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8-21 Scoot Show, Bob Mitchell 9pm, Police Stories

Aug 21, 2014|

Bob Mitchell…the REAL Robert Mitchell…is in for Scoot tonight…he has lots of great talk topics: When you are pulled over by a police officer, what is the first thing that goes thru your mind? A professor of homeland security at Colorado Tech University, who was an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department for 17 years, says basically if you don’t want to get shot, tazed, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I they tell you. Does that sound about right to you? Have you had more good or bad experiences with police officers? Is it okay to say bless you to a classmate when they sneeze in the classroom. A young girl, who claims she was standing up for her religious beliefs in the classroom, was suspended after breaking a class rule of saying "bless you" after a classmate sneezed. When Dyer County High School senior Kendra Turner said bless you to her classmate, she says her teacher told her that was for church. Whose side are you on?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now it may Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in force -- tonight here's what's on our WWL -- table when you were pulled over by a police officer. What is the first thing that goes through your mind. A professor of Homeland Security. At Colorado tech university who by the ways but a police officer for the LAPD for seventy years. Made the following statement. Even though it might sound harsh here's the bottom line in the middle wanna get shot -- pepper -- -- start with a blonde rolled to the ground just do what I tell you do don't argue with me don't call me names. Ultimately I can't stop you don't say I'm a racist pig. Don't threaten you assume -- you pick a better way to reach agreement may eventually pay my salary but even think about president walking toward the and no bill -- joked so if you stick to this. Nothing is going to happen to you is that just about. -- right to you and have you had more good or bad experiences with police officers. End of the race of the police files or affect your level. Of anxieties so if you had a a run in with a policeman would be the view did stop port for placement of -- tell us. You can call me acoustics are well it's 78668. At 90878. And is it OK to say. Blood shoot -- classmate when they use these in the classroom. What about on the jobs -- have a blessed day. Does someone say and have a blessed day of venue. A young girl claimed she was standing up for our religious beliefs in the classroom suspended after breaking a class rule. Because she said bless you after a classmate -- -- return said blood shoot to a classmate the teacher told her that that was for church. Along now does that crazy enough for you. A woman is suing the US bank in Kentucky her firing her after reporting four years of work because she told customers have a blessed day. And here's the deal she would tell people have a blessed -- have a blessed day you -- -- and you have a blessed day and they -- stop -- and she's a bullets. Infringing upon by of -- religious principles. And she. Well understand that actually was was cutting back or an -- adult -- to -- continuing to say but what happened is that. A customer told her god bless you. And she said god blushing too and the banks that pretty much that was the final straw so -- cancer. When would that -- -- with viewers of the -- and I think that ultimately blessed. Not not not that that's this is this is just getting crazy and we and you can't say god bless you when you sneeze. All right let's go to Marcel and wide but are you Marcel. I didn't hear you know and god bless you -- -- In your pocket right how crazy is that. -- that's ridiculous. All right so when you're pulled over by a police officer what's the worst thing that goes through human. Well app without them. It's unclear. -- the true. -- -- I really did believe. Not that of people. And it's really in Hamburg and I stopped. All. Then -- of people out of my bank. I would. Give it all went -- Panama. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then -- -- Didn't sound. Bites and it. You know then. They're not politics -- you know that's a bad idea at -- At that. Supplement and police also. Obviously the amount. Of and well you know when -- and the again. Who wouldn't. It. I don't think that would let them cool would it. In my search. And simply. And it matches. Who would them be so it's and that's good. It would entail. That the Kosovo. In the back -- -- -- -- And -- -- -- -- the -- but my -- like that moment that call. -- -- stay in the less than -- -- -- where were they white or black. One okay and did you feel old. Did you feel comfortable because one was black or word or they act in his team. Didn't get -- went -- the student debt because. I -- to district from on navy to about a week ago and ultimately. I would work and with lower full. Did they tell -- to do they ever tell you what they arrested you for. -- -- You regret about. But these enough. Central aka -- have -- side it would be too much and it was. On the would be. That it. This -- It jointly it probably should have known about these and if they're good. Now that's. I can beat him but then. I'm Paul. And I was. Home. You know it and street. You know that cannot be. I think that was -- good idea. That it would it would put in a -- right at ten. So hot -- did end up martial did you get out of the charge. Would that meet for the yeah well so what I finally I'm good at. It's not about to get out outlet that. Outlook complain they put that statement when he -- an important part. Of engagement and did. That -- okay. All right Marshall thank -- will be -- -- the call a lot of people to get in tonight let's go to Bob Bob. What about you when you pulled over by a police officer was the first thing that goes through your mind what what's that what's the first thing that you think about. Well Berkeley -- Oh my god I'm in trouble. And I'm really eat more rate white police that I am -- I've never really daddy you are. Now when when you have been pulled over wasn't for a good reason. Well you know. I agree -- and while what I mean but if you get caught speeding or running a stop sign and you know the -- you already know. Yeah that that. Be ample over you know speedy and accepted but -- have -- Was. But in law ordered. -- or -- Like between -- and -- This beat -- transported. Eagle overpass. To -- This thirty he pulled me Olmert. Interview. Walk right there and says speed boat or Cuba so well. We do not movie so you know got in -- -- -- nine. Europe. -- -- them out of forty. No you're do reported and it thirty. -- forty. It and so you went. Actor's car and then I our product produce it I -- it does is hurt again and sure enough. The so. Came back east and a. You're doing it to third or you didn't open I was born. And he says -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Plug in car and -- was. And though she looked -- on what you call. Another -- Korda at all she came back. You're pretty -- Assert that he. Criminal record that he did on. Why. I don't know -- use a lot like her note that. There might have been criminal. Pass it -- and he knows my experience but you know a bit better or old or years. And be sure about he gave it to. He thirty the pan out imported. Four. And it you know he said he hates the. You. Sit well in these officers. I got a person that certainly -- And equal. Equal -- Well this is an okay. Borrow one classmate or for anyone to say blood issue when they sneeze or if if you go to a bank or go to the office. Is it okay for someone to say if you're -- have a blessed day. Of course -- okay others though it I mean it suits with the Lugar do currently use. Fired the and you -- the coast. In Tbilisi did you know that one thing we have -- speech. And you know you -- of the ball. You featureless day. Blessed have -- lecture. You know well. Well I'll wonder why people are so afraid of both of them and that's the -- usually people or -- you know you could say you can tell someone go to hell. And that probably wouldn't say they both visa and god bless your whole all right good and his relationship though. It just changed you know Warner did. So that lady I don't think it's appropriate -- -- it's a -- -- business. And so -- -- -- -- You you know you have a blast a -- -- yeah. That is go to Chicago now I'll be up that way. In the -- Chicago's. Ever wondered -- night in great weekend. All right Bob you to thank you so much I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit coming right back to WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell on the as neutral tonight are WW -- jaguar opinion poll question former governor Edwin Edwards qualified as a candidate. For the soon to be vacated six congressional district. What are his chances of winning you can go to WW dot com and cast your vote. You have a choice between very good good slim or he'll win and at this point -- 4% -- very good. 26%. Say Gooden looks like 39% say slim of and 30% say he'll -- and so if you. Ed that he me win and the good news in the victory hood. Lot of people think that the former governor. Has a shop. Let's go to toll and -- toll toll. How what's the first thing that goes through your mind when you get pulled over by police officer. Tony you there. You know Tony. Alright well against -- not there let's go -- let's go to all powered. Howard is that you don't. -- -- -- exactly the story this is he has to build new book is it is not the one that probably yeah. And it aggregates them a motorcycle and I walk in the Balkans and -- -- -- In this security taught -- -- -- -- secured court should take your helmet off and smaller at about as good as possible. And then he pulled out. Gets parish he has -- -- on duty and it pushes me. Not a couple of my -- have to look if you expect to push you back to make it sound as no way -- can -- okay. A ticket home call the guy puts in a call all of the -- assistance. They -- me part of popular book it's your mother and I think it is gonna blow the -- it -- He doesn't mean that the gaps in Paris and -- people would police. And the guy's been picked up by two years ago Buick. They -- -- in what went on. To. Do SOB would take. I think that you can. Go to our restaurants are. Yet to put the cup when you're that. Wait they've put the cubs added it would help -- -- appointment. Was was there a rule it's educate real evidence. Don't know what this guy who was dead set on it decent. They'd they'd put the cut and them writing back please call it you know. Don't be -- Cleveland first pre treated differently. The guys to. -- The it. To appeal. In this field become the O -- allowances might think well. That that it blocked. So what had to call up all white and say that you know. -- -- Will beat you in jail is because he's been. -- on. The but it gives the torture -- this is something like that. But. Criminalist in anyway it was just -- just depleted capital about six races ago it would yeah. That you know mediate did -- just to Italy is something but that was my experience that one of the experiences. -- -- -- train them a -- calls and state police. We as the police exact model small they please call. -- -- -- that model. In an -- concept that we as a all sort of a troop cuts is that stupid -- -- Trumpets call. Call the police take a call. In the sent in legal recourse is to stick out here. -- lead lap that anybody that my does that get back inevitably you know take note this in depth about this. Up front and so as we cannot take your license out of a while you have to do that right. I we have something very polite social that you protecting -- get. Blood in -- kept letting go. People will be ample. And as well terribly new technology got. The you're crazy man I don't think it is it okay. For a classmate. To say god bless you when they -- or. -- did a menu of let's say you're at a bank and the Internet in the ladies does have a blessed day. It did not say to myself on the effective date light what doctors Nike model -- -- -- -- -- coming -- and -- -- -- playing -- -- -- -- -- And -- on the that you want the school the school board to do this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you know I I actually saw. And at a picture online of the of the silent and they were there were phrases that you couldn't use in the classroom you couldn't. Call someone stupid you couldn't -- and it says and you can't say god -- you. -- -- what things going for me everything else. And like if it -- not CDs it does happen app called respective school board demand where it's at. And I don't publish. Facet we as close as they might decide to you know community at the time yet we sent them monetize these. That's that's when you know you have too much Tommy and -- right. I'll molecular targets which dominated. All right our thanks so much of all right 260178668890. It's sunny finally aligned to Spartan to defend Donald that for a those of you who tried calling earlier Oregon -- -- for a long time wait time is as much reduced right now. A word. Talking. About our brigade seventy. Opinion poll questioned former governor Edwin Edwards qualified as a candidate for the soon to be vacated six congressional district. What are his chances of winning you can choose between very good good slim. Or he'll win or you can simply called the and talk about it wind when you get pulled over by a police officer. What is the first thing. That goes through your mind not you know if you're guilty and and you know you're speeding. Or you know you've run a stop -- Then. You know we used. Today I know what it is but it's those times when you really. Didn't know you did anything wrong I I got a speeding ticket one time and obviously it was a speeding trap I cannot even remember where was with some. So little. Town. Are around this area. And I was approaching a school zone. There was a police officer right there at the peak at the school zone with his with his lights on an electorate see. So there's no way you're going to take him try to speed up or picked up but he beat going to the tools -- when you can see. So I slowdown. And he he pulls me over. And I -- why wouldn't you totally over for at this point -- have no clue why -- why -- pulled over. I think the schools only limit. Was I think 25 in a column I don't know and he said well when you -- bumper. When Europe in the blood the hood of your car that bumper when it. One it hit. The schools though you weren't going 23 miles -- And our members than. Are you kidding me and he said knowledge that you were you were actually speeding you're going three miles -- would limit when you hit the schools don't puzzled officer. As the eye could see you right there with your life -- -- see you at the -- zona said. I'm I'm in all I'm really not that stupid -- -- so there's no way I was speeding and I mean I finally had the back down a little bit. And he wrote me a ticket and I tried to get out the ticket I tried everything in the world I had I had to pay the ticket so. You know. -- I'd say this politely as I possibly could but you know sometimes sometimes it's hard sometimes it's hard when you when you feel that your in such -- to really be -- taken advantage of our let me read a couple text messages and I'll get back to -- Bones cops to reach for their guns are pathetic use of taser if necessary malicious -- weapon then retreated on. Why can't the cops you -- probable and other text message. It would have been enough to put brown down I've witnessed horrible bullets put a large man down. Yeah and that pays the rubber bold would have been okay but upon a -- a gun fight the bad guys are shooting real bullets at the I want real bullets to shoot -- here's -- another text message tell a -- I pay your salary. And you get twenty to get a ticket all right let's go back to the phones. Let's go to Johnny Johnny thank you -- WWL tonight. Bob Dylan -- what about you when you get pulled over by police officer what's the first thing that goes through your mind. It would go -- go. And I'm really. -- -- real -- months ago. -- notes. Yeah. -- -- Until. The votes on a -- well. An elderly as well. As scientists. It is not now on the actual. You know. -- It. And and we want. Them. -- answered it. -- -- -- -- All made -- like that would really you know at the La. Now let me ask -- does does the race. -- police officer -- -- level of anxiety. Know I'm not real ago. I don't gamble. -- Know that that's. So yeah it. Not at all. But and so on Monday it all along to them you know. Object count ball only well. Electorate. I thought oh. Well. Right. There -- it's also possible run out. A terrible act and also oh. Well don't. -- Actually -- -- And now look at how. Well. You know. Were accused. Yeah Johnny is it okay. To let's say especially on the job somewhere let's say Princeton who go into a truck stop -- dual banking. Cash check. And the Telus does have a blessed day would benefit you. All of not at all remark cute you know well -- -- million dollars or outlets. -- -- -- We'd all a young girl got suspended and school because classmates teased. And she said god bless -- And they taller than that quote that kind of talk is for church and that is another story we're lady. Look at who worked at a bank was telling people have a blessed day. And they polar stopped play and that Jews that want you know the -- -- a religious freedom and then I think a few days later. -- customers that god bless you entries and publisher about that you by the getting -- this would would benefit and you have at the -- into a business analyst and have a blessed day. All of -- -- -- at all not one year and it's crazy. Erica. At -- But I don't know America. All right I appreciate you voting in okay. All right -- break and we'll come back with a more your phone calls you can call me at 2601 late seventy. Told 38668890. At W complexity and it's 787. Of dutrow I'm Bob Mitchell and put food on the big date seventy WWL AMF -- dot com. Bobbitt -- and porous do tonight. One of the things were talking about as a woman. Who got fired she is now suing the bank. After twenty per usual work because she continued to tell customers have a blessed day have a text message from on. Well -- the name of the day it is the the US bank. Hold on in Walton. And talked or drifted back to the polled were gonna go to a colonel Jim -- was the tells a story about the former governor Edwin Edwards who qualified as a candidate. For the soon to be vacated six congressional district. Current what do you think his chances of winning very good good slim or you'll -- that are ready drag -- opinion poll question. It terror need because I think he. Probably should import because the people study. And public are all my life. Our idiot. First would vote for a convicted so on. One who has been convicted in -- We didn't care that they BA -- -- case we don't think. Like. It. Or what -- -- -- -- -- can't be. Sure there are congress. Well. No where where you were kernels of military colonel or police -- it. To -- What's what is what is now. It's it's. A mental or like Kentucky fried chicken. Colonel actively. -- -- -- -- Winston Churchill -- have they operate. It's it's not that I. And I think it is that he really have a shot of winning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It it steer it. I consider I consider it like I can see him getting into the second primary. But. I don't know if we can win heads up a -- well. Well. Our product -- right. All right I appreciate you calling colonel. Like it's obvious that god -- doesn't offend you know. What what do you think about that this tool. That's suspended this kid. Because. She said god bless you because someone sneezed out if you go on line looked -- can actually see they showed a picture. -- -- either a note or sign that words that you can't say in the classroom naturally can't call someone stupid now and nothing to. Couldn't call -- -- I don't know I don't remember all the report one of them one of the praises that the teacher said but she did not want to children using was -- blood -- is that. That belong only in church. What school board. You know -- teacher tells the ball well. Follow them. -- the probable that. The board. -- Other. -- thought well I'd like to order. A little. I. -- I'm. It escrow. Money away. I guess so. And now and then when it was story of this lady who works for bank. And she -- -- -- was telling people have a blessed day and they said that's we don't what you say that that worked its that's not proper for the workplace. And some customer said that god bless you and she said does god bless shoot also. And -- bank pretty much of that shall prosper -- fiery news. Well. It's a couple Apollo there are obliged to follow a policy that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Them. Up and but. All in or opt out all that war. Or. Their. -- -- -- -- What but it. Ought. Era on the court. Part. Arm. The. All right colonel Jim appreciate your -- and okay. All right we have -- phone lines open too secure one late 7866. And nine though it's seventy let's see text message. Here -- if you're never at. At the beginning in the show -- I said Wednesday along and take for someone in the text me about say -- have a blessed night. Well I got a text message KP your blessed religion awfully air all right well blush you to will take a break. And we'll come right back there -- called on WW LA -- -- dot com. I'm Bob Mitchell and bruised -- on the WWL tonight we're talking about things that happen you when you were pulled over by a police officer here is a text message about ten years ago. Monday morning going to work exiting two in avenue and copd behind me traffic was stopped at least it's blind me. Automatically pulls me over. Eight V8 tickets what did you do to no insurance expired break tag no seat -- none were true. Took the pictures went to court that were thrown out but it was a pain -- go back to the -- let's see who is electric boat to and JJ -- -- And I hate it or not. Actually do. Well hopefully. Thank you so much. What what is wrong -- this world when people when you can't say god bless you a chance they have on Wednesday. I'm open I'm looking at full police. -- -- right now. Oh. Well what's the worst thing you think of when you're pulled the I mean -- are -- normally when the police also we know we've done something wrong but they've ever been horrible situations where you didn't know why they were pulling you over. Yet this happened to me -- recently. A respite for. Well what happened. I was on airline hours say grows got a little work. Gentleman was in the left wing. And you're going council low. So -- and right requiring extra pass some out. Well people in my mind. So -- slowed. An apple Panova flying. Open in slots slowed down here and yeah. People there -- playing so I thought it was though. Okay acting governor. A sort of going that way and now look so much. In each little thing almost anything. So I had to make -- Basic maneuvers in community know where I'm talking about there's there's there's much older. Children. So -- kinda hard to pull shall and so on board a rash. And like go around here. He was not gonna let -- passing that was the problem. Yet so. On Meyer went straight he's. Are Kim -- -- -- child like man who knows -- -- were right there. And are now on March. Told you know where so I'm very game for the first -- today it's coming did you have a voice in their late. You know he. Says you -- beating. And of pretty much attitude about it and you're -- so two RC yes sir no sir. -- -- -- you. That's. He's like -- it is necessary either either accident. Ordered. Our own and open about that. Might public. I'm like OK well -- kind of argue that she is a which it all which he -- Sir I'm not give our viewers should. Military is now. They've run. Played so so. Seat to other callers pull poster -- Romario that it can't be yours yeah. And I'm Craig cable car -- you -- award. Our car handles water and have a perfect regular. I drought for a -- You know I'm not and so like so where. In my late in the Caribbean state. Carolina. -- so well in in -- They've been arresting me. Also Warren and Jeb lose in your -- Turns out news it is supposedly. Not -- insurance -- sort of memory serves. It's been dismissed. All. I got arrested or not there and yeah. Burton blew it came to -- You know. -- -- you you have a blessed night okay. -- -- All right good as everybody who's on a whole -- with Christopher merry Rupp listened Sylvia. To be a big favor a stay with -- eight. And I'll come back to your right after of the the top of the hour news I'm Bob Mitchell missed -- dutrow. And you're listening to the big 870 WW oil and AM FM and dot com top of the hour news is coming up next.

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