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8-22-14 7:10pm Deke: on SEC football

Aug 22, 2014|

Deke previews the college football season with Parrish Alford who covers Ole Miss for the Daily Journal, Logan Lowery who covers Mississippi State for the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, and Suzanne Halliburton who covers Texas A&M for the Austin-American Statesman.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening went to the final how our sport saw. I'm Deke Bellavia coming up will continue previewed the SEC west would look at -- as it is -- to Ole miss Mississippi State. It would take in on the Aggies of Texas a -- via Louisiana zone -- team. This year over College Station talk about that operate jaguar opinion poll what are you looking forward to tomorrow night with something you have on your check off list. The Patriots do as a Saints take on the Indianapolis Colts cover sought victory. Kick -- it's an opinion here on WWL. Radio. All of that right there across operate jaguar paid April you can vote on it and Jimmy Graham as you heard. And Johnny in -- at 530 lamp for two dogs. Adamant they'll to a grand for one bird. Give us your take on that while -- toss it in the -- As go to -- on line one Luke thank you for calling WWL. Don't. Want. I think there's a -- of right now. I don't know tomorrow night has a lot of ban on it out with the league because. It has the one what is on his way to most. But right now it's a you know luck in week one went on to lethal got this thought. -- -- it's an analyst the ball well and you know they protect quarterback well. As we did -- draws the ball as well but you know overall itself its allies in you know 82. Offense and in hands 82 as a team they hold out one sack so and -- went out Evans. Grubbs it and so I think that I've always been very good in two on night it should be addressed to see you know -- I don't know who would have opened in right there but either way I feel. I feel real comfortable even eve of one -- -- partially -- it while what being an -- show. Stroke then the goal post where it doesn't. Like. -- I don't know I guess that's a fair question maybe illustrated clothing you know two people don't penalty. They're going to be stone or. I as kind of the same I think maybe as a sent a one Luke what coach miles and only show weaves in ninety he thinks both hitters in two innings. Will play an aunt Wisconsin game -- will be interesting to see if they have we don't want more of mine to be the passing quarterback one more match to be a running quarterback. But. I don't I -- can be settled took me I would say maybe go to today BCB state game they hope to have a locked down star quarterback and I Luke thank you so much for the time we appreciate -- 60175. And so cold here. 86688. Man he rates and you know West Virginia was nice the weather was -- that he would ninth -- -- Motown it was -- But let's all move now portrait now I slow places to eat. -- I'll miss most is the TV. When we stayed here and they got beat TV here. They can't meet TV called to which you mean the statement -- wins. It from about to -- asked to do all. They had bonanza. The -- In -- awarded the you know I'll Steve McQueen. Twilight Zone in the evening and welcome back. All it was classic. Classic that. One of the -- many things about where -- All will be a contender in the ACC wins law. With Auburn Alabama the polls say it's Auburn Alabama. Outside of that is an LSU. Is an oldies. Could it be about. We don't know one team you would have to say it's a little ahead. Of an issue. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Would be obese sit because they return inexperience. Good quarterback but while. The rebels opened up the season. Atop non conference schedule. A tough spot to disease including next week a game it's. The -- Tuesday Bronco. Paris often covered the rebels for the old means daily journal with a daily journal Ole miss football Paris thank you so much all the time we appreciated. This spot to this season I know if we could draw that good in now as a follow as a mistake -- spoke about what statement. That'll risky to be photo -- battle before Alabama -- -- now that again about obviously ran. Those tickets. And his team get out get off to a good start this season are always it is always just to talk that did the first three or four games just to -- -- You know happened and the -- and -- you touched on earlier they have experienced quarterback Aaron though Wallace and you know when you have some games under -- to that important position and you expect to come out and play well at the beginning. Started a game in his college career and you know -- -- Out you know he's much consistency from the beginning of the season to thinking and the -- like you and I hope it changes this year. Where a guide to help your it is not calls don't go quite an LC at it. That strength and conditioning program but he did last year all or are apt to get the chance to all -- that's our. As I was I was talking about the Ole miss rebels -- of the season against the ball does they've Broncos allowed back on defense team in six back on offense including who acting is just not worth of gold to the season. I think he is the most talented receiver in the Southeastern Conference and the one trade will. 62220. Empaneled and he plays much bigger than he's 62 height. Pairs this young man has probe potential written all on him now with -- say eight this season. Rule is will be on the other sat who was going to keep people from getting an up or trade -- is -- thrown all of us that. Well you know they -- It Sanders a senior who has been productive if -- during his career he missed a lot. Last year injured. You know he's going to be capable he's not going to be -- game and. You know what you talk about taking attention away from -- will have a the story line. -- and you know it at a position. Where he is kind of challenge to back -- still. Look guys we when he stepped up we need to produce and you know that's been and always. Storyline. Out. Commitment they'll take. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Quincy it's there I do -- course that -- Not. To sit. In Japan he had taken -- whole -- -- position. Yes there were some people there. In other. Guys in and out to all outside inside the there's really no clear. Track there's -- clear about there's still work out on the other. And I day's news person about about watching him in my -- I just think he's been glued I mean I think he's good enough to whereas you know it don't matter who -- an opponent. And he he he's he's just that difficult of a match up -- he's got a quarterback coming back with the now all the flips out a lot as far as -- that befits his side of the ball. And on this team would beat up last year I pretty much toeing along Duca gave him the -- can DT. Who is -- now a little -- in sacked 64 to eighty. What four out of front 73 before welcome him back. On the front land and in. One -- back -- the secondary is pretty much all veteran players how much better can this defense be this season and how I would think with a little bit of offense that takes little pressure. Also defense could this team scored 2124. -- -- game. Like that in this -- this can be a lot better and a lot of it has to. Come back he'd be. Missed almost. Last season with injuries are leading guy in 2012. Just a legitimate -- at the last year they were atrocious candidate quarterback. Well and he's in sacks as you mentioned Robert can each and you know he is poised for big unit really expecting big things from him and they -- the attention. He should command and act all it it's just scored to make the in side of the nose tackle to create forced 8 PM. Liked it since July -- a chance to peak. Really good there they can hear it in the back in this -- in the that ought to -- call our two liter test -- quarter he's on this year coach and current age or a former notre games are so. You know they mention. Don't really know what it's. Like it -- have experience actor in a war at. Got a chance to penalty. First three games a rebels donated dodge anybody bought the state of Georgia -- next -- tonight at Vanderbilt. In a three year to roll bowl winning team and win team in the conference favorite. The racing games in Louisiana Lafayette before Mathis comes in and Alabama the first week in. In October pass over the -- with a spoken about the Ole miss rebels are pairs we know the excitement. Of these signing class this had a class supposed to be the foundation. A few threes make in his program not just a bowl team in in -- west -- -- a team nick took that team and do they take it step forward this year holiday a year away. And they expect that step this year you know we talked it should be all about. Trent well we talked about. Best record in the -- last year it later on all the -- -- -- War and the quickness and he -- a left tackle. It took. And the job at that position arc break into a ball into line as a freshman and the job early speed my speed walk out wants back. As a freshman and at any. -- -- -- he's really he's really special player I think are some great -- mother. Other issues on offense and line up that -- -- -- and class last year you know those all or call a play. At the world -- will compete she console. -- -- -- a -- that are called husky nation at defense and back played a lot. But not that that. I have support it -- -- up and of course welcome home now. This year you got beat up and its first. Deep into him the ball around like -- -- international. Two years ago and call -- quarterback southern. Two years go play. This year so they've got some nice pieces or. Perez out of Cuba -- to have a post you go which don't Twitter. I can keep up with. Act Parrish Alford and now that you go directly to block in I'd almost forced dot com daily journal in. Two years ago I had a chance to give don't old number eight a colleague Danny big Ole miss playing he was ES. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't fly you golf class so there. But this year pairs uncommon now what -- say it -- total full as LSU plays at armor and both those teams could be five and -- But if Ole -- him to be undefeated on October before. I'm I had to get a closet -- contract -- that I can escape all the company. Oxford Beck could be the biggest home game and he issued -- who if if they -- name both those teams undefeated. I'm very and -- the big ones there prepare or I'll I'll yeah order you have it wouldn't seek game pay their -- And no doubt there's always a pleasant available at all team Mexico you get ready for the Ball State. It's more coverage -- an ideal if you guys parents aren't I I'm okay. Mississippi up for John on -- -- John you need to thank you for Colin. Are you and the talking about -- -- that. Getting -- or. Know what we have for all of that mean -- -- that -- would do we have we -- previewing every team in the SEC wins. All ministers have the beat the team you previewed at the top of this now so use and -- I'll talk -- -- -- We talk about every team in the SEC whiskey just make sure would you weren't so you know to talk about. -- they had and out in the that the the net a lot about. You know what state in dispute that -- -- Ole miss with all the got -- -- but you know that they think that. They're addicted to these things where. You're -- make the eight ball in the -- now -- actual signature club this. -- -- tell you you talk about state although obviously you say they. They do it better plate Burnett thing in this group that Lockett had been doing it -- Because they're willing. What a bad as I say. What you say hey a stated openly fought national teams I've been seen beautiful long even when Eli was -- -- Bears have ever. All these -- if it will play for national championships and it must be sorry about that college you around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well exit but to count them out but they'll be you've got some of the fans -- you guys. State fame that you got Ole miss -- of this was a bit a little bit of all the fans of objects. Got Julio and the wind down down about it. I'd get Ellis unit might doctor Robert and -- -- namely. Barrel in the war period like Europe and know what you say is. I got -- saw all UP -- you say you race fans go to southern miss on BB you know settlement. Are you want mom's battle at the -- who -- you said. My dad battle over achieved. Aka he's so you win at a has the US trade ecology did did you do like -- would ju -- route. Odd odd when you Terrell which you go John. -- whole hall yet to do you come off the Buddha that there. It. You know you don't usually to the homeless 34 -- community college -- he would. Got it -- -- -- -- Now Walter Jerome offensive tackle photos for the Seahawks have played a whole community college they went for our state at the net. -- as you got me you probably right about the baseball got minorities them ju -- football -- -- CB. Kansas obviously California. Texas -- some great ones but. In 1980 then. I was a freshman at southwest and civic community -- now talk about CB duties. In summit and we couldn't we couldn't -- weekend. The first game of the season was the last there it's at all we went out to sit -- -- miss this which is just a shady shady show. Of me -- Tennessee. And there was a team go out and -- -- -- and RT we could -- -- own thirty yard line -- -- and if you -- -- -- -- over. They had a young man on all of it to land an anemic eap who made a little to -- all Americans in a Big Ten draft pick and a -- with an NF. And a lot receiver they went to University of Miami won that championship and enabled west the care. And -- wanted to great it is to tackles in in FAO college football history owning a team. By the name of Cortez Kennedy that was one bear and -- -- team from a freshman sophomore level -- -- all with team. They could beat just about eating this is my own opinion top 25. For use -- that's how loaded and he wore. It's Christmas -- but I digress. And I stayed up in the state of Mississippi because all the other side mistake. Is the rattled about Ole miss rebels and they do -- get -- to win that would be the Mississippi State. Bode well is this the year the bulldogs are one of just a few schools and is confident that return of veteran quarterback. That being actress now look at our Cubs received a photo. Football for the northeast Mississippi daily journal Logan Mississippi State in LA shoot he's BM buildup. For the last several years. That game came Mississippi State get -- -- can get over the haul its a big big game for state it's a big game for LSU before they go to road at Auburn. And Florida. Is Mississippi State rainy this year. To be a contender not like we're a couple years ago it was seven noted it has come down restricted Alabama and mileage you name him bam -- may have little news. What leads you to believe this year could be different -- What you experience. Come back they get eight hours a backup last year's team that. Yeah like you're in a whole lot better game here are well you know -- them to Death Valley. Game that had been announced yet that probably going to be at night in -- -- -- it can be it can be tough down there in the state does have great track record against LSU period. Especially bad bad owners. Well they're that close game it Ellis unit you know them all first year ago yeah I was they came -- to -- to sit out and play that game her record last year and -- just kind of fell. And -- -- one school ball game midway in the third quarter last year in the and you can't believe when it. Village usually in the stick together. That that quarterback. You know they've got a way to finish out the ball you saw a tree and that last year in that same thing happened with Alabama -- the same thing happened. With all Murton lives here. That thing happened with -- in him last year playing close games out Saints but just couldn't close the year out. Logan what you look at Mississippi State and you say whether it ninth out of fourteen teams that need to group but at night and told often to the talent to your goat -- foreign yards. A ballgame and they look like they can be better. All offense this year now with fixated. Is that going to be big -- that can be leading Russia a candy get a -- met Dan Michael Vick -- somebody that can take some some pressure off him when he runs his ball looked. I'm choose that are on person where I am forced Iran. What they -- be smaller back this year run football even east that he and I think of that injury suffered in the -- that they had in game. They talked in Alabama Arkansas game and cost him most -- people last year would stay in the that he was trying to get extra yardage -- that they did the able to be physical runner. Well -- -- you realize the that in order to achieve this year and he's got good it. This slaughter get out of he's not a bit take all the political shoulder lucky -- last year and yeah I think Jack probably still lead the league roster for the team only because they're gonna have their play about four run impacts. And it is social let's get person there and I had that one. Huge we -- to run -- back. Other than that yeah I think there and show what I'm -- and I got some huge numbers that -- think they're in Russia route running him out on the this year. -- Larry talk about Mississippi State and city state LSU play the last week in in September it's the first conference game for the by you bagels and -- -- a big on football for these ball clubs before they get in the hot oh goal saving as you -- -- October heats up that's in the conference race really big games. You don't wanna do anything to be kind of out sat on the outs and look at the end. When October rolls around the BCB state come to town to take on Ellis humility and -- made your series over the last. Victory all the defense this side of the ball this ballclub last year in total defense to the ACC was. A big numbers -- him look office there were 403 they gave up. What's with eight in his conference however up. One of the things that we all point to is how opportunistic was his defense they were third in a conference in a charitable bought him. They were plus five last year they forced eighteen turnovers if they can stand that mode issued a star they haven't come back Logan. The numbers on out to the -- should be a little bit better. I think and then get the media backs off that defense from a year ago a lot of guts or were young and a lot of -- play in its first year starter lecture they get must get back in the bowl game. Against the in the liberty will try their return -- order that you hearted and that ball and so they've got plenty of experience -- back. And a lot of -- and got compact owned in every level to beat cancer. That should it become their -- but this year and a packed press got it a lot of the attention that. -- aren't -- eighteen can be on the depends on the ball well. You know not often it is conference UCL a freshman impact. In the interior. Defense and last but last year Chris Jones is one of the best young players in measly seven tackles -- Wallace it's a licensed media hurries it just came in tremendous as a freshman. He looks like -- he's -- over the course of the players here. We solve nick fairly we saw other players that. That would good interior defense and -- John Jacobs now to saint. Chris Jones has laid the foundation to be in that category. Can't he beat -- mechanical I guess my question -- I think giving him enough that they could immediately acuity is actually in the back Lecce going to be a back issues get these seniors. I had every right -- in his talent that is yet he's still learn in the game well qualities to gather it. Just came in really raw still learn how to play that kind of dangerous thing he can be that dominant. And still not really -- that but well we do out here and I think -- continues vehement group. And think -- streak continues to open the game or other players could beat them -- are oval and maybe even a triple saint said he thought that. About some place for some other players along -- -- it's a lot of it and some of that -- back as well. Christian all that out news you'll calm and we knew because a lot and that -- scary thing is -- just gonna get better. You talk about momentum from one season to nova -- -- vacated over Thanksgiving night in overtime win over arrival. Ole miss an egg bow down to befall that polarized in the bowl game. Got a lot of stars back you look bad rob on the other -- 80 means. Auburn and a little bit South Carolina outside enact that these -- in this conference. Have a true started returning quarterback even Jarvis quarterback of the in the last year when he came if -- air Emery. Tennessee's quarterback Aaron mixed up last year. Missouri with the saint however BCB state. Most of the year with deck press got. When all at -- Logan in the end of last year what they have kind of met each year. What is a fair assessment in the episode taught in CC wins where right now the experts say -- Alabama and operated and after that. It could be -- -- you can be old musica BB CB state a man who knows where it is Mississippi State right now going to -- Well I think tickets yet to win eight maybe into the game that this year but that would lead that would be. The necklace which you look at you kind of where there. Whether plates and they seem like that -- -- at -- they play at Ole miss that they play at Alabama. You permit. -- that the Kidman and upper Echelon ES TQ where they're gonna have to do it on the road it and that he -- well -- -- he. On the road honestly it's -- to pull games out and -- when you're not on the team like -- to stating you're gonna active person people -- right now I don't think that they can win. At that point that right now. Logan how can people Tebow revealed what. -- -- -- No I commit to being around those talks couple of days -- Oklahoma. East Mississippi scuba -- I forgot about coach's name that was there but he was he was out -- Miami team -- -- undefeated. 700 yeah I'm -- blocked a what you got to -- oil there's enough history. Did you Cole noticed database it beats him to Lance and like Tampa I love junior college football are really do. I always talk about how. You Alabama. Yeah I'd tell you what that he right in homes community college ball when he went -- frost Payton and a hall of fame don't you know better than that. Logan are Marian Logan -- coveted beat Mississippi State Bulldogs -- the northeast Mississippi. Major Logan always the president was talking gave -- I'm good thank all right this is sport stuff was going. Happen. With Texas say it down now that there's no more Johnny football but I tell you there's a lot of Louisiana players. On an alien team including one at second and a lot of speedy. To that Ian -- offered no pun intended we'll find out -- -- dollars going to the ball in his game this year. But given summons Texas Stadium Aggies who will now -- that I goes Thanksgiving Day opponent this is sports talk on WW. And welcome back this -- -- beat week in in sports here on at WW radio. The New Orleans Saints taking on the Indianapolis Colts tomorrow night October starts. At 3 o'clock what time Manassas and the call with fans first eight minutes the bunt like countdown to -- but like official -- -- the Saints. Indicate to get -- restaurant out in Metairie on a veteran -- -- -- on out in Jonas. This 7 o'clock or had it -- to on game day crew Christie Garrett. Okay guys on in the votes -- things Jim used to bring in New Orleans and Indianapolis turned down the sound it's set in trying to say trading of WWL AM FM and dot com and operated jaguar opinion poll as a -- website. At WW dot com -- asking you what are you most looking forward to the Saints and Colts game. The debut drew briefs. Third baby in -- to -- a second there forty think it's one game closer. To the regular season. Mortal blow that will give you the result Fineman and WW though count also we have a -- website. Are things to look full I got a few things keep and I'll post the pro -- -- guys -- Barbie beer. -- -- take as well right now 37% of you say it's one game close to the regular season. 45%. Of you say. Europe more excited about Byrd David Robinson joined the secondary and -- the city you are saying you're more excited about joining our. Seeing Drew Brees JaJuan the Saints tomorrow night. But he LSU Tigers take on the Wisconsin Badgers. Thursday of the Saturday August 30 as -- -- Wisconsin in Houston. We will be with the -- Houston did you -- it for the Tigers and the badgers with a countdown tiger tailgate show at 3 o'clock 6 o'clock who has got to be an issue sports network. In the end it is 8 o'clock Keiko the Tigers and the band to strike year. On debuted -- you know radio. Well they lost ought to be the best player in college football in Johnny -- -- but outside of that they lost media on the top flight players. -- played college football first rounder Jake Matthew is now with the Atlanta Falcons Mike Cameron's first round. Now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Among -- They are ballclub has put together a lot of good players in a short amount of time. You though coach Sherman had a couple good recruiting classes gave credit where credit through. Given summer has added a whole lot -- a lot of talent including a lot. From the Louisiana area it is audit team and this year also including several on the defense decide the ball. No well Ellis is Jays and Everett speed at all he's now on that team one of the best players in the country it certainly in Louisiana. For the car cook joining us now to talk about the new look any of Aggies host Jon -- zero era Suzanne Halliburton. -- just now Suzanne thank you so much for the time it is takes a stadium settled on a quarterback yet. Yes think pat and yet they can do it into this season -- and we played more games a year and more any green in him and then and -- -- -- high school -- -- -- -- kind of preeminent program stay. Think -- experience you and the -- and that are -- And a quarterback prospect in the country. When he signed and seeing her and he. Can keep it -- You doses and if ABM you know does pretty good this year everybody will be raving about a major problem but it -- field position players. Junior. Freshman. Present any speed at all they got a lot of underclassmen. All of his ballclub but grant. They are not typical on the classmen and Gillick is in a company and speedy always saudis have made a play for four years of that and nuclear cause high school. What does Kevin -- have in mind for him he's is spread it around with him at all the ball reverses it to the football what is his plans for Beagle. I am he had -- -- practice and it is unclear if he expert team that chart. Which would -- on Wednesday. India. -- first career. Yeah. Instead I remembered and receivers -- -- -- and it was -- Lee. Mean I think what can happen when he in terms of being more disciplined this year -- their and to you know at some time. That play that can't Johnny and actually executed. A -- actually that you'll actually see more and more structure. -- -- on TED. Bring the table and she had a nickname out at the end. And I'm you know and think you'd like that. The rest of the starting receivers are important to expect in and they haven't each each -- it fixed. Says it is going to be very -- and not -- different guys at mile an extra ten. It's not a problem. Yet they gambled discipline office as soon as many as -- left campus I mean I think that we hope we all would agree it is dynamic game wasn't shook it with someone who's taken public follows. I had you know this training camp -- via the mantra of care not one thing though you had to figure. The best offense in league scoring. Total. But the worst defense in the league there's an offense that scored 38 points a game. But this is a defense a year ago did you know basically just gave up. Almost the same amount they gave up 37 points a game if our yards. I would think there's only one way to go and it's up but it -- in defense but what you -- maybe I really can't. -- Kevin sub defense to be with the up tempo style often a team like the play. Yeah yeah I think it. It added that into typical question out -- cover them that big twelve teams and care about optics it's usually a keen sense that it didn't. -- thirteen to 28 points and are often cannot score. That pretty tremendous strain and defense. With that intent that -- -- honesty. And what mark Snyder their. Guess August is how in depth they have a deep into the line. They'll be able to get hit 3-D tackle which they couldn't last year and we definitely gonna have great people to tackle to compete next week. They're that is young and if they. I mean they're sophomores and freshmen and redshirt freshman in -- project how does Kitna play can't they can be spectacular high school. But you're not necessarily didn't make the jump. Q you know to actually see it went off into I think you have to eighteen. Kyle -- and it can do and probably October. First part of November to see -- they can and you know the mental Wear and tear this -- here at. They've got the bodies this year they -- -- and you withstand what can become. Suzanne Halliburton and -- does that talk about the Texas a and M Aggies right for the Austin American statesman ensues and we were kind of had a feel. When he and him came into the ACC LSU had played a give him more times they did several of their. Conference foes over the course he is it's a natural fit in now. It just seems like a perfect fear I don't know if that would replace Texas Tech saint gamble -- given night but if you could have warned it would be right and -- It will be LA shooting at him and go to LSU fan base excited. This looks like these are going to be something that becomes a Thanksgiving tradition they've both fan base that on his -- will fall. I would think that it is I mean between things didn't you know I grew up on it meant that at Texas Arlington Texas Tech does name him -- and now now get a different tradition and -- an -- And you know I get on here would not have them for Thanksgiving and I had Turkey you know this year and it Howard -- right. You know I hear from Alan -- and that is they actually won the game on Thanksgiving and -- played -- -- -- -- Yep I think gave rise going to -- that a lot those Thanksgiving night PGA at -- shooting at him. In prime time Suzanne how can people keep but we don't put him. -- -- -- Seemed at UCL. IP he you know -- and right now. There. From there or you can get it is. Kind of celebrate and in such as. Quick competitor on Twitter. I've got -- yeah Suzanne nets -- at the big story out that young man was of the best player of that has to. A few years ago but we're not not be eligible this season for the soon to Suzanne Halliburton covered 8 AM for the Austin American -- Suzanne thank you so much for the time. All right thank you Suzanne coming back was squeeze out or close that was great in Joseph this is sports talk on WW yeah. All right as it is a stronger always -- to go to shall -- commander of an all Texas -- should on moment now -- go to. Mighty Mississippi -- grade on Iowa Greg David thank you for calling WW. I need to make him do it injury college without a government. See you out it means. Back in ninety and he walks and Alabama. -- Went back a chip to chip in or you're used to it equate it was sale will -- Michael -- I think dug up -- -- I I look at a time out they aren't Oakland. Yeah Eric curry. A lot of remember. Those names and out and -- hands. Had that debt -- grade was Jews they would they would dominate the south -- all west would dominate the north. And every agency -- not only what do you what do state beat you -- in a GC retorted -- championship. But what I would -- to go to the national level now sits there it's kind of beta shift. Does that -- a coast teams Jones. Obviously Gulf Coast though that David David readers out -- and yeah pearl river dude AB's down an act or -- out. In the late eighties and -- NASCAR Rivera had -- caught our. Who -- -- he would go to play wood that lands Indiana per of the high school in -- and make -- -- -- and he also in Provo. Yeah I am not and I -- not from the -- -- Zack Crockett bladed it. Zach -- -- can't be an idiot another -- that -- outcome might it was one of the top like picks for. Oakland he was from Louisiana saint Thomas More in the winter Jones if frosting with Joseph mile walk he would miss -- -- -- has got along well history's great ju co player no doubt about it great. -- man I really liked about it but just real quick about -- if they don't you know that. -- You need you to say about the money got a couple of big -- yeah. -- Want to Eric Decker you can't be allowed to do. Debbie and they'd win it did they they really -- want doughnuts that's kind of one of those is it's a mental thing to LSU kind of beat state or even get a -- field may have a close. A parent you know a few years ago but. Patrick Peterson a game in Dahntay Jones just with some remarkable plays down restricted LSU came up be. They want that but we'll see what happened September 28. In a Death Valley when the bonus of the take colonial that you Titans as the Tigers opened up SEC play at Mississippi State before they -- wrote at -- for our thanks a must Jim handle on the news Steven -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At 3 o'clock almost say it's -- you WW but he.