WWL>Topics>>8-22-14 2:10pm Scoot: on drinking at college football games

8-22-14 2:10pm Scoot: on drinking at college football games

Aug 22, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and asks if drinking should be allowed in college football stadiums.

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Good afternoon -- studio for angeles' violent -- sitting in for Angeles -- miss you guys but -- will be back with you on Monday and then I'll be back on the Scopes show. And right on next week. Had a chance last night and this is not sitting for Angela I was off last night -- Mitchell did this coach on -- I saw these guys -- republic. At the U -- only -- -- -- last night -- it would put a great moment this is in in in my life for get a chance to see in one republic one of the new -- popular brands. And then tomorrow night I get a chance to see Crosby, Stills and Nash at this anger. Here's the -- applaud Crosby, Stills and Nash one republic in town this week. It interesting that you can see icons from the past. And a young band that might end up being an iconic legendary band in the future one republic I was really really impressed with the show. And if you have not open to appear in your mind through some of the newer music -- when Republicans just meeting very very talented guys and respond to meet them -- again last night but don't read the blog and share with others is on our -- cited a BW will not count. It is going to be extremely. Hot weekend this is the hottest weather of the summer so far. It's moving into the -- area of new -- in New Orleans but also throughout the southeast Louisiana area going to be very very hot so you know as you go about your your life today. What's really remember those people who route they're working they're they're doing things that benefit our -- they're they're building things they're fixing things. They're people who actually working in this seat. -- about you but I'm I'm -- -- to be sitting here in an air conditioned studio. I get into. And air conditioned. Car -- with an air conditioned apartment. And there are people who were out every day working in the seats it when I I I walk through the downtown area I'll always pay attention to those people who war are working so let's keep that in mind it. Again I just I can't imagine doing itself god bless those who viewed you have to work in this heat. Here's -- -- W a -- -- in your -- people talk about the show this afternoon should be earpiece sold it all college football stadiums. Give your opinion Michael to our website DaVita QL dot com you know there are people who were opposed -- this because of the message that it sends to young people. The idea that -- out -- -- drink. Well people drinking before the game. There's a lot of drinking that goes on it tailgate and I know this was a controversy they'll issue as far as I know. The are not going to allow beer -- issue. Correct me if I'm wrong but I know this was a controversy and also he -- if I'm mistaken with this would be no but I believe that humans stadium. -- on the Tulane campus they are going to allow that the sale of -- You know I've remembered years ago. -- -- stadium where is hosting the saints games that the guys were the guys -- -- -- walking around with the -- of the public space that they had this this past. -- their Bakken and draft beer. My dad worked for drag -- -- of this was something that we've really paid attention to an end in our family. Why shouldn't be your be sold. At college football stadium it. I have this philosophy of it's not the availability of some of the problem is how you use -- and the idea just banning something does it prevent people from acting inappropriately. Now some of the of football stadium from the sport college football stadiums have have started to allow beer sales to to generate revenue. And they are generating revenue. So is this is this for leadership should there be beer sales spans it at college football stadium just we're moving to talk about if you join us with your comment about that our numbers 26 -- 1870. Toll free 866889. Here which seventy. And our text number is 87870. There are going to be some universities that are -- reap the benefits of of selling alcohol but here or there or groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving it looked. This is no criticism of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Because they have done a great job in bringing awareness to drinking and driving. But they're concerned about alcohol being sold in the college environment. But because most of the students are under 21. Well. You know there for a lot of places where there are a lot of people. Who 121. And I think about the times and I didn't in Tiger Stadium. There are a lot of people they are who are under 21. But you know I haven't taken a survey but when I I look around it seems like the larger majority a Tiger Stadium. Is well above 21. The president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving the national president Jim -- says kids are watching adults all the time. If they see the only way to have fun is to drink a lot. And they're going to model after that behavior. That's not the message we want to be sending them. Are you concerned about a message. Being sent because people were drinking beer. It public and football game here's what I don't understand. When I was growing up that was not a big deal. And there were spear head football games and would -- the saints games. We then there are people under 21 at at -- -- so if the theory is kids should be exposed to this then then. Why is it even sold it to -- saints' games. If you enjoys with a comment -- numbers 2601 accepting. Toll free 86688. Parents -- separate attacks -- say 77 he. And here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll should be -- be sold in college football stadiums. 35% say no and 65% say yes a from uptown Patrick here into the WL good afternoon. Their leader answered that. Bomb altering Google alerts work you do you could probably record smokers. In record sponsors. Doing. You know many -- -- in her. And -- -- for travelers and certainly people can control themselves what I'll call him. And if you have billions -- Rome on people to talk I have been you know what I'm talking about so. They're different -- look at. -- when you related to smoking. Just drinking it is not going to be any plaintive. The. Turn sort of that's that's linemen that auction. It in. The environment that we live -- today. The -- at the argument the argument about the argument about smoking it goes it offensive is part of it but it's also about the concern about secondhand smoke in -- wouldn't be any passive -- would come as a result of of drinking in terms of physically bothering your body. Support a large large part of the clergy smoking you're not you're not elders tribal parallels in Africa that's still a good one speaker. Smokey sole -- stinks. And I'm former smoker. -- The but the point here is that people can't control themselves when they were a large majority of people -- And that affects the people around that it should be good shooting if -- if if you if you -- and fifty ultra tickets. You augur well for tickets and some idiot are you walk spilling -- over you all you kids. You probably get upset and I actually -- -- in the -- that -- It is just something that generations have dealt with over the decades and why is something that suddenly young people can't be posted. There are certain that there are many things that we don't do today because -- mark. Now like -- leader individual who are expert. We're we're we're crossing lines of we'd never crossed and you know in the past they're aware were supposedly ball. So. You -- you really can't use the argument wars they have such traditions or wherever there are a lot of stupid things that we used to do that we don't you. Patrick a -- had a chance to call the show here's attacks there is there really no comparison to the saints game this is a college function. Probably close to half for the college students are under Tony one. What the last time I remember being Indian Tiger Stadium. There were a lot of students they -- but there were also a lot of adults there so is that really the argument. Is it is I mean I think your hard pressed to to argue that an SEC. Major football game at a major university. Or major university game anywhere. I think you're really hard pressed to describe that as a college function. As a function of the city that is a function of the surrounding area. If you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here which seventy. And our checks and receipts -- creativity is Friday we are heading into the weekends I'm -- differential and we'll be right back when WL. The MTV video music awards will be Sunday nights and we'll be talking about the winners and those who maybe did something outrageous -- quite often something outrageous happens may be nothing outrageous what happened. We talking about that Monday night on the -- -- to midnight here. -- have to be around. In a category event TV artist to watch. Sam Smith who did -- -- was named as one of those two to watch. The band one republic covered this song last night at you and on their concert but that was a special moment. Here -- attacks that -- -- oh those poor innocent college kids will be exposed to alcohol those children will be exposed to the real world. Someone please protect them. Here is attacks -- we allow beer in the football stadium the southeastern university at Hammond. It hasn't been a problem our fans and students. Are of age. And well behaved and we always have a great time. I should do it should be will be allowed it -- football stadiums there are some some smaller colleges stayed here for have opened the door to beer sales it was a big controversy this year about whether your should be sold that Tiger Stadium. I believe it's gonna be sold human stadium. At two the two in game sunk to a campus this year. Why should be -- be banned. From the states to join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Told free. 86688. -- -- we're sending a -- Amber's late 77 up from uptown dear Debbie WL. I don't do a deep. But I can't. I think it should be OK all our. Your soul. The oh for a bit more. The you. These people are the sites that. It can't be. That if you're still. Well. -- -- -- -- -- Joseph -- they'll get. You. Being here that you're. Here. And what about Wendy what about when the young people -- walking through the tailgating area before LSU game did do they see anybody drink and there. But but. Stated -- the open court and I don't think people. In the war. And culture that that you. I don't think company and it would be. -- -- don't support people. Out and accurate. Or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So pick your -- That people actually I'm here. Note that you. Are -- in court all major local. Park Brittany. And are able to borrow at -- -- sure there. Epidemic. And and hey get that bit -- in the war. And the degree of baker in the -- They know. You don't. -- So her obviously some do but dig I think you bring up a really good point to something that I want to talk about on here. And that is Saturday. Sheltering -- you cannot -- your kids from reality and if you think that there are college kids who don't know that there's drinking going on and that's so naive. Rather than the talk about things like well we -- we need to make sure that we continue to banned beer from -- stadium. We need as a society to get back to promoting. Individual accountability it doesn't matter what you see people do it doesn't matter what you're exposed who you are responsible for your behavior period. That. -- You're right now. And about -- People -- Whatever it is 000000. What it would. A from New Orleans Lauren your WWL good afternoon. That shirt and tie it at all and acts much like they are out there at all it will eat -- -- Euro. During day -- in. Action is. Have cheering and the epic you know. Reaction. Albion between doing all it may. Well patient Larry. And how awful they. At any. School that. They -- and and in. Well at -- think about all the fairs and festivals that we have to its schools throughout this aircraft in the spring and coming up in the fall were about to get into the falls -- festival season again. If the idea is. We can't sell -- Tiger Stadium why is -- that applied also to these fairs and festivals if the theory is we can't have kids exposed surface. -- I actually disagree it's accountability. You know it'll turn it into something -- actually. Action not. -- -- -- pay a price cheap cheap cheap Joker on it by what you write what you and you -- -- them out while problem let me and people -- and are we -- -- and I expect they'll. But how and why -- it in the pocket yet here you can go to wobbling Beijing enjoying -- share. I ever -- -- why I act I don't get is why. I I agree and and I'm I'm part of a generation. I wish legally drinking in Louisiana at the age of eighteen and I believe we were the last Stater at least one of the last states to raise the drinking age from eighteen to Tony wants a I've always argued that it. It's it's not about age it's about being responsible but we have a tendency is a society today lark 21 a band things. Instead of teaching personal responsibility. And I appreciate calling her show you have a great weekend. Here is attacks to well I guess. There's no kids in this suite at Tiger Stadium they sell alcohol there. Here is attacks that reads they sneak alcohol into the stadium anyway. If the theory is. That we can't sell beer. Tiger Stadium for example. There's been a debate about this. Because it's a college campus. Then why is why is drinking allowed in the tailgating. What about all the kids. That are part of the tail -- phenomena. Before saints game afford LSU game. Before any big football game. This is part of this Tennessee we have 21 a band thing that's as opposed to teaching and demanding personal responsibility. This is what's changed our country. There was a time when we were told we were responsible for our behavior regardless of what we saw somebody else do. Now it's a well our kids can't see that what would it what do they see that but think about how hypocritical it is to allow drinking. In so many other areas that you would have banned from a college football -- I guess this makes some people feel like Peter. They're they're doing something good for society and for the world well you know we're I think it's it's not it's not a practical. It's not a practical. Matter it's it's it's an emotional matter. People think. That by standing up for this well we're doing something about binge drinking or doing something about drinking in young America. When in reality you know. So I think he get the impression that you're doing something about a problem but you're not really addressing at all. If you wanna join -- for your comment this afternoon our numbers 2601870. Told free. 8668870. And a -- receipts have VH -- a skill differential and Joseph will be back with you on Monday I'll be back on the -- Joseph Monday night -- -- two and ninety. Here's another WWL news updates with Don -- I'm gonna have an interesting experience this week last night I saw the band one republic which is one of the really popular. Younger bands now defining the music of this decade. At a young generation and the tomorrow night and I'm gonna get a chance to see Crosby, Stills and Nash at the singer's initial sold out in one day. So we've got music icons and then talented -- musicians that may one day be icons all the stuff happening in the world -- the -- -- blog today is -- Crosby, Stills and Nash. One republic in town this week you can read -- -- with others it's on our website at WW real dot com. We're talking about whether or not the year should be sold in college stadiums there's -- an increasing number of colleges that are starting to sell beer. There's been an argument about whether or not it should be sold it to Tiger Stadium. Here's an update on -- WB -- pretty general opinion poll should be your be sold in college football stadiums. 39% say no 61%. Say yes give -- your opinion by going to -- web site WWL dot com. And -- to abort your text here in just a moment from man to feel Ronnie you're going to be WL. Yeah. -- -- a look at Louisiana. Not a real shortly area that are backing of Japanese Woodward. Alabama department that we were like about all of them back -- all our. -- regular. Burger big part of -- entire. Aldermen want to go right. But every year we will play ball -- and report and but there are -- And the backing up and struggle and not the wrong with. -- -- -- What else being down here pyramid of the there -- cut to the door at the street. -- going to -- It's not about availability it's about responsibility. And it's also correct teaching your kids sit. It doesn't matter what you see somebody else do you do what is best for you. And that's something that I think and what what bothers me is that this this idea that well you know we're not gonna sell those those who say well we're not gonna sell -- to Tiger Stadium. I think they get the impression deep down inside that they are doing something about. Drinking in young America when in reality they just think they're solving the problem but they're really not and what are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And have a bit more -- -- -- you got a spot on our attitude. Toward. And I need to go. I -- agent what you don't. Got no one stopped. Running -- logical to show you have a great weekend. I'm from Algiers. Rosary here and WWL. -- Oh. Really. It. -- And -- -- -- Total. -- I talked about this countless times if if if parents who teach their children how to be safe in life when they're young. How to cross the street safely how not to touch something that's hot like -- still four or fire. -- why isn't clear wisdom in teaching your kids to drink responsibly. -- -- -- -- -- -- Grocery iron appreciate calling your show and have a great weekend here is a -- recess to totally right on drinking. It should be a personal responsibility legally should be lowered to eighteen same age as to hold a gun and defend and die for the country. If you wanna join answer to your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven attacks Amber's -- 787. North Texas. SMU. And Troy University. In Alabama these are among the 21 college football stadiums that are now allowing fans of legal age. To buy a -- Twice as many as five years ago and it's been a debate about Tiger Stadium should beer sales spiel on that a college football stadium. And by banning beer sales. What actually. Do you think is being accomplished. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Concerts every Texas 87870. I ESCO differential and we'll be right back -- to be -- bureau. Crosby stills Nash and young let's listen to some of these -- lyrics. Texas this is something that we should be thinking about right now as we talk about whether or not kids should be exposed to deer drinking. So listen to some of these -- as we get back into the show. It's a Friday afternoon I'm screwed and four enjoyed ledger -- swear we're we're talking about this idea of the beer being sold and it's a football stadiums like like Tiger Stadium. -- -- -- colleges into the smaller colleges saw are allowing beer sales. But this is really part of a much bigger discussion and the bigger discussion is. Whether it is the availability of something that is the problem or the lack of responsibility. With things that are available. Now do you honestly believe. That if somebody wants to get bars on alcohol. Before game. But they're not gonna do that. In fact one of the arguments is to allow it is that people some people get so drunk before the game. That they might get less strong if they could consume something during the game. And if you ban if you ban beer. From. A college stadium for example a Tiger Stadium. What is it that you think you're actually accomplish. If anything. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- -- tech's number is 87 the eight separate from Slidell -- a year and a TWO. First call thanks -- -- trichet eject a mile crawl shall year. All for several years. -- under. And go. -- -- -- -- water -- stadiums. And as well as I'm concerned. The partisan in nature or the so -- if they -- to secure. And handled the one -- problems. I mean not check IDs. -- -- -- -- -- good about it and -- hustled someone underage a buyer. -- I just don't know if that was done more than cherry picked out I don't you want it should be able to sell. You know SEC east. What would you agree -- that it's it's it's more about teaching responsibility as opposed to trying to shelty kids from seeing somebody do something that you think they shouldn't do. Brian -- I don't -- Euro and also sixteen girls on which records were renowned and you know it it's it's OK you know it's. You know. On the Russian embassy under direct nuclear as a game tournaments gangs and stop or indeed. You know you're all. So. Irresponsible. I don't -- a problem with that at all. So -- -- is so I really don't care if you get drunk but you just can't do it because you -- designated driver. But at all you know -- point I don't know a arms in -- you don't want to -- you know what. Just think that you know -- -- -- blow hole. I agree running alleged cult thanks for being a first time caller and have a great weekend from Metairie -- a year and WWL. Got that right have. I'm pulpit I'm poet says. -- have ever been knocked on offense without a beer no. Okay they -- -- there at all how you handle. And -- blood -- this way you remember this thing that you do in front of children as adults and -- And you know as far as the but the question that's why isn't. When you go to a surprise it there's. You didn't drink beer and not and they go to the public schools educate. The hypocrisy. And thirdly you're. What did you -- your age. Limit. Yes you're right absolutely as a soldier goes to war at eighteen. And it's not a lot to drink and I think that should that should be one age limit. And should be at eighteen. To the 21. And the seventeen and make it equal for everybody because this is a free country and equal rights for everybody and it's a soldier can end. Entering a black appear. But testified in he should be drinking a beer and its sister or brother camp because and that's when he won yet. I think that whole thing has its it's just that meeting somewhere else in town and I'm. Don't agree with you and it's interesting how quickly the conversation. About banning beer from. College football game it is is something that turns into -- well maybe the drinking age should be lowered back to eighteenth. And the establishment today was part of a generation that could drink at the age of eighteen here in New Orleans so. Why is -- that kids today who are so much more advanced than adults in so many ways today why is it that. They can't be trusted drinking. And yet we were trusted -- Look at them -- to this fighting this now with the third one that benefits me to look at that third -- as a must be happy responsible. And watch it would die in front of our kids. And that they. Well I'm logical -- have a great weekend from New Orleans Heather you're on WWL. -- -- And we need right. A normal way. In. Here. You -- duct taped to your legs. And between not -- It. Out. Yeah I guess that was easier for a woman to which isn't for a guy left it -- duct tape off. When you. -- it. The game. -- And I think. The bigger point of this conversation and that is it it shouldn't be about banning something it should be about requiring. And really demanding out of society and each other personal responsibility and the very idea that you're stopping kids from drinking by banning beer. And in and -- a college football setting is absolutely nineties and your kids are. Around people drinking beer in a restaurant. There around people drinking beer or having beverages anywhere there was that there was a time Heather went. -- were kids and adults were adults and there are are there are people who wanna try to create this world that is perfect for adults and kids. It in every situation and and that's really not fair to those of us who have gotten to the point of being adults some things can be just for adults and some things are just for kids. I agree. That it -- eighteen year old caught it. Heather have a great weekend here's a -- raise -- -- a beer people sneak in hard liquor because he'd get you drug faster. And it's easier to get -- If you wanna join our show with your comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. Texas 87870. Here's a -- have you -- -- opinion poll this afternoon should -- be sold in college football stadiums. It is your opinion WL dot com I'm scoots for Angela and we'll be right back. Should be -- be sold in college football stadiums that's our WWL pretty -- -- -- his quick update 38% say no 62% say yes. Give a sure thing by going to our web site at W dot com I'm studio for Angela and Renee you're now on the VW a good afternoon. You don't. Page you keep on -- go -- -- eighteen and now. That targets like you. I want autopilot or are you on the -- that. You know Warner dropped eight. -- do you do you ought. And as well that it won't anymore but it. This what you were down now or retreat now looking at your house. Panel aren't ala. Protector kids but like in other guys. The culture drink human you expose the true. They -- should be more responsible. And -- sixty year old daughter and can bush stirred -- he almost feel as if she bought dragon economy that's on. Because there and she goes to school the -- -- -- you'd be sitting on our actual draw upon all he can go out and try to hook up what their. So I guess this goes back to -- and about. An agent -- I think that all our update would we have. And cultures different than most other people and they -- guy called you earlier talk about the college is that he deals live. I think you right. Into it at all. Renee that's funny I appreciate you calling are showing you have a great weekend if you -- on hold stay with this will continue this conversation into the next hour but I wanna add to something else that. I think touches on this whole idea of personal responsibility. A mother was tired over teenagers. Not answering and returning your phone calls. She invented an -- that shuts off the teenager's phone and only has the ability to call her back. Do parents need an -- to make sure their kids answer their calls and call them back. Or should parents teach and demand that their kids answer their phones will be back.