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8-22-14 1pm, Scoot in for Angela, What's Trending?

Aug 22, 2014|

We get the latest in News, Sports and Social Media from Dave Cohen, Ian Hoch and Seth Dunlap.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's true in Port Angeles going to be a hot day today but he is fighting and we are heading into the weekend. Here's what's -- and against him well we've got our studio -- going to be -- Google news director with what's -- in news happy Friday. Says Dunlap with the behavioral and three W real thirteen 50 AM sports commentator and host of prep football roundup with what's trending in sports happy saints' Fred would. The -- and our directory and creative digital strategist for WW LWL. And stepped up literally. Socially Kabul and the cinema all the titles and the cinematographer -- stuff. -- -- scrutinized. Chela he did -- -- -- job to cinematographer don't have great ice bucket account peace agreement pointed out. Oh it was well sometimes I do acting stuff -- And don't make it you don't have to get -- them mr. Clinton's the -- That. I do. For and I very quickly let's talk about this the storm in the Atlantic that maybe has a little better not just no harm. What area of disturbed weather it's a low pressure system and in the -- -- here if you were in it. It was raining if you were right now if you Ian -- violence there it would benefit like you're restored. That there are some embedded rainstorms gently right and is starting to approach the islands but it's still not a tropical depression still not a tropical storms still not a hurricane. And I think the most important is for us that while not terribly reliable. When all of the models even before the center of circulation start to come and a lot of agreement that's a generally encouraging signs that may be latching on to something. And right now nearly every model has got the big curve right up into the central the part of the Atlantic and not come anywhere near the United States -- trying to get into the gulf too early to say -- threaten the east -- right now it's important. And it's a Friday heading into the weekend we've -- -- states gala Saturday -- taking on the colts and a lot of players are back from injuries and a lot of players back from injury breeze the third. Might all play Champ Bailey might play as well seeing that kind of the game in the third pre season game steal a lot of the starters play three quarters reporters ish. Maybe once he breezed well on if he does play but. Who -- reported this on again it's cut down days after this game so. While these players that are on the ball need to make moves and they won't -- planes and do that. I'm excited. For the potential and it sounds like we are going to see Patrick Robinson who haven't seen since last. Champ Bailey. And -- bird. A whole new saints backfield on the defense if these guys can you know live up to the billing just a little bit in this pre season game they didn't detonations gonna have some serious. Excitement you think and and. Yet when -- -- grabs. Well it's a pick six. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Looks like year Thomas -- and even beat the number two mine ms. -- Robertson is make it moves. Thomas trying to fight to keep his spot on the depth chart he's certainly gonna make the rosters immediate cut to try and be that second Mac instead of -- and a spot to routes in the third and and again we're just watch in the in the back -- quarterback battle and ball those guys are getting a lot of chance to play if Brees does play. It's just when it comes to running backs in the comes through to every player. -- you see things in practice that we don't see and and fans tend to judge things by a pre season game or is it the pre season in general is a lot going on behind the scenes really. -- entered during the pre season and the regular season as well if they take a look at. Yeah -- I I talked about this in the offseason over on our sister station on third a BL a lot that I was actually surprised that they brought back. Pierre Thomas over Darren Sproles because thomas' production over the last few years has. Tailed off significantly he still big weapon on third down probably their best receiving back they have right now good in pass blocking is well. But I know people love to -- -- marking her Mark Ingram is certainly outperformed him on the field. Andean practice over the past couple years and everybody's talking about Kyra Robinson now as well so again Thomas. He'll play just because they like the quarterback other running back by committee approach to he's gonna get snapped additional thing he's gonna get as many snaps he has in the past. Fans also sometimes think with their hearts and now with their heads you know they love Pierre Thomas he he's been part of them saints. Revolution he was on the Super Bowl team he's he's Pierre Thomas but the truth of the matter is -- got him nobody wanted him. They he had no trade values Sproles did have trade value so they got rid -- balls that they got something back -- not much. But a little something form they couldn't get anything for Pierre Thomas and you know you don't know what the coaches know that we don't know we just thank Pierre Thomas has been great for the saints. Mark Ingram not so much over the last couple years but they must sees something we're not saying because they really thinking I'm going to be the man he's been on top of the depth chart. The entire offseason and he looked pretty good in the -- and so -- I just like to say hi Mary Robinson so why -- -- -- I just think it's a -- name to say so I hope that we -- some people like -- some currently some people like teams because of the colors of -- in -- -- -- like players because their -- I'd love to see your name -- dart to -- and now a million times this yellow and -- it was -- guys -- -- right of that remember who the whole local -- -- -- -- loss was aiming for him. There. Are any Leo right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I this is what's -- and -- of your analyst suited for Angela today. -- be expected challenge is obviously reaching a tipping point or maybe just getting over a lot of people are sick of it but it units racing a lot of money for bail us and we're so close to that was -- I saw a piece about this morning -- idea ALS association which is like the big national analysts organization has raised 41 million dollars since July 29. Which is about twice the amount of money that they raise our normal years they have 736000. New donors all of them this all just since -- -- yes not even a complete calendar month and the 41 million dollars. Interestingly enough that it's also two million dollars more. In the National Institutes of Health has allocated. For -- specific research. For the fiscal year 2012 so -- racing where there's a tremendous amount of money it's being raised how I think and that's gotten one organization that doesn't include team -- -- Baltimore cold water on the -- thing you know via. I would I. I keep thinking that I'm going to -- but the NIC something you know like when George Bush did his Mitt Romney put 1 out this morning I thought it was hilarious is so typically Mitt Romney about -- But that was cold while. This. -- -- in the got a car driven -- and more than I'd like an animal with tied to the top of our. Windy yesterday I was absolutely physically stunned. Well I couldn't even speak I forgot I mean I didn't have any idea -- would have that kind of fiscal impact on so I would think that unity ticket sales and considering you know how sometimes doctors will say things are you know before you have sex picture it's okay with your doctor. Before you take the challenge matches yeah. Consolidate their position -- general I think you receive your healthy enough to have sector probably healthy enough to do it yet but it's not elaborate contaminated the accede. -- -- -- He has no -- an ounce -- Austin. Boston park and it and it wasn't for you it wasn't for Steve Gleason was for a one of their friends I was his name's Brent spread. -- pastry particularly something I don't know I first reported it right here on for an afternoon on what's trending it's what strategy at W Atlanta financial with Dave Cohen stepped on lap -- inhofe -- coming right back and we MTV music video awards are this weekend and the real Robinson for a long for Williams it is just wanted to -- nominees and obviously this August -- win something over the weekend we'll be talking about that later this year -- be right back and VW distant time for the weekend the hottest weather summer we'll be witness says this week. And so find a way to stay cool I obscurity for Angelo on what's -- had to be -- -- -- Angel will be back from vacation on Monday Dave Cohen says Dunlop and -- hoped. In our studio David Louisiana has always been this a state where there have been so. Many people who were born here who still lives here there was a there was a time when there was a study done debts. That such a great majority of people of Louisiana has never actually left the state at all they were getting new information -- the Jack's. Time at central Louisiana and I actually knew people from central Louisiana -- never been farther north and activation farther south -- Lafayette. I mean never went to report never went to New Orleans never went to matters. They just like stand where they want and you're missing out a few British report. It's so this study I'm just gonna move right on. -- from the New York Times found that in fact more people per capita in Louisiana were born. Here in their home state than in any other state in the nation. 79%. Of Louisiana were born in Louisiana so that's nearly eight out of ten and you know we are looking into why is that why do more people were born -- -- we can't stay in -- Louisiana and never move away or they move away comeback. And really the demographers we talked he said. The biggest reason is that they'd love living here look at the report that we had just a few weeks ago -- five half. Happy just cities. In the nation are all in Louisiana. And they just want to hear anything anybody's afraid across state lines. But the -- -- -- that just don't like what they find when they do. Giving you say who -- this report -- you know east Texas -- you're missing out of -- a British report I don't know -- that was taken in negative way our posts are but really the biggest reason is that now. That people who have left have come -- are plenty of people with means -- -- yes it's. VM most impoverished war in the bottom three most impoverished state every time that statistic comes out. So there are some people who maybe would leave if they had the means to leave. But by and -- the demographers we've talked Tuesday. It really is that people happy in Louisiana they love living in Louisiana -- out of live in the Louisiana. And that's why so many people's 79%. And ten who were born here still live here. At the bottom of this of scale. I. Only 25%. People who have been about it report. We're out here if you want him in Vegas for six monster considered a native. Against the -- along an -- a lot of people want to leave a lot of people comment but -- for the record I mean I'm still under a gag order when it comes to that I didn't vote for city so -- You're gonna stay in Vegas yeah I don't think -- -- feel there's -- Elliott executive with the stories that shows that we don't we still don't have a lot of in migration it caught up in the last couple of years. Historically though we had more out migration and migration meaning people didn't see any reason to move to Louisiana. The largely because they probably never tried it misunderstand what Louisiana thought about -- didn't know greatest fear. Because the people who do live here report being happier than anywhere and that's really changed because there are a lot of younger people little -- from colonials are moving to new rules and let alone the started after Katrina -- they're coming but that's not enough to outweigh the four point six million. Locals who would give little Ian. The 6000 marathon started yesterday on FXX yeah it runs for the next eleven days -- network is gonna show every episode of all. 25. Seasons. Of the Simpsons. In consecutive order. And a lot of people are getting very excited about this because there's a lot of Simpson super fans out there and they said Norman of Washington watch or watch. Doctors have come out and said do not attempt. To watch the Simpsons for twelve days in a row you will expire and literally caused you to leave this planet. And entered the next plane of existence don't try you'll die if you try to stay wait for the official member of the controversy when this instance first started is -- It on the establishment saying. Barton and homered they're they're setting a horrible example they're going to -- -- Brody a young generation Atlanta PS I remember watching that show and it's. Mine my parents were like and anti Simpsons and they were very -- about other things but for some reason it must be watching the Simpsons and I always thought. I don't do it to be dealers like gather some crude behavior on parts part or whatever but for the most part it's about a family. Dad has like strong familial connections and they come together and they solve problems together in the it's you know at the end of the day it's that it's a story about an -- fame and it's a long and loves each. I'm personally amazed that after 25 years of the Simpsons that every adult male is not a beer drinking doughnut eating. Job. Skipping. Poor performing. Stupidity it mean because that's what they were saying we're all end up like -- yeah -- and that everything anybody I didn't become a -- -- -- It's arcing is when when when when when people make these predictions these dire predictions about the future of something like the Simpsons and look at where we are now all these years later. And that didn't happen so. You know let's stop hand taking over some of the predictions that are made to -- drink beer and -- that and in this building over ride might as well as of work Seth we talked about this briefly yesterday where Forbes ranks. The NFL fan base in New Orleans number three in the NFL. Yeah I wanted to bring it up began Adams and I wanted to sound off on this but isn't -- -- at WW out knockout you know you you're you're covered -- -- -- I. I have a huge issue with this whole thing first -- -- Why in the world is Forbes a business and financial. Magazine and website. Now all of a sudden the arbiter of phantom deciding what fan bases are better than the other and they did. Bring this up or promote this is well it's just from the business perspective of what's fan -- you know gives more money per capita -- it was. Who's the most hardcore fans and they say I would and it question it -- it's bogus I -- it's absolutely. -- I don't know why they do it they do with the people will click on their well that's is that it's likely -- the -- -- is almost every list on the Internet is click any of this particular click through the list except the one on our website that they get number no and so they get more people looking at what's it to -- in charge more for their ads -- make more money. Yeah it's and it's all right and attract the well I don't wanna talk I didn't wanna talk about this but everybody everywhere you look Twitter -- On WWR dot com like you said that in case you're out there and he didn't get distort your seat yesterday. Packers are one. Saints -- three. And pricey auction. -- I guess if you know brutal -- by 60 well at that we're up against you know you know who's -- any of the teams up in the northeast other than knowing you had giants jets -- the Broncos were number two strikeouts surprising. But -- well I almost say this the bronco fans on the West Coast having massive -- they it's laminated. Even if this is based in any true. Scientific effort to determine which team has the strongest fan base. All they wanted to do is exactly what they tested they had you emotionally react -- -- You got upset about it to the people who are not yet the team that's number one he's it was a patriots Dallas Packers the Packers fans are telling everybody about it is just so happy about it the other 31 teams. Their fans are pissed off that they're not number one of their spreading it all over the united and telling everyone about it so force wins they get everyone -- Think the Packers should be disqualified because they owned team the Packers fans. Owned and as early voting in recent tour is starting -- like Joseph fan base is the I think you people are making money on emerged on the ice snow. Here's a WW project of people this afternoon should be are being sold at all college stadiums. Give us your opinion Michael underwear sector if you don't count this is what's turning into WL for Friday August 22. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Monday night on this future. Yet he also the -- talk about Monday night because they're back to back nights at the VM is on Sunday the Emmys on Monday in some great New Orleans shot TV series in miniseries in that but the BMA is. Always and out trending because somebody does something that is so ridiculous and ideas that the -- you think back to Britney and Madonna locking lips and that they kiss and Justin Timberlake reaction. You think back to the Lady Gaga as we address -- or address made out of meat. To the VM made to -- some and always wears something outlandish does something crazy. War some of the amazing performances. That happened compilations with laboring for five artists together. To do something units that first year in trying to yet and it's unbelievable -- and I think back to when you know. Staying in. That was unbelievable. Few years back. But every year they seem to find a way to bring and they often bridge the older and the -- together -- bring back. Some classic artists with some of the new and upcoming -- so. You know will will be making headlines for something amazing that you musically. For something somebody does that's totally outlandish probably -- We'll be talking about a month the united description in this -- started with the controversy Madonna doing like a virgin and dry -- nation again it was. Is there any other bigger controversy than the two things Lady Gaga did -- the image that with the meat dress and I think the year before she actually killed herself onstage obviously on the board with a -- -- herself over paparazzi reverend -- watchers like opera where orders show outrage like some of those -- It was at the 2000. MTV VM -- when the dude from Rage Against The Machine like. This bum rushes the stage and then climbs up on part of the set piece and stars Alex swinging back and. -- -- -- Baghdad Hotel is there -- something out whenever you gonna die out in Iowa certainly there's been a couple of instances where someone wins and some of the crowd and upset that they won. And they get up there and they interrupt -- with the Vietnamese were in Conyers -- that was -- Kanye West to Taylor -- was -- that was because memory from Korea it's got -- -- meat -- I've -- that was so ridiculous I've never seen anything like that Brittany in the snake. Brittany and kiss. You on the snake was pretty -- in the snake this as aggressive -- How we're standing in line. -- gets champagne. Which came in on. -- like a -- courts. Miles of carton if you -- that's -- champagne came. I was standing in line at the and video music awards at Atlantis and did Mick Fleetwood was standing economy. Now you know a lot of people were taller than any Mick Fleetwood is hackable tells me. The guys really tell accounts saw my. Yeah oh yeah it's like until like 666. Boy that's just -- or world talk about like oh we're watching on TV is good -- now I'm aware -- -- a carton of champagne -- -- tall man in astronomy right Bob -- that. This is obviously this girl who really intoxicated next to me I was about to get a forget the champagne and and and he would never talk to afford to slow which goes. You can't leave now so that if you make you can't eat white snake is about to come off what looked up what they collapse. But it went voice again what would you let you -- for campaign I'm in like a -- low lights write articles on go to the bars. We expect him twice bitten with that. Won once but twice it was that we know -- -- -- here we go here we go again manner. They ballistic which are controversial further androgynous. Videos in a lot of sexuality and eat in restaurants have found life in space you know it's the headline we've all been waiting for the Russian cosmonauts. -- Osmond -- and. It takes issue with this because there are -- that he technically technical astronauts they have their own name cosmonauts. But they've discovered something remarkable clinging to -- outside of International Space Station. The living. Organisms. In the vacuum of space. And upon closer inspection the microscopic creatures were revealed to be. Seem plankton. Russian scientists are shocked by discovering can't really explain how it's possible. It's not clear organisms were growing and multiplying but if confirmed. This discovery may get even more credibility to the theory that organic life may have spread across space. Traveling on college players have their natural their seat pointed in space is there are big whale while they're somewhere yeah yes the space whale leaping guns on the space. Why do they know if there's plankton. -- -- -- -- late in evaporated water from earth debts when fully into space or was clinging like you said to. Sums. Space junk that was traveling through space he -- Where they don't have very many kinds of -- -- thinks so they have kind of ruled out the possibility that the -- were on the ISS when they started its shipping it out piece -- living -- living plankton. And that's pretty impressive on the outside and get -- they don't oxygen. Groceries we. We we still on the front intelligently Kazaa and assuming the -- -- much of an IQ well I mean you watch out there somewhere and you'll know the point in them mr. Russia. I think I'd hit. I don't who would be weird if I knew going in space where. -- adult humor when we come back with what's trending we'll talk about. Monique Davis. Who is yes received so much attention of the baseball World Series welcome back that we sent Dunlap I'm -- for Angeles this is what's threatening. And if you will. This is wife's name. The -- girls tonight action -- him my champagne clots -- heart. You're talking about the song that was done -- great whites see at a time one of the -- One of the -- isn't it time. This is what's for the -- of the W telescope with Dave Cohen he had no consistent -- -- got breaking news about Jimmy Graham's fine for Duncan the ball as will be trending. -- -- by the -- 30000 dollars for the two docs as he should be. Everybody is expecting it if you missed it somehow Jimmy Graham in his usual touchdown celebration of past years when he would dump the ball over the goal posts ex basketball player. Got some pop so we did it and just like league said they would they flagged him and now just like they said they would they're fining him. And Sean Payton was as we all know who paid attention this last week not very happy about that whole situation so. I guess now that this is all happened we can move beyond this and hopefully that is happening in that lets be honest saints fans it's for itself should Jim. Jimmie are -- -- he that he would not do that in the regular season do you now whether or night does it tomorrow in Indianapolis. We just did well I'm friends got a bunch of money -- well you know we should be the most upset about those penalties is the saints defense threats started the forty yard line. Both of the drives after. He committed this penalty because they're taken off and fifteen yards keepers to have a touchback and they bring in the law and return and says let's talk about this at this female phenomenon and -- the league baseball World Series. -- that Danny. Timber outside of Philadelphia -- -- Davis who made headlines for that's not just being a -- -- not just being a female pitcher. But being a good pitcher maybe the best one in the Little League World Series per team though she was on the mound -- on and on two days ago two nights ago they lost and she pitched. Yesterday you can't throwback to that seasonally got a five days or assembly. On her team lost sixty fives today are eliminated. From the Little League World Series and with that -- ratings will -- problem about 400% chance he gets to play in college. She doesn't wants it she said she wants of -- the Debian BS she's gonna now she might investigate lessons -- it well yeah and she's taught thinks I want sixties. -- -- -- -- -- The gender waters of College Baseball or professional baseball I'm Anna you've got to play within the -- I just know that's what she said in the interviews that they had guys and they also trending is a story we've got this on our website at WW dot com men are more satisfied in bed and -- -- -- the about that personally. -- poll while nice shots fired. Well we -- All right I've met him to make the joke now that I made in the newsroom. After I tell you this what this story is my -- VW well and I come principal menu should be ashamed of ourselves this is your ball. Because what we found according to they reach it from the kinsey institute is that 85% of men. Will be completely satisfied. During a encountering -- 85% of the time men are satisfied mean they complete the entire. 75%. Gave women get satisfied. -- 5% of the time. Straight women 63%. And 27%. Of straight women say. According to the Indians is that they're not satisfied. After -- in that experience guys -- selfish I have one thing to say about this not my fault. So I have a lot man and a half I -- -- nothing to do to set a straight guys make a -- it was it was a bad. Because twenty some percent of women are not being satisfied and that just makes the most likely wanna try again. And you know the joke is an easy -- to make it you know like twenty some percent women and that's. Because they're sleeping with. Ball. Well obviously while its latest there my girlfriend will play. You've been through we don't make it. That didn't know if scrawl is an update on a -- -- you'll pretty checkbook and a couple. That's what should be -- be sold in all of college stadiums 32% say no but 68%. Say yes this is that discussion will have later. In the show this afternoon I'm -- this is that what's trending you've revealed it could. Today I go and I cannot handle in a row -- over here and I got Rudy I don't know it was 85% of straight and gay men -- with the same across the this is our conversation about what's trending and we'll be right back and WWL. Now this defines this study we. We're talking about 85% of men are satisfied when they have personal account with a woman. Only six or Manson the women are satisfied -- Norman -- now. As the game men and treatment 85%. Gay women 75% straight women -- the bottom of the roughly 63% at times Seth. You're involved in prep football football's about to begin. It is jamboree is scrimmage is viscerally tonight it's of the big things we've talked about is who's the best team in the cities that John Curtis forever jam John Curtis and everybody else. Finally it's going to be an island this year now -- -- -- going to be that way they got a couple teams I think going to be better than them or Neeson and also Lambert -- that new column by and it's in his second year. They are good -- Good -- with emphasis on the good and not only in football basketball's all talk of a ball. We -- gonna kick off our pro football around which is 7 PM to 10 PM at 10:30 PM not next week but the -- -- following Labor Day. Taken over for -- but that's going to be fun that's awesome I'm so happy for doing that -- -- off to a quick and I know so little about couple baba I know coach Saul yeah I was just gonna say my other thing that word is not only miser on but really everybody talking about the -- -- right yeah he's now at Huntsville and everybody's kind of paying attention to see how he transition and has been bad this -- greatness a lot of expectations now that he came over from each chip there to him back on track you don't think -- kept repeat this state champs we don't think I'm bill that that he gets a state championship right away it was off from know now I mean that would be unbelievable that. But we'll see any and you got some information on the iPhone six to have our full six we talked a little bit about it last week -- TMC leaks and pictures of it but now. They are trying to make it thinner and thinner and thinner. And they want it I mean I think that the iPhone 5 passes seven point six millimeters. Thick and they think that they can go even -- But they have they. -- screwed up and they don't have a battery that they can put in there or the screen has timbers to -- something I just I'm starting to wonder you know what's that would give me get a five millimeter -- phones can be like a piece of peanut brittle. You carry around in your pocket you try to answer -- and. Snaps and -- forget their phones now -- it gets even smaller and thinner it's -- Imagine batteries can be smaller -- so much battery that's strong winds can blow the thinking in the -- gonna come in the future where and a Tunisian people are -- be talking to a new young generation is gonna say I can't believe you guys don't like charge your batteries and yourself we'll go or have these devices -- the -- -- -- is implanted in -- year old daughter and getting and I and I and as a phone went zone monstrous game Obama wants I have seen those ones -- -- -- -- once. Dave I'd flown. To work properly ancestors are going to be spread December Cisco thing well effective party and thank we have I was wondering when and where's that funeral and Ambien. All of Hollywood a Lister showing up to pay their tributes and apparently the famine that now that -- -- -- -- in a small gathering and were going to spread his actions and sent to them. And it can be a private thing and I think a lot of people may have been shocked or surprised by that. Because I think there was this kind of anticipation of this. Huge event you know like Michael Jackson funeral -- -- some of the other funerals routine for people who died in the primer. Way too early. Hi man number -- after Robin Williams. A struggle apparent centrists. Both my parents are passed away when I was in Denver and my dad always thought that there. Garden of the gods Colorado Springs was the most beautiful city in the world. And so what to garden of the gods their anniversaries December 16. So I decided I would go spread their ashes together on -- December 16. And so I went there and I. I through the ashes it was snowing and windy and the ashes -- back on. I had on a black -- coach so I'm dusting my parents off of like com on my girlfriend at a time city that was your parents last we have -- -- so was. All all. Basically a look at that I cried and so when I you know I'm on my -- zone time. I -- party I want to ask some -- -- funeral where everyone's. All I Adam gon be happy it was -- -- throw parties agree celebrate your life threatening -- -- I don't warn again about Willie Nelson when you think about the -- that he smoked in his life and those fans don't be worth nothing that -- celebrate my detonated his friends are gonna roll him up and smell like -- going. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --