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8-21-14 4:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie: on Saints practice

Aug 21, 2014|

Bobby, Deke, Hokie, and Todd talk about today's developments at Saints practice.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to sports talk you're on WWL. Will be joining a big chief Deke Bellavia. And okay guys on here just few months -- with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert toughness is here with -- A little bit whether happening out today in Metairie as a plate a little habit. With our equipment. We're joined now with big chief Deke Bellavia and the cajun cannon Bobby -- there. Bobby what it would specifically did you see today at practice that impressed you the most right off the bat. Well first things first when you look at who's going to be available for the game Saturday night. And now that had to be encouraging because that pretty good slogan. You know cumulative in champ. You -- caller. I'm talking about you know a lot of different -- DB it is the top -- Keenan Lewis and Baylor -- great musician. David Terrell and managers -- -- -- -- -- That's a pretty well the Sixers deal at the bank for our program -- there anyone. That when you look at it you bring into -- field bush. And I'm Corey white -- record -- playing even though it was. Against the scout team period to get ready for the Colts got involved and indeed there. He's still going full speed in -- -- light. -- had a nice pat in the in the ball up and you know -- -- -- him intercepted it and try to get bolted and the only one that would account of but he also had an internship. Later in the period so and so that for cart that. Geithner Colin -- what is -- LP. Because I think we could again have that second ranked. Cup -- the -- Now you look and then due to the cockpit. And then the waivers. Today. You know not necessarily -- powerful means that we talked about it -- -- just -- in compliance. Paul Martin north Carolina's stadium deal or no enemy and Jerod and they're tied in Louisiana Monroe. I hear he's an art try to make it -- -- -- Landers. And he's been. A backup running back and I gave -- -- in the human notes that who's owed would be our main guy the rookie out of Colorado so best case scenario for eagle and those guys that you would have been practice squad player. Now maybe it's in the who's going to be third tackle. And so we're watching game look at the -- left tackle position. And I don't know who's been in them winning it probably can look at like our. Like -- in the pattern -- we ultimately it because he's so big guy. Other tactical over. Respect -- the scores being eligible and -- eligible look for him to be in stick with the second unit at left tackle. And that third unit like tackle you have to -- her. You know your swing man and -- both tackle positions. And also ignored more so -- has great tackle in the past. The first -- being people ignored so a lot of competition -- written mainly this morning. Get ready in practice and a public posting in Indian record the most meaningful game much -- and play. -- tape again. Two long touchdown drive and then I think it's over. And I can be out of twenty plays. But that you want to have some kind of continuity to actually that it probably. Will play against the Raiders are in and so I'm very important game. Obviously the true -- altered. I think it helped a great start like accountable on the field against. The type that you -- to come Saturday night and also bearing urgent. On the back it would secondary and our guys that recruitment would be conceding -- -- we wanted to welcome. And Bobby indeed and that's that's what most of the fans wanna know what drew for this Saturday. -- even look him this week guys he's been back and practices he's looking like drew -- look in May -- like a little -- got to get knocked. -- -- side and players oh aren't. You look. Relive their first I was pulling out phobia as Cleveland. We truly was able -- entire practice and than it was. Every hole pretty well this spot -- second. Well it's a product is drew within an hour -- -- -- -- -- man that built in the music you played. Here in. Carpenter expert but that interception. Might be more of an effect in -- members you know practice our game where it was in the red -- And he made one in an essential I think crew would throw the ball. The same areas and Connecticut signed and not comedic figure in the example is similar outcome. And those that -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- that you know make that play. And -- -- I don't earn a part of it now -- -- -- where we've seen them on the jugs machine. -- one we -- it I mean it was the bats well you know. Only caught one and it was a power. And you'd think rookie got his hands and ball like saying we talked and you get popped out actually caught it. Today it looked horrible remarkable -- that I ever a witness but. In -- the raider rule. Like record. In the neutral environment indoors but he's really short and I was still able to make all the -- that we can do in the. He's a cajun -- -- a barrel all the big chief Deke Bellavia I'm Todd Manassas will be joining these guys once again right now let's take a quick break. For traffic here on sports talk on WW well. And you're the numbers to call 26018786. Exit eight times or wait seven that's -- free nationwide. He also Texas and 87870. Got a lot of Tex coming in asking about. The practice. And the Saints then people get ready for this game Saturday night against the Indianapolis coach colds because typically the third game of the pre season is. The one where you're gonna see the starters. Play the most and gives you your best look at. Well that that's a much exam is Agassi exactly what team you're expecting to get this year. But it gives you a pretty good close but what you gonna expect him for the regular season. Bobby gave bear alone with the Deke Bellavia. Whether they're out at Saints camp and they were -- about the practice today Saints did practice indoors today -- like Bobby said. They will be playing indoors a -- Indianapolis. It's an indoor dome their. Drew said looked a little bit better today again it's X community 87870. The question that we get all the time asking and where is Victor Butler was he out there today Bobby -- I don't know Victor Butler. Mine. And their plans right now. You might. I'm just speculating out -- lead tardy put him in -- injured reserve. But no he's not that part of the mix now. What -- Annika is back at that period gave bars and being. -- dehydrated so it -- multiple. These -- and they warned him. And they're totally recovered he was out there and you Randy. -- will comprise arguably been. Because you to be stable. Who's going to be a kicker you might not be on the team. You know -- the competition that are able and Europe and now. Conferences premier Albert -- in crucial Tikka. Program it's an important night you know -- and -- you give -- support -- Mile flat area. There are you via their ineptitude and get the -- ago. And you know guy accurately that we needed to come down the -- he's in the game -- -- -- -- -- come -- I don't know which we won't have much patience -- that they'll wide open. Goes to communicate and he's. -- up and downs don't have anything to do with wearing year old number does it. I hope I hope not that they like oh you -- kicker nick were in pretty. You know -- -- entered the Eagles would be better be strong leg in an arrogant. -- yet and still being rightly think it will be back wail away. I'm gonna let him out there tonight and now look at the rate. Talking about -- talk about those kickers there was a interesting stat -- a -- guys caught it but with the first two pre season games and I'm sure you did. There were eight missed field goals and there were only -- like five the whole season last year. Had to talk about they extended extra point pinnacle high there always. You know typical the last two receiving game but I think being an adopted. Sunday yeah you get that extra point automatic and it's. W. At their last night how would you think about it and then -- music at the moniker on the court. A portrait now we think they had twenty points. Because you automatically. Content that extra point. You know we've got -- big regret it figured that an art should be at the NFL level. But I think when you look at the percentage is. I -- you wanted to not be automatic he'd be more interest. And an advocate and -- -- eagerly chomping at Ingram won. Against -- -- what he's expecting him to make or even though it is no longer points so. I think it's totally for the record feel about being milk I ever made that when they come the spring meetings and they got -- -- you'll probably increase. Do you think coming up in this third season game. Deacon to chime in on this one of the big things this last game. All the penalties that were called and as as Tokyo often says you could probably call hold them on every play him in in the NFL but it seem like they were really throw on the flags. Last game officials said they're gonna continue doing that to the regular season and we expect that again this week -- do you think. Coaches stress that enough. So we won't have so much sloppy sloppy play against the Colts. Well. I think it's almost like a public shall we needed to. Did you crave going to be in the -- even the regular season. The committee's -- call picking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well below typical country out in and were can pay per view PM 08. That ought to call we'll -- -- He -- career peak at sixty -- committed -- you got back to control that wondering. I think it's intuitive group called our. Order all year and was quarterback picture. Don't look at the ball not count quarterback and probably beat. Not a track at least eight people that could be that he's now more near the quarterback pretty egg problem. Great airport. By. Ottawa how the ball eat that you could take it. -- -- -- or per week -- or act like we go they're all admire that political matter abuse. Go to. A couple of protective order. I don't know that it in the when you look at it initially they okayed it being aggressive in the secondary. -- -- -- -- due to banks at an advantage over -- the receivers is actually almost like Seattle's see how cool. Also -- member how much can we call that would that would talk in today. And aptitude preceding games it gets released. Penalize this -- well. I wouldn't be out there right in the -- penalized. In other other teams could -- and number being too many penalties. But I ironically the Seahawks are not one of those teams. In the first two preaching is digging deep and. Because they're probably hold him back in the pre season they gonna do the regular season like -- said they're not gonna let the game go off about. I -- it -- -- the preceded the juice -- -- a couple of you know these notes Seattle as well and I mean they're aggressive team. They're there they'll wait for the regular season when they can get away with a right. All player you know it can be -- -- to -- because if you -- or old borderline teams but you know all the good news that -- would be -- -- -- -- Sports Illustrated how about. -- -- He is is really starting in an open who who. Can make sure did it happen -- right area companies and -- What we seemed well in every year all the importance put cattle all. Any eagle here but the Duke to a real close out most go pick -- all of it. If that particular coach would be aware that you could not be that big -- play off. Well there's one person that can find any kind of loophole or how to get it just -- under the rule that would probably be Pete Carroll these Deke Bellavia. -- Bobby gave bear on Todd and -- will take a break and that over the news Jim hands that would news headlines and it back for more sports talk he wrong WWL. And welcome back time and s.'s in the studio. Big chief Deke Bellavia cajun cannon Bobby a bear out at Saints camp. And just have a little bit of technical difficulties on to get that all worked out to that we sent our crack engineer. -- Landry out there to fix the problem is probably working as we speak. -- -- Blew -- what country. He probably could pick up. There -- would agree it. -- have been have you asked him he's stepping you to some wings with them if you are. Operate jaguar paid in full Alabama and Auburn the two favorites in the SEC west this season. Will LSU beat one of these two teams you can -- voted WWL dot com. Right now 41% of you think the Tigers are gonna get swept by both -- and Auburn. 35% of the Tigers will sweep them in 24% say they're gonna split. That one as well. A lot of folks though -- texting and an 87870 guys asking about the practice. Everyone's geared up ready for this game Saturday. With the Colts and the Saints did install league game plan for this pre season game correct. -- mean. That game plan. Particularly globe also dispute but yet. He little little bit more than just a Vanilla stuff yeah it's not go about it now. That they well -- ways. You know what they are trying him out -- -- shorter shorter practice. Of that is that children you know would be there. We keep it and you are available on in -- turnover should. And in order. For our creature -- hammered -- -- A little bit the last night in them and really haven't four not five interceptions -- What we impact in the game we haven't seen it -- like forever and Jerry Byrd had a couple. The rookie. But when your -- to chip away it's argued there's yemenite. Interception. Field bush. And interceptions and and if you look at pack. What Orszag what -- -- -- -- game was hoping you can do it that night. Look at we have five. So why -- the debate the only game in short the last night there was a lot. Happening you know. Remember when it started right since seven. And it really starting it could be well who's scratching and Albert for the competition. That last -- practice and -- -- you feel a lot. Of people apparently and he gently about. And I think he'll do this in the future coach acknowledged that it got to bring back Q -- you build -- football. In -- Friday Night Lights in. Going back and interest and high school locker room kind of key -- -- put that in perspective it. A lot of these young -- that -- forward move. -- being in this situation so I think it was a great practice that night human. Video done both offensively and he -- Now I know you you know branding coach was out with with a stomach problems stomach virus. He did a little bit through with a walk throughs today. Do you expect honestly Bobby to see him in this game Saturday against the Colts. Leo yet and I think he -- -- -- think we agree you out there Syria and but it. We had -- tomorrow humans play. So why have an extra day -- Saturday night. No I would be surprised -- -- he doesn't. Parker who might have opportunity in the actual game completely Drew Brees. That. Apply Tibet are it's actually -- -- -- surprised. It is definitely. You know. I IDs cajun cannon Bobby a bear Todd Manassas and will get things set up for the of the guys will go ahead take a break and when we come back go will be joined by big chief Deke Bellavia an oblique hokey guy John. In the cajun -- everybody all set and ready to roll when we return here on sports talk on WWL. -- -- guys I'm Deke Bellavia Saints camp covet cookies here on WW regulated we're here for Corey white. Team. Sean Payton Drew Brees among others repeat it for the Saints in the cold here -- -- -- radio WW yeah it's go to the phone that's going coup plot -- want cook thank you call. -- on two questions and noting that openness and number one who is the fastest tight in. And number two. -- would -- Linebackers who has become football's more outing up in this. Okay. -- -- came Ingraham fastest guy in in this morning and I met with Curtis Lofton as a one it goes well because signals so. Right and down for those that they would hit a driving. I don't know why. You know. That group -- into -- and a lot of quick tour and what you do it and I if you have -- Me. -- that you -- being. I guess I don't know maybe sometimes it goes -- I don't I was trying to of course it there or maybe I don't know that some profanity football rule. Who -- but I I mean OK acted well I don't the united. I don't know I don't know I don't know anything about it right foot I mean. Just because again the fastest guy in that means. He's scored more points that I've tried. I would think so he continues instantly -- especially. Okayed a day of practice wanting to talk about -- The preparation for the Colts and one thing you would tell me and I was type of but resident pro he's vehicle to kind of hold up the cause. That's collective scout team but -- -- team -- -- head. Of one player I don't know -- thirteen hitters it can replicate anyway you'll. Wanna -- -- that they've been moved around a -- office so that's kind of what was going. After the I mean that's more what you would do there in. Game week in -- regular season. That it's more like game plan stuff now I'm not exactly today and that they -- game planning. For obvious but it kind of makes sense that -- third game at that game that does he started on the play more. Problem -- they haven't -- -- they will in all three of the other receiving games combined so. It just. You know you take that one. Play -- confidence. You know and again I mean it was if it. Y Hilton the other focal point in the passing game like that you put that Jersey on him and they really they've they've been doing it all week. Even when the defense to work and by the entails at the other end of the field and it's all -- as one of the one that got to be win number thirteen years it may be. They put it -- Charles Hawkins who probably. Represents. The most likely saint players that PY Hilton would that I smallish receiver fast she if the you know so that's it it's kind of like we need to be aware where this guy is right here in. In that the situation if you wanna particularly defense -- back to match up on him in. I'm when he breaks you looked at thirteen to go with -- -- I mean that's today it would cutesy. More of in the regular season because that's what they do with the scout team they put up in the cards for particular please. Anything can and go back on and talk about some of the -- course it was kind of scout -- -- wrath of highlights you -- yeah well -- -- a -- and also last night -- reading all the air but I the united practice. That probably a game ball beat -- in -- talking about it. It is constantly. Wreaking Havoc in the and penetration right so. Why I think -- -- if I can it be lack -- and I think he's available on. -- what he did last year now hopefully. You know -- play so well and continue to grow -- everybody's. Somebody of -- -- like Woody's doing reward him and -- you look at marking and it annually and night vision. In a fifteen yard run. And and go back to collect Natalie. Beating factory but also warmth on both sides and how -- -- make that -- a Ronald Powell that's the guy they won. Also work but he is pretty stout run -- it -- that whole he talked about this is division. He got outside utilized his -- -- we've been great probably the best cutback runner. What you look at you know him as -- as his vision. Also -- read film. You know cadet. -- about this -- You know could it sorted speak up if he he's yard touchdown Jimmy Graham. Now visit them Joseph Morgan on the quarterback scrambling and hit the ball right corn and don't. If it was a fastball -- drop. That's the kind of please you have to make in the back in trying to make it as the receiver. So that was one negative. -- Joseph Morgan in that particular -- last night out there -- -- You know. And it be in Pittsburgh really active team real. -- -- and that is one practice. That kind of speaks for itself like I need to. Also Anthony to name and while. You know that in -- -- -- connect twelve yard catch. Josh Leo continues to impress. Immediately apologized -- that that that Florida coach Bates they've. Because when he goes inspection teams in the third night in here. Coach -- is definitely high. When -- another tight end now and talk with Mike Triplett last night. Nick Jacobs Melhuse -- the man in Louisiana. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think he can make it now I don't know like guys that they get in the playbook vehemently knows what he's doing it stays out of trouble I with Nate. That he definitely practice squad player and relies stated when your players -- them about individuals in my trip abroad this stuff. And you know he has is the -- at the end writer. That cover this thing. He talked is that streak and you look at nick Jacobs Field. And he is crushing people run block it. You know whenever -- drilling and yet the block. So like if that I -- an active roster but that's got to cut guys kind of guy you put that on the practice squad on activities develop. Before we walked in music you know we have Colin who's the fastest guy in -- -- back. So. Who with a -- decided it was 00 game that -- its -- Josh -- the passes -- in. Comment on the what they run into what was I don't know who ought to. Florida's linebacker I'll. Solid today and think Curtis flopping because he's always has about there -- tackles no more right I think he knows where he's going to quarterback it Davidson and this bye you really unite in -- yet. Answer that question yet so -- out but I think very promised that the -- Jacobs. You know at that at least be on the practice squad and now that the eagle would you have because he has the Colts at Ravens a big part of him maybe being on that. All right much off our resident -- look at guys on him Bobby David this is sports talk on WW. And welcome back to sports talk our resident pro -- guys on him Bobby being hit with a switch economic Indianapolis Colts beat the NFC. South the big AFC south division champs last season had a remarkable comeback and defeat the Kansas ET before about Al playoffs they are the favorite again in the south. And there are few plan Andrew book Mike Chappell Cote beat benefit in Napa style will be with us and -- -- on the LSU tiger says -- club for a publishing recruiting analyst for tiger -- dot com. Will be with us as well. To the phone to go to go to prayer VO for Fred Fred thank you for calling them BW. -- And -- Try to land. In the right. Pretty good shot made it. Couple -- -- Tipped balls. And didn't brush you at all. He'd let us know about what you impressed in Jerry's bird. You look at his couple minutes that's what I was again but that one and handled us pretty good. That was caught them by comic right now -- before Corey need to be able. -- -- -- A -- -- isn't there instead Alabama got a comment more just a moment this is sports talk on W February -- -- lord.