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8-23 6am Outdoors with Don Dubuc

Aug 23, 2014|

Hear the latest on your favorite fishing holes.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our number two or -- -- and this on this August Saturday morning. And even get a lot -- -- before the day in somewhere in the mid ninety's that area and much wind maybe is on and off the north west that becoming more westerly. Probably five to ten knots offshore fishing conditions going to be good actually pretty good time -- most is experiential over a foot. So this and that water movement -- they just don't deal with the heat and it's going to be an element to deal with them embodies trying to human hunting season and it's a miserable in the woods this time of the year with the boats and -- no breeze blown out there. Gotta do literally on got to get it done equally. Do one invite you to come by to dispenses the agency and in the sixth annual view extravaganza. In any type equipment all. -- -- defiance them on -- -- items is going to be a lot or prizes. Get details of stories and tell some lies about -- season. 10 o'clock program with the Dave -- a retired wildlife and fisheries biologist. I'm Dave and answered just about any questions and he puts things in such a logical make sense and away. Great guy that talked to -- he might wanna get a copy of this book -- a couple of books now pertaining to deer hunting in Louisiana -- -- music foremost expert. One white -- you running in the state get a chance to meeting there on highway 25. If you can find Folsom look -- to a 300 pick -- trucks parked outside and can't miss it right over literal we gonna talk to Ryan Lambert about that -- three. Use time he has offering doing that well opening weekend that the country you they want the list is get along. Now we get a lot of people entering signing up to do that will be making drawings that. I'll also will check out our opinion poll in -- at that right now. -- this up now for several weeks we got another week to go into -- with -- its pretty interest. This was a lot of discussion lately about charting guides and what they should be able to do not do with that these that they personally catch. So we put this question to our audience and here's the results right now. Over -- 51 and a half percent said. It's okay to catch and give their limit today it cost us. 13%. Said that the guy should only be able to catch their limits for personal use. And this is a little bit surprised 35%. And the people -- Don't believe that a guy should be able to catch fish at all. While they're being paid as a finishing. Get your vote in you got about another week to do it down the -- there -- guys dot com and while you're there. Much interest in stuff I'll -- links to other sites we've got to malls and pretty and products in fact I'm gonna have some. Some new and exciting product will be adding over the next couple weeks you might want to check back there. Also -- Louisiana outdoor writers association we recognize the use hundreds of the year of the male and female. We've got this stories we've got if photographs. Also the winning photographs and essays in the use journalism contest. Have been posted this what you might wanna check that out the radio photo this week actually it's not several pictures from our. Alaskan -- invasion in the one you see me holding there. Is what they call sock guy red -- And this is a beautiful official look at the -- Providence it's what they call right this finish was lying. And lying mean. They've got -- there on a mission to head north and spawn and die. And you have to actually were on the line through the fish's mouth open. Set the hook in ruling in if you if you snagging. In detail one dorsal fan on your plate got to be released that particular -- she's -- -- was gorgeous color green and it bright red body. That is not one you wanna keep because the meet you at that stage. Is just much I mean -- thesis on its debt and basically. The ones and have a little bit less color to them that's the -- wanna keep anyway there's a lot of pictures of salmon and Halliburton and some of those rockfish and all those from -- agent in Asian trip. I was on three weeks goals might want to check that out of some recipes. And lots of other information also if you wanna listen to this program if you miss it. You're out early this year and knowing you didn't get up in time and you wanna go back. All of our radio shows archives go back and listen to him you can listen to him live as well as the TV features -- -- game report. That airs on dug -- real television the world at 6 o'clock Thursday news is there. As well as paradise Louisiana units and are the full one hours ago. Lots of stuff to see -- Tuesday. And see and don't as we got coming up let's go on knock on the door there at the spots and dots -- councils all by union -- Valencia captain Mike Gallo is home name. You money. And I'm standing. Out at spots and I -- Wait on customers -- you wait to get his position let's jump in the bull you know. Jacked -- him in -- quote. They're put ice in the boat put on our guys are in the boat and will be out shortly. You have done a wonderful job of what radio -- all it's called you know the mine and you have just created the vision of what's goals -- -- you did it perfectly I can see. Well -- equipment out and more he killed my. What's the plan going to be today trip across leg -- may -- That's exactly we are going to get across the board I've been doing -- on the -- judicial -- like -- Not been real vantage bonded oracle a lot of data -- push -- -- in areas where -- apps including moving water. Look suppose or look for lots Somalis. Setup give it ten to fifteen minutes -- -- moment. Annual -- five -- six out of one holes five or six -- And then start to Adam's -- -- that -- all in. We know the pockets are too deep or -- would be for college and then just duplicated throughout the martian Perino again. You've got to limit back in I tell you what though you know conscience train has been such a disappointment this year I don't know whether we can change -- name that did see. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing is ending. Light at the end of the tunnel any bright spot you've heard from the -- like. There I haven't heard anything from the big lake its shelves are we got a couple of things -- -- simultaneously. -- one to -- a deeper slow sort aren't getting a lot of fresh water coming through the volatile walks which goes directly in Italy born. And programmers -- So we're not -- -- lot for war days. Which is a lot to get some good clean salt water in error. Now I'm hearing reports of -- respect -- being caught. And it's just like we're doing and what to -- Because it wanted to keep more and maybe -- So to me those fears that simply. Aren't big enough to sprawl on in late may and June. But -- -- we saw. So it makes us think vote chart started migrating and I still think the troubled world what is wrong. -- -- -- and I think they'll continue on until the full moon in September. And Jim Woolsey and start to migrated. And -- should be some bigger. But you know we have. We have not had any southeast wouldn't you know knowing I'm looking at this forecast northwest and west later tonight west tomorrow west -- northwest again Sunday night and not until sometime around Monday. Is that gonna become easily at all. Right right and you know what I do believe that the -- final hole -- what it but with those. Low. That's a lot less resistance. You know -- going out. Utley and towards the -- as most -- tried to come in real strong and all. Really. Water's beautiful green water in like one -- -- across from -- greatly to say about you Biloxi. And there's that beautiful as we call it -- green water. About everywhere -- -- sort -- out there which just matter. You know it today stressed the -- Sure Sherlock on the western shoreline like -- these -- And the deeper passes as -- Bullets and here in a lot of strong still being taught she treated and the occasional speckled Trout that's cheap. And then you when you guys been for the city regional Mississippi's economy enjoyed a pretty good speckled Trout season this year when you go on their -- -- the northern -- close off blocks in Washington eventual further recent trying to -- solution that way. That's where you're the majority of -- -- from those exterior. And on the eastern edge of the -- -- you know the copper -- brush island oh. And those various. Those aren't -- small island and yeah well long winter months speckled follicle and would people used on me. Sure it won't be long we'll be right here in particular. Well -- with today's. I have lead down internal ministry and trying to Olympic Games in but. Is that fish -- yet this has our report that tension with the guys. A couple of newcomers. And are kept in GM has played Agassi. Whipped a room from crude that -- It's a Mardi Gras crew and put on little torn. And they're gonna -- at such a big efficient. Roll. Well I think they'll have the success -- time doing now I don't think that's going to be a problem fund revision blocks in March got to be pretty place okay TO report seen any -- trips over them. I have not seen anything you as yet. But I -- you know it taught me well -- oh. Looking for. How about triple -- Our I have good news to report are pleased with -- Prager on -- And he -- his first triple. A nicely about little over ten times. Well so he's still haven't first that -- -- -- -- -- ethnic and he wouldn't think you'd run out of first by the time to make it men that have that it goes -- -- is always something new. Here's my issue no issue. Now was surprised that. I saw triple chaos on the program that we don't. I sit here that -- took -- -- So accurate arm on and so they also caught -- -- -- -- he's still object catch them in the -- You know. I'm like come on let's get going out they'll know it's get lights on the hit the water so if somebody wants to get a hold you -- you know things -- to slowdown will -- -- school and football starts so -- should be opened up and a few bad. You've had a busy run the last -- -- good thing had that little vacation you took. You need it and. Yeah we got several captains to take you out and put you on some footage. We enjoyed it's what we do so we look forward to trick people out share our experiences. -- demand better -- just like you know that's what to report all about cheaply can help somebody else on the war. That they've walked first class. Classroom experience from join us on the boat we'll show you which can catch as many positions we can easily defined. -- outdoors guy dot com. But he called my office why not make. 7817811. I'd bring money ice and though we'll catch up with you again next -- in my right terrible partner. Thanks so much we appreciate it I want my news reports brought to buy seats so you know 169 bucks a whole year of peace of mind. If you even run out of fuel bring it to you know jump start your battery built so you win 24/7 unmanned you have to officially middle of the night you get stuck that come get chipped. Seat -- told dot com. Or pivotal call call -- 800 the number four seats ago. As some -- paddle those reports brought you -- into the back -- two locations got one in Baton -- scale one in Lafayette the next one's going to be checked them out they've got all the accessories you can double want fishing kayaks -- kayaks largest selection of Kobe Bryant anywhere in the state. Main street in river ranch that's the Lafayette location Jefferson highway across from -- -- that's the one in Baton Rouge. Brendon -- ought to member of the buy you coast kayak fishing club jones' and Brendan you just can't say enough about how successful. Last weekend's ride the bull was it broke its own record. And the young lady ones -- beat 731. Of 32 other fisherman the women on what a great time out. It the sports -- certainly the ride the bull it taken the world right by storm it's real that we do in it just continues to drop -- How successful it is every year any rate that the great -- or being. The event like a big festival for everybody to come out everybody have a chance to win it. This is sort of full -- two -- -- showcase the sport cry this year. A relatively. You know close. Easy peak in two department. Setting with you know a big party like atmosphere a lot of big pitch to catch. Well wanna congratulate -- Le Roy from them running she's the champion to you know hard she experienced that surely she just lock up and test at 26 -- -- Nokia. Really great fishermen and to lure we Vietnam. -- those that actually -- the -- in the same location a couple of we kept it. She's been in the club for a few years at least and those two are very active in the in the cloven -- brilliant actors. They have a unique. -- school that they travel around the country and to a lot of promotion compatible -- there. They're preparing go and -- -- It was certainly a great victory for her where there structure. She actually on a palpable -- -- -- paddle board which is you know pretty much a big surf board with Obama in an Irish sit on it. To -- thing in the you know she had really good down there should get that they were to the credible and let -- get it. Who can follow up ground. -- you surprised that one -- six found one that I was. Yeah. You know a couple weeks ago. The repetitions. Over there would be you know a lot thicker and and we're kitchen -- you know between. Two that would -- -- I'd say we caught. You know already. But -- Over two days between just are explore -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Were released stacked up on Friday. The date for the bull locks people orchestra and its own server it that it that work there group. You never knew I was just -- anecdote and -- and it was only. 2425. Ish car and haley's in -- bet that the U. Congratulations to -- Right now this heat is got to be counterproductive. For a shallow water panel of that water temperature is going to be Boylan in close. Yeah it's it's really years to you know auction you know you'll love it to do with our elbows but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's one of those things you're -- record indoor really early really late -- early. Is better in my opinion because that water. Has all right to cool down her so late -- -- -- it works you know just finished. Being here all day. I'm like -- out there you know about. Or clock -- -- it light. On to opt for a little a couple of hours let that sunrise -- Catch a few hours and get off a war -- and you know reprieve from the year. Yeah sounds like a good plan. Bicycles kayak fishing club what's an accident coming up. Cult and look at this year it's going to be the golden and it smacked him which takes the place the -- attack will be like Cuba. Rotate Buchanan and changed changed things up ever want one that -- with the permanent director and chicken being. New opinion there -- to explore and and get them. -- different. Different opportunity you know. With people that don't areas much to shake things up with the angler of the year -- That'll be a couple weeks these -- two or three weeks away. And contestant took gold medal here at the base there. And -- that for a string -- read -- are currently at the finish. And we should have -- the current event in. A car from. Five reds in three -- interesting combination there for the vote for the limits. Arm and course information in DC KFC dot org I'm sure everything's for the registration and details. It -- also lifting there's we're in now. So the word earn their remarkable. -- -- -- or re paving the road. To be. Contact want that little extra -- to the great little Eric who -- -- army year. Did you Dutch -- go on and -- entries were acceptable lecture. Reef building. Boxes and it's a pretty little -- to catch it ought to read it bet there -- a lot of trial. That it. Just take a little extreme right there but he the church and school and grant them all back at the treatment such -- -- Because right to the tax credit paid -- car. When you lose network. Called the road there and think they're going to anti abortion help from our. There is -- it -- on right now can go down there you know pitcher trucks stuck or after heavy rain thing. -- Also to -- yeah it's close to the east end of the island exactly time moment -- it. Look I know you've landed on gonna throw some scum frogs from -- over in Chico area but I wanna tell ya I don't know if you -- word on this on Tuesday September 2. They can be drawn down Chico late to get it all led vegetation that's in there. They're not gonna close it but you know of course it won't affect kayak is as much -- the those voters the -- lanes and not gonna. At the -- struggles on the war of structure that they normally have -- people need to be aware that they are going to be drawing down equally some. Yep yep definitely it gets he gets pretty we need to from the year. You know it's the cool goodies that you are kind. We we just you know go through some little pockets I don't know little out of Kabul area and a -- the public get into. Downpours -- -- you and becoming jaded towards the most I've never room a lot of votes were like fish. Is really up and people who -- But pushed pretty. -- back in the -- it's all current -- a little -- if you will that's kind of go there. You know -- -- really mechanized and Nancy. Yeah -- You know it's but the Butler mentioned did it -- said that we need to get drawn every year and a negotiated before that. Brandon good report as always we appreciated and will catch up with him a couple weeks. And in video on a few reporters for up paddling report. How well -- -- -- -- -- banquet season is getting underway we've got one coming up next Thursday the 28 that will be the saint charles' past chapter don't have location of the information that you can get it by going to ducks dot org on the list the mall there O'Brien broke will lose the contact person. Final four -- 93176641. Thing when you go to a ducks a limit the banquet that you look for a special item that's going to be up for auction. It so it's kind of the take off on my prayer to the patron saint of -- you've -- Check it out there will be offered for auction of all of you banquet -- -- recently the US official wallet service in the Missouri Department of Conservation had an undercover investigation they named operation wrote house as part of this they. As some federal offices operated. -- paddle fish also Moses who built catfish -- business the undercover officers -- panel face to people. Who interested in buying them one of which was the leaks -- -- 49 of Aurora Colorado. Who pleaded guilty to illegal trafficking of paddle fish. And a violation of the Lacey act which of course is moving from one state to another illegally gotten game with fish. He admitted that he traveled from Colorado to Missouri. In his co conspirators met with the undercover agents who opposing his fisherman. And so they were gonna fish for paddle -- in the conversation. They exchanged telephone numbers and Arabic told the agents to call him if they caught a panel finished. The next day they arranged to purchase female paddle fish from the agents. And a day later Arabic in the co conspirator went fishing with the agents. Doing the trip they went over the Missouri daily take limit. They kept the paddle fish cross system -- removing the aches from the carcass. In further process that takes -- may have real. Arabic in the other co conspirators then took the paddle fish and that aids from Missouri to Colorado. Under the plea agreement. Arabic was sentenced to three years probation and a 5000 dollar fine and he shall not finish or a company annual fishing anywhere in the world. Doing that term of this three year probation. 500 hours of community services also tacked on to the sentence of Felix Arabic 49. Aurora Colorado. Bad boy of the Al two hours. I don't remember paddle fish -- -- -- Protected species of Louisiana you can't keep two of them over thirty inches or recreational purposes. But you cannot keep alive remember that you have to kill almost finished and there's no snagging a lot of its meg. It has to be released. I gotta go fishing down in platinum is fashion pretty soon if you're on hunting down in Iraq Olympic keeps up that it'll what's going from his cajun fishing -- -- with a big on trees are going right around woman pool captain Ron what's gone on the day. Well it happens what is the government -- just don't know what to do every day that I'm telling you got a full lockdown. Yeah you don't -- -- Every -- he's been good just China's which one do we do you know we shall we get these guys they should get this. -- -- -- -- Where that -- squeezes that both great and I'll I'll bulk -- sightings any signings yeah it was you know a couple of weeks now. It yeah it is healing here. Model books like created the record books are unbelievably good. I mean I'm happy camp are just not know how many days -- very thing they wanna do. Well we Vietnam awful lot of entries coming in and use duck hunting weekend that you set up and -- thank you for doing that is very generous of you to give up July junior guides and Elise and everything to bring some kids that maybe -- otherwise would get a chance to get introduced to the sport of duck hunting and the difficult part is going to be dog cutting it down -- that's one of the lucky ones -- gonna get ago. Yeah -- it's such committed trees you know I don't think it's going to be ought you know. A lot of young people don't want a generation ago and yet it's all. You know -- executive is caller we view this. Taken it generates demand come here and what to do it -- Certain that are in efficiently and I mean it's. It's -- that is so ingrained in our culture it is hard to believe that the vehicle weight and they predict not just got -- overture you know. Well we only 21 days away from it and meantime we just got to keep on but not put all that -- discussed inflation -- her -- and the best east the west side looks like the Winslet she going the way you want. -- the east is in the best curriculum. So -- -- -- -- I'll go to -- But we run in the follow so it'll throw. And led to be taken out of the object so word. That that they would get in a couple of bullets in court so they Google book it. It Jack about it cork on Lee and it's topical percent report comes to one's position and so it. He looks to discuss that could -- low rated good checks get -- been with. It's it's been very very good garbage trip and we did get to look at this in Eden it's. It's unbelievable which can do you know what goes -- but this is great -- -- they get a lot of the credit right now. Brought -- -- below last -- goes on to shore up and in a -- though it -- -- his feet don't like it. Yeah just got to put up with that that he -- sense that you got to deal with this time medium. Well you know -- in -- that day. The world around it and I'm immune to. When you have insulin you know he's -- That's exactly right and particularly you know but this -- you know we had a dog trainer -- -- -- votes make everything part. Making cushions seats formal and everything to the group is you know so. Since that -- yeah it was a well. Fiscal. Now we doubled this year you know he should endure. Record during the that we have but he can't trust -- And so it is it's it is truly the paradise and hopefully we can keep it going that way for a long long time. Political -- -- that when you come. And spoke. He he didn't vote on things. That -- are you -- come right back. And do it all over again while somebody's interested in -- and get an analyst -- limit on the kids all you do they can shoot me you know you look -- responding emails that is -- you know why they think they would be should be selected Google to make -- month. And then we'll notify the winners on that that somebody wants to get book and I know you've got to be broken up now that aren't listening -- sixty days six docs per day. And combination Kasten blasts tell them how to do it. -- it can lead on his own weirder recently incredible aerial picture than just a duck and yes there would be a great in this book. Border regular people to -- Did release will be so -- books of these kids that we saw them -- it was seen that's going to be special to you govern in this right in the currently at there is. Right is why you like to be in the group. And as in Paul will pick the winners on October 15 in twenty years ago very fortunate community that true. And their parents or guardians are welcome the comments observe the -- Yet they keep them in it and change it goes on it blah buckled he's signed who spoke of got -- -- well clear. -- -- -- -- Sounds like a great time again they can give me and on the -- those guys that come. You'll web -- -- cajun -- benches dot com confined Judy you know on my side ways you can do that area paralyzed Louisiana. Lots of ways to close are Obama let's get going and you get a busy day today and -- home in enjoy you know what is Carmen and be real good shielded a testicle back tomorrow. Out of all plans for Iran. Are there aren't here. To talk to you next week it's captain Ryan -- them by the way his reports have brought to you by. -- a golf course that's down on the West Bank it's called green and ridge golf club. It's a scenic courses in the majestic cypress swamp that's right -- close to -- about fifteen minutes from the bottom of the Huey Long bridge if you wanna check it out before you -- out there go to grand ridge golf dot com. Let's take just a Folsom Louisiana beautiful saint Tammany parish dispenses the agency -- Christmas is very busy getting things ready for the opening of the sixth annual -- extravaganza. In every one of them and I'm not expecting anything less -- the best today Curtis thousand shape and up and everything shape and his great. General overview of what's gonna happen when you open the doors Tanzania. Probably -- like play at a pinball machine. If you well but no. You know it's sort of -- though that we've run. I'll -- -- respect those we have alliances serve we have doctor they've -- here to put on two presentations. Anything on it would need to plan his food supplies. Some -- attractive and -- -- purpose it is there's on site that we have been pestered him also. And you also got some -- some hunting guides up there if people want to book some -- some really quality trophy -- opportunities in via. Well I think that's kind of -- yes and -- we will have. It's called to two Brothers slight tail. There's the volunteer Brothers will be represented by at -- camp and needed today. They are confident area they have booked on out there the past two years. Has sold out every year this year is already sold out. That they will be here to exhibit. Some of the books are the kids to those boasted. Had been killed of the genetics are out there waiting to be killed. I want an exciting things you got gone on over there everybody knows if you use scorned for you the Eunice. The price of corn you've got a very special -- you gonna make today. Yes we do and thanks for -- in. I did you know I've been in this been for a long time. And -- increase in price. Ingredients. Grain and all I've just got rocket over the years. With the issue of forces not to see some of that come down -- was one problem. It is the first time in probably five or six years I was able to book -- and what I think is probably -- paired nicely price. Considerable -- in years past and that would be. We're gonna sell it here that -- it -- to pound bags to simply do bag. Anyone can come in honor they can buy bank victim 800. We don't care what -- -- and they can pick it up on the weekend as they go to the camp -- during the week you do not have to take you whip them. And the good thing is that corn that you sell I know Kazaa user is good stuff. It's not dead old -- stuff you wouldn't see the. Hall when no in fact there's -- It is tested injuries demise that this is called about a Murphy Mayo Perino mills where we made -- A tremendous amount or city. And the court has the test to a certain. -- percent to more Q which and don't call it is -- ominously 12%. Anything over that they get rejected. I have no mention -- to my -- yesterday you know relied use your -- regardless of what it cost. Because it's clean it doesn't stop my defeated and jam up the blades in. Chia you're right it's usually good clean and would look for what is on the -- of today. Well while I want -- and -- as they -- you've become the storage place for it comprises the register for. Great food peach of ankles going to be I can't wait a -- way Curtis are like get off the LC up there -- -- at the irony there has been answered his sixth annual deer extravaganza it's got -- there was deer hunt in -- of fines of up. I that's gonna wrap up our network -- we say good bye to our affiliate stations that those of you be staying with this week that two hours of war outdoors on three WL. You can listen to little die on the -- those guys dot com was such a radio dial thirteen 50 AM on the wall and speak in his maximal atop a missile also Brad Pitt is -- very interesting young man a great shooting sports ambassador from Louisiana is gonna tell his story. And we're also gonna get some emails and it's some questions open up the phone lines. And that all a lot more funding goals stick around we're back with that and we'll see you again next week on our affiliate stations 5 AM the outdoors would Don did you radio network.

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