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8-21-14 1pm, Scoot in for Angela, What's Trending

Aug 21, 2014|

What's trending in news, sports and social media?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon -- suited for Angela this week she is on vacation and every day at 1 o'clock we gather in this studio to have a conversation about what's trending news. Sports entertainment and social media. In our studio today for what's trending -- WWL Dave -- WB real news director for what's trending news happy Friday -- And it's time -- co host first take with former saints offensive lineman Steve court on saints. Game day. You know. What's. And can be this attack will be here from by US 95% on reports treading in entertainment. And -- and of the night out of -- yeah. So let's start with the disturbed weather -- in the name of the Atlantic put it you this when started out a little closer to our area than some of them do. I'm frustrated. I have had more people the last few days come to -- say it was that hurricane. And I don't know why and I finally we were able to piece it together their first -- not -- meaning that perfectly clear. There's not a tropical depression which -- not -- there's the player. There's not a tropical depression does not tropical storm and does not drop when there's not a hurricane in the Atlantic. What there is is an area of disturbed weather. That has the potential according to the National Hurricane Center a baby. Becoming a tropical cycle. Their best chance its hat. Over the last week according to the hurricane senators 5050. They say. He left. They say that in the next couple of days that chance could go up with -- 70%. That maybe it'll become a tropical depression. But for some reason so few people latched on to this on the Internet and started saying. Oh my god it. It's got to get us. And most of the model -- going up. The year coast the East Coast in light of -- now the model runs from today in they keep running -- but the most recent model runs that I got to look at before the show. You're right most of them show it missing all the land completely maybe going over some of the islands. And never even getting to the United States or the Gulf of Mexico now. A couple of days ago there were free with a few models that did. They may -- it'll get in the gulf but the thing we have to remember about models. These computers can't tell you what's going to happen with. A tropical cyclone until it exists very reliably making. Until there's a center of circulation. They never do a good job of predicting a path. Or anything else for them so. That's -- lab. At the 5050 when it's so far out I mean it's it's like any time you predict these things there -- the big match for -- -- about what -- hurricane predictions for each year it's like. The job could it be wrong that many times and still keep in -- -- and went out that it just always makes me chuckle. Thing Atlantis so that the thing is that for some reason the things their ram running rampant on the inner. And a lot of people started getting riled up about it warmed up about it and so we would have made a point of trying to give people the accurate correct. Information as it is now. And as we talked with channel four meteorologist Laura but how's that stop panic stop worrying about it we'll keep an eye on it. You should keep an eye on it. There's no reason to believe right now that is to be guy come become a monster hurricane and make landfall in Louisiana which apparently some people are extrapolating. From what they've seen well I -- -- this is a perfect example to expose social media for what it is so we just a bunch of people who can turn something in two hysteria and panic. These people who are predicting this they're not meteorologist. I don't know why they become hysterical about this and and you know they're the people who wonder why meteorologist sometimes seemed to go overboard with sensationalizing things like this is because. That's what a lot of people. And that's what a lot of people pay attention to. Well there there have been some media. -- actual medio who -- actual meteorologist. Who have said things that have seen sensational. About this system and I don't know why that there have been a whole bunch of what they call in vests which is short for investigative. -- you know it's it's something they're watching. -- been a whole bunch of these tropical waves already in the last several weeks. But for some reason this one captured the fear of the public. At least in social media and by some real media Todd. Can somebody with crayons and a map drew the the little spaghetti models that we've got to him and made a fatal and -- where it's coming here and and post -- and oh my goodness and then politics is for somebody picked up. On FaceBook or any thing or -- to go viral and for some strange reason we've all said this. If it's on the manner and matter somebody tweets of the with a people seem to believe that I don't know why must be true. But bottom line the truth about the system right now it's as of this moment the National Hurricane Center gives it 50% chance that maybe becoming a tropical depression. In the next 48 hours. They say the odds go up after that a little bit and the latest model runs show it not getting into the gulf. And of course is something that we always need to watch the analysts that this really does expose social media and Internet for for what are gears and that is something that just breeds. Hysteria also -- do you think this is because we've had such a quiet season up to this point had a quiet season -- -- the people what is there either they're latching on to something I think. I think so and and I think people the longer you go into the season as we know and nothing has happened. People start to get antsy because you're expecting something happy you know people always say this all the time Euro well you know it's always. The Comas before the storm etc. it's veteran doesn't happen I mean it would do and I heard that for years growing outward do. Where do only reduced or TSE's every somewhat -- -- through August overdue for one and it's like nobody knows -- forward to for one I mean that that. They just drive me -- when people say that. And I think that's what got this started all of this will be the one now because it's in August. And we are getting close. At that time win bits he hit it. -- and for that's the Camille and you know Camille anniversaries some of the strongest that the of the ones that have done the most damage the Louisiana. In this area this region have all happened within these next two weeks I think that's what people -- antsy but yet. -- that this is Steve Steve it's it's such an exercise in in human nature and it's it's interesting how people react and I competitiveness in my head several people asked me what was going on with that. Hurricane. You know I mean it's not even a depression ports storm. And for some reason a lot of people because of whatever social media they -- minster I don't know where. But it is you know what -- don't know -- that hurricane is coming -- -- it change your plans. And by the way even if it does development even if the models do change and even if it does -- -- way to get ten days before it would be. This is what's treading on WWL on this Thursday August 21. 2014. I'm suited for Angela ever coming right back with Dave Kohler to give you a news director with what's trending news and top Manassas co host -- first take. With what's trending. In sports will be right back into the if you will there's a controversy about to -- his studio floor and Anaconda. This is what strutting and -- WL I scoot in for Angela hill Dave Cohen has the story about this video going to -- -- Yeah this is actually the number one story by far on CBS news's web site right now that you -- not just Anaconda video love it or hate it. If you haven't seen it. It features a lot of large dairy years that are barely covered. Than our shaking and bouncing in slapping the gambler -- of the sixties and seventies -- the -- but it's that was happening in the thick of it we saw -- on the -- slept well they were close to governor of his typical -- -- well this is really. Songs. And there are some hot pants that. And -- humanize his new song. Using term makes a lots. You know alluded to the large theory here. Love the thoughts. It's like yeah well governor it is you might complicate -- You can -- the bottom line and can I love song is like -- cannot -- so. Any with a song is doing well it's it's shooting up the charts and then the video though has drawn a lot of controversy. And I don't know people are clicking on and on CBS news's -- that because they once the F. To decide if they love it or hated if they wanna see it because they really wanna see it. Or why but that to me I find the song awfully repetitive and almost annoying it to a point where OK I am here in the same mind. From some excellent over and over and over and over. You know it's it's amazing how remember the last. One at the last month first but I read the one I remember the most that got the most controversy the first video ever. Was the Madonna won with which you do with Pepsi and did the the the like a prayer. With the with the crosses and yes crying and crying like Jesus and up that's the one that was the biggest controversy all at once it accurately they're showing that -- -- and now we're up. This took this is why I continue to describe myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation because my generation is making as the establishment is now making a big deal about things like this when in reality. We saw stuff like this close to this in the past we -- to all of this before theory of the end. -- on Miley Cyrus types in the past before you can go to any beach or any guys complaining about phones on the beach. Now you can see as much sitting around a swimming pool at a country club and two World Series today or on the Gulf Coast beaches anywhere. As you seen some of these videos and people -- all the norms like these videos are gonna somehow destroy. The morals of young America. Adam did it either way a lot of people look like -- on it deciding if they love it or hated -- and sizes and and did Tony Stewart who was involved in that terrible accident has not been racing and now fans starter wondering if he's ever gonna come back. Yeah he's gonna he's announce is gonna sit out for the third straight week he's not -- race Bristol this Saturday and some of his fans or get a little worried saying is he even gonna come back at all of you know has this really. Messed with his mind the tragic accident that killed. You know twenty year old driver Kevin -- that desperate -- -- That's sprint car race so. Most of the people. Experts seem to think he's just kind of waiting until the investigation is done that still has to go through the that they share the still investigating that this is gonna take about two weeks. Two to three weeks to clear all that. He said that last week so that's what Vietnam week. His sponsors haven't mentioned anything. They're still behind him now. The car still got a race OK Jeff different drive Jeff Burton who who is a good driver has won a bunch of races and cups and he will drive the the number fourteen bass pro shops Mobil one Chevrolet SS appeared mastery at -- -- all of those I have to say it that way. But. You know to defend his fans are starting grassroots campaign. This week this Saturday's race at Bristol. They won they're gonna all stand and they are trying to get everyone when you're Tony Stewart and not just getting back to race. To stand in each year. For Tony Stewart and his name you know his name during lap fourteen because his car's number 1414. So. But that's a real personal decision -- to. Running joke about what we would he went yeah you gotta wonder though it's not also legally -- got to wonder if isn't just good summer side are saying hold up. The last thing you need now to be involved in another. Crash. -- right to be involved in god forbid another craft was somebody dies in NASCAR race. At a time when your under investigation and the question is did he intentionally run over and kill this man or did he. Accidentally run over and kill him when he was trying to get real close to him to scare are you know until we know exactly what happened what the investigation -- -- got to wonder if he could only hurt himself. By showing up for race by race thing and by exposing himself to media we're gonna be there have ultimate question. Well the other the other thing is he may wait to come back for the next race which will be in Atlanta where he does have made large fan base in his main sponsor is also -- bass pro -- -- I'd been on the interstate many times and a car in front and he will suddenly. Move out of the way of something and because their view of of what was on in the road. Blocked my view. I almost hit it. And so -- when people -- all these cars I missed this or the highway on the -- same thing happened the guy in front of me -- the united who it was and hit the big big metal -- -- -- so Tony Stewart may have hit this guy because the other cars were kind of blocking the -- with a guy who's wearing black in the first -- but I just got a problem with this concept of playing in the street. Mean remember that when my when my parents taught me as a kid don't play in the street and for these drivers to be getting out in a racetrack. And challenging to lifers. Haven't they seen roadkill before -- this just doesn't seem like a sensible thing to do. If there was emotion on both sides and I guess that's the whole point of the investigation. Is to decide whose fault it was what was motivating him. And you know ultimate this point should Tony Snow bear responsibility for the death. The reason fans are are most concerned is because what they usually tell you when every year. In an accident or any thing you get back on the horse and -- -- to get back in the car do you drive this they tell all drivers when they have serious accidents and he's not so. Psychologically is it affecting their worry about. This is what's trending on WWL Thursday August 21 2014 I -- in four Angela. I accepted this. The ice but the challenge you did it's on our website write -- -- W dot com we'll talk more about that later in the show but it's it's up there. I -- Cohen RW abilities directors here with what's trending in news the information still pouring out of Ferguson Spike Lee saying I think or rather insightful things. But that's I guess not really a surprise her from Spike -- On this Missouri -- according to 21 source who was badly beaten before the shooting of Michael Brown. As is a new report that is trending on foxnews.com. Darren Wilson Ferguson Missouri police officer. Whose fatal shooting of Michael Brown touched off more than a week of demonstrations suffered severe facial injuries. Including an eye socket fracture and was nearly beaten unconscious. By brown. Moments before firing his gun a source close to the department's top brass told foxnews.com. Quote the assistant police chief took him to the hospital his face all swollen on one side he was beaten very severely. According to this source. Again like we talked about the video. That surfaced where someone claimed to have seen what happened to Michael Brown. And claimed they saw brown charging you know at officers before he was shot and killed. We don't know. The accuracy of this the grand jury is going to ultimately. Find out. If they believe. That Darren Wilson should face charges for shooting and killing Michael Brown. Are there but are are they kind of trying to stack the deck already against this -- the of governors coming out Missouri sane and you know we need to be. Very needs serious investigation of these beasts is someone needs to pay for this and so forth and so on so. It's kind of stacked -- against the officer unless they got some good evidence. Well you would hope that the grand jury and we all know the grand juries you know the old saying that a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich if the prosecution wants them to. But the grand jury. You hope. Takes their task -- in members of the grand jury take their -- very seriously. Consider all the evidence that's presented to them and decide if there's enough evidence to justify. Sending Darren Wilson to trial now a grand jury doesn't decide the guilt -- -- an -- -- right doesn't decide if you did anything wrong and wrong are not all they decide is. Our other facts that a jury should consider. When in a criminal court of law where the burden of proof is beyond any reasonable doubt that's any jury in a trial considers. The grand jury they don't have that standard there's standard this is there enough evidence that makes sense to have to try and now at the crime in the. There's so much emotion. Concerning this hole in the shooting and everything that's happened in the aftermath of that and it it it does set touch on racial tension across America. When people call for justice. They're not really calling for justice justice should be what's what's fair -- and justice isn't. An automatic conviction of the police officer because again we don't know yet what happened and I realized that Michael Brown was unarmed. I realize that there are there are precedents where police officers have over reacted with young black males. They're stereotyping on on both sides of this issue but justice is what's fair. Not somebody being convicted if he shouldn't be convicted if he should be convicted that's justice. Now -- exactly if there's evidence to support this allegation that brown. Punched Darren Wilson in the phase broke his eye socket and fractured his eye socket. And nearly beat him unconscious before he shot and killed brown again at the claim by a source to Fox News which many will tell you. Appears to have a definite bands in their media -- coverage of what happens but. Take it for what it is it's another piece of the puzzle that we still have not seen the whole puzzle come together and that lets all. So talk about is this new video that's out of Saint Louis police officers shooting this guy with a knife we talked about that the other day that's coming up. What's running under the W Allen scoots in -- Angela -- Cohen atop an assist. And we'll be right back after this to be if he will news updates with Don Ames welcome back to illustrate a deputy well on this Thursday afternoon hot afternoon it was a bad day to have ice water dumped on you and I got its ideas that ice -- challenge was more brutal than -- ever imagined. I took the ice but the challenge you came from she hammered B 97 our sister station I have a lot of history with and in my past. It's on our website right now -- to -- WL dot com it's the -- blogger chicken out and this year -- as we'll talk more about that the next. It was their rights in the there was ice in the buckets lots of them but apparently a device the a lot of people are just water and called -- dollars ice cube is literally. Took my breath with might have been a heart patient I might be dead in front Lucy's right now. In in this and go at them about what's in it and it and if you really wanna really wanna watch Pittsburgh you know something immediate speechless -- -- -- might honestly I'm thinking of him being dead. Have you seen this story -- spending about the guy who faked his own death because he didn't wanna get married. -- I think is on five year -- boy now nine yes. Happily married I love my line to him happily married you my wife now Milo my one on that I did -- marijuana probably lover to. You had yet the couple. That's just not Amanda who didn't wanna go through with the wedding tried to get out of it by getting his fiancee to believe that he killed himself. According to the Huffington Post this is trending all over our Internet FaceBook and everywhere else Brett Lancaster. That she was planning their wedding when she received a call from her boyfriend's. Father. Oh at the dad involved. Out you know audio it was he was pretending to be his -- That's what it once he called her pretending to be its own father and told her. That he's the son. Had been suffering from severe depression and threw himself in front of a car. And killed him now. Stunned she called her would be in laws who promptly told her. That he was very much still alive and -- He's sitting in his room making a call right now. -- also learned that the venue where they were supposed to be married was never reserved. He was supposed to have done. All and Gina thinks he's a terrible person. And doesn't know what that you think I guess she got the message yeah I think the she still wanna marry him. Does that that he is actually now spoken out and get -- -- he's a terrible person. This is a lifetime movie waiting to how to marry her and I didn't know while others like comedy waiting to happen. That's not -- it made me just tell her sorry I don't wanna marry you. Carl and pretend you're dead lie NC. The kill yourself to street you know I -- -- in our show. If you threaten to if you if you pretend you're dead at some point you're gonna have to leave town. I attitude I guess -- get our Agassi and already it's a Hollywood movie to the Reese Witherspoon Drew Barrymore play in the role has got to. -- saints fans were excited to see the saints on the -- short -- develop high school they took over the field of the skippers had great crowd out there and -- bird. Back on the field you and he looked really well fans really like that so a lot of lot of tweets about that good to see the bird man flying out there. Bobby a barrel -- expert says he looked very good. Out there at his at practice interesting enough you fans started lining up at 3 o'clock. Okay. Practiced started at seven. So they started lining up at 3 o'clock I think they've led the men around five or so and they filled up the the stadium there at the man to bill. And the of the bleachers. On the field and so the saints had a great -- great practice that a group -- -- -- he will play in the game. Against the colts. This Saturday he says though that when he says soak your brief cares attorney says they'll play it's 600 people showed up on the North -- in practice and then I heard that the sales tank. Hung out after decide how to address -- -- PR move media day today everyone's in -- and and you are enjoyed it and and one of the other things it's also training also with the saints is that. Liz came out of the the best fans and the saints ranked number three. As having the best and it fans NFL fans who were one into the league. -- patriots and I think. I think it was I have to go look it up and those patriots were -- -- as well maybe it's Steelers. I have the double checking and doing this off memory but I know we were number three and a lot of food and fans -- why three. Higher. So I'm out I'll double check on it but it was it was either patriots agreement and her dad thought Dallas was and I think every city believes that. And it's the saints take on the colts in Indianapolis -- got a game right here into the WL Saturday our coverage begins at 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon. With first take but a resident pro. Oversee its offensive -- -- court and time Manassas it was in our studio with what's trending in sports at 5 o'clock it's the bond like countdown to kick off beat Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. -- from Bobby's cajun cannon restaurant in -- corner on veterans and lake Villa. I was here for the grand opening last weekend it's phenomenal it's great show up there in -- food's good too. At 7 o'clock it's game time with the best play by play team in football the voice of the saints Jim Henderson. Pokey -- color analyst -- sideline reporter Christian American and after the game join cajun cannon in the big chief for the point after 2:1 o'clock ten hours of all the -- -- coverage. Your instincts radio the big 870 AM. -- 53 FM. WL welcome back on student for Angeles this week we went to the break talking about the -- -- according to this new -- have the number three best fans in the NFL but time is an affirmation. I guess I got my my might. The facts straight I got my facts straight but it in my article wrong the wrong or is Forbes magazine did it and their criteria for this. Was based on and TV rankings. For the last couple years -- talk about market size. Fan base outside so basically it's fan base outside the area. Stadium attendance. Ratings when they're on national television. At setter etc. so when you add all that up the Green Bay Packers are number one merchandise sold was also one of the one of the factors. The Packers were number one. Two teams tied for number seven. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys who for years has -- dominate those Arabia that have they had they fallen to number seven. The colts were at number six. And let's see here so the patriots were a number four. The -- red numbers three and the Broncos were number two. They've let's talk briefly about this video showing policy Louis police has happened on Tuesday when we talked about earlier -- it -- -- happened. -- Louis police say shooting a guy who is described as being very erratic that may have mental issues that don't in the neighborhood deepest thoughts of stolen a couple of things from a a convenience stories are wielding a knife. And the video clearly shows him being being shot and killed he was moving toward the police officers a lot of people talking about this. Yeah you know and it's another question about wind should police use lethal force if a man with a knife. Is screaming shoot me kill me and moving towards officers. Does that justify the officers shooting and killing him or is there a non lethal. Means by which the officers could have handled -- people want to know could they have pepper -- him could they have the tase him could they have taken him down. And those I think questions that are gonna linger through. These most recent police shootings but I think you're going to be coming up more and more and I think that -- all of this is putting police tactics. Under a microscope once again. And raising questions that I think perhaps haven't been asked at least at at this level in a while we're people that well. You know before if there was occasional it was once in awhile to get a whole lot of media coverage you know police basically there approach has been. If our officers feel like their life is at risk -- We understand in -- -- using lethal force to protect themselves or others. Maddon may -- now of those things those policies we called into question when you think that's good or bad I think that it will have a national discussion on when Tripoli. He's -- -- a former police officer with LAPD has been talking about how look if you if you wanna stay safe then I don't confront me as a police officer him. And do what I say it is I get -- the carpets exit announced and I talked about this you don't -- my son fit a certain profile when he was teenager and I told him is that what you know you may be profiled. -- and you may be pulled over and I don't care what happens you respect the police even if you're right and they are wrong and they were a couple of times what he was -- -- and -- over. And we know there are bad apples on every tree in every -- or whatever cliche you wanna choose. And you hear the stories about police officers who improperly used force to. Even an unprovoked situations use force and now we're suddenly seeing the video again of the police officer. Punching the man on the roadside that had been circulating a couple months ago it's coming back now because of all the Michael Brown controversy. And what you're getting though is what we historically see. The spotlight is on. Either the bad apples for the questionable cases and we forget just like every time we reported plane crash we don't tell you every day. How many thousands of planes take off and land safely for a -- but if one of them crashes. Captures the attention of the world but I this is similar we're not there -- stories on all wonderful police officers are out there every day serving and protecting. But as soon as one of them does something that someone thinks was wrong there's going to be a spotlight on -- and they're going to be questions. I tell Pierre Thomas says that he's gonna have a different role with -- And this year yeah -- say and you know -- Steve -- governor are -- has been going viral picked up by a lot of the national media that he said he knows that his role with the saints. Will change a whole lot. This season and I know saints fans do we really wanna hear that. But he says quote I know my role is going to change a whole lot this year I'm gonna do. More pass protection and route running and improving my route running game and still going be running the ball to have got a few changes. Here and there -- now coach Payton does acknowledge that every time every year they get to this point. They have tried to adjust -- thomas' role with the team on the offense and every year he finds his way back to being their. -- -- -- Ball carrier because he's just that got a -- repeating get a wake up call when the saints caught him and nobody else came trying to grab him and then he resigned for much less money that. This is what strategy and a -- you -- for Thursday August 21 on student for Angela with state coordinate top Manassas we're coming right back with. An amazing story about a homeowner in in New Orleans and in Algiers. Who apparently. Shot and killed an intruder which we hear this story. Here's a bevy of you'll pretty -- people this afternoon should businesses -- shoppers from walking around with rifles strapped on their shoulders. It is your opinion like going to W -- dot com. Also trending is my acceptance of the -- -- the challenge that I got from Jabber B 97 and the video is on our website is that if you don't dot com we'll be right back. Good afternoon my studio for Angela this week and Dave Cohen is sort of if you owners director with what's trending in news today amazing story from and a PD about a homeowner in Algiers shooting an intruder. You know we very rarely hear about cases where it truly looks like a home invasion and someone defending themselves and their families but based on what we know right now -- it sounds like that's what happened NO PD says the man and his wife are sitting on their backyard patio around 10 o'clock last night when a masked gunmen approached. And demanded they go inside and retrieve money and valuables they say that the homeowner went inside where his three children were three daughters. 613 and fourteen. Got his gun shot and killed the masked intruder. Police at this time have not charged the homeowner with any crimes. Our legal analyst Doug and Terry tells us is undoubtedly will be presented at the district attorney who will take it to a grand jury just to make sure. That everything. Was followed by the letter of the law that it was a justifiable homicide. That's -- it looks right now based on this story it sounds like disguising hero in in my opinion in this is there a great example of how you use a gun in an appropriate manner. Unfortunately all too often with these alleged home invasions. We hear that it was a drug deal gone bad or big I was involved with the criminal activity and that's why the person came looking for -- but this sounds so far based on the initial information we have from police. Like this guys what does my numbers listed on the back patio enjoying the evening. When a guy tries to rob them and the homeowner -- Johnny -- Zell will not start the season that is causing quarterback controversy in Cleveland. We talked about that the other day. The coach Mike team says that. You know he's gonna start Bryant warriors going to be that the starter and they're calling it now the mistake by the late. That that he's not starting -- just a man's -- -- Mandela now starting not starting him and you know he's the first year -- head coach. And he's -- a lot of black not only from fans. Cleveland brown fans but also from NFL analyst. Who are saying payment you're making a big big mistake by not start this guy who's really talented. We don't know if he'll -- under the pressure or not because neither one of them -- or -- -- was very present in the pre season. After the shortens warriors leave a little bit more down with Stewart very quick update on this disturbance that some people pay anything over yet there is an area of disturbed weather in the Atlantic Ocean. And I it has a 50% chance over the next 48 hours according to the barricades that are maybe. Becoming a tropical depression or tropical storm. It has not developed current models while unreliable sure it's staying out of the gulf. We'll keep an eye on it but. Please folks stop the mass hysteria on social media and elsewhere thinking as a hurricane about it all right our thanks to a Dave Cohen evidently real news director at covenant as his co host of first take with former saints offensive lineman Steve court. On safety day also and -- our studio producer. I -- for Angela for coming right back -- including a conversation about whether or not shoppers should be allowed to walk around with rifles even if there's an open carry law in that state.