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8-21-14 5:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie: on Saints practice

Aug 21, 2014|

Bobby, Deke and Hokie talk about Saints football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome our number two or sports talk all the pros -- guys on him Bobby -- league ability -- the exit for the Saints taking on the Indianapolis Colts. Coming up later we will preview of their game but at chapel will be what does he write the Colts cope with the Colts would be Indianapolis -- Now to what took on the LSU Tigers -- that com's Mike Kolb or operated jaguar opinion poll. Auburn and Alabama on the two highest ranked team -- Alabama all the venues in the from the from the SEC in the top 25 they also have to be housed in the same division is really -- the SEC US. How well issue fare against the teams from Alabama who -- what they gates where would a sweep or would -- split. Can you vote online at WWL. Dot com and came to -- in the commit to some of the numbers that award Saints. Taking on the Indianapolis Colts coming up on Saturday night a guy who has a pats won a cup -- -- -- -- second only to the tobacco quarterback for the Giants. In yards with 358 is. The saints' backup quarterback in Ryan group. Yeah you look Ryan Griffin. I mean that's why can't put him on the practice squad can. Yeah he gets backed up right quick I mean he's done. That well and I think coach being obviously. As -- development that but you gotta give a lot of credit. To what he's been able to accomplish them. You know kudos to him to be in that situation. And you know ladies that continue to do what he's doing. But. I mean -- could be more proud of -- that it hung in there and you know yet look at lead and -- -- 118 point nine passer efficiency. It to -- teasing gains in and you look at. Passing yards 358. I was -- -- so that that's very encouraging that they helped his confidence. And obvious in this see you wanna finish strong. -- You know not only for the Colts -- but that Thursday night game I think is going out there wire. With him and Luke McCown. I think that things might roll the dice and Drew Brees being healthy. That have right over to the backup and maybe. -- wave of accounting and nobody made would pick him up. And I use them almost as an insurance policy if they ever had to bring them back considering he knows the offense but it I still think that that is. Why don't when you look at that competition in. Because speaking of consistency. You looked at last night. A talks with the hokey at -- is the different individuals. By Brodrick Bunkley he's been kind of quietly. Make you -- you know hit that -- against the Rams what to start off the team drill last night. Looked like he the short -- you -- -- major Grogan to get rid of a big drew still had in his hand like broccoli book about the gate would have had a sack. When Drew Brees and in. But you know the very next play Brees it's called him at fifteen yards in the -- And then this that they're -- as of the fact. And is it kind of a high low. Our our high high every -- call it we cam Jordan. And junior -- it was screaming around the edge and -- they would admit and Drew Brees and obviously it is just run past them. Without that would have been a sack and -- kind of like almost how we tattooed Brent Borbon that Vikings. In FC championship game. So that that he found that they'd be licking their chops coming three vote cam Jordan a junior -- having -- race. To the quarterback. Now than you look at was that his name. And now we think that considering his contribution on special teams how not. You know if you look at the guys that are all the special teams. Units. That you consider back the linebacker Kevin Redick. North Carolina he was a free agent last year. Inning cal knocked that one -- got to Fresno. And then also Josh he'll be on all the special teams would judge you know being. That third quarterback would a lot of competition and linebacker. The only because. That their on. Every special teams unit you'd think that the coaches think highly of them and and and expecting them come week one that being Kevin Riddick. And come knocked and he also had a sack come -- probably had public wacky West Virginia. And and now and camp probably has 45 sacks that we mention his name that number 58. You know you know coming in there also the dark horse to pitch and our cars. Could theme at a volley. Now he's the guy six foot 22 -- it -- five pounds that rookie from Boston College. He's a freak you know old rookie I think you can -- talk to bottom. Him being an old rookie -- you know almost 45 Beers in the east toward it -- But he also had a effect situation. Of the Baylor draw players and bill Johnson and mentioned him earlier in camp. Jorge who called. Them a 71 out at a USC. Be that have been at the close out practice he had a sack on Luke McCown and again and nick -- was probably. And knowing he had the short three maybe even four catches. That we -- a team early on and -- West Virginia. And then. That this was continue -- reminder they close out the drill last night. That. When when Luke McCown. Hate Kenny stills. You're a mime in a suitable consumers talk about that. The -- kinda quick sprint you know how when drew hit Lance Moore against the Colts by then the two point play and being noble would end -- Well the Saints ran that last night on on right on the goal line. And it -- been Luke McCown bikinis bills. -- quick burnout very Lance Moore like that Kenny stills picking up on that route. And and getting into the end zone but very spirited practice. And now now it's pretty much. Peca I think after. Well the haze in the born -- should be in the born as far as. Training camp now you get boring game week mode of before you know it. I mean you play Saturday night. And you get treatment and all that -- Thursday night he had an action -- because you played on Friday rise against the tide -- you -- them out would be here. Rate yet and he's still got a bit tight so I mean when we -- in game mode now. And pretty much. You know they prepare for the Colts but I think that is games over the and it's all about the Falcons and maybe a little time. You know get ready for the -- of Thursday night because what they do -- the Ravens and I get ready for the Saints either what you do is in the back in eighty trying to make that team. Those handful of guys. That they don't want any game play and they want individual battles. A -- -- winning 101 way the and all of it to be with the player. So pretty much -- in -- -- for training camp. And you going to be as healthy as you could be and now the promises title we see today in practice getting ready for Saturday night. Good. I think youth a great scenario situations so far with the economists -- West Virginia. And now bring on the regular season is going to be here because the good -- a week from Saturday. That we -- Houston. Because ecology and LSU was content so footballers were real football we go to games now at the UN Duluth I mean is -- -- or just thrown. Called as the -- -- about being able we've Campbell get Hokies thought on today's practice and start pointing out things to look for in the Saints vs the Colts Saturday night right here on WW. And welcome back to sports talk on our resident pros look at guys and RB a bear -- the ability to 60 points -- -- 866. 8890 rates in the ease the number to be involved and he can't and the black ago. You exit to take on the Indianapolis Colts Saturday night in Indianapolis Lucas old stadium -- mechanical ballclub they or a I guess you'd say the solid favorite in via AFC. South this season. After -- it a year ago. Have to say I don't know we gave these now I -- what I think -- Texas they're gonna bounce back. You know when you look at the Jaguars. And you're looking at the Titans. I mean I I don't know that I think Andrew Luck is someone that's special. In I think. You know he's the -- -- faith that the NFL so to speak I think Reggie Wayne him coming -- getting his leadership. I think. Can be critical. Now they gonna start out the season Robert Mathis have the services and you know he had a nine and a half sacks so. If you look at it you know Trent Richardson. Accommodation him and Ahmad Bradshaw running back. What would they be able to conquer. Accomplish as it is today. And then. Kelvin Sheppard you know he was the linebacker from L issue they came over. From the Redskins I believe I -- I can recall. You know him didn't hook enough. That and -- that you use Perry Riley was the Redskins view of the Buffalo Bills and that's what he's the third round draft pick in. And now he was traded in 2013 season a typical for the Indy ring in D'Qwell Jackson from the Cleveland Browns. So Venus -- is the projection was that it the quote Jackson. Probably was going to be stardom but you never can have to me linebackers. In too many cover guys. You look at explosive young receiver. TY Hilton pokey a -- and hammer early. You know that that's the guy correct you which you know you look at the yards after the catch. 5978. Pounds from Florida International University it. He looked like he belongs in the NFL and really. When you think about it. A third round draft pick in 2012 definitely. Eleven that expectation -- doing beyond. Third round of playing more alike a first from those fours. The -- he's been for the Colts offense. You know a lot of it topic is also. Around the league. As the you know about the owner. And you know when you look at -- say in his involvement. You know he gets pulled over -- has about 30000 dollars in cash on him. He had bottles or -- even noted a number of pills. Yeah that. -- almost like a dealer -- -- -- -- -- that suspension well it comes out or he would. Yes yes I don't know. You know the mean in theory is Roger Goodell that he -- owners everyone the same. You know without the player who did it. That you're ready would have been suspend. So but. You look at the Colts it it you know they hit the lottery going obviously from a Peyton Manning. But today Andrew Luck on it and you know everyone at point Yale is one game as they come back and -- is. You know within a thousand wanna go to playoffs well -- scored. 63 points against them yeah. It was the bill yet you look and you know Bill Polian was still run in the Colts then as a -- seen him in up in the press box and he was like shot. And that -- Hitler -- the Colts who like the JV team. You know you know -- -- -- bag. That book but they could be without the things now in so when I look at them a bit difficult team come Saturday night obviously but. And at the one area that I think the Saints can win that. Islam is on the line of scrimmage is fours but I mean. If our people at the line. Against their -- it's alive they'll think. They have question marks. Among their offensive line I think it's kind of average at best. You know you can't have the extra -- everywhere. But I'm on the if not the with the line definitely at the neutralized him against them and set the tone and is interested to see Trent Richardson -- what he'd yet you know. I mean now he's had a full offseason with the COLT -- that yet no excuse TB you'd be that guy for them. All right he's Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia well hope you guys on final four to 601872038668898. -- the LSU. The Auburn Tigers and Alabama credited that both ranked in the top team. How Oilers should do against the Tigers and Alabama this year they split massive loss to Alabama will be beat Auburn you think desperate this year. What a sweet Alabama -- or will they get square. Cast your vote online at their BWL dot com new status by a third attempt first and loose and we'll go to -- -- Well hope you guys out indicate he -- him Bobby -- I'm the -- of the Saints take on the Indianapolis Colts. Saturday night 7 PM here on Saints radio WWL. Our coverage started 3 o'clock fans first take what time and as a since the court case it can have a talk -- -- and giving his take on the things. He's looking forward in this thing typical to go to -- just a few moments -- a few things became the Canadiens want to see that ignited the thing -- in. Well you wanna see him get off their great start like you did against the Titans you wanna build upon that. Continue. To sack the quarterback. You know create turnovers. You know do build upon that -- on the plus side and they get -- take we ratio. You know you like to see -- reason offense. Not isn't very to have two long sustained drives him in then Matt ever have a -- on the first water. That would occur they have a twelve a ten play drive them. Knows that they Drew Brees and probably would come out. Our. Or maybe. You know played that a middle the second quarter. You know and get some kind of extend the play is -- -- that you play against the Ravens come Thursday night. But just if you have that big you know Drew Brees is headed in the right direction even if you would struggle. That you can't put too much into a bit his perspective he talked about it after price that he -- so he must have a good showing. And I and a great start kind of almost like a tune up. Of the regular season defensively. You know I guess they're coming up with turnovers in. That even doing better on third down that's one thing. The first two games we have not played well. You know when you look at third down defense and and that's I think that was a big part were -- able to do get on the field you know we were number one. In the NFL as far as a first down the -- little allow an average of seventeen. Per game so. When you look at. You know who's playing at the beginning. Obvious yet if they are now little coaches are trusting. -- and a lot of position battles at the net and in the second half and you never want to embarrass yourself. On a national stage. You know playing at CBS Saturday night. Everyone. Did just that they like the Saints -- -- high scoring team so they tend to wanna watch them we'll keep you use the great ratings. I don't know how you judge that in pre season. But he is wanna have a good showing. Especially businesses like that you know game. You know for the ones as far as I was in defensively. Before the Falcons game to kick off the season. So it then then really. Matter I guess that would matter if you winning -- going if you can have too long drives and you're up fourteen net that are 100 whatever you can point. And then you force a couple of three and outs. And then you see a lot of substitution that never get off a great start I think that a bowl welcome the Colts are playoff team when you look at. Last year even though we lost in Iran played him in the pre season. The Rams are you still -- it was basically a 500 team. I think -- inning with a Tennessee Titans. -- the Colts. Even though they'll into the pre season last year. And their predicted not that -- -- that they have feelings too global but it's definitely. The favorite to win the AFC south and even. If the news even even a worse -- case scenario would be for them to at least be a wild card -- could be a good challenge of going against. A playoff team for that third. A -- he was the most meaningful in the pre season. Well but in the game and the takeaways. And giveaways in the National Football League right now we talk about the takeaways giveaways. The New Orleans Saints have a total of five they have take away they have to lose it so that puts him. Plus three in right now overall body in the difference total categories Saint Louis three. If that was for team history Jackson viewed it -- things. And the Saint -- -- only post Crosby of course it goes back by it yet. They start out lies to a two -- good against the Rams. And then we ended up last year than -- the season zero. So when plus or minus. Just look at the field problem I had I think there were like plus nineteen plus twenty. And you can see that -- comes in the play to help you witnessed the global. And we just continually. You know stay on the plus side. And I guess that even though it is pre season his do it. In actual game and have an actual competition. Because you you'd think there's about team and a better team that we have. That if we are in the plus side this evening plus one funny then not necessarily you know plus two or three wood deceive a close one. You're light the same chances of winning now. With that being said. I think. It's a scenario where our office obviously -- to protect the ball but high risk high reward. That I think coach Rob Ryan and even take the approach that we can get through -- and office more opportunities. So we do have a turn over. -- we gotta get -- back and got to stay on the plus side to it we get a interception or a fumble were minus one over etiquette to back and get back. -- to the plus side because. You look at this percentages. When you do that in the NFL because there parity. -- -- a winning team -- you know winning team in. And that helps you get to double digit wins. Hoch beat one of the things that you pointed out you talked about continuing to see good play from Mark Ingram that you point out obviously. Or he's got the first two games he had a hive by what Russian the first game 83 yards. But what team you ought to Kerry well last week he he did well received from the football -- touchdown pass so walking a football game to kind of got it two different ways. And I mean market becoming a much more all around back. Kind of when he first got here. When asked throwing it about a -- can't be in line means I made an -- Matt when he came here as a rookie. Yeah I mean he's got he's got good solid candidates. I mean I don't think he's an outstanding. Figure but he is certainly capable of catching anything. Coming out of the backfield screens the flat routes swing routes things like that. Does it seem like now -- make it more of an emphasis on -- doing. You know the touchdown that he had the other night. Well it did come out of it a good job that Brian Griffin teammates along that Joseph -- error by runs up the line of scrimmage and in obvious Gibson. It -- grip and didn't want the with the not to get not to be throw the red flag apathy -- their back line of scrimmage it marked his game the backfield with -- for you UT's defense that deep. Generally speaking when you've got the most area it is to run it in the middle of the field so we ran like a little arrow route or possibly an option route. And win Ryan he came over the middle it was field this year a couple of moving at the end zone though. By having him be able to do that now. That gets hit another dimension does saint topping -- -- in -- marking point so if he can continue to do that. May be going after awhile Pierre Thomas so much to be your screen guy who's. He's been the best screen back for the saint for a long time. But it almost seems like now deep into the key in on that when he hits in the ball game it right there there are alert to that particular place so. You can see the defense of linemen. Be a little bit more cautious when Pierre Thomas is in the game it can I come off and hit the -- but -- Stand up to me and it looked to see it's his gas that now first green so. And -- it just seemed to be. -- -- will detail in that last season that screen passes or work in nearly as well because I think that with the beep beep -- it -- and now. How would you say this one thing and I've been on teams where. I used to running back -- -- -- all of the bags do whatever it's like the fight new ball like that that it are they just they just don't have it yet they can't catch it now seem -- Mays or work on. And a teammate in my adult here you can always has the ball but Reuben had to work on any big get better. While looking at all our running back to all of our running back kick the ball like the receiver yet look at Cairo Robinson as hard as he runs. And a slap run -- over me. When he can't last night -- an end zone -- -- immediate friends of -- -- feet into -- did. In now bother writing up the ball out of bounds. You know there are here -- the ball very well I mean it. It's a backfield that none of these guys out hopefully it all in the passing game and you know. -- what's -- -- about it running back fight it. It's almost like yank it it's they're going. To recount like that that -- let it come to him and that contradiction comes in. You got to work back for the ball with their hands seemed Beagle at the light light that it hit and and his that I thought that it down as opposed to -- two innings in the. All right those are resident pros okay guys and about Nieve we will continue here this is sports talk on WW. The LSU Tigers take on the Wisconsin Badgers next Saturday August 30 in Houston -- -- -- -- at 3 o'clock ideal hole with a tiger would that be have you AM FM and dot com operated jaguar opinion poll Alabama and Auburn are both ranked in the top team. They thought above L issue the SEC west how what Ellis should do it gives the team to Alabama. This year when they do like he did manage it will be split with the Tigers sweep. -- well -- she gets whipped cast your vote online at WW dot com LSU plays at Auburn October. And they play at home against Alabama in November and Bobby we look forward to being in Houston and the I've I say I feel confident comfortable I feel confident and I feel safe. Cause I've been -- poking and hope you know I trust -- one -- Michael -- is always feel recruit the focus is the -- if you -- out Houston. He's that you probably will be at 830 minutes that can give you a critical you backed down convenient. -- Barak told the with a group Crosby saw a thing mean if Tebow were all -- older but Kurt. To that that you hit in he would play right thought -- get patted down -- and his zone a little bit cruel to. What travel oh all right. Private pilot's. Helmet so. Yet another with a bad speaker will be it was a lot of fun. Boy I think Belichick fan -- like to think Stanton a lot of more than -- Mitchell and at the bit they can't wait. A -- -- phone. Going to gain program and I yes yet it's going to be it's going to be a great atmosphere like a bowl ring as QB -- likable guy -- the team wins -- -- Ku is he -- Ku with that gamble for you I think it's. To me if you gonna play that yet how our -- them to the implant in Baton Rouge. But I would much rather play that game and not realize it means a lot this mean the dollar the loss at my home. But just from a feel standpoint. It's almost like one other team's annual conference Ole -- is playing ball the stage -- to play Clemson. Alabama Iowa City if you Oak -- with a of fall less a team. If it don't matter how good you look you don't have nothing to win with you go in and it's a tight game that you play a team that's had a thought where it's a win win situation. Well I and I think Wisconsin. They're telling their boys they kind of -- when Mitchell who only do the united leading though as the season's top dog and all that they and they thing remains now I don't know about their defense that line and I think utilities but I think villages in the -- But I don't know it is it big in this -- was content from -- what I don't stop it had -- before chorus but I always content -- right they won't be -- big if I'm -- an objective. That that I think Wisconsin -- -- Ronald -- uniting -- the rural well we won't see the college football season while we took quite some big games including gave him without Cadillac kick off the college football season Saturday August 30 right -- -- the -- -- the -- WW.