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8-21-14 11am, Garland, Iraq

Aug 21, 2014|

After the beheading of an American journalist by ISIS in Iraq…President Obama says we will not back down from the airstrikes. Do you think that is enough? Should we get 'boots on the ground' there once again? If you were for it before are you still for it again?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So horror thing good about murdering -- precautions of the murder mystery fall. Photojournalist. Had his head coach at all. In a rock by. It terrorist but terrorists with the bridge accident. Which. It's a little bit something that we haven't seen I don't think at least not from the pool would certainly. Don't show was all in. Foreigners Alder ban. Goes. Arabic descent. Biding its original rock in the pleas to rule on the move les. But. One of the the main thing from -- talk about a President Obama and in some people who -- adminstration. Because this is is what President Obama had to say about the be -- says that shocked the conscience. Of the entire world. And that probably mostly true blood because don't say has no place in the 20% tree. And Colin knowledge they hope to beat a youngster -- doesn't spread. He should we must launch a common effort to extract. This camp. And the secretaries say John Kerry will actually ices. Once it did this Britons and Hutus of that organization. Must be destroyed. In the Angolans. In the world must know that the United States of America will never. Back down the patrons to achieve. Other -- and what that means we should do. -- air strike because. In military men and -- who would you chose air strikes doesn't cut it. So we'll come back and we will talk to military mission with expertise and experience. And try to dig yourself in this city with -- Governor bill because it's nobody's immortal -- re. -- this so forward thinking about street bullies -- Murder could be heading. And by prices and -- And reciprocal Edwards thing good about what President Obama -- some of his minions the president says. We need allies -- help to beat this cancers through that at each -- did says. We're muscle launch a column and that Perdue truck the cancers sector currency John -- -- -- -- must be destroyed. The world most moved in the NC -- or who will never back down. -- -- -- -- Whatever we have the -- of complicated subjects over group Michael and so major mark and -- -- military can. Consultant retired army in future. -- drew welcome back to ensure -- call. So what what happens now what do you use the that we do in order to do beat the cancer extract the cancer. Destroy vices. And never back. Well I think there's multiple things multiple -- the president have to go dad -- sequencing these will be important. And prioritizing of the important I think first and foremost we got to up our air campaign on the ground right now. On the iTunes is confiding trying to conventionally which what they are. They're out in the open in their vehicles and their trucks I think we need to go after them and attack from the trip them down. Take away their ability to wage war as soon as possible immediate start hitting him hard. -- in places we know where -- and and net and so in inflicted many casualties as we can. Because their next step is likely going back into these Iraqi cities and going back to guerrilla tactics. And insurgency which will be much more difficult to defeat them at that point. Do we have any idea at all what the numbers or vices we talked and thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands. We're talking tens of thousands it's not necessarily big number but it's it's. It's tens of -- one at a time and I think that's what makes it challenging it's not. In -- -- -- -- the formation necessarily that it won't be an -- capitulate to. Involved you know surrender let's say in certain situations. So it's it does is -- -- not conventionally. It has at least. But it also has -- conventionally lately because. Of the way it's taken the land and today it hasn't been a -- -- -- that -- could hold it as well. Every military leader we've ever had on when we say. Well we're gonna use airstrikes in the -- yes blood. That that doesn't do the job bid and has huge play each Richard no -- go accomplish your goal would just hurts for a group. Yeah I mean airstrikes will separate. I think -- to keep them from advancing -- winner in the open it's good. That will be good for that it would not allow them. Cute. And it's -- expand their territory but it won't goal back that former border won't necessarily bring Iraq back. Where once was. Yeah at some point you can do you know -- there's no way you can. Bombed -- but he pulled right -- into submission. That got -- between the -- on and get on the ground. And find out what's going on there and I think for example that there's still we have 45 per day. Air campaign we still have to watch over 500000 troops. In order to secure Kuwait back so tense situation here a long air campaign likely is up next and the question and expect to. The ground troops will most certainly mean more Iraqi Security Forces and troops and published. I mean. It's sidebar but I pundit and a fasten -- -- sibor. As we move in the -- and destroy the tanks and humvees and then billions of dollars worth of equipment that's mostly our equipment. Yeah it is is that there are some level taking our our military equipment were paying completely -- extra money to were destroying our equipment. But this is what happens when it falls into the wrong hands. It's given I just a tremendous advantage on the battlefield against Kashmir forces to continue using equipment. Handed out to them by the Iraqis for the past forty years. It's that that -- to bounce in the favor crisis so the air power is being able to go after it into power back in the favor of the test market forces. -- -- -- -- And the lips a little let's go to be in getting more minutes orange police received we can see you in getting. What he'd do with the air strikes and we we've heard them effectively. And they like a loss. Collector the urban centers and hide under the churches and school soon and what are we go back to grow warfare. Well what do we do that. Well it's -- -- back to we know who -- they threatened at that point in time I think. In the worst possible scenario they go back to Syria let's say and and continue to wreak Havoc there. They're closer to certain -- states -- eleven on Jordan. So that that's why the first objective is pleased to destroy as many is that possible. And then to also attack into here right now to keep them from reinforcing. To Blakely Leno put Microsoft ahead I think we should go after they had this -- Albert got the guys industry. Go after you know the head of the snake as well. And try to locate using -- insult to -- to locate well with that individually as -- -- have the same. Christmas protests is the former leader a kind of or you in the former or even -- himself. But I think I think deeper airstrike to this year it kind of took and can constrain them to that locations were what's going to be happening. Wing when I've read things like. Terry saying the world must flew United States of America. We'll never -- -- the patients -- achieve what do you think vices and others around the world saying. Bullets that you wouldn't be -- they'll. And it government did -- while the military to fight a war it was more like holding action saying thing and wrong. Same thing in Afghanistan. The -- the world believe that we've quote would never back down in the pace of Sochi evil. I I think it's a little different I think it -- given what we've seen. You know going into Iraq initially obviously create a lot of problems we have right now if you look back when -- twenty. Vietnam was you know contended. To stop the spread of communism. I think what we've learned from there is that you can only do so much and you might have to contain it but at this point. This is in crisis threatens the United States in the north Vietnamese didn't actually threaten. The United States homeland. They did. Fighting global war within that country I think the lesson for us is we won't get involved on the ground to global war -- forward. But I think that we're now smarts to know what what we can and can't do -- -- on some level. And it -- yeah it'll be important for us to. Send a message of of determinations that we're not gonna stop until we're confident here you're gonna happy threat to us anymore. You know I've talked about the before but I -- point. I've never -- my home slowly crawl into written. Beat somebody will open culture probable cause ago barely standing. And he's you know would you -- -- you can apparently. You go light -- via the back call now. And hold -- you will be a nice -- I don't who Drew Brees and a saints football game going up three put with three touchdowns. In saying you know these these guys who -- hurt their knees the shoulders with the make a living or we back -- now. And I'm almost certain there would think Cold War war war and World War II. Were entire entities were dues towards. In the war and I think there're even reports of women and children being -- -- and they were rebuilt. In the image of the Victor or. Is that just something that the military. Is nobody would love to considering. -- yeah it's all holding actions. Yeah that's a great point because on one to say that we shouldn't you know to you know take it looked up whatever it takes him not to. And I understand you're gonna have. It's got collateral damage we had no problem. Carpet bombing Dresden back in the Second World War. It also didn't create you know legion those Germans foreign national terrorists against that for the next fifty years I don't believe. That piece that terrorists are created like that as well as on the duke it goes like your point go back and -- it in the image of how you wanted to be. We seem to -- obviously we've got to think about the rest of the world. What the rest of the world want to do here but there's got to be away that we know what victory looks like that's been a challenge I think. There really since desert storm where we were able to define victory. With the defeat of the Iraqi military you know since. We've been in Iraq and even Afghanistan and we needed days of you know the them doesn't surrender ceremonies and about -- -- -- over will never be able to define what victory looks like I think that would be good place to start right here. With what we're gonna do that I assists. You know both tours in Vietnam. A remembers specifically we've we've -- -- it. And the next thing we know we're got Q reserve. The -- two men helicopters coming in. Dropping leaflets on The Who choose telling him were covered and -- women and children out. It is the military. To day. Allowed to fight. The military today fights the war that based on what the commander in chief want the military to do based on rules of engagement that it's set up. And detainees would stated that he has been determined. By either in international. Organization's war. By and it internal and memo is that they sent to each other means for example -- of the Bush Administration. Was a lot different when it came to the treatment of prisoners and how they were the Acton and you have this administration. Come on board with basically doing anything to want to override the the last one did and and so we torture people that we should never -- folks that we shouldn't have a big circle so. You know you get to write what you want those rules to be it is really -- function of the personality of the person in charge. And so part of personnel wearing shorts couldn't agree that we fight wars -- important issues to be part. Are a little lipstick a look at this. That the president's calling on Al. -- David Cameron yesterday -- -- prime minister. Terminating his summer holiday -- back for emergency meeting. And lords counterterrorism. Commander at 215. Heavily involved French president. -- -- and says this beyond. The traditional debate of intervention or an on and mentioned you've got to Merkel. Saying that does help leaderboard darwinism has to be eliminated. You use it in the champs. Of the on the model. Of allies. Moving here in I don't know I actually didn't smoke. I don't it's unfortunate that the Europeans to be asleep at the switch here especially. When it comes to their own security it just relied completely on that stage for the past 2030 years. -- finding him in in people and in in equipment and and everything. -- in Europe didn't becomes totally outraged that the shooting down of the commercial airliner and and -- really did nothing. And ordered Cuba -- it doesn't happen again. I think that there's gonna be some finger pointing here. Maybe yesterday this week but the tipping point. -- dissident. But that remains to be seen whether -- exactly going to. I'm really kind of get in the game they they relied too much I think you know America's -- so much firepower that can happen over the horizon but people say. Into -- willing to put your own on the ground to do something then you really don't have a stake in the game and I think that's what that's their excuse will be. And it and wanted to do you military men are grown in your room suite 20. Andrew who's talking about. The American people -- one boots on the ground and -- figure born boots on the ground the person that terrorists chutes opened shopping mall and Cincinnati. And and I thought -- got tremendous respect for the military do little time minimum itself. But I want to say to you know the American people gonna go for boots on the ground when we understand that and -- the sacrifices. Everybody makes in particular of the military people. Actually get something done. Don't true -- the American people. Or punch drunk from tremendous experience. Not taking care of our military when they come home in the getting beat beat in the game the way it was problems. Yeah do you think that that's. An issue. A lot of it has to do it. You know how -- gauge the beginning it I think it's to -- generational. I do you think that we did this last. Round of warfare fundamentally on the cheap but fortunately I mean. I was fortunate to be a part of -- situation we're relating with overwhelming force that Weinberger doctrine. Had clear objectives set and exit strategy those kinds of things we've got lost her way with that in both Iraq and Afghanistan. And we shouldn't be -- struggling to be very clear about objectives and wanna accomplish and what the military can do when it's good for. But overture sugar will recruiters at this point. News media are talking a lot about the British accident that the terrorists. Of the cut Pope Paul whose terrible. Do you think that that was a message from the terrorists. Basically saying BO where were among you. I yelled they're gonna continue to do anything they can't to invoke fear that that act is just. Nothing but one of intimidation of the grossest form high level of intimidation. And we've lived in. Side it's open and we have to continually trade off security for liberty. And -- gotten better in terms of figuring out who the threats are I think but if we're gonna. You have not we will get a bed in the morning if we were so concerned about the one off lone wolf. Terrorist or person. That's going to do harm is they'll take the country down so they don't pose a potential threat I think that's we've got to be really concerned about. Sir you don't you don't super concerned OK he may be British okay he may have come. From east England but that relieved of me and -- just a note one of million. Not exactly any one person I think. You know one person will not pick a country down recognize states I just it's not that they're not concede that I can't see that happening. We've got to understand. What. There's if one person to have a greater. Impact. And cyber environment and anchored in the local Connecticut department says that only so much damage are going to be dramatically but one person. And depending on you know what they have obviously you you know we we -- we just kept under control over our air systems and things like that. For the cyber cyber terrorists can do a lot more damage so has -- there's a lot of other things we have to consider besides just like that the -- terrorist thing. And all of pledged to talk to you always learn -- open through preachers. Coming right back. Where we conduct will talk to. Marine that was Marino's Joan wouldn't what's important news. Heritage Foundation. Stick on okay. -- -- -- -- -- Rod council of world war. About O -- book to present involvement. The country to world. Having your book truthful movies on borders and lows in -- The repercussions. Of -- or in the the Rea what should they could be. That is all our zone complicated so we turn to be experts. Mr. -- -- Read in twelve years and well and program. Foreign and security policy. And the -- -- sure appreciate it. -- Each year when when you look at. Water bird. -- to wage and then it would give me your thoughts about what. I think it's it's that's a great indicator. Term crisis proceeds. There an apparent in the very definite path. Mean this is completely in character with this particular organization. The fact that this is a US citizen involved. And you know has gained such prominence and gives -- different qualities for the American audience but the fact is is crisis has been beheading people. Dismembering people. You know amputation just on and on for quite awhile now cutting us off the violence and these sensors in western Iraq. So you know it's a shame that that you know claims one of our own. That wakes us up to this -- being true but it -- -- gives all right. Two previous announcements this and so managing RC two human. They call Qaeda and its little on the island -- would just listens to the would you be concerned about so. Clearly we've got a problem in the Middle East and it's so it's severe and the United States doesn't do something. In coordination with other regional powers has continued to spill over into the past so there's. -- -- me here in the -- of improvement should -- -- you're incorrect. And a resident and a couple of sources of early brokered bulletin. Saying that they were asking your area. Four pavement or appalled and life. Lincoln and tens of millions. And that they have collected hundreds of millions of dollars with -- who's gonna care and kidnappings and extortion funds. During their existence but they're reaching a point. Of self sufficiency from being able to extort and tax the places they control. How did they get their financial backing to get to have such form where the -- they seem to be funded. And they also seemed -- I think birds of this the kid. When it comes -- communications. In particular social. Network communication. Absolutely right this is so sophisticated the group -- -- -- the weaker programs are all up and -- Is no one's lord knows how to work this it's routine for. Extremist organizations. In in criminal organizations. To fund their operations were all manner of illicit activities for. -- extortion. Bank robberies have an affect prices just it was a month or so ago at a bank and a court to support 500 billion dollars. Through a patronage. From the work. Organizations that -- what the group is doing. But don't want to get their -- started doing themselves in the first countries among the gulf states. That are provided funding as well. The new again -- -- extortion -- going to local towns -- by violence. And you extort money from. Business problems. The kidnapping for ransom is huge industry in the criminal networks and among them. However is insurgent organizations. You do capture somebody. Either for the money for the political benefit and and what what crisis been able to capture now with the oil fields. Extracting oil from prompting the -- systems or -- -- and so on the black market. And for a while held. Mosul dam. And I grow up the electric power generated by that Activision comes comes as well so they do everything indicated to bring in money that you set in two be more troops to equip them with weapons and ammunition. -- additional resources by force. That didn't buttresses her credentials. It it is further solidify his position as a leading organization because of the success. And that draws in further recruits and monetary support sorts it. It's of beatings -- whole topic got started was -- -- -- the al-Qaeda al-Qaeda it was a privately funded. By by various so well while money to individuals in the Middle East and pitched. -- All right let's -- -- report and come back. Your opinion as to whether -- -- receive a permanent calculated. Wrong while I so it's winter it is. We'll come back though but a bill -- celebrity AM 053 -- Recurring bit about what President Obama and so men have been average considered -- -- the president -- mentioned concern would be having the dreams full view American. Covering the wards in the brought. -- send -- we're about to Cold War did twenty years of Marines singers search food and programs foreign actions your policy. Heritage Foundation. Dakota did you presidents. That. I mean we need allies and help to -- the cancers or doesn't spread. Secretary. Of state John -- set prices must be destroyed. And other administrative. Rep said that. The world emotional the United States of America will never back down in the face of centuries old so what do we do not. -- put this -- going to be truly real goal some local solution but to do that we have to operate. With a great deal finessed. In that region with all the -- his local power brokers and by that I mean Egypt Saudi Arabia and Jordan. But Turkey. Lebanon to an extent that it -- in the Iranians. Making clear that that we understand their perspective and a crisis threatens each of these machines. So for the royal -- in Saudi Arabia. The seniors in need clerk. Where you know the part about receipt of all Sunni Islam listen Saudi Arabia but he is torture devices circling the Iranians don't likened to Scioscia. And crisis is Sunni branch that that Muslim Brotherhood have been kicked out of Egypt. Spokesman brotherhood have extremists elements -- affiliates you know the form of Hamas and others so there is just. This sense that these hyper violent hyper extremist. Extreme interpretations -- -- -- And on all our threats to the ruling powers in this in this to the region so. Our -- effective approach would be to diplomatic channels we make sure that all these so operators governments understand that we understand the situation. And that do we coordinate some provision. But various types of things that we can provide. To make their efforts against prices were effective and we can supplement that with. Spurrier strikes and things -- going the United States can do but quarterly this preparers Wednesday of the Texas torrential threat. To the stability of -- these machines and they have an interest in getting devices. But it is time -- -- who's fighting near rock conservatives fighting Syria and Lebanon is fighting parts of sugary. And Israel is fighting. Columns content and -- home losses. And indeed none of the quote localities. Seem to be able to get along with -- -- March alerts and other countries. How how do you. It portal that soon these Sheila. Wrong verses saudis. And all on and on and Oregon to get to a point where we have some. -- illusion that can actually get something done we get pulled -- or what that. Did you the world is a priority is patient goes on when you have multiple reps what's the most severe threat at this particular point in time and I think crisis -- to be. That level primary threat so not envisioning. That would suggest it would reduce the numbers divisions armor and teachers from all these countries. All of coalescing. You know -- western Iraq but what they do -- networks. Of or supporters of informants. It there's intelligence out there -- Columbia. That can be gleaned and that makes precision strikes which effectively could certainly dry up sources of revenue. You can draw idea most support base. Where recruits are now being attracted to crisis -- -- incentives for doing so there's no single answer -- but it's a collective efforts of all these things. Where you're making the environment the operating. -- possible. To any kind of stable crisis presents. Hopefully with the new prime minister. Rack. We -- arts courses that are working with their military. That -- -- we won't prove their efforts as well. To push back crisis rat who knows what's gonna. -- -- Syria and that's rule wildcard there but the Jordanians. Are certainly concerned about the crisis and I think there is a coal pollution. -- -- -- It could be mobilized more effectively if we have to start to be engaged. Aren't so do if I understand you correctly and airstrikes. Sued to get ice and while there out of the open there and they're not in urban areas right now Auburn. Not hiding under the laws and school buildings. We do that with the airstrikes. And then through diplomatic channels. Try to get the powers -- be in particular that the dollar bill pile -- To work behind the scenes to bring control in other out of book tailed it to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You become a permanent -- on -- -- treatment just don't think that's gonna happen because of the existing power structures that they're the police. Presumably gains oil -- all Muslims that's not gonna happen. You do have Syria racks in the -- to work with their own countries and just talk a little while -- now some kind of -- geographically permanent. Account. Decode always learn something off centuries at Mumbai and when -- have real experts and thank you with the time India retreat so accuser. Governor bill would come in bright objects covering -- action will be talking to I think the district attorney Leo and -- Feels -- in the new unit to ensure fair predictions. In this city of New Orleans and that you were in stable well war. And you were -- can take hold. What we're gonna take a look at our prison cell phone -- take a look at. Legal system. And we're gonna take a look at what should be changed what will beat him. So they were covered up BO -- 781053. It all of rob that would that would call that the.