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8-21-14 2:10pm Scoot: on Ferguson

Aug 21, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and talks about the latest developments in Ferguson, MO.

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Good afternoon I'm student for -- this week she's on vacation Bob Mitchell is doing these cute show ID to midnight of the deck on this good show. Next week for me to -- -- night. I accept the ice challenged the ice bucket challenge from Jimmer on our sister station B 97 time great history with in the past. He challenged me and accepted the challenge for a LS. I decided to to try to do this in in the right way and I I did some considerable thinking about who I would challenge. Was going to be a celebrity was going to be some important person and in my life. People aren't challenging celebrities and important people. So I decided to challenge. You. The listeners. Might challenge to raise money and awareness for -- -- with anybody who listens to the -- show at night on WB well or who listens during today when I feel it. You're among the most important people in my -- so -- to challenge you to the ice bucket challenge ray Ellis and donate money to -- -- foundation we've got that information so. This is the -- blog the ice bucket challenge accepted it's on our website right now Debbie WL dot com the full video is there and there's so many people to thank. The that people at Lucy's retired surfers have bar in the warehouse district downtown. I'm mark Herbert of the manager there Carmen. On hair stylist who has also the bartender there -- like Carmen a George Steiner for directing -- hope for some photography. It was I gotta tell you it was more than I expected I had no idea. Now I used real ice buckets. And I had no idea that it would take my breath -- like that I mean it's it's in the mid to upper nineties. On that job to us recital -- so it's hot I'm looking forward to this this ice water being dumped on. I had no idea that it so took your broccoli. And you'll see in in the video at the end of it I mean I am absolutely incapable of speaking. That's an act that's the way it really felt after the -- -- account but I want to challenge you in fact if you do accept the challenge from. Take the video and post it. Our FaceBook page WWL radio. And we'll see how many week yet but if you listen to the show if you receive -- filling during the day. I want to challenge you to the I spoke -- which if nobody senators who done it before you want to get it on our FaceBook page take the challenge -- we will put it -- our FaceBook page. At WWL radio. Here's an average of your -- -- opinion -- of the we'll talk about this afternoon should be justices banned shoppers from walking around with rifles strapped on their shoulders. 27% say no 73% say yes what if it's an open carry states where you can. You can carry and carry a firearm in the open. There are some people who have taken advantage of that and there's a picture of the guy and if it's on our FaceBook page now it will be and I'll I'll read some comments from this. Also the ice but the challenges are faced a patient if -- radio but there's a picture of the guy Kroger -- that we don't have a Kroger here but Kroger is the largest. Supermarket chain in the country. Kroger is the latest company to get pressure to -- customers from openly carrying firearms while they shop. And there's a picture of a guy walking around with this rifle I don't know exactly what kind of -- ideas would -- some big rifle. Strap on -- shoulder is what I was shopping cart. Now what somebody does something like that are they doing it for protection. Or are they doing to show off. Excited thinking if it really -- I know every once in awhile somebody bumps into your cart what would your shopping. But I mean the -- to cart rage at road rage grocery out heart rate had. If you got a -- it would definitely does somebody. Acting on their rage at that moment. I don't see the need for a even if you have a right to do it but you know that's that's my opinion if you -- -- Russia would comment on numbers 2601870. -- -- 866889. Here which every text number is 87870. And that's -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll should businesses -- shoppers. From walking around with rifles. Strapped on the shoulders. And you should be able to see that picture on FaceBook page also give us your comments and in your opinion by going to our website to -- -- to -- I still trending on our FaceBook page and and WL radio. And also are our website W if you don't dot com here's the scoop blog from yesterday media faults at Ferguson. And atomic Tucker was talking about there's this morning comments from Spike Lee that many interpreted as being very insightful. Spike Lee saying that if if the police officer reason is -- tried isn't indicted. He he wants he wants there to be an explosion of unrest. It to send a message. And and I do realize the statistics when it comes to young black males in this country. There's another video that I find very disturbing of Saint Louis police shooting a blackmail. On this was a guy we talked about this shooting the other day on the show. The the guy which known to. Two displayed erratic behavior and he was this particular -- Leach responded to call from the convenience store. The guy has -- knife. And he's saying should be in most of it's plea out because of profanity. But from my perspective and I'm not a police officer or so I'm not passing judgment. But from my perspective it doesn't appear as if they needed to shoot the -- However they shouting and -- We don't know whether they acted in the right way or not according to a lot of people may including the chief of police in Saint Louis. The officers acted appropriately because of what this guy was doing the other message from all of these shootings. Is even if the police are wrong. You have to be respectful in the field. Whether that's right or not whether that should be the case or not the reality years. You need to be respectful even to police officers who might not deserve your respect. -- -- differential to join us with your thoughts this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Told free. 866889. Here which having a text number is 878 separate. -- from Biloxi land and your Honda VW a good afternoon. Gardner in a manner of a call on the way down my opinion clear yeah I'll offer on the radio -- you're like -- quite loud and really cute that god. I'm currently have pay Greenberg is a problem they Newton had a weapon on the call most likely so obviously had a good reason out -- draw correct. That's as an assumption I would make two PO. Are well here's the deal and and I went into her apartment and -- -- Justifiable use the -- bottle against the night. And up pertinent and important one and a half the year -- and here -- -- and Albert in certain element in the restart and color are only want me. And western -- second. What they're more. You know comment would pay. A lot -- -- from the outlook at the portrait gun away and game earlier there is and a nod from their -- content. -- -- of America apart from record out portrayed her in and out there for a guy you know. Yeah and I I really you know and -- that's why I have to say you know I have to be honest and say from my perspective viewing it and I'm not a police officer or haven't been trained as a police officer it looks like they didn't have to shoot the guy. And that's the assumption that a lot of people want to make. But there could be good reasons for them shooting. Our effort to recognize that there were more than 12 and only ten feet away about it you don't comply. That's not enough conflict darker means from god and co creator gone the pepper spray you got a good feel it is. -- -- -- just if he just had a knife should they have had their -- sound first before the -- Will say that it -- -- an -- pulled out back you saw their caretaker and other Arctic getting what happened to your loved. Also a man on the opened -- with a -- I have a real partner if you like into the store it was an -- fifteen -- your chair. My first thought is here about the start of massacre I'm going to be reached a mug I'm not just ridiculous. Land and I enjoyed our conversation thanks for calling -- -- on -- stay with us if you and joining us with your thoughts about our conversations this this afternoon on numbers 260. 187. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text numbers 877. Take a look at our FaceBook page a VW already take a look at the picture this guy shopping at a grocery store with his rifle strapped on his shoulder. Should people walk around grocery stores and retail outlets like this with. Rifle strapped on their shoulder that's or double WL pretty general opinion poll. Assure opinion by going to our web site WW dot com I'm -- differential. And we'll be right back. Should businesses band shoppers from walking around with rifles strapped on their shoulders we've got a picture in the discussions also taking place on our FaceBook page to BW already or check out the picture and give us your comments and I'll share some of those comments on the show. And -- RW a party -- opinion poll here's an update. 71%. Say yes business they should ban shoppers from walking around with rifle strapped on their shoulders and 29% saying no. I give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. Here is attacks that -- the situation with the shooting video. Was totally avoidable if you don't wanna get shot by police don't walked towards them with a -- -- shoot me. And -- totally understand that point. Here's a text. That reads when you were robbed walking to work how would you have felt if the cops shot them. Where they black. Yes they were -- at a point that out as a matter of being able to describe him. It hasn't changed my opinion of the blacks being attacked by four blacks because these were for individuals who gotten just made it a bad decision. Fortunately I'm here to talk about it. You know if the police would have been there to protect me I would have been fine with it. But that's it and it. Again it. We're talking about different situations that's a situation where. I was being attacked or a citizen was being attacked -- is it to be me could could be anybody. If police react in that manner and if if these people our threat and they're not stopping and there's action taken here by police officers there's nothing wrong with it. If Michael Brown or if this this other gentlemen I think as pleasant -- poll in Saint Louis both shot and killed by white police officers. If they were doing things they justified the shooting in the police were acting in the way that they were trained to act then. There shouldn't be an issue. If they were overly aggressive. And shot and killed somebody when they didn't have to shoot and kill somebody then we have a question. For -- Travis your and to -- WL. Yes there are doing it all yeah Jerry is -- Archer archer in my arm open it and body or that actually do. Our -- are it would completely ridiculous which secretary -- right -- like that. To store you're gonna carry out the protect our area. Will be -- completely overboard Kerry. -- people who do that they're they're just they're showing off. Police operate there registrar they're really taking. Care right. There aren't completely 100 you know report you know all. I care to protect my family my -- Arm and if I would carry a rifle into the sport of course you gonna get looks are we look carry -- and purses. At the you know -- you know market -- -- British sector opened. Go look because it was at the world. We're in -- -- It's. A streak and. When I see somebody with a side -- dead years being carried in in the open. I'm not suspicious of that so like I -- somebody's walking around with a rifle hanging on their shoulder. Oh yeah I think that a lot of people is. -- arms to reach from either agent sort of been so bored yet I can't speak or outreach and door open should be going. Following the law are there in my are open or the people rob -- firearm and cigarettes. No that's right two think of all the people who might take a concealed weapon that they don't have a legal right to have and they pull it out and and commit a crime Travis I'm glad that you you Laura very responsible gun owner appreciate you calling. From a rural Patrick -- VW or good afternoon. Don't one of the agreement. With the previous probable war when he talked about it -- -- was just a practice shoot and he the guys vote the pavement. Proper question to patent -- and every parent read to. Every part reached situation -- you -- One of the biggest problem and their objective. It hit -- -- and I'll be justified by an optical quality -- they have that -- in my life. And whether that video over the map. We and it is irrelevant. Alone I'll open it up culprit in the Soviet and not my thing is that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Patrick we do we don't I don't know yet I haven't heard that the police news that he was that that he was mentally ill although some people neighborhood knew that -- this brought up the question of. At least obligate the Carl and have a guy in the street -- -- night. Well I don't even know that whether knotty mystery no -- down on corruption and hope that because I've been trying. That was somebody somebody might just be going through a violent rage and not be tactically -- -- -- Mentally incapacitated. Then beyond that global common sense but have you seen the video. -- uploaded video any -- in the country and do that and we looked -- me as well. One -- all electric. We can always just the what the police didn't always justify the use up a bit before but there and it objectively. Bratton. And that nobody in the right for all Everett police chief this year you know that it was seen as potential but Brittany. That number one I mean that call for the courts and and I'm so. Then everybody. Outlook and then when you're. And how we wouldn't but you know one of the big issues that a lot of people would just give -- -- -- one Avago. A lot of people have -- out -- mentality that our current with but he. I want I want and I don't mean use YouTube as examples school but -- put you back in -- situation. When note -- -- -- -- an attack you and you had a -- -- -- one in the bay view high. He created New Mexico going into -- A point this out again -- if I would -- had a gun. I would've had to shoot them so -- Indian counter that there would be a question about whether or not in my life which really threatened. I'm glad I did have a gun glad I didn't use a gun in that situation thank god I'm okay. But if I would shut down before they got if I would have shot them before they got their hands on me. There may be a question there was four of -- so somebody could say my friend just bomb did to discuss any pulled out a gun and shot him. And in and of course you know have a world -- he was just a black -- there. My point is that only people believed an economy that -- and I reject the -- debt situation. That will rise and probably 10% of the cases. -- haven't done you won't have time to so called it out which. Yeah -- union meetings union noise now is yes you can get chance to pull it out of the but that is so. Were there what normally happens. Is that by that time you -- it on its too late. Well I think this is an important Patrick I'm really glad you brought that governor bush -- Just having a gun there's no guarantee that -- -- gonna be safe now if you carry guns legally and use it properly then you're not doing anything wrong. It's an amazing story about this Algiers homeowner we've got the story on our website at WBL dot com according to NO PD this guy and his wife run their back patio at their home in Algiers. A masked gunman walked into the backyard demanded money ordered that the the couple taken into the home to get money. Their daughters were in the home ages 613 and fourteen. Once inside the husband apparently. Which would achieve his gun and shot and killed the intruder. If it happens that way. Disguising hero and that's exactly. How and win two years ago. If you're it'll stay with SP patient if you wanna join us with your thoughts this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- semi -- number is 87870. I -- differential more pure text more vehicles coming up next here's a -- WL news updates with John aims. This group blog today is ice bucket challenge accepted I was challenged by a Jammer program director and midday on air personality at our sister station B 97. HL -- -- to the challenge today in front of Lucy's retired surfer bar and restaurant -- -- there's a retired surfers bar in downtown New Orleans. Where's the beach but we've kind of retired surfers Barbara -- affects a fun place and and then got good food to. So did ice -- challenger because I want to go to a place that it really big buckets device I had no idea was gonna have that kind of impact on. I am literally speechless the video. Is with the blog on our website right now -- to -- -- google.com and also should be in our FaceBook page. -- WL radio here's -- an update on our W you a pretty -- opinion poll should businesses band shoppers from walking around with rifles strapped on their shoulders. I -- 31% say no 69% say yes give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com Jason Euro and a BWL good afternoon. A burn you out the old mr. Burke and corrupted by. How he probably -- -- the whole deal for definitive that there is well police brutality and -- regional police. And it in it's simple they're -- -- completely like black and respect. That would require though there have been a lot of what you bring you back out to. Just like that -- -- don't know Cuba trap. -- -- The police are true -- And anger that you were called the -- Like the political and they'll be only in these big data took out in York the -- -- and -- -- people are paying and audio repeated. In -- wait to read things in an accurate. And then back out life so it is apparently a thing about -- preparing they're being aware where people feel that we need to. Education system not a police officer I I try to imagine how I would be trained and any you know your if your police officer Europe constant target. And any you have a different mindset when you go into an encounter like that I realize that there are police officers who do go overboard they aren't they are too aggressive. But police officers they think they wanna go home at night and they they they are targets and they do need to protect themselves so. They're going to enter situations with -- at a different mindset than perhaps you -- So so Warner Smart record sort of project -- are relevant or helpful Wanamaker. -- Well the key did that that first of all I think the key is in in a number of these different cases is I don't confront the police even if they're wrong. -- that's not fair. But that's reality. Well you'd like the other -- -- -- up on that we've got to see it. Here tomorrow night or he turned around you know -- a direct result. But that's less apparently that is less likely to happen in the real world. If you don't confront the police. You know in -- -- I don't know real World Cup. I think war for example -- the -- ever read the conflicting -- And though people say that part of what other people sit around your arm out. Immediate impact -- -- lower either labor. And there it is here this year. And that -- -- and -- you -- -- The police it's people ordered to look Wilmer needs six more. Well it just and it's definitely an issue it is it's definitely an issue with many police officers but it's really easy for us to judge have a police officer would react because we don't walk around as as targets every day. Jason and a political show thanks for bringing that up here's a text that reads I have. I have personally I dated a cop and it's come to my personal opinion that the majority of police enjoy the power. That's what comes that's when it comes to now. But with everything happening in the world I'm sure the mindset has changed if you wanna join us with a -- are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or silly or Texas 877 here's another tax dude it's amazing the number of witnesses there are to the shooting. How many woods I'd be there if it was a black cop who shot a white kid. Would there be any videos I don't know I don't know but I know there's a brand new witnesses to has come forward. And was interviewed by Anderson Cooper on on CNN. And I don't know what this witnesses -- credentials orbit you know we were just dying in the beginning. Again I'm not saying he's not a legitimate witness but you know suddenly their -- more witnesses I'm not defending the police officer because I don't know what happened. It is possible. The police officer in Ferguson acted properly because he was attacked. It is also possible that Michael Brown did not need to be shot and killed a from river ridge gay no you're into the WL. I read in albeit in debt that album that well you re right. Shall we don't ever try it's somewhere else in. -- And good -- note gentlemen on my -- -- young and he'd been ninety. A lot at least in -- in terms he situation. -- from -- the life. -- what are these are video game now. Have you seen the video. More. -- hear her in the weight feel is. Maybe. We -- here which. And it pilot error I called it would have been -- -- gentleman right here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cano again you know I -- I saw the video and from my perspective. As a citizen. It does it look like they needed to shoot and kill this guy but I'm not a cop. And they had their perspective from from their their point of view -- -- could be charged Gingrich well. I'd I would agree with that as long as the police officers can live to getting to -- And that's a judgment call on on behalf of the police and they're the ones that have to live with their decision. And the problem. Is the shot. -- there just in Algiers. -- Me an eight inch here. -- -- children. Go torture should them. -- YOY. A trop. Guilty. He. Could have been -- -- -- Now I. Absolutely agree with you in the blog and Iran which it says still turning on our website is about meeting of faults at Ferguson. And it's about how the media is is is making a big deal about something. It happens more often than we think it's not that the media shouldn't make a big deal about it. But they don't make a big deal about the same thing if it's if it's black -- white and that's unfair because we're talking about everybody being human being. However the media reflects the audience and so maybe we should accept some responsibility for the slant the media gives us what kind of things like. -- You know I think we. Go ahead we you're breaking up their go ahead one final thought. You get it right. So. Way. Out in not. Agree. On a black. -- -- -- It. Don't -- I would I would I would agree with you and we need to get to that point it doesn't matter if it's white on black black on black a black and white murder is murder and you know the sad thing is somebody dies. It's worth talking about I'm -- differential this week and we're coming right back with your comments on WL. I'm looking forward to the one republic consort tonight's -- you know Lakefront arena and I think this is one of the really your prom and advance and they largest cranking out hit after hit. They're really good they remind me of this whole new trend in music that is very reminiscent of a lot of stuff that we heard from the eighties. And there are young generations now -- are. Our are supporting music that is uplifting and fun and very reminiscent of the eighties when a former to a one republic tonight. I've stood in for Angela Bob Mitchell will be doing the Scotia -- might -- be talking about when you pulled over by a police officer what's the first thing that goes through your mind. There's a Homeland Security a professor at Colorado tech university and he says that. If you if you don't wanna get in trouble -- you need to behave that's one of the things that the real Robert Mitchell talked about it like on the -- show on WWL. From Tyler talent -- you want to be giving -- -- good afternoon. Hey I don't feel good. I just want to accomplish a couple of bank. One out wanna go there. Don't relate to my mind as well for time I don't really that in bulk and orchestrated. -- If you -- -- black person. And Ambac and it will make it feel like course and you think it. They're -- shooting. Probably worse than what yeah. And it you'll white person and you bank air shooting what you are. Mantown Margaret in Euro rate should come you don't look at it once -- -- one -- and now -- They're -- -- it and hear. It out that way it should -- it by quite a. Yeah and I don't know what his race is and I did mention to write a caller speculated -- I I don't know what their races and it doesn't matter I think. The people in that even though not -- anything about that. Aren't that policeman and date. On the record -- Day. Today tree there and certain people. In. And that may or may not be fair -- Police do wanna go home at night they they do need to to protect themselves and think they needed to do all they can to make sure -- They're not the target I mean and police are are quite often a target. -- and like you have time to call our show I think that's that's an important point. Here is attacks agreed -- keep my hands swear the deputy or officer can see them. That's that's a good point. It I'm hearing thunder outside of our studios here downtown so obviously there's a thunderstorm downtown there might be a thunderstorm where you are if you're in the rain remember. If you don't have your lights turned on we really question whether or not he should have a driver's license -- -- from Harvey Raymond you're under the WL. -- -- -- -- I appreciate things. -- -- -- -- It. Let me. Yes. In the -- opted out here and they'll -- back. So. I don't. In my. There are. Out there are there -- at me that island. Well it it takes a certain type of person to be a police officer that's not to negative comments -- positive comment I couldn't do it I mean there's some people who say they could never be a talk show host well you know I I constantly tell people. I probably couldn't do what you do. So police officers are trained and it doesn't matter what their background is they have a responsibility since they are they are to protect and serve and there are. Legally carrying guns and tasters in those kinds of things it has the ability to where -- arrest everybody. We expect him to act inappropriate manner. I -- a little bit of Bradford. It. It. And that -- button. On the that -- And it. Raymond I'm glad you called the show I don't know if there's any reason to have wholesale. Skepticism of police officers who have been in the military hearsay attacks it reads rule of thumb with a knife within 21 feet is a lethal threat. This is what is talked. OK that's fine but who's there with a tape measure. What if it's nineteen feet ultimately there's going to be a question of judgment and -- my knows exactly how many feet it is. If it's nineteen feet that is justified. What if it's 22 feet is not justified. So again it's gonna come down to a judgment call may come down to a trial. If your -- stay -- -- -- -- differential will be right back on WW well. It is that time -- year there's some thunderstorms around the area if you're gonna drive carefully and turn your lights on for Metairie AJ says he's a former police officer got -- quick -- -- Sure there are lots of jobs. Call up if you look at that these gentlemen attention. -- -- Chocolate. And Mac Pro and they've gotten. Ought to war. And -- or he can step. Well or you bought a gentleman hits the ball. -- apartment -- and all on the real question. If you want to thank you want to react differently than you. -- -- Our council members took it upon it but he. Would -- not to -- OK but I'm older -- -- The general court today. -- into. Why can't it kind of like you know -- fact. Ball. On the spot typical -- -- -- go. It's certainly at the -- all. Instantly all. People. AJ -- got -- I'm really I'm really glad you called with the perspective from the former police officer I'm -- differential we've got to get to the news of we're coming right back under VW.