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Aug 23, 2014|

Speakin of Specks and More with Don Dubuc and Todd Masson: the guys were joined by special guests, Dr. Bob Shipp, Ty Hibbs and Kevin Ford.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And joining us is Thomas -- -- beacon of specs and more and I don't know if you had as much problem is I did this week trying to get fishing reports -- seems like. One a whole lot of people will get out there and deal with the heat I don't know whether it was a combination of that and it gives bank in the school and some vacations ending that. They were pretty far and few between. Head on that tell you what I think we're in those dreaded summertime doldrums I think it's. The transition that's kind of the -- not suspect. And the Trout fishing nations. Hey -- so let's particulate and a great summer begin -- but but it seemed like we are entering a transition period and finished. Just starts right now you know it's like they did all of -- on it and someone started inside sultan. Hang out outside and you find them everywhere -- it's not any big numbers than. -- he might catch what are you here there and got who lie. Work ought to maybe put it doesn't fish in the box and promote people logistical work that -- -- burning all the ads ago. Outside to find sufficient. So excited at the top from a year it is every year. That he has man I tell you what you gotta be missed an Alaska right around mountains and there's little past few days it's really really that hot. And so what you hopping on I think -- and that that our spirit grin and bear Burton get through it. Yes so looking forward to the first cool front oval -- which will welcome Bruton. Our September and start lord -- nighttime temperatures get the water temperature down and and help those stairs two at the start concentrating in some more inside areas. Well well -- alternatives enough probably next stop on the accumulated list of some light it fishing piers you know defensive position at night when it gets a little bit cooler. And it becomes effective to position attracted you know the vacation attractive light and it brings in the -- -- mean I've never caught. Big mule trial on the lights I have talked to people who said they have done that in different places. But to me it's always been those nice little small friars you know and they're always welcome and that's one way to beat the heat gets to finish. Yeah absolutely no bring up Q8. Usually -- -- -- monsters under the lights but yet my experience. Kind of matches yours Don it's more the a -- managed just thirteen inch fish. -- you have a lot of throwback with -- also lucky percentage seemed to need it the best white -- is. Typically this time of year it's August September -- maybe it's October. I don't know why that is where it historically is when it it is when it's best in my opinion chill. Yeah that's a great way to beat the key in in getting good action some great places to do what I know talking to doctor Bob -- Even kept its somewhat is docked there -- A tractor also there are some fish. Dipping -- -- strain but the idea that up big and they are I bet the night but. You know if you're not a purist. And get those who listened last we know that. Outlaws on the show. -- I was broadcasting from the appeared and a grandchild my untold spacing. Off the pier catching that and -- throw one out not well -- -- -- shill for the next few hours he literally. Call like Robert almost every -- so I -- some really really nice -- it is an 88 inches in the mix but he also it porting it is dramatic so. That's that's a great option. Particularly people don't don't have a -- That you had down that area obviously get -- -- like that like a week it's. Another get social want to white Trout on -- as well -- stacks as well but. You wanna get down there and go fish off the peer. Very -- stress very easy to do actions past and you know our I don't have a bias against white trot out a lot of people do so people spot of good. You know you you cook -- fresh meat you eat them before you freeze of and there are they're really really I don't see how were you tell there's a white -- -- tryouts so. That's an option but you know he -- respects man man I don't know what it might beat you -- -- Pride and joy and -- data jump on pains and went check out. Lockett RTW. Yesterday afternoon just made a quick little short trip there adopt which specs there. We call eight but. You know had to work for and so it's not not really cap and yet there's little bit earlier. But -- -- to -- had there are so under the wrath on man it's it's just it just -- -- year I'd I'd say that is topic. Do you wanna do -- yeah it's just at night or more or talk directors. Yeah thank god literate -- I mean this is then an incredible year for red fish I mean just on everywhere you go -- you looking for bull clean look of rats. In the interior marshes in the passes. There along the islands about the platforms are everywhere and is a good thing we got on his -- -- we have as much trouble with red -- is try out. The fishing industry would really take a hit this year. Yeah it's it's always the great fallback option -- catch red and you know should be no problem look at a limit reg. This -- year. What that he got to watch though you know we've had a lot of -- when -- went separate but that's certainly terribly strong but that but they have been out west that. On March levels are low so that makes it possible that more challenging but. You know the good side of that when you get that little water reached at a concentrate more in the links. In -- -- -- in the course of -- -- when Todd has fallen around the other run out that -- not so. You know a lot of people don't like Christine. Watch script for red fish but manages to and it makes things so easy. Ego. -- -- triple a court. For not smile or a or point Italy can not -- just just really easy you know that it being this year is. With the lack of these wins with the with the preponderance of west winds with the lack of tropical storm that we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know other -- that god. They were looking to say it's it's August and we installed report she's glad to physical whether apple will be Iraq -- to all. Yeah one of the best suggestions -- have thoughts about just wanna put fish in the boat -- gala -- That last trip -- it was one stop shop and we threw down his pupil and that was it on one point low water moving around at close to the grass. Throw that popping cork with a dead or alive shrimp underneath -- -- -- -- you know one bass and -- mastery and before you know it you gotta box holes. Yeah that's that you -- and even a combatant and that. That's a good option as well that's on the year you know it in the march for whatever reason -- that's very cooperative. Wouldn't really hot new York at mid day -- -- it well at all with if you can beat each bill. Don't start it in about may be there -- hour before sunrise in fiscal -- maybe not o'clock at the latest war. On the other side of the day out there around sixty Yemen and physical bark. That agreed option lots of excellent area should do and that's it and you know made a trip this week the -- all. To the west pearl river also -- the other middle -- a little bit. Richard Lewis was good it wasn't spectacular but you know the -- the pearl had joked last week definitely predicts. Identity get better by the day particulate -- when it happened now so. You know that's that's -- great fallback option for this argument -- not cooperating. It's you know he got to kill the big -- -- -- part of our crown attorney think you're gonna catch it the number one that you count. That's what we did the other day used to remove -- ship worms. Just along the this all the trees. Particularly in need back waters -- and -- because water was a little bit off. And the main part of record just -- as good. Level continues to fall that the main remote even better -- those -- just it's opt out of the back ordered that got really no option they have stacked up in the main river. Up and that's not true in August September October is when its link it's easy and knucklehead like me who -- -- -- giggling -- Get a good number for -- so -- that you -- pocket. You wanna check he gauges acts or the gates at the met pearl river Louisiana and is it that. Seven feet below that's when things are really good at -- -- aren't -- partner half the man that's when you can just got on the rich are stacked up on the record so in -- hope -- -- get up early got -- -- with the with the trees in a lot of cypress and Tupelo gum then -- but I transitions over chief yet so more march department. So you know down on the they'll bottom -- -- you market it to the -- is obviously. Perhaps this and it's always easier to mock you when you got that that one out situation get a war coming through. Those little drains and an -- inside that little part you'll have that situation you know speech and the stack up with that and what the patent. It sucked out of back waters that makes makes -- a lot easier and easier and you know just said. -- you know you can always count on pitch in those those old during a double parked jets a couple of Beers each on some talk in. Go to one of the screen the -- 203040 -- wondering ain't so. Another good option -- Cuba to keep a month -- come here. Musician and today we'll get that report tomorrow on you got Bob should come and -- -- -- great great fisheries biologist what's he going to be talking about. Well I and you bought yesterday or story put up on the court narcotic poppy and he eats for a -- is if you wanted to get some information about -- snap situation in the Gulf of Mexico. I've eaten and -- at least they're not on the golf council for eighteen years 29 year stints. ID serve as chairman of the Treasury Department at the University of South Alabama for forty years. He just studies that book -- eighties the student of red snapper in the gulf Mexico he's got some real you really. Good ideas -- -- curing this disastrous problem that we have on red snapper out of the the disastrous. Management problem not problem at the finish -- we'll talk with Bob -- His ideas and black -- the implemented because so Richard early common sense and not think he'd get anxious to be really really happy. What key is espousing is eventually implemented. -- Thoughts are -- that -- got we've got ideas tie it down and empire forty. LA access. Turn it but he's been efficiently -- a lot and I'm excited to target him because he's been marketing department. Deadly plot to train with wire rod and you know the good report about are currently -- -- -- so. Idol Pia being cool conversational for the talking and they are a lot -- Kevin Portman -- cabinet. -- this week and Coke victory in court ought to read official at that report. Larry Goodson is a great lineup -- joined now by doctor Bob -- and -- promise you know gonna good cop bad cop outs in the date -- his -- welcome glad to have you witness. Thank you are much appreciated. Yeah Bob thanks so much I really enjoyed our conversation yesterday. Talking about red snapper the ball Mexico obviously. Very very important topic. You know particularly with. And this year in Louisiana you know it's been they're not hot button issue with the state. Going not compliant and -- state he's been to overcome the limits that the federal government has put on on red snapper fishing. You you've got a lot of experience now regarding where it's -- -- -- eighteen years on the on the golf council and then two decades as chair. The history department over there -- university's south Alabama so just wanted to get your insights. In Q the -- situation adult in a nutshell where we now in regard red snapper what is your feeling about population currently. Well my feeling crept up -- it very clear I think we have more red snapper now but there were -- industry. It's primarily because the ball and that's been created and the 1942. In the old -- started going and all of our coaching Alabama. We've got about seventeen battle artificial structures. And so habitat has changed in and the -- population has exploded. Unfortunately you know the regulations haven't kept up -- that and so were caught in a situation where we. We operate under quota system. And anytime you have a quote you're gonna have the derby. And the irony you. Because populations so strong. We'll win when we have the derby you just kept that you blow right -- reported just between parties. So what -- and basically this year. You know even at the total were double what we've -- just a couple of weeks so we need to change the system we need to turn over the state or some other. The -- management that's the worst managed country union and state. -- Right then you know. Bob Burton can't -- is that you know we've got such a limited season now but it. You stated that these snapper -- bigger now than it's ever been including. I'm back in the late nineteenth century when it was partly that this is that correct. And true. That's correct. Back in you know there were harvesting a couple of million around the year in and depleting the start because habitat emperor. Require structure and the majority of the northern gulf and kernel -- in. And much sand bottom and and you know that's just not the right habitat snapper. But when you put structured around their figure create habitat and that's why we abortion -- now or where ever had in history are more. -- let legal of people they're very critical of the match marine fisheries service reports to management of red snapper that mark -- yes that you indicated that. Really the blame lies with the magnets can you explain what practice. Sure the interest rates -- They they have a bottle of complaint and you know they are not per tree but they have to operate under the constraints the magnet for -- And the -- Mac requires that the the picture you global others be many on this quote system. And that's what needs to be changed congress that got to -- -- -- -- and can do but they more or the or in my opinion the is just. Removed -- member from magnificent turncoat of the great we have the belt states marine fisheries commission. Which basically allows state command and the -- -- waters let on like you guys. You can -- speckled Trout and that in Louisiana and Florida can put Peters. The -- -- from state state so yeah we're back spiritual content demand and that is the problem. It's being -- opera now there's an urgent in the house we can emerge in the senate. And changed so that we're can be properly and this is a great resource and we just wish. Right now no Bob obviously look at things in the scientific angle there are some scientists say that. I'm sure there are a lot of red snapper out there are now public but they're not the red snapper that not that that the main readers we -- gigantic gaps in the year classes. -- would your response to them. It simply not true it's simply not true we didn't. Researching -- Alabama were over twenty years. Now emperor lived more than twenty years we have 2530 years -- you -- from your player too that are stronger than others. But we were went. And -- court -- never. From I think we had the -- between sixteen -- down between brown. We put our our mobile underwater camera down in the sample all all -- it's. Every year we have that your client and -- every year in to be stronger than the year before. We had a little bit after the you'll spill weather related to that are not we don't know but we. We're back to recruit from our just as strong and they -- -- -- -- -- you know. You know that your -- from what drop in the group that that ludicrous. Okay. -- Bob you know there were some some lean years on the red snapper. With a little bit property catch you feel like -- a little bit at that point. I think what we had with localized depletion. In areas where they were heavily traditional call Destin Panama City and Orange Beach. You know and relatively shallow water yeah the look blah archer a pretty hard in the it was hard to church that premiere but you can if you went out troop -- 30000 or 2000. So the deeper waters -- structure pretty much untouched. And and they were always really big snapper in that people look -- whether it was a much fishing pressure. Oh yeah they were oh it didn't localized areas but not -- I -- to admit -- -- we talked yesterday and a possible solution. Rather than -- such a limited achievement or rather than having. Quote manage fisheries perhaps they have. Almost like MTA's areas but check out these fish -- -- got to protect it from pitching to protect those stock -- up your spouse. I think there's another world that you talk about thinking outside the box one of the things you can do is simply strict. Our -- to within twenty or twelve -- That way out there live to a hundred so you'd be reaching a small portion of the -- Guaranteeing that archer -- But at least we can have a six -- he's Google and I'm pretty. Within 25. That's where most people stationed. And -- -- -- -- stocks got a little depleted that shallow water every year there would be recruitment from the people order. So complete that seemed like a lot better solutions that silly -- -- Right and one of the surge Bob that that you mentioned it is the fact that yet every state. Had 89 mile state controlled area like Texas and thwarted -- The quote the current quota would be net strictly on state seat and that right. That that could very well. And in fact I think it's probable that it will happen if congress. You know allows Alabama Mississippi and Louisiana to go -- to nine miles like -- and and trapped and -- awful awful well but I -- we can have an incredible amount of resource. And -- Felt like Florida beat an open I think it. Highly likely that the entire quote it could be caught with them on -- and what you do is kind of like. Red red shield them -- control trying to -- -- in federal waters. But the kind of change because there's plenty of retribution or -- orbit in total war but if I -- -- do we have to have until congress wakes up. So be better than what we -- now. Let them. Nobody can deny you been following this issue for a long time. Probably have more years whatever happens and then virtually anybody else along the coast. I'll know what. Has that let you cynical mean watched all this and in Q where we are now where would we wound up it was. Arguably one of the healthiest histories. It is in the entire United States and yet. -- despite that we really don't have access to it it is this problem ever going to be salt we get you to the point where we hedged regional or red snapper management. Gloria I don't know about our. Alicia -- optimistic but in the -- -- down the -- for twenty years an adjustment to be getting worse and worse and the devastation to local economies. It. Mary's and right now we have the -- between. Compartment between our guards for a private recreational -- and scream and Holler and each other. And all of that that's because the structure so leave -- an intro. Eventually gonna reach a tipping point and and hopefully that's where we are now open in congress will be darned well the problem. Right and you brought up the you know without -- issue -- -- and the forty that is being considered currently what are your thoughts on the well I don't know that -- again -- an issue that we would need to be dealing with regard the proper management. But it didn't. -- -- between a corporation that's gotten bitter I've chaired a meeting last week and it actually came fisticuffs people curse and each other. And that's just not necessary. Are running it only because the direction shall strongly we can't harvest them. Like a trillion stability it's kind of like you'll manage. The operational success but the patient died and actually have a great recovered resource and great shape and yet we can't. -- -- not a recreational -- by and large are always willing huge sacrifice. If that is you know it it neat setup. There's a limited stock out there recreational -- -- woman's sacrifice BD the frustration I think for them that that. Everybody knows this and is not a limited resources. And incredibly big you can't get away from the -- snap. You say you media research group this week and you literally couldn't debates -- the red snapper they're right. Yeah we were out trying to get him would you be doing some each page and -- studies on and -- -- or him jackpot in order column. Used them and reject -- and all we can do it could stretch that we got to interject. And probably thirty or forty mile an early in the -- to the encountering. We couldn't get in which eventually is -- that goes out here. It patiently. That's what they discover. Where you can catch and then they'll. And that's that that obviously leads to tremendous not forestry and so hope will be resolved Bob we'll see now I guess we're all. Spectators in this of course we can all offer are opinions. On the are important issues like -- the -- separation. As city. Come up and you certainly should let their voices be heard on that but. Up to those who don't know pop at you want to mention Europe very very excellent look at doctor Bob ships. God cute pictures on the -- next you know I have so much help are virtually often. Did you ever. Get this you don't know what it is or you wanna know the value of certain species or whatever that says great great resource popular people on that book. It's really excited fiscal Abacha dot com and ship them to pretty. But you dot com you can order online and I sign a copy several on line. And yeah I had a lot of fun with the book and everybody gets it. I think he enjoys it and it's scientifically correct but it written in layman's terms release should read -- and lot of information about street should don't ordinarily get stroke. I don't think folks we enjoy. No question about that we'll -- so -- probably appreciate you get up early with this morning. -- thank you Bob appreciated. I'll tell got a tag on love was his idea. MTA's based on depth of fishing I mean it's just such a simple solution and I am not so sure that fish managers are even aware of that plan that he has proposed and maybe it needs a little bit more publicity -- CCA -- take a look at news we get them behind that maybe it'll get some plagues and it pushed through seems to be the easy answer to me. Yeah you know got a wrote a story yesterday based -- -- -- Bob it's gonna be at tomorrow's papers so I'm I'm open it does it will detract from that and I think it's very very sensible. -- you can extend the season you know Bob said yesterday when -- -- you even have you know the standards it would be at least six months. Man we just got to get over that so that's quota but in court that happened the -- and act and have to change up that so. That's where all lies so -- seat on -- company changed though it absolutely does that booted the orally or in managed victory no question about it. All right coming back after this tie gives -- out there with a fly around looking at heartland like punch train who'll gonna get a story Tom we have a tie him joining us now element that is the story about drop -- Jason late punch a one time they were very very popular -- kind of fell off the or her resurgence of people wanting to catch stop and and punched -- again -- ties got some secret sports right time. Yep that's right down dreading all of being -- -- right now backyard. Yet I don't doubt I've got a few reports about our than this year late box train apparently it's pretty significant numbers I was talking cute. And -- Robert early in the week in the sun the pot of really nice talk and one of which fully breached a circus about two miles north of the South Shore. And I also talked to my cousin. Last weekend and he sought are often -- slick on day from the called but he struck in the cause late. Clear but no doubt about it talk been and he's very reliable source or street -- so. Obviously they're bit. It's out there and fairly significant numbers. What general -- on -- Rarely you know rhetoric and kind of look around matter and the pass. Couple years and I'm mostly been saying here. I like around close by this Omnia and train and combined they broke about that I'm -- And I don't mean -- Obama about stuff and immediately that area in Korea and Europe may. -- in the report -- on the year from everybody in you know our really see it there by just kind of -- there around the same in the past couple years. All around the same areas and it just the number this year admirable and I'm just blown away by this year. I mean we've seen them back in we are in all of it in the -- you try. It pretty well. Yeah. Creating a club Gibson. You like to get out they're just look I'm not fond of you that you get up there all day and answer a lot. Yeah normally like normally in an island Trout fishing negative down. August you know on on her uncle aren't big Jack kept on top or wire and also and we all at the end -- All of the distance that he just go around looking distraught and acting or professional binoculars. Symbol -- -- come out the water. And again a couple -- as you earlier Trout fish on actual -- -- -- Actually got field got a picture won't comment completely out or a particular operate spectacular. Knowledge and skill and you can look in the primaries and this got a good look at cover to cover some war. You look inferred glass and and -- -- Most of the coliseum blown out through school projection on the -- action later because the ball in character where. Right no question about it yeah that you that you were targeting the at a clock and let with -- wire rod what with Michael YE Ehrlich talks -- -- Maria I'm not out lovely call myself the flock is an expert but. -- -- -- -- -- Look around -- their -- -- -- the but what -- at all. In Pete surrendered her on the long pieces like -- -- like Nadal not seen a couple. -- -- now. Getting a look Vietnam. And Sony tech secret analog like small flies -- apply it. Maltby it's like about. All -- helmet call they would like to treat them different. I -- big bright colors tactics slide look at copper. But if you -- and later even in the build up on to a twelve later on the it's a lot easier mean it's almost like the other guys. And forty's he -- it they'll consider slight -- in the clean clean clean water on the beaches Islam this is just kind of thing in -- -- -- more right. And I would -- of efficiency and handle Chris indicate the one that reached a circus look about six foot tore open. Are really really big fish you seen any of that figure -- but smaller. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm in have been really got a medium not the water. And in the years that I been dale and being in more on the board by arranged but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stores Shalala and you'll carbon guys about it just monster Monster Park -- -- -- straight record at all coming public on restraint. A lawyer surprised. Bosnian Koppel come up getting into -- glass and you know our consulate and get myself that particular apartment or that at some other piece. Right absolutely. Certainly the -- Italy can help them really gigantic are so level -- that's. As we can happen again but I know you've also been being kept in some directors. In the past few days and weeks you've been to a -- bishop elect. Yeah in which. This coming year I don't -- too much in the ocean and then in no doubt it is now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it never really big flop now they Allred is more likely go catch a couple of and this year opposite happens in some bigger chip it on board air and all and which is -- Places that even by the minute summary wall did that clean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our children lunch you actually had that option and where we want to exert clean water where and where where. That short shot and magic on clean water under and there. It's all about on that right lotteries or around -- -- -- -- that nasty -- Spain. What that doesn't. Eight pending suit that the war. If not you wanna be efficient in typical wore skirts the clear that and I didn't do much of that right now. Right well I know. You look at your throat then that's you know been a little bit of a leader Dick clear that in the past few days. Out what you think post trial are gonna start making their appearance and not -- -- least importantly pocket for it. Ahmad intention of view you know not too much -- -- only follow up catcher in the year round them all which again. Alarmed you around to it well and spill clean out botany this coming year. But. I think -- anywhere. At all like let's pan am that that the current year ago. It's it's very tough product their deep. But it's taken back about scene. I'll go -- one dollar a lot in awhile as far Kabul. Water one -- Nancy they -- -- -- anywhere and it toward a clean in the crush -- back up until like China everywhere. Don't read this well off in a couple school red and also just think -- a lot more red you'd. But I think Ingram Nick Faldo are straight clean through any kind of jumped up randomly a couple of weeks ago. And I actually don't -- -- and it's gonna get it's gonna get very off my -- of another great call and maybe bigger fish this year. Riley at the idea that -- has really outplayed in the past you weeks. -- spoke to stick around for a gourmet this weekend but it looked like that people that's pretty significant way and you've got like that really helped. Yeah I mean. Every -- and they like on that veteran Iowa right there. Man I'm just controlling and -- that like just turned around one in the ultimately for the -- I'll be right back on electorate and I know it's gonna it's gonna get spectacular again the water authority. Almost into the point where it -- unless much is kind of settled. And they've cleaned up against the blues easily get a little good influx so my whole Iranian area it's gonna do it -- anger over again it. Yeah I think you're right now hope your -- and expect and it's almost well a finger is setting up well -- bankrupt reputed. All of the stepped up throughout hey we've -- we've learned out stumble like that stop we let you back to -- Turn it down there and empire and now we appreciate you don't. All right thank god. Rise and hopefully you get a big one time I'll believe that we saved the best the last given full. Well no doubt about it on Kevin are you this morning. I'm doing good speaking in Chicago board -- -- -- They look at you and I talked a lot about it well by by the well it's been nice and cool for. Let's not leave in summer but or that teachers in the past couple weeks. -- or it certainly changed them can you play in the immediate boost armor years actually it's one of those things that should. In that you can't look forward to. Ordered the best thing about it is October 2 world court you don't get to September and well on the conflict that you'll see in September -- -- -- Mitch -- important source coupled cool for a narco. Yeah no doubt about it yeah. Particularly went like this you to look at -- dark so that's sure I would tell me you know you pitched. You telling me early on in the fish across the entire coast and they would get the call at work but. -- you'd seen -- on a bigger picture and probably the average of what he'd think about the the summer when he fourteen -- -- it it's been that bad. Some people say it's -- will be better than that would your opinion. Speckled -- specifically. Regarding each summer 2.4. You know it's. The first of all that which we're all here with all the foods that we catch. Who compared to other parts of the country. It's been great this year but from. What I've -- to keeping it probably in the not most typical approach so more. It's and Bob Edwards and -- well. Now does that mean we're not catch and finish out what judge and the British. But compared to. The other years as is -- and -- for the most typical year. But we're still fortunate you know. What's bad for arts news. Good for other -- political economic you know tropical birds or older and there's and so when and so we're we're used throughout -- when the session. You know 8:9 o'clock in the morning and in that ever happened this year and its you -- its intentions are and -- Oh yeah you know go for sure this is bin the most difficult -- You know -- -- -- Yet you know we've all debated the the reason why and you come off. He really really cold all winter that you look at that impacts. You know some people blame. Too much -- some people point oil spilled is probably a number of reasons of people point to much pressure. Albeit in Q we get out the department in the October. -- that's been -- You know wanting it certainly play this in the past few days has been -- Swindon and make it talks for you west wing and it just does that talked. Direction even a crippling blow mediator and makes. -- which at least and much more challenging I -- you it. That experience this week this article entry open look at the trial that is what doable. Upn has done that earlier got a great ball -- -- -- -- in our catcher Gregg pitched and you had a direct statement. -- we did have a -- Tuesday and Nadal social puppy drum but -- of the west wind you know the west. Doesn't negate some big difference and it's you know it's something that you've got -- earlier this summer when did this story. You know about the we were gonna have a lot -- when -- we ended up out of -- a warrant in -- investors not. Very conducive to a lot of -- -- it and you know it's got that's pretty good you know the interest -- is that you know our report brought this is you know. Let's see what happens. His ball was false you know on the you'd think it's going to be aired opposite going to be here. You know what you are all speckled -- -- this good we have some difficulties that's all maybe we have universal board or more than we think. But I'm taken you know -- it to default you know -- -- out. Yeah let's let's hope certainly looking forward to it Kevin regarding. Did you read right now New York. -- trip on Monday which seems to be the pattern in key to what happened except. -- -- Korean it can go over there basically it's it's pretty simple just a short on points -- movement. -- -- that you can do to get it -- encore which would do a proper courts and but these are. Yup we can do include Mercury it is. Hoping that -- be starting in August. Which uses. Turned -- back into the jointly area and the canals that are around there that are in the twelve feet war. Practiced now occur eight to twelve feet and they basically fish crap -- on the ball. And seeing a lot of report right there with God's protection there and march catching them right church. And that's what they're doing her artery again. Are these are credible on the bottom in canals and eight to twelve feet or so you can do that judge from the ignorance or you can. Basically you know just to patrol warned that. -- -- And a -- -- that you that you won't plastic -- untouchables who is the -- -- it's so so much better for. You know entities -- -- army -- special. -- Yeah no doubt I did your -- and Travis Miller or two on the show. He didn't captain -- caught have been the black and Rick did you do in the latter technique that you mentioned let's drop -- down Democrat to the bottom. And in the in the by using canals. Really really easy very very fast action that fish and DB. Opera and slot fish you know so it is that a little bit bigger fish but they are they are -- it's not what you jets and you know. Forty pound -- red open that you have to -- back you know they can be operated slot maybe just a hair over it so. That that up by great option capital what Europe -- doubted that I know that's probably your favorite area along the coast where you hear them there. -- how to buy your monitor where traditional board Thursday and they. And -- Vote no actually petition Wednesday -- -- they perished just basically state knocked -- in. They went there -- cute Japanese shops Iraq they've been just in there and corporate -- every day in just call one crazy warm little green. So the red fish bite down there has been -- have also been really good on the -- as well. You know people were position you know. -- talk about that west beta version. In actually govern this territory there to catch and practitioners don't get too excited to pass into the boats Michael -- And work their divergent. That it was breakfast in court everywhere there right now. Struggled throughout stormy outside -- the -- ball how to respond around bonus or struggle for our partner continues to be brought our. And get out there that's been hot spot also battled -- -- as did not have been a pretty good spot sparks. Right well -- You know obviously purely for the trial to be in the river bullet that would -- river left mobile it is it's an honor to have. Another few weeks and most probable also -- to read finish Indian river cabinet this stuff we appreciate you want and as I've got a great TV show might want to check it out -- -- bought it. They can. In -- A foreigner on COC Cox sports television and then a very good moral warning on CO street. Here and you can also check out Thursday at 11 PM. Pop water district are treating me -- in Venice is the picture. All right Kevin thanks a lot have a great weekend -- -- -- Write me thank you Kevin Florida thank you and a song will be joined again by you what you got planned this week done anything exciting. Not not specify particular press yesterday afternoon -- the lock so money here all weekend on you know what you gotta take that boy you know you've just got to do it. But I doubt it right at this moment and the -- to -- the river so he's he's doing he's got to take is dead zones got man. I think you got that right. Have a good without -- in the week all right -- you do. I will be back with a final allow -- more outdoors and after the CNBC sports.

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