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WWL>Topics>>8-22 8:45am Tommy, Ebola patients

8-22 8:45am Tommy, Ebola patients

Aug 22, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Christopher Mores, an Associate Prof. in the Dept. of Biological Sciences & Director of the Center for Experimental Infectious Diseases at LSU, about Ebola

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- WL first news -- me Tommy Tucker a 4614. Before nine and back in early August it was Kerry controversy Illumina a couple of Americans affected. With the Ebola Virus were allowed back into the country for treatment. And I had no problem with -- at that time and I just wondered the people that did. -- you're creating your decision -- you think India kinda got hysterical over nothing in and -- willing to risk the lives of these two people although legacy could receive the medication. In Africa. Back to Chris Moore as joins us right now on associate professor in the department of biological sciences and associate director. Of this center for experimental infectious diseases. And doctor I'm gonna go on on a limb here and say you're Smart and and I am. You're you're. On allied and -- -- -- expertise and ominous IC -- tummy com. About the patients that were admitted in the allowed in the country and the treatment they receipt you received. And one that portends. As it relates to the able of virus in in Africa. Both of these where we're primary caregivers over there and in like area in the exposed during the break. The call made to bring them. Before there even brought on -- they were administered with some. Research. Therapeutics today perceived that he -- drug which antibody cocktail. And one of the caregivers are key to transfusion. I'm here and not from a boy in my appeared to recover. So they -- rock act they're getting given essentially support caravans Arctic Intel at -- hospital in the US. And days they need to market apple corporate it. So does this mean do we take a step closer to ward but what I guess of the first question is. -- they cured. -- ball -- lord did they care they received just boost their system or the medication they received. Boost their immune system so they were able to defeated themselves. I would tend to agree with your statement there and get their bodies probably and that -- teacher of that infection. Armed with extra supporter perhaps somebody. -- and they're given and certainly either bought more time -- -- -- being given high quality report Karen obstacles. I'm so that's that's really difficult to tease apart so it only hit point 22 people here at both at different regiment. A treatment. And we don't really we can really help and whether or not -- the drugs or that transfusion but with a difference nick coroner outcome were they were going. Can you learn something from their blood now. I don't know what attention you call these what these folks anybody improper -- integrity and certainly -- the reason as conductor in terms of he's developing a fan of vaccine or cure or somehow learning why it was that they were able to recover. And what is it 90% can't. Well I mean so it that -- -- got it then it. It's legal and you know real yet on. Yet it it still. We pour prognosis. Not any and a it even at that point actions that we must write up. But should. You are going to be getting close to two. Picture on it on the outcome. I would hope we're getting here we can we can learn something from me either. -- long term follow how they do. But there antibody profiles look like. But it still hasn't hurt the companies that are you know veteran is exhausted they're reaching out -- other companies now around the world you ain't got. Experimental therapeutics can -- separate. But he's not the way you've run drugs that not only trying to clinical trials and so that they it's going to be. Rather there for awhile and it remains to be what what value. Preacher twice. These interventions -- to. Came from from the sort of Alpert intervention strategy. I don't think I can hand out -- hundred dollar bills on a corner. Without politics entering -- -- that somehow that either I would heat ruining the economy push in socialism what have you but. A lot of this turned political I think we all learned during Katrina that. Politics and science make for a very strange and dangerous bedfellows. And I guess I would ask you NN wanted to draw you know political cortex or anything but. For people let that -- were succumbing to his stereo blaming the president for allowing these two people and the country. Would they have received our chances are with they have recovered as well if they had received these treatments and Africa. We I don't really think we can. You know -- I'm not exactly certain equity -- and keep him. Possible here. -- and I'm not sure what what he different from that and they've received in Africa. The main point that. It. All all containment -- -- in place to really keep this from from parkinson's -- and so. Has talked about earlier that we had article we have the ways that meeting actually she's eighteen and eight. It really isn't there. That's what the topic is continuing more than unabated. In Africa. I doctors writing on a lighter note you -- -- saints in the morning. You -- you know on a lighter note allegedly what are you what it was the USC defense Tennessee cornerback to a -- Drew Brees will you be watching. I'm not that on the belong well you know. You don't -- -- shock at all. AT and as he would Manning. Chemistry he and branding coach says doctor I appreciate your time I really do.

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