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8-22 6:15am Tommy, Saints football

Aug 22, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints preseason game on Saturday night

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The password is. -- More time. Password it is -- -- Some pain knees -- -- okay. In. In any agreement it was complicated but apparently why a tiny one I've never known anybody to get as many. Since he -- you do and I think I think apparently they have me confused some audio Japanese economy hadn't come up. -- Boy oh boy. -- that they can't they come by the ways and knock on the errors and a I meet you in the parking lot. I think hypothetically. Speaking -- and the attorneys office and then it all IC so I don't know it's not like one of those reality shows road where they you know burst in and tracked you down Indian. I'm just trying to serve you know and I am serving year. And I'm making fun of the ridiculous this this is mad. At me and Intel calls it one day absolutely. And I do that now no I'm not less that one more subpoena idea exactly. News -- business. First real look at the saints tomorrow night the colts in Indy draster so. I don't know for a fact that you do get. At least a field gala what the team is gonna look like against. Another very good team because it's our dress rehearsal it's there's. So to talk to my d'Italia and don't -- all the audience about what are you looking for -- -- The defense of back -- and watched the -- birds it would ease up to Ali's -- and how mobile is. Now some kind of Anderson Drew Brees you. Our -- -- bluntly because we've not really seen him you know now I've not seen the magic number used to well he hasn't even taken the stage that's my -- so he may have been making things this appear on his own time you know Obama. And he may play by three quarters and -- half but I would guess -- -- yeah if he's Rolen. And he ends on a good series. Right now I don't know -- ya beyond what you looked real good drew. Now you're done you put tonight you looked real good real good drew an embassy. It's the -- about the City Council he punted on this issue about the homeless encampments. They moved somber -- left the others and I don't mean this disrespectfully but I wonder if it's like training a dog or child where if you say something and they don't do it the next time you say something and what's going to be the response. You know mean it. And it on anyway you gotta follow up released exactly my point David follow up -- gulf follow through or even tennis they tell me. Ices. And Ebola. What are your gut reactions to blow. -- people walked out of the hospital you know fine now. And a there's a new medicine making accurately able. Virus even in Africa I I don't know what -- remember played they had the experimental. Right treatment did favor using. And I guess it worked. Yes exactly and and I'm wondering if you were just sold. -- terrified of Ebola in years and let these people die in Africa they went over there. There's gonna ruin a country -- was gonna take over like the Andromeda strain you feel now disease to people would have been dead. At least a guessing game of medicine and African. And in his -- story I'm new at developed by an aggravated non jets and the kids and they don't return the text. Or call for mom -- dad. And parents are just going crazy over this. And to me and -- -- -- very light -- asked how they want it but I don't know you know to me. Here it is the way in my houses look okay. -- in his cell phone and data and bubble bubble blah. You answer when I call you and if you know and answered those car keys and headphones to disappear pretty quickly so I don't need an app for that and I just wonder what and a parent does. And I mean that the sound nastier -- anything but the ADD Anita. An apt to discipline you children and if that's the case maybe we should get an app for the people letter camp underneath there. The brides you know I think now everybody gets on net I Serena take a break that we also have Phantom of the Opera company -- new law ones. And we may -- at -- When -- process of checking that right now. As you know like I try to be honest you know on -- -- now an analyst now got a couple a subpoena is an email and honest about that ought artillery. No vitamin you've got to Koppel out we don't need our parents -- process is so ridiculous now. Will will apartments Angel come back it's -- at Friday. Tommy Tucker that W. I Tommy -- 618 saints Friday is behind to all weekend partly cloudy hot humid. 10% chance -- hours but if you're on the one like it was yesterday it's like a lot more than 10%. Saturday's same things on the same thing and I guess if again any yard work to do we'll have to look at the clouds and follow the signs might retaliate joins us right now WW ON FL and college football analyst -- one of our. I've most preferred guest feared that it W morning night. We do we have taught in the early in the morning. Tell me what you are going to be looking for tomorrow night because it is. I guess is close you'll get in pre season in getting a look at what the real team's going to be. That's -- Russell quote of the -- he. I think the -- And -- the return. And goodies. And getting personal. Bird. On the football field in those are certainly could be he. It didn't make it back. The Super Bowl so those guys. Will be awarded so. I think the ball you -- beyond. And I don't know he's gonna like that he's been there are seeing. -- on the -- all week long but that there and watched. And a couple times and -- it goes all the Brandon cooks. Because you're watching him. You conceded this. Could be a superstar player you know well. Again archer he's in the previous. This coming week because of the government that it be the -- -- is something even -- he. A lot in the public on what happens of fruit cup on. And done it -- -- -- -- in the book collapse with you know. And they all sorts of law. In two decades. Get on the football 822. In a regular one quarterbacks. That's a pretty first of all that they have very good job and probably Evans then does not a lot of time. So to speak out and play. And you'll only get one back in 82 passing attempts. All of acts as aggressive ball so I wanna lock up against the team that and put him on the quarterback. The other thing to let. It I wanna be on the plane and put you all want what it is best young quarterback in you know well today. It is -- L gave me the slip and you've got an expansion team you can pick one player. The sport YouTube. Making it look. So it. Got you know. So -- good king but being do. Team because it. Comedians. Football -- on -- and probable that he or look at that first. I let me take a break here Mike when we come back we'll talk about Ben Grubbs Jahri Evans likelihood of -- -- the one of those in Champ Bailey. As well Mike to tell you AM guests -- and saints having any questions or comments. 260187. Until free 8668890878. It's Saturday night only action for you here. On got a W wells saints travel Indianapolis to face the colts in. As close to a regular season game as you can get in the pre season right now time for traffic and I would noted -- Robinson. Yet detect the traffic sports. Tommy Tucker talk about the saints game tomorrow night of course and get all the action from here at WWL 3 o'clock tomorrow. Is when he gets ticked off first take with our resident Breaux former saints offensive lineman Steve court. Tom and as long as well at 5 o'clock but like countdown to kick off. Me Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia alive from Bobby's cajun cannon restaurant in that tree. Corner of veterans -- 11:7 o'clock game time best play by play team in football. Jim Anderson -- guy John and Christine Garrick Romans silence and after the game. Join Nick Cannon floor and the big chief for the point after till one. And amateur that's it obviously it's not the will find out ten hours of Lowell saints coverage tomorrow. On saints radio WWL. Some like detail EA our guests are Devin WL NFL and college football. Analyst who when it comes to the missing offensive lineman. -- that's a pretty remarkable. Stat that you cited earlier in terms of Sachs isn't going to get better from here and others who gonna play. That. We can but it. Appreciate and -- now. -- makes. A number of Monday's Barack cultural. -- like -- visited the ball in the lord. Yeah now Arnold makes -- even a powder dry now. And the local version of lords. There you've you've got here late etiquette of the game -- they both got would be. In the lineup. Well what I think formal -- things that troubled you that's what's gonna happen at the cornerback spot opposite Keenan looks. And I would Patrick Robinson and Champ Bailey -- white late solid. Think the bowl game. Although these but -- -- in these fees and and the practice sessions shall. That outlet wall and still took place kicking job. Between shooting Graham and there you -- so there somewhat just spot the debate here certainly the special -- in order that. But it one area of concern -- this -- Tech cornerback opposite Keenan Lewis and about but it does say. So cooperative. On Monday night. The most important piece of saint -- went today them valuable even look. Is that something out of him physically anywhere that. It's a mild every couple shall we get these you know Champ Bailey in again he might lose you know agent injury factors at this point. Well Patrick Robinson looked as though he was gonna maybe you'll spot in India starting cornerback in Spain the injuries so. -- up in the air and I don't believe it's a pretty good competition. Between there and keep inching Graham let that play that position. He'd heard Bobby say yesterday that maybe they kickers not even on a team yet he's playing one of these guys it is gonna get the nod. I think one of the guys that -- -- Really believe that wanted to you won't get that and if something happens. I know one thing quote very that a lot of patients with kicker. He's very much like. -- mentor Bill Parcells. That -- real short and that it -- And it's important to import into the possible. The other is that so many of and that probably did a couple of dropped a spot you'll went. Fighting to make this thing and make plays on special thing. Because when the startled -- replica apple maybe a little bit more. You're one -- question because. -- let down state government up real quick. And the final ones come up real quick signal -- a lot of -- reversals we get out there and Cooper and on the football field so special teams. -- really important this game makes some plays make it. Mike I appreciate your time is always a really do enjoy the game and -- we second guessing. This weekend after -- game. At least I bet that Monday night now always. Bowl Sunday. Of unpopular that will be that you get certain sites followed that Monday Super Bowl Sunday. While now like -- get my game tying goal and analysts over slippers second guess women that's a pretty strong prediction that. Mike thinks they'll be second guessing all away for the saints after symbols on days. That ties nicely and what we're talking about here Tamar tomorrow night gallons saints collide with the colts in Indy. What you be watching knows will be looking to him dealing announces two guards coming back like Mike said. Also marking Roma camp mine and I announced he would what's wrong with him. The biggest weaknesses. For the saints. To address in that pre season rehearsals for the regular season and Mike already made -- are you ready to make your prediction. For the 2014. Season. Love to hear from me at T 60 -- seventy totals 3866. In 8908 says -- mean our resident oracle. David Blake has been pretty much dead on accurate. With his predictions for the last one David seven years I'll Arafat go back -- apartment five and and a they've been an accurate either but that's the stuff of which legends are made. Do you think yours will be ready your predictions are it won't be until probably the Friday before the opener. As a mouse and Mike says it will be looking for -- chemistry between. Drew Brees in brain and cooks. Oh yeah idea because that's -- thing we wanna see as it like a dynamite right. That's in particle on the same page on and radios because he has that was Sproles is no doubt about it and made magic together so we need to. You -- down second time he said man -- is it relates Drew Brees has taken on some audio. Out at -- Houdini special yikes on the altar and the other team's defense disappear. That's -- next year ago 632 attempting delegate news that would give it to the feeling of Friday's saints' third pre season game coming up and it's important man that thinks Letterman -- that is the dress rehearsal for the pre season yes we're -- season the real deal and after tomorrow night you'll see him again until season -- Annika has. -- -- and about visiting the football. Version of awards where you know Jerry Evans Ben Grubbs suddenly get healthy Champ Bailey gets healthy. Drew Brees is healthy now I don't know if there's any NFL restriction about who you have the players don't play in the pre season. But maybe Vietnam. -- somebody referred to com. Branding -- stomach viruses -- mysteries stomach virus. So I don't know if if there's some intrigue going on here are some subterfuge but it does make sense of Seattle the players. You know it they can do -- you don't need to put a -- out deep powder dry CV gasoline and readers throughout. And in the text here that comes enhances did if David Blake things Russo magical perhaps we should go in routine. Our own like that argued -- -- so let's see if anybody's willing to make a prediction I get thirteen in three common and again Ireland saying it drew stays healthy we lock up the number one seed. And Ireland says they'll be handers in the wide receiver positions so give me column to be looking forward Amare made it 26187. Neitzel 386 X. 88 nines there right seven of course we'll have all the action for you right here. On WW well now we get a lot of the stuff we're talking about here today David -- while for example the hum. The homeless and -- and he just seemed strange to me that I believe everything from saint Charles on down the superdome. Was cleared. I'm getting reports that some people moved. Further towards the river other people are telling me that they always were there any only people -- removed. Are the ones. Com. That the that removed from the area where the once in saint Charles on down so I don't know who moved who didn't I guess you'd have to have names and ID disease who exactly. Change your location. But I did I just wonder in we'll talk to the NC only know about this next hour if you have a legal right to live on this street if you want -- there's a move around yen accounts it was -- vote on this but they -- Constitutional consideration as well. And I'll ask you right now ending -- let me know if you just don't want sodium if you -- -- people and intense you know. Really care how they got there I'm not trying to sound harsh about it but. You know there support groups there there there's and its safety net if you will there are other things to do. So is this date currency in loitering -- is an illegal anymore. And he really care where they goes along is it's not in the downtown. Allyson that you don't have to see him something I've visualize and and a guarantee you're -- you're trying to be delicate with what you're saying is well. But you know let's say they got big CEO. From a corporation. You're trying to bring them to New Orleans and you're gonna take them on line and item in the first thing they do is they get off the interstate. In the limo in the and they look over and Nancy. You know hundreds. Some from the camp like yeah earlier yeah version GO -- exactly and that's not good something from the depression men on demand from the camp and -- -- as you're saying and I thought that scary thing is that all about numbers is all about. You know tax credits -- kind of environment it is or does. As CEO look at that it is thinking of relocating you know I don't know I don't like people see in this every time Nate I don't know and that's going to be under there now. And what about qualified employees so. Dee Dee do you want the home was used on these people in the tent villages underneath the punch train expressway and Andy wanted to go anywhere else. Where you'd be OK if they set up out there maybe. You know and -- meant taking on new long Lindsay he's been an area that's not really populated out there or. I'll tell me what you think it's music so point 87203866889087. Tommy Tucker back in a flash and evidently you. -- Tommy Tucker -- WL Friday morning with yellow flag you with us partly cloudy hot humid today 10% chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm highs around nine people are. That is gonna feel like a hundred a 110 minutes could be on -- way through the weekend and and really if you think about it other than tropical weathered. Always has been that way -- in mid to late August. I'm not a homeless encampment under the under the punched an expressway that have moved down toward the river -- bitten. City Council decided not to talk about it yesterday in do you draw the line between loitering in statements a year those still illegal and -- Constitutional right to live on -- street if you want billion Marrero higher -- evidently good morning. It what you think. Are. I think it should be area. By. Cigarette they're totally out and -- made there have -- local -- collect the money. What looked label you let them down and my duty to -- and -- and it denial whatever it Schaub went up and Libya are. Seen judges to -- makes it seem like Danube. Build and attend hotel for a free here's something net. You know. Yeah. And you'd still want the -- under the punch -- -- if they were paying for a shower. Well I'm. Well thank you billion from alleged at the time to call -- some of the attacks that are coming in human life in the pursuit of happiness should not be reduced to ones and -- I personally signed to discussing that the city wants to move these poor people out of sight out of mind is not a solution. Another text comes in several people under the Claiborne bridge they took their tail -- spot. I really do feel sorry for them -- as we get the saints' seasons some two weeks away. Let me know if you -- tailgate and spot taken from it. By homeless people and how you feel about that. -- says Jefferson is now the largest parish in Louisiana in terms of population move the homeless to Metairie. He is an interesting text there's an accident involving four -- cars and a whole lot of paper owls. That series right before this a rental exit I ten west. And other text about the homeless encampment they can't be in on populated areas because hourly and beg for money your food. About this the issue each of them -- Moore and -- room and a rake let him keep the city clean and -- and they can say whatever they wish. Easy solution is to nick says put a fence up under the expressway. And it would seem like it would David and I were talking about CEOs come and in the town may be thinking about relocating here. And taxes on the outing in the CEO -- it is an opportunity to employ the homeless. And I get that day that Christian part of that but on the other hand I don't think. They're gonna presume that these are. Really skilled workers. Easier schedule listens as about the saints compared to recent years and a top three defense lead to a fourteen and two record. And go home field advantage in the playoffs. Another text about homeless people corporations and CEOs are people not homeless people. What would Jesus do Tommy and and and on that trying to get their religious debate here. But the Jesus model depends on everybody playing fairly. Because of nine. Then the stronger gonna have what the week have been. Is and it's just a collapse from the inside Italy says my opinion. From another -- -- -- at Reagan traveled many of the big metropolitan areas around the US and they haven't commitments. In every city and when I seated -- really remind me the of the depression and and the things you saw a man. A sudden a guy yesterday at a call -- car wash from Dallas and he said you know what. I try to be nice but yeah if you know were in Dallas. It's your -- fall there's so many jobs that are available and so many different fields and I'd wonder if they had a big encampment like that in Dallas and if it was if they did have one how would it be tolerated given at least this guy just seem like in every -- man. That you know what. There's no excuse for not working and you get a fine so do 654 time -- traffic. Mike welcome hands of the -- perhaps on that. Paper towel accident Tommy tiger thanks for being with us on this Friday August 22 -- to be hot but we get through it and we continue our conversation about the homeless and living in camps under the -- -- expressly you know. It's going to be hot and miserable under there and you wonder if anybody really had a choice. Would they be under there I guess it be different it was a beautiful fall day. But it certainly has not been that small talk with -- ceiling you know about that won't come back we'll also talk about crisis. That are we set ourselves up for another 9/11.