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8-22 9:10am Tommy, kids and cell phones

Aug 22, 2014|

Tommy talks to Susan Newman, a social psychologist, parenting expert, and author of The Case for the Only Child, about kids and cell phones

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Give it -- partly David quickly we talk about cell phones. And it did a family members not answering used particularly. Your kids and I guess a volcano would be a legitimate reasons and I think of volcano in a University of Central Florida is set to take on. Penn State in Ireland. In a football game and apparently there's a volcano that's gonna erupt in Iceland could erupt in Iceland. Finally what happened and when he tan -- you have wanted to in the ashes goes over the line actually. So I guess I don't know of a lot of football games that have been called due to volcano. You can see very well in that now it's just. Not conducive I was open I couldn't see you. All Cano lead -- open and I can't worry about it. Thank you David. Every weekend's Susan Newman joins renowned social psychologist and parenting expert. And the author of the case for the only child -- talk about this new -- And I saw this on NBC nightly news a mom apparently was aggravated. Because their kids would ignore heard text and calls. And she's so we know I had mortgages -- mud that she developed does happen and selling pretty well. That once that happens after her predetermined time whenever she feels like pitching shut the phone down. And the kids can only call her or 911. But but the housing again me about this and they were interviewed a -- kids in the news story and the return him on six Nan you're -- turner calls no. The issue return yours no. And you know. I don't know if I'm an overprotective parent -- not but it. The cardinal rule is when I text you better have that phone or at least I know where you are and what you deal on. When you can't return it where if I call. Susan Newman good morning welcome. Joining us. I have to say attack -- the path I think the mother is -- it is they really brilliant. However there. And that way of controlling your candidate. Probably you know what we -- him in -- roughly -- the -- current generate -- apparent. Okay that you when you. -- that you aren't tied to your parent. His picture totally. Linked to their parents they looked back and forth all day they're current and contact. Have a chance to BP. Could they want and they. And -- pay at that point. You know that whole. Issue with Tencent technology. And felt then Mike -- in particular. -- the whole way of forming I can be. Yeah. -- -- can hide here -- apron strings as you know the whole race reality for that. When she announced curricula if you don't return on the -- crop. That's one problem might really have that. Let me tell you something he rarely do I have a guest on that right off the bat says something that makes me really think. And challenge everything and I thought but by gosh she -- did it. Because and Hillary did the main reason I do this is if you know what she's driving around -- make your way -- you get there safely etc. But giving me think when I was eighteen I wasn't -- anybody you're texting anybody -- -- -- -- nowhere was -- when I was doing and and occasionally in this may sound terrible say this but you'd nearly -- -- where he shouldn't go and do what you shouldn't do. And maybe so long as you not really endangering yourself I guess it's kind of part of growing up in it. Absolutely. And -- Dead or even if similar constantly. Yanking your kid where our you know. If that if your son or daughter decided to some place that's a little B and where you don't want -- better. You're now telling her. Shouldn't have to -- -- -- -- -- From anywhere in the end and unless you have some type of it GPS device on the phone which is really. Getting kind stalker -- I -- or helicopter parent to show every won't put it you don't know unless you can target the phone right. 88 locally we collected and well let him he has his days. -- hockey they're gonna make mistakes and that any trap off the back and they learn and you'll. Yeah and protecting them protecting them differently than any -- I you know if your child -- -- And then campaign meant it really as a problem. Like. Keeping up their act and he got technically -- help and -- remember that has social network. He didn't he -- to look at it actually relate. To what the -- and flat. -- -- All right. Academically he didn't in the year you're not -- -- that and school. What -- -- you're gonna have to get up and community -- can anymore. Ask your you can't. Like I. Actors' fees or like something like that fact or -- and the weekend. You're not gonna go out your friends you're going to move. You take a couple of hours and you're going to be ending you're gonna work on school work I mean act how I ER that's how I would approach it and that's how I recommend parents approach. So what if you combine the two because I know somebody who had a child. That early on in the teenage years couldn't put the cellphone down because it was -- says their social network. But the parent would pass by and say you know I think it's kind of hard for you keep your mind on what you -- on. When you get in the cell phone text every couple of minutes is not continuity there and then. After a bad semester of the kids realize you know what you're right and purposely put the phone insider turned it off when they did their homework and I guess in -- is sometimes you gotta let the kid learned right because otherwise they'll never learn lessons for themselves. That's absolutely true but all that you can you know I'm not saying parents giving your children and and forget. You as a parent you're probably paying for that fans that you cracked you make role. As a parent unity thing equipment can make the world a -- now being in the world. The -- -- sending your room when you're doing. All right -- -- whenever your world now aren't where -- academic year. But he didn't have issues that parents don't I don't think that. How did you do is the parent T your technology in your -- yourself. Whatever. Because. If you do you account and removing and it between nineteen. There a lack and you. You know yesterday it was talking no matter who has -- three year old -- -- a -- She is that they admitted. County and at and it act and -- And that's their business and he said a concerned and I three year old mentally he can sell them. All parents who realize that they need to -- little digital. And terms of trying to get their kids. Can be so glued. To their found. Doctor I can do you one better I got to boxer that hates it when my daughter's owners cell phones. And jumps up and tries to actually get the phone out of hand. Because she wants the boxer once more attention. And it's almost as though the dog is saying my god that's enough put it down. When we come back we'll talk to. I guess is doctor Newman act or our Susan -- social psychologist and parenting expert. Author of the case the only child and it today -- made a point with me about perhaps we aren't too protective. Of her children and we need to allow home. Room to it to grow even when it comes as a security things if you have any questions. Or comments I would love -- here for me especially how do you handle technology in your home do you expect the the son or daughter knew immediately respond to you when. You sentiment text -- phone call do you immediately respond to them. And much and it basically comes to parenting do you think parents today are just completely and totally. Two hovering helicopter parents who we don't let the kids grow up Tommy Tucker back in a pledge -- -- phone calls under the W. Tommy Tucker -- WL talking about raising kids and cell phones and that invented by a military mom gets -- over teenagers not responding to alert text or calls. In a timely manner -- with the F noses it -- the phone off. And only allows -- teenager who called 911. Willard the parent and that -- the moms as you know it gets their attention when the phone. Will not work for anybody but to call me and we're asking you and and and doctor guest actors Susan -- social psychologist hernia expert author of the case for the only child. Said you know what maybe that's the app is. While the brilliant idea might be overkill because. Maybe teenagers need to have a little bit of room and the fly get themselves and -- -- doctor from wrong here in the limited troubled -- Real dangerous trouble or anything that. Understand what life is really like because I'm guessing the other side of that is. They they turn eighteen they turn -- when he -- go to college and mountain in -- -- son -- happens and something goes wrong. Well let me go to college is the real problem they if their parents have and trying every move -- -- high school. I have a thing and covering him talking to teachers and let me get to college. A lot of them have trouble with the independents and fun and. Parents have been a Kabul. There are children prefer that says -- say why can't give my kids until as the. -- -- I'd. Let you know where he's black I can't even get rain -- -- -- it. It continues to be. Go issue. And you in the south and in fact -- Karen how boring and the whole helicopter. Mentality. I read a book on the book now. 250 ways to say mean. He went infections invented parents and it. Today we're saying now is their kids. When -- -- -- the -- fell on new parents really have to set up the role and be able to say no. Itself and doesn't go in the room when you're doing how mark. These are role maybe the whole family put all their self inaudible and another room when Japan again. Because that they the whole. Island EC digital. Screens and craze. It is in meetings and compete. And -- having an impact on how family -- and build tradition. So you'll into bigger issues and I had been accompanied back up and -- product itself. So how do you as a parent be responsible. Not be neglect full still give you room. Kids to grow and and I get a text here that's. Very very sad that says it's easy for the doctors say. But my child dies down and I don't know what the the the idea behind this is but it. We live in a different society now the tax continues we have more things to worry about his parents. When her kid dies I will agree one of mine is dead. So I think a lot of parents are terrified of the thought of losing their child and I don't think there's -- -- anything worse that can happen to you in life. But again at some point you can't keep them in a bubble. Actually right he can't keep them in the and that effects and story -- -- that he can get things like that happening. That bad either backed -- -- play. EU case as he -- you look at. It -- -- lap dance pop concerned about stranger and stranger abduction. You know captioned by saying differences -- -- a rare instance. And a current and find me. Com and you know it is impossible. To say you have to be healthier and -- -- and if they can. Meet the child that guy named big bully. I feel we don't know lap one. Your parents need to be vigilant and acting -- -- -- -- island have no role. That parents he could keep them from day. Create their identity and be individual. By themselves. I think parents would be some would be. Blown away. If they knew how many teenagers were sexually active and they didn't even. They had no idea it could be their child that was dual monitor their teenager that was done and so. If we can. Doctor when we come back and I'd like to address that both from the boys standpoint and from the girls standpoint because. I think a lot of parents especially when it comes to religion. Column in this day. It's hard to tellem and enacting density a universal problem that I've gone through his apparent -- -- you draw the line between. -- and everything that's right but knowing that sometimes the world. Can force you. Or because of citizens are situations. -- not always followed the letter of the law if you understand what I'm saying and then in terms of preparing your child even a minute advantage. Where disadvantage and is it different when it comes to boys or girls when you have. The talk with them about sexual behavior if you have any questions -- calls I'd love to hear from yet. Add 26 187 the tool free 8668890878. How did you handle -- with your teenager when you're teenager how much freedom were you given and did it work California. Susan -- social psychologist parenting expert author of the case -- the only child what you wanna find out more about we come back. As well and we have Phantom of the Opera take its two giveaways soon you'll hear the music of the night when you do though give you the number to cull and tolerate. Is gonna win that spectacular pair of tickets to see Andrew Lloyd Webber's epic. And powerful music showtime is at 730 on Wednesday November 5 and the prize is valued. At 252 dollars. A pair right now -- 111 WL first news that we go to state -- Thank you David talking to doctors Susan Newman you notre website at www. Suzanne. As USA and Newman NE WMA in Ph.D. Dot com so doctored tell me who when he comes to. Sexual activity teenagers. And other situations in life -- of Tibet how do you balance the theoretical. Perhaps the religious. With what you think might happen or might be going on. And you get the child ready to leave the nest but don't have compliant before there's supposed to. And that your AA you're asking the impact of the credit and one -- by. Parents want. Look at is you know everyone has -- can -- I it has effects -- when. -- had you really can't do that because kids mature at different ages. And he. Issued -- that he would -- confident the Internet and the -- Television programs -- and can't act to sell my sexual content and information and -- From my parents and -- can get fit and proper -- Sexual activity that they held an -- kind of and market them and pay more that everything else off. So you don't. Unique view it apparently an -- early age. Depending on your child's maturity. And if you're watching TV program that all of a sudden has sexual contact he didn't realize. Would be there you can leave that as an opportunity. To. Get into discussions and point you wanna make -- cast. On I I began. Significant. Com net and you wanna get across your child and no matter -- We let you -- -- Settle. Confront her daughter isn't afraid to come TU. Land deal -- factual problems that -- -- Texans in the morning thanks for having doctor Newman on number oh what a shooter Chalabi Italy shower themselves in the bathroom things you're supposed to do. Child's credit at his privacy in the bathroom and mom always goes in what he's suggestions about that situation. I'm not need to roll back. Then. Give her cash down the privacy -- asking for. And Cadillac and is that the -- clean that day. I'm like Victor and -- mail when he. Leave fiscal and warning. Mom TVQ. And that. That. Their child will learn. How to take care of their -- -- I mean you know why should show them. Different how you lack. Different you pressured T I mean I have to do that he timed it any need -- child saying. I want my privacy. He can. In respect that. In another Texan says I disagree with the doctor try raising a teenage boy by myself without his mother. And not try to protect him it's human nature to protect. Long after their teenage years stop thinking in a general sense. Not quite sure would stop thinking in a general sense means DM. I agree that where you'll. They think as a parent. Is to be protective. Shield Art -- and and me being single parent. Mother or flat there. -- make that cap be even more difficult and -- dependency in could be there and to. Cut double that. Protective -- -- excellent you. And it -- continually -- back and Il. Until the end -- many. Yeah terms and be you know -- -- elect telling my children's lives. -- -- -- -- -- -- we care that you may be acting like a helicopter parent you've made been treating you may be overprotective. I know my parents can firmly to pull back a little. And if -- trial that sent saying that they feel is being addressed or her detrimental to abandon -- way. You can move back and. It attacks another one and comes in and says -- I do I disagree with this -- Lady on their radios Susan Newman hasn't -- a social psychologist and is -- when I was kid dated him over 400 murders in new wall and I don't think we even approaching that now but. No drugs that killed in one -- house parties when parents were out of town did not end in gunfire. We were told not to have six still marriage nineties used protection. The world is more dangerous now morals are compromised. Parents need to be more protective and cautious of their children's lives to keep them out of trouble until it's time leave the nest. I had angry it actually -- at the world. There's now a lot more to worry about and I believe that I and parents should get caught completely. I don't think I had earlier parents need to make roll and they should be punishment as the rules are not and the Serbs. And parents impact could be more vigilant in his account for a world. To get there on one side. Being too liberal too strict if you had to pick one to restrict my fielded better. Well I'm always trying to board the metal rather use. I think the parent to go at which one day you know which side they feel more comfortable way. Tell me about your book the case for the only child. How they take any child is. Hey you may know more and more people are -- and to have one child. Cry very expensive to have his children and women working women starting their memories -- -- Yeah. When -- of families are you know creeping -- and the number two child family. And country and end the content and the US says. Worldwide and Canada and there. I'm sorry yet candidates 45%. And recently sat down in England crest at 50%. So -- countries are dying. His island me trying out one child. Policy which was mandated by government nobody de France a year. Lee he'll talk about. EA only child and have from the net from that. He does there let me fair and grant -- me. And -- imaginary friend. And there have been printed and and answered Anthony's and creating is that I've. That show that I'll -- children aren't really any different from -- children raised and families -- -- -- more account. And that. Only child and particularly. In the land. Generation. Hard turned. Me down at assembling in fact some of them -- light yet. And you'll need it the question of the grand finale -- elect. -- at a -- on his outside playing and that certainly better than having one child go over there and play. But their problems and all night and me and the only child. Who highlight. The -- And and apparent pain -- me either one. If you have one child. Doctor I appreciate your time I really do doctor Susan Newman social psychologist. Parenting expert Arthur author rather the book we just talking about the case for the only child. Any that are website at www. Susan Newman Ph.D. Dot com albeit a great weekend. -- thank you buy it. Here we go. Sound exactly -- WL congratulating. Me. Our winner Jerry Kestner who. Gets to go see Phantom of the Opera this thing or on Wednesday November 5. At 730 prizes valued at 252. Dollars a pair of tickets so. -- you get to take somebody with here. General contest rules applied go on sale of tickets go on sale today at 10 AM meaning in my am at Ticketmaster dot com so enjoy the phantom. Of the opera some of the tanks that are coming in about parenting as a parent something big and control. With a kid goes through LO ill tell god your plan if you wanna make him laugh. There is nothing you can do except no. What they did a little sooner by hovering. And -- parents hover over you where you free range kid I was definitely. A free range kid and and certainly did some things. That I shouldn't a done. But I wonder if I didn't. You know I often wonder I don't know I don't know as -- may meet. More. Able to face life or it may be grub entirely too early and and made me I guess cynical or lose money. Let's just say wonder at life. You have to wonder what Don beads down to be excited about the think tank next after the beheading an American journalist by ices. In Iraq President Obama says we will not back down from the air strikes. Even though ices threatens to continue to kill Americans there until we do. If you are the president of the United States who would you do now. Now. Not what President Obama should do -- you would do if you were president. -- high school football last year John Curtis in archbishop Rommel won their divisions. For the state championship Curtis played division to. While Rommel is in division one however John Curtis and of Angelo long with two -- Catholic schools. In Lafayette area at her rulings and saint Thomas Moore will also play. In division one -- -- saying it's gonna help all the teams in division one or her room. Don's gonna talk particular JT Curtis. John Curtis and Jay Roth. Of Rommel imagine that rumble with the -- they champions climb inside the think tank was done Dubuque. A state champion and thinks it's the season -- ago. And then of course CNET nation we get all the saints action for you tomorrow pre season game number three. Dresser -- for the regular season saints taken on the colts Andrew Luck. In Indianapolis we get things started here at 3 o'clock with first take a resident -- former saints offensive lineman Steve court. Providing the expertise along with Todd Manassas and at 5 o'clock it's the Bud Light count down they kick off. And where's that gonna be well you can meet Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia lives. From the Canon's new restaurant Bobby's cajun cannon restaurant in Metairie. At the corner of veterans of -- Philly you can't message does it says right there on out the building and being neon lights by BA bears restaurant. And so on my game time best play by play team in football voice of the saints Jim Anderson. -- color analyst -- guy John and saints' sideline reporter Christine -- After the game joining cajun cannon in the big chief for the point after until 1 AM. Ten dollars a ball -- saints coverage tomorrow on saints radio the big gates at any AM. 1053 FM WW Allen who dat nation don't forget you can now stream saints' games at WWL dot com or. On your desktop or laptop but remember the NFL does not allow us a stream games on mobile devices like phones and tablets. We would have we could. The leaking it back in a flash and -- -- and comments still coming in about our rice's discussion Philip W on FaceBook says an eye for an -- is -- always the answer. But it is in this case sizes once genocide just like the Nazi regime in German regime in Germany. During World War II but you know in the historian on and also colonel what caused in the military gets it it's not that easy did define who the enemy is. And whereas there are any fuel on day is find out who is a fan of whom. Say you don't remember who it was that won their championship were meant tournaments and not quite sure. Rommel only had one losses Tex says in the last two years in winning back to back championships. -- media and early last season making Indiana became the state champion. In the -- private school division Enron defeated themselves last year and of course we had that. Split. Title if you will to. State champions and -- Wanted undisputed last year a year -- -- -- disputed but they've been state champions back to back -- -- gonna discuss it when or return on David W well.

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