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Aug 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know David we're gonna get back to our discussion devices and in a moment here been on a lighter note there are people that are as they say out there. It might be a little altered to needing. Looking for companionship a lot of business on that match dot com what is the other one Christie and main goal mingled two there's a bunch of us guys with the glasses in the sport jacket and a professor -- -- again there are some people. Like. -- don't Longo. I. Do boring and doing their own thing Zhang -- Delgado gal band. Chang Lee Delgado -- man and welcome to find out. Was having any relationship with two different women at the same time all your caring and they both were the same place. And they doubts he -- -- correctional facility a man gets better and better area. This -- it was a prisoner. And two different women found him so irresistible. That pages had to. They had to pursue him let's put it that -- And if you wondering what the world is. Zhang -- don't get old -- man in jail full -- rusty dornin there is heavily tattooed convicts serving time for sexual harassment -- -- data registers sex offender. Tampering with a witness an unlawful use of weapons. Just the guy human covering on the man so while some guys who water quote out there do everything they can with their pictures try to get a match on one of them is dating sites try to. Try to have dean if you will winning out. Tonight -- people -- -- say -- things like you know why I love romantic evenings and yet and walks by -- -- the light giving -- it is it is their opinions go with his shirt terror -- my hair okay here's my breath though he. Amanda talk too much too little that this isn't just out bad guys locked up and a slam -- what's next on misconduct program. God knows what else please do women at the facility and not bad look any other follow in Oregon. Irresistible. Exactly on now I above magnetism and -- this guy apparently has it. Where can I go to talk about -- continue our conversation one of the bigger stories of the week that they heading. Tragic beheading of James Foley the Pope actually called the Foley family. According to the Vatican -- expresses condolences. Which I presume would mean a lot to them. -- to talk about if you if you -- have -- response that quick blanket. Wipe them out response who exactly would you like notes and the the colonel we have on the forces amenities. Herself to get a sign under the leadership it is and then have a surgical strike perhaps to wipe them out in. I'm ready jaguar opinion poll is asking you should we do whatever it takes. So like crisis out. And 92% of years saying yes and I don't know if you mean boots on the ground I don't know if you mean. Carpet bombing. You know -- whoever they are which I think would mean kill and some of the people that we fought to liberate. Is a mess we'll talk to his story about collateral damage in people didn't caught up in awarding killed when -- anything to do with -- welcome back Tommy Tucker under the W Tommy Tucker talking about ice is with -- on this hot August morning. 22 of August and instead of field. Typical for this time a year highs around 94. Feel about a hundred -- hundred and hand through the weekend with. Nobody 10% chance -- hours were talking about a ices and the beheading of journalist James fully. And the outraged that that has caused around the world and specifically in this country. And I've heard a lot of things had gotten a lot of texts from people saying you know what we need -- and it was with a couple of bombers. Carpet on the place and take care of our business. And that might prevent another 9/11. 911 we talked to him. -- caused when a military expert recently you know what it's not that simple and if you. Kill a lot of innocent people you could wind up with and I'm paraphrasing here a lot more enemies. And he started out with however who wore. I don't think is as clean as it's portrayed in the movies where OK there obviously good guys obviously and guys. We bomb we get the bad guys. The bad guys bomb on us and they get innocent civilians now think it's accurate doctor -- mullet joins us right now professor of history. And director of the Eisenhower senator and my alma mater you know good morning -- -- Tell us if you will I guess we should begin with a -- definition of trees collateral damage people don't understand what it is. Well greens essentially the you're just glory -- killing. Innocence people who are. That'll happen to be unfortunately in the area were some very dangerous ordinance goes off and a it's pretty pretty tough to avoid but we have got to do our best. Award -- that we -- causes a great deal languishing -- happiness. In the areas where a person -- -- can play good girl operations. But. Of those weapons of -- and abuse. Discriminate as possible and -- which will be put Portland and in other reports a great deal very primer and told and so a lot of sophisticated target acquisition and guidance systems and so on altogether very simple. And unfortunately sometimes the women and children and others who just happened to be in an area and become victims as well as part of. So when it comes to wars past. Has it has what the world. Been willing to accept different than it is now has the war the world in general lost its taste for Warren. And if you -- listening samples and maybe World War I a World War II specifically where. Lot of innocent people and went on just talk about Japan and Hiroshima and Nagasaki beware a lot of innocent people got killed. That is substantial differences. By the Second World War almost by definition. Home from population. Regards. As legitimate target because they were contributing to local coordination more than a typical mobile station people. -- some pardon and the war effort of so at least that the rationale -- -- -- but he has lost there on combatant. Status and I think that. Great deal of difference for example. The way the Russian conduct of ground operations through Eastern Europe. Sort of like -- -- upon him and everybody goes. Until the border. The story of conduct that the -- -- central station. Great because we simply couldn't hit anything during daylight and they've suffered from in the slope on the losses typically. Made an honest effort to -- toward. The correct striking. Absolutely population was aimed at industrial park and so they have military significance. But given inaccuracies. -- appropriate crude. Was obviously inevitable what bumble ball in the the wrong place. Much of the -- But doubles total war nothing but probably it appears that. What are we were involved in the is not immediate cases of national survival may be long term although it felt that. Got a really symmetry here which is would do religious fanatics and we're attempting to impose a very yeah. Well before kind of rigorous and -- Value system on most of the -- to the Middle East. And while it doesn't -- actual entrance but they can stop them. The same time that doesn't. The war. Conflict. Directly. Gambled -- national level that of Israel maybe other countries yes. But not the United States and I think that's what we. Certain you know sort of ambiguity about this would get outraged by some act. Like masterful execution. But the first the last -- American journalists are intelligent agents elusive than. Well executed and in public view was actually. Been going on about 25 or thirty years but. On the other hand. Forward. Separate out -- season but very helpful in terms of figuring out exactly. -- we should be doing and to what degree we should be doing. So if I may leave you with one question and and ask and answer it it would be. Has the world's loss. What it takes to fight a war and win a war or. Has the nature of the warfare in the enemy changed so that you can't fight a war the way use to. Yeah I think the latter notebook. But the problem. Both our forces and we have now. -- still wore flip part of the Cold War and that would slide into. The boys and we hope defeat the Soviet Union and People's Republic of China than anybody else we. Came up against the boat conventional forces. When you fight the terrorist organizations. Non state. Actors -- -- very different kind of operating environment where world a great deal -- our power. Is probably appropriate to open areas. And the bad guys to understand -- and it looked at school and -- level multiple accomplished because little outrage and returned. Double down. Or overlooks the fact that. Yes. It is. Of kind of international. Group of artists. You've been floated around the area pop up and Afghanistan -- in the church. They were in Bosnia and possible. Elsewhere. This is kind of -- other foreign legion that the keep floating in one place to Mosley gave one another example. Just felt. Good -- supporters locally I have are steps they have much. But as long as they have little period the other Jews -- able to terrorize. Helpless people and they they do make the bad. But -- -- -- -- read the situation. Something the stalemate now. Northern northern Iraq and brought up some of the bounces from leaning towards the but rock fortunes can change in government and -- their hopes up. So inserted to make an analogy would be accurate to say in the old days of war is kind of like police raid on -- unaware houseful of gangsters but now it's more like a hostage situation Murray had to be careful who would issue -- a -- you shouldn't because it's hard to tell a good guys -- the bad guys. Well I think actually put both of those together if you. Of something. Tend to. The way this way -- obviously. You can't conduct effective. Raids -- hostage rescue or war assassinations. The Google some of that club. Unless you bird bird -- good intelligence was right on the money and that some of -- shouldn't look. You take a look at the amount of both workable plot element of fun in the well Ben laden is some might do. You know what channel -- and we've been tracking him and his -- for decades. And we don't really at least by adults in the event of global. I guess figures that's the key players. I hope somebody in those who they are because a lot easier. To implant was decapitated movement -- to try to. Kill or capture everybody's. Fault. Doctor very very informative can I could talk to you to three hours a new service at the time for that because I know early part of school we had a plan apart -- spotted you know I know I went there. Yeah well what about. That the so -- respect for the -- faculty -- successful so yeah yesterday yesterday local -- Nice apartment lots of mangled by that -- get doctor have a great day complicated doctor -- mullet professor of history directors the eyes and our senator. At UN -- you know they did while that my daughter was gone you know for some physics tutoring. And I graduated snares and it science building -- cramps that -- What news the faculty -- just because I couldn't and they couldn't do me any thing I had no fears that some of us never grow up. Right now 827 time -- trapping them you know -- well David there will be a quiz at the end of what I'm about to tell you. Our listeners on that -- wanna pay attention all right I am out. And -- yeah I am out I don't wanna be embarrassed these things trip it may mean I'd be okay from. A pageant mom. In Florida. Com. Forced her daughter to ingests deep warm so she could slimmed down for competition. So she checked in an emergency room with severe stomach pains really funny and -- but the teenager was pregnant ultrasound showed no fetus inexplicable. Growth and her intestines. So would say he did some tests seeing and -- assigned download entity shall we say cleaned up everything clean everything. Latin tape forms. A lot on India. And then that led the hospital personnel -- To get them. Yeah -- birdied get a tape worm may well be able solemn on the street corner well. The mother and daughter. Were fighting when he came it's Elena story and then throughout all of that the medical people discerned. That the mother bought appeal of tape -- armor or eggs in Mexico and are you out. And force the daughter had taken the lose weight for an upcoming pageant. And the doctors and we're wondering -- -- -- it is heard tape forms and now argue modern. I mean that it did she have a plan for later like K -- lost the weight now we've. What are we gonna do get these things out content wouldn't appear to be a mother who did a lot of thinking no. -- -- -- you've got to give her credit for you know searching around to find that. -- -- -- -- -- I don't think -- credit granting -- now. What reality she knows it's going to be featured on the quiz is it going to EB. Budget -- -- War untold stories of these. And I'm told stories ER. I'm sorry couldn't like understand untold stories of the ER. On the engine. Pylons in obvious in his Saddam show next exactly and actions to be naked and -- -- -- and everything naked on TV knows that. Everybody I edited and -- matter make an alligator hunting naked down the yen and in Ames Iowa and at the Ebola Virus in the two people were admitted to the United States generated a lot of controversy at the time. Some physicians saying this has been introduced going to introduce -- bullets in the country. Currently -- widespread epidemic pandemic. It was -- to people on the way home now and their families a 41 Tommy Tucker coming back with the details on W. WL offers me Tommy -- 84614. Point nine back in early August -- controversy. When a couple of Americans affected. The Ebola Virus were allowed back in the country for treatment. And I had no problem within that -- does wonders the people did. Com. The year creating your decision I think in Munich and again hysterical over nothing in and -- willing to risk the lives of these two people Agassi receive the medication. In Africa. Chris Moore joins us right now on associate professor in the department of biological sciences and associate director. Of this center for experimental infectious diseases. And I'm gonna go on Arnold and NC years Smart and and your. Expertise and OIC's. Tom. About the patients were admitted in the country. And that treatment they were easy received. And one at -- hands as it relates to the able flyers in in Africa. Well the paper -- primary caregivers -- there and in like area and they get exposed during the break. The call made to bring them. Before there even propped on note they -- administered with some. A research. There are critics -- they -- that he -- drug which is antibiotic cocktail. And one of caregivers receive transfusions. I'm here and not from a boy and it recovered. So they're rock act they're getting given essentially support here then as far as we can tell at -- hospital in the US. And they they -- what your country that aren't. So does this mean do we take a step closer to ward but what I guess of the first question is. -- they cured. Of B ball -- lord did they care they receive just boosts their system or the medication they received. Boost their immune system so they were able to defeated themselves. I tend to agree with with your statement there and get their bodies probably and that -- nature of the infection. Armed with actors order perhaps some of these. -- and they're given and certainly there bought more time I -- being given high quality support care hospitals. I'm so that's that's really difficult to tease apart it's only at that point to two people here at both -- -- -- -- a treatment. And we don't really we can really help and whether or not these the drugs sort of transfusion but the but the difference nick turner -- -- they were once. Can you learn something from their blood now. I don't know what intention you follow these repeat or anybody proper -- -- certainly -- right the reason as conductor in terms of he's developing a fan of vaccine or cure or somehow learning why it was that they were able to recover. And what is it 90% can't. Well I mean it does that -- in adulthood and nineties and it's up again -- Mina real yet on. Yet it it still. We -- prognosis and nothing anybody and a it even at that point actions -- you must look. Up. But. You know are going to be getting close to two a picture on it on the outcome. I would hope we're getting there we can we can learn something from either. Their long term follow how they do. But there and a -- growth outlook like. But it still at a certain companies that are you know Patrick is exhausted they're reaching -- to appear on other companies now around the world -- X terminal there it concluded with the upper. But -- -- not the way you run drugs that not only trying to clinical trials and so that -- going to be. I'd rather hear it for awhile and it remains to be seen what. What value. Creature twice beat independents -- two. Came from some sort of Alpert intervention strategy. I don't think I can -- hundred dollar bills on a corner. Without politics entering -- that somehow that either I would heat ruining the economy pushing socialism what have you but. A lot of this turn political I think we all learned during Katrina that. Politics and science makes -- very strange and dangerous bedfellows. And I and I guess I would ask you and I wanted to draw you -- -- political cortex or anything but. For people let that we're succumbing to his stereo blaming the president for allowing these two people in the country. Would they have received -- chances are with they have recovered as well if they had received these treatments in Africa. We've I don't really think we can. You know iPad I'm not exactly certain what they either keep Maria. The best possible care. And I'm not sure what what that he different from that and you can in Africa. The main point that. We it has. All all the contain yet but -- in place to really keep it from from trot out and so. Talked about earlier that we had article -- at -- meeting actually she's eighteen and they. There really isn't there. And that's what this topic is continuing more unabated like in Africa. I doctors writing on a lighter note you know like saints in the morning. You Alexis and you know -- -- -- Literally would you when it loads the lousy defense Tennessee cornerback to Nancy Drew Brees would you be watching much. -- adamant that unpalatable you don't. -- not -- process. Pinky and as he would Manning chemistry in branding coach says doctor appreciate your time I really do. Even have a good day doctor Chris -- as associate professor in the department of biological sciences and associate director of the center. For experimental infectious diseases at LSU they should get him to get the pregame speech. I want the long ball it's all about shock and law 853 -- -- in traffic in and -- -- Tehran province. Mike well I Tommy Tucker got a WL glad you that is on this Friday morning only come back. Since we've covered so much serious ground we're gonna lighten up a little bit -- and I saw this on a news a new app. That and aggravated mom developed she's in the military's yet tired of the kids not returning her text or phone calls. So what she did was it's basically. I think that you activate in the -- phone doesn't work. Other than they called 911. Or. The mother back. And though if if this is Lebanon that do work in the pan and I was what's the rule about keep in touch with -- kids in the cell phones in your house sold. And you instantly return calls or text from family members or expect them. To return yours instantly plus a pair of tickets to see the Phantom of the Opera this anger like coming up.

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