipping it Eilat. And I believe that he -- the senior that the great upper teens to raise awareness for the Philippines. And a group that his friend started doing it and it went viral threatening. And and I did you know -- and a bucket of ice water on somebody but how does that. Go from in change it from two point one million dollars in donations of forty something 41 point eight million same timeframe muted here. Well I've I've really make it because. -- -- a lot of the people -- Eric Mangini have been waiting for we've been waiting for people to talk about it then. I think -- -- me it is that powerful people have the chance to pretend that out there in shares like that there are life. Anyone as a connection to the Philippines is definitely encouraging and pushing it. And and that's pushing it in key groups of people in -- not knowing anything about it before I think it's just something to happen on and yet I think it's. Incredible that people wanted to start talking about it and everybody's kind of making -- patent. Among be honest with Jamie at gang. Because I try to be completely honest with the listeners IR LII saw this and I knew of it. And I thought well look at its minor bodies dumped in a bucket of ice water on each other. And did there you know the generating some buzz for themselves on social media that. In addition new building awareness of and it's one thing and all about a -- about when your money where your mouth is so I look into it. And that's when I found that the donations. Astronomically. Increased so what is it about the process how does it work I guess I'm talking about the mechanics of it where you go from get nice water dumped on you were challenging somebody else to do and actually writing -- -- -- President Bush yesterday -- Is challenge was he was and it's hardly presidential get a bucket of ice water dumped on your -- I'm just gonna write a check in -- and he's writing the check. And Laura Bush dumps about a bucket of water on his dad but how does that turn into money I -- -- amassed in any. And it being questioned and I was very skeptical I first learned about -- challenge Monday you to learn to how does it -- of money. It was not that -- -- -- that the time -- suggested making me as a primary vehicle and it said that's not. And aware. And and NAFTA by -- and down but and it's pretty simple and you've recorded belt dumping a packet of I -- ahead -- China's government -- does it for you. I mean has -- on social media. And with that pass -- I expected challenge. On the challenge of friends and packed and cute dump water on there and I mean ten dollars. Keep -- charity of their actually if they don't accept the challenge you ask them to donate a hundred dollars. And I mean at the can theme by the amount of money that's been -- for the -- fifty cents. The majority of people making it any actions and they're donating more than ten dollars. And when you ask -- To give to something important let people just wanna be at hand and that's. At the biggest key to fund raising relieved to -- -- and killing people. See someone being oh on base that -- Twitter doing something and sharing why it's important to -- that -- hardest -- -- island in the Q. Which brings us declared to read in terms of charities that you donate to with teen police and Steve place and did his. Naked and Drew Brees and all three of the other saints quarterbacks jumped in the tubs of -- We saw on Internet pre season game the other night Claire did tell us about the first off how is Steve's condition currently. I eat really well on here tracheotomy recently and that is allowing him -- -- -- more -- It really elegant dark black. For another week and -- and we can as fast as we get it well. Right so in terms of contributions. To team police and I I'm guessing that you can designate. If you do the challenge you can designate your even if you don't you can designate your contributions to team Gleason. Sure yet and we are actually that dramatically increased. Julie. Probably all which nowhere nowhere near as -- yeah getting that. We've definitely seen an entry regarding the money because it. I'd so what it would when you don't need to team Gleason what exactly. Are you donating to and -- the money and abuse. Yeah we have three core mission. Is to provide leading edge technology for people I was able after neurological. It is our injuries. And what that means. -- -- -- -- Eight establishment by communicating. So a lot of people people -- technology. -- crack. And that Palin -- a really good job a pillow under our that is that we. Despite more people in charge. -- -- sweeping changes to Medicare now some people don't. Actually in all I can identify where they'll be able to act as well. Our request -- they like it had -- dramatically. And that money will be the ticket you. Dual a lot of eventually. Try to grow the conversation -- -- ill -- package -- certainly. Kick start that temple. And what that will be able. To help research and that we -- -- about the dangers are people they'll actually beauty and -- and let galactic is the. -- so you you video yourself with the bucket of ice water gone over your head and you needed during the video you challenge people correct. And then from there you write a check in and tell me in terms of -- -- -- actually get the money to -- please. Like all organizations we have at -- not organized to donate button and you can cheat to donate to -- -- get into our -- -- -- again. Got you in -- same thing with -- AL lesser god how would you if you -- designate designate your money there. Adequately our our web site is Debbie Debbie Debbie got a row and me. Al -- -- and got or. And for payless is that patiently in the Mississippi chapter we're working with people living in the big east this season as states. And at the same thing you can designate exactly where he would like Yemeni look at. I presume both have you ladies ever had a a bucket of ice water dumped over year and why. -- I thank you so much for your time and I think I mean do this later all those standing out in the heat today get in the bucket of ice water I'd note that much of -- -- An accomplishment and might be awhile. It is it's shocking that our. And then they'll I think you should give it to do it. I thank you both we appreciate you time to let -- -- direct with team Gleason and Jamie Craig. The director of development and community relations for the EA LS association Louisiana Mississippi chapter so we're gonna continue our conversation about. Some spike Lee's comments some of the former police officer's comments is it relates to Ferguson and do you think meniscus in an attorney that cult is right before the break. That if you put your hands on a police officer. That he handler she has the right to respond. It during the time of the threat would went with whatever it takes including shooting new. To keep you from get no weapon I can I think so I think if you put your hands on a police officer all bets. Are off now you know obvious fury. Five foot 85 pound 95 year old woman 95 year old woman. And a police officer knows you're really not a physical threat will obviously I think it's something different. The agony column also like to talk to you if you took the ice -- challenge how did you do it. Dude dude what made you decide to do it and are you glad that you did. So I'd like to hear the specifics of it because actually we can't shoot the video 'cause -- on radio and people you challenged -- respond to it. Or did they just ignore you nine Tony Tommy Tucker David minister Washington's -- -- -- else hang on we'll be right back on WWL. I -- going time Tommy Tucker talking about the Michael Brown incidents likely writing -- op Ed he's saying that. You know what if the verdict doesn't go the way the people of Ferguson wanted to go. -- -- of this to be at trial yet that he said he hopes that things will really below op. And you we won't even he says people get to appoint the tipping point they can't take it anymore. He says they shouldn't burned down stuff Brian and -- They don't even use a word ride he's gonna use the word -- rising. As I don't think you should be killed in this country because allegedly used Nielsen's guerrillas I don't think you should be killed. If there's marijuana in your system. And as a veteran cop -- wrote an op Ed piece. In the Washington Post saying you know what you if -- victim of police violence and you wanna know why it happened in the Mir. Says comic topic you don't wanna get -- don't challenge me. The only get shot -- pepper sprayed struck for the but on a throne of the ground just do what I Terri did do. And then there was an attorney that -- is right before the top of the hour. -- said well you know even though this officer Darren Wilson had a fractured eye socket had some bruises. -- enacting the phrase he used was Michael Brown. Took it to him. And that the officers shouldn't have shot. And I just think if you put your hands on a police officer. And -- of any threat to him or her at all. In terms of overpowering them I think you get what you get. The India that at all because I think gives. If you have people beaten up police officers -- it with without any threat or maybe taken their guns from a NAND. The whole thing becomes a joke and we have no law or order but that's just my opinion what do you think Sean and Harry and I here and a W well. -- valued the good. Luck along the stated I don't think it's under the me and so I mean if players. Because simply it's. And to me it's like -- And its citizens. This is preaching he told so the lull soldiers were. This is important. Could hardly get the journal I've been. And he told him. The contingent ladies and do honest moment scheduled to and people. Stocks billion dollar line Abdul that they that'll. Keep so that you -- people. Trying to go yeah local and Barack Obama probably will. You'll ever get it dead. Which legal fight with them which we should be looking. If you will we measure finished and its. -- -- -- When you look at what happened in Ferguson do you think somehow it's more ground. Hit -- it. He shoots is somehow extortion now where among others say you know and select. This this is a indication is an indication of what can happen if we don't get what we want him and want our perception of justice meaning. This police officer goes to jail. I think it is that they didn't have pointed. But Google has saved me -- chooses to do you guys. Bogeys and I don't know -- and indeed as you probably do you have more information. I know one thing that if you do which -- And I think that the cup I don't think that you this bill or. Whatever and as far as -- trying to stop you. If you shot yeah you don't I'd be lucky if you do. It's unfortunate but boy you would not supposed to fulfilling The Who enforces them but keep it civil -- the record I didn't. And maybe the other way to put it is secure police officer and for whatever reason somebody gets the advantage on you and AR if you wanna say put it on you. -- your behind however you wanna say it. You carry -- nine you can't let them take their gun and and I think if he got to use it you gotta use admit whether it's just the decider now. Then I agree -- so -- it doesn't matter. What color is. Due to us immediately in the law to -- to protect us we tape -- it -- so. You'll just do you -- you know the -- have -- -- unfortunate legacy and its allies but you also. Well well well approaching off. Trouble at that the -- if the corruption. The one who do in the enforcement. So that people who will be has stopped despise it and yet there it is guys in and actually that innate feel like okay ease some and so. He's got now the issue did stop its its like that it's. Colored -- talking. Gillick -- apocalypse here. On I think it is I really do I think if you're a police officer and you think that every black guy you pull over is a drug dealers gonna give you trouble. That's wrong but I think it's equally as strong to presume. That every police officers ask you because you're black. -- -- appreciated John I'm I'm glad you took the time no hold on I'd like take your call to. When we come back into six 187 Neitzel 386 exit 890878. And when it comes of Ferguson did did has somehow that changed. From. Pursuing a legitimate question into extortion because I think it's approaching extortion now where. In essence the crowd not collectively put through their actions individually. And it's like -- don't indict this officer if you don't prosecute to the fullest extent as the governor's said he wanted it I think to placate the crowd and if you if you did to keep the peace which to me again as caving to extortion and if if the if there's not a verdict like we want look out for what's gonna happen and I don't think that's justice and ironically. That's from a crowd. That's out there are saying they want justices were they only went justices my opinion. In terms of what they perceive that to be 931 time for. -- and isn't that we go to David play tell you David united take any ice bucket challenge at 10 o'clock when we get off so I hope you brought extra Clark you just haven't thrown out AM. Yeah. And I had to be good outlook also -- Jack and I got there you see there you -- that's how it works out. Thank you David Blake 935. Were continuing a discussion about. Police offices I get -- and and spike Lee's comments a police officers op Ed piece in the Washington Post saying you know what. The only trouble from us don't give us any trouble you would we tell you to do and if you don't think you were treated fairly pursuant later. And some of the text imminent on a a police are not police officer and attorney right before the that's out of the hours and you know wants a Michael Brown put put it on him I think is a phrase he used about Darrin walls and a police officer but he. -- and any right to shoot. And I think uses the opposite I appreciate everybody's opinions but I think if you put your hands on a police officer and you threaten them. -- that don't be surprised if you get shot. That to me just seems. Obvious Texans and I do you think an officer's right to use what ever foresee deems necessary. Suburb persons known for his weapon however I'm positive that. One shot is plenty of the officer decided to use is -- as -- force the -- is still has a job after this I have. Lost what little confidence I had in the system you see again I think it goes of people don't have a lot of gun experience at talk about when you don't have to. He had -- shoot somebody in the chest near the head went on to ages. Some lunch you shoot them in any and they hander wanted to you shoot the gun in hand and that's not the way it works. Another text here before we go back to the calls I'm a female police officer and I've dealt with some large individuals. If I were up against a large guy and it came down to it I would use deadly force if need be. Adding the ultimate question here is. Do you have to respect that uniform and that badge and ending gun that comes with -- beyond everything else would you like the individual it's wearing it. Or not David Marrero good morning -- on -- WL thanks for calling. Very good -- it's up. But you know two just respect from both sides. I'll. Later in life -- to Booker they have an academy gave -- outlook police were. And it is old as the deal and a white male in my younger days are -- aren't we apple were different things. And we will start Peter aegis respect. The policeman he be repaired -- -- -- And I'm telling you -- from both sides of greater light blue uniform more. It it's it's it's totally different I mean you -- so -- -- police officer now. Yeah okay. -- it and it is to keep seeing. You've got to treat everybody respects you got it I mean that you. That's so light here in you know -- across our air I mean that's the way it goes well. You that you talked about Spike Lee put in all likelihood I'll change. How -- we've been calling him and an officer. Are yours I let me ask questions here from -- like to address those like yank. What does officer did is completely excessive one shot would have been planning. But this officer chose to shoot him enough to take his life no excuse for the amount of times the officer shot him. None I do you know what this kind of officer protecting me we should be protected from offices like him. None of us know what happened when Darren Wilson and Michael Brown. But generally speaking in terms of police work. Did business text or have any point in all the the only only she's somebody one time. No because when. What when you what you mean you -- to stop the threat and we're know we're not trained to just she won one time it solely. It would it would stop to -- From everything around here and I don't know the old glory years but I'm here and so anyway and caller and that's what -- shot this short. He did also say it seemed like that about it vehicle. Such walked away in double back to him. At that point he's still a threat so. Correct. That's what you get out of state -- you briefly in doesn't really matter. I let let me ask you this -- and this goes to. Again. Nobody knows I think you know we'll hear things the witnesses that are credible witnesses that are not credible. About what happened autopsy reports that really are inconclusive because it could have happened this way it could have happened that way but. A lot of text is a common thread here's seems to be -- why why did the officer had to uses -- mica knew if used pepper spray or a taste. And I presume that the officer had both I don't even of that. I don't know yet jays are not really don't know yet real. I don't know the right a left handed if you write and sit in this caller -- weapons is a waste from the Arctic trying to keep to it. Dictate that would be elapsed so -- no way -- Tickets due to stay there all you -- being a big panel properties so -- probably the only thing you could -- about what is is. It is is. It's -- and and I expect you're -- at the grant and -- and he's an all right I mean he is that if that the Belgium and came out of it or we're trying to have -- -- radius of say he's so anybody -- with -- default quick rate it's not very old. You have to be on alert you gotta be -- Which makes me think -- something Nelson again we don't know but. It did the officer do something wrong procedurally and I'm talking about. You we're not -- morally here I'm not talking morally at this point ethically. It is murder anything -- down the criminally and -- -- about in terms of procedure. Did he set himself up for trouble in. The the way that he approached from over here and Michael Brown nor like retirement at four foot radius putting himself in a vulnerable position. Well I don't total score but I mean if you get somebody. Children -- caller. Well be welcomed then nobody really opened in front of those vehicles that very thing they want -- in the back on cage. One -- fortunate that actually mean it was. And his full rights as an -- officer to do what you needed to do it like it. I would I'd be willing to say right handed. Shooter an -- -- -- apple on the right -- further away from that gentleman and that's probably the first thing. He -- it. Paraguay Uruguay would. If Michael Brown reached inside of the car how why would an officer even put himself in a position in the first place -- yet. Yeah I mean would you release stop and roll your window down and I mean we wouldn't do that does civilian wouldn't do that with with anybody. Close of proximity or put herself -- that disadvantage if there's going to be any kind of conflict because. I think when your police officer correct me if I'm wrong but you always have to presume. There's a chance of conflicts so. Would you really put yourself in the position where somebody could reach into the car and and punch here again Nick -- And again I'm not saying that justifies anything Michael Brown did and his trying to go to the procedure of if it happened to like it did like people are saying in terms of Michael Brown reaching into the car would would you ever put yourself in a position. You know you can't say yes and -- but I mean. It is opposite notice they -- this general -- when you roll your window down into muddy you know street. Yeah before really I mean these satellites are echoed back to respect you -- You're not telling them. Respectfully. You don't stop walk all one out walk in our cattle out problem in this respect them. But again -- opened their individual dealing -- -- -- respect for the law there did you. Take the warning it will. I mean that it sort of editorial goes back to respect. Back in my day we knew better than even. Back talk anybody in salt and I'm telling you. On the other -- -- uniform it's totally totally different totally different. You know it it it's great to be able to help and war for the parish which you live and if you did tell. It's it's it's great it's a great feeling but like -- -- if you -- and welcoming -- all guaranteed they'll outlook changes because. There there not a clue -- true ago. I agree with you David and you know and and trying to pick anybody's side ness Michael Brown thing because there aren't good officers there ban officers I think predominately. -- good offices and wanna make a difference in the community. And I think in terms of fear factor whatever you wanna call it. In I see sometimes and his top programs where they pull people over and -- -- -- procedurally that's a mistake nobody really -- the car. I wouldn't just region like that would some money also. We'll talk when we come back to six only seventy till 386 exit 8908 sending -- here for me when we come back under the W. Hi Tommy Tucker -- WL garlands got a an interesting show coming up for he and I think tank that this is fascinating and Oxford professor philosophies says the greatest danger to mankind. Is super intelligent machines. Just like in the terminator movies. Intelligent machines they could see the human race as a threat do you think that is really possible. Is technology advancing so fast that we cannot possibly keep up with. While I'm all about that book. I would mind having a super intelligent machine over appeal Monday. Might not have an attitude might. Its users by Olympic quicker. He's also to talk about after the beheading of an American journalist by ices in Iraq. President Obama says we will not back down from the air strikes against them. But do you think it'll be enough and should we get boots on the ground there once again. If you -- forward before. Are you still for it again. And -- CA's creating a new unit to ensure -- fair conviction in this city. Garland says it sounds like good news but does it begs the question as to what are legal system was. What it was doing to ensure fair and the Asians. Convictions before this. And knew all NCA Leon tennis aero is gonna join Garland during the thing tank. Coming up here on WWL. Minister Washington -- morning -- -- WL thanks for calling. Are there and water. Out there were Diego real Communists are. That -- a part in a country you're from all parts. Not your caller Pete shares down eight and that part but he is the one thing he -- state as how to earn respect people's. Anti -- and -- all there now there as a beautiful and not Michael Brown. That gets at all. At the end and it does lack of America. Now -- new format a miracle part who you -- six to warn you -- Would -- a big problem in such it would just now will not near a police so we will morning. Now when that output it wouldn't -- what is AM they'll edit that part option gave him out -- Like in a round of what is aero and see if he was in front now I agree which you you don't ignore it shall well. Now we are trying to shoot. The -- issue. Air we are trying to issue one or two turner is that such action -- -- our neck. You minister and at least. -- police I guess it's okay so how well. We -- out of the end justice. And respect in order read what you or practical. Got shipped interstate -- in the personal life -- probably due process of the law -- been. To interpret what the unit -- protection of the -- That is the problem is -- constitution has been in outrage net on the fourteenth. -- Got you Minnesota running Kevin real quick who go -- -- go ahead you under the WL. Haven't yet I had a recording please. Yeah outside I have to agree with you on. Yeah it and I was in the police anything but I'd -- calling. Or -- -- offer to. I always. Sure but I and I think the presumption on their part is that if you. You put your hands on them that that's what you do on quick text. The police officers only telling them to get out of the middle of the street. Michael Brown his friend in the store owner were the only ones that -- the strong armed robbery he thought it was going to be arrested. Which is why he was so aggressive and attack the police officer more when we come back Tommy Tucker -- W. I thanks everybody. Diane Newman David Blake Shelton and Jordan and you for listening and we're calling -- for texting garlands coming up got a great thing tang for you starting. The super intelligent machines could be a threat.

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