WWL>Topics>>8-22-14 3:10pm Scoot: on drinking at college football games

8-22-14 3:10pm Scoot: on drinking at college football games

Aug 22, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and asks if drinking should be allowed at college football games.

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Good afternoon I'm security and for Angela head whether I'm on for somebody during the day -- going to -- show at night. Every Friday and like -- players and just remind you it's writing and we -- heading into the weekend together. I -- you've got some plans. If you don't have -- whatever your plans include it should be trying to to be cool because the hottest weather of the summer is going to be -- today. And through the weekend and so find a place to be nice and cool. But just take a moment's. To what your problems go reach over and crank it out because this is what you've been working for. And the saints play the colts tomorrow night our coverage begins at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon with first take and then it's -- 5 o'clock the -- like countdown to kick off with Bobby Hebert Deke Bellavia. Life from Bobby's cajun cannon restaurant in -- recorder veterans and lake Villa. -- to the grand opening last week that the food is sensational the -- jambalaya apostate is unbelievable. The cramped by credible -- and scrambles are great. I mean cracked crab cakes and take crippled but they're entered the crab cakes like it's a great place it'd be fun place to go. Before an away game and they'll be there at 5 o'clock with the public accountant to kick off. This Saturday at 5 o'clock and at game time 7 o'clock this play by play team in football voice of the saints Jim Henderson color analyst -- guy assurance that sideline reporter Christie Garrett. And enjoy indicating -- and the big chief for the point after until 1 o'clock Saturday into Sunday morning and if you will still be out enjoying the weekend ten hours of wall to wall saints coverage tomorrow it sinks radio. The -- gates have VA immoral 53 FM WB real. Also remember who dat nation. I don't forget to stream the saints games to BWL dot com on your desktop or your laptop but remember the NFL does not allow us to stream games. On mobile devices like phones. And tablets that we've got all the latest information on. Who's gonna play in some of the players who are returning Drew Brees is expected to play birds expected to play a Champ Bailey -- point. So we're gonna get a good look at our do defensive and defensive backfield. The first time this season which is it is great I'm looking forward to the game hope yours well but we get all the latest information on our website WW dot com. We're talking about this controversy it does continue about. About whether or not to allow appear to be sold at a football stadium to college. A north Texas SMU and Troy university in Alabama. They're gonna begin -- beer sales to the general public of south eastern and -- I think they begin their beer sales last. Last year and they haven't reported any significant problems as a result of that. 2121. Campuses that have have football stadiums on the campus. Are allowing fans to to buy a beer if there of legally each and that's twice as many as five years ago. Mothers Against Drunk Driving their very much against it. And the president Jim -- Mothers Against Drunk Driving says the kids are watching adults all the time. If they see the only way to have fun is to drink a lot. Then they're going to bottle after that that's not the message we wanna be sending. So by banning beer. At a football stadium. The college football -- is that. Is that the way to. Convince -- not to drink or does that make you just feel like you've done something about it if it's that important. To ban them from seeing that in. Why would you take your kids who -- to. Put about all the fairs and festivals that are about to start up again it to the schools and churches. -- throughout this part of the country. It shouldn't be about what's available. It should be about personal responsibility. I think our society today has a tendency to wanna ban things. Rather than. Resurrect this idea that -- -- toward regardless of what you're exposed to. You're responsible for your behavior. If you join us for the -- are numbers 260187. Told free. 8668870. A text -- receipts have VA seventy -- are talking about this this mother who was tired for teenagers not answering or returning your phone calls. So she -- tech savvy she invented and amp. It shuts down the teenager's phone the -- phone only has the ability to call her back so their phone is totally shut down. If a kid just call them on the back. You parents need an apt to make sure their children answer their calls. -- should parents teaching demand that their teenagers. Answer their calls. And called him back. To me this is also about personal accountability. About parenting it's a ball OK I can give my -- calling back of I mean is this it is this problem that you really can't control is apparent. If you call your child if -- teenager your teenagers are you back. Do you need an app for that. What should parents be teaching their kids -- you don't want when Michael you are what you -- back either answer the phone call me right back. Period. If you -- join us so this afternoon on numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. On steroids every -- -- say 77 -- student for Angela and from Slidell Brian you're on WW well. -- got. Good. There's a lot on the old are -- -- drinking and stadium -- -- and three hours we were at an Alabama. So I like being the Bible Belt and you hold out -- or. It equitable -- it should be stepping out of all out on. A ball and I was one in India and speak -- and that. Stadium. There's not literally drink so much or any cop and current current. And you know I think allow -- we actually cut now been column. You know typically been the -- out. -- It's actually -- -- in you know in the bell and actually part of -- Back on. -- Well 11 theory is that their kids are are good young people or adults for that matter they're gonna get so drunk before they go into the stadium. Because they can't buy it in in the stadium. I don't know if that's the real problem but I can't help but think Brian that if the issue is kids seeing people getting drunk. If that's the issue -- It would be hypocritical to not demands. If there's no drinking in Tiger Stadium. Then there should be no drinking it tailgating outside Tiger Stadium because there are kids and families who were part of that. That whole scene and there's a lot of drinking that goes on the air. Iger. And I think it really come down the -- up the you know you know -- do it if -- eat and drink responsibly. And not at all and no. Gina that -- during -- party nominee he'd seen it there but we don't look great. And. He also knows that he also knows that her adult. But he also knows that you're the adult it seems like we've gotten at this point in our our our society and culture. When that the world has to be a perfect place for kids and adults at the same time -- Adults can no longer be adults because -- kits might -- used to something it's adult. What happened to the time when parents simply said hey you know what you're a kid I'm an adult I can do this you can too when you get to be an adult. -- pop -- popping are the bond until that they might be -- it is certainly -- -- irresponsible drinking you know. To -- is still out there never -- or -- like all college and a little bit the trouble they don't know Marbury and keep being able. Bright -- guys -- we have a great weekend. Here is attacks to the reads love Crosby, Stills and Nash season ticket holder for thirty years and I drank before and after the game. Jazz Fest attended for thirty years. Total believer in drinking responsibly but until you have experienced. A three hour football game at Tiger Stadium with a drunk. At close quarters. Then you don't really know what's misery can truly be. You can move and get away from these are responsible people and it's detail gates but at the fast. Or at the fest but at the game in its. Two by two real estate sort of -- I understand that but. So wait they don't allow drinking in the stadium but people are already getting drunk. So why would banning drinking help the problem our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688908. Semi tech state 7070. Will be right -- went up to you well. The MTV video music awards will be Sunday nights. Will be talking about it Monday night leaving outrageous happen quite often it does. We'll be talking about a Monday night to eight to midnight on this -- -- here on average of zero. In a category of best choreography it doesn't surprise me that this song Michael Jackson Justin Timberlake has been nominated for this song. Love never felt so good this is a phenomenal video and Justin Timberlake just shows exactly how talented. He really is it when I see this video -- Michael Jackson dancing. It's it's sad debts Michael Jackson boy is just so innovative with dancing and he's he's not here to continue to. To be innovative when it comes to to dancing just one of the many year treasuries about his about his life. I I had this request recently since coming back to New Orleans and in particular I've had a lot of people request that I do this. And I have been reluctant to do words buy it. As a local publishing company that contacted me and they convince me did you it. VoIP and publishing. Convince me to write an autobiography. And I'm gonna do I'll be I'll be able to tell a lot of things that it's I've. Don't get a chance to tell on the air or can't really tell the air or. Not that it's anything bad just very personal things I'm. I'm looking forward to that I'm kind of nervous and kind of scared but I'm also well I'm also excited and very honored that somebody wanted to do that but. I have a lot of request to to write autobiography its -- interest and sort of effect of the exciting here's an update on our WWL project by opinion poll should be your be sold in all college football stadiums. 42% say no 50% say yes give us your opinion by going to -- WL dot com for New Orleans -- Euro and to be WL. -- -- -- Are. OK. Got. It. Out. -- -- And you. Are. There. Jailed on. The during. Straight. And it actually it. May. Care. I won't. I. Think. -- -- -- You know lenders I think sometimes the best way to teach kids about. What they look like when they drink too much and -- why they shouldn't drink too much. Is due to take a suburban streets and on a weekend night and look at the way some people lacked. You know I'm on Bourbon Street completely sober person. And I am absolutely entertained by what I see I'm an adult but a lot of the behavior is is quite appalling. And I'm not opposed to anybody having a good time but there are a lot of people who go totally overboard with it but then we were exposed to that when we were kids so to me right. The idea of banning things whether it's violent video game more or bearden a stadium because you want kids to see it. It seems like this is taking over the idea of personal. -- -- You. Really. Care what. I. -- and she. And eight. You know Peter -- on. Her. And went. -- -- -- It's a good point Poland because if you if you think they're not gonna do it tenure just being nice even if you think you're good if you think well if I don't talk to them about these things than than maybe they won't do it. And that's really not a sensible approach. Situation. And I. It cannot eat -- start streak -- Probably. -- you don't take. It trouble and then not did not make it to an age where. Warren will get a -- and I don't have one little -- -- are. That other. On the should be. Ignorant and it being. You know. I you know are growing you might be doing fine you're you're driving and and it. This is not recommended at all but somebody -- -- and they could have they could have had a few drinks they're doing fine but. If somebody else runs -- them than they are also in trouble they didn't do anything well they didn't cause an accident but now they're in trouble just because they were drink and drive into. -- -- in my apartment are. You know what hacker you know jail but there's an uneven and they need to be prepared. And I had been shed any light on top into. Let's get in -- UN play a little bit older. What are agent the agent the real world such you know it makes them well. Smart beautiful Biden. Know what's around jets and you don't think I'm mart board expect and not paying an acting in which you can't. Now Blake -- -- when you call your kids today did they answer the phone or call -- right back. They -- -- out to my children. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're the actress even untroubled by wanna talk about ten Gary there there there. -- out one out in the -- printed don't thank they called me and I just on the night but not to think that everything about it. -- -- Under the belt. Wrapped -- you know. It but you know the -- brought. You know there's there's been there are no guarantees or you can do is -- the best you can but some people don't even really try or don't even on a struggle and I appreciate you calling her show and hope -- kids have a good time to school and have a great weekend. Yeah. Oh thanks. Thanks yeah it's going to be a little scary to expose many personal things. I'm -- differential is your -- stay -- if you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's having a Texas a 77. We're coming right back with more here's another WWL news updates with -- -- And looking back to the show on student for Angela Angela will be back from vacation and to be back with you Monday afternoon I have enjoyed being with you know be -- to scoot show next week for it to midnight Olympic Bob Mitchell for sitting and this week while I have been doing and Angela -- had a chance to go to the the one republic concerts it's you know last night will be talking more about that the -- blog today. Is titled Crosby, Stills and Nash one republic in town this week. Icons. And possibly advance one republic very very talented. That may actually be an iconic bands. In the near future well actually to be an iconic and I guess it has to be kind of in the distant future but it. You know we've occasionally talked about bands that are out today that that have the that the talent and possibly the ability. To beat those bands that -- young generation today is gonna received twenty years from now. Here's a quick update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll should be -- be sold at college of football stadiums. Close bowl 42% signaled that 50%. Say yes give us your opinion Michael -- her website every -- dot com if you're getting ready for the saints and the colts pre season game tomorrow night 7 o'clock we've got all the action here on WB -- starts at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Gains in Indianapolis I'd George sports talk -- Indy next at 4 o'clock that so one of the main things that they'll be talking about. Lot of players are what players are coming back Drew Brees is expected to play maybe even Champ Bailey. -- is so a lot of people are going to be back at the Patrick Robinson as well so. I am looking forward to the game tomorrow night we've been talking about two things that really touch on my biggest personal responsibility. There are people who say that this country is and there's has gone in the wrong direction and is going to help because of. But the -- removal of prayer from public schools. And I understand why that argument is made. But one of the things that we really have lost in this country on my love talking about -- because not enough people do. It's we've we've lost respect for personal responsibility. This idea of banning beard -- college football game because you don't want kids to see it it sends a bad message to kids to me is ridiculous. Because you're not gonna ever shelty -- from seeing some audio strength. What what about when you go to a restaurant. What about when you go to the saints games. Rather than try to band something. To make things better. Teach personal responsibility. And also this mother who was tired for teenagers not answering in returning your phone calls she'd better and that shuts down the teenager's phone. And that at that point the teenager only has the ability to call our backs of the teenager what's ever used the phone to call anybody else or -- somebody. Checked FaceBook. They have to call the mom back. And while I guess this is a good convenient. Invention I can't help but think about -- What about simply teaching your kids. That you're the parent. And and he he can't do this when there are thirteen 1415. You can't do this later in life you have to do this very early. What about simply teaching your kids to respect you enough. To even though they are exposed to all of these things that they are exposed to when you called. They call you back. And I've I've realized that we live in in different times but is that an excuse to say. Well you know I just I don't know what to do I call my kids and they won't call me back. Really. Remember. You're. The parent. Here's a -- -- go to L issue and all of my friends sneak in a flask of hard liquor. If they sold beer we we just. Buy it there instead of sneaking in the hard liquor I think the law does not make sense because the stadium would make lots of money from the sales. And we would drink anyway. But he would be better to drink beer than hard liquor -- -- -- -- a steadier and a BWL. Hello Steve. -- how are you -- Good. -- -- You kind of -- that you -- of the lead singer of one -- delighted -- he's. He has -- your right he is an unbelievable writer and I was really impressed with their show last sighted Steve I like to bring this up occasionally because there's so many people who are part of my generation to. Just to disabuse dismissed the music of today when there's a lot of really talented groups are a lot of great stuff coming out today. It because another hitter like some people him. Tropical. Renteria had a chance have a very brief conversation or see them going to called have a great weekend and had a chance to have a very brief conversation with one republic for the -- the concert tonight. Albers relieved of proud to tell them hey guys you know for a long time I've been using your music I do a talk children have been using your music -- bumper music talking about you guys as being one of the -- that is defining the music of the era that we area and in right now. But also it parents I saw him last night I get a chance to see Crosby, Stills and Nash tomorrow night but concerts sold out in one day. We'll talk about that when we come back on -- in four Angela this is a VW well. -- We're one republic did this song last night at the you know -- federated decried just erupted they have so many great songs and if you're if you're part of my generation the baby boomer generation. There's a lot of really talented groups and a lot of great music and while I respect the music of my generation I also on highly impressed by the talent of a lot of younger performers today. I mean it's the span includes it. Guy plays the I ended their dislike. Viola I think that's what's called the instrument this is called -- and bass -- and and and the playing David to keep these guys are so talented and I got that list at all in the in the blogs are really rejoicing when republic last night. -- his title Crosby stills Nash one republic in town this week. -- -- I've I've talked about this this theory that the music that defines every decade relieved. He becomes popular in the third and fourth year of the decade and I've got that in in the -- blog but here it is -- 2014. And the popular music today that we're hearing. Is it music it will define this decade and it's going to be danced like one republic. Now this is not one direction I want to make sure that we're clear about that for device called -- -- you are you to go to the wind direction concert. A signal -- so. And you're talking about the concert it's you know and it's probably rated you mean when were we get get one republic -- there's a huge should huge difference. Younger generation's embrace the music of the eighties to the point where bans are now writing and producing music that is reminiscent of the sound of the eighties and I think it's it's great. It also brings suspect to a a to a feeling in this country win. Ronald Reagan was president and this is not about politics but it's about this country going through through good times and that the music of the eighties represented -- a time when people dance a time when. When younger people we're just we're having fun. Mean I was I was younger it was an adult at the time by -- -- -- still out having a good time. Now I do understand that music is the soundtrack of our allies. And I realized that many people find comfort and security in the in the music that reminds him of their past. But today the music of bands like one Republican -- dragons San Bruno Mars -- -- the list the list goes on on American authors. This music will remind today's -- and generation. Of the times when they mature it will remind them of the times. Did they felt comfortable and secure with this music because it will be reminiscent of their past. So for those were so quick to dismiss today's music is it just superficial pop. The stock at a stand the test of time I suggest that you take time and listen to bands like one republic with an open mind. And I think you get the oppressed it and an actually how talented many of these these new performers are. And these guys last night replaying upright piano playing bass and then they're moving around it and some of former playing all different instruments so not only that but just a really good sound so there's there's really something special as I've I've talked about today. Having the opportunity. To to see on popular new band like -- republic last night and then Crosby stills Nash -- tomorrow night. Seeing icons and then a bandits could conceivably be an iconic band in the future. Here's a text is reads I am and now totally depressed. Could you please stop talking about the Crosby, Stills and Nash concert. OK I won't talk about it to the rest the show. And story. But I will talk about it Monday night when this coach if you don't wanna give me your view the concert -- -- -- tonight. I did talk shall we talk about social and political issues but. But music is the soundtrack of our lives anti -- it reflects the social. It reflects the political environment of the times in. This has been a prominent really throughout history but I guess especially from this sixties to security. The late sixties that the protest songs and into the seventies. Music does reflect of the audience it's 01 of the things I've always enjoyed studying and in my career how music is a reflection of of society in general. If you graduated from the comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 89 series seventy. And a text number is -- 7870. Times go differential -- chipping back on Monday and we'll be right back on every WL. Sunday night is the MTV video music awards in their quite often something outrageous happens so what if anything does happen will be talking about it we'll talk about some of the winners on the -- show. Monday night here on -- WL. And you'll remember that did the controversy of the MTV video awards sorted along time ago I guess it was since 1984 which may have been in the may have been one of them. By accident may have been the first MTV video music awards. On Madonna performing like a version they didn't want her to do it that it was too controversial Madonna insisted that she do it. And thick of the controversy. That that caused at the time. So for those who were part of my generation who were so concerned about. What young people -- exposed to today. Generations have gone through controversy before and they did just fine. The dispute again the controversy about things with MTV started a long time ago and actually was this sort of like a version. She wanted to do it they tried to talk her out of doing it because they thought it was -- controversy. And right now that's tame compared to what's a lot of people see these days. Here is attacks that reads one republic concert was awesome last night exceeded expectations I agree very talented young man. Here's -- -- it's sad to say that they will listen in twenty years. And say these -- the good old days. Well. That's the perspective of the establishment. Because when I was young. The establishment thought that we should never looked back. At those times we were living through as the good old days. Sports talk is next with Bobby -- -- -- I think -- Neumann executive producer. Time and -- associate producer mark Bernard our studio producer and enjoyed being with you Angelo will be back. Next Monday. Have a great weekend what -- New Orleans.