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8-22-14 12pm, Don Dubuc, Prep Football

Aug 22, 2014|

Last year both John Curtis and Archbishop Rummel won their divisions for the state championship. Curtis played in Division II while Rummel is in Division I..however John Curtis and Evangel along with two 4A Catholic schools in the Lafayette area, Teurlings and St. Thomas More will also play in Division I. Will this move help all team in Division I or hurt them?

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Am on Friday mrs. Don Don you came from Garland Robinette and now we've reached this time of the year ago I love for a football you can beat him a lot of bottom on Fridays were talking about it today. A witnesses a head coach of John Curtis JT or Tuesday and they along with three other schools have made an official decision to play up in the playoffs and JT before we get to our call those comments about selected non selecting your decision to move up. You know I think an unintended consequence of this -- you made an awful lot easier human the other schools for some division too loose to -- to win. State championships by not being in the division anymore. That's good samaritan that with -- to. It will move so it took some stiff competition out of the vision do. And again -- -- things that I named socially Thomas Moore and towards Catholics can be vigilant. And ourselves but obviously will be a very competitive. Oh lead -- saint Charles and Notre Dame. Probably university -- Those schools or are very good programs and programs -- -- excellent athletes of the world -- so it will be it'll be a good results. Well let's hear from some of the fans out there Brian in Metairie on line three Brian thank you for you call you on with it coach -- speakers. -- Like I don't think that we should have been not like. Back when he went so I'll letters you know one through five day and you. Very cute scene that and that's about race he would mean when he got global player to play well it was and then drop down eight and operate -- one -- revenues -- -- -- one. About I mean you hear it play out she got five more weeks the beauty of that ten weeks so well all. You got liver dies we troop levels in you don't see that out but not a lot. And it's not spared everybody. Yeah exactly right you know called all the marbles oh. Just a week -- -- -- championship and yeah Jakarta that kind of paraphrase. -- I think we both know that -- technicians -- little hall. They didn't hit that same. You go from five weeks of preparation and and and focus and and try to get. To -- you play you play two games championship. And that I have to take away kit because is not there -- -- But didn't say -- and I can anybody that's played in this. In the playoffs. That. The excitement in the and the grind of getting through with with the tenacity in the focuses is what makes -- championship approach. Thanks I called Brian let's go to mark in Thailand town Mississippi on line one. Mark thank you at all. Yeah yeah it. It's between it's as if it was that kind of try to keep it out about our bank and get caught. -- what the problem is to. Yeah and that is that you know the nineteen. What an -- -- like they are in the currency. And I wanted to benefit. The it at this school is pretty much consider that an art school so you don't double doubles -- call one district. You know what they always yeah -- -- You know we're. You know you very. Dad grew. -- -- at one place aptly. -- go to go to the school. Comment I do want it. He'll leave it in the so I'm equal you know -- 11 new crew and for the school guys act. Apparently you -- within an album could go that patient you know. In Alabama. Our on air -- at -- end -- even though. What things. Where they talked about and of course and a couple of things they opened the Paris is now that there are no more mr. brown lines are sleeker more. Boundary lines that if you live Egyptian -- -- -- tool with the guitars. And of course will be up to these individuals and board that is one over. I can't beat Mississippi I can't speak for our area there are numerous students that goal from different. School boundaries and Portland. Regular. You're right partners will have to draw the round. The entire surrounding communities simply because they're two. Supporters. -- you -- -- and lived and where you draw that up. Hull to at least what you private -- The other thing is. Lies about -- Is it private parochial. Schools have been -- Europeans eighteen hundred's this is not news. -- Mississippi. They say traditional schools have been in existence. In the parochial. As long as it has been in Louisiana so it has been like for us but we're back in eighteen countries. Right thank you for the call mark let's go to -- Alan listen to listen apple looses in line to. Allan thanks to all your own ticket seekers. -- coach should be politically correct when teacher the principal trying to create more troops would stay championship. You know it -- I think -- whole deal there is this pupil first topic that jealousy there. Go public schools this -- -- -- and getting players from outside. Of their district the public schools do as well. One of the big old at the split was Stephen Robert district. To the best players. -- come. School -- -- and and the plate and along. Art made extra. The played them over the -- Packers global job Baptist parish. Also -- pedestrian. There. So they get outside their district as well the Arctic and the problem is the thing got ample example we map Robert. Poor job. Police in their old rules enforcing their own rules. That create more animosity you know armed. I mean just this Google. That everybody knows goes on and act like it doesn't happen. And I'm a you can go -- you are right now and at a young -- -- roster. That -- chisel down -- an hour forty minutes away art school that you can't. What -- -- this -- And -- hours a day -- -- I. -- I mean there's things like debacle and all over the place and it's not just not just a private school district public schools and -- although. -- they think did a lot of vitriol almost jealousy I think it is forced to put a deal politely that you know. They wanna create more Jerusalem staging a show whether it's jealousy or whatever. I really don't care district think that they army could be together arm Marshall or would they change your team they played everybody and it was an unbelievable experience. To watch him go to that employee -- really call -- football games and win by one point support. Yeah well you know -- reference to what it is. Excellent. Work as well this is our goal life partner asked that question obviously that compete. Wait it. -- -- -- -- It's such an exciting challenging. And prayers for the players but apparently some fans and school. Years. So different and again to make a quick comment what state acting right. Your view well. -- so in the city of what role -- period. -- school's highly competitive kids moving back and forth and born to different schools from this and so it goes all Weathers right all chip at the bottom line is it happens in not just in private school. That it happens and I think that was one of the things that. We need to get to understand very clearly it's not just surprised there were no matter. Well winning traditions Q a lot of problems. JT stay -- -- -- gonna be right back we got bill and Chris and a couple of the call is on now would talk with -- Curtis -- coaches JT it at Curtis high school John Curtis said their decision to step up. And play up in the playoffs along with three other schools good thing bad thing deal like selective non select the would you rather see. Every one play in the same divisional playoffs we'll be right back to listen to the think tank on the big 870. WW and head coach -- -- of John Curtis Christian school is joining us of this hour to talk about know ultimately the future of high school football Lowe's select non select playoff on their decision to step up with -- other schools -- Make -- what is going to be a very very interesting division one playoff situation with taking your calls your comments let's go to Chris. In applause Chris -- keep the patients. Well thank thank you at all. I. -- also -- Or. Cart structure will Baldelli. AA. Policing issues. It's laughable. That whole topic. All the current structure as grade. Like all you know resident here at south Louisiana. -- -- formal -- many years ago. -- -- -- -- I agree with. All -- into -- -- and now. -- suggestion would be. Able -- angle. And and the powers late in. And -- it like that -- -- -- the ball all sports. About having a school like -- Industry with. Some actual bar -- -- School year. Would you agree because I think the application. Across the board will be even. And he I don't Kabul it would a certain. Prestige and district as we proceed. I think that happens -- -- -- sentinel sports you know we we. Has the opportunity opposite obviously to play. Essentials Catholic does in the of the plaza area that we play Saint John and from that area and as we've really been -- -- kind of competition you played against. Our teams that are calls live well and coaches. Are highly motivated. And and whenever you can create competition you create excitement. And you create branded -- create revenue. And you know not. So. We're usually at this point. Thank you for the call let's go to bill on the north shoreline -- bill thank you feel you called your own coach JT Curtis. -- I just want to first bomb unfavorable split does and I'll tell you wanted to but I do want to point out that the as the previous caller suggested that but not limited to football my daughter ran. Cross country and track at a public high school on the North Shore. And we would go to the -- and there were several boy and girls. Catholic schools Barry -- will not against the school at all but one that change -- -- I would refer to them at the lingering hurt. Because they had easily easily twice -- maybe street turn the number of contestants. That any in the public schools and it was basically. Because those schools. And whether they recruit or not it's not an issue. The issue that that those schools can draw students from anywhere and it's only limited by the parents' ability to pay the tuition to get this kid. To its problems who each day so what I'm addict and an advantage. Over the public schools so I mean for the split the -- you wanna be unified system what do yes. Let's say that. -- select school. Can only play those athletes. Who held on a -- basis lived with a certain radius -- the campus. Similar to radio support a public school district. And electing what happens to the attendance by athletes at -- will back the athletes and switch to public schools in many cases. Well I -- that it. -- little bit are you as a goal and maybe that you don't -- that part of content that and that brings all the powers itself. That there aren't more district boundaries for public all -- -- ruled those schools. You can call your retire parishes and now easy each individual's school board decision about how they want and the -- and vehicles -- people think that is what people think it is. But the other it is. Either of those who was not sure you're aware. Get get get support itself -- from tuition dollars week. We don't get -- -- we don't get the operation insult. That would it would be all of these -- -- tools to exist and are very small area. -- them it would be fair. Those players participated. All of -- all get in the playoffs and translate well he can't pull it. You know I don't answer for all that if equities said that appeared to. The couple sometimes we go to these issues. But there is Tuesday in there and for our state. Toward ninety years that the elections today is that existence and and it's not always -- that are -- schools. We're Dominique or that -- -- adopted it. Is Qaeda is swaying back and forth. I would say this vehicle operatives are. I think that. You know you've got courage you've got people. Parents that support it hurt their children to participate. And -- -- programs that are attractive for kids to his. And that's what we try to do here I think that's what -- try to do the war. File extra curricula activities so what is CNN. World football track. The better all our community's going to be because those -- -- in a positive people doing positive things and -- industry. And the only thing that streak is that. So I would say that we need to play our schools more attractive. -- kids to participate in activities. So that. -- it frequently get here is to those activities. So that we can have a better -- -- society I actually believe that one of the provinces where ethnic communities today. Do you still. I'm still here I actually disagree with what he probably sports are played Portland out of high school my daughter that -- -- I think you know I think everything he says is true. But the fact remains that. It's not. A level playing field I don't know what the ultimate solution yet but I personally I don't see any problem. With -- a select champion and a public champion I mean you know. What's the big deal mean. This Disco like keep going down a JT put it this is kind of a hollow feel like. What -- and who -- -- you know is justice not final is not clear to me and I think that's important. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He got beat whoever we love Jeff we go to lunch yeah new boards don't like and I doubt we ever got out. Really well change everybody market -- -- in the side but I think there are two -- the story. Thanks for the call bill restarted it. Jacqui thanks so much of the time we really appreciate it will be called on you do on the season hopefully you have very successful -- -- season for you play Zimbabwe. You guys haven't had that big fish in rodeo yet man you know honestly you. We just finished column. On this that again. You know quick -- -- -- is in conclusions -- -- it involved industry. I know we qualified. Oh definitely yeah anything comes under the heading -- in football food we can have a think tank on any subsequent. Thanks again JT preaches. -- -- head coach at John Christian and has gone Christian rose school I would be right back after this time out for the news. And we'll open up the ball on some of you still wanna continue to talk about that anything else we covered this morning and at one open for you'll be right back and welcome back into the think tank again where the saints still. We go black and gold backed it saints camp in Metairie and so is team WW well resident pros Bobby ibero. John B Christian team Bob Steve follows Sony's moves -- camp breaks Wednesday. August when he says that I heard about how nice the weather was. Yeah go out on the talk I was in Alaska real cool. It would keep your radio locked on the big 870 AM 01053 FM breaking saints news those live training camp updates coach on -- daily take on practice. Exclusive saints players and abuse plus daily training camp recaps and videos and expert analysis. Then it's your turn to talk about on sports -- double coverage with the Bob and Christian at weekday mornings from six to nine on three WO thirteen fifty on the AM now. Then sports talk weekdays 48 PM on the hub for everything saints football on the flagship WWL. I'd at the risk of being accused of these being my comment some good and shares some of the text messages that have come in regard to. -- last topic with regard to. -- schooled two divisional playoff systems like the non select single division right now about the way. -- 84% prefer the single division playoff only 16% like the select in and so. -- here's some of the comments that are coming. This one says so one thing not being mentioned is that it is -- -- did hear that mentioned. The -- -- schools and schools like Curtis need to place elect as well as magnet schools. Like Thomas Jefferson and pains because -- in selective admission on the governor. Other. And Landry walker selective enrollment and all out to play in the console. Can't make rules for only a few schools and that is one was done. Now that X comes in says we won trophies do please fix it so that we win too pleased boo hoo hoo cry baby. Separated by region like Texas championships are earned not fix so every one gets a trophy. Again my comments is another I don't go to the Curtis -- the causes just boring to watch one team dominate. I've prefer to see a more challenging game. And you know attacks it's not just high school it's gotten to the recreational district especially on the North Shore medical -- They do it for every sport and charge the parents more because the kids are not from the district. Boy I sure hope that the high school football is not following the footsteps of the NCAA announcing. You know. Ruling by judge on pain collegiate athletes. I think that's a pretty much the beginning of the -- of -- it's common. And hopefully that never gets down to high school level but you know who knows what can happen. I here's another I think it's great that coach -- wants to play. My kids total across and I would love to see them -- Curtis. -- -- does a fabulous job with this program the big schools are scared because they don't think they can -- cars. And is in Ireland nobody is addressing the real Hampshire cancer in high school's sports -- on the voluntary. Hold acted cements them and and definitely non. -- 260187866889087. Those telephone numbers that tech's board if you wanna get down and is a 7870. Please remember to text responsibly note texting. And drive also want to remind you about a perk of the day it's lake view Barbara in the pointed -- certificate for only ten dollars simply put. The city's best hamburger and now an all new menu. Featuring scrumptious seafood issues stakes -- -- pizza and weekly specials. There are open seven days a week late -- -- on Harrison lake view excellence will now to do that go to mine wall and sparks dot. I will be back after this break get some more via text messages coming in and also check on -- -- opinion poll question. Telephone lines to handle it's a busy Friday on the think -- good afternoon from WW. Welcome back into the think -- will remind you today coming up on sports talk with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia what are you most looking forward to in the saints colts game. The -- drew. -- -- is Rawlins and all of the you know -- -- -- and -- us. I don't know VC that gimmick called amino. Bob Byrd what about Bailey about. Simply one game closer to the regular season losses eight days that's all we aren't all LSU opens up against Wisconsin. Way to you forecast the tigers to finish in the SEC west. Seen him ranked nationally is -- was thirteen. It's some positions around out there all of the pros weekdays -- 8 PM on the home of the saints LA issue. And the pelicans WWL. I'm counting down those days to polish you'll opens up against Wisconsin were coming down on the based on -- season to -- We're going to have -- Dog Day Afternoon too if you missed out on one. Last year a tune in tomorrow or go to my website and down the -- -- guide dot com and -- -- -- some details if you -- -- is real fun. Hello -- shoes on not far away pop in the Mississippi equal place over the net. That'll great barbecue launched to kick things -- in and out this afternoon. My dog Gracie really enjoyed such great. -- back to the text messages Tennessee here's one that says. Never once have I heard anything about the -- gaining a better education at the prime movers of the -- schools also a public schools the kids on label. If -- big kid you automatically become alignment private schools they play you at the position that suits the athlete. Another -- says better competition. In preparation for life and private schools. And here's the question that probably should be answered tomorrow morning what of people yet to demand that he'll appear in what they thanks. On medical theory you can catch a variety of fish. Right now and -- get a hole and on deadly deadly and nimble and find out about the story about sharks in the because he cleans his -- the glorification. Giant drum and is there any sharks around they would certainly be behind his dock but he's on the trip and reach agreement. Mean you get some -- on that for tomorrow but anyway the here. And man to -- you catch sharks he gets caught fish in a few you used to cut bait. At times you'll catch red fish you -- it's black -- you'll catch flounder you'll catch speckled. Now the speckled Trout run that demand video here is going to be best coming up in a few weeks. September was always the best month -- this year things could be little different. We have and real lack of excellent high salinity levels -- late on to trade. And that has cause a lot of problems is immoral war speckled Trout fishing used in. Late on to train in in in recent memory. But if you go out there to appear I've seen a number of -- the -- -- you gonna catch you share of law hearted catfish union probably catch him -- tops out there. Best date to go with. Shrimp. Not to be live shrimp it shrimp on Carolina Reagan -- on the bottom. You could station on a sliding court. -- the conditions really kind of dictate his success yet have -- movement. West wind is bad we've had a lot of west win that kind of dirty the water. Light southeast wind is would you -- and -- can tell -- that was demanded opening video today. And it's gorgeous there's running water that is sinks to clean you finish on this as a place team trash receptacle. It's -- -- minute mark in this portal lets out there in his -- charged and also have one over on the slide L side with the twins and that wind is not open at night so you gotta be out there about dark but again same. Arm techniques and equipment she used there you probably have the better chance to catch some nicer -- him because it just. -- -- that is set up as far as wind tide moves in where its position equals. To the release area and good luck if you can be patient. I got one more break to take me back -- -- -- -- also wanna check on that pretty simple. Of course it's unscientific but the overwhelming majority. Does not like this select none select playoff system and I'm only I'm against any thing. That cheapens a championship. I'm not for and I think that just does that we'll be right back to discuss it after this timeout not listening to -- think -- Friday style on WW. A second final look at operating opinion. Poll question here on do you prefer our current high school to division playoff systems select and announce elect playoff or a single division. Overwhelmingly. The people prefer a single division playoffs it looks like it's 8688%. Only 12% prefer the current select and consulate playoffs. The very interesting text as -- says think of select. Non select like this one -- issue could only have Louisiana athletes on its team. While USC -- -- athletes from anywhere including Louisiana. Would that be fair to -- issued play for the same championship. And it would become unfair to USC and they'll issues all the players came from Louisiana on the stand which. I know programming note for you I'm really excited about this October 17 and no it's a ways away but that Friday be sure and be tuned in because in a lot of -- fans. Of -- and has lament nokta -- monkey. On June it's very -- The woman who had a love affair with Lee Harvey Oswald here in New Orleans in the summer of 1963. We've had a wrong twice once from in hiding in Europe the other time she came to the studio. She's going to be here in New Orleans coming back for another interview you'll be able to speak with our. In here a story again and Judith Mary baker October 17 will be today. Also some of them also likely to make note of -- get them the chance to tell you about this but this coming Tuesday. August 26 at 6 o'clock to John Davis sent. Talk about gone from heroes to zeroes DA Walter Reed and his brother Richard. We're gonna have a new district attorney in saint Tammany parish and the cult the concerned citizens of saint Tammany. Is sponsoring a district attorney debate form you can hear the candidates I have been asked to moderate that Mary wanted to do -- I'll be there. The tentative candidates that you hear from will be Roy burns. -- black Brian trainers and Warren Montgomery should be very very interesting again. That's going to be Tuesday evening at 6 o'clock John Davis senator in McComb look forward to seeing today. Look forward to talking to you tomorrow morning will be back on dark in early we start at 5 AM. -- seven that's with the network condition of the outdoor show going to be looking for some Q reports. On dove hunting information getting suspicion reports bad boys of the outdoors announcing regulations. Does all that stuff you -- -- you -- -- -- to the buy used two woods in the marches. Then from seven and nine on three WL it's more outdoors -- -- on the outdoor writer for Nolan dot com joins me -- Discussing going to owns beacon -- specs and more. We're gonna hear from a 48 shooting ambassador from Louisiana who won some honors in 8 o'clock now hope you join us then. And I'll see you back here on the Friday think tank next week that.