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WWL>Topics>>8-22 7:10am Tommy, homeless problem

8-22 7:10am Tommy, homeless problem

Aug 22, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dane Ciolino, a Loyola law professor, about a proposed ordinance that would make it easier to move homeless encampments

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We'll continue David Blake are hard -- -- of the homeless encampments with Danes ceiling you know professor of law at loyal and a friend of ours. Does see what exactly is legal what is and City Council decided not to do anything about it a lot of people are. Angry that there was is this suppose it cleanup. Nara -- I think 84 people went to a shelter and the rest either moved. Out from saint Charles near new -- into the -- or stayed where they are I don't know exactly what kind of migration there was. They don't tend to like to wanna go to the shelter now that's just not to go to. It it would make sense she would thank but it doesn't work for them when they want their freedom. Well and it involves some rules -- coming -- like you easily gets the Hilton yes com. And even and you need -- card -- -- you know sometimes money. Not the point soul. Who will talk about that with the NC Leno -- -- loitering. Legal right to live where you want. And you know that suitable. I'd often wondered where the homes people went because there were gone and an aunt and mourning after the game they were back. Apparently they were confined to a shoulder. To legally somehow currency analyst recently had to go to the shelter. And guided runs one of the big nations here told -- that they were seller to make inroads but right at that time you leave do it every one -- of people did. -- -- this group prices and a pretty jaguar opinion pools should the US do whatever it takes to destroy the terrorist group ices. Which again just to make this clear that they get kicked out of el al-Qaeda because they were too extreme doubt. And just that alone I think got pretty much says a lot like didn't kick out of pat O'Brien's for drinking and too much. -- and I don't mean that it ain't no audio and it's true it's like you got kicked out al-Qaeda. So what do you do I mean this guy -- -- journalist I feel bad point he was in serial working. One and journalist group is said not as -- -- a -- the United States and don't go not a safe place to be. So I think part of this discussion is. If you are not serving their country you know or maybe can make a case that a reporter is serving their country but if you put yourself in harm's way when the State Department who don't don't don't -- you know. Do we have any kind of did woody column obligation a rescue you because -- -- there was a rescue mission. That didn't quite work out and there are other journalists being else. Talk at all. How -- you got to ask. We. I'd say yes it would -- ice bucket challenge how much money is raised in and how people were doing it. If you if you search deeply. -- -- the balls of the WWL website some winners somehow if you're lucky and persistent enough out. You'll find the video of me taken -- -- now it's nobody's. You're you're gonna have to really do some look at if you wanna see its notes us into the trouble as they would. Rather than dump the ice silver mine and I dumped a bucket with a checkbook and a panel mind. Because I say you know what it's about the check it's not about the wet and I challenge Garland Angela and -- -- to write a check. The -- -- society because they get here went on saying Ali you know thing in the fairway I don't think so -- now Nick Cannon. The -- Matt. Maybe maybe outsider what about the -- it what about you know shivering now let's not say there. It's it's a while now on to say and write a check is what it well -- that's the bottom line -- get the money and there are so and I told you I don't think you need to scour the web site. But I will tell you this -- -- CC's. Catholic Church is not happy with this. Ice -- challenge. They're not now the days the memo here in the eyes and -- in the money with a Catholic school uniformity it posted on the Internet down. Because apparently the analysts. Association. Has one program. In which they use stem cells. So as -- his arm. The Catholic Church doesn't -- and -- -- Catholic. Doesn't want the money going -- people associated with the church taken a challenge a because they think and encourages stem cell research so what they said is. And there's a quote now the archdiocese I think is in Cincinnati. Ask the head. That money raised. Go to the John Paul the second medical research institute in Iowa City, Iowa where the researches only conducted using adult. Stem -- Interesting yeah. -- -- Guess that money so. Yeah. Well. Guys had to -- minute checks if you wanna support the Gleason foundation team please dentists and you check in and you even at the food the eyes of the bucket we'll take a break we'll come back. We'll talk today NC a Leno professor of law at Loyola about. A homeless in this in new long ones about encampments and do they still had statements he or loitering laws where does that fit in all of this. And can you force people to move from one piece of public property to the other. Tommy Tucker led to this on this Friday morning coming back on that W. It is going to be a partly cloudy hot and humid weekend as you would expect from -- August September cent chance for an isolated shower. Or thunderstorms highs around 94 to feel like a hundred. 210. Already were close and and on eighty degrees -- ceiling on joins us right now professor of law at loyal enough. A friend of buzz good morning -- Good thanks for taking the time with the so the City Council decided to defer any action on the homeless encampment and I constantly get emails. I constantly get text about they agree NC laws about loitering laws about how does that all play in the it is. Seattle writes -- live on public property -- -- the -- law enforcement tell you what part of public property can live on. So jump in -- heavier feel comfortable professor. Thought obviously that the problem that's been around. Hundreds of the year. -- Worldwide New -- We've been debating for for decades I remember back in the nineties that went a -- on the council. She was often trying to deal with. With its -- problem. -- Through ordinances and that is just a continuation of that no no easy solutions. What accounts in most skeptical about yesterday one that moat re connect to a problem what rule -- refinery. What it means to obstruct a sidewalk. By including the erection of a -- or use -- indoor furniture in a public place. An aide de facto. Obstruction. Tactics and a council members were a little skeptical about them about that -- -- and. So what is date currency in what is loitering and are those anachronisms now. Well the topic that they are in broad base currency partly due law unconstitutional. Because it. Police too much discretion in enforcing the law. So you you can't just broadly your City Council member pat and ordinance that -- they currency it it's illegal subjects I want to present. -- know what if I may jump and present what exactly is statements. Well philosophy. Beers it is is they're actually read all term for all -- those people who wonder about from place to place about. Without all. And about that that they're they're typical well. Definition of -- out we don't recall. Bait and sacred -- callable. And but that kind of -- -- -- would never heard the term almost on our thirty year ago the new term for bankruptcy. So that not constitutionally tested then or was it constitutionally tested and that's would -- Disappear owners it's all about compassion. Well no it didn't work constitutionally about them. I'm there are. Off in court and elsewhere challenging at port City Council. All over the country to legislate against called Mr. President you wouldn't call. So have been brought in partners are an art. I was ordered -- back. What legislators and counsel to do with what. Which you pursue growth homeless problem call. Through. -- like that he ended up on staff. That is important is that for that. A truck in about all public or quite pleasant ride like the. And health violations those kind of things. Exactly open container laws. And that the problem courses don't law are selectively enforced by. Police officers. A person so you walk on the street with -- -- containers. Likely not to be stopped by the police officers opened it quieter -- about. Almost -- of the you want to removal. From I would support the track and for example. Might very well be your route to a partner that car wouldn't that be select an important problem. And all that there. But the fatal bullet on constitutionality. Problem to. Addressed a problem with with those specific ordinances rather than. -- rule anti Patriot Act. So flat or use any open containers idea. -- sanitary in the way I live. I I don't break any laws in these ten nightly connect it to ten on. I'm trying to think of an area of public property. At the entrances super nomad down Dan Allen on the on the steps of City Hall legacy would be blocking -- -- that. On on the lawn and Duncan plaza and just live there if I wanted. Well. Again long comply would create the laws. And not wrong you're not struck the Andy. -- public. Right away in an answer that it probably yeah that's what people have been at the statute about. And it you know obviously typical problem almost brought out is -- is it that much deeper in orbit. The solution or is much more complicated just -- importance. But we don't know or like it or -- There is of their few things. That are more artwork and having lots of all people and -- A -- but you know of course that's the problem that that. Not just unique in the world and it's a unique dollar and. Dana appreciate -- time is always very interesting and very informative thank you sir. Are -- -- -- -- sealing a professor of law at loyal he has 726. Title at a traffic that would get a Terrell Robinson Mike welcomes him. Don't you hated when you invite somebody into your home or pay them to do -- G and -- things to be one thing now and it turns out to be the other thing or when it gets complicated man on expensive sometimes -- us what happened at the same -- go 49ers new Levi's stadium I did not organs and apparently they had played one game that'd been decided they had to change the turf. -- They they think that turf was grown on the wrong type listening and a complete turf -- yes. -- -- brand new stadium in Harrison was given a grass at a golf course where the divot thrillers are comprised of sand fertilizer and seed. So we I don't know how they could have been. Yeah I know because you sank to the guy who is at. In charge of that -- may not ever gave him. What I'm thinking is maybe this is harbinger of synthetic curse on their new stadium are you thanks on 49ers and I mean it's a bad way to start and maybe it'll set the tone. And every time -- -- and it'll they'll be invincible. My hot muggy in all that would be great and I know it's been years since they used to just punish the daylights out of us but and -- I know there -- a lot of us a lot of food that's still got a bad taste in their knowledge -- pretty good -- down -- now I don't know so there's really no love their I don't think. At all and saying -- Fuller memories on curse curse that that new stadium started with computers. Yes go oh come aggregate talk about boy talk about it cursor around the world this group basis. All reports are they were they were. Thrown out of al-Qaeda for -- into the guy extreme of course everybody knows that now they beheaded that American reporter and released a video of it. And I got a whole bunch of questions about this city we. With prices where we were without Qaeda before nine elevenths are we at the point of either doing something and or making ourselves vulnerable to an attack and Elena comes this group who lose their leadership who is our Osama bin Laden server. He has not been an idea a single name mentioned in any of the reports survivors so far is just always nicest sound when you see pictures on. And they do look scary. Right and a lot of people. Did you get very emotional very angry when it comes the beheading of this reporter I was an American and rightly so. But it's almost like a police officer arresting somebody to get the wrong person. Are you really didn't do any good Hillary if you. In if you if you go on to get you know ready rescue someone from a hostage situation you kill everybody there I don't think you call it a success. So it's a lot of complicated issues here we'll talk about them all when we come back Tommy Tucker. Out -- winner return on got a WL. I Tommy suckered out -- WL 745. Quarter till 81 of -- big -- stories I guess some trouncing of its biggest or not. Of the week was the beheading of that American journalist by crisis. And I've gotten a lot of angry emails and text saying we need to. We need to bomb whom ever it is and we need to ages have a war and if somebody gets killed accidentally it happens it happens in war. Peter King. Who repeatedly he's on the security committee. Says dead -- is a threat to the homeland he says it demonstrates how evil -- is. Actually the house subcommittee on terrorism and intelligence let me clear that a -- Says demonstrates how evil crisis is how dangerously RO inhumane and obviously raises the level. Of our response and joining us right now one of our favorite guests yet my cause and major. In my cause right. Now are tolerated demoted -- I was colonel. Colonel Jeff my cause and I'm sorry did you and Mike Lyons confused colonel Jeff my cause and no need for a a demotion CBS military analyst and colonel. On this and -- text first -- let's talk about prices being either ask the leave al-Qaeda thrown out an idea how did all of that happened you know. Well of course took I think it was created by a group called al-Qaeda -- Iraq which by government. Those are -- who actually has Jordanian. He never acknowledged al-Qaeda and being if you will it's sort of directing headquarters which is. I guess we're looking at the conference with a little strange from al-Qaeda. But did cooperate. In the aftermath of that court during the civil war. In that area where the ice is really now more from being a current -- to this new organization. They also got an -- other Islamic groups who were opposing the -- regime. There was arguments between them about who was you know responsible for what -- orders brought supplies equipment money. And of course who have to acknowledge the leadership of al-Qaeda and -- Qaeda leadership actually rejected him and in. And they acknowledged other groups the reason and have often said that there. Too extreme for them because the al-Qaeda leadership believes that they have to gain the support of the population some degree which prices drove it doesn't. -- that's necessary -- just terrorizing. Colonel are we in a pre 9/11 position now where we can do something preemptive to prevent. Another terrible attack on our homeland. Where we have been very very resolute -- -- you very conscious of the fact that -- Does that threaten the United States. That's -- that is. I think symmetric threat that threat is particularly because they're better look but don't count. Couple other Americans who brought this period fight with various groups over the crisis there's a possibility that more more than could return. To the United States and conduct an attack collected so at the Boston Marathon edition of that. There are a couple of thousand Europeans who have -- fight crisis. And obviously -- Indian accent United States you -- European passports. A bit more easily than others could coming to market in the middle -- about -- -- -- very conscious. And very vigilant. And coordinate with our allies to -- You know colonel sometimes he would this type of saying 100 listen and emotional response and and rightfully so but. When it comes to do phrases like bomb them in a submission wipe them off the map. Or even you know with a drone due to surgically target leadership do we even know who the leadership of -- is it is there an equivalent of Osama bin Laden and and if we take out the top five commanders or whatever would that really make a difference. Yeah very secretive got it all -- Dodd who is rocky. We. Vices. Either very secretive guy we always want one public appearance in which was videotape to give a sermon at a mosque in. I'm Mosul. And company US intelligence is junior and they can -- Identify where he might be in everything QB very likely candidate for a drone attack if we could identify that. Furthermore I'm sure the -- every effort being made as time goes on it looks like this campaign expands. To strike correct it would instead on the and then of course that the leadership devices but I think -- be very careful law obviously after the horrific murder. Have mr. Foley and other his willingness or desire to strike back in a big way and you know because features structural whatever. But I think general Dempsey. When it's rejected by the twenty million disenfranchised Sunni population lives between Damascus and Baghdad. And between northern heavy hand we run the risk they alienate that population which does then provide more recruits and more support for the organization like -- Colonel in terms of recruits and support and when you look at the heinous activities burying people alive. Out of rating at will. Again lining people up like Hitler did with with the Jewish people in and the concentration camps mowing him down. Mass graves I just wonder what is it about this group that is attracting good people with such. Worldwide. Support I guess and I can't believe that is all about religion isn't. It. Model is all about religion I think it is also about you know a representation it's about the basic services that we take programs in the country it's about all those things it's about. Alienation of populations have been educated by other leaders. In the status comment about a crisis in Iraq. Is that many people would rather tacitly accept the rule divisive than be ruled by the government in Baghdad that that's a political indictment. Of the Baghdad government led by mr. Maliki and that's why it was so important. That he he depart. And that's why we've got to present not only a military strategy that strikes that the military component devices. But the political and diplomatic strategy that offers an alternative to the population. That is at least more appealing than that he has been actually you just described. Through that hole but hope is not a strategy. As someone that devices is an organization for the suicide on the mountain. Because that becomes more and more extreme obviously there's the hope that the Sunni -- and others will sort of rejected after his brand of extreme ideology. Colonel we start with me in and certainly giving a demotion -- to be a big promotion among making commander in chief. And president of the united states of present in my cause on -- what is your. Response sizes -- forty and -- at this point. Well personally I wouldn't want that job that that the one thing I would definitely want the United States received that mr. Mr. hagel and general Dempsey alluded to this that is a strategy evolve the regional partners. In a concerted effort to that the guys as -- demand and economic political diplomatic and military strategy. I thought this thing pretty -- widely broadcast with the fact that the grand. Mostly in Saudi Arabia the leading blues records Arabia came out publicly denounced by this as an enemy number one of Islam. Was not an important thing. So we need to hear more from those people and we need to hear more concerted effort that includes -- includes Jordanians includes saudis -- include the gulf states. Cutting off any funding coming from private citizens of those various devices and perhaps all of particular interest rating -- -- coalition that -- actively defeat such. Quick -- knee jerk emotional response. To a blanket responsive very complicated problem not gonna help. No I I think you know knee jerk response. Can make big actually worsened quit as horrific as effective as the one thing you have to say is that. This is an organization that has no friends in the world you know there's no country can pick up. As many countries as we might be a strange -- right now who would have any truck with a right into the consequence. Well -- hope that the world community come together realize that this is a threat to all of us and deal -- courts. I colonel accept your resignation as president of the United States and back in colonel cause. Harper or have a great weekend. Today colonel -- my cause and CBS military analysts on her favorite guests and you know I know were all angry we don't wanna do some in blood it's hard to handler to craft a simple solution. To a very complicated layered problem 754 timely in traffic -- would get a Mike well. I Tommy suck it -- WL we will continue our conversation about a crisis when we come back and do you think there is a blanket solution of this that we should just go wipe out everybody where prices isn't affiliated with them. Even if it's just because they they they are in the country where people live and if there's collateral damages collateral damage -- talked. To his story about collateral damage as it relates to other war people getting killed them. Nothing to do with that we combatant evidently well.

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