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8-22 8:15 Tommy, ISIS collateral damage

Aug 22, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Allen Millett, a Prof. of History & the Director of the Eisenhower Center at UNO, about the history of collateral damage when trying to stop our enemies

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- and -- diocese in the beheading of journalist James Foley. And the outraged that that has caused around the world and specifically in this country. And I've heard a lot of things had gotten a lot of text from people saying you know what we need Cisco and there was with a couple of bombers. Carpet bomb the place and take care of our business. And that might prevent another 9/11. 911 we talked to. Current caused when a military expert -- in my you know what it's not that simple and if you. Kill a lot of innocent people you could wind up with -- I'm paraphrasing here a lot more enemies. Then he started out with however who wore. I don't think is as clean as it's portrayed in the movies where OK there -- obviously good guys obviously bad guys. We bomb we get the bad guys. The bad guys bomb us and they get innocent civilians now think it's accurate doctor -- mullet joins -- right now professor of history. And director of the Eisenhower senator and my alma mater you know good morning dot ordering. Tell us if you will I guess we should begin with a did definition of -- collateral damage from people don't understand what it is. Well greens essentially the you're destroyed -- killing. Innocent people who are. It'll happen to be on -- -- the in the area were some very dangerous ordinance goes off and it's pretty pretty tough to avoid what we have got to do our best. Award in that we -- -- a great deal of anguish about happiness. In the areas where occur and then something will play goal operations. But. Of those weapons of -- would be as -- discriminate as possible and we're which would put Portland. And you know that require a great deal very primer and -- and so a lot of sophisticated target acquisition and guidance systems and so -- that delivers simple. And unfortunately sometimes do women children and others who just happened to be in an area. Become victims world tour. So when it comes to wars enhanced. Has it has what the world. Been willing to accept different than it is now has the war the world in general lost its taste for war and and if you need some examples and maybe World War I forward to specifically where. Lot of innocent people and we're not just talk about Japan and here are Xiamen night -- -- -- a lot of innocent people got killed. That the substantial differences in the room by the -- war almost by definition. Home from populations. Ordered. As legitimate partner because that would contribute to local coordination -- more than -- typical mobilization. People -- -- some pardon then the war effort. So at least that the rationale -- -- more -- but he has lost their non combatant. Status and I think that. Great deal of difference for example. The way Russian conduct of ground operations through Eastern Europe. Sort of like -- -- upon. Everybody goes. Until the border. Inventory of conduct that the -- urban central station. Great because they simply couldn't hit anything during daylight and they've suffered tremendously. On the losses. And we. Made an honest effort to -- board. The direct strike deals absolutely population was -- industrial -- and so and -- -- significant. But given the accuracy isn't part which were pretty crude. Obviously inevitable bumps were all in the the wall place. Much of the -- But doubles total war but the problem we have here is that. What are we were involved in the it's not an immediate cases of national survival may be long term although I doubt about that. That really symmetry here which is it would be it would religious fanatics and we're attempting to impose a very. Well before kind of brutal gruesome violence. Value system on most of the nation that leads. And wallet is on national interest. To stop them. The same side of the Zapata. War. Conflict. Directly involved on national level that of Israel maybe other countries yes. But not the United States and I think that's what we. Certain you know sort of ambiguity about this would get outraged by some act. Like masterful execution. But before the last part. American journalists -- intelligent agents -- others have been. -- executed and and public view this is actually. Been going on about 24 over the years but. On the other hand. Total. Temporary outrage season. But very helpful public figure out exactly. Hello all we should be doing and to what degree we should be doing. So if I may leave you with one question and and ask and answer it it would be. Has the world's loss. What it takes to fight a war and win a war or. Has the nature of the warfare in the enemy changed so that you can't fight a war the way use to. I think the latter notebook. But the problem. Military forces we have now. Are still wore flip part of the Cold War but that would supplies into the the play -- -- hope defeat the Soviet Union and People's Republic of China and anybody else we. Came up against the bulls -- conventional forces. When you fight the terrorist organizations. Non state. Actors -- the unit of for a different kind of operation and fireworks where we're a great deal -- our power. It's probably appropriate to an urban areas. And the bad guys understand that and it looked good public school. Level multiple accomplished because at all outrage -- turned -- Level and don't. -- overlook the fact that there. The yes. It is. Of kind of international. Group of artists. You've been floated around the area pop up and Afghanistan -- in the church. They weren't Bosnian possible. Elsewhere. This is kind of -- or other foreign legion that this. Keep -- one placed remotely gave 100. Example. Just felt. Good they're supportive locally. Or steps they have much. But as long as they have military advantages -- are able to terrorize. Helpless people and they they do make advances from the perspective. At least let's read the situation. So that was stalemate in the zone. Northern northern rock and perhaps the bounces and leaning towards the the Iraqi forces -- -- and government and they go well. So inserted to make an analogy would be accurate to say in the old days of war is kind of like police raid on -- unaware houseful of gangsters but now it's more like a hostage situation Murray had to be careful who would issue Killen a -- you shouldn't because it's hard to tell a good guys from the bad guys. Well I think actually put both of those together if you. Do something. -- The way this way so obviously is you can't conduct effective. Grades for the hostage rescue -- of war assess relations with Google some of them while. Unless you have bird bird bird good intelligence -- was right on the money and that some of that country to war. You take a look at the amount of both look at plucked it wouldn't find in the world that laden and it is what might do. You know what channel is and we've been tracking him when it's Cold War for decades ago. And -- we don't really at least by adults in the event of global. But I -- figures. He he players. -- -- somebody knows who they are because a lot easier to implant was decapitated movement related to try to. Kill -- capture everybody's. Fault -- Doctor very very informative can I could talk to you to three hours but neither of us at the time for that because I know early part of school we had a plan apart -- spotted UN no. I know I went there. Yeah well what about. That the so called respect for the -- faculty parking pass -- so yeah yesterday yesterday local book. In eastern Oregon and lots of mangled by that. Thank you doctor have a great day -- -- complicated.

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