WWL>Topics>>8-22-14 6:10pm Deke: on SEC football

8-22-14 6:10pm Deke: on SEC football

Aug 22, 2014|

Deke previews the college football season with Cecil Hurt, who covers the Crimson Tide for the Tuscaloosa News and Bob Holt of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All of your take on what you -- looking for in pre season game number three from the black and gold its operatives jaguar opinion poll. Vote online at WWL. Dot com the Alabama crimson tack start of the season eleven -- last year. -- -- -- A stunning shocking loss to Auburn and -- bowl and a loss. To Oklahoma initial -- We -- the crimson guys QB the elite in the SEC this season. All world we have indeed likely be -- action where someone -- surprisingly supersede the Crimson Tide. Cecil hurt took over the Crimson Tide for the Tuscaloosa -- will preview the nation's number two ranked team. Then. Arkansas second year coach -- Baylor LSU place his former club. Next Saturday Wisconsin he led him to three straight -- Rose Bowl appearances. Last year not so good in his first season Arkansas how much better walk and -- -- did play well against LSU. In the air season finale. What about this season does that translate into bowl -- does Arkansas remember an out just a few years ago Arkansas. Was number three in the country going to the final regular season game. In the loss though -- circles oak -- old rather now the -- the bomb on the bicycle. That happened in the in the program at the vibe of the -- don't need it back on a street Louis. Where walker Toby. We'll talk about that coming up themselves and Jimmy Graham this year modern -- say. In all sports players find thirty grain. -- not want don't but -- dobbs. John David -- find 121000 golf not put two birds just the one better. So as a bird in the hand. More definable Phoenix. Into adults. According to the NFL it is not. But give -- should take meaning you have been Channing off. If failed penalties there's a 2014. List schedule of fonts. Now to give you an idea the NFL has first defeated second offense. Physical contact. With an official. -- -- grain first the feeling fit if -- grant second appearance. Verbal all of -- not physical. Offense that it's an official. Toward to 2000 so you can do all cause of official. In -- call shoot five grand listed if you -- in the bullpen pitched. They break it down about player safety rules and all flagrant personal -- Striking kicking mile horse collar tackle. Face man's they -- late here steering. It permissible use of a helmet in order offensive player defenseless player. But sat by roughing the pass him low block chop block again a pretty much broke now. Fighting unnecessary in ring fight area. Unnecessarily entering fight area would know active involvement with active involvement. Sportsmanship penalties excessive profanity of unsportsmanlike conduct. -- Alternates that. Beautiful violations. Forward sucks is on your body you to fall the fall -- -- -- -- with a vicious mean you Dallas -- call. Awesome all. Both Matos who knows maybe is one of these old school throwback players. And they got all grew up with bill would make you plan a -- by having a fallen substance on their -- beautiful. Personal messages -- you know fall mix equipment violations. I've -- sand. All of that it's broken down my first offense and second offense the immediate unit how defines the term. Well they -- the tournament. By the NFL football operations. Which makes the initial determination for discipline. He says he wants the player received notification of discipline he has a right to -- Mean TV events where the money goals the player fines go according to what the NFL says player fines collected. By the league -- donated through the NFL. Foundation to assist former players indeed via the NFL player Care Foundation. And the NFL PA's player assistant for. Soda to take does it irk you a little bit. That's a word. That Graham. Kind of snow of the NFL when he dumped twice I mean even -- they'd get more aggravated when he dumped it the second time. But still. -- look at it is well that's why he got five demo. Or do you say couple -- He dumped them you -- the football team for rip somebody off. -- -- a mindset to whereas. I really wouldn't mind. A thirty grand. Penalty. Final Jimmy Graham. But I do think it flip it off. Although -- -- of passing crowd whatever you say should know better he's a rookie. All of that. I asked you a day. That should wore a little bowl so may be out I don't I'm not an amounted to say that. Well. He should be fine all he should be and I think they'll those severity of de -- should be more. For -- of seen gesture. I think if that I've had a word that's the way that Orton but you give me your take. Let's go to matters for Keith keep thank you for calling. It probably blow on me you know -- I had a a good solution well this. Table would do little -- Petraeus. You know maybe people like to see him blow the ball the goal post -- Carter. Or we took away each exportable. Second thing we can't do what they have to -- So my idea that though is that -- -- to do it the ball shall we. All of a touchdown field though it doesn't. -- what does Woody could become instantly like you've become a battle. Between them apart on him to know what these 20 wait that's. Out for up I just thought I'd puzzled as to why would. Handing the ball back or not do -- they'd like Bears and is on those guys the Walter Payton why would it be classified as being CC. But it's what it did but some people -- should negate an absolutely it is it not to rile him -- because some I don't wanna like. Do all of them since he -- -- It's becoming the Heatley. Well on under the premise of what to do example you do as games that light comes easily. Our thing in common with the league because a lot. Like to see these people spiked the ball. -- to do dirty bird and come out probably how we feel now I think you know I think. Yeah but there are words you use in a -- and -- content you could say god he's not he's on. It's you to -- -- down but it's not. CC and do that it takes away from the -- so pretty away from the get creative group right. Right right right all of those -- absolutely unanimous right but to see personalities. Are so we're gonna go from prediction. On an -- argument. Yeah. -- I gotcha thank you so much for the time -- Strain is not on. I'm -- -- language. But I failed to see what you know if somebody got more to pulled down -- -- island games it. Then becomes in the could be in you know seasons ago and -- what he's that was so it was right it's just I don't agree with that. But. I'm not -- football that. Maybe somebody -- -- 60 point 7866889. He -- him -- he's the number to be involved one week from the day we will be on the eve of the spot -- the college football season after two of Marty played their first game they play on Thursday. Against both Ole -- takes on. Boise State South Carolina to Texas Stadium a lot of big football game next week here our matchup as LSU. And Wisconsin Saturday. August 30 of the big games Alabama West Virginia. Well -- have Clemson. And Georgia with a big with a kick off the season welcome back fixable Collison beginning. To get back in to the SEC west division kind of that you -- -- -- -- eight said it is a sport style WW. What are you looking forward. To say tomorrow night when the Saints play the cult it's operated jaguar paid a potent debut drew brief chairs Barrett who has been phenomenal. In his limited time practicing with the team he's back up in helping. Champ Bailey all the facto closer to the start of the regular season. Vote online at WW a dock out abilities the B Ian Ian thank you for calling. They were going to be. I didn't want the whole point that guy that previous caller pocket about that should keep the mean I think just like say he -- in news that you know or -- I agree you -- what you were there I mean I think I do too when he ended -- these you know it happened and with some of the rule changes and things like that. I mean on -- on numbers seven year old car lot and 85 Bears scheme yeah and even the Seattle Seahawks beat the defense last year and aren't a lot and you're currently at -- a sport like okay what are your. Is it more polite society throws played flag football and -- -- what direction the league going owners that they'll take it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They are part of the game being in the in in -- kind of like taken a lot of emotion Spears -- the game. Yeah and then in the occurred so that's why would you say and I agree it's like you know. It we're there to cheer -- what you know be a candidate in the chair or rather than you know. I mean emotion right and you take that out of the game and it's like oh where's the honor. Know you're in I think a lot of us at the -- found a look at the past and kind of got that the only chance and a mentality and it's it's a release in its. That's what it's about but to a -- -- the -- These players hated -- even see it through to them to the college level. More more now it's if things are being taken out of of the game. Cecil -- Is what is now covers the Alabama crimson tied for the Tuscaloosa than -- thank you so much for the time -- is -- Alabama settled all quarterback yet. -- Thank you and I. In the first time about being true turning in the the schedule which we both were carts by extent. Like Coker get playing time except automatic decision. Not just practiced probably in the. Season or do you have a feel either way -- of who you think has the upper hand right now. Well. It took likes attention he's been here he's been in the system that -- didn't string. Came in in the summer in the second part of the summer did you -- on. But that's not the same thing -- haven't both offense are you to know. -- your team truly at all that. In about three weeks time and then then. Asks improper sportsman. And Tibet shows. On the field in the but he does something well he's caught up on some to an era. He's struggled with Victoria the physical without question that it -- to Belichick has the physical tools but. Lot more quarterback and seventh yeah the strong arm the -- try. And obviously it's it's huge because not only it's that position but what AJ McCarron idea prior -- that -- you yet. If found a -- fanned it in a -- -- probably harder on themselves and a program that beat anybody else. When you're good turnaround you got a guy like you noted in Hillary and Drake in these receivers around about that the quarterback has to be. A little culpable on. That the talent around him is in superb. Well that helps him. And the popular him back Chester Jets and then the ball to them and they can now that you haven't -- children you don't launching. Gooden night and trying to run against that and proposition. Wouldn't. And him -- they -- Marty Cooper him and I would generate power. Or miss transfer from Georgia tied in and out really good receivers does that matter to Apollo in there -- and having enough to get -- defenders out of. The Alabama crimson -- one of the marquee games in the opening week college football except united jotted down they take all West Virginia. Cecil hurt took over the Crimson Tide for Tuscaloosa news is it was -- season this has been a tremendous from on recruit championships. On and on and any -- the big you know how big your program is the biggest news about him. You that you lose a game and not be an ACC championship between your young eleven noted that point that's how big they are what they said. What is Alabama's biggest obstacle is that what Nick Saban says it's themselves it could be into complacency. Because when you look across the programs out there I guess you could say. -- Dallas comment that he could in a game make make it make -- compete picnic and when Alabama but but from top to bottom everything. I mean I I'm Stallworth C with savings is you know look Islamist it'll get complacent that we are all biggest enemy. Well I can't really articulate -- -- -- can't control. What the other guy has got. Good and they're better than your opinion and you can't control Charl. But what -- a lot of people -- them to do you want to recruit. Better than anybody else for -- and that players they expect to in -- and 95% of the under person can look at dramatic play you never know when it on -- he'll come along and impeach you 100. Yard kick off returns. Going to be Cuba that. You know as far as. And change that's coming out and dominate them that they are very many things that I have a talent talent in south Oklahoma plate but it wore. Oklahoma but that's a big win for Oklahoma and not taking anything. Away from them but I'll have a -- season has been here port street beat. And I think it was it was difficult than that to get out the Sugar Bowl doesn't mean you shouldn't you know that your all the good that's on their. That's on the players that's not -- Oklahoma. But at same time that tactic to play a lot better. Mentally then I played him in -- and then losses over the last three years they've been. You know last play of overtime. Can still shoot they're. Been drowning man bill came in mortuary where I stand in the couldn't quite catch on law by point and go out there and Auburn last year so. And percent about talent -- not my style excitement static from all of the other team played well deserved to win. But. That three game out of out of forty. So that percentage you know where that's where come out. About 9% of the time that is better than the other team and they play an under percent from the Arctic. Sees a lot of people cable we -- social media. Two on Twitter just sleep over my name or. That -- sports. Season -- I was Alabama crimson -- for the Tuscaloosa news Cecil thank you so much for the time it's not a game in Atlanta next week. It comment GM it basically jet pedestrian wanna sound off on our. Jimmy Graham topic to be giving out exactly 631 -- first names we'll go to Jim Hansen. And welcome back to sports so. Big big week in -- in the Saints to MRI taken on the Indianapolis Colts in primetime covered so -- at 3 PM. Fans first take time and assistant Steve court. It's the but like countdown to kick off. Followed by the game Christie -- okay guys out of what's the thing humanist in bringing New Orleans and Indianapolis turned down the sentiments that -- at saint radio. WWL. Let's go to gym on line to Jim thank you for -- W dub zero. Do you play. Just call. It but take -- -- experience situation. I understand that and -- people and the Internet that but they. All let it. -- that the league look at. The score a goal ultimately. -- Can't believe that that -- is a local. At the bar right. Walked -- in the locker you know but that play like they. So well and it it was. As well and made a bet that it. Should we -- that is currently -- -- at the lady. Long as. Well there -- breaks. Just don't just build character on the -- Yeah. I think what you what you say is that ballot I mean you've obviously backed it up with some valid points I think that defiance the fans' frustration -- it's like. Okay here is so Bayless in Utah to take away from you know is now Micah. They see it being in -- it is it's it's an instant these are two differences that would have went man -- Would be given I think fans over the course they kind of look at well this this obviously taken away from I don't know a lot of their frustration. And I had to get it. Right. It. -- -- So stronger and so and it worked here thirty years ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay Jim looked thank you so much -- called and I appreciated time. -- hand for Jim Jeff thank you for calling WW. Very very delicate Cutler show. And -- quick comments may. -- and you know regard their -- -- actually. I somewhat agree with them but not at the train are like the library would numbers. -- -- dictate more than certain. Shape people's lives and you know out of respect and politics game and she'd know -- they don't -- hurt or injured her. Whatever they shouldn't play Angel you know I mean that there there -- -- more rules like. Or practical way to kick ball and all you know it just it's. Did you like what you job you know keep they'll end up. But second comet in the garden the gold belt with Democrat -- -- yeah he messed up the golf clothes and you know -- Billy beginning I agree with that role but like they pick it seemed like it -- -- -- and -- -- and can -- that is. You all are in -- I mean where -- What are they did go to like charity but now I'm not really sure how. How true that is -- it. Or you know maybe you all these aren't very grain near our brain your finger and it they'll go in action to a good -- I'd agree with that but I mean I mean you encourage you to put it out for thirty grain you know coming it's ridiculous. Don't add depth wedding NFL states that the player finds that money that if I'm a prayer five collect about the legal -- through the NFL foundation to assist. -- players indeed. The the NFL player Care Foundation and the NFL -- player assistance trust that is according. To the National Football League the Arkansas Razorbacks last season under first year coach -- being. Not that good of a season. Didn't win a conference game three and Bob -- -- just now -- the Arkansas Razorbacks he -- with him for the Arkansas Democrat gazette. But thank you so much for the time what. All fair expectations for Arkansas eight year two under coach -- being. Well I mean that's a really tough schedule -- -- people assault I think the team will be better as the carpet treatment could be better and they are better mainland should be reflected much record of that sketch -- truly brutal. But I think realistic expectations that are improvement you know I'll hopeful he. Stricker aren't -- at least a couple of -- he would lean toward Mattingly frequently and street. I think at this stage the programs and right now and Albert quality of schedule in the SEC west that there and now. I think you know we have a realistic expectation is an improvement -- improvement on the field a little bit like -- record. We know under the days -- Brad Benjamin and in Wisconsin this with the ground and pound off -- ran the ball nearly 80% of the time. -- Gonzalez has hit some good backs over the years and that's the same case here tell us a bit about is it is going to be a -- Run first offense the -- being. -- yet been running game a doubt the strength of the team and get really -- excellent running backs you'll. -- are part of Wisconsin now Williams are both -- -- an all conference guys sentiment. An accomplishment in minus thirteen about coaches. But it guys that many people outside -- and so I have heard much out -- marshaling the sophomores that. Actually -- -- here at safety. And that they kind of were in Mandarin -- -- And betting lottery that. We certainly -- -- pretty -- just kind of speed explosion that that really you know problem McCain doesn't he's again that you valued veteran back in the spring camps so they've got a really strong group of backs are probably about as good as anybody in the conference. I don't know -- -- -- in -- or a bigger. Talent depth stack up well and most anybody. Armed and that that should -- history that came to pick better passing attack opinion Cabrera Walton -- -- it Russell -- and you know. That's broke or actors or you will assume both Seattle so. -- you know remarkable forty time they like to -- price contract I would leave a decent number of and so. -- you've -- in a better passing game about the -- yeah it should be running game. Look at all the other side of a ball basically nowhere to grow burn up thirteen to the league in total defense of last year gave a 475 a game -- we -- him -- 500. Was worse at that point in time. Pass defense toward the bottom of the league in rushing defense the same -- what they did the defense -- -- go anywhere but will they be better. I think that we -- Against epic predicted footwork BP yeah I think they. And to -- trip coordinator wraps net quicker today again at what was adequate or Ohio State. You don't -- -- but I route. Background correction factors. And then he would linebackers coach -- him bit by -- way it steers it brought more aggressive. Style you want and it really didn't do out there a terrible an operation I think they had. 32 colonel Mike forced 14100 -- so minus eighteen at bats right. So -- about the epic record of hoping to get internal took it away strategic just you know. Move the ball on well maybe it on down probably by playing our guys -- great people move on and they were forced turnovers. So this year and get more press coverage on the bill that bit and try to put. More pressure -- to be more typical -- memorable more turnovers. You know being more possessions and it sure field. It would community can actually score. You know that because -- like it but it pit situation that mutual bit. But down and all that you know more experience more principally able translating into more plays on defense. Auburn opened up with a congress gave the first time in over twenty is that your that mean Arkansas accent you got Nickels but all the Illinois. You maybe I go to some games you kind of look at it that way -- Arkansas. Can win those games at -- -- game at Texas Tech outside and at Bob -- you now like okay. Who who'd they'd beaten but the -- as a team can accomplish when you look you look at it like -- stated -- -- Arkansas's a team closer to being a 500 days. The year's ball only. -- the ability 566. That would be. I'm not a miracle that would be -- year you know. Obviously arbor hazard privileged. That preceded it can expect at that moment like that -- went from. On 8271 or one market six and -- 671. At that are scheduled to let's say that Arkansas beat. You know that your tendency here and -- be. But I you know I think it like to play don't panic so like -- constructive about it they'll play -- those -- typically Easter -- injury. In the -- that are on road and the -- I think that's simply criminal last year objection in April. The lessons has the proper -- -- a division. And Arkansas played in them and not proper warning them joint leader in their child going to bail late tech spec they're bad record last two years. So it played a record question and Internet Texas Tech this year it's been -- -- on something fierce and target a plate. Are currently probe into back to back years in Texas Tech they're -- great team they're probably middle -- big twelve. But back to playing that you know got -- -- our power better. Tracking you know there are -- -- -- -- -- struggle so apparent that game on the road known. And I don't have brought Jordan mentioning or that the east away and that's. That's a really good mid major program might say it's dangerous game -- -- succeed in the big twelve -- whatever so. Schedule early on forgiveness and stay in the program in fort union on non conference McCartney played Kentucky. And that it that -- -- -- right now. But we've been saying Arkansas fantasy quick turnaround shot about time I mean he embodies Percy the end of the year. Hip hop and -- -- it and it gave me an Indian man before long they they are a top 25 team didn't move before he left there what top five team going to the top three go to the final week of the season. Is that unfair for August offense -- to expect quicker returns this time with his program built differently always by the trio just an extension through. Well I think it would happy that he's an excellent coach Erickson notes being branch in all that stuff. -- -- Bobby improvement maybe but he never doubted that he sustained success over a long period time. You know opening were more for years about it and that's what -- market he got fired after. You know the motorcycle accident -- bolster -- on what happened there. But what thing about brand is that -- people want to build workers currently but he did happen and what's -- and Arkansas. -- happy keep peace sustain success or actually several years the -- he took over step which wing program. Don't know Welker opera it's still he went their trip get the ball -- pretty good. In Arkansas you know he's trying to do the right way Bobby maybe he's taken shortcuts or recruits you know. -- -- -- -- -- hear this but Arkansas that they're really good job -- You know that they're virgin group project that we didn't get in trouble a lot trying to translate Sinatra -- -- that would have been aware. There have been -- -- that we will be around for a long. But I think Brett strain due to -- -- take shortcuts. Definitely definitely takes along -- certainly. You know fans need to start since more and you know. I don't sixteen. In the SEC you know -- -- behavior is going to be you know a lot of upset people obviously so I think it's realist in between a couple of -- game Bravo will probably. I don't think right now Patriot could beat anybody -- think. -- -- our target market -- -- try to think Detroit article back to back court that you're in effect it's it's been done before but I now believe. You know the team's locker talk Turkey Turkey bowl record that it that there were games. Bob local was Arkansas Razorbacks at Arkansas Democrat. Gazette Bob -- info ski boat with -- on social media. Well we have our side all sports spectrum. Are -- error Arkansas. On line back from what you did anyway side topic it's super expensive but it. Hopefully -- it should be -- -- race lap but they do it's it's good enough. Two you know to cradled it for her to get the -- payroll on my Twitter handle is there a couple pretty PG. Bob thank you so much for the time we appreciate. All right next Saturday August 30 Arkansas is at Auburn to open. This season LSU and Arkansas played the leader in the year combat but he jointly view the rescue call us. What about the teams from the cricket that he had you tie ins and Mississippi Ole miss it big old news could be that team. That's right up with Auburn and Alabama some say maybe LSU -- -- returning quarterback and ball a lot we'll talk about the ribs. The bulldogs and those Aggies all mixed now this is sports talk on WW. I love all kind of football. -- -- -- college -- Yeah. They're wins and I -- Amanda video. -- -- Andy meant it goes publicity -- good show very good program one of the best that I've made a few years the semi final it is. Not a scrimmage is going on and -- next week it's Thursday Friday Saturday -- week and the following week in use. -- -- Football season. The -- images of my way yesterday in my ways and -- parents. The -- the needed. -- -- -- -- -- It lawyers to call conclusion today in the mighty wind is. Took it to the call Cougars -- -- work out and give mark went on got cost and Marlon -- always at a football -- that is what you need to know. Closing -- -- -- all -- always a favorite one that Grissom brag on the mighty Warriors but. I look forward to being more of fame in this year and nine point two Angel myself the leg -- for Joseph thank you for calling WW. Well big -- -- that's what has stated. You know. What game plan does the football political vote thoughtful that can sit. Excessive celebration. Caught it out cold and don't get me the -- double political I don't wanna say the wrong thing called go the way he broke it down. They said. Graham Graham -- dogs or considered. Unsportsmanlike. Oh and now the -- called it is chalk. The first of these players can be found 111025. Dollars. And put a second appease. They can be fine. 42050. Dollars. It to leak feels they want to embrace what they got this thing is almost like I mean you you if you went down and looked economy you'll -- horse collar tackle -- man's idea. -- first of Phoenix's second if things you know that's that's the way to class what are. What I don't watch any games on TV for years in the NFL. And I -- when someone scores a touchdown they jump into the stands and I don't see any athletics. Yeah. All the way back it was on an olive -- -- -- nobody -- Joseph was I guess -- maybe a grandfather had him but. It's not you know taken a delay of game was not taken away in fact they took the football -- in the stands and that would be appealed. OK I think it's just put all the somebody. It would be a panel. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay good. I thought and it was -- and so -- -- them mostly him. I guess after they score a touchdown -- jump into the stands but Tennessee's official slogan around. And I don't say they play in I would just want another kind of way that. I would take our take Joseph I think that they considered -- at Lambeau lead grandfather the end -- rookie. -- you brought it up I've got soapy but it takes that that that's a fan that's a fair call. I I don't have a problem when it but you know. If somebody called cul-de-sac and they don't jump but his fans but but they're celebrating what did it teammate. It's it's a gray area you know what's acceptable what I athlete in Lambeau leap is grandfathered in I really do we'll see. I'm big elevator -- bought our -- talk a little college football and your take what. Do you as a scout. As somebody is paying close attention to what decide to do on his pre season. What are you paying most teams -- tomorrow night with a saint Michael the Colts at 7 o'clock right here on WW.