WWL>Topics>>8-22-14 4:10pm Deke: on Jimmy Graham's fine for dunking

8-22-14 4:10pm Deke: on Jimmy Graham's fine for dunking

Aug 22, 2014|

Deke talks about the $30,000 fine levied by the NFL towards Jimmy Graham for "dunking" the football over the goalpost twice during last Friday's preseason game against the Titans.

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And good evening and welcome to sports well. -- the ability coming up on today's program would take a look at teams in the SEC -- -- division Bryant Matthews. Senior writer Auburn undercover dot com will be with a senior right attack debate Derrick Brown exhaust that's Buffalo visit. Also took over the Alabama Crimson Tide for the Tuscaloosa news Cecil hurt. Will be with -- coming up at the bottom of the clock now taken with the Arkansas Razorbacks but Bob whole eco was -- in silence for the Arkansas Democrat gazette. Pass off over Ole miss football for the -- daily journal what talk about the Ole miss rebels one of eight ACC teams ranked in the top 25. No salary gives us the latest on NB CB state bulldogs. From the northeast Mississippi daily journal when Dan Mullen and the bulldogs become a contender this year in the western division. And Suzanne Halliburton. Beat -- it was Texas Stadium for the Austin American statesman. 260 point 78038668890. Eights and eighty memory game ball. What are you most looking for tomorrow in the Saints vs Colts game. Is it the debut drew brief. These pre season. A first look at -- Byrd. -- hall of Famer Champ Bailey. Patrick Robinson getting some action. All the fact that it's one game closer to the regular season. Cast your vote online at WWL. Dot com. Talk about that game and we will also preview. The SEC western division on today's -- and it. Jimmy Graham the NFL -- amplifying on Jimmy Graham we talk about this and that but yesterday. -- neutral field today is it a little too much. Is it a little bit excessive it was pre season. Or do you think -- not done it maybe two times in back to back he may not have been five. Music so point 78668890. Rates in the 30000 dollars. Jimmy Graham I'm by the NFL for the adults let's go out to the phone call let's go to -- for -- on line one Tommy thank you for calling WW. All right. It may be excessive -- me -- do it's a way to wrote on his spot below that approach. What do I honestly don't know but he says decorum well applause. -- you know like. The progress okay what about repair some. But respect that that Dudley and a ball well I think every treated basically somewhat doubt that. I should be -- Right out of unless unless they think. Unless the ball goes with the guy in the stands this does not delayed the game -- us all to feel that -- they don't you know not that guy was late give back to the -- some may be flag but that that deadly game. He is not -- at all it's always. Do it but -- spews out the we. Want Juba on Barrett. That's a little much yeah I agree I can't I want that message out there and no word on the other -- No no word no word yet time -- but it Graham got thirty -- anti Ozzie argued double that on. Yeah it's a one questioned -- -- -- -- that -- is our power play Chicago red hot topic network compound. Now that we are we stuck on out there out there to come here questions to way to schedule and he. Way to as a way to schedules work out they were heroes they were here a few years ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I got to town where they can be an issue would be you know I was maybe in the policies at the same school there. In the decent. -- 601878668890. Rates are -- pretty jaguar team poke. What are you most looking forward to in the Saints Colts game -- can show vote online at WWL dot com on the ability to 8 PM this evening on WW. And welcome back to sports talk. I'm big relevant to 6018786688. Manzi rates and they now you tell me. Let's lets just put -- again this is. For sake of not being called a -- money grubbing around complaining because you know. He's into all of the guys got fine let's just say these are two different teams from two different sports teams from players from two different ball to the universe. One. They're both at a pre season -- we look at that. Want the analogy would have to be even though it's a different sport. Both of these gentlemen. Diamond Rio and Jimmy Graham all playing the same sport to even if they award different sport but different teams. It would still be the same sport that we was an analogy to. And it is like -- -- -- the exhibition part of the schedule it's not real. Total world is watching but not as many. Want catches a touchdown. And slammed the ball -- go pokes. One gets the touchdown snapped the ball and -- again. He's fine 30000. I think he was faced -- like 336. The other. Looks like. A rookie. And a group -- And flips soft ground troops off the team. -- the bird so to beat. The finger that cannot spoke to use in certain situations. Unless it's that situation which in meaningful. What TD in a whole world saw a lot. And got 5121000. Is that right. Is it fair. This has thrown at into the mix here Graham's I'm 33 green. Full Duncan. It though the ball to go pokes. -- -- -- Was fine 121000 now that Golden State. Unsportsmanlike. Well first of fans. And it has a final four seconds didn't. I'm all right with that onto -- right were bad. But should it become like the severity. Of what the purity is. I mean they they take to -- account like if there is a illegal here. It has a personal foul. Indian event time before I think was what Albert Haynesworth our offense -- there may be a time when there's a hard tackle. In a gas fried. For that it's hard tackling what -- we got rough play okay and it -- one time when Albert Haynesworth. Kick somebody in -- would -- What that. That wants a little more detonated. -- maybe I'm wrong but to me. Even though the second offense. And all carries weight more burden -- -- ways weighed more I think negative. Impact. It dumped a ball to a go. That's just my feet. I actually talked to some people out of practice that the other mic today when it happened Tuesday. And the people actually solid lap. So he could -- that. They saw it and I would be women a -- out of that what two or three. Billion people. Who pay attention to things. At some point time there was a -- somewhere and ask the teacher or parent would that mean. Now at one point and all going to be faced with those questions from young people. But in that situation. I don't know maybe maybe you think different maybe if Jimmy John man's hill had. Used to think with seem to -- at 530 -- you know. But that's QB wanna fast though wouldn't it be to -- I don't know I thought about it though I think it makes it interesting I need some rest and let's go to Johnny all I'll watch Johnny thank you for calling WW yeah. -- let me show and I agree with you feel that and I obscene gesture like that but yet watch on TV. Should be way more penalized than a -- celebrate such now. In -- New York City what as well do it but. -- think are pretty strong -- Earl Ellis early make in the rule. Are -- and your last caller but Green Bay in the -- -- -- in our program and anyway and I think it and that couldn't do it. It NFL equipment and I thank you look at game down twenty minutes back in Atlanta. Don't think that the reason you are there you but I fully agree. Should be able as they can spike up. Well so it we lost if you get your team was a book deal with the bonus bad lake view. -- gray -- good evening thank you for calling WW real. But Kolb definitely demand -- there is more -- offense but they go on a spot -- -- -- -- They better stick in -- unto him aka. He was slapping them in the third and we don't that all the goal posts keep saying -- a peculiar rule. And we magnet in here that you're you're. -- not an athlete dead to what. About Johnny -- he says okay is well at the gate in your rule about this. Well and I think that looking at the job and they'll bring it up for that you're wrong certainly -- it -- sports. You know -- to beat him. About not all of they picked out of a boat wrecks and my interpretation. I think a rookie making a stupid mistake -- and not so he's trying to. Should be -- though I do and where it is I think they looked at -- did he struck out so you know -- So if he'd be like -- A veteran Gimenez Dynamo. They -- -- yeah commodities that make -- the moment or and a bit more before. That -- that it that it -- may be better by now. Are they at -- I'm I'm I'm will be like a mobile by the courts to not -- their last Greg animals among -- -- give your pants on analytical taken -- this to not the prototypical streak and that of course the clinic does it become out right. All well I mean MB would you just say you know he didn't know better and -- -- -- -- -- he's he's got an obit. You know better but they opt out they they looked at it more -- a -- my my. But he has been dealt look more at the -- as a slap in the face. Then then actually about -- bill. Well what it does what it does it removes everything about the NFL and and its image and Patinkin this year that he reads everything to talk about now. And all of -- really bring back of the Guillen. You know how how strictly the NFL obeying this stand him -- with the idea to Ray Rice a lot of people upset that you know it always does this is kind of reiterate that the NFL by some people's standards. They're not as hard as they should be. But they certainly in that. I didn't have that quality across the board that they don't really look going to be playing differently in an -- Favor some more than others. I'm gonna grant or what you look forward to most tomorrow night in the third game for the -- And we look the defense. Against notebook a good amount of spartans beat a player you opposing starting yeah I'm not. I'm not saying that I think all that -- they go to work on but I think could be -- Securing their starters. -- in the back field. Out about it. I've got a great great thank you so much for the call appreciate. All right causeway for Kerry Kerry thank you for calling WW Rio. Thank you take heart beat -- Number one -- that was very. Sacred and that we that your the symbol but I'm. -- -- -- At that time span equal or a year or whatever came out -- that was. Blatantly. Sites. Wouldn't let Greg Williams back into the game at the -- I don't I don't. I mean I could see was some people in it I was reviewing your fear that where you're not only feel that way I don't necessarily see it being. Anti gay I think that you know behind closed doors whatever we were told one thing to the media what you we just spectator stands watches. I think behind closed doors and now I hate. They got a site -- doing things. Do the right thing and him and he will give you another opportunity. And not think that obviously by Gregg Williams being back on the sat around he did enough to. To appease those that can be used it in and the -- -- -- -- -- they'll build up that he he he's all right he's he's done just wanted to let him back on the field. Well at Chicago like Jack man -- -- I -- a -- and. And at our -- seat -- thing you know abandoning were revisited in the year I would I've got to that that makes it makes. What about the -- -- care -- -- what you -- -- want -- bigger court bigger run -- the offense. You know I think you work he's got some market got some wonderful wonderful weapons around him I'm not that he has had to pass but. Movement. A big -- at the click and you know some teams. Win championships. And you've heard coaches say is before any sport. And they felt like that team at a particular sport. Never played. Their best game. Did that David could say Ole days we feel like this to a best appointment but and you hear him say -- some -- that I don't think you know we played. As best possibly go from top to bottom. I would like to see his team. -- close to that. Because if they do from what we've seen thus far. It could be. It could be special already do think in and a lot of people always the coach despite its about us it's about us but. I had to sit there watch it if their clipping. I like to seeded team -- -- stop -- And we may see it. But if they clicked in. -- to -- I don't know they may be slow down but I don't think that it's thought could be stopped. It'd be a time as -- -- want to have a person who we will go to Japan to. And welcome back are pretty -- opinion poll. What are you most looking forward to in the Saints Colts game tomorrow night the third pre season game journal -- Frontline players astonished by the most the debut Drew Brees is pre season. How badge Harrisburg ball he has been sharp. In a short amount of time to practice Champ Bailey the future hall of Famer expected to see action all Iraq who had a very good camp. -- you vote online at WW Leo got car Jimmy Graham find 30000 dollars as saying you know because it was too offensive. One. Don't -- -- ago. Diamonds they'll find twelve K he is it ticks. -- immediately at blame everybody how many kids would have seen it speaking of Johnny -- though if they didn't bring attention to well Colorado. That was Monday night. I was in class my students at saint Thomas -- the next morning before AM. We've gone over current events. And the number one thing -- Ferguson. And they've with the -- than anything on it means so. You can't. The -- long time overlap with the media did say at so with people who. It's so it's trending it's all over the world it's on everybody's page in now. Actually the older people. The older people who are not rated it the old school down Paula I want to newspaper in my hand I don't wanna read. My paper on a phone I've got a wind up along clocked my phone is not sit on long on our phone. The older generation I consider myself that -- -- young men could not -- like. The newspaper and the wind -- clock. They're more likely not to see him not the Patriots do. Younger people and now it's -- a lot of stuff. It is if everything is instantaneous and everything now that I haven't now to warrant -- -- thank you for calling WW TO. -- -- You are going to make it count and I can't get on why. -- unexpected pregnancy. In as many. -- my thought is it. -- And my thought is and maybe -- -- -- Graham -- because it was more -- It was already. Law unwritten rule you know again. Maybe we I meant it more calm and that in in ping you know ball well and -- -- that it would -- -- what's wrong with a lot of action and it was truly. And accurate and get it what are you what it. -- and and a collar kind of you know what you see it all sort of storm but yet -- I think it makes a lot of sense because it was it -- -- one time is what it's almost sound like an adult I don't mean to compare but. It's almost like the same reaction while coach Peyton was more frustrated with Jimmy after the second don't. In the first on an NFL probably took that same thing it's you know it's one time yet but in the second time out big like you say it's a little more deliberate. Yet and how would you. Like where I don't you tell them to do something not to do something and made eagle I'm in. -- mark -- that I am more because I'd get told you not to do. Then they do something wrong yet is wrong like you had not already a threat issue with him. -- I've got to Tawana what -- I'm a big eagle made it to -- him on nine. -- -- -- -- -- at all. What to watch that we thank you for colony would hope you listened -- basket the Bob at Tennessee Bob thank you for college. I think our. Yeah I didn't being I am I -- who a very little brain but I have to break it down the simplicity and -- okay. Okay. Fine for an unsportsmanlike conduct seems to be 121000 dollars. If you do it in the same game the second time they increased the -- by 50%. Engage again. So they increased 121000 by 50% that's 181000 plus twelve was 30000 dollars. -- You know I I don't think there's any more motive -- that. That's had a broken down you know first offense 110252. Finished 1205 they came down to what they did you know. Now until that I think that you gotta think they looked at the rule book ended the match they build what many. Any other ulterior motives of the match. Yeah I don't I don't think doing out -- -- I'm just talk about you know one was sort of dumping a full bottle when. Was -- somebody else followed assuming that he drew was if -- meant there and it used to think -- although it would be one instant all he flipped off that in the and he would be -- -- I think you get it done and done something that we had to be the same thing but a second unsportsmanlike conduct in the same game. What do probably got. Got the same level of time. I've got to Bob thank you very much the case to get -- there was now Bobby Jimmy Graham gets a 30000 dollar fine. Four -- the ball twice journeyman Jim gets 121004. Love to have an all found you know obscenity gesture at. But you don't take on. Well I think that's ridiculous 30000. -- Dolphin. Football approaches the game against the China sent a message. But I'm about it are not alike get out via -- Trent. Certain issues. It would be domestic violence and I think I would be doing the right thing that. You know the controversy and came about re writes. It's been like they had been on this and you know what's significant which should be more. People punishable. And slower the rivalries a lot of -- -- also in the collective bargaining agreement. As far as that -- in the play. Bible book with trying to -- -- and by players. But and ours are out -- and thought it really would be abide. About -- About 30000. I was kind of like maybe be kept approach. Into the -- that he needed that second time. Was kind of a dominant knows -- yet -- sitting on the -- appreciate -- -- -- the -- so I think maybe that's why. The -- have been more significant that. So I question now. They find a certain players certain figure the net at times maybe it's not -- -- -- now being in the C. When Robert Siegel of the Colts was basically -- mark like what is the commission in an address that you know I'm not particularly shield. And you -- think. I don't like the real he'll be indisputable. Clark argued that distribute the players -- -- -- the same rules view it would be -- supposed to be like eight. Coaches players owners everybody protecting the shield. And is going to be and even a disciplinary. Action. That's not the case. But I mean c'mon when you think about it Jim Doherty won. That that hard right -- it you know. So we looked at that. That that now that you and I would come now after that it. Bobby cobra thing -- you're paying close it into tomorrow night. Well when you look at the interest in and -- haven't done it in a while. Just on special teams now when I looked at it -- -- research you look at that the first couple -- I -- at the -- and it tightened. In their -- their specialty. There were some of the best of the best the Rams were the better. And the -- like the material about like punt coverage. And so on but it we get a big return somehow whether it's ego. Pro returner kick return. If you -- be -- The Colts well for Latvia and doubles fourteen yards. -- return. Now if you look at it we. Thirty almost woman for -- Fletcher getting all that short upon return. So that you look at that category. I've. Which are built to have success that's one thing the cold even though they -- play L team and they did not excel. You -- on special teams so I think that they -- a great opportunity you know complement the you know swagger going you know going into the greens for eagle at the Falcons need. Now people do things. You wanna keep getting after opposing quarterback and -- journal about how confident for a I think. -- -- -- that we are creatures of habit and that's a good that. It's almost second nature. And get a proposal quarterback of course almost I get an exception. And obviously I also think you can beat. Will be familiar with the record in Atlanta. -- pitchers Byrd Drew Brees. Champ Bailey. You want them Devlin. A good -- now things could be more than half more plays. When guys can keep Drew Brees -- he has. To not try this fit in twelve play drive that I don't think you play so much that that would then. You know depending on the defense to -- sees that having more -- be forced to preannouncement absolutely strictly. So -- and you let them get more I think more probably. Is more three when he supported by an actual police -- not so much. Policy. You know the whole first half. Now what you do traditionally. That third game and go out playing. A quarterback you want to panic in the written here keep playing. The whole. -- have. And then go in at halftime and -- law. And into their first drive the beginning of the third quarter. Eric does that very similar to what you -- and game four. Maybe good at times he talked about it you could back in the second half. And that's you you'd be doing double offered to be we've been. You know you really quick and doing well maybe -- -- they got to promote -- You know risk of injury or anything as far as bottom line that you -- years -- -- ready rule. Come -- one when you go to Atlanta. And and that souls like a pie. When you look at the thirteen game against the Ravens which you may have. We gotta talk about it but it's almost like abide reported even he would start. Wouldn't look at it and it's almost like depression game to maybe gain. When you look at it -- third united in the reason is because you're in the dark Robert strictly come over the season. Attribute pressure and not have any and are nagging injury to deal with. I guess a -- to get him by BA bad at this is sports talk on WW. And welcome back to sports talk tomorrow wall to wall Saints covered stamina at sixty Colgate Japan's first take it at 5 o'clock. It's about like countdown to kickoff at 7 PM game time with our game day crew Robert -- -- the Mets control up in the Booth. At the visiting stadium will be Lucas Oil Stadium Pomona and the Colts in -- New Orleans Saints looking guys on. And Jim Anderson called the game at Saints and a reporter Kristian garic Kristian -- one or two there. Give regulators -- this things take on the Colts in the third and what is traditionally the most meaningful pre season game for the start of at the -- -- game pre season in the on Apatow wanting him. To now as a wall to wall saint coverage tomorrow starting at three here on WW. Yeah and right now the part of the they make fewer off on his good stuff -- and -- indeed. The twenty dollar ticket for just ten bucks simply put the best. -- In deceit and now on all new mean you featuring -- -- seafood dishes stakes global -- pizza. In weekly -- make you -- is open seven days a week on Harrison in lake view perks on Seau go to my New Orleans -- dot com. The Saints in the -- tomorrow night it's the third pre season game there a full in the exhibition bought of the schedule. All lot of WWL dot com operated jaguar -- -- poll what are you looking to. What do you most looking forward to in the Saints and Colts game that the debut of drew brief. You could see Jarrius bird for the first time. Champ Bailey's in the mix. -- would be the fact that this game means you'll ones that close in the season opening game. The first Sunday in September seconds of civilians intimidating news -- is the first and insert him. At Atlanta and meet the regular season is right around called. You can cast your vote online at www. WWL dot com.