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8-23 5am Outdoors with Don Dubuc

Aug 23, 2014|

Don gives you the hottest and coldest places to fishing this weekend. Hear the reports from Don's field reporters.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And you get down the globe picked up his shoes and home alone and old fans in the kitchen do them all and -- yachts didn't know I don't know. -- -- -- -- In the moment. And a Saturday night. -- -- -- Saturday morning good Saturday morning to young gun -- welcome aboard to the outdoor show on full what is going to be hot hot sticky day don't know what you did. This week I got a chance to get out and check on some -- stands and clears and shooting lanes. A by the time it got to be 9 o'clock and unbearable brutal handles all win list woods got to tell you though. Miss those fronts now we need limits on its August for sure and -- certainly feels like you're gonna have highs today in the mid tied -- these. And quiz in the heat indices will be -- somewhere around a hundred degrees -- not much rain cloud cover so be prepared if you are ahead about a get something done today that they even fishing reports have been ought to come by people just don't want to get out there yet in two. Anyway there are lots of events going on now this morning looking around the state we have the next in Louisiana -- what a series -- all of those of you who. Listening to us now of the delta marina in empire those teams to fishermen looking for the two slot and he is slot -- -- We'll have the results of that for you next to follow later on today a place where I'm going to be I wanna invite you to come on by him. And take part in is the sixth annual deer extravaganza. Expenses feed -- -- Highway 25 in Folsom. I -- -- about 10 o'clock this morning coastal to clock -- -- as a servant launch from eleven to one I sure hope. Sweet daddies barbecue for a little while since I had some of that I'm hoping to Banco my idea process -- -- going to be there was some. Here -- samples who have some -- sauces and different things for you to pick on. Also a lot surprises -- to register to win a grand prize that given away savaged to seventy rifle with a scope would that be nice. To walk away -- today muck boots that you -- coolers I've seen -- fertilizer. And lots and lots of great deals to see -- guest speaker. -- more probably the most well respected white tailed -- expert in the state of Louisiana. He will be giving two presentations. Are one will be honing the -- The other will be food plot management. His presentations a schedule that 1030 and 1 PM. So that Spencer's team and seen our highway 25 and Folsom I had on up there and get read capitals prize is -- a good time out there. Later tonight. 114 pelican state. Friends of the NRA banquet is going to be -- is the largest chapter of the NRA in the state. -- it's going to be crown plaza hotel and that proves it right near I ten in college drive. Things get started doors open at five dinners at 715. And you know the drill they'll be raffles and auctions in non -- of membership is being signed up there is so if you are -- friend of the NR AA. Might wanna put that down you list thing this will be the 21 thing you've been doing that -- awful long time. Well it's time to start looking ahead at some of the hunting seasons and I got some calculations you for your. Believe it or not we're only fourteen days away from the Louisiana dove season opening day. We are 21 days away from the Mississippi gulf season that will be gowns of day afternoon to him. I'll tell you details on how to get signed up for that were also 41 days away from Louisiana teal season and has been some sightings have had some reports. We are 39 days away from the post season and 42 days away. From the small game squirrel and rabbit. And of course we're only about seven days away from LSU and Alabama football who cares about the rest anyway we -- -- -- stuff coming up very soon. Weather forecast that soldier is going to be hot highs in the mid. I'm nineties and lows will be in the seventies right here it's hubris cathedral a broadcast studio in the woods. It's a bombing 77. Degrees when looking for northwest winds to start off five to ten. Southwest later in the morning and afternoon sees only going to be one to feed off to a good chance to get out to some of that offshore fishing. Could be a slight and I mean any slight chance of showers and thunderstorms sometime this afternoon. In by tonight those winds will be out of the west which is -- out dominant. Win -- this whole Salma mostly has been west winds. That continues all the way until about Monday and in most ought to get some east win. Light though five to ten Dotson scat showers and thunderstorms typical. Summertime weather forecast pat let's jump right -- to hope they'll Louisiana's if we can get -- reported to from England Sanchez -- -- -- that none of the oak Glen up -- what I hot week we have and it looks like a hot weekend ahead. Good morning. It is it's it but it most -- you know. Thank you talk about you -- them and actually that they can chose to follow it to that there's no coup who led government -- -- gonna app. That. Yeah and it's been hard to get -- reports -- people just seem likely they just don't wanna get up there and do it -- they do they show it trips up pretty good. Well you know bewildered at exactly right. It go out early library come back and get that. And then I have a -- be accompanied temperamental get those reports they keep coming back any intention it must be to launch opted. -- -- -- But the guys the guys who. Go out there working audit would appreciate the votes on people this struggle. You know which. It's been inconsistent here. Ill very much to say that this at least. What would be your best suggestions somebody cast and speckled -- no we're we're getting close to the time where. The transition is gonna start but no we're not there yet so how far and what direction should people go drop. How it's -- A -- LY. -- many and -- public interest can't barrier island interred in fort barrier it eager camera and I'm not less Wear and you know use that. And an odd smile and dished out around you aren't sort of bench you know are submerged or in the book in the -- Source of beta agricultural classic under -- care to do everything do you figure that. You know and all fresh water trick is when when water temperatures and attempt to get real hot. Try to fund issue try to find a move in water as a moving -- a little bit more comfortable form and I think that probably going to be key today. He can find some models will choke points on our drop off -- -- wouldn't -- it's going to be move little bit. Instead it's just that that flat sit especially when you get close to the -- change it is not much water movement at all. The bottom of water movement -- finals thank you be more successful and fun with this possessed with a baked fish. Air or either cable oxygen network anywhere -- toward a move and so. You definitely have more cherish it more -- going to be there so you're actually get -- -- aren't just like there where the water is dead used pictures to our. He had to find out more who wore a little bit deep water drop box. You know oyster beds. Yeah most good thing isn't anywhere else seen any storms on the horizon I mean as some disturbances on the -- but then not too concerned about that right now but I mean it looks like we're gonna have pretty -- a rain free day now when you do get them. There's been some -- intense storms dropping a lot of weather's like you do need to keep guy on the horizon for that you know big black clouds develop -- -- you know. -- -- -- -- District as Greg just respect it if it pitches over at chapel where you article creation go the other way and it'll move and you go there. You know so it's it's just go run around the the stress slight panic about it full technical application after Galarraga Atlanta you have against a deal. Right exactly -- it you know we we talk about you know people. And going out there and sometimes not being prepared in the wintertime and got to be -- in the summertime to you know you got to him bring his sunglasses bring -- -- big broad bill floppy hat -- a lot of guys look like bank -- you know to cover up the face of all it comes stuff that it. The very fair -- you need the sun screen out there. And of course that that the bug repellent you know people -- on the short south that I know you don't you Wear jeans and -- with -- -- -- -- -- Well it's green it flies a man loves a conclusion that you. You gotta have the right stuff it's going to be able survive but there's stuff. That's right in -- -- it and then maintain it Everett liquid. You know army got a you don't have water harbor boat either or whatever your -- that -- -- and stay accurate. Carries. And Larry are able and that's another -- people realized. When you -- stationary. Think that would need to -- -- what you water plus it's totally in the ice stay in -- I quit -- -- that -- about you know and you know and I mean. You know -- -- -- you have an accident not a real quick intellect and -- partner like soccer. -- side you know -- we talk about how strange a year this is being you know another strange thing this year. For some reason it just doesn't seem like that the trial want to croak his this year like they have in the past and all that is comedy here. -- put a croak of free lined up that -- on those platforms and just get -- human existence seem like. And that's what they want it's more more shrimp this year. Around here it always its troops. You know -- -- brokers and that the -- a couple of current issue at play it's. You know you'd you'd have to be a limit to croak and -- croak and you hear Yukio notably croak is it. So -- -- -- is girl strip and make them more troops. Sheriff you know that's extra point to -- -- -- -- -- didn't really want to -- -- everything and scurried this year. Our discredit everything relates. This listening well predict in a very very cold winner on if you heard but the thing is going to be even colder last year. We're in the I -- is what you know is that whoever is where Dugard currently. I am. You know yeah. Clearly well and it might have -- to do over I will say and what that may outlet and yeah verified. Course say they catch it do you know you know then they hear from people. Well I'm sure they didn't know what you know our consulate saying they can't predict the weather there today to march yet they're and they. Well as dual what you -- you go ask any maybe it would be dropped to -- it sort predictable -- really major. And the guys that know -- -- it would be at the ticket touts at the Baylor. You know on the -- -- like Mecca. -- -- Urlacher and actually. And a year ago Glenn try to stay cool -- Brandon look it up with you again next week -- -- and coming down a couple of weeks it's rarely hear our special guest just has come and on the mutual we're. Mike hawks. Well my costs channels and news guy is canceling their solution. -- to finish. So we're an agreement with Jackie my -- -- It would endear. Him. -- you're not always teach him how to teach him how to cancels audience. But -- a lot of we have half as much volume as we did with Clancy Dubose and check for a it was via via blasts and I'll always good art and architecture. Or. A rarity. In -- well we'll do it again but thanks to report Glenn is always we've reached. Man they -- where her partner. We are quicker bigger so we get everything. I -- -- early trailer or you liberals late entry you're gonna -- You ought to -- your without. Yeah the. Let Sanchez at the Britons -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I get. -- Yup in and it's emotional on the plane and stuff right now area yet on the map that the ball is navigated that we get those days. And continuing election he wanted it any Obama -- that absorb Pyrenees bachelor and I think we're being what is. So we do your people know -- preparing. I got the phone on the yet I got everything -- -- -- -- -- no doubt creep up on quick. But it just. You only in spirit social thing. You heard about that big lament that that girl shot up in Alabama. And Mandy stokes is -- -- she's from Thomasville Alabama on the Alabama river she shot with this thing in as the new world record. It was fifteen feet long and weighed 1011. And a half pounds but -- questioned whether that is actually in new world record you know we have on our books. In Louisiana about marsh island. In 1898. Took in nineteen point two alligator arms that month that refuge down. Now I can't find any pictures along with any cameras back and 1898. But it's incredible about whether that one -- you know in really there's no official you know -- -- article about way. And the way plus the land than wit there's no real news official record nothing imminent that is one. Huge gave him you know it's gone viral it's all Albany and then it is yeah yeah it was a huge -- old 1000 pound -- -- I am -- here in the hall in what are our. Phase you know and about. Oh decision do the math argument on a number flight human fly annals of the day yet permit. And -- -- -- -- bit. Outs being made similar trial concerns the need and that for me he answered the historic championship yet in -- At that moment in the had been where -- actually you could react around. In your -- under. I mean it was in Richmond and and bounce -- Just can't challenge it. That alone and now. -- loss -- well. About saying who we've been really well that it is the best. That's trophies around -- bore all the promises. We want them look at the bigger ones. Are very -- -- -- you know. About it they've been fourteen inch fish in particular announced its own problems like that and that we in most advocated -- our top floor. You know as if those suspended the little. Apart and grabbing last week which is suspended -- but knocked down little small. Double bogey. Is straight in and it -- -- -- because and bad news -- I think and 830 and there are probably. -- -- excitement around. It concerns about what is this those closely in the pocono -- try. Is this and do nothing. Really tough a lot of small market -- and mullah. A lot of rain and you know activity. You know bird -- -- -- The military and they're everywhere it is you know the -- -- actually happen. On the -- And most realistic. They're there late in the income rose. Because so -- New Delhi alone and that the nicest human. And yeah -- little bit. Committee yesterday yesterday recorded and -- -- -- -- anymore and so as aggregate arena today -- I got until recently not today in it but reached. -- well it -- it is back to put it back early years -- about the soaring at a by the -- that's -- -- that change your contract is made a couple of buddies alive recently and it -- it and I think on. So -- -- did this happen trauma. Partner today you know future -- around like opening day on my. Walk across Strobl. But -- the Lebanon -- trawler also. On occasion in the back and change. You can't. And and you get it you don't do it and keep can't. Actually I like yeah I mean is it. I think the business that couldn't you -- box Patricia. Something minute ago in -- votes -- the you know load and then eat it or you know -- month and half and had been legal yes. -- you -- been looking at these -- and I was kind of wanted to model excel littlest might be good nominee it'd be able to spot those big schools if there on the big schools surrender. -- and they and they had learned is that thing. Not that are consistent you can't bank on. Would you do it will lead us and comic absolutely and you know there relieve them by Nicaragua kicked out Peterson well back. Make capacity there -- I you know in the land -- -- Every now and those who like the previous you know on that -- -- under -- bang that he's in the pot leader and you know -- -- stay in the but just haven't really made this cycle like it did the last years and be really big big coup. So it's but it could change taken me today. You know under any crystal clear idea maybe that'll I guess two and when they're not they're actually in west and their penetrating. That this beautiful spoke out of the tablet will be back. -- Well that's -- good thing about that the plane trip you know you stand in waist deep in the water and so you become state. The people who keep degrade coup making because of the -- Am -- -- point two with a -- in the current movement and -- a -- in the gulf floor that you get through it -- you get that yeah as well water as they move it and it. Dubbed a walking out get -- -- -- arms and actually he bit a coup in. You -- about -- beat Manny really it's comparable I mean it. Dehydration. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's gonna let that man in the open and everything goes with the law and as much bishop -- and think about out in the center around here aren't in power in. Themselves -- going to be unproductive year. Do you bloated and an instrument and Edgar Padilla around there and that's gonna change and I'll get that child move around and it should move there and so. And it can vote for that also in the it's just step in join. So it's you know I had somebody asked me how many people continue to take them and you got extra -- planes available if you need him what's the biggest group you could take element line. Well to keep it where I have control I was at two tore him up and I am not my my action on the -- -- -- to six but -- Meehan and he careful and very very. But I'm actually shop and to a situation now some Selma playing with a bigger or. So not find that a market right now and that it would and it -- In the from the -- it's on the bigger planes and then bring it on home level. All like one of those -- is that you can only fifteen people listen Gloria Lou and one of those last couple weeks ago men -- and are they want those on nice and organize there and you can put a lot of -- -- -- a lot of and that's that's important you know. Yeah critics remain and I'd go about. Talent and -- in my mind he. My trip to be -- year. You know some people. Think -- -- beavers it's beer also letting you still and allow job and then -- floating -- That happened we have. Activities you know -- Yeah that's the Luke Perry did it is and that really it would -- knows -- talks. Talk about yet the opener and we do not talk about this year because might make about five years and total devastation in. Look treatment. And the united slowly we know when -- funding all the station dot com we can always get Cedeno on FaceBook and on TV and all that stuff that the -- the hotline. When when we open up this weekend. And eyes and and it so that doesn't cause and did -- that that I'm hopeful a grateful arms are excellent for. Yes definitely had an impact of that on the Internet unit but and set it all book that pretty creation record book industry and they cheer them. My views are on stand behind you might yeah might be on the hook I got it. And I. The I will take care of them gust of the few pancakes -- try to stay -- in the -- -- in the and Yemen -- Louisiana man. He's also known as this guy he lives it is. You know three weeks ago I was doing the show from salt -- -- Alaska on fictionalized images check the temperature today it's 48 degrees. You know and I'm thinking about doing it in any input on this there's enough interest in it. You know we do the cajun invasion to Alaska we -- again next -- two weeks ahead you can Momo mobile web page and final month that ago. But I'm wondering if there's enough interest for and why in -- invasion. You know they actually has some pretty good at hunting and of course they finish and so I'm thinking maybe they would do -- -- -- Hawaiian contest in the last luck. Invasion about -- accident doing. I'll research it and where Papa. A special deal like we do for Alaska foothills and you wanna go to shoot me an email go to my web based on the outdoors guy dot com. And disclose the contact button and say yeah the moment just shouldn't -- can come up with and I'll go ahead and in and talked to a few people and if we can get that says I think I'd be pretty -- something else are likely to accompany me on is the -- Dog Day Afternoon. Number two now last year we had a very successful opening game of the season in Mississippi in poplar hill at the crane creek. Hunting preserve great. -- ponson they've they've got. Quail hunts -- -- my bird dog. Gracie and this year MB bring merely up there with a great. But Lance slander and Randy put on a -- good of economy if you could shoot all you -- the limit last year. You know it's honing in -- -- -- going to be this year. But the date has been set for September the thirteenth a lot of music and you know let's open the team policies well you know -- -- season as seal hunting is over early. You'd done by 830 at the latest may be 9 o'clock. And all you do is packed it up. Get in the truck head up the -- -- they'll enjoy great barbecue lunch at a bottle 113012 o'clock. And then around 1:32 o'clock everybody starts Macon await today's shooting positions and now that this but the dove season -- It's a 150 dollars pro gun and include your barbecue lunch. That includes a full afternoon of -- if you wanna get in on this and -- believe it's gonna fill up -- so I would do it today. You can give them call call -- at 601. 916. At 6019166873. -- -- Hunting dot com and -- screen. Like the Byrd securing any creek hunting dot com. And hope you can make it up there were not that far away we've only got like 21 days so it's signed up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the ugly story pure fishing. You'll find him in 22 countries. Especially right here in the little US. Just ruled out joins us and Jeff congratulations on human Rodney Taylor you off when all identical Alabama money back home Louisiana. You know yeah it is that they get to get my -- was still cuddly -- oh -- we count on little -- that we had a bit. And I fit in pretty much is Greg and his foul play or around point that Celtic element. In different here is we -- that it's a way to bit but it also used. Recorder out single Colorado that are pretty and talk Pete keepers but look for a better it come out that in -- -- Exactly where is that spot little bit. Well there is -- -- in the bill. Alabama in the northwest corner itself the -- That's small enough great Diego and -- here I think that he. Got a minute -- -- more than the other on some of -- them along river chain type like the trauma. Let me tell and -- threat of war and -- more around the shape to them but they're not fit people typically partial -- run for a hundred -- That -- put it fits that's the slightly as. Thirteen sixteen achieved that that fullback we got atletico went out there on the court into the night. That is -- -- that. But thankfully -- got the Tampa Pitt being passed around and make their picks them out of Cambodia in the slot but blah it's Kentucky that's. A spot that in its biggest story it's and you get plenty -- -- and insist on that. Yes I'm like great little place. Well how mock up closer to your own neck of the woods unarmed pro rebel country does -- in this economy. The left that money right now so it's like everything else well that's saying that -- -- in the middle -- Middle -- is -- -- part. That kind of thing goes down here this week without our principles commentary proportion. I can tell you there's turn Jason. Sort -- jump in -- where it's. All everywhere. You want kids playing this thing could zone and they can do that and then on the reverse and look for. That can be unit this ball at the plate the report the little girl. That you wanted to hear -- or early on some point. They closed the bank can you get -- the channel they're welcome to read this -- -- that they they went from. That that the work that money in and you can -- is that there that is the that's not that -- it pays the in the currency to that he the Korean War it. And Hamas have big area. -- -- basin was going on there -- still drop the. It's down to about that pretty much now when you look at -- server. Table it's pretty much it's still sad table that -- condemn that that the bottom. It is getting the market because it's certainly you know that it shouldn't everywhere. Warned that -- -- -- are at sixteen point one -- for the point to one tidbit that. -- stringer for the found -- that he. But there -- a lot thirteen fifteen pounds barriers that are bedding -- dropped off to that in the eleventh twelfth outrage. The reports are accurate and putting a small. Bad for the support fitness quality very pattern in the. Now you got some good reports on -- but there's some caution is August and dredging on illness somewhere. Don't talk to a couple of good this week and they really -- to Ottawa beat them this year at that right from the dot Kerio and Graham southeast. The -- speaker when -- courtroom and some of these. But he's a program -- others. That says the series if you -- because they don't underestimate. You know that that the -- in the -- spot in the kind of spread the mountain. They get some of those channel through -- Reasonable -- well on not marked at all. -- not mark valley got a little bigger tracks from -- Q they ran last year in Iraq and upon stuff that it's -- Ian Kennedy magic stuff. So just be careful when you get answered you know write anything even -- human -- -- -- opinion this year entry you've caught and run around and that the -- -- good you know the fortune good the record them that blows immediate. Should start bringing in February and outlook for on the quality and best. Yeah -- going to be some good tumbles advance in recognition sure. Jeff what's coming up on tournaments market. That's September 6 we got that chance that from the individual permanent ago for Emerson that. Bunkers and -- also could begin with team termed it a proper Clinton. All right so someone wants to get their tournaments they got some planned for the fall -- -- -- -- -- and get some publicity for them or they wanna check and make -- the -- conflicting with another tournament in that same it's always good to -- his side. -- how to get the. Mark dot get a weekly reporter to. Think out of the last few weeks is what that he is innocent until that you get your site. And Waco credit report there city. All right sounds good just one last question I noticed the water's been funny looking call live by the calls it looks like it might be some -- -- and now will -- on on anybody talked inflation -- -- -- Do you reports late I think there would be -- all the way -- that instruments is that the so it's -- right now. That we get it. Couple weeks equally and well as they took over Iran -- into the spotlight is going to be good this fall the -- more time right now to -- -- Let them -- about your own body liberties so the world that where they're gonna show people which prompted statement meaningless amniotic at least -- -- these creeks. The nominee Canada Italy. All right good stuff as always are you gonna maybe make -- step up dispenses to us this afternoon assumption. -- dynamic -- that four days ago we actually treatment mentioned -- in the parliament -- that would follow it up to about three -- off so I won't make -- -- -- -- and then there's so well and that -- -- so. I'll cells we did available in good luck on that -- -- and -- -- -- Right Jeff room. Here's what you thought about Berkeley and a vision of fuel efficient. And for a grand -- -- what we go to captain Darryl Coppertone real scream is not common -- on the -- -- season looks like it has come and gone let's start with that -- shut down on Monday. -- -- -- Economy. In an -- jacket and they Koppel. We'll probably have -- big enough to where you can -- a definite long enough without the rich or just kill it. I mean that that's the only issue we and that what you're Jack edition and the red snapper everything without a longer route. So close and yet another season or does a lot of -- out there and you know again. Our federal tax dollars at work. How about now on on main growth still still -- them. A man and men grow to be in the saving grace I mean urges the slam and -- that. I mean it's it's Cadillac I've never seen it affords you know like they oval. Just you can almost comical from aluminum while you're somebody -- learning curve and very steep political center. When it comes to. Catch -- but other than that means that they are saving grace we've got a couple of -- -- about you know your average out a couple of Soviet troops were a little bit album bat but it's typical for this time of the year I would imagine the majority stopped and -- that made -- -- web. In that group formal -- -- -- -- migration back east and -- be you know there will be a date yet -- be judging from what the recurring seasonal. You know this has been one of those you as well I think there's probably been more opportunities offshore boats to get out in that has been a long long time season been pretty well. Yet they have been back in all of this week when he ran we have that -- -- -- -- -- here. Bought it was it was the opera sort of normal and but when -- at the blue water Whitaker and treat disease late -- and you beat a little bit you get beat we'll be getting back or this well. Well we know we got the big bull reds in the along the past is now but how about some speckled -- what would be best advice for speckled -- -- There you best I would say on the you know business. This is a hard time sports spot which I mean -- you -- come program related trial program. That's not -- Happening right now had to -- mornings you know -- we mornings have been good. Everything from him earlier or buys you mostly brought a whole lot of small -- makes BN. But you gotta get it early -- top and it has dropped about 7:38 o'clock and -- shall -- -- we're talking about like. It's it's issues it is on the need you get more volatile year so Nadal here it. We hit -- the afternoon in the world stall it was -- so quiet. Now close to agree with the -- Both agree and now cleaned -- little bit and -- more. Deeply into it and come want to sports all -- -- -- -- -- all morning net to war as well. Yeah well what you got planned that thing. Always and cultural they would go on we go under the mango but -- gotta watch out what you all -- from Arkansas. Little cannot plays records or they're -- and they are true and I'll let we have -- they wanna go see what demand grows about I wanna go compare it to a small -- -- I -- -- Well I really hope I hope they left this small mouth -- gear and home in Arkansas. And Miller anchor while the BB that Monica and we are in the -- it probably took little circle. I gotta tell you for the first fifteen seconds that's want to fight in his -- there is you can you can you can definitely make a -- -- So like broken I have a good day out there. Yes gaps and as you know any on the about it but it is entering this what -- it was Wednesday afternoon it all go out. Probably probably about ten miles operable so it's probably delicate -- or helpful adult and fully grasp on the picture perfect blue water real. And those bonuses if -- -- or helpful wild in the pick and go to the YouTube political Arnold guy. I'm glad you -- that you let you got a new -- sugar and some use out of it. Can you talk about a Cadillac I. Yeah I still see. 121000 dollar over the brand new electronic Symbian dropped felt like UPS two they'll put the Cadillac electronic. Announced it will talk to you next week in the meantime -- it was if you call what's phone number. -- 376. Shoot 88 or enrolling call -- -- call in the last 4 o'clock this flood has executed clean. Tech work through it worked well. All right see you next week we'll be back -- number two right after this.

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