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8-21 Scoot Show, Bob Mitchell 11pm, Police Stories

Aug 22, 2014|

Bob Mitchell…the REAL Robert Mitchell…is in for Scoot tonight…he has lots of great talk topics: When you are pulled over by a police officer, what is the first thing that goes thru your mind? A professor of homeland security at Colorado Tech University, who was an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department for 17 years, says basically if you don’t want to get shot, tazed, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I they tell you. Does that sound about right to you? Have you had more good or bad experiences with police officers? Is it okay to say bless you to a classmate when they sneeze in the classroom. A young girl, who claims she was standing up for her religious beliefs in the classroom, was suspended after breaking a class rule of saying "bless you" after a classmate sneezed. When Dyer County High School senior Kendra Turner said bless you to her classmate, she says her teacher told her that was for church. Whose side are you on?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm Bob Mitchell and for -- -- tonight here is what we are talking about a police officer with the Los Los Angeles police department like the seventeen year veteran. Says basically. If you don't want to get shot today's pepper sprayed a program the ground troops do with the police tell you to do. -- a -- policy doesn't sound about right do you have had more good morning good or bad experiences with police officers. And when your big and pulled over by a police officer especially. When you don't know well you know you'd think to yourself -- not speeding. In and stops on the school -- What's the first thing that goes through your mind is that you know might have run in the this woman you start trying to. Place in your mind on normal licenses here insurance answer what are the things that go through your mind and is -- okay. Tuesday bless you to classmate at -- these in the classroom. A young girl claimed she was a developer only religious beliefs to the classroom was suspended. After breaking in the class room looks in black issue. After a classmates -- now that's Christina for you're a woman is suing the US bank did -- -- for -- inner after -- Korea because she. Was telling people to have a blessed that I've got a couple of text messages to throw into there. That's how how would you feel -- some once ago. All of beat the or all of bullish news. How would you feel about appraised -- You know something at all honestly. If someone told me prices Dalai I would say right dog back to them. But I would I would bet you any money. That if this person worked at the bank which say and raised ala. This wouldn't -- today that -- be afraid to touch. Because it's that it would be would be too sensitive form and -- would there would be afraid to touch that that's just my opinion. And do you. Or anyone you know. Have ever been given a really out of the box excuse. For breaking up I mean have you ever broken up with someone and -- received forgiven. A totally out of the box -- like for instance a guy here. He didn't wanna go through the wedding. So he tried to get his fiancee to believe that he would kill themselves. He faked a phone call -- saying. That he had committed suicide he says it was his fault -- acted that the -- the the caller claimed the meals for our military called the blaze that well that's not true -- -- so have you ever been given. Or have given a total out of the box excuse for breaking someone let's go to Jeremy and show Mel how are you Jeremy. -- -- -- -- -- -- Her the police store for right. -- -- -- outcome wrong of me by the -- you know -- distort when a -- we're going to to be content. And when it was orbit and try not from the strike. And -- note of where -- -- and we're like maybe two blocks away from the Lou. It was they were going to. Hear. Police pulled up on it and put on it by supporters -- -- hold it what are we -- pool builder. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then at that time there -- low on attachment are -- I believe. From a friend a I'm my habitat you know Omar. Just give a different. And the -- So and I I lied about it just to you know try not to get congregate. Take away from on experience again rated. So. We -- all of that. And one and offices around my license and -- I nurture me here's the and in -- like now I'm sorry I'm a broad name. Got busted. Busted. In. And I told an outright apologize about that I are. You know. Again -- embryo -- tire for use in. He bought the ticket. And one that certainly looking I mean the good news outlet I would slap the (%expletive) you not language. Although -- YRO and that your corruption should be threatening somebody. By you know -- in the but democratic ticket he. -- -- forming. But. How can be -- topics about -- knowing which again. But -- -- In. Are really -- enjoy your show thank you to. -- and -- experience with the police all the server. I'll be in my elderly mother were visiting relatives in Ottawa. And we've written called -- could go out there and back. I'll -- back the taxes. And -- somewhere in the core Georgia light -- But that we've got to visit will do well while we were brought in -- dirty pot in Kansas. And we stopped in Wichita Kansas. And my mom elderly should talk with the other elderly like the whole tale -- And she said you know whole world to -- which you call. Thirty -- that the whole world. -- Wichita. To -- -- border. So she said why don't you take this back world where it's not a whole world. And you can just justice would you say that the whole space should -- were mistreating this all 30 Rock. And go -- awful lot of it was so -- shall we are seeing how. Vote. That you approval today rebel party ought to play but I Mecca writing the history -- -- this whole way. It was not how would you stop these two don't. I'm only only for about fifty miles in this cancers -- Highway Patrol officer. Pulled up behind me. Egypt's. They're my Mother's -- -- They were concerned that you were. Stopped at. And -- -- -- And -- percent. Ma oh my goodness. Oh the Oklahoma border. And then. From Oklahoma -- bogus call Bartlett as though. But it would greatly -- I. It was about it but then you should work. That we do you know you'll be so. That was my one experience that I'd do it public so but he always -- I'd get that. -- we do. I -- a little -- Charlie what about you do you think it's okay. To it's like god bless you and school. I certainly do think it's it's it's the right thing at the site got bullish view and they ought to bring prayer back. To the schools I'm all for now. Would you be offended let's say if you were at a bank or biz displays and someone said have a blessed day. -- Well what we have at the news we have a teenage girl. -- God bless you to a student in class. And she got suspended and we have another story about a woman who worked at a bank. And she had been telling people have a blessed day and the bank said that we don't want that. And then. I think a couple days later as someone told the woman on god bless you and she said and god blood shoot too and she got fired. Because they say that you know that they did not want that type of -- At the workplace which I just cannot understand stuff like this I really care and this is this is getting crazy when you. When you penalize people for saying god -- Yes. I don't think they should of harder I'll -- the wrong thing to do. Which -- anything usually at the show. Know about. You figure out really this year. Bob you're good shall follow. No I'm not a talk show host understood auto talks in the radio with a at work so. Well thank you Charlie. All right all right now we have some lines open if you wanna call and not take part of the show it's 260178. 866 -- and I know it's seventy. When you pulled over by a police officer what is the first thing. That goes through your mind and does the race. Of the police officer affect your level of anxiety you know you you hear stories over and over again. Although black men that are pulled over by white police officers and their immediate thought is that they're being pulled over strictly because of their race. But what about the other side but what about. -- like gods of your pulled over by a black police officer indeed do you feel was there was so when you get pulled it would've raised. Affect your level of anxiety at all and we have a couple of stories that have been in the news that the real economic interest in. A young girl missed the -- and 500 maintenance than. So hectic today. Year ago -- tour. While she was brought up to say yes or no ma'am you know. God bless you. Always being polite. -- she was tossed out of class. And sent to the principal's office. Because someone's -- and class. And she said god bless you well. The teacher helped nab a list of words up and raises that. She did not want her students used in one. Was calling to -- -- wants to. And one of the things on there was that you can't say god blush which I cannot understand how in the world. All of a school and even permit something like that but anyway. That's what happened and Xia who wander up the that the school on the principles supported the teachers -- the teacher's class. That's -- the teacher wanted to and that's what she had to adhere to and she got suspended and then you have the -- the story about lady working in the bank. And because she was telling customers have a blessed day. And she would not back down on that should wind up losing your job to 6087866. And nine a late seventy. Got a bunch -- bushel you'll have a long way -- go to JT. JT how -- you. Hey I'm going to -- Margaret -- show us that you -- ex police officers that right. I am. The food farmers Robert rock and well. Spyware. Here we don't we we had a text message earlier from a police officer and and we had and another ex police officer Colin and never looked data from your stand point of view what is it like what do you go through -- when you pull someone over okay. What is going through your mind when you walked into the car. Well most of all -- remembered -- partner urged. Com -- I don't know where I start off. -- form. And dog out or where Alec people like three years. Back -- when you have a move to Jack -- compartment 85. -- to -- and your whole war. And even debate in my global vehicle items members. So what is going through your mind when you apple quibbling over. Eric what little. -- if they're going to meet today -- sort put -- Our. Come back every day but not a -- post outlook crosses. And when I can't let the person in a -- I would give them. Yeah well I don't like criminals like a black -- why. I. Are given that respect -- actionable results. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you are OK that. Will come out there more relaxed about the bureau -- -- group we were -- And that is that is every time you and you you never get used to that. You know Stewart and why it caught -- -- we go yeah OK calm. A lot of debate which are -- there. OK don't comment. -- what you thought it. And control. Make them -- they're really not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Even crowd. Comes. Out about the book reader you now have hotly. What else -- but -- and -- you're in control of the question. Jerry Taylor -- -- -- discretion would had a couple of people polled in tonight. On -- on things like may be an expired license plate or. Ought to feel like Vietnam and they said that the police were called for back up to the -- three and four cops on the scene. At what point. What when you are you pulled some -- over an -- -- speeding or for running a stop sign at what point. It in a conversation. With someone that you feel the truth after called more officers were on this thing. When the ball. Well. In -- and -- -- -- -- -- on that vehicle and where it ought to look like one that's what -- -- -- -- -- I don't think about that development work we don't -- Okay. All the attack and I'm not much and number. -- tag which. Attacked well but no net or call back and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh well. Of course I'm back yeah. Even even suppose you. The bush you run it and and and there's nothing you know. The guy doesn't -- record -- -- and have an outstanding warrants -- wood which is still wanna call back up but if the area was bad. Not all of the commissioner's -- back. -- aspect I spoke what the bop pop up till the bit that men are not okay I'll put out -- at the end you know. Right straight day before you go. Is it OK to say. God bless you and in in a class or if if you were went to a business let's say you went to a bank of something like that measure relieving. The teller said have a blessed day is that okay with you or is that. Out of place. Oh OK with me we could not believe in you know -- -- put. We got -- your respective Colbert don't believe it you don't want to. And it nobody yeah look I'm not spell that out there that -- beat me. It's much work it -- job but. I expect them that. All right JT appreciate you calling okay. All right rob you will be up next 26017866889. Point seven who have some lines available is it okay. In a place of business to say. Have a blessed day. Lady -- -- form bank got fired because of that that the right thing to do whose side you're on. Her side of the banks 260178668. At 90 it's seventy. I'm Bob Mitchell was the -- show on WWL. Bob Mitchell in particular rob I'll be with you in just a minute I'll remind everyone there's a fan I'm coming to go early -- -- WWL has issued tickets Andrew Lloyd Webber's epic and powerful musical. Family operable transformed this languished agent of the league world blow. The Paris opera house in November if you love of goods if you love a good love story though as broadway's longest running show on tour. To listen -- -- tomorrow morning between six and 10 AM but the song. Music of the united -- the number to call and lucky number eight -- compare tickets to ghostly Phantom of the Opera at the Sanger on Wednesday November up at 730. Prize valued 252. Bucks. All right well the thing we're talking about tonight is is it okay at work on the job. To tell. Customers. Have a blessed -- woman lost to drop of the bank for a such a thing here's a text message -- quickly. Where is though that I'm turned off by -- and blushed. Was having worked on in my house in the garage doing work which would have published today the report job even as answering machine message would say have a plus study. Apple will return. Don't understand who would not wanna have a published that it looked. Rob rob how are you tonight. I'm. -- five rob who would not -- have a blast. I think everybody -- Believe it should be no problem. I'd -- blessed I want a blessed day every day. Mean. World's crazy yeah yeah. Now what about you what's the first thing that goes through your mind. When you were pulled over by a police officer especially. When you don't know YUB and pulled. Well. -- I am what happened to me about twenty years ago and actually -- Leaving work and where where guys got to go large. Right here on to the point. Slide. The long story that hadn't. Had that are currently. But. At that. -- I couldn't do much to get on the challenge them on the and what -- -- Michael much. Come right now on people over Egypt. And as. You are currently out at the right. Oh Billy. Out speed on. And I don't know ultimately twenty. Titles. That would lead to yeah. So. So you know I told them. About the one. Ticket are. Operation. In jail now take you -- So he do that and that is -- and it. Well -- and department. Reported. And and the next day out for them at the time who was assistant cheap hopefully it's like well. This week. In the comment on. Officer. Idea that is that -- You know. You're in trouble. And had to be on the New Orleans on the bridge that because he couldn't of the. I'd be on to the game. So -- That would. Cause somebody to help out. -- sixty mile an hour. -- The situation. Until the match you know mom dad knows there are hot -- -- and what kind of it onto a seat belt violation. You know that you decide you know I've. Kinda been set to. You know I don't speak like back on stage. Right rob appreciate you voting in our eyes are -- 2601 late 78668890. It's obvious go to cal one and Morgan City power you Calvin. Find Calvin -- -- venue if you were at let's say the bank and the tellers that have a blessed day. They say I'll tell you police state pulled me over. There there at rock you know lag and urged. Did you hear about question Calvin. I said if someone at a bank wouldn't tell you have a blessed day would that be offensive to use. To that one of the things were part of a woman and a bank got fired for telling customers. Have a blessed day. You know now. Our telegram that it would. You know the so what's the first thing that goes through your mind when the police pull you over. What they tell -- what they want what they. OK there's that because with -- air -- So acreage. Let's go to -- Fay -- how are you. And grow I'm dust -- slime but he's not working tonight. You pay. -- -- And yeah. -- And did they. Couldn't. -- Away. And and it. Good. At. It. All right they would go we had a real real bad connection to him and I might have to move on to barely barely understand what -- -- -- All right 2601878668890. At seven to have a couple of lines open. We of course are talking about. The situation about one young girl got suspended from school because she said god bless you -- the class because one over. -- students sneezed and then we have another lady. That the lost your job on the bank issues that have have a blessed day how do you feel about these things or anything wrong. Would -- and publisher and anything wrong with say in having a up a blessed state. 260178668. At 90 it's somebody. Let's say we don't make it caught up on a couple of text messages were also talking about the the Romans that you move ahead with the police and what's the first thing that goes through your mind. And if you had more more good or more bad. Relationships. As -- spores you know when you stop possibly troubles are more good or more band. The correct English. I think so. All right oh we are one nation. Formed underdog -- our heritage liberty for all means you were freed of rate and god you wish but you should respect my god my country's -- It's a shame -- have leaders. With the -- on the foundation of our great nation and a charisma to portray this image. As we -- and talked to -- the police solve a little earlier about theft and why is it sometimes it seems like a simple traffic stop. They'll have about three or four cars and I here's a text about -- -- I'm assuming it's from a police officer. With some agencies ovals developed called for back up. Ivanov were called in a traffic stop near by optimal response automatically. It is a safety point especially in high risk areas. All right don't know if you heard about this guy. And if there's anyone who has listing then you went through. A really bad break up. You know or are you -- you you've got one of these excuses that make no sense. You know you might have been a -- this story here. A guy who didn't want to go through the wedding try to get out of it by getting his fiancee to believe that he had killed himself. His name is -- land Chester. Man what -- sorry but the league girlfriend thing with Portland trust her she was planning their wedding when she received a phone call. From her boyfriend she was in the United Kingdom in London and the boyfriend was still in the United States. He called -- pretending to be -- his father. And he told her that her fiance had been suffering from depression and throat himself comfortable party get the picture. He he disguised his voice said that he was is dead and the bad was telling her that the sun. Killed himself put through and so for portable car. Well. She called them her would be in laws who probably told her he was very much alive and the whole thing was just an excuse. Two get out of club. Getting merry. I mean I've I've had some people tell me some crazies stories about -- but that that truly going way way way. -- wanna remind you of course you know what's happening this weekend. Got the big the big saints game who dat nation get ready for pre season game number three -- Saturday. When the saints take on the colts in Indianapolis took the job at 3 o'clock with for state with a resident pro former saying shipments of -- the court and Todd and -- is at 5 o'clock. The Bud -- count on the ticked off. Meet Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia live from -- cajun cannon restaurant in Metairie. Corner of vets and lake Villa 7 PM is game time with the best play by play team and football. The voice of the strange Jim Henderson saints color analyst -- garage on and -- -- -- report Kristian -- after the game. Join the cajun cannon in the big chief for the point after till 1 AM and ten hours. Of Walt Walt say it's -- Saturday legislative radio the big -- seventy. 105 point three -- WW well all right important important important alert alert alert who detonation number that you can stream saints' games at WW dot com. When -- -- copper leapt up remember the opposed -- while most of -- games on mobile devices like phones. And tablets. I -- they want. More money for that. 260 late 78668890870. Throughout the night we of course and talking about what a police officer in Los Angeles said. He said basically. If you don't want only trouble beliefs. The words of you'd only get shot. If you'd only get paid tribute to -- peppers and you know get thrown to the grow. Then just do what they tell you to do. Don't don't be sarcastic with them. Don't tell them on your salary. Though -- -- -- -- report you don't say anything like that just do what they tell you to do so does. That sound right to you when we we've been discussing the things that people Romans of people had with the police though. Our earlier tonight the phones were just absolutely. Just jammed with people -- not -- -- we do have some lines open right now if you tried to get through earlier and you couldn't. A promise you if you call right now the weight will belong to six year old late seventy. 866889. Point seven you can text me at 87870. I'm Bob Mitchell. And this is just don't show on WWL. What are they talking about tonight after we read destroyed but the guy who didn't want to go through the winning -- tried to get out of it by breaking up with a fiancee by. Pretending to have committed suicide. I asked the question to you or anyone you know I have ever given a real out of the box -- breaking up and here's a guy who said. Until I broke up. With my girl for a little -- -- had a contagious fluid could never see -- as well. That's good to Elizabeth and picky about how Oreo Elizabeth. I'm telling -- -- you know I'm. I'm doing fine and what's on your mind tonight. Our only -- where they're at it all oh. We put. It -- the need for a breach it left in the well. And order. -- let our -- and make it -- And when. Cars in one card I'll go to. -- Well. And and -- mile an hour. Like what do you and I. Mean. I'm. All. Right all right -- -- -- And why. Car. That. Aren't. You. Actually. Caught. -- attention -- me. You know. And -- To. Notice that digital and have a blessed day of the. How -- it. She. Might delete all your -- made a lot. Do you know -- I thought she. Yep but this when you use you have a blessed day okay that's our. Do you think that's OK and at at at at the workplace and what's wrong with in the school one kid telling an elected at least these god bullish. I'll. You know. I'm. Not only did you thank you for voting in okay. All right let's go to -- and Hammond power -- -- -- right there about. This. You know got elections. -- and -- Is great. You know game alive. Both Christian. She didn't matter yeah and I it and -- -- No matter what religion. Patients saw. There -- got to respect that you can walk a world. IAA. That it could be prayer to. Maybe pray and the well. Gotta sit. It out maybe you've got to respect. You know why. It. It's ludicrous our -- biggest. Religion back in the school. I'm I believe that in a lot of people. Oh -- agree with you know I'd do. I cannot and anyways the follow someone sneezing would use that god like shoot I don't object to defend anyone I don't see if oh. Talents of will have a blessed day but who would not wanna have a blessed -- you know and really when you when you really what you really looked at it. The -- tells them have a blessed day it. All that it could be one person -- and all the persons or may not even be of godless in the majors beat Renault one person the tea. Of one additional paid for -- -- many times. My wife and we might eating out of something like that. Now today. You know you Egypt talking to waitress was also it literally bullets but that's that's that's really -- a -- to you know one. So I don't I don't understand. What anyone have against and have a blow Wednesday. But what -- you haven't run into the police at all. I had. -- -- Or double oh yeah at the let it -- all. Book or. Go all we -- back in orbit exit. Struggled. At all my daughter. Julia what should solve more problems. You'd try to break. -- -- -- call her. It took a call with Google all shall. And I -- one unit to -- back yeah. Should school water rates are here. And she did know company are pretty. Well. Robert McCaw and strength in -- region saw -- -- console. And elsewhere -- -- well I want solid -- Obama. -- -- meters that put the light on him. I hit the brakes. Or bureau or -- should. There are crawl it could argue our air traveler currently about what went over there as a our. Cap or metro. Org or shoulder and back out lock up the break slid shut up yeah well -- Christmas -- Tayshaun got about a minute and counsel for the sharply tax. That a lot of drop drop as the Cairo well it properties -- Comfort -- Mort you know and he. Perry. -- -- -- -- could tell it very it is not a lot of quiet. You know lock that rate upbeat sort. Yeah -- -- -- -- -- that up from moderately to crawl. And when -- that was probably ought to look at crumpled. That was a good story and and you can understand if you were swerving he should've pulled jewelry you know Dracula. All right John thank you so much for -- and tonight okay. God blessed to engage -- -- to you right after this break on WW well let's go to gage engage welcome to show what what are your thoughts on the be enables say god bless shoes or have a blessed -- Well. I. I don't take any attempts to people so that made. And I did not. You. And where you that you are essential. To me. And I and in that instance that -- of the individuals who. Stretch or police they're. You know it's in their mind it's it's -- -- titans and I know. It. I do wonder why. People think players. War home course going to be at war with troops. I feel generally inundated with that new movie -- sure -- I mean you know if you rather -- state capital. From the war. -- -- use these. Of these stories huge crawl this. -- need secure. Sure and channels. Every. It was religions. Stage and that. You -- you don't you don't it is only war on religion -- All right appreciate you calling. -- forgo. Got a today about about this here are this this is go to. This is -- just. -- you are both so -- for today comes from. Albuquerque, New Mexico where Bozo Michael Jones was due to meet with his probation officer. However there was just one small problem he had no transportation. So he called a cab right wrong he hits like have you -- no. He want to Wal-Mart and -- a motorized shopping cart. Her rectum and Lou won the officer asked him where he got the Carty fessed up to -- that. Of course now he's been charged with larceny and receiving stolen property. That's going to do it for the show tonight. Thank you for calling them think for all the text messages and but a good show tonight hoped you enjoyed it that John every night who producer of the show at the -- and keep me on time Matt thank you John. I guess that's about it good night and I hope this doesn't offend anyone but god bless you.

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