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8-21 Scoot Show, Bob Mitchell 10pm, Police Stories

Aug 22, 2014|

Bob Mitchell…the REAL Robert Mitchell…is in for Scoot tonight…he has lots of great talk topics: When you are pulled over by a police officer, what is the first thing that goes thru your mind? A professor of homeland security at Colorado Tech University, who was an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department for 17 years, says basically if you don’t want to get shot, tazed, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I they tell you. Does that sound about right to you? Have you had more good or bad experiences with police officers? Is it okay to say bless you to a classmate when they sneeze in the classroom. A young girl, who claims she was standing up for her religious beliefs in the classroom, was suspended after breaking a class rule of saying "bless you" after a classmate sneezed. When Dyer County High School senior Kendra Turner said bless you to her classmate, she says her teacher told her that was for church. Whose side are you on?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That debate Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in for us dude and his tour card WWL talked -- we're talking about. Experiences that you've had with the police officers in Albion being pulled over. Have you had more good or more bad experiences with police officers and when you're pulled -- were what's the first thing that goes through your mind normally. When you get pulled over you already know YUB and pulled over you know you're speeding you know if you ran a stop sign. Or he -- did not ye old went to pass whatever. But what about the times that you don't know and you have no idea why that officers pulling you over. And the things that go through your -- I'll tell you about my experiences that in just just a few minutes -- a wanna read this -- this text message. Few years back. Much on the white team got pulled over -- and by a black state trooper for speedy. Was driving 82 miles in a 65 mile growers -- did not get a ticket. And are related to the trooper called me a whole -- -- that only he had never met a young man that was so polite but every question the F let's on the the response was yes sir or knows he figured that that would hurt more if he called his mom and give him a ticket. He told me his job was saving lives. And that he was sure I would handle myself and about 32 and has not been stopped again and it. Actually goes to what the professor. A -- where apple Flickr and -- Colorado cut is a professor of Homeland Security. He's also an officer with the Los Angeles police department for seventeen years. He says that you don't want to get in the trouble and it'll only get shot delegate today -- -- -- -- pepper sprayed. You know what you throw to the ground just do what the police tell you do and be polite. 26017866. And nine point seven and is -- okay. To say bless shoot to a class Nate when these these in the classroom. A young girl claimed she was Stanley and emperor -- that religious beliefs in the classroom. Was suspended after breaking. It plans ruled by saying. Bless you. Her teacher said. That kind of talked for church. So whose side are you Juan. And that's not crazy enough for a woman is suing the US bank of Kentucky. For five -- after only four years of work because she would not stop telling customers have a blessed day. -- pilots Leo let's go to let's go to the Christopher. Christopher what do you think the most and have been a blessed day. -- done with the return on -- tonight. Thank you. It's that the ball. People don't understand. What church is churches not a building. Church is made up of people who are born again who believe in cheap and so -- people who. Stated that meant for church. Though -- -- -- that term means. Column. But is it okay -- is it OK to say it at a business sports. Yeah. That that person. Is doing it with good intentions and an eight bit. Root of this -- the -- -- -- we had them. Nation in America today. We don't want god in all at all and we push into the side and we today. We can't talk about god we can't say let's fuel oil. Other things McBride is gone. We want to we the problems that we do and give. Do. Everything that we I mean we have got we trust -- money. And everything -- That it's -- apartment that we like to talk about goggle. The complex is is the current. God in his -- call to change. -- -- -- And we knew that we don't like that. Like president let me ask you this question -- sure as as a man of god have you ever been pulled over by the police for doing something wrong. And that evening. And that like home. Actually one or want it. We we would -- at -- there -- job. Where the war and it was late it was probably. Wait to treat for morning so well now remember. -- -- well look at that can't go back to work the same morning and go out and out on top. Eight but in fifteen mile an hour now and the policeman pulled me over. And he actually went out to announce -- launch -- -- strike called -- live about an -- how away. Well. Trying to get all that I can make book in the morning. It's on my advantage. Like you're referring to a hotel reply yes sir no sir. Type of thing and all that because you know volatility is from -- you know as part of that. My job is to respect them and to comply with them and so that was what happened -- them out. Did you get a ticket. -- -- -- got god help -- out there thank you Christopher we're gonna go to Mary in man to go Mary want to talk about. Former governor Edwin Edwards -- our -- 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll question -- -- candidate for the soon to be vacated six congressional district. What are his chances of winning Mary very good good -- -- How -- you a little changed still don't think -- and years ago. And on the stamp. Out of the game that came out there and -- but he did content. All done and that is that nameplate to marry does that mean that I'm stupid and your stupid. Employees and everybody in the wheezing and is stupid Arnold. Look at that offends me. Yeah and equipment. And -- an apartment. I don't believe that that salute you you think on its utilities and Cuba. The menial. But I could hear myself talk with -- talking to -- out. Let's hope let's go to Sylvia how -- Sylvia. Aren't -- Bob conflict -- and -- Talk key government. I didn't I didn't going to lose my temper with that woman but one big. She would. Do -- on. -- now Italian. Beckett did you talk pressures. Where I think it actually does not make him again. -- Batman action and create. So it -- -- look at someone to -- I mean you know that way it's wonderful should be. And so why is it Genentech. Like I got it right and I think I have no problem with someone -- Have a blessed day I mean a putt I'd rather hear that -- that that -- and have a good day you know. Oh yeah that what some people talk these days. Due to -- accurate that is that they're called like yeah. I've got a text message that says. -- instead of oh wait look look look let me religion. Among. The I'll -- with you not if some would say I'll be with you. The problem. That it could probably too afraid to complain or say anything. Yeah but I mean that people would treat different god you're one game. -- the -- -- you know. But when I mean. Obviously you opulent linked to Iran and principal. You think he's got a chance of winning. You don't. -- page you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No decision yeah not so. Yeah would be -- yeah. -- went to college cup in Dubai. And India and you. -- -- a leading I'll buy it and I'll let nobody. On nobody now is the top two way. Far out okay. Another late in the that's what we're actually lucky then it -- up the -- It true that there are operate. I I agree I I believe and and in total respect what is the first thing that usually goes to your mind when you being pulled over by police officer. Wouldn't it make it donors to true. But I'm not you know not stop it got it they that it made it off. Did you opt out. So watch out I'm speaking it would mean it would kind of -- Google. And uncle Bob that warmer sound and so on got a kick and after kidnapped picnic a tribute call. -- I. You grow -- Jovial I want you to listen to this text message business this greatness does. Thanks Bob for the top nine out of ten callers will now have to tell their story about how bad they were treated or how scared they thought one -- in collar put the deputy. But what you Bob most of your calls will never understand what the deputy goes through with each and every stop is this person. Have gone to they have drawn to that car to -- to commit a crime while they just Barnett. Wanna argue and fight with you and Oakland going to jail. That is really good I'd I'd never ever ever thought of it from a police standpoint review. Bob Orr Bob your topic tonight is -- the cup but now we're not try on the bashed the cup but you know we we know we have what we do. Feel. A lot of anxiety when we pulled over and no I do. And that -- and get. Read about it. You. In power and means. Job and I don't know I'll ask you outward looking twelve shares. -- but I I don't know. I'd like this takes buses to the I never thought of or from their store employee like I -- -- they pull you over a -- they never know what they're gonna get the never know if they're gonna. Have some crazy and someone who's got a gun and you know -- Are going to take in the like keys that have just committed a crime and so you're right I've never thought of from the constant point of -- them -- and I'm glad I got the text -- appreciate you calling -- Are. OK god bless job site I'm Bob Mitchell interest due to the big 870 WWL AM a permanent dot com. Bob Mitchell and do tonight when moving for talked him out of it OK to say pleasure to a classmate when they sneeze in the classroom. The young girl got suspended after breaking a class rules say and bless you after a classmate -- A couple of text -- -- wanna get too. On the teacher and actually blood shoot every student that sneezes. -- no other text message I'm a public school teacher with eight graders and when they sneeze. Every time I say blush -- never thought twice about it. -- that he dare somebody to say I can't. Tell someone. God -- shoot or have a blessed day people. Need to mind and the people need to learn to mind and their own business. Here's another one Bob this is a -- the police right now it's not but you know. If this many people have negative feelings. Toward police. Than that coach is something that. Needs to be worked on. Text message -- worst cops causeway police they just seem to have a chip that shall. Hold on I'm a dubious or little bit about a situation at hand -- -- causeway police let's go to William and Bogut was already William. Underwrote that I don't I'm doing and our did call -- and I don't understand. You're. A religion is eight he would. We're not you know -- We don't wanna hear much talk about the big banker. It is your beliefs are what get them right jealous that we can not been published. And -- this craziness clubs left hook up. -- -- You know. And in -- -- -- the -- thing -- would normally home from you grow up for years ago. And all right just move the vocal. And I article if you rally in the all argued about to. -- And there are not sure what to charge -- people over. A few hundred feet from doctor well. And I talked -- me you're -- -- that are just compromise. Or Kelly. Haven't had anything major anchor in account to -- church function. And now ego or eat out the caller that he's brought to. And he takes his slides by you know look right. Yeah I go to the right in -- got a twitching your. The Specter and let market. -- Eventually after pleading with in the -- -- what is called -- so I'm the ultimate -- cultural. Do Oprah allies how much do. And about forty minutes are you at some time ago. The David duke passed on you. -- so all right William I appreciate you voting in okay. All right let's go to Rupp with -- spectacle and WWL to. -- you do it tonight okay. -- by the way. Bend every lady you're born into a talk show apparently -- the place that we have together become. You can't we just -- or we will be talking the same time nobody would hear any thing. Every you'll be entertaining -- there but now want to call regarding the caller from Kentucky as -- -- I'll. I was applauding what he -- I think they're probably or enough idiots in this state to elect Edwards again in the election. I don't think so I think dead or but I don't know how many candidates are going to be I think at this point there about eight of them. So I think he'll do enough votes to get into the second primary but. I'd hire. I think his age is gonna play a really really big factor in in in people -- going to elect him and -- I'm not really sure. I don't know the demographics. Of the six congressional district. But just remember you know it's it's -- it's just the older demographics. That support Edwards the younger demographics and I don't think they supported him. I hope you were right. He's -- -- -- with -- very charismatic -- so this news and you know. Meet personally I think -- would have audio like it definitely have a four. I could -- -- that -- -- -- -- yeah. Sure I'll think about it opened in. Tell the difference between those two. But it kind of that particular topic they can do that and. Rose slowly as do when you're pulled over by a caucus. Especially if if you don't know why you're being pulled over if you know why you're being pulled over your okay. But if you don't know why you being pulled over what's the first thing that goes through your mind. The first. The thing. Well. If you do know was that trying to -- with a good excuse not to not to the ticket. Well the perfect thing is that really that hot chick next week bill like this plea deal with the ticket ethnically glory and with cleavage. And yeah. I I was driving on the -- when ones and before Katrina. I had I had a beautiful. Red Porsche have relate convertibles today. So when you when you're driving that. Your license plate ought to be police -- mean now today. And I get on the causeway in the as a costly police officer and back him. So I'm watching my speed I mean I'm watching it watching it. And mile after mile after about the torture is getting to mile after mile after finally. Finally when we get to via. The halfway point of the closely he turned the lights on and pulls -- Now at this point. I have no idea why I'm -- -- -- really did unknowable and be in Philly pulls me over. And the -- vehicles that -- we have question he said. On your license plate how to juror numbers. How did you get red numbers on your license. -- -- my. And I said a plane that. -- is that were you thinking I said well I wanted the of one of the red numbers to a -- my car. And he -- looked at and he said you can't do that that's that one I didn't know that well got a ticket anyway and the but the the torture. Of those thirteen miles of not knowing that I -- that the license plate was the last thing I'm thinking to myself. Well on all got much like current sticker on the license plate. Have a break I'm not -- why in the world example in the field but it was it was very very from the Bristol gave me a ticket. I don't know accusing him -- bode well you can becoming actually drive a vehicle that that being that flashy. Well was this was this would have been before Katrina. I had on the car for twenty years. Proper quality years what is that supposed to mean I don't seem like good guy I would drop apartment last. You can not a good thing. The paranoid type but can't you drive an accord I'd like -- what goes you know look at any kind of part of it can't have a hard -- Well it's an aborted twenty years before Katrina Katrina has been ten years now. Right so that would that would have been thirty years ago. You and Katrina took away for. Start. Group was thank you for filling in tonight. Let's go to Lisa Lisa thanks for calling WW well. How are you. -- -- -- -- -- so you have you ever been pulled over by the police. -- -- -- Your. Story. High and achieve that. Old well where are all in. All. -- It's funny at all. -- -- years younger and it was one. Of the com an. -- -- To a and they are. The girl kicked out. It. And inappropriately. And looking. At -- -- Jail and now. In. An audit and in the wrong in the -- And you know an. Old. -- -- it shouldn't it. Shouldn't. You know. People will. Give them. Yeah. It is. Did he admit to be an inappropriate with you. You know it never. The and when. Did you. Lisa. Let me ask you a question of if if you don't mind it -- some details have been have been trying to get the get on our part table on the Lleyton. You -- like the person who might be able to help or right side have you ever been. Given a real out of the box excuse. For breaking up with any one -- were given the -- our god given you an. And the reason -- in this on guy. He didn't wanna go through with his wedding. So he tried to get out by convincing his fiancee that he would kill themselves if you. Yeah he disguised as voice and call her and said. All of this the officials broached that to our -- -- -- lower our -- some bad news story -- -- shot themselves. -- -- -- -- -- and trying to you know and try and and I expected better returns than now and -- -- it. Internet you have you'd ever done -- you never got the one it's not it's not you it's made. The. -- Really. Like it could catch a lot of that yeah. Smart and actually. They are. All. You now. And there. You are the people and and you know. -- -- -- -- -- You want -- And there. It. May weekly now. Well it it. I have said many nights of -- that the situation and first and I would never want -- -- police policeman get treated so portly. That they don't make a lot of money and and the honor and the respect you know what when I grew up. My parents always taught to respect the police officers and and and the way. I have a friend who was on the league's fourth saint Tammany parish. And he -- the way that people talk to them some time you know you pull people over and white right off the -- they start bad -- -- and and -- And you know I would I would never I would never think of doing that but but today's society. That that they don't they don't mind taking -- on the please. Well -- -- I get their act BE. Superman. It. The authority. -- -- -- -- You know people you like a good day. -- -- -- -- -- There are many out there on very few and that would militias harm or kill somebody in acting bad. Situation escalate. And it's unfortunate bike that you it. I'd say more than an early two and it. And eat now. Not -- -- and it -- they -- they eat and that they -- To what they're gonna pop up on out that the danger and the. And you know we have got a text message from a police officer that I read a few minutes ago that I'd I'd never thought -- the other side. Until there's some idiot keeps texting me that we're doing -- bashed the top show you know but anyway. Found. Out. People I do a great job. Thank you but this officer a text me and he said no he said that. You don't know what a police officer goes through when you pull someone over. You never know what you're going to get and I had never ever thought of it from that standpoint I can understand he's -- you don't know if you get a get some of his own drugs over the gonna get some of those earned her. And so -- -- committed a crime so. And it certainly it. Mean they're. Beat it. On yeah -- didn't. Lisa thank you so much thought into me that you bond of officially dating the cup -- All right thank you so much all right 60178668890. It's heavily on Bob Mitchell and for good. And this is the big 870 WWL AM at that man dot com and we have our big -- seventy. WWL party -- opinion poll question -- -- Edwin Edwards while open as a candidate for the soon to be vacated six congressional district. What are his chances of winning you can go on WW dot com. And vote for a good good slim or he'll win in at this point eleven were essentially very good 22 presidency good. 49 essentially slim and 19% say -- wouldn't have a text message. Which collectively. As -- mentions that I thought he would get into the second primary. This is there was the second primary actually probably used the wrong terminology. But I don't think he can win in the run. All right let's get back to our -- that go to Reggie in New Orleans or directory. What's on tonight. What I did wrong -- -- that -- It appears that one outlawed it would be. -- But yeah way up a little but he. -- you know you don't why it was pulling you over. Yeah it. It. Thought it demanded a crop is shot into the in a wee bit earlier. And oh -- from a registry and are they. Naked and motive. Well because. -- -- And they alone. I got a word -- animal league my at all. It's show call I had got that you've got back chemical -- And our right to have that I'm right on black it bit you know I have but it is Kate -- -- Sunday and a -- remote and the to a moment in the weight in the Olympic ilk. -- Politico that he -- a ticket to I'm sure. Don't get all. And who got a group. And it was so we can. -- and now. When I got to work. -- -- -- You know I had had a similar thing happened to me -- so. I start keeping one insurance card in my glove compartment and one in in my wallet because. Oh you know what what we have been talking about is the that that initial feeling that you get one when you're being pulled over. Not if if you know -- -- being pulled over for if you know you're speeding if you know -- a stop sign then because. He caught me in and you start thinking. Of excuses that you content look at the try to get out of it but when they pull you over and you don't know. And you've got to tell you that's tough what -- puts a lot of. I don't know if -- alive -- if I'm close around the other -- have. It on the record -- having a record album art but not reject but grown. 55. Cars because. You handle light I'll when you're on your license. Men are in the tea out of and frightened I got it to. It how do it and I'm a corporate profile for the weekend good. It would be thought that we can't then it before they get nominated -- -- -- -- like debate like -- my car. And I live across the river in Britain. At and if it will etiquette politely but like they wouldn't it does indeed MD -- you'll than. Any about it like complete. -- goodness already taken her. Go ahead. And didn't get my club again it's been all extra money for no reason at all. All right thank you were falling in okay. All right we'll take a break don't we have some lines open two to zero late 78668890. It's seventy. Without a swapping -- police doors of your head. More of good reaction beliefs or more bad reaction you know I'm mostly of people calling in today. Are. I don't really hear a lot of people you know bashing bashing bashing the -- But I hear people say and that that that their concerns and and sometimes they don't know why things at them -- -- -- last caller why would you need. Five police cars because one guy has a light out on his license or even -- and have -- why -- you need five police cars at that point. And does seem like a little bit of overkill I'm Bob Mitchell and let's do this WW well let's go to mark mark thank you Crowley WW ultimate power you. I'm doing -- what's on your mind tonight. That the amount. And I'll follow. Talk about their experience but only yeah -- pretty much shamefully out why you treat you badly you know. You weren't gonna get around -- -- Terrible anyway. Well you know when when you. When you know what they what with -- When you know if you get caught speeding or running a stop sign or something like that you know -- at least you can is right that -- partly. And maybe you you hope you can talk to -- What minutes it's that when you don't know why they pulled you over and you brain is going to everything in the world that can get very stressful. The would have to tell me tell me when they pulled you over -- know why they were pulled you'll want what that was about. I have no I what happened at lax on. When -- don't -- -- aren't now and on it to get to edit section right lawmen to middle. Pack a red light. -- all the sudden on the left -- chart lying. Like slash. -- changes in the element quote. And -- -- -- -- one got away actually could ask make any crime again. -- polo and although. And he got the call on reaching into the -- and ride it out big -- He pretty much choose and they of illegal actions like all the truck. And putting it on call that was struck. Early -- -- route. Very intimidating to me and you -- in the call. And he -- and it's not gonna play games what you should future elections. Registration and -- -- shots. -- -- it's appropriate charge as to find it continue registration annualized supermarket Charlie gantt while. -- the tour and actually my outlook don't talk -- there are out there and I have my hand on Leo. They should get out debt. And -- explorer. If you trust and that they walked -- -- -- caught. On society and do so on and Hancock's. And that's where did you get that life is excellent I don't tell any lie and I'm that. That you were Greg Brokaw and the loose crash that's what it is quite figured. -- -- -- -- actually. -- -- -- Financial our sport figured. Sure enough he gets a variety of odd jobs that that lies destroyed belongs yeah and get a ticket portray it to show. My true which short in a timely -- Thank you mark by Jeremy Charlie and had to hang on. And I'll get right to you after the top the Auburn news this -- WWL AMF lemon dot com.

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