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8-21-14 6:10pm Bobby, Deke and Hokie: on Saints-Colts

Aug 21, 2014|

Bobby, Deke and Hokie talk about today's Saints practice and talk with Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star about this Saturday's opponent, the Indianapolis Colts.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He walked out of a three of sports talk a profile guys on him Bobby Baird it would have. Having a bit about now. My cap over the Indianapolis Colts for the Indianapolis what about the cold off the -- -- a year ago but they want AFC's out. A remarkable comeback great franchise history defeated Kansas -- Before losing in the divisional round. Some pre season magazines and publications actually had the Colts go to the Super Bowl so I think it will make a big run off the field which could mean. Nick and those that put the final day. Are they ready we'll talk about that some of the shortcomings of the things that the -- league were -- this offseason in order to it and it -- championship on. Possibility -- the -- -- up after the bottom of the hour period -- we have coached all paid quarterback Drew Brees and cornerback. -- why operated jaguar opinion poll at WWL dot com Alabama is ranked second in the country well Auburn is also -- opportunity. Top six by some accounts it was 650. Will LSU. Do what they did a year -- look at the Alabama that will be split they beat Auburn in the earlier matchup and loss to Alabama in November. They play Auburn in October 4 week in October this year and a -- Alabama. The second week no matter how the Tigers do -- it. Well they sweep all we will pay gates where it's operated yet or opinion -- at WWL dot com well. He was real hot spot training camp it kind of cool -- on the but in the last couple practices he has been active today and spoke to the media at the saint -- I'll write about it it is wide receiver -- -- know -- Well I think he's in -- heated battle we came out the gate smoke and if you look at it hearts race. In the first quarter mile maybe he was up. And and really had a big lead that you know he's come back -- -- -- but then now he's hanging with the Packers he's had. He had a good practice last night when he had three receptions and also. -- had a touchdown but I think it's gonna go down that little wire and novices that and I can be very important. And who's in that would Drew Brees and that you make plays and he's coming at direction. And all that can come in -- the play we just goes to show you. And Joseph Morgan. He and necessarily had a that's for us. Big number receptions that the catcher was attention that is what he's done he's got all Utley would go to receptions and Joseph Morgan you look. And big when you look at because only pit passes. In three seasons -- in -- mean nobody have to look at those big plays on both him receptions and two over three years he's been on. Injured reserve now. We always talk about the 2000. Twelve feet and against Tampa Bay it. Against the Packers to highlight a long. A touchdown receptions. I -- with interest if you look Sean Payton. Commenting on a guy like Joseph Morgan. And really. To -- that -- you wanted to be as a receiver with coach Payton expects. From you. And he said this about nobody can beat any the receivers. Yeah you know he's that is about Joseph Morgan certainly like his speed he can block. And he's a good receivers for -- not only speed burner -- does he run precise routes. And that's why the holding -- by catching the ball consistently. That up in the play but the one thing with Joseph Morgan an outstanding game against the Titans he did it in the game. And that's it and it -- to do it in the game when they come. -- the Colts -- the Ravens. That's what you have to be productive not necessarily just an outstanding. Practice player. And then hope when he shows up for the game you almost have to count him -- which could mean it's it to about Joseph Morgan. And that type performer she says it was encouraging. That he got behind the defense. And was running and he wouldn't mean that because coming off a serious knee injury. And he still was able to get behind the defense is able to make a few plays. And that was good to see the and do that. And them because that's the kind of place you make him you know prior is the entry. And that a kick anyone's attention -- -- three catches. 408 yards. And I think nick who has to do that it the thing you have. I don't know five receptions. For 6070 yards -- that that that's a win him. And that that means that quarterbacks looking at direction and he can come on you to make plays with the faith. We all know it's like basically Marcus Colston. Kenny stills and Branko and you look. We've talked about this. Like. Who spies that are that maybe get a keepsakes that I have like a Courtney Roby. A tight special team guys and and you got. Three. Two spots but we have three in a competition and Joseph Morgan Robert Meachem and nick too. He -- -- Bobby a bit -- guys -- the ability with his sports talk a bit UW. And welcome back to sports talk about our resident pro smoking guys and Bobby a -- I'm Deke Bellavia about -- now we -- here. Without Mike Chappell he cope with the Indianapolis COLT to the Indianapolis on -- update on the Colts -- Saints take on. Saturday night and focus -- they will affect quarterback Drew Brees spoke to the media following the -- black ankle practice. Alright that's it quarterback Drew Brees addressing the media about the Hokies take just a few moments with -- a ticket on the Indianapolis Colts who have lost two preceding games with and taken to those points. Saturday night in Indianapolis virtual -- and lose the BW at 631 that first game. And welcome back to sports talk our resident pro -- guys I am about the eBay -- witness to the phone would go with -- easy on line one thing people calling -- -- -- -- -- thought he. What about ball -- an -- But the wind got caught our football. Practical -- -- -- don't know during a lot better camp when it would be but it just can't -- game although they get a pretty. Letting -- make the team make the practice squad navy in he has gotten better he had one particular day. Where was that -- view it was. It through Tuesday in a coach Bates said wanna see them do it two days in a row. Today Bahrain -- drowned -- -- -- he didn't do it -- -- -- money to do yeah I think officiated have acted in good faith that quality back to back two days literal and that didn't happen. Where he's kind of is kind of almost like. He has the physical ability what you see him as like almost every day you expect him to drop a passed around like who's to say about every cent time and endeavor Ellison and did not drop -- passes that he might develop like that but I think. Best case scenario. A competition that he via practice squad player. I think hoping that. Head one of these receivers that they Coleman Hawkins. -- to a big consistent a ball consistent throughout the they'd be they would be really -- a conversation with him in between right now but I don't I don't think that was the case. Not to. Too many ups and downs and that's what that's what coach Payton look for mean. It is not just -- -- about it -- in the proper routes all the time you've got to. We deterred Drew Brees talked about it that -- -- throws that he made need to and he wanted in right flatter and and Idaho. It's been more of an ankle and mean that's. I don't know what that them middle buster not based on -- -- yet to adjust to because that's where it drew entered the ball expect. Well we hope he's been here long enough and if you don't want to read correctly need to -- right because they've got that trust you. And being you know like you making him look back and completed an eight. Make it any bad -- it hit that they did note he's got to be where he wants you to be our. -- -- The other guy who we're -- on David -- yeah. And then he came out the gate count like it to do whereas it union and then he started having. A drop here -- there and they if you come back he probably ran the best -- played at all the work and again it's not even the whole camp. Will want Rivers played had a but. At least twenty yards depending if he breaks the tackle. Although the reverse would try to run his -- short. And not that good crowd -- it but so you see all the children in the reverse eight -- he actually is more negative than positive. And then but -- reversed so a special and a Monday night against the -- that never ran it. Hear about it till I got the by the two yard on anybody eighteen yard gain but going back young receivers I don't care. You can go down the line you could name them all Charles Hawkins. Ran nickel when they showed David Jones. Look at it not -- count and the -- and I'm looking at those young ones first impression. They haven't been consistent enough that they that the take over any of those other receivers. That's probably -- and he can even out there -- that night yeah him he's here. It that I haven't seen him I didn't I think beyond my arm but you look at like practice squad players I don't know if you keep two receivers on practice squad. That but I would say right now. I think Charles Hawkins got a few -- like he allowed their argument great look he coached -- one bit down the road. -- the Charles Hawkins. Being out of seven. And grow up right here and -- being a practice squad guy and I think. More -- David tell -- -- Coleman. Of fighting and fighting for that other practice squad spot. Handles other two guys killed in. Colvin an -- yet they and their guys up -- more work with them -- right by. And again off Hawkins let me start out and -- Valley right now but -- when they put a scout team here on in that's a good sign for you because -- be around you that you give him a great element good low. Yeah yeah. 2601 -- 78668890. Rates him the you've beaten them the game ball. Hope you guys on embodied their say that the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints over to a spot and it. 3 PM here on the -- -- the radio at 5 o'clock if the but like out and it kicked off my from the cage he can't -- Bears. On better -- boulevard nuclear if you will be out if five to 7 in 7 o'clock it's game pass from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis the Saints and the Colts. Turned down a sound it's that type of Christian -- in -- on Saints radio. WW and after the point -- the -- to camp Bobby -- in 21 a camp wall to wall -- -- to commit to things that I had a point -- For the saint -- another thing do you think so I was 43 other teams at plus three that turnover category but tops in the NFL. Amount of -- the first week with five last week it was 30 with a pre season. One thing that we talk about the Saints have. Covered -- -- and kick off return from the pole 26 against the prime spot again thing Lewis. Saint Louis at five returns for -- 134 yards this point seven in order return Tennessee six returns for artistic value -- That's at 48 yard -- eleven return with a tumor you know the coach painted with an avid. You know. The return game being in cover returns. And returning punts if those they couldn't move up a little. If I'll be -- that. Note the imitate those who weekly last year we talked my billing. Players didn't -- weekly and and and an element of goes like -- they go by this what are you rank. Who would you rank in the NFL. OK I'm returning to a Darren Sproles with a ranked thirty. Claude. That and then think start to return going to be ten yards or more. You in -- look at you look at kickoff return. -- kickoff return oh we were in and we -- middle of the pack. We average at point three yards -- which is seventeenth in the we need to be a 25 or more so right now we're given up 2728. That then that no that's not very good. That that that's that that you in the bottom of the pack. You look punt return of a punt coverage kickoff coverage. Like covered I think -- had to do with Thomas Boris did and he's been to top him that's what are we were good. We were seven -- kick return average. As far as kickoff coverage average. We were 26. -- that that is given a 25 point two so we say we you know 2728. The -- might be one of four laughs our last that that that's not. Know the road that's not very good. The only thing that I'd say that you can write home about last year with output cover. Average when you look at that and not necessarily. Kickoff coverage are obviously. Punt return and then kickoff return middle of the Paxil. No one out of four on one and a half hour -- -- negative one positive bottom line is we got to get better on special teams. All right -- -- the Indianapolis Colts of the Indianapolis all there's not a welcome and Mike Chappell Mike thank you so much for the time my. Indianapolis Colts ballclub they've -- fielders -- right there in the elite status of the AFC. But we're talking about them then the Saints had the world volatility offseason goals that. Improve Gordon 2014. What are some of the things. That Indianapolis has to improve on to advance fate to that next round becoming a championship contending team in the AFC and even may be a step toward the Super Bowl. Our attitude thing aside from getting healthy which. They've got mixed review on net that. Don't improve the running game. Open it up watcher per return and and they think they got beaten the principle but it primarily the back and so. For the running game is -- secret urgent and averaged about 29. Gear and that's kind of he looked better time in the number of records you know through an effort that. I'm pretty seasons. Back don't feel or -- it -- too so small samples aren't. If they get -- running game just to work reliable. You know honor and our games are putting a view of it being rich and well into their room. To really grow. And winning them back he -- and the Orioles apart and this can be pretty explosive offense. -- better -- -- litany -- -- aspects. It's a weakness of the team that should. Thank you all trio. Number way and knowing that if you're under for the so it. Now Mike obviously. When you look at Robert Mathis and his impact led the NFL and Faxon. He's could be suspended. Amare and the standing in his replaced and I believe is the first four games -- beyond Warner. I mean he's guy that's kind of intriguing story. When you see his background where he came from what are prospects on him. And I think got to be devastating come at a Robert Mathis but what does he bring it to the table. He wrote duties regret wouldn't be as rush. -- replacement but the format does but until then. Compliment me you know -- rookie year you know a foot injury and then you have been a rookie completed early in triple -- to aspects. People approach the pitcher he's more. Instinctively react and you -- thinking. What you just see what we know during training camp regrets but sometimes. That's kind of cool cool thing to keep -- and don't. We -- -- the end of pro sports or in shall now place. He's really important. Factory and you know my mental prison for four game or Robert pack. He's the second best record at the at nineteen and half. The second guy -- -- just another Cairo alliance. On one player again if would work -- an up and and occurring in our field from Baltimore. Big addition so they were in D'Qwell Jackson from Cleveland. They think they've increased the support productivity for seven and assists and help in their -- You know I got -- -- -- -- practiced it like the -- always have. That -- Louisiana flavor that LSU flavor will -- You know Peyton Manning obviously Reggie Wayne in. Looking and about LaRon Landry the fate here. Kelvin Sheppard what was -- the starter but then that would departed D'Qwell Jackson is named him now backup but -- treatment that the teams that don't. Yet to commit back up I think it is they're going to be it's surprising not make it seem to me it Shepherd. All the cute but -- -- -- guys like separate Pepsi cap number more important -- million and a half which is. A little steeper back but not great but how long Islanders the guys all well -- -- -- who -- early. Didn't live up. You know you and -- years. All it -- what does that make great plays this year. -- that might be -- that the team and Erica played very well there are more sure. That it. Sort of been. I alternate shot or you -- -- apartment. Anyone who Baldwin -- works -- -- know -- you know be out there -- water or. What is that in the this year and didn't didn't part of it why don't you hear any records and he temperament Japanese -- current. So during these very -- and he didn't practice at all. Game in Mississippi practices during training camp so. Lot of pressure on it went on -- and San Francisco free agent. What we've got to be an important rectory got to make -- got to be the guys. Make impact plays and you know Capello that -- the extra year. Mike -- Mike -- both body or two -- -- You're -- in triple 51. Welcome to -- were never simply worked well so. We look at port and Kevin Garnett. Might as we go to break quickly -- thought anti if you could of the Titans of the Texans of the Jaguars. Or what team may be could. Possibly challenge Indianapolis in his division. And -- and if they -- decent quarterback like. Ultimately got what other people employed when the quarterback doesn't work if you guys know it is that between double work I think to bring to these and quarterback what you and commit to Puerto -- this year. Mike Chappell Colts beat writer for the Indianapolis -- Mike thank you so much for the time. All right this is sports talk all the hope the Saints at tiger at the -- WW it. And welcome back of our -- -- -- -- guys out and Bobby eight -- I'm the ability operated -- picabo LSU. Against teams and Aaron both think that is Alabama apartment. How they fare against those teams this year what they split when they get swept -- where -- sweep. Cast -- vote on line. At WW real. Dot com and boy you don't you think about it one week for the night pokey they got some good football a couple of known beat. He hit it through the pre season meant that it it's no no knock no disrespect to say that that Lance preceding game NFL. It's difficult to watch typical difficult what no it's amount of people did not make the team on -- that analogy. And it's important to me you're looking to -- out. And last year in the pants or close friend of those guys are trying to make -- that throughout the rest of America is not an area. -- and -- there -- -- -- -- CC and -- -- to one of their 45 games they have South Carolina and Texas they in the hand. Also -- don't have temple and Vanderbilt another interesting game. Cross country game -- to stay in opens I think that's an interesting game next week. Yet beat the expectation bowl or miss -- -- yeah. And because about that that might be the hardest. Hold the point at the post game polian is that there. Thursday night at the last three seasons with people -- -- go to work. The next day Indy we don't know one then we got that you know ourselves the best that this year was no point of issue related there's I gave him riding high right and we kind of you know combo now have -- -- -- -- Thank you -- -- yeah I watched every play they have a few games I have to watch that painful -- appreciably news that the network that we can do -- point. -- like -- -- they'll clear out all the pre season pop on -- got their name but to get resolved anything get rid of the regular season. It's almost even though you definitely on the Ravens as a point after you obviously talking about now. And with them and of them but. Little weak and -- even even in average out of the pocket and what we're Alexa that -- the pre season down so woken up to you could have a two -- three games. What in the third game the second game would take the place it is discomfort of it yet so. I don't know. If it is idiocy of today they would eight in. I don't know nothing like peavy in the race how that happens who controls that -- But what they wouldn't feed it -- and more like at this who -- in the middle February. You know verses you know army -- anything like I thought the presidency thought like the fifteen point of that like a year ago which defeated back where I think that's. I think I'd be more likely personnel. And elected draft being pushed back and I thought that was miserable year yet I think that the love the court yeah. It was you know two weeks later in accord I had -- -- that they might be only right now only one week later and maybe so mated with a three days. But they figure on the road right. And he's been getting on the -- -- units of the discussion thing yet though but it's not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Beat its nearest competitor you know and the big TV shows the top -- -- guys out and Bobby -- but Libya is the sports talk on WW.