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8-21 Scoot Show, Bob Mitchell 8pm, Police Stories

Aug 21, 2014|

Bob Mitchell…the REAL Robert Mitchell…is in for Scoot tonight…he has lots of great talk topics: When you are pulled over by a police officer, what is the first thing that goes thru your mind? A professor of homeland security at Colorado Tech University, who was an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department for 17 years, says basically if you don’t want to get shot, tazed, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I they tell you. Does that sound about right to you? Have you had more good or bad experiences with police officers?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to the show Sunday Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in for who who has been filling in for Angela hill all this week. Think we got some good things to talk about tonight. Number one when you pulled over by police officer. What is the first thing. That goes through your mind. I'm sure revolved and pulled off or what's the very very first thing that goes through your mind. A professor. At Homeland Security at Colorado tech university who also been an officer with the Los Angeles police department for seventeen years. Says basically. And -- the host late -- later on. If you don't -- get shot -- pepper sprayed. Struck with the but the -- Thrown to the ground. Just do what I tell you to do. Those that. Some write to you. And if you or a police officer and your listing. You'll read a colon and let us go if you agree with that statement. Have you had more good. Or bad experiences with police officers. And does the rays of the police officer affect your level of anxiety. You know we've -- over the past couple of nights especially the situation person. Mini mini mini black band called in and said that they felt many times there were pulled over. By white police solve -- because of the color of their -- When you guys may not believe this but you know. We feel the same way. -- -- be in a white guy about get pulled over by. A black police officer my at my level of anxiety. Definitely builds up a lot more. Because I guess I feel that you know he's up to detonate an I tin I can only imagine. If I was on the other side but where. And years and years and years of being pulled over and having that feeling that -- -- pulled over just for the -- abused and I guess all I'm trying to say. Is that whether you believe this or not. It does go both ways I feel exactly the same way. -- feel that that anxiety of wondering you know why why he's pulled me over to be pulled me over. Just because I'm I'm white of course on the other hand let's -- -- if we're speeding. We see what we please say well you know I really wasn't going that fast so tonight. We want to talk about when you were pulled over by the police what's the first thing that goes through your mind mine always it is. Oh my goodness -- can I get out of this ticket. That most of the time when we're pulled over we know that have done something wrong. So I'm always thinking and what can I do to get on the stated to watch him my insurance can I get my license fast enough. Abdominal wanna say anything in any way to a upset the police officer. So our have you ever been pulled over by the confidence so what four. And what's the best excuse. You've ever used to get out of it to. 260187866. And it finally it's seventy. Also wanna talk about the price of food my goodness gracious have you seen have you noticed how much the price of food is going -- especially meat. I went in. The supermarket. Couple days ago. To give a brisket. And a -- it's really aren't that expensive and I'm used to play in about thirty -- or a big -- and I like to take. And puts them on the incident and -- our and cook it slow for about 1012 hours and it's so good lived at the rich brown gravy that's the dollars for -- A refuse to buy it so I'm I'm buying up a little more tricked him. And is it OK to say ball -- shoot to a classmate. When makes these in the classroom. What about have a blessed day I have a story about a girl and got suspended. Because she said blood shoot to a classmate when -- studies and a woman that got fired from a bank because she was telling. Bank customers have a blessed day. -- will be part of the show -- 26 year old late 786689. Point seven habitat a couple of phone calls that we'll come back with some more stuff let's go to -- the ninth more power you're rich. So rich -- what's the first thing that goes through your mind when you get pulled over by a police officer. Limit ourselves by. Being an American man -- think about what the police ordeal that I hope -- all this Google. Now do you feel any different if that's a black police officer. Actually go. Out there I mean the majority. Of the you know could -- and -- It completely but yeah. And -- and an account with some black. -- -- believe it will. And on the final leg quarters but is because they interpret -- at it like it the old war. Shortly be like -- steady you know. They Leo we know the site. No. Idea. What it. Cynical always. Think that been co. Op that -- man and that there. Lol its grip on the world and believe. -- -- The flexible. You'll. In and like any hole that may. The excuse to black community -- with apple but you know it. The police went. Well maybe maybe. Maybe you -- -- the beginning because what I said as I can only imagine if you've gone through years -- years of this. All all I'm trying to tell you one of the things I've I've really wanna do you know the president said a couple of days ago. That if we're -- change things we have to talk to each other. And not argue with with each other all I can tell you is the fact that -- I don't know. What you'd have been through for years and years and years but I can tell yet if I did stop. By a black police officer. My anxiety level really builds up because I've I've had one bad experience with one. To where I mean they treated me with with no respect and the last thing I was about the study is. Pay you know why am I figured he would say yes. But so you know I guess all I'm trying to say is that do we have a as as a white guide to have a through the degree that you have absolutely not. But I can kind of understand because if if I get pulled over by a white up. I feel a little more comfortable collected pulled over by a black cup there many times I've he's I'm thinking to myself. He's only pulling me over the took them lightly mostly get even. I can understand you -- pop can I illustrate something out real quick -- He's still no go ahead. Please do go ahead. -- -- better of them before a little samba -- erected for our. Been a -- look at the web -- crumbled were it not like about all out all the Google. You experienced and you -- -- basically old grateful to you like the first man who. Also on up. Just let him up like eight years old. And like police and actually told. Well you don't know -- we. Now expect -- usually. The black man looks -- continue to. And deductible I think they're pretty -- at about three months ago. India outlawed Iraq Guerrier. Like. And a weapon it is I'll pull the normal people. I don't. Wimbledon as well why don't -- you believe personal. -- Part of it but for all people and important also. Met in -- three. Oh. Yeah. So why do you. Crawled to the black community whenever we get shot. In weapons and these. Any oh yeah. Oh yeah. Maybe. Sure maybe. In. Asia. Europe. Ought to of people. Part of that -- PD preached it to get. Somehow they bring him in a lot. Well I'm I'm doing my absolute best to keep my ears open and trying to understand and and I really understand your point I guess the only things that that I want you to know. It is. I feel. Anxiety when I get pulled over and that's a black police officer what happens is that. Is that white people start thinking what you know because for so many years. We are we have treated the black people badly then you start thinking well they're gonna try to give us back. Lot of respect there. -- It's -- -- progress. Until we. Things -- black and white which oh and didn't see -- You know. Why people don't talk about the bit because they want it -- -- to. We know you're right listen I grew up. In the fifties late fifties and my dad was a big -- absolute bigger than me and the you know he tried to raise me that way but once. Once I got into radio and I left home to -- and really when I was seventeen years old and I've got in the world and I realized that the color. Of a person's skin has Newton has nothing to do. With anything and you know a look at our conversation we started off a little bit. Brian and -- and then I listened to you when you listen to me in here we are about about the and the conversation and I can tell you have a blessed day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also. Current situation in Iraq and are the root -- 00. I diplomacy it's. They're all all. About the country -- rule book -- what you'll call. -- and pay down your XP the latter -- Quoted. At. It'll fracture Islam in and -- and actually. Nobody helped it take you that you will that be self inflicted trauma in practice than in the open from the not on Google would come in and PW. I'm with you rich thank you for -- and okay. All right we will come right back with a more your phone calls to six year old late 78668890. It's seven attacks -- At 87870. I'm Bob Mitchell in -- on WWL I'm Bob Mitchell and it's -- to welcome back to the show when you pulled over by a police officer what is the first thing. That goes through your mind and have you had more good or bad experiences with police officers and the as the race. Of the police officer affect your level. On and slide the league read a couple of technology really quick like -- is not matter. That it is done but a level of anxiety but it does go up as a black man. Bursting I think of and I get pulled over by the cops I'm thinking I should tell them I'm Carrie and Mike can still fire me you now. I think that's a good idea let's go to today look at this it's June oh in Chicago how are you Joseph. I'm glad about are you tonight. -- salute great. I think it's going to be a good show tonight to just about everyone has a story to tell about the -- So hard when you're told over what's the first thing that -- that goes through your mind. First thing is to stay calm. And that he's my hand plain sight. And then. My concern is the that the officer. -- officer approaches because. If the officer approaches are with a nice calm attitude. I'm not afraid of yet -- -- in the car with an attitude. I. So have you have you example an officer approached her car these sounds like you've been pulled over quite a few times Joseph. I'll cook I don't I have -- your fingers leftover. -- -- Hearsay and there's this this in this so even you had a couple times where you've had officers and a bad give you a bad attitude. I have I have a one you know the one that comes to mind most were scary situation. You know -- start up time. And it went from good bad and two horrible. You know and in a matter of minutes yeah. You know I was you know the options that I ran a red light which aren't that I didn't. And he wrote me a ticket any sign the ticket and -- that they it. And these -- a satellite equipment your signature. I'm like yeah it's my signature. And he's like well it doesn't natural light and you know. I'd like -- on your license and I might note that my signature of the internal licenses three years eleven. Signed up like that and agree you know two years that might signature. And we got into a little bit of a couple on that and it appears -- back of the car want my fingerprint on the ticket. And I'd like excuse me he's like I -- I -- I don't want to ensure that the courts saying that -- your signature. I said well I'm not giving you fingerprints for a traffic violation especially when that I couldn't match. And EE. He probably car and I said you know don't be ridiculous. Joseph usually able to banners. That. Trying to beat out big attic fire and I in the ridiculous. And he actually put -- -- and I'm -- on his -- And he said get out of the car at that point that shaken what did you card that. All the gas in the car at that point and eagle eagle. The -- which -- yeah and the economic spec and they get flopped down on the there are angry at that point. But I get the opposite realized he got a little too far instead of stopping me that the car. He slapped the ticket on the car. You went right on top of that he -- that sign although that's why I like. It. Did you do it then -- so if you would have signed it. That way in the beginning you would -- avoided all that that's what this officer. Who has the -- the LAPD for seventeen years and he's a professor of Homeland Security at Colorado. Tech he says. If you want to avoid those things that you don't want to get shot -- pepper sprayed its struck golf -- who -- just do what I tell you to do. So what do you just. Do -- tell you do. I don't know who's in the years ago. But I will -- in this. You know probably the OE eight 810 years later. I'm on Sunset Boulevard in California. And I got -- -- And that because I was in California getting old York. I turned on the light in the rent the car but both at but the window -- the book my hands on the steered real so that. When the police officer approached the car there was nothing that couldn't be seen and that I. Know we might. And you get a ticket. Knowing. That. The joke. Got it in Chicago. How the piles and you guys are really known for state -- the price of beef. Well you know I've been out of town for a couple weeks it and let them into the grocery store. But that I was at. Have you noticed the girl -- the price the price of beat now. Is at an all time high ground beef is that all time -- like about 388 a problem and have you noticed that how. How expensive -- the food is getting in I'm just wondered are you eating less -- these days may be eating more chicken. They're needing more chicken more rich. You know because they -- that would wreck earlier this. -- -- and I'm I'm I'm getting to a point here because out on though you called in from time -- time. And now since I have your phone number I'm going to be coming to a Chicago. Cannot call you when you by mistake. I'll I'll buy -- sweepstakes. Unity bring it to bring your -- a -- a couple of stakes so. Will that sounds good all right Joseph thank you so much -- I probably -- get. I'm gonna do that are right let's let's go to big. I'm sorry about public Marcel big deal get two units from Marcel our U. Know Marcel. All right let's go to John in memory and John how are you. -- I would call augmented. John what is the first thing that goes. Through your mind when you're pulled over by police soft. And I -- you a bit scared. Look at. -- -- lord apple global leader about although all went to a movie yeah when my kids in my life. It's a creepy or east of college fund it would go. Now buying foreign exchange and -- Indian. In the bottom couldn't find McCain need to bell stole from Capcom. You know old school cap on it right -- -- trying late. It's a true story well would you feed it to you know that -- read. From the top seeded into the topic aren't really. Well we got. So we popped the ball well placed its own review by mom stopped a little place from them -- And we got the call went I -- stool. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I spoke. -- while put. -- on. The right. Thing and how widely respected and it and they -- there chief backs so. Blocker he walks out. In unlike. We're planning men. And cap that I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well when they got down to it not trying to cap I think in the column they looked they looked at everything and they laughed at all from. What double -- the story you know absolutely we do in situations that we started. Things happen in life and -- really believe what happened there. There's no way challenge package for when it but yeah it just like. We don't know what the top and sort of what the person it still would they don't -- at the bottom line is. I heard. Talk believe it is at 2 o'clock. If someone charges -- and write you -- means you can Napoli crop UK online now can't call. Only. If someone charges will. To guide. And I think that all guns and walk around because of law on. Its ally. Believe it happened. To her. But most people is -- we will have been gone on outrage. And eight trainer. And if you don't like. It's really were -- apnea -- I -- to get races to get all. Thanks John appreciate it well let's go to Anthony Anthony is an ex police officer. But Anthony do you agree with the statement of this seventeen year. Veteran of the LAPD that if you don't want to get shot they thought the raid slapped around just -- the cops us. I wouldn't put in the word I luckily but I would say that if you want to avoid any of the problems conflict. Update that nature. I don't did you do with golf last year. And in global order. So. As a police levels -- what is the I just what's the one thing that that's that shoe off more than a person tells -- -- Would -- be up more than anything else through the fact dead. If you pulled one over and there are already spewing -- a better -- which kind of got me. Okay well if you had not violated dumped Donald vehicle motor vehicle all. I would not have direction. It's easy I wouldn't even think of saying anything like that. I'm too afraid when I get pulled over. Troops being you know being out there in Nepal and that basically worked. What dot com -- gestured toward the -- derailed in the West Bank in the fourth and -- in the second mr. Gupta. And -- in the French Quarter of the treaty in a district you who just can't. -- -- outlook. Aren't even open right now is confined to a wheelchair. -- aggregate wanna kick in he got shot back. And police album and definitely that -- -- -- a comparatively negligent. OK you can create need to be -- and he can take every precaution can't. Wanna make sure that. That person on the shoot me let's open up key element of Kiel would take on the view China now. And the first thing at Belmont recruit an eclectic and capturing. Your first goal -- to -- -- your family. At the end -- Well. You know if you don't want young black and all the little -- and -- the people want those -- wouldn't. Wouldn't use that word com. Beat you know you know -- Asian whatever but you don't want controversy a lot of what you -- cooperate and believe things dribble out. Do you think they -- police officers. That do judge a person and do our presidential by the color of their skin. I'm I want China can you bet all illegal. You have bad officer got there debt it would get out of -- gave mean you have to believe it -- not there to get up. And at all. That central power. In all the abuse but I'll tell you know that there are. Majority of the police are we were able work we'd all of our. What do most port to the police about to adjust to protect. Yeah I told the story what happened in the I think it was last night that. I had an attempt to re license tag on my window. But I had the real played in the whereas I forgot to throw the temporary tag away but I had my regular played. And I was I was pulled over by to block new Orleans police officers. And man on October with a drag -- -- department and they rarely rarely gave me a rough time of the they asked me in the -- first of all -- no. That the tent was expired and I said I have the regular -- but did you know that that was such artists like -- -- -- -- attention. And I said but I have. My regular plates though I don't need that -- rip off and I mean they really were giving I've felt. That they were baiting me I've felt that they wanted -- to disrespect them so they -- -- -- ticket or do something and us frightened I really was. And second parallel in that situation. Actually be old man who is your home or -- you -- -- it like. -- -- right -- in. Did you do. We confirmed it around like simply been a regular when you. In Albany we all the -- we all human we make mistakes we forget. If you look back the -- and what he thought was legitimate. That's the point I was dramatic right. Actually I understood one of the and I can't explain why. Why well and you -- that temporary tag with a -- not. It really should have been irrelevant if I'm adamantly. Want a little -- vehicle into hell meet -- Legitimately. -- vehicle new vehicle in -- vehicle enriched -- The I don't know why wouldn't. Only a matter I don't know why desperate diagonally and I don't know why he's even old woman -- had the. I had the the the regular -- was I gotta go Anthony thank you for calling -- okay Bob Mitchell in priesthood and we'll get back to your phone calls on the big day it's seventy. WWL AM implement dot com. Weather experts -- keeping a close tropical wave of the Atlantic be first to know about changing weather conditions senate now Oprah WWL text alerts for strictly. Just -- weather now to 87870. Today mr. confederate supply I'm Bob Mitchell in for -- tonight a lot of people. Have some great stores to a top promise to get to you just assume as I possibly can and so hang in there with the you can call me at to secure a one point 78. 8668890870. Text the an 8787. It to have a text message I wanted to read. My former white police officer. That means along light and as a former white police global strike and obviously that I. Only kidding I've never made a decision based on race never thought of race until someone else brought it up unknown numerous officers just like me. And we'll have to suffer for the bad and it's very unfortunate I'm sure you let's go to carry a carry how're you. Why -- I'm doing tonight. I -- -- really sorry not believe. You we had our anger stop it would sever years ago she. Well I had an Obama Obama Angel Michael Palin was on my mom and -- -- -- And I'm not there -- out there -- play it by computer. Is that an. I augment the clock on my Britney -- ago -- when it quickening comeback. I it was not even think Kirk you at all. -- -- -- Mount street on the highway next you know he upon hold on to blue -- yeah. And here without the Clark well I got out I'd gotten an -- why he got Angela. And it has spotlight on a connecting at about 4 o'clock and they Allen Hooper and train and they. Iraq -- -- political marketplace -- ready argument you. -- -- -- -- And nineteenth one year ago. You've been back on vehicle and he beat all and not a lot. Of what he was gonna go get my computer. But they don't you know current economy that apparently I'm not that straight -- that that prior marriage -- -- -- Next thing you know what -- -- at -- time. Now. -- can't copy that not be -- angle is that what it meant. Good to know and it was cab to come up pretty sure I'm. Usually there. -- Does the race of the police officer affect your level of anxiety. Not really. Bad about the sport and -- -- -- off me you know I like to say you know eat them and that's about it. But this episode was really really bad -- not a problem -- How much out there and picture out daily -- and are not on the element -- -- are you at what they. And I thought the talent you know they don't just just just stop the stop alcohol. And development spotlight and at the well. Pocket some time thinking you get about it but I got into the well and that you know you are coming back. And you gave him no Smart multiple than -- Absolutely. And any lack -- the program. I Kolb out chair up but not -- -- I got an apology but he's done well yeah they're -- -- yeah. Oh yeah more. What they're at their job was quite a wrap it I'm like I put on a scale -- scared to death. Before you go -- ask you one question is okay. The slave blood shoot to a class mate when these these in the classroom or someone and businesses -- -- but so you go to the bank is okay for the teller. To tell you have a blessed day in the reason I'm bringing this up as a girl in school got a suspended because. A classmates knees than she said that god -- shoot and a bank teller got lost their job because she was telling. Customers have a -- the. That is totally ridiculous. The little girl o'clock am there's actually nothing wrong with same black Q how public they are happy you know. People in India says that I don't do that -- sometimes parliament they packed it I need it but I don't mind I'll. Let me as a example. To -- it on I have everything. I think on the do. The rest of the -- on the tell people have a blast night and a model wait and see politics of money that text me and tell me not doing okay. Jerry you have you have a blessed night okay. All right I'm Bob Mitchell approach that we're coming right back to the -- -- seventy WWL AM implement dot com. Bob vigilant but don't let's go right to the photos go to a big day big day when you pulled over by the cops what's the first thing that goes through your mind. Holy crap -- -- jail. You know what I currently at Robert it will -- -- so you can get so nervous I get the jitters. And I am completely in a public purpose like that and that'll be your problem and drove it very. The race of the please troubles are -- level of anxiety. Absolutely. Absolutely and -- by. Like in the middle of nowhere -- site. Would like in the sticks somewhere. One and like you know like I hope the -- -- people where. -- -- the worst case of police reality that you never got about two minutes. -- -- One couple years ago and it was definitely a script. And I ran like. -- -- -- Our industry. All but they like to me at all and in the count on them by name it and you know hopefully you'll equal all. And you like electric a little over. It is like a potential it. -- to a slap in the -- Well I guess -- let it -- would it be moderate. Duke and beat her -- I don't believe we're -- -- product you. Are. Well aren't. Moderate and -- review how old look at this time. I don't like public in order to. A billion but -- -- little boys it. Big -- what about you is it OK to say. Play issued to a class mate when they -- in the classroom or someone. That. -- -- on a job to tell you have a blessed day. I think is perfectly climate is getting ridiculous you know the -- everybody -- it was sensitive about the state all of this. It's really ridiculous. I got a text message -- for the lady in the banks are Bob and have a blessed state. Is not appropriate and a professional Sony and I have no problem with that not at all. I mean blessings on. You don't want -- hurt yes. Hello. Right now you know that's -- what what -- my pet peeves is when someone says have a good 11 obviously have a good day worry about it -- I go to -- And thank you -- appreciate you calling. Are a bunch of people -- -- Marseille and Bob and bought an easy and Reggie and toll of if you can possibly. Hang on I'll get to your riot after the toppling over a lot of people have a great comments about it so I want you were -- up Tuesday. I'm Bob Mitchell is a good show on WW well.

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