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8-21-14 7:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie: on Saints and LSU

Aug 21, 2014|

Bobby, Deke & Hokie talk Saints football and talk with Tigerbait.com's Mike Scarborough about LSU's upcoming season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to the final now of sports talk along with our pro -- -- John and Bobby a -- I'm Deke Bellavia coming up after a couple of it just a few moments Mike Scarborough a -- -- dot com will be would have. We'll talk Mike about the Tigers as now they are in full game prep oh getting sick. Tickled with -- that bad if one week from the Saturday in Houston here on talk radio WW AM FM and dot com. Coming up at just the moment we are going to hear from saint. Defensive back Corey white who has had a very good. Training camp of the at this point and -- thing -- at midnight in Indianapolis. And then later in the out we were here with Saints coach Sean Payton had to say at today's practice operated jaguar opinion poker top boy you can partake in it going to be WL dot com. LSU in the SEC western teams ranked in the top team retain the southeast the competent without it the highest ranked Alabama and Auburn. How Oilers you fare against Alabama and Auburn this season they issued an issue beat our. The end LSU lost to Alabama would have -- saint would they be a split the season where Ellie as she happened to sweep the teams and Alabama. Off widow the Tigers get where. You can vote for your liking at -- UWL. -- cop well he's a very good training camp thus far at cornerback in nickel situations. If it to back Corey why addressed the media after the basic black. Well hope you guys on you know that the rule book bombings -- -- you like the way about the use hopefully look backwards as court wise move or bad but I think. I speak for and that. We all agreed that -- He. He's he's happening consistently had the most success there and his camp and don't agree with that in. You know you could hear their -- Different people -- and questions about the difference but the line -- so I mean that -- -- -- some versatility. Outside on the slot back to safety position. And I've been able to do that it utes. Rob Ryan to more flexibility -- when they put him in the ball game so. And you know look it is the young -- was quite honest decent look -- what -- game. Quarterbacks that know me they gonna come out way though. He's -- -- ill prepared for write whatever happened and look it I've seen the -- in -- set in practice today yeah I mean he's dispute and I think it you know people back. From day one out there and went for it probably has spoken out the most in -- -- yeah everybody which stated he would probably it one pitch in about every three to four immigrant yep switches you know. That's not. How bad the the -- yet I. And you know what you think about it instead then I'm done haven't midshipmen again legitimate go to I know that -- -- and they gonna collapse that means so. You know the one positive thing how you look at the glass half full than half -- Is that that they're picking on you -- you have more opportunities to get takeaways. That the bulk -- -- direction. You know perfect example. All the talk about this great wide -- cornerbacks guy hates. He he was the one before Jason feeling you don't feel like cornerback out there with. With guy Casey made the Pro Bowl debate were you wanna throw Bobby Butler Deon so he's in there he gets -- -- session. Now you can come and you prepare yourself I'm ready for the ball to come my way and it and you learned good experience and take chances though with the break on the ball and so you look at it more instead of an economy is coming I mean they'll look at -- that opportunity came -- again is exactly. Are right. LSU cope with the the season one week from Saturday against the Wisconsin Badgers in Houston. Talk LSU we've been on this day -- -- -- dot com been. Problem might it is that the -- debate since 2005. Mike LSU this season is nearing ever by the excited. And one week -- got a pair of college football pick up golf always an exciting team. Yeah -- -- -- this problem this is pretty quick even when we. Night and week access to practice that. Seems like Mexico -- quicker than usual but. You know you're right isn't invincible store next Thursday and but it didn't watch the SEC network and that was COU matches up against the -- next Saturday. Now might we -- look at obviously. Every one -- own involvement in line talking about -- Collins then. The NFL type player he has -- -- heard a lot of praised on how he's matured a general Hawkins. You just elaborate a little bit maybe on that in and if you look at it boy Ellis has pretty good. Against -- when you look at future NFL prospect. -- You know Hawkins again it was very rural high school and seeing him in the morning and then even this summer. You know well over 300 pounds six 66. I think -- -- he's going to be very. Good at that position happiness wise you know between him Colin. Nadal Alexander Emeka. An and bitch and she Porter -- 2000 who played multiple positions. You can see why. Most people consider it was you have the best problems of money SEC this year. Now in your opinion. I think it will be done by committee not a know it down the road but it's been to start with when you look at it -- yet. Put it to the top players in the nation. What he was coming out of high school what you look at the contribution. And where they're at right now their careers that being Kenny Hilliard you look at Terrence McGee. But enough even are also heard. It means that in my mind now the other Roydell Williams yet the pressure from you all about how well he's done. Right. You don't you don't throw it in the in the last scrimmage and you know I don't know I was kind of one a squelch a lot of -- talks. That was my first. I saw in the release came from I was you know about who was the performance and -- I was familiar but you know there's been a lot of players on the team that have been brought up earlier in the kind of shape he's in and and how good he's looked. You know and he's had his moments do throughout his -- though -- but he can he do it. On a consistent basis you know -- McGee's idea of his start you know period and again as -- You know certainly start to wonder at what point in the game. Discriminate -- his first. But you know if if you do is indeed the up and down in his is motivated. It is probably you know -- huge potential and in the NFL scouts what he can do. In the battle certainly hope so it was huge because. You know they're one of the big -- football. Could be difficult because until passing game it's going -- I think all those running back or -- again big opportunities. By Scarborough a high debate dot -- -- a special guest might what's up on the site. Got a nice feature on quantitative fluently and Giambi are. Got an inside look at the new arrivals one of their rivals to fifty rankings are released this week. Multiple position previews this multi part series. We have linebackers in deep and rely on an open site right now and an -- and much more tiger -- -- -- Mike you know going to his camp we talked about that it had big -- -- high school where they will be without about this this -- guys like beast. Guys like them making eight Johnson players like that though couldn't pass through ball to come and induced some that it seems like now that. I don't know if there cavities of other people company and they just didn't do what they were supposed to do if it now an elephant pass in that category those kind of player. Yes because you know you'd you'd you'd you know and several guys you named -- had been recruited over. You know it's kind of like. Would run out the clock I mean you know we've there was a big debate. He's what was. Was he sees what -- proven to -- The guy comes off the field beyond -- -- -- -- that there's no better steps and then. It's more linebackers than them. And and -- You know just an incredible athlete. But in light bulb and having gone off well stated that for him to deal to get on the on the field. With they would do -- you know much regularity so I mean all been a play they're gonna get some reps but. You know Bill Duke Riley's been there and he's been -- can do he'd be very good action on special teams and his chances. From Curtis. You know point out there and we know about him and altered deck with a -- got a freshman -- there so. I think at linebacker group is going to be much improved. And I an -- there's certainly helps. An improved defense of so. I think I think the biggest news so almost instantly we don't know about we talk about -- so that is. You know him if there's an injury we don't know or something -- happen between now and then but to go -- scrimmage. Quentin thomas' back -- participated. You know that that might be the biggest story I don't recall. All camps where there wasn't a catastrophic injury somewhere and you know knock on wood hopefully that there's been. You know between now and kick off. Now might -- you talking about you know the front seven Davidson's seven -- backcourt at the line. And you look at the challenges they -- face him. Not this Saturday but Nixon to kick off the field against Wisconsin when you look it was confident. Obviously. I think Florida five NFL lineman. NFL running back what do you think only when coach Davis and putting a game plan together. And now obviously you know the strategy ought not to put eight in the box and that within I've got a run on do you think eagle and eight in the box. That they can thought was content from running the ball. I think so that in and that can definitely get in the game. I think they'll Hughes got better players. At their positions -- a new on the defense of fraud. Both teams are gonna wanna do the same thing both teams have new quarterbacks. Wanna have a power running game. And I think that it was going to be you know she's defensive front seven is going to be much better than -- And she's -- bit actually breakthrough and now. You know they basically in front seven should go some veterans there. -- -- on grass grow and rocket tour who's coming and you know it. Nugget is out and be stellar. You know we'll see if Thomas is indeed -- -- Ortiz. Progress -- behind in the salon in Gilmore thing. Those guys wanted to show on another in the did look very good. So. To -- doesn't get into the game and -- so -- just boot the ball running commit commitment turnovers. Mike again that I get the latest information on the by -- Go to tiger may come Korea you know -- and -- now might be ideal weather. Mike independent -- we get huge FaceBook page. -- -- -- -- -- -- Mike's problem -- thank you so much at all this week. And I'm right it's going to be in Longview Texas on Lyle won -- -- I'm calling debuted at Buick. A group that can. I saw a couple of games. At two it came -- -- the only while yeah I know well that while on the question about replace. But in the -- you me and my body to -- in my -- The. OK but yeah well this this that we need the stability at that number two guy opposite him. And I think. Now that he was practical need. Patrick Robinson I think Patrick Robinson has improved. Now we don't know anything about him last year it was he was hurt. And -- when he first came in the league obviously got picked on in that definitely like -- -- wanna think Corey white has gotten better. -- Champ Bailey any guy can -- Carroll who's that hybrid guy and and and that they don't have or can't cover corner is better than -- Cairo. You know I think when you put him on the -- That he's there it's -- -- -- to see how he mixes it up but right now this day. That and keep elusive trying to get that approval to say we have Pro Bowl cornerback and his team though that one night. -- -- now we got a hall of fame quarterback that he's old. So we just get one year out of that being Champ Bailey. That then adding we can all considering the scheme and how Rob Ryan and utilize. So by UK right now we need -- healthy. You don't want him hurt any extended time not a couple of games a month and not as I think. I Keenan Lewis is that valuable at that'd be fit that what they wanna do that he has to be that full point and be able mix match and after him but he has to be -- He came to camp by BA bad beat Bolivia and hope you guys on this a sports talk jumping up next here on their BW. Well final practice -- before the Saints travel Ramallah to Indianapolis for Saturday night's game Saints coach Sean Payton spoke to the media activities indoor practice. That is Saints coach Sean Payton -- addressed the media via Vietnam as we get greatest it to -- a break up I like. How like coach speak you know be in the policy if they don't really like to talk about degrees of -- -- -- player that -- just say you know. So if someone's got to talk about you know obviously. What a champ Bailey's the situation came who has now that any one guy audiences coached Marcus ball that they could base it. Yeah he was a mile and I. Think you know because you know you wanted to elaborate but it is like night and a battle like it don't dispute but yet he. And it doesn't matter who the player player maybe not familiar with our play -- very familiar with. A lot of times it's kind of prepared -- needed. That that's one thing you know -- Poteat bring down -- strategy and all that. That if you don't wanna come in about a players injury. His whereabouts and he'll cut you off likely. He's the -- he can't about -- David it's okay guys on Deke Bellavia this -- -- That one ever get old outcasts. So fresh and so clean Ellis on the I've been it was a ET you know I think moment on completed Al Kansas couple of them and she came around Halloween that they have to be up. I think at this -- -- -- -- -- that if I can regulate is Catholic country and yet I great big poet -- and I got great freaked out yet and it definitely it would have been like yeah I don't know the year three down here and don't we have built here relatively he'll be relevant out of it and treat them with. Thirty -- comparable these guys come. Will take -- candidate we are coming down the home fit for the third most meaningful pre season game we will preview all tomorrow take a look at. It got close to the college football -- less -- six days the waste our mark with a big game have. Some big games happen a week from tonight will -- before. Pretty much all of this part of this today it was a man's -- practice I think. For the Saints next week with a -- very show week -- around -- Baltimore and have them make the final -- on August 30. Your thoughts on everything -- you think it. But I -- no major injuries not that. Not that were colonies there's been some guys miss some time in practice but you know. I don't work so only thing would you know somebody -- say this guys on the team you know -- he's out for the season now so that's and that's a good time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For the Saints and everything that I didn't do that the new movie -- with the about the move but that that without them a moment that's who went through with that that they finished used -- on board -- it if they. Without Concord California. One of the best prep team doesn't work we'll talk about that tomorrow. On the issue as well thanks so much -- about what with the help back in studio off on him and -- all the new passport -- Bobby -- the gala at Saints have a report. Christian -- -- eight it has to show guest host. Bob Mitchell poke guys out of the Bellamy has always job by the -- can't embody a bad ball in the early age at all that night people who today.