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Aug 22, 2014|

Dave talks about Get Crunk, unsatisfied women, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition of WWL first news on this the 22 of August 2014. Let's see it's. Yeah. And I -- to see. Gee I asked you don't know how much it really makes me happy its value Wellcome. To fry day you ready oh yeah are you ready angrily. -- -- Okay okay okay -- A lot of time. Ride and it then definitely make room. The driving. Peninsula. Get prompted it. Thank you -- making it -- playing now he wanted. I have about it. The weekend has arrived yes the final work and get this out of the way slated for the weekend saying. With the all important third and three. Season games are those a lot of books on the -- bowl. Gotta wonder about those guys who are just. Over again. If you -- a big play Houston I'm gonna get him get amends now mark and Justin Drew Brees well he's not all the rust off and all's well. Jared -- can't wait to see him he's. Apparently. Very impressive and that backfield so we haven't seen him yet. And I'm really just ready get pre season done and over now while out. And get to the real stuff before you know it. You know we're just a week away from LSU and LSU kicking out there. Real season there's no free now and not -- it right down to business is real in Houston against Wisconsin. The badgers. Over thirteen against number fourteen. Indeed it -- be the gas smell Latin. It's not that I'm smile on its football are real football football accounts and means something it's right around the corner. Such as cute shoes Saturday's third preceding game which should be again one as far as freeze easing as a novice -- anchor for the real thing but him between your right well -- cute and things Aaron then begins tomorrow. So that area of disturbed weather down in the out in and around a little bit and it's getting closer to making its way toward Puerto Rico and as of 2 o'clock this morning the National Hurricane Center argues that -- 60% chance. A developing into a tropical depression in the next 48 hours. -- -- Models continue to be favorable for us not showing getting into the gulf but again until it actually as a sort of speculation out -- Ibrahim gotten to that point yet -- and -- actually becomes a depression a storm or hurricane which does not. -- We still really ideal line now and I've heard. Bahamas mentioned a number of times let's go out and -- let's go to the bombers. I'll go and watch for other guys I don't. Among the page in its days on the outside of Florida on the Atlantic side that would be just fine. Even as the depression or whatever their commitments to be will continue to monitor that for you and follow. If it becomes an issue will. Today as we take a look at the national -- -- calendar which is national tooth every day. -- I don't know why the Tooth -- needs in national day every days 23 day if you lose it to -- absolutely. We now both have grown kids my youngest is there yeah I worry about that stuff you're young uses 19 -- he sees. So we don't have to deal with that anymore by I don't know what Steve Perry -- -- it to these it is. I think. Last mind to deal with five bucks for the first yeah I was gonna say and I've got -- to forward the teeth after that was the two guys -- -- -- -- -- five. Five for the first one guy for everyone's what. I'm wrong. I think you're right that's sliding scale and it's different if you if the Tooth -- pays too much for it is the -- -- threaten their teeth out and pull their teeth mountain. In if the value is too hot it -- giving gifts and worse that the -- of beauty intentionally. To try and make a buck it's also national -- court day. -- -- -- -- -- And now this is one a lot of courts. Now here's something released over the weekend. National ride with the wind is tomorrow that's not the stupid part here is this new report. Tomorrow is national hug your boss day. -- It's on Saturday. It's always August 23. But just don't you want usually be around the boss is most people I don't think either Boston sent via the work on Saturday the Boston park Saturday. So maybe that would you like you know make that link that you would labored in the first. Like the third Monday of the fourth round of the month there's something like that but then again. Decorated in general argued ball and -- 9 -- maybe that's why it's on the Saturday and ends up the boss that is. To say. Our national sponge -- days tomorrow than Sunday we have national -- Idec different here all impeached by Sunday. And national waffled I could go for lawful is viewed on well yeah. -- be updated because we had in the past and controversy about what they want important things happen. And for all now. We make a big deal on. It. Thank you David was talking about fifteen minutes morn news BW AM and ready to stand navigate Crockett ready for this third -- in game what are you look at what you wanna -- the bubble players you're gonna make the team and -- not. You wanna -- Brees and -- what you're excited about or you just like a -- now. But the breezy in here and want this they're treated in game it is ready for the regular season. -- -- -- What do you think about all hysteria surrounding this tropical wave you think people have just lost their mines. Thinking that this is. All over the Internet people on in the every thing's gonna go to -- and basket this tropical weather is gonna get to get us. Next to me about that -- seventy of these will take your forecast for the weekend and sports. Steve gallery -- I've won a good morning I'm Dave Conan and your forecast for the weekend. Some of the hottest temperatures we've seen all summer will be rolling into the area this weekend going with 94 today. And it 10% chance first race storm but that attempt to accept in 95 for Saturday and Sunday. And rain chances still low with isolated storms. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. 76 at the airport in Canada and north -- at three miles -- -- relative humidity is 91%. -- -- -- muggy it's 74 degrees I'm Dave knowing it's the early edition of WWL first news I didn't ask for any input on it. But we did get crowned this morning and I got a couple of text messages on -- says it's Friday instead navigate -- as is the best way to wake up. Thank you guys. Appreciate your text message in that we can make you happy. But then came this text message -- That's -- rest. Hold we still don't know what the saints have decided they sent that day. Survey Steve Geller -- this season ticket holders won and now if they still want -- played in the dealt. And I don't know what they found. You know for all the folks that complain. About the crow song what it is played in when -- is played in the dome after touchdown. Doesn't say anything else is not gonna fire up people the same now when that when the saints scored touchdowns and -- play -- in the down nearly everybody stands up and starts. Getting drunk and -- guess the lack of a better explanation. They see him do enjoyable see a bit since every -- is sold to a season ticket holder only makes sense just asked them what they think. In the superdome and I guess will -- in doubt. One the -- their plan in the dome. Again when and if -- is there are like noticed last year they would play it after a touchdown and then sometimes -- play different soul and yet when it played definitely -- reaction and no matter what the difference -- -- it was a -- kind of marriage that which -- kind of my reaction of the third pre season game tomorrow things -- good morning everyone happy Friday. Drew Brees though is set to make -- three season debut tomorrow against the colts this baby number -- only action before the regular season starts so how critical is this contest for drew. It is important is important that's why we'll play well a lot of good out there shall call from the and I feel like you know this week has been great this. You give back out feel like -- snowstorm wall like I should. Also expected to take the field for the first time in the game situation is a bulk of the saints' secondary. Corners Champ Bailey and Patrick Robinson as -- CP Jarrius -- are eight full go. Although NFL teams don't have the cut down roster to 75 players until Tuesday. -- have made for early cuts. The team released running back Timothy Flanders tight -- -- AM receiver Tobias Palmer and outside linebacker to Derek who's a three day. The saints' roster now stands at 86 players. The Eagles -- the Steelers 31 to 21 on Thursday night football Philadelphia running back bushel McCoy left the game in the first quarter with a thumb injury. X rays did come back negative -- -- last year rushing leader. The pelicans released their pre season is scheduled to -- to play two games at the smoothie king senator. October 14 against the rockets in October 16 vs the thunder. Details pre season begins October 4 against the Miami Heat in Louisville, Kentucky. And goalkeeper Tim Howard of the US is taking a one year break from the US national team. The three time World Cup veteran has as coach -- includes -- not to consider him for selection to the roster until September 25 team. The 35 year old Howard says. Want to spend more time but his family. Today -- on sports talk what are you most looking forward to the saints colts game plus. Eight days -- -- -- against Wisconsin where you forecast that the tigers finished in the SEC west I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports. I guess and she said goal keeper in the -- -- talking about soccer yes and as always you soccer hockey. After -- one hockey's OK soccer. US goalkeeper obviously I made all those amazing saves -- the World Cup if only we had given the poor guys the -- -- people warmth he can videos on YouTube and gifts and things that I am. Night saving the world from -- horrible tragedies because he was that agreed. Save artists that you need a little down time to view the spam act respecting a year off to hang with them are not taking them out now you got me excited about the third pre season game. I was getting -- -- and about three season but. Drew Brees sounds like he's excited about it apps and it's only not only is terrorist -- going to be there the Champ Bailey and Patrick -- and hero that so. That's secondary that's been that's a new lady is actually gonna be stopped. Finally we're gonna get to see what. Saints' secondary will look like during the regular season. We have got to see that at all -- excited about that part definitely defensive stars. Going to be plan for the saints them maybe at least in that first half. That should be an exciting game and maybe -- to make them turn overs and get some takeaways and has an excitement takeaways have been thinking you know yesterday. Corey white who complain in the nickel in the secondary. Came away with another turn over he's been a real ball all this this training camp I've been appraised impressed with his hands this. That I haven't really seen him make too many plays like that before if only he could now just. You know stay on the receivers during actual game. Yeah yeah I gotta be near where the ball's going to catch it. They -- he'll be near sports again and twenty minutes right here at WW will bring you back to talk more about LSU just a week away now. From opening their season and gave -- the early edition of WWL first news. Your forecast and I'll talk about the models for invest in 96 now this thing in the tropics it really isn't anything yet. Coming up after this. -- when he -- your forecast. On this Friday afternoon and 10% chance first race dorm but everyone noticing the heat yet again. Mid ninety's later on today and -- Friday evening plans temperatures falling into the eighties and even overnight lows only around eighty degrees. Then Saturday and Sunday looking very warm highs both afternoons around 95 and look for 810% chance for rain. For the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist -- cells. 674. Slide down 91%. Humidity by the way all of them reliable models on this tropical wave -- it's staying out. In the Atlantic that coming anywhere anyway. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's August the 22 it's when he fourteen it's TGI. Out and it's welcome to Iraq. Okay okay okay if I. And it. Can't stand every -- room. That feels good to be -- and on into the weekend madness I day grow on it at Indianapolis. Tomorrow night. Topic at the end you'll hear all the action right here on WW Wellesley about them and now. While -- that we included is now. You can stream saints games and that we WL the outcome. But the NFL won't let it stream them on mobile devices -- cell phones and tablets. But laptops -- -- Yeah that's not their guy you monolith of the saints game you can do it and AMP map map you can -- them that's -- -- laptop. That they get. You know got that. This Indians update. They were talking about this Islamic -- Some people are calling it crisis. I know I'm I'm tired of this debate and it is also called Beisel -- the president calls -- Beisel yet you know when I first heard him say that he has today. I thought he said something else. It sounds like another war I they were not supposed to say on the radio you're right it does those guys' souls. You know I mean that's that's what it's out of life. And I think maybe that's why the administration. May be choosing to call Beisel instead of crisis because I -- both names are accurate. But if you can sound like you're called on an ice all out then maybe it sounds better or more derogatory word -- I'm not sure because and then most of our listeners will hear crisis. All week either from our news -- CBS and working whether it's horror WW LTV and then the president comes Gaza sisal. And Chicago on why. Yeah it really did make me go -- -- out why he did it did it work that's supposed to say. And always angry at this group. Man terrorist state -- trying to destroy him his pledged to plant a black flag on the White House. It's oh by a local ice all ice as both are correct but I think and I Beisel battered his commitment Monica. Word is the right -- parents. Movies this weekend gas. You know every Friday we take a look at what's going to be playing and what your options are if you negotiate new movie. We've got two films that were made right here in the war to debut. Sin city. A -- to kill four. -- Mickey Rourke Jessica Alba Josh Josh Roland that an all star cast of this. That opens this weekend and also it's done and that really strange. Almost black and white -- almost cartoon the Indian in a strange lottery yet I'd like -- well it's set in the mid 2000. Sin city in 300 expose the world to. Non superhero comics news sunlight and became so successful. That people like. The way this is going. Some Ellison city's most hard boiled citizens cross pass with a few of its more revealed in haven't reviled. Part accidents in city. A game to kill four. Also shot right here in New Orleans when the game stands built him a journey of legendary football coach. Bob in the future we appreciate. It but I'll let. Who took the day LaSalle high schools spartans not here none none that -- now new world not that in war. Anyway from obscurity to 151. Games streak that shattered all records for Americans sports of both of those chat here. And then this one that might sixteen year old daughter's really excited about if I stay. Life changes in an instant where young -- hall after a car accident. Blitzer in a coma during an out of body experience she must decide whether she wants to wake up and live. Or go ahead and go to the answers. Those of the three new movies going up against the top five of teenage mutant ninja turtles are guardians of the galaxy. Let's -- -- the expendable scenery and the Gilbert David Blake are not an easy one are Joseph are you kidding this is terrible predict what will be number one. Come Monday morning -- When a girl game we played to -- you know what's the girl one onion dip -- day I'm gonna grows in a coma US decides she wants to. Liver dies I'm just gonna reach out in and embrace that one yeah one hour ago an -- my sixteen year old daughters tell me she's very excited about it really wants an answer to resign and so whether or not that's an indicator of how well do the box office I don't know but that is indeed the I don't think it's turtles can pull off another number one all. Oregon went to undergo. So not I'm gonna -- over the -- -- -- I thank you David for your prediction also congratulations on being a man. Knife in him answer his arrest on 85% of us men get fully set aside in the bedroom and not nice we complete the entire activity. Straight women are at the bottom the last only 63%. Of straight women say that they. Finish in the -- I'm completely satisfied that. And you get a much better chance again but maybe demand should be blamed then. Four straight women not being sent me it is somethings to blame brown edited and don't give them out so -- and do batter thank you David. Pataki and twenty minutes more for it Chris Miller joins us on the lasted all -- -- talk -- -- -- -- races. We. Really really yes we are here we have arrived Friday is upon us and we shall celebrate costly. So whatever you get -- the pinpoint forecast senators celebrate Friday do it now looking. I don't know what it is but do it -- -- opera guys are about tell. -- man you keep down is going to be the hottest weather we've seen yet this summer -- right time for the weekend. Now here and he had ninety Ford today 95 tomorrow and Sunday so yep we haven't had Temps like this too often this year yet and -- -- them before just not that -- this summer. So you know. If -- used to it had to be prepared to maybe take them more breaks than you're used to get the AC when you can plan you cool fluids this weekend that sort of thing. We're gonna get their dangers around with a heat index above one -- You know I don't know if they're an issue any kind -- heat advisories but the heat index is definitely going to be up there are -- -- we'll have to kind of watch for that over the next couple days. All right that's today that's tomorrow that's Sunday that's actually down in the next week now. Yet at least about the early part of next week. It looks like the high with that's bringing that heat does start to breakdown kind of midweek -- -- better rain chances may arrive by Tuesday Wednesday and others. And even -- chances are low now with that being so darn hot if you get a storm it can be heavy dump rain on yeah like yesterday man no -- Ion battery yesterday afternoon with incredible like -- that at his house that violence to warm -- -- the worst he's a member yet lightning just would not stop. Half -- cracking that great Yankee. It's it's it's like gasoline to a fire you know it just adds all that extra instability can get these violent summertime storms set. Gave another not widespread where they developed from this heat they are very strong aren't lightning. Not very strong is our tropical wave out in the Atlantic getting closer to the Caribbean. But he's got a better chance of development. He had -- that you -- taxpayers that it's funny net sometimes they pulled the trigger on the on on the systems upgrade at other times -- -- kind of let them linger. At this point it's still a tropical wave the hurricane hunters went out yesterday did not find a close looser and low pressure area on the surface that they -- that still -- they'll go out again today -- anything it's changed but really the forecast models continue to show kind of a curving. Up toward the north maybe through the Bahamas and then back over to Bermuda and it looks like you're sensing a little bit of a weakness there. Now again I say this with a grain of salt because that hasn't developed yet until we always say the models. You know Qaeda had done how to let it go on right when it's not developed yet that at least the consensus now is that it would state and east at the US. Even east of Florida although I would I would be watching it's closely -- southern Florida. Well you're not here in Louisiana so angry -- big sigh of relief and hope that all models the cracks in it stays away from most Landon. Maybe doesn't even develop at all after this but I -- about what. -- people. Albuquerque, New Mexico is where we get this one for the what is wrong with people file. A police say a man not only stolen electric shopping cart from Wal-Mart. You know as little one you don't like this one is critical areas -- little -- in the bucket on the the -- -- -- -- always ask me they can ride around the store I was at film now well eighteen year old Michael Johnson according to caps could not resist the effort -- around. Left the store with that and took a little joy ride. Yes where he went in office the were just taken down mystery like you dig much year carded. -- extra hour makes cents so we just can't go. -- -- -- -- tractor not what does probation officer because I had a scheduled appointment he didn't want to mess you need to catch a rock so he pulls up at the probation office in the electric scooter that he still that he stole from Wal-Mart the provision of -- way to get that. To get from Wal-Mart there aren't -- -- Yes. That where -- Apparel didn't have one of those we will lots I had I made a technician and but he gets downloaded that and where he get the and it's a lot and it shuts down. I've seen that before. It's kind of sad that they need at that it and yet you know that into this one -- take the car off following the probation officer that he made it easy to catch. That's right he was only going to have my -- and they were able to attack and out quickly. -- -- -- pulled up and sat down with the got it thank you Laura I have a great weekend lower but they'll have a direct from the Eyewitness News forecast. 551 sports time I'm here Friday morning -- happy Friday -- Steve Geller saints colts tomorrow. They -- pre season but is the best of the preceding games right. Exactly you know what it's the best because we got breeze we got bird we got Bailey and he -- so. That the three bodies and the -- I'm Andy Reid bird daily freebies and -- happy Friday everyone listening to fly out to Indianapolis later today at a pre season game number three against the colts. Quarterback Drew Brees will see his first game action after dealing with an injury that kept him out of the first two exhibition contest. -- Brees had any concerns about his oblique strain heading into tomorrow night. That's the first day or two year a little bit how's it feel every throw. After a while you're like small man forget it just play ball and I'm at that stage right now I'm just playing ball. The saints secondary will also be fully stocked for the first time seeking Gerris bird and cornerbacks Champ Bailey and Patrick Robinson are also expected to make their pre season debuts. -- teams don't have the cut down their roster to 75 players until Tuesday. With the -- decided to make some early cuts. The team released running back some of the cleanest -- -- him receiver Tobias Palmer and outside linebacker to Derek Lucy -- eBay. The black and gold roster now stands at 86 players. Any Pennsylvania battled the eagle prevailed beating the Steelers 3121. Scary moment for Philly would star running back LeSean McCoy -- -- over the first quarter. And did not return. X rays have come back negative in the injury is not considered serious. The pelicans pre season schedules out the birth to play in this movie king senator twice. October 14 against the rockets. And October 16 vs the thunder that tells pre season slate of games tips off October 4 against the Miami Heat -- Kentucky's. And Joshua Houston had a clutch two run single reliever camera Buford pitched eight tenths score was sixth inning as Chicago held off Philadelphia. Six to five at the Little League World Series. The loss eliminates Philly and star -- remotely Davis doubt Chicago played Las Vegas in the US title game tomorrow. Engine -- and you payable take on South Korea in the international championship game. Today at four on sports talk. What are you most looking forward to the saints colts game plus. Eight days still LSU opens against Wisconsin forty forecast the tigers will finish in the SEC west I'm Steve Geller naturally boarding look at sports. 553 they've -- Steve -- with you on your radio summit vaccinated 77 anyone Drew -- to quote get rid of that hideous Garrity. To -- -- the -- go DA has got to -- growth while he was out but did say once he was ready for game action he's gonna be all -- she gave him says it'll be gone for game time today -- I guess. The traveled right center and up to Indy. Tomorrow game and it's not about time that you restate the field tomorrow -- -- -- -- hideous guarantee will be yes exactly and I think for someone says typical like facial. You change your facial hair like I changed socks that have come in Monday with a -- and -- -- an exit dawn and then and it's like that turnaround from the -- it was completely out of whack when I was up -- about to have their -- long ago. The -- go -- him. Yet decide to clean it up especially moms in them. Well last month -- start at the full beard. He's like -- dignity. It is -- difficult decisions today but it Drew -- you and me has decided to clean it women have shoes I can you know to to change my feet. Interesting and quite a legacy of -- fifteen minutes north sports here on WWL I am up and -- happy Friday Tommy Tucker what you got. For the next for you and -- thank you appreciate and the card that. Happy Friday I would that get happy and happy Friday extreme. We have so much today then I think we're gonna go right up to count them out rallies yesterday doing hill tomorrow rise that science on that 14. Will be talking about the well. Know when you know while. Don't for -- about four hours of monitors servers for a sort out of the saints game obviously in the the dress rehearsal for the regular season we'll talk about homeless campers underneath the express way. We'll talk about ices and Ebola. Which seems like a bad bad law -- who. I thought I prefer iso the president that I still like because it's not like you were not -- that it. Have a great Friday -- on his back.

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