WWL>Topics>>8-21-14 3:10pm Scoot: on unjustified tickets

8-21-14 3:10pm Scoot: on unjustified tickets

Aug 21, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and takes your calls on unjustified traffic tickets.

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And welcome back to the show on this since Thursday afternoon some thunder and rain outside of our studious in downtown you might be in some of that rain or rain somewhere else it says that time of year. But sure you turn your headlights on a simple thing I'm studio for Angela today and all this week I took the ice bucket challenge AJ -- from our sister station B 97. A challenge we accepted the challenge I did it this morning right in front of Lucy's retired surfers bar and restaurant. A job to -- in downtown new world it's I want to -- -- Herbert says Carmen and everybody there who helped us do this. Our director George Steiner also Ian oaks cinematography. -- some so many people to think. It turned out to be -- and I had no idea it was gonna take that. That kind of breath away from me and I I we. As you'll see in the video it's it's on our website at WW dot com mysterious group blog today ice but the challenge except through the full video there. It literally. Took my breath I wish I was unable to speak. I don't know that might seem difficult to -- from -- I I literally physically could not talk that's how cold. And I shocking it was to to my -- but I wanna think Lucy's for helping make that house I want to make sure had a really big block it actually we had several. But that is on a website to take a look at it and they share with others here's IW a -- a pretty -- up people this afternoon. Should businesses and shoppers from walking around with rifles strapped on their shoulders. And we got a picture of somebody on our our our FaceBook page is walking around Kroger now we don't have a Kroger in this area but Kroger is the largest supermarket chain in the country. And Kroger is the most recent company to. Face pressure from consumers saying we want you to band people walking around. Even affairs open carry laws in the state which -- did and people walking around with rifles. This guy's walking around shopping with a rifle strapped on his shoulder. And it just it seems to me like a guy like -- is showing off and not relieve. Not really carrying it to protect himself in the grocery store you know realize that somebody can get. You know upset because you. You know you get in their way in the aisle or something but I can't see that you really need that is protection and in a grocery store. And had a couple people respondents say that it seems like if they saw somebody like that they would think this person is about to to cause trouble. So this is one of the things we're talking about that's our Debbie give you a pretty general people give is your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com -- continue to talk about Ferguson. And again this is just such a microcosm of race relations in America are also talking about the other video video surfaced. With the Saint Louis police officer shooting and killing a man who is acting. Erratically and he is a wielding a knife. He does approached a police officer. I understand the police officers. Are trained to protect themselves as they should be I can't speak from the standpoint of a police officer -- as as I watch the video. Again I'm not addition I just being honest about my perspective as a citizen but I'm admitting that it's my perspective as a citizen not as somebody's been trained in law enforcement. And and you don't we look at this as. When we look at it videos like this as citizens. We don't see ourselves as targets. Like police to. Police officers are targets. Every day they they're they're on the job. The whole time there on the job the two markets and so -- way of thinking is it is different. If you. If you want to lower your chances. Of being. Shot. Or beaten by a police officer. And even if they're wrong. You need to pay attention to them. And be respectful in the field. If -- wrong maybe there's another time. To challenge them for example. In court. So -- talking about this -- other video but I also went head to the conversation a friend of mine on Monday. She got a parking ticket she'd come down to it have watched history. She got a parking ticket she was parked at a meter. Not only was she parked at a meter downtown in the CB -- But there was also time left on the meter. She got a parking ticket for parking in handicapped spot it. Now. Is it easy to challenge a ticket. Or we get into the port I know this was a problem in New Orleans in in the mid nineties. Where. There were. They were meter maids who were far far too aggressive. And never giving out tickets to people who didn't deserve them and it was easy to pay the ticket. But it was challenged it. Have you gotten a ticket that you don't think was justified and I mean and be honest if if if you park and the Demeter runs out. You deserve a ticket. Even if you think well and they just could give me a couple more minutes if you deserve the ticket that's it we're talking about. But are people getting tickets. That they don't deserve flight like my friend and again she's gonna have to try to. Challenge this and it may be more trouble to challenge it. And to pay it and that means that the the city. And the meter maids they're the ones that have the that wasn't at the event. If you wanna join us with your story comments about any we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- at Texas State 778. Here's a Texan reads every working outdoors would be happy to take the ice bucket challenged you were talking about this sit on the show the other day and it's a lot easier take the ice a -- challenge in August and it would be in January. From the world -- Billy here on WW real good afternoon. Europe -- -- I'm good I would rate this matchup in the position to -- Hitler careless desire and your options are mostly on the Prudhoe live close to. Just do them but I receive one -- director. Shall -- -- or did you deserve it. Don't know the star -- You know. You can read. War model or you know throughout the rebels took approach -- talk the core question. But -- -- -- and that's what you -- -- tomorrow. But there are those things. And so -- apple right what we're wrong we're just sort of admitted that -- these tunes does should Jewish stores. Also and -- -- Not -- dimension to their arms -- on the on the officers stricter for shall we all socialists. Well noted that on it. -- and that thing -- it would just pictures that it out it'll eventually too much more shall overall sort of you know our wounds and not on that we created it about shall shall not where should we made my street. -- murderer. -- there -- alone would mention to something as tragic. In America or when you give even if you -- all so sometimes you realize. -- did a story you know I'm so freedoms are happening you just. We're all humans. And then if you admit to if you admit to mistake in some cases than your -- to murder. -- some. Nudity. Sorry it happened -- that he came to us. The fact that our young men you know some people assured that we do during the actual amount of people. You know that rather do that all options and a -- -- You know and you know and on the open my -- it would -- because -- -- -- -- -- all shortage and a reminder of what it is good read. For Katrina and there -- parties and -- future interest bar. That's what the dimensional strings also that it trying to -- it is clear you know due to talk -- And I'm here and then not a lot of people while. You talk about the block comment. Certain. Unfortunately during that acute it would in the object model prosecuted. Someone walked up to it and -- in Maryland on its potentially prevent children as walker -- The people that wanna get children you know it's a bit -- -- You know I have a feeling that Sarah when I was attacked him and -- -- you know they they patted me down and they were they were touching my wallet in my front pocket my cellphone in my back pocket I'm kicking I'm fighting back as best I can I'm on the ground -- and they're put -- -- -- -- won't listen let's see what you -- On. They grabbed my briefcase which he could have a laptop in addition some papers are -- for work so I wonder if they were looking for a gun. The group out of business to pan and and should there should we talk about the work around -- -- managed what you know. Talk resentment people work -- -- -- but it is -- gone. That was spilled out of the movement to some terror SP -- -- well. -- and it's you know that's the responsibility of donors who don't take care of their goddess. It's prevention and work remotely -- and they are not. It is. District west of there and walked. But -- of the -- on the today it would just it was like the shooting at alien got -- -- -- -- total while. I'm glad I could relate to call the show enough I'm sure your prayers hopefully your purse will be answered. Here's it's actually got a ticket yesterday the meter had a -- jammed in the slot he was the only spot available. You know that's something else to consider if the if the meters broken should you have a right to park there. I I think so it's up to the city to fix the meter. Here's a text if she parked in handicapped. Spot she deserves it. No she was parked in a meter and there was money left in the meters so why did she get a ticket for violating handicapped spot top and a friend of mine is there a problem with getting. Unwarranted parking tickets in downtown New Orleans it's part of what we're talking -- I'm -- differential and we'll be right conservative Euro. This is another one of my favorite brands today this is. And it's fun. By a -- -- more ice code for Angela a still treading on our web site is this to blog from yesterday media faults at Ferguson. And it really challenges us as an audience to accept responsibility for the way the media handles a lot of things you can read that blog and share with others UWB real dot com. Also treading as the -- blog today ice bucket challenge accepted the full video and -- -- challenge which it took earlier today in front of Lucy's. Downtown. I get except Texan I mentioned a moment ago a friend of mine got a ticket. -- into an analyst at Michigan and a parking ticket to New Orleans. She was parked at a -- you got a ticket for parking in handicap spot she still have money and getting text here when she was parked in handicapped spot she deserved it. If she was parked in handicap spots that she's not handicapped that's against the law -- it scares me. How people don't actually listen and as scary thing is they think they -- Here's another text well if there was still time on the meter did she leave something on the dash to let. If you put money in a meter you don't lead the ticket on the dash. One more time. I'm just asking the question are there and justify tickets being given out in New Orleans. This was a big problem in the mid nineties. A friend of mine got a ticket. She had money left on the meter. She got a ticket for parking in handicapped spot. It wasn't a handicapped spot it was a meter with money left and it. Now she like many others would face the issue of OK is it worth it to challenge this or should I just pay it. And it should never be it should never be worth that to just pay it. That gives the city unfair advantage. And that's not fair to. To citizens if you get a if you get a ticket. And you deserve it well -- what. But if you don't deserve the ticket is that is the city extorting money from you. By assuming that you're gonna pay the ticket because it's yeah it's gonna be too much trouble and and to which of Obama for yet. To challenge. A prevent ruthlessly year and a BW out. Right I'm good Leslie. -- at that time. Anyway. -- I -- they are really ain't. I have a situation on the ice plant. -- about -- -- on leg apart. And there are lately not there in the future. Right there -- my -- -- my. And that -- way. I became a degree. Heat in the light. And as well -- -- way he'd try. And you can't change. In front of art. Now a concrete in about sixty -- And and -- end up. Quite yet well acts and an IQ. And I don't yeah that's spot. You Whitney. In Cuba I do believe. Any and and I made it. But. I don't know. But did you take -- -- and -- -- The thing is it impossible -- -- a date. And I maybe in another eight tying a record here. I'd hate it ended it in fury you know I know a pact that would not beating. He wouldn't -- it in any debate. At all but they'll light that. -- It is it is infuriating and and that's it if it happened that way that cop had a really bad attitude and cops should not have that kind of attitude. You have a right to question. I got a ticket when I was in in Portland and I went to court and and challenged -- they reduced it to by half but it's like I went I went to court and I found it interesting that there seems to be this assumption that the police officer his word is more respected in court in my word. And it shouldn't be that way because police officers like to. So we should both be respected equally and I didn't get that depression court I I drew a diagram of of why I got the ticket and that was our pass in front of me that I. I'm I'm convinced that he. He captured because I wasn't going that fast and I did go to court and they reduced the fine from a 150 did to simplify -- -- that can be a miner it was a minor victory but. Steal my -- The question is it legal -- up there to -- -- future. -- Well I'm sure they can can do that let's say I've got to get to a break I'm glad you called -- -- thanks for listening if you're -- stay with -- if you wanna join us with your story. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Sanity and -- -- number six of the 87. Nobody should get tickets unfairly in this was a big topic when I was on the air in the midnight -- on Sunday but he -- the is this another big problem in downtown New Orleans are you getting tickets that are not justified. I'm -- differential -- we're coming right back with more here's a WW well news updates with John -- Some of the Texan I'm getting are just absolutely making me laugh. You don't quite often. I use real life experiences. It happened indeed that happens people that -- -- to talk about -- to talk about issues. And I know that New Orleans in the past has had a major problem with overly aggressive. Meter maids and get tickets that are that are not deserved mean remember in the mid ninety's I would see a meter -- beating on the meter. That was close to two running out so she could get a ticket. And if I'm not mistaken at the time meter -- were paid based on how many tickets they gave out not whether they were justified or not. So since somebody I know this is first hand experience and a walk rhetorical art. I should get a parking ticket in the CVG. Money left in the meter and she was given a ticket for parking in handicapped spot. It was a meter it wasn't handicapped spot. So I simply -- the question is this a problem in New Orleans again. Have you gotten a parking ticket that you felt was. Was unjustified. If you enjoy a show with that you're story our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every hand a text numbers like 7870. It's a Texan Reid says -- you are a joke you were a joke on -- 97 FM and a bigger joke and to be WL. Face it you or a full blown liberals. But I wonder if this person could actually prove that to. Us from New Orleans super nation your -- to do well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well it's Smart. The tree. They all the time that much debt on their property. You know. Count it. -- well. Oh where. Are. Certain persona you don't think you see. Did you don't think you got the proper training before they turn Jewelers to write tickets. Thank you got exactly what. So they so if you get the ticket that really isn't justified if you're you're saying it was an honest mistake and you're not trying to be me. -- I mean. That would. You know like at all. Thank you. Make it that. They -- -- back. Hi -- and mean. It and Courtney. Butler has worked with some people. Are -- action. You know -- -- in which were at an eye on it. Matter you know it will bring -- Outwardly no -- Actual. And -- -- Caught off guard who hired the right. And -- them out of what. We might there. 08 and try to there are people that it would be put out and they put out and it actually you know it is an error. I really appreciate you calling interpretation. And and so you're not you know you you you're not just trying to be mean or ugly and you don't get paid per capita you don't get paid to not per capita but you get paid based on the number of tickets you right. You get paid the same to the right one ticket or if we -- Now what what's the what's the biggest error reaction that you gets from so it was the most common reaction you get when somebody's approaching your -- you when you're already writing the ticket. Apart like a big part of the partner at. An. -- and it looked like bell and you know or. -- What you. Keep thinking at it and outlaw and it and it is actually an -- you know trainer Whitney. And so important man as. You know. Streak -- and so should you port the apple was EGG. Yeah. -- -- caught me being. The vehicle. And and it went. On on. Him. Channel. Port. -- -- -- without. Him being. At all. -- -- -- Statement out on the current in. The court Courtney. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like. A -- and it. -- -- to win it at age when he had to -- you know. I'd. Make it. You know Eric -- -- Our ticket technical you -- retreat are looked at it. You know. -- our. Next -- It's so nice to hear from an honest. Person who's out there are writing tickets British are really appreciate you calling her show. Our thanks. If you run -- stay -- suck it right -- of more of your comments series attacks three says -- you're not a joke. I am a conservative and I've listened to you for some time -- percent a lot of common sense and some conservative views whoever said that humorous joke is a joke -- mr. -- you know like we get so many wonderful text. And emails from people but it's always fun to read the ones that. They're very criticism very critical. I'm studio for Angelo we'll be right back under -- well. National Guard troops are being withdraw now from Ferguson and things have calmed down and hopefully things stay that way here's a RWW project my opinion poll this afternoon. Should this this is -- shoppers from walking around with rifles strapped on their shoulders we had the picture. For shopper and Kroger location which is the largest supermarket chain of the country that's their conversations going on on our FaceBook page -- W radio. -- 28% say no businesses. Should not ban people walking around. With rifle strapped to their shoulders and 70% say yes they should. Here's a Texan reads I was in of all I wanna get to this other text here referring to that went. I and that somebody really nice earlier today and she says driving practically I've met I met a listener to dispute show off from Cleveland and aimlessly and and her daughter is going to Tulane. Educating and he would get her daughter settled -- for the new semester and she actually came out for that in the ice ice -- challenge that I did it it Lucy she saw it on on FaceBook and actually showed up for today not by an intern. I'm -- was so great to meet you she's driving back to. She's driving practically noticeable are you from here to not distinguishing to your show because it keeps me in touch -- New Orleans which is where my daughter's. Here is attacks I was at a meter downtown sitting in my -- trying to get out of the parking spots but could not due to traffic. My glitter was on the wheel which turned trying to get out while I was trying to get into traffic the time expired the meter maid walked up and -- a ticket. For being in the parking spot without time that the tickets. That the tickets because people. Who witnessed the event. -- K -- -- against HD challenged ticket interest. So some people get tickets. It or not really justified -- that's. That they should happen but we just had a somebody who writes tickets say they sometimes they make mistakes from -- Casey under the WL. -- -- Eight are. Yeah it's all about the architect. Or. -- Aren't -- even at me. -- -- We go to -- Allah but apparently. And in -- -- And they are. Loading. It should be all I. And who would get a check it literally. Oh. And loading now a company. That Pakistan. Would review it today then. You. There are quietly and -- contract it out by a company Chicago. And -- spoke earlier out of respect for -- much because. You don't regret. They don't get a bit. That's the misconception. People at all. -- it this year the company. Whether or not. -- They were there about it good or not they get it they got back there they got two dollars -- ticket. But it was a valid -- -- -- But it it was an NC I think that's rule but he not not -- could not at a court. Quite had to go to court -- to -- And the granite aptly says. It under now. Quietly. Aren't. You. Europe. And you know island. Ordered. And the -- Quote he'd get it. You know -- okay -- but it took it took outwards and not. You know to sit in that court. And it and -- and out and pitch -- -- man. What company logo on the side. And that doesn't -- maybe you could make it more a year now become a struggle -- -- As a great man with a black vote. And maybe you should make it more clear that judge oh. Casey -- I appreciate you sharing your story with us are prepared got to get to a break here. You know it's unfortunate that some people get tickets that they don't that they don't deserve an and that does happen the problem is. It is. It is so much trouble to to challenge the ticket in the in the lives of so many people that have to undergo challenged ticket. And so that gives the city an unfair advantage because a lot of people are gonna pay a ticket. Rather than challenge because of the troubles so it should be very easy to challenge tickets I haven't gotten it taken so long I've got by him and I have no idea. I'm student for Angela who will be -- next week she's on vacation were coming right back with your comments on -- VW well. One republic. It you know it's an arena tonight's while these guys look forward Daschle Bob Mitchell will be doing is crucial tonight I'll be back tomorrow and Juli is on vacation. I'm glad you have not been witness I accepted the ice bucket challenge -- dinner earlier today outside of Lucy's retired surfers bar and restaurant. In a warehouse district which opportunist the video right now is trending on our website at WWL dot com I challenged you. Any and every listener to dispute show that night or when a fill in during the day so take the challenge. Make the video and we'll post your video of accepting the -- challenge for me and on our web sites and also on our FaceBook page WWL radio when I think Diane Newman our executive producer Tom Manassas associate producer today. And mark and our our studio producer who also does a great job with our music on the -- Have a great afternoon sports talk is coming up next -- New Orleans.