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8-22 10am Don, ISIS threat

Aug 22, 2014|

After the beheading of an American journalist by ISIS in Iraq…President Obama says we will not back down from the airstrikes even though ISIS threatens to continue to kill Americans there until we do. If you were the President of the United States what would you do now? Not what President Obama should do but what YOU would do if you were President? Don takes your calls.

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And it's Friday -- -- with you on the Friday edition of the think tank thank you for tuning us in an. Getting ready to kick off a few big weekend and all -- going to be a hot one pulled bought temperatures rarely been sweltering out there if you had to do it'll work in the out of doors. You kind of know what I mean those of you -- going to be out trying to. Fish oil line advises get out early get in early our league in late and -- may be at night when you talk more about that in a fish and game reports that become an apple a bit later on the got a lot to discuss this morning. Not a lot of guests on program today like we usually have been a lot of open lines. Our first hour we're gonna talk about the ice has sought iso what do you wanna call on this economic state. On going by a lot of names. After that beheading of the American journalists. By crisis in Iraq President Obama says so we're not gonna back down from the air strikes even though Weis is threatens to continue to kill more Americans there until we do. That is what you call between Iraq and and a hard place. If you -- the president. If you are the commander in chief of the United States. What's your next move what would you do would you continue. The bombing strikes would you increase them. -- would you back off to save American lives. What do what would you do give -- -- call and tell us -- 260187. ER 866889087. You know the text and rules on the show. 87 -- seven you get your text directly into the studio oh we please ask that you text responsibly a few driving. We ask that you used a designated text or refute texting use -- designated driver and get that message and also we ask you to participate in non. Daily sometimes hourly and ready opinion poll question which to keep up the one that's honest have been on their wall. Simply asking you should the United States do what ever it takes to destroy. The terrorist group crisis in the that. That takes a lot what ever it takes looking at the results right now. -- -- -- -- quick. It is we have a total of 92%. Saying yes and 8% saying no. And that -- flies in the face of what we're hearing about -- this country is war we're we don't want boots on the ground we've been in Afghanistan for years with. In Iraq we finally got out of there with time of losing our blood and treasure over there. Are -- after watching that video that horrifying video. Of a young American journalists being -- acute in front of his family in the entire world on video. I don't think thumb war we're at this point I don't think this country is -- we carry out I think that is a misnomer. I think this country is is ready for a five of its life and I think we need to be. This what was so called AJV team just seven months ago. Looks like it's a Super Bowl team right now a lot of planning going on behind the scenes let's hope we have as much or more planning. On our side. What what I'd do if I were present -- we'll listen I'll get to those but I wanted to talk calls don't want should be going on too long. Let's go first to policies Calvin inherent Andy's ex military. He would tell us what he would do online to Calvin thank you for your call. Good morning Scotland. Called. The US -- -- these parts and not a lot the small country in -- Just go out there might not. In the military we -- -- -- -- -- week we -- -- at big east 82 airborne. Troops. Go to any. Reports appeared completely and now public it would politically correct. You know like the people who did not. -- with Hewitt and -- should not be in the. Well one of the major concerns if we go all out is going to be collateral damage which is a very nice term for. Innocent people dying innocent people dying now innocent people are gonna continue to dot. You know this this kind of goes back to I heard analogy that this Islamic state is almost like Nazi regime. You know they believe in genocide and expanding they wanna conquer the world they wanna take over a and lived their life style and I can't disagree with that's what this group is intending on doing. But you know look at history. Most wars. Whatsoever or almost. -- Well when you're talking about religion. I'm not so sure it's totally religion I think it's more than ideology. They wanna you know go back to the sixth or seventh century and have the whole world live Monday Sharia law. I think that -- their ultimate goal in the entire planet earth living under Sharia law. You and the we know it superpower Russia and united. -- -- that goal because. We don't. Not control. But they -- leery about upsetting the United States or Russia. He really though no way to go because Russia would not support what they're. Not that it does not support what they're. But they -- these countries out there at the freedom to express what. What they want people to do and they're using it in one. Tell how do you radar commander in chief performance. In reaction to the. Your reaction to it. Not at all. He's not he's not handle it and he I think personally I think he should be. More into the political will he should have. It's gone on and everything that that's going on -- -- it expects and you get troops in here. And you can't -- directed that -- is. Decapitation. It's not right. Actually we should we. As a country. -- -- -- -- Not that well not until recently. You know quit Ricardo. I was totally wrong. Are you never negotiate with terrorists you never negotiate because it just leads to more negotiations -- you given it. And even if it means lives lives are going to be lost and then this is just a fact of life and the fact Warren. It's gonna happen. You know I don't in the military. -- yeah yeah. Yet different parts of the belt yet navy army Marines Coast Guard air force pulp or. And you -- debate between people and yet higher. The more contact arms like they ever want force -- The Erik -- that it would net. It. The notion that next Echelon of soldiers. The -- during the special hot part of it. -- to do the job. You want to do the job. But the commander -- there are embarking split them. And -- into the market. You're just sending troops so that it just beat people. You know what else is surprising to me is does this silence from congress is -- Where are they in this way it won't violent day calling for actions. That I have -- like the. It it'll work out mineral jobs. And then doing what. What is proper result in this country is there. Did the best country in the world that I believe and then the continent. And -- -- country. And. What makes this this the United States that country in the world is that you have freedom -- You can go out there and eighteen -- -- and -- You look at that short. In a lot of a lot US military -- appreciate it. And that -- they actually. They play. And because a lot of that rather problem. Palin email at. Still -- -- to protect -- and I feel like the cut but the constitution stands. That's what makes this country great we take anybody. Across -- or and it's evident right now we take a more open off. Even though they're not US citizen and they are they -- -- politically correct now an illegal citizen. They still have the rights of any US citizen that is what. You -- to Kenya a country -- But the United States needs it needs this to eat an apple ads. -- It right now well I don't think -- then not enlightened enough to use our tolerance. Against us they have done that very successful at. -- I gotta run to some other calls thank you so must be patriotic comments we appreciate it let's go to policy. Uses -- In Donaldson build on some honest we have him ready yet you -- you bring in Donaldson bill online one -- and. -- -- Get to you about yesterday it would and a merger would create edit. You know. Also all spam -- what happened and what happened is wrong. But the these are -- picked themselves in harm's way. And they note that these kind of disappears champ car. Now should we are to go and do we generous -- he's yes yes that that's what our responsibility. When deciding not to irritate you don't kill people treat you. And if you you dirty dirt ball would not the other computers. I've got to thank you -- already we appreciate -- this hour we're talking about. What I consider the most important issue in the world not just in nation right now and -- advance of this organization terrorist organization. Called crisis now watching the beheading. A -- of a journalist that was captured now on national television all worldwide YouTube in front of his family who had to watch it. Basically rubbing it in the face of the United States and saying is going to be more if you don't back off with the strikes. What do you do if you -- president Barack Obama. His a couple of things that on the mine I would do afoul of the commander in chief noble want you to get off the golf course or get out of the White House one that he can be you can do both. Number two. Declare war on prices and agree to never negotiate anything if they ask for money. Prisoner exchange we do not negotiate with terrorists next thing we do. Close that damn border. Amin and -- it nobody crosses the border. Who do you think is coming into this country across that board how many have -- economy and the Border Patrol agents overwhelm and check IDs they're coming in here we could be having members of vices spread to all parts of the country. Planning the next 9/11 number one board has got to be close yeah we're open to of people we've always been a country open to immigrants. Not now it's not the time for. To. Meet with our allies. Call the countries to -- other. And plan how to control in eliminate. I used the word eliminate crisis. Why we're not that cooperation with any other countries if they don't wanna be weather's. The go back to the old George Bush quote -- the witness or you're against news there's no in between. Next do what ever what ever. We need to to eliminate crisis. I'm talking about the use of the most modern technology drones. Bombs high tech information. Infiltration. Guerrilla war for what ever this group. Is it's insane they're savages from the six -- seventh century there have been hitting children. Putting their heads on sticks. They're bearing people alive crucifixion starving people. This is is worsened the closest analogy have heard him call to that -- accuracy is not season. They're looking for genocide they wanna -- wipe out Christians Jews they want the entire planet to be under Sharia law. They have absolutely no tolerance they have no conscience. I've seen interviews with their young children or volunteering when there asked that one of them strap bombs on themselves and and become jihadist. There's only one way to deal with these people one thing they understand and that's violence and we can dish them out send them back to -- cockroach -- we we see him driving around in -- pickup trucks and they have black suits and -- mask and whenever we see them we can destroy them we can put them back in to win a -- And of course we're gonna have collateral damage we have to explain and apologize to the world that that is part of that they can be no peace without war. Lives are going to be losses is the question of whose lives will be lost. And we continue that until ices is either gone away. Or their living in the stone age let's go to tide in -- he's on line five Todd thank you for you call your president for the day what do you do it. Tough spot. -- -- AM well. So one would withdraw our troops we bring them back to the -- the United States. Step to wheat -- out all the countries. That our economy has serious challenges. That we need we may need a script -- year should were worried. That notion of for or in dollars. -- If your country that harbors. Are. -- -- -- -- -- until further notice. Next thing I would that it. Is outlook launch. An incredible assault. On I -- this in any org organization. Is primary goal. It is killing united state or killing America. You know what it dropped. To -- armed or not aren't there. It's only one. Destruction that you have and that is. This because. It continued for the last seven. -- that we decided according to. And you'll only have to institute for that is there anybody we have to talk to talk to our core you go you've got to win and only when we need science it is. You know much thought it was a World War II veteran lost a local Korean conflict. Have so far there are better -- gulf war. -- quite well. What an incredible waste of millions of dollars we dispense. With the strict. Tactical. You know some of them -- -- how much money it was. You know we've got a drop a couple of bombs and wobble boards. Just like -- -- in Japan and look at the thriving economy that they have. But the argument to that is out of we do that then their gonna hate this and come after news. Is that why exactly that's not happening. Why -- somebody hate America. When the fact of the matter is or there because we care about their people that we tried -- for -- level. And once we need to achieve some bigger in the country. Are possible action overtake. And they -- -- upset when I come back at this. You know what. Let's -- like one massive. But salt on ice. And declare this statement that it is your goal was to order in the actual work to do. -- not agree with that dissent and I'm glad you brought up the economic sanction part of that was something I've failed to tuned to submit and I definitely would do that that's what they getting their money on black market oil. And anyone who is buying them black market -- we no longer do business -- -- thanks so called Todd -- -- how do we control them I'm not controlled no -- we eliminate them that's the only there's no negotiating. There's no making deals there's no we view the issue do that day on the stand one thing violence. And death and it's about on the people in this country really wake up to that and come to that realization. I'm giving some text in from some more on -- just unbelievable the things as saying they're blaming -- that they've been oppressed for years and this is the way they're reacting. No this burden that's not the dance let's see what some of our callers say let's go to. Jeff in mid city line three. Jeff thank you took on a think tank. And and the -- you view. You look through what Israel is doing and with the Gaza -- -- and they you know Richard and the sirens fire rocket the political and trying to eliminate. I don't think Israel's doing enough is now well it is now what happened in this country. What do you think we would do the same thing that we would make a phone call and say look we get credible. Then ten minutes -- send a firecracker and it's okay that's the -- warning next was the real thing common. How do you fight them terrorists like that. Act really -- I I option -- button that case. I say bring the full force of the entire armed forces. I -- be -- what was it like every person out in the entire region that billions are. And we can't really do that but I would like to see is doable we can't sell my answer is. Bring everything bad -- -- their bank accounts don't let anybody in from that area to area to know these are not -- And just totally isolate him. Oil I don't know what -- say about that it's so cute. But yeah actually blown off some the. No less so let's bring you tennis only option you've got out of that and there's no negotiating there's no deal will give you land we'll give you this. Will will will buy you out and -- don't want any of that -- on the stand. But it seems to make at least -- You know we go over there. If you're dressed in black in your face covered -- -- that are there to drink yeah sure. But that pattern that really doable and I don't bury it outsold by. That's because there's no more room for more hate. That is not been weakened due to make them -- does more all wanna kill us more nothing. Angela the last comment I wanna make is if we're needed so badly. Police the world why are not. That tens of millions. A so called moderate or true longer begging us to do that but they're not so. I think this this -- two reasons the man some I think goals are simply in fear. That if they have found out to be anti jihadist that -- die. And the other ones I think are sympathetic to their cause and just kind of sit back and in wait to see what's gonna happen in wanna join a winning team. I say one way or the other either completely -- close them out or law. Well they've -- -- they've got no Geneva right I mean -- not the malware and uniform and not flying the flag given nation. They are strictly enemy combatants terrorists -- -- that you do what you want with -- and they need to be eliminated and whatever it takes to do that. All right thanks and called Jeff -- -- Ryan Howard in Texas one of our frequent callers on line one solid thanks for call on the thing. And I got no idea but can cause actual mission south who leaves them. They'll -- -- aren't -- the bottom up until parliament. It just -- -- income would -- 130 would Gatling guns. -- -- -- outcome tongue in cheek you know respect please we want at least. The lack -- respect it and helping and obviously about defenses. We got apple in the Pacific at the head of the aircraft carriers. It's what to -- training with the Chinese at both the trains its forces on his aircraft carrier. I can't think nation not the way we did things. Well we see what did go on with equipment we left over them now got to fight this -- We just have to just put up with their own. And you don't don't respect religious police like you know respect our police and I'll tell you what about the present not to say look you wanna come not country. It has appointed good old -- on petite. And I don't think he won the pace of Goteborg jacked up pickup truck with automatic weapon on top -- Well they've got suicide bombers and when you've got that mentality that's that's hard to deal with and and I can do a tremendous amount of devastation -- I've already got the -- and has a lot of them that he already and a world that southern borders they got. I'm -- -- -- personally had to shut down that we get on the wall it's but pumping -- up by a weapon just it is just that the defendant. My home in my country are open that detail to that. Now while many of the things -- can take -- -- appreciate you listening I will be back right after this break and take some of the calls -- key Stephen Ryan. Henry and arrested 260187. He told three -- -- 866. 8890870. -- you more interested in attending. A debate form. For the neck. -- District attorney of saint Tammany parish. The concerned citizens of saint Tammany is sponsoring a district attorney debate form that's going to be coming up next Tuesday evening at 6 o'clock at the John Davis center and that is on north Wall Street in -- comb Louisiana. On the tentative candidates will be hearing from or Roy berms. -- black. Brian trainer. And Warren Montgomery has also joined in the -- I will be moderating that debate so invite -- to come on by. That's at 6 o'clock John Davis center in the home. Sponsored by the concerned citizens of saint Tammany parish I backed at telephone lines how do we deal with crisis. Is it any containing them. Do we do these pinprick. Bombing raids or do we go after name and eliminate them like the cockroaches they are. Let's talk to Sherry in Metairie on line six hi Sherrie thank you for calling. And done it's great to hear you've contributed so much common sense and I agree with everything he says. I think we should deal with them in every way possible to stamp them out at a wanna point out that collectively. I think than al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood that Alapont buckle -- announcer Bob and Hamas. They're all the same movement and they are a couple. Actually heard of them clip from one of them Hamas leaders say we do forward but it. They want us dead we can't win them there's nothing we can do that ever played them but we need to implement. If we're gonna survive. I -- does not does not they leave us no choice nothing -- enough enough to do and you know they say the country's war -- We better not be war weary we -- we need to be on on the very vigilant. And and get after this immediately if not soon it's almost almost too late now. All right Terry thank you clinical appreciated. I'm let's go with Orion in mid city Ryan's online drink Ryan thank you -- A 1% we have the stamp -- like the ladies they are not yet to bring us to the enlightenment all in saint possible. They all year to destroy all we have being at war like two decades and has denied it. Finally when President Bush went ahead and do it would he'd be OK they didn't take it to the end degree once again we stopped. We are still at war people we have to destroy. What blackjack pershing indeed in the Philippines to the islamists trying to drive the people out and -- -- everything they're. -- man they would kill or execute them and they would bury them wrapped in a peak -- All stop that would happen and started to die out because they knew -- state died were there Peekskill and they would not go at all. Syria play the game they -- away and we -- time -- Tom wake up America which this administration know we're not gonna. We need a leader we need a leader of our balance. I don't see him anywhere on the -- tunnels no way no way we did in the war and we -- floundering. People that'll wake up. We have to take back country and we have to do what is necessary. Call the police in the world call it freedom are we call it whatever you wanna call. But these people do not want -- say. They want to kill and destroy -- And white but saw the face of the year. Except that all -- deal with it do it needs to be done wake up America. You -- -- thanks for the call Ryan appreciated all of a switching topics after the top of the hour talking about some high school football law will be inviting JT -- head coach John Curtis football is also the head coach from Ronald. To division one. And making it much more interesting I think we'll get -- taken get you involved in two but right now for the remaining time wanna get back to some of the -- were talking about how do we deal. With crisis if you were president of the United States what would you do. Let's go to. Stephen's been -- an awful long time line for Stephen go ahead. I suggest everybody out there go look at the movie Lawrence of Arabia. Our redo it in an article on parts of Arabia and see what -- these people it and before. The Americans -- oil and gave what they've got. And I think Obama ought to say on January 1 six and six seen. There were -- all of our troops home from Japan Korea. Germany. And England. And take care -- our borders. Take care for educational system. Send those army people in the schools. We have fourteen million people in America. That are hungry. One in four children goes to bed hungry. Take care of us. Spend billions and billions and trillions of dollars we're spending to take care of the rest of the world and -- the rest of the world take care of them. Parallel put he -- only get the Mike in Covington Mike Mike I'm glad you brought up the movie America. I saw the day at remit and I gotta tell you there were about thirteen people in early after the movie and when -- ended the entire crowd stood up and cheered. Every American needs to see that movie. Elegant. I am all right are -- -- -- -- I was I was -- -- you also that sort toys with business associates and -- well. The -- this movie you. Saw is that people. -- -- Why we're in this position or not called -- is because ever -- -- big question mark actually figured they'd just can't figure out. Well you put in this movie you'll get deeper. Distract -- -- -- would be last year Obama 2016. And I don't know if you saw that Vietnam where he goes in depth. And explain why Obama is like yeah. Why he's the ideological. You know figure actual speech and down. Softly between the -- People would get get a road trip on what's happened. Well -- -- and I'm hoping that movie makes it on regular television. I'm sure -- allowing it to to earn some money because it's certainly going to be paid for and is it expands and as some point that needs to be shown on public television. What can be public television and give public television is controlled by a they get older and got straight ahead and and sort of change periods is that people need to see. It did BBDO whatever bait but as you -- now everybody's got cheered both times I was there there was not -- Under fifty years. And electric solar Democrat to -- call us old. And you know sit at BC movie -- We got to go -- Senegal.