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8-22-14 11am, Don Dubuc, Prep Football

Aug 22, 2014|

Last year both John Curtis and Archbishop Rummel won their divisions for the state championship. Curtis played in Division II while Rummel is in Division I..however John Curtis and Evangel along with two 4A Catholic schools in the Lafayette area, Teurlings and St. Thomas More will also play in Division I. Will this move help all team in Division I or hurt them?

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And on Fridays it's not done to view with you on the Friday edition of the thank thank thank you thank you tuning into the opening tank we really appreciate that remind you who dat nation get ready for the big pre season game number three tomorrow saints will be taken on the colts in Indianapolis. We kick things off at 3 o'clock with Thursday as president pro former saints offensive lineman Steve court in time Manassas. At 5 o'clock the bond like countdown to kick off fuel he talked with cajun cannon Bobby a bear. Deke Bellavia -- be alive that Bobby's cajun cannon and restaurant. It's on the corner of veterans and lake -- in Metairie. 7 PM is game time of the best they Motley team in football we're talking about the voice of the saints team Anderson. Is color analyst -- guys John and sidekick in -- sideline reporter Kristian garic. After the game you rejoin cajun -- big chief for the point after 218 am -- Ramallah. That is ten full hours of wall to wall saints coverage tomorrow. On saints radio -- 7 AM 1053 FM WW well. And an important note to Lou that nation don't forget you can stream saints' games on WWL dot com. But remember the NFL does not allow us to stream games on mobile devices like phones and tablets. -- with all the saints the season coming in pre season and at the last miles or she'll kick off with the LA issue. Sometimes high school football cutting its pushed back on mayonnaise refrigerator. If we do have the prep football -- one of the best show Angela -- here in the most extensive coverage of high school football but -- some big news happened recently. We're going to be talking to JT courtesy of John Curtis and also -- -- head coach Rommel. You know last year both John artisan Marc Fisher won divisions for the state championship. Curtis played in division two while Rommel is in division one. However John Curtis in evangels. Along with two more for a Catholic schools in the Lafayette area two rulings and saint Thomas More. Will also play in division one. The question is will this move help all teams in division one. Well that hurts. We're gonna talk to the head coaches about the decision to do that and also get your opinion on that. In fact it's now reflected that we can have that change made in the operating opinion poll question. -- you happy with the way the playoff high school football playoffs -- set where we have the select school championships. And then we also have the non select. This was brought about by. On some schools who felt that the chances of winning a state playoffs were very very slim because they were. Going up against schools and four of reason and advantages like. Strong alumni associations. And good programs and resources. So -- they convinced the only two SA -- to break it into two groups where you gunning non select championship game. And a select school championship game. And as to be expected. Depending on who wins. He both games and you get the argument well if that these two what do played each other. The real overall state champion would have been acts and the other ones say it would have been why. So my way of thinking is each year you'll always gonna have this unanswered question who is the real. State champion a five day for a three day to day one and because you've got these different. Separate playoff systems. Well -- partisan. Couple of three other schools have now decided that they are going to join the fray and playing in division one even though they're gonna play. In division two all -- in the season when playoff time comes -- move redemptive to play -- the big boys is if they're not a big double. So the possibility could exist that. You could have playing in the superdome on December 5 in the championship game. Qualify today. You could have John Curtis taken on the -- raises both schools we're getting some national rankings in national attention. Good idea bad idea we're trying to get all the JT terrorism have been successful in getting him yet continue to try to do that. In the meantime send me a text -- 87870. With your opinion. Please remember detect responsibly and also please remember if you hear me reading a text that may or may not be in my opinion it may be that a listener. And if you wanna call in voice your opinion it's easy enough to do 260. 1870. While we have a toll free number 86688908. Says it will take a break -- will be right back and take your calls and comments on a think tank on WW -- -- media now welcome back into the Friday edition -- tagged out at you with you we're talking high school football this now I'm asking -- this question on -- opinion people. Do you prefer the current two division playoff systems select and consulate playoffs. Or would you prefer a single division playoff right now percent said they would prefer the single division playoff. Instead of having two separate one for a select schools in one designated as non select. Now a lot of text at a coming in we invite you did send nude text in at 87870. 260187. Your -- 66. 889087. It would prompted us to talk about this was the decision. By John Curtis Christian also -- Christian saint Thomas More into a links Catholic. They're moving up they are going to be playing with in their division too but yet when we come playoff time. They will be playing under division one giving it a total of twelve teams and notified the LH SA any of their intentions of doing that which -- talked JT -- if you realize school is in today and he may be a little bit tied up but fortunately were able to connect with Jay Roth who gonna talk a little bit later on Jay thanks so much for adjusting his schedule will be in -- you know as we appreciate it. It did before we talk about your reaction to these schools deciding to enter into the fray in division one. Tell me about the -- -- his vote for twenty to fourteen point fifteenth season it's common now. You guys -- the national rankings you had some big losses but evidently got some good return -- him. Well -- -- cannot be going like that you're actually today. The publication but. -- -- you they will last two years. And got recognition of that. Can you inherit. Two years ago -- teams -- really really good to actually audience a little. -- like some of the program the last two years. This year at least not yet a long way to -- this year. Well you know division one last year consisted of how many teams was it was total. Teams because they weren't ten bit too because of some reason bailed out so. It was pretty much -- -- playoff season going to be a whole different ball game now with of -- joining in and JT Curtis has been common in and saint Thomas More in -- Catholic -- feel about that. Well you know I -- regular right now with China last year and burden on our calendar went back should be. Not selecting people fortunately I don't think -- more -- and agent and top to bottom here that you can get a week off you're knocking an object received warnings well -- It can be atop a top bracket to get through and it is about as good as you -- What do you think this is gonna do that final playoff game in the superdome mummy could we see the media crowd of 1520000. People showing up to watch a Romo play John Curtis Christian in the finals. Well. Pretty -- anybody -- to. Run well. On record and get. This state has no business crimes sentenced it's. You know there is no doubt play great football players -- A country that -- -- that -- kind of ridiculous amount. In saint Thomas warn -- -- coming out Kyra actually may. Have a little Gary. -- -- -- -- and that they wanted it to actually intentional he took her. -- cap and cap the it all in all of the child so I can all ought to stay. But on actual wrecked our connection to true. The first state to keep the change to seems to reach into play at all. And -- -- -- your. Post in yet to be able and they won't stay. Are. Watching and are in Iraq which. If you were to poll the coaches state wine and I'm sure you guys talked do you think that there would be more in favor of the select non select all the single divisional play. You know -- actress award this January the they they would vote. Go back legal way talk to our football and original target football coaches don't vote. -- Football. Programs so. So you know home principle that the final say so I would hope when apocalypse -- only to get. What would be the alternative I mean is I mean is no such thing is withdrawing from LA just say in. That won't. Help. That Taylor is pretty outlook as we get there with to what school that just -- just. That you're a few more conventional again and -- now so a lot of people understand. You know want to have a lot of CNET tech football but. The Pentagon and you know I would like what -- -- and that I'll get back together and that's where that's where -- really wanna check out. -- forty we will each camp chippewa and will be pretty. Now you know we had a chance yet to change your arms -- the -- yeah. I've got a computer -- maybe -- did not compete as you know at all. Well there's always going to be that question you know yeah -- west mineral won the non selective in John Curtis won the selectmen. Who would have been the overall champion if they would play in a position in in the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That is premised on the outs and I hope I'll be at fourteen million. -- -- Are you trying to chop -- -- that -- in which -- -- or people can get train out -- -- it won't go. You know. In our schools. Can compete regional -- in it to win as well. Also -- and it didn't have a chance I don't believe -- actually watching from our. It was a great and at least eight ships compete against select school and how. Tell -- cycle we got a call wants to come in on Joseph Julius calling from Brawley's. On the West Bank across from back Andrews -- Joey thank you for listening and you're on the think tank. Well thank you and Welker. And I couldn't disagree more with you in the coach you through all possible. We we had earlier days. Creates little. Where it was only the -- in line on it all he would stored in the in the -- and they go well rated at school but it still. Where. The weary legged stool. Which you don't which you -- on stage it is. -- I call it cooled yeah corrective selecting the -- there recruiting in Orlando. Because you look at the rock universe. For you -- -- here are. And you you eagerly you all you Obama for news. And universe. Store -- for example in -- -- -- He waited Scotland -- Jarrett -- sophomore year -- -- Junior year -- anyplace or universe senior. Now if you wanna talk about one champion while we eliminate districts so yeah. Used to you know you want it once -- -- real Olympic class all you know Hillary you don't do it could. You ticket tool released. Who were animals -- people's side -- reduce that everybody is equal level playing field. You double eagle that's not true it is not true Boca -- at noon local currency as a store Theodore Nico from areas. To do with their school. -- -- at a plate he had been a report Google it if they went outside of Bay Area. And plate and an adult he would do you support the arts are the -- -- at 10. Would they do -- Google they go into areas where they lead shortly cherry the it used to be warned that the program estate in basketball and football. Right now middle size two probably the worst two in the in your. And we -- do you start. You know what they -- so so called the oracle recruiters. Were ordered it does district you know why. Good. To engage in -- they -- -- you. Tuesday that that -- that that's what it. That's not there. You if you wanna you wanna make extra. It all. -- all due to everybody so you don't want it'll be higher and all that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- General and Oklahoma and a lot of mental. Today what would you say that. You know I'd say they're McCain and in that -- -- a little bit. I know here in the wall you know on top of the -- schools. We're so close to each other and we gonna put a lot of people mistake here. As opposed and that drawl. You know I mostly all those like east champs and -- programs and public schools it's wanna go to that school. And your children barely go to those schools so I think where where women. You know it would be associated with knowledge of the at notre it to do their job they got a policeman a little better and come on people you know that that's. I think the bottom line there. Deploy what do we do. What do we get -- every what about ticket that would end in every board ticket. That recruiting problem we will make all schools so Friday. -- eight the an agreement whereby. The these they'd be investigated. Delhi yesterday at subpoena power in the -- we give up all records and everything else. And it will -- are really investigator and everybody -- caught recruiting from -- you know recruiting Nicky like contacting McKee it. But in the six that would be great at what commitment stool. That they would be it would be I -- completed playoffs with a for the next year to regard the second term would be pretty -- -- -- -- what we do that. But joy -- wanted to deny kid that might have a better opportunity for better education and better resource -- -- go to -- school. So that it to your team can have a better football. It should be they were in. -- -- -- wanna get a bit to go you know and their student at our chemistry student are Mets -- the problem. And oracle what you want you -- come down to money and eagle. Go to always been in gear would borrow your -- of the eagle money there -- -- -- -- there's no reason to go get it -- student at our chemistry student -- -- -- probably area used to -- you don't you know. And though as -- -- it. Stand up and yell at what one team we you don't you know Kamal. -- -- how do you explain this accessible west -- -- -- -- -- Girls like here the stadium -- and recruit the -- area. What are you what each one of these way to watch it to Arnold -- -- -- -- averaged either let it roll all the so what do. He does look good -- just decided they don't want the -- -- are. You know that until now. So social blows. I'm not public school. On a barrel where it was and then you know it. Or there or several public school in the body collapsed there are competitive with the recruiting. But -- Importantly. You -- Crowley right now and I got the neighbor who Crowley. It'll rain and all the other community around it where it gently that that we student that do. Patently it's -- It is that they woke up 1 morning and on mobile cinema -- we Padilla. You know -- a Catholic -- nobody there. Could they were going to play football. You know that we don't know the the issue here is we need to do some and about it rather they keep talking about it. I mean in it -- -- -- and I have grooming and regrets Wednesday. Break -- we want job the last state -- -- In particular -- and go to. Here and one where letter there we go look at it happened. We don't go out and recruit cute remark on what a cute too brutal -- that we have a program -- -- program. But it went that route and we knew we become and be right. In his three wood I mean you know he. It's not right. You know we all recruit student we -- group that recruit. Okay you're going -- we -- discussion here -- thank you so much for your opinion Jay thank you enough -- on the season appreciate it. It will be right back after the news and continue this discussion Jeff in Slidell area in Baton Rouge in the rest 2601 late 78668890. Rates will be right. Now on remind you to go -- -- season is September the stance on. And you need that reminded -- -- been lucky so far but we need to stay prepared. All the information you need to W all that can -- parish by parish instructions Contra flow and evacuation routes of family plan and a pet plant. Checklist and a list of emergency contacts please a sign up for the text alerts and more. Hurricane Central -- companion before. Doing in after hurricane all major weather event sponsored -- cool view aluminum. The hurricane protection people and -- official emergency management station WWI. We're discussing. Whether you prefer the current two division playoff system. A playoff for what is known as select schools mostly private schools. Or non select which would be public schools. Or a single division playoff where there's the best of the best Amanda there's select public private one of the -- the school. -- right now 100% saying they like the single division playoff but yet we have. The two divisions system where we have select and console. -- don't understand why the people want the single but yet we've got the two in -- may be the key was what. Coach. And -- -- Roth told this was sent that the principles -- right to ones that vote -- -- coaches -- was not aware that. Let's talk did you Athens Slidell he's agreeing with Joey from rule on line to. Jeff thanks recall. -- doesn't take -- A real epic. It is in the as far as what it is. On if they equal playing field. I think. -- or it was correct. The important thing we can choose to ignore what but it it is the that predominantly. And he proves. It. And quote -- categorical. -- it though accident. Oh all coincidence. Eat out an eight year the air is still out there. -- to get the it is in income of families. Out there it would prove. There he obviously recruit. It could appoint what -- He's. Going to each some work it out earning. Students English and etc. that -- Our that the most of the dirty use the courts do. Believe. Oh in name. And a -- where. The buttons aren't USC recruited Reggie Bush -- USC. Played -- just in large corporation or predict the Arctic. -- -- and that he -- So the spell out -- -- in -- that and it certainly would obviously. And lower in number it and that no way to put forward to go to -- But yet what the current. And so I'd do. Your. So it until you address that that and it -- what -- -- -- where. People want that dominate Iraq it is. So bottom line you prefer the select non selects seven that we. It's way too. This -- that new. Recruit. In. -- at the more absolutely. Coaches and principles. Now. That -- while not but that there are -- boots. -- that -- in order -- net net of so -- yet it is way to do it is grouped those together. You know. And what do you think about Curtis is move -- also Evangeline saint Thomas More in and killings to it to him to play out. At the same thing apply that if if -- -- out which boot that they'll recruit. Then don't dominate those. District. Well they going to be endless some pretty pretty tough opponents are going to be included would brother Martin holy cross jazz -- -- -- -- sing in on saint Paul's. Catholic time bad bruising to the eighth and then not get any easier to win a championship -- but playing up that's the issue. It would be easier. But the same thing applied mean when he talked about ethically. It's a little different issue because there are pockets who -- Individuals. Will pay tuition -- well there -- The issue not expect at the -- But at the same issue which -- If it -- corporate situation. It. Thought it. Should. Do. Repeal. I'll any. Student athletes. Don't even -- where it was awkward about it. That the -- to hit -- -- -- hit it out more. Thought the city the book on the rubble or is it that -- one that are different. It's digital element you know Mike. In fact we know we also. Most suburbs and -- it. But it it happens. Every year. It it would -- it will keep that -- the -- equity in. The sports movies know about it happen and. Yeah well yeah you're right it goes on that I don't know there's just something wrong about heaven to separate champions without albeit one in one. Declared champion you know clear in income. Well not only birdie but it did not vote if it's not war even playing field. And I think that's the bad -- separate. An impact at the strip. I guess it'll come out and in -- -- are. Not a Jeff thank difficult Jeff appreciate. I'd we're going to be back in -- -- mark keys and -- now Mississippi Brian's in Metairie got some -- coming ones says. Catholic and I definitely recruits I know a kid that Corvette in the -- -- -- to go. And tuition -- and moment that in other -- it can argue the last calls logic it happens right here at home with Vanderbilt Catholic and for the record. I am against the split. Right now though it single division play -- looks like it's a 100% of you. Get an update on them we come back after this time. Welcome back into the Friday edition of the thank -- going to be with you with thinking about that the decision by force schools have been -- Christian saint Thomas would totally Catholics and also John Curtis. Christian and moving up in playoffs to division one. Now open to talk to a coach GT Curtis about that decision that we have him on the line will get to mark and -- Bryant crescent. In -- a lot of text and then delivering JT courtesy and JT thank you know this school -- school time thanks to make some time to lose. Well -- our appreciation being patient out there it's very busy issue. You can imagine but look forward to Libya answers and questions about the moving to division one and and maybe some questions about W -- Well we were running a poll right now we're asking people -- that -- the current selected non select playoff system off they would prefer a single division playoffs and it's round and 70% in favor of the single. 30% in favor of the select and non selective in -- head coach Jay Roth a little while ago and he seems to think that among -- coaches that every one of the probably would be a majority would -- -- seat. A single clear division state champion in each of the brackets. But for some reason that's not happening LA -- say hey in the principles of the ones that vote what is the reason why we currently have dances. Well the you know it's difficult to put your finger all other than -- other ban. Some but the schools -- would create more opportunities to win championships and first Ball State Louisiana has probably one of the best football systems in terms of rules regulations. How we can work with our kids are kids develop -- in the country. And so we we've for years here one of the more successful. Programs in terms of numbers we put in colleges and -- -- professional ranks are and then just his participate. And and soul. Several years back -- -- be some some grumbling about. It was only private schools are aware there are winning -- here advantage because they could get kids from. The parts of the -- he grabbed that are restrictive boundaries of we've gone to a budget changes -- -- tried to open up boundaries bell will be more for all the schools and and there was just some disgruntled is in in the in the public sector -- that that the private parochial work. Were dominating. That the playoffs well. Be honest if you really look at the numbers -- -- -- out that way exactly as lopsided as that thought that. The momentum kind of build in the in two years ago they started to split it into private. Select. And select at that time included some public school. That work chartered that had to select process of their students. So it was forty convoluted a little bit in and this year now but he. Taken those schools and try to change there weren't around and got them back in today. Public school arena and so basically now be selective vision is. All private and parochial schools and it. You'll move sought to play up has done anything but help your chances the Wednesday play -- you got itself into. And you went from the fire into the ball and -- now you're going to be playing some schools that does not normally you would even have to -- but value to models Catholic -- schools plus evangels. What was what drove your decision to step up. Well I think that coupled with the engine and want to be very honest with debt that was first and foremost in my mind that I wanna see the state -- -- I think we here -- tremendous product I think we hear guys have that was highly competitive I'll play. And I thought when we divided in two of these different. Divisions that we weakened. -- weakened ourselves in terms of the of the the championships -- -- as he has come back together and one of a one of the notions wasn't that Curtis in the financial and a couple of the schools that were in. Of foray maybe. They couldn't compete against them and they were not we were not allowed at that point to play. Pop in classification. Then they changed the rule this year and that you could play -- refuse if you wanted to console. We've made a decision to go out first and foremost to say. If we care. There's going to be a proposal. Made next year ago separate divisions and put the state back together. Private parochial and public and allow teams to play -- vision that they wanna play opt in to. So we thought maybe making that move up in classifications. Would maybe so often have a little bit people would say well. But courtesy evangels saint Thomas -- are -- Catholic those kind of schools would play up in the highest division. And and that would. East summit that tension you know an input state in two well under one association and a one playoff bracket so actively. I think obviously financially you will be extremely beneficial you're gonna talk about played teams that draw extremely well. A lot a lot not much travel will be involved so there will be a lot of experience they -- so there was some of these financial benefits. That I think would that would that would benefit both schools that would play in the course. You're gonna win a championship -- highly competitive division. Real beaten to. It did a lot of people want it -- you talked about this -- -- -- it is to get some. I sure do or arrogantly talking with head coach -- courtesy of John Mark Allen Brian Chris Kevin. Will be back to take you all right after. Right to be fair to the callers on we gonna pick this up and continue this in the 12 o'clock now market now now enough -- -- in -- lost at least they would get you back with coach -- -- with talking about. This school and three other school's decision to step off and laid up in the playoff system. Also select non select divisional system for them not 77 cents and they -- single division playoff. Only 23%. Of the current select. And select we'll discuss that in detail coming up also after the 4 o'clock now says Dunlop. With the sports contributor -- actually hold that even -- it football roundup it's going to be on this movement you'd be talking about the upcoming coverage. High school football as we do right here -- seventy WW.