WWL>Topics>>8-22-14 5:10pm Deke: on SEC football

8-22-14 5:10pm Deke: on SEC football

Aug 22, 2014|

Deke previews the college football season with Bryan Mathews of AuburnUndercover.com and Brian Lazare of Tigerbait.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Getting blown out of the two of sports talk. Coming up there's now was thought previewing the SEC western division Ryan Matthews senior writer for Auburn undercover dot com will be with -- as the Auburn Tigers the first time in over twenty years opened up a season with a Southeastern Conference foe. Auburn's first opponent all the stories about. One way to the -- what -- -- know about him pretty good games have been played. At least. On paper it looked to be addressed the matchup. Sop Carolina in Texas -- and him the first football game open it up on the SEC network. -- Thursday night. Thank god we got college football next Thursday night on. Mind you let's see what campaign crash. Before -- -- -- and watch him paint grand before BC's game and watch him Bahrain grand before. -- so we'll come out for. Ole miss him Boise State. And another ACC game obviously that would Vanderbilt. And temple just -- handful -- -- there -- some huge games opening week course aussies LSU and Wisconsin. One week from Saturday in Houston. Thirteenth ranked Tigers. Fourteenth ranked badgers. Alabama and West Virginia. Florida State Oklahoma State. Clemson and Georgia. Just to name a few some real real real real big -- To -- the college football season. Was thought talk about the SEC western division. The two favorites of the teams from Alabama Alabama and Auburn. Would have adapted that. Is Ole miss the third best team. Is at LSU. Could be someone else missy state. How much battle Arkansas -- How good. It is confident -- from top to bottom but the western division. Has pretty much carried a week as of late. With that say it. A team that is 33 at six over the last three seasons. The South Carolina Gamecocks. Waited a feeling it all they the best challenger. In the east. Against the Weston team this year so a lot of SEC talk coming up in the next couple of -- Ron is our senior -- tiger -- dot com will be -- as well and he will mix and to support teams later in the program. Operated jaguar paid of Paul is up at WWL. Dot com. What all you most looking forward to in the Saints Colts game tomorrow night you -- you vote. On WW dot com and Jimmy Graham and her mom and all its say in the sports players 53000420. Don't expect the bag box. Diamond Jim get to 121000 dollar fine for -- a throw to -- penalties flipping off. Everybody in one person. But he threw Roberta. Is it takes watch him paint dry yea you're right the have a problem with the duplicate. All right let's go do it's almost like it -- Give extra week off. Then don't let him rest up a little bit more. On the anybody he'll. Go -- take a Kobe -- days. You know keep due to cut downs. -- to practice squad. Little Motown due to have a week to do that -- -- -- I mean these coaches typically -- got a good idea. That's a lot of movement don't you think about when the game Garros final next Thursday night so -- well Friday. Basically. 4 o'clock eastern time sanity he got ahead -- -- -- who clears waivers. It's practice squad. -- -- they -- give it that a regular season and regular season after the last several years have started. -- make it big Thursday night. -- -- -- -- -- know for Dick -- thank you for calling WW Rio. And now. All of those lines that the football player out of that chair. You know I don't know where. You shoot -- There. -- one game agree. That there. Should with the boxes. At the door. Bell and Ian -- It'd sit on a monetary. I tell you I believe we can give you we could get approved for me in I thought that that's a great idea. I think whichever 8000 people -- -- -- gonna cut it to myself. Off I would think so -- he sees them out I would say you've probably got a good chance in these game -- Perry 33 happened with people put -- down. Yeah sent -- a good idea gate. Yeah a -- if you give that grip on the football debate now. Yet while -- -- at a level sale meant but I think it's good thank you here. Okay thank you very well. -- each day it's an idea thank you for calling WW it. You don't be all right we got. -- -- -- -- you know. Players like nearly rights institute -- suspension. Being in Sacramento. And that you came in knew what type of players to a Jimmy Graham. You know never really cause of the problem. It and really use you get -- digging -- -- preceding game that we talk about her go out to create your. You know and it's aggregate count dislikes that -- -- that there's really no reason. And that the guys spoke about earlier it would but man you know and not going to be to a one game it. Ridiculous you gotta go with somebody off and I mean I think is ridiculous and I -- for a quick. As far as what I expected and gained a thing. Drew Brees and Brian Cook I mean and don't pay back in Russia too much but it really excited as he would like the connection there. I got to EJ epic at the going to be -- -- -- here is that takes I'll be back tomorrow because on the college crap but you know I guess. I don't know I guess you could be ready 88 down or football fan pro football fan and not like college and I guess you could be a dour comments fan and not like -- screw. But instead of big negative or look at it -- -- into their hands full outfit into an opportunity to educate. And teach. Those of -- knowledgeable. You do realize. Colleges. That's The Who at the pro draw from. In. The draft move to forty's. Three days Thursday Friday and Saturday. It's become more watch now that it has been. Where's that pool of talent coming from from college so if you what some college ball. Just think he could be more prepared. He'd be able to promote nuclear actually. Note he's related. Before he spent seven dollars and with the magazine. It's outdated. And got the wrong heightened waits his -- and you already know. Trust -- the year people NFL offices. That various at a watching NFL games cause they'll all in the rule constantly. What game -- spoke in college football. BO. Program. Would have. Before it gets it and fail. Inevitably comes. As well with. Coming back Michael it's me and the team. It came out of nowhere. Two teams that we're not pre season ranked in the top thirty played. For the Southeastern Conference championship one went to the national championship. Well all of -- be that good again this year. All. What they come back down to earth they got a lot of Chatham back. Can they do it again and when that time bullets in Tuscaloosa this year. Decide. Who goes to -- a big Bolivia basis sports talk on WW. Yet every lately -- city air you know we get close and close to the -- regular season. It's close it close to this thought of everything that is happening you know. Last week pretty much -- that second pre season game high school level. Some teams starting kind of have -- at all like in a squad -- with me like if you -- -- -- -- a -- -- program -- at a program -- I saw a lot of teams scrimmage in. On the other night meant a VO -- practice they will give rated tackle Shaw this emotional yesterday across the pond to. So it's if that was last kind of pre season test across the board. It is Israel but -- it's pretty much thought -- before everybody else next Thursday night the start of the college football season. What are you looking forward to most all look at fall most tomorrow when the Saints play the Colts in the third pre season game during the game at the stars. I the most west bank for Michael Michael thank you calling WW ago. That he'd be our outlook is toward this in no way in the back QB. Because Drew Brees is getting older and take LA street that it. And nobody hit the ball the QB beat all year I'll be OB well. And I say I've been impressed crying at the ball was beautiful. Again via. The one out at the game and the game he's. -- yet I he's he's he's been thrown -- a good deep ball. You know consistently pretty much my evening practice and so he's got but both of a pretty good. The -- not going into this week's game. Total total passing yards. Ryan is second only to the they have done I think is at third string quarterback get out of Syracuse for the Giants he's got like 37 in Nebraska. 358 innings got him you know -- three touchdowns Lewis sets and he's he's been doing extremely well although he really has -- in Luke's been playing -- -- immediate interception against. A long long made a good play on that but at that you what's been a seventeen of their game and he he did well this week two touchdowns in the receptive so. I guess the best thing Michael from top to bottom it is they're both competing and how level that's you know that's what you won't. Okay my yet that -- looked at that subject of -- out awhile back a quarterback and it kick to go to the final pre season game. Ryan Mathews is with us now to talk about Auburn. Football titles last season I don't know laws with the LSU in the in the eighth and the national championship game game which they laity. They are kind of surprised they didn't close the deal because of the power of their running game they've got a lot -- offense this season. Rhymes with us now brat and I know -- deal last Saturday. I eight dollars now -- that's probably about seven on defense how to their last big scrimmage to go and is is this team ready. All are they are they worthy do you think. Where they finished last year all all they need to teach demoted is that going to be a legitimate contender indices. Arnott got there and certainly at TCU and manager general let's -- you certainly can -- so. The -- -- there's a lot of tenderness -- selective at the US would come out and how much you. It was written the past 20 dismissive attitude that hadn't and number years detectors so. It's going to be a little dog fighting an issue -- -- bank and Albert should be brought it up. You know Brad the what they get that Auburn hands and it is kind of a similarity LA issue in Indy incident that they. They do you have of a veteran quarterback that just was phenomenal and she had big Marshall but they've got some guys at a comedy in at running back that you know. We think about who was in -- you were Tre Mason BA there's talent there. But it's not as big of a question mark when you look at. If front of those backs you got five offensive linemen and it is Cobb is going to be season media people feel neck and neck. LSU and Auburn had a two best returner off at the line. You got it like. Which I think Auburn that has -- the -- out of line. A lot usually you know a lot out of you know in the -- season. You know like that that are epic that we you know and -- starting stoppage and didn't block the plate. A lot of football problem. Is mutual is what you start -- center. Well leadership in that group experienced talent. Some sort of playing in the couple years so. I think that's -- -- the offense when you have a skilled player. Boast that Marshall and others ankle in Korea but there are worse in reflection -- the coach -- Williams and talk to their potential it forces here. Auburn LSU put the first weekend in October and it's a big one and you know -- -- schedule at Wisconsin had some home games after that before they go all the rule. In the -- they go back to back Auburn and Florida Bryant. The widow of -- LSU Auburn game is is that team will win that game that the most. That -- amid all the biggest threat. To Alabama in the west all -- somebody else a B isn't a good Ole miss -- BCB states -- up LSU and Auburn is that the -- that a game was in a row OK now it's down that. This team win this game and Alabama. Never yeah well considering what we can -- Torn away a leader of the pack a particular mostly -- -- and you know on. Or potentially lose -- game and do you know when that instant one. What -- out and -- You know now that you don't actually get to October for you know. There and out of commercial. But book into. About can work out -- -- coaches double quarterback. That situation but I knew they weren't like it was going to be. I put itself in great position to win one week. And go longer play for the national championship. Brown had -- I get the latest on the Auburn tiger. They can check the -- and sports content. -- and so on football. Camp body down failure to step. But we can do for you torched political recruiting information and you know what the sport here -- pro -- at some exciting that's -- It took about -- to. Brian you know a lot of times and I'm careful about what I say about has -- as it immediately because a lot of -- we put hands on all he's going to be the -- but up. A few years back there was a young man I've got to watch all of prep football round up a couple of times -- The well Williams and a -- not -- people look I don't know about recruit on -- -- cause -- it now as though. But these two it is phenomenal and people comment or Rosie wears it now -- in my will be vindicated this year. I think so he's had mutual respect. Bulking up. You know been an -- you know what district accurate I think he's. Prague -- ago. It's not on the field for forward to that because it was pleased with his work ethic. Everything to an opportunity get that it. And we had a chance Taiwan a special. He's and then you know it may not be out for very -- idea that you thought Ottawa. I digital player one and done -- -- -- yeah I think usually what Kelsey and it will be seen a lot of him that's all. -- we did Sammy coats folks farewell could be the best receiving duo not only the SEC but maybe that Nathan went all. Said and -- -- LS. And all -- a great last year oh yeah. -- Absolutely absolutely. Ellis showed -- the first weekend in October Auburn over to the season next week against Arkansas ramat d.s covered Auburn brown again -- people folly won't put -- Not being that. Is that you gotta follow him. Again we'll probably has. Oh -- -- merchandise but that particular week and about bulking up and our football practice in that football recruit. Brad always the president a man take care. Our lack of sixty addition I want to give his take on Jimmy Graham Soto is. Chris in New Orleans east of the ability to be to be on his time these 530 want to have a first dude who go to -- -- And welcome back to the -- -- district if the Stevens David thank you for -- -- Yeah they're working as sort of scenario would talk about the -- in the -- in the sport's own. WW of course. The authorities. -- got the qualifying and indicative of the local polls in the soccer balls away. End zone and that and use that sooner or -- -- -- -- and so that's our sport -- The air basically what they did you know that day a few years ago they kind of took any any thing it's like all the feel like the power bonds and -- significant event like. You can use it as a prop. Mean like you thought that there was one point doubts about a picabo pile on him. He played golf when it before. Evening night that the ball itself so -- -- it's it's I'm sure this year before it's sixty regular season games and playoff there will be a player battle. Being able to come up with some of them because they studied the roofs and the wrong -- And because of language rule didn't prohibit him from celebrating -- him away. It will be all right and then when he had always meeting and so forth in -- fail would they do and their local rec room comedies committee. Attention languages it to when it was done in that they'll make it and you know some people would do is. They don't like it it's like put the ball down I think some celebrations are right I mean I really do on some of them are not all right. Maybe take an approach to all of off. Poodles but there has been some -- to -- I don't know how the -- excuse to get together kind of do and how 500 in the field -- Made it Dallas -- in the -- one game the posse. And our guys again and all that Sanders and everybody -- exist. Debt nowadays it would like be I don't know it would be a Twitter. At -- at Torrey north would have. -- -- But how would it be taken now that the economy was it was coup coming -- I thought it was all right it and move would fold over the course of time maybe now it's. -- as acceptable than the -- fun has been taken out I think they all can agree with that. 2601878668890870. Is the number two -- involved. And the New Orleans Saints will be taking on. The Indianapolis Colts tomorrow night right here on WW radio -- and assistant Steve court when they get to start at 3 o'clock. And the end. It is the but like have been on the kickoff of five to seven in the game day crew. Christie Garrett hope you guys down. And avoids the Saints to Madison we will bring you the New Orleans Saints take -- on the Indianapolis Colts tomorrow night in prime time. Right here on WWL. Radio. The LSU Tigers. -- a bit -- of big screenings before the start of the season. And now they give great for the Wisconsin Badgers. I -- senior writer -- BO at all it would O'Brien let's talk jaunt just now Bryant LA issue during camp coach miles kinda hit it -- news. Radio show the other night they're both quarterbacks. Would see some black action Harrison Jennings against Wisconsin. Do you think this is something that they may go a few games into the season that disrespect in the opponents by. After the Wisconsin game. They're they're few games before at Mississippi State game that maybe maybe not allowing miles the coach Cameron took. To give us some reps and -- -- I guess get more of a gauge on who they feel the starting quarterback would be. Well -- there's no doubt until one guy. Pulled out of the other. Both -- plight. Now. What makes an unfortunate and a cup opener against Wisconsin. Where you don't really wouldn't wannabe. You can't do it why I play a couple here and change quarterback and -- -- not. Couldn't eat it didn't like and or plain out there and he's currently Munro did that next week -- -- that. A guy he -- to watch how -- -- knew the quarterbacks because he's going to be in the top team again that a good opponent. Look I know there. Both -- smiled and pan camera were open one of the two would step forward OK you know obviously I bet Scott. Don't wait let miles talks that hasn't happened. Again we know Kent -- He can be deceiving though we don't really know what the situation it. You know -- -- will play two quarterbacks who -- eat it 100. You'd want to -- -- -- big thing that we acted in short yardage goal and yankees in two quarterbacks Matt Snyder what everybody. Well we'll have to wait and you know I got set miles doesn't like it used to quarterbacks you'd think. Back to the 2010 -- and when Jordan Jefferson got off to a slow start you know it was almost -- seat in -- or any. Played share at least some of the back and remember leaking and it. One game at Florida. And was instrumental totally -- again and that they but it -- on. Almost made wore black and OK we're just not gonna play one will like it director L that it lacked. You really want the get go that one. Bryant. Would later lead you to believe it is all going to have a breakout year this year but. All -- -- on a technical. Well first of up front you certainly would think in the honor is ready to have a big time years they need in the -- -- more. -- rusher off the edge you know it's sacks and quarterback hurry last year you know ward very odd pack rat style. I believe at war and the combined achievement winner under so honor is one guy that you would. Hope -- would think he'd be ready out -- very good -- -- what we've heard it can't work it in good. Our linebacker. You know Kwon Alexander met the guy who. There is no doubt watch him play for two years he's got great athletic ability Dave moody from the strong side the week which means and they go to the nickel on -- he'll think they keeping him in on the deal because these rate aptly. Thank you make big plate and then in the secondary you know the players all talk about Jalen -- about how much -- you know. He's a quarterback the defense in the predate your flight and you know people say is the best defensive backs -- that. Hale and Gil is the quarterback -- -- that he knows what everybody's supposed did. And I think he needs to have step up they have -- good year now that being said. I don't really expect milk supply in the opener against Wisconsin no -- I'll mention in very rarely August. And not think -- similar situation actually cheer me you know. Mr. know the first five ordered the beaten her in summer suspension and I think the paint and -- near prevails. Brian how goal what you have a bonus side right now what happened about a Fabio Twitter. Weller workload just about -- Not all opposition previous that the front to back street you went out today that special these preview at a oh right pre season analysis coming -- probably illegal either Sunday or Monday morning and then we all it to a vote that -- -- not scared and -- anything great recruiting it'll be there. Senior right anti debate that Tom Brown is R&B you know bill O'Brien to see you Monday at launch with less. Right. All right Brian has Aussie right -- debate that comes to qualities for Chris Chris thank you for calling WW -- It or not that -- think a lot. Out by a lot of celebration. And I had a couple of questions or are a couple. Who is -- that besides how much. All that are caught it could have a let on OG&E grant -- it do out there. They absolutely absolutely have a -- and his -- issue exactly right. I look at all that extra little bit better -- it -- -- he didn't mention that. If yet justice that I give -- team you know -- I hear you get a date date they have they have a kind of outline of on this and use a break it down about first of its its second of the. -- okay that second part question. Where does that trash go to our election and she scrambled bill. According to go to the NFL documents about all the greats and -- -- it's it's anything to distance as the one most frequently asked questions of the day the last what you did two out of five determine what the money goes. It says in our reads verbatim from the if you play a -- collect about the -- -- donated through the NFL foundation -- -- Formal players indeed via the NFL player Care Foundation and the NFL PA's player assistant trucks. All we got a bit play. -- -- Are what happened at eight days later signed. And they are actually. Evident like what we had a hole out a lot they'll have. Come out -- so that they Wear it. Where did that that kind of follows I would take Chris out of the the the situation whereas if I disagree with with the something that was maybe don't mean in the face of a final suspension. Packet appealing and deer in the last seat at the -- -- one of the things the players with saint okay -- I'm appealing basically. The same people who Levy both men have it be defiant so. Why would they changed him man that is kind of being you know let's get to all the players that make these comedian who he is he's appeal. A little more fair if that -- answer there. It's a town today where they've had some appeals he had they've they've had some appear before. And not happy appeal but to actually have. Or. Somebody other -- this -- Actually yeah. Getting ahead they have they have different people that then all of that I don't know if it changes from year to year they do bad in the what do you do sometimes what they've done they've actually. Unless the fact Alli what was the one anglers you want to want Dallas faced the suspension. And either he didn't had to be suspended as much or was little similar to for an offensive -- as a target -- called it estimated but yet they. A big -- of course at times it's become not -- what the players satellites of it but a little more. Well appeasing to him if that makes easy Chris -- river ridge thank you calling WW -- Maybe -- -- tortoise say it in next and -- school or just football people vote sincere about required. Like history book France you know plan particular there. And it went if you miss seeing him in the Beckett the numbers just to see who did the exact number here for you Chris -- -- first offense. Was eleven and 025. So if he just didn't want to have no we actually -- Actually I like god Matt Lawrence and a five more dollars for food but -- go posed because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For the obscene gesture in -- washed and Gretzky they're thirty grand it was another torn to. For the second offense of the -- coming back to Jason and sunny basis sports talk on WW yeah. And welcome back Matt -- Jason Jason thank you for calling WW. I -- a solution to the end zone. Dog what we can do it he got the Lambeau. Forget the -- league about at the superdome go -- billion dollar mark and though and -- and that's got to make them go close and active and doc on every. Mandates and it's a lot of people would be excited to be there with you signing event has signed thank you for calling WW yeah. Question. Well. And in the -- and he's so. Then the question. Isn't it. You know sunny out I agree repeal over the course of time date they have put out of things I think that -- distasteful -- things that I don't necessarily say -- I'm no longer needed because some -- will probably if you thought it would distasteful somebody might have liked it but through the course of protecting the shield all albeit more politically correct all the sake of not a feed me. The masses that the majority of people they've also. Cut out some phone -- -- really hey this is -- I'll go to BW it.