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Aug 23, 2014|

This Saturday Don talks to the owner of New Orleans Power Sports, Leonard Marais about the upcoming tax free weekend and stocking up on your hunting and fishing needs. Don was also joined by Slidell teen, Bradley Petris to talk about his scholarship and recent trip to the Washington, DC area.

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Welcome your telephone calls your comments apology emails and email seems to be the the medium of choice these days and understand why you know if you call and -- you gotta be by phone got to be there at a certain time. But when you're out working visa and finally computer things. Full Don and it's a mock -- me shoot me an email and wait for the answer the comeback. And it's very easy to do and I cannot try to get -- as many as a Campbell I gotta tell you. I get somewhere in the neighborhood of a thousand emails a week. May be even more than that probably more than. A lot of them simply as the lead them but there's a lot of problems sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort to do -- spurt to look at it and so. If I can always respond and always like to responsible ones on air that may apply to. The most majority of -- problem doing that then we can get the information out there to a lot of people who made him. The same questions so anyway we do have flaw a question that came Oppo Shelden Williams arm back at the studio producer. Received a call from the department of development transportation says they -- seventeen. Votes by the Seabrook bridge. Wanna know if there's anything special going on fashion wise. Well I'm -- that there it is. Seabrook bridge historically. -- pin that on really a jewel in the city of new rule as a means in the city limits. It has been in the source of trophies speckled -- many many years the reason being. It was a man created situation. Where access from Breton sound. Came into the mr. go Indian coastal waterway. And then passes into Lake Pontchartrain. It's unnatural passageway. For migrating Trent. And when those shrimps are passing through that narrow neck. At this time of the year and even earlier. Speckled -- follow. And not small speckled -- picks -- I have had some phenomenal trips there. It doesn't take much of votes he crafty dude I mean not seeing people out there and -- votes -- you know if you can -- and out there you can catch fish. On that has all changed with the building of that structure that is at the intersections of mr. -- and -- called the great wall. It's -- protection device to protect the city of New Orleans. From a surge of the storm that's coming up through the mystical Indian coastal waterway. In doing that it is all the hydrology. And water does not flow through they'll like it used to. Consequently the shrimp don't come through there. Was also a Mecca for crab or as these to catch an awful lot of crabs and an area. On and over the past few years has been little spurts where they'll get a report somebody. Caught a lot of shrimp with a cast that from the bank and and some people caught some -- That's the location of the Frank Davis fishing. Named after -- it -- that right there where you can finish in to that channel that comes in. By the way it is illegal. To fish in that in a coastal waterway and it can now. Between the inner coastal waterway in Lake Pontchartrain. You can navigate through it. Which you cannot stop there and fish it's a safety measures as a lot of barge traffic is commercial traffic that comes through there. In an effort for safety they do not allow you to finish it. However just on the edges of that you can finish in now with seventeen volts now hope this something that's going on there. And maybe there's a good little -- run it's coming through there right now hopefully -- someone that south they're fishing will give us -- call. In May become -- -- is what's going on him but anyway that's Seabrook bridge it's also got a new name now and I can never remembered it's named after some. Person hit yet -- the something he key bridge -- everybody's still calls it Seabrook. Anyway hopefully that won't be returning as one of the hot spots on a lot of stuff to cover it but I assume we have -- the -- From the lawless power sports -- wanna talk to him because -- -- programming note I'm going to be broadcasting this program in fact we're going to be -- in the hole. Four hour block about to a programming. From his New Orleans -- sports location in Canada we don't want -- come on by and take advantage of some super special deals. It is that tax free weekend in fact you can actually feel a bit of that jump on and I'm malevolent explain how that works well it thanks for -- there was this morning hours ago. Yeah I go and good luck people its -- MI and I was count now on the days with 21 days away from the teal season with fourteen days away from the dove season with 39 days away from both season. 42 days away from squirrel and rabbit and only seven days away from LSU football so. The -- as fast approaching and I know it's on people's mind they wanna upgrade they wanna move in they wanna get the -- we will as they wanna get the UTVs. And a lot of people a look at league at the scene dues and have some fun on the water. And they can save a lot of money bomb making a -- on the tax free weekend which is going to be. So September the sixth with Welch explained in detail how we use our allowing people to take advantage of that and. Right and -- having it as no one hurt pretty bad house what we're trying to do their bodies at a vehicle they want. In a -- service and not putting them on holes. But he beat Second Amendment weekend. It is applied and our stewardship or will product that it should be in with -- and a strong arming. And now we have a great election right now 2004. -- We have an in store they'll -- big deal right now going well and allowing it shouldn't. -- like a big utility vehicle. The -- to -- -- -- every thousand dollars. And actually think. In the electric. An outlet albeit the country -- -- -- be triggered and -- -- dollars and act shall. -- I have four branch. All four or answer. Offering. Great deal on the vehicles are now reacting recovering in -- But in about fourteen national glory very -- -- what. He'd be starting. Right now with the discount. And no retreat no. At 49 earnings are full -- portrait decree. We have. And I am sure with their four under starting lineup will -- -- We. Or alcohol. They're they're now on are offering. -- cooler. With -- took a seven under currently are biking older people. So a lot of things go apartment door and now we hope you valued machine down there and -- we independence. -- hours and power. That's going to be a double hit knowledge you have the special deal 2014 from the discount but then they can also save attacks on the Second Amendment week canceled it's even extra savings. Now does that savings also apply to accessories. It hasn't doesn't anything that is going to be used -- I think she's. I think that would go on what real -- An occasion. Republicans get a good deal. Away broader impact of the outlook Miami Beach right now talking to you probably don't always particular meeting. But wave runners were not applied -- street but we do -- -- Betty well our wave runners. Think under operations needed in a socket jet -- But those would not be a tribute that. Vehicle. But it accessories can -- scanner or. What are you need her what changes. For. What are -- check out deletion huge back. -- -- So well all Brett -- or who has they package deal. It Norwalk. -- richter if you're at Enron week here with -- So that big basket and need to hole a ten point them and again that would qualify right. In -- way you know picker can. -- yeah I -- down here and there are there that. The old -- will look. Up electric one one through. And about a 150 pound you on the back of it and so on my mom is gonna in them up in the truck. Didn't work. And try another street real -- You know and the chance here. Well a lot of different judo modern culture and that they are are -- but they say. And the backing me up and wondered what shall. That's different from what you -- equity and 40 or. Yeah -- you know it is it is it usual that someone like yourself would handle all those different competitive grants because what that does. It really gives this shopper you know one stop shop and you can line up all four of comparative type that he's looking for in in and compare the features and compare the price. I don't know that I can recall -- Dillon has the Polaris in the house sake and the Yamaha and all the big names. Courses storeroom or Atlanta yet -- you've been rather than -- -- are they go to our caller tell you restore order. We're a dealer that's been around for ages and Orange County -- now. What are we are able sure when we ended culture in the economy and -- out of our business. We picked up. And it's -- the strong forward I think. Order in hand now on what shot you built our name at all at all growth and now what you look in an eight. You can -- you can. -- -- -- Starting certainly aren't there any current or four wheel drive in aren't -- an art or what are currently are. You can buy you PP we're a young. -- of market. Well so even though you're not there you're at the -- and needing of someone comes in they can make that deal may -- signing the papers opinion no credit check they can take care of that so that they won't have to be that go to madhouse that can take place on the six correct. Well you can bet you actually don't even have to kind of Petrino. What you want you go to our website all our ports our our. Pick out of your -- really and sitting on all my bills. We can pick a down payment is secure vehicle and then the week in the opening comment. Side early quickly -- an -- -- vehicle review and it is but sort -- or or or you being that are not out yet. You have to take delivery and possible candidate comes in. Doesn't appeal that we can't we just shot a work that we -- and -- look at her -- and -- all the -- -- Still trying to make it is -- are all of that day's event. And and hopefully it will vehicle you'll collection -- And get any easier than that look forward to -- in there on the weekend with you will talk much more detail about the new features and what people need and you know what's the best application for them let's say you want your active dealer meeting I got a suggestion for you to make them come up with -- animal. Wave runner and then we can qualify that as a duck boat it'll get the Second Amendment -- That we would have to put more wheels under but I shortly after the as that might that might work out of the chicken. -- older collectors are. That'll work Leonard -- meeting and -- and we still -- know six days per year. Right you'll be open and actually open and above 45 minutes opened at 9 o'clock. Or six. Very good. Mostly in a couple of weeks -- thank you. Initiative all right that's lemon Marie's new -- power sports and we're going to be doing the show that one much of the combined 3011 loyal to drive and cannot. Income by the F 5 o'clock animal and I'm going to be there will be that there was going to be talking on all the body TVs and you TV you don't have one of these things if you hunt today. You've got to have one I mean this is so much equipment you go all out there makes it so much easier. Getting you stand you feeders in the got a regularly checked the cameras. And walk in the long stands in some pretty tough to running. Not fun especially in this hot weather which is the time you gotta do I can attest to that. -- spent on morning. A clearing. Shooting lanes are working on newsstands and around Atlanta and the -- underneath and now into Diet -- come off of the coffee. If we implement later on in the morning Vietnam dispenses these agencies via that -- 10 o'clock when the gates opened on budget -- -- native and -- -- view on. Really strongly suggests you know free information can't be Dave -- when he talks about -- -- How to set up a food plot he also considering an awful lot about natural -- -- -- like that something is -- on as we we often col below. When you placing his stands a lot of times this does that you really for a and you would never guess. Off for instance one of their favorite food is Blackberry les yeah. Thorns and they also love green. You know those big thick. Green that and they turn black in the winter with a big forms and if you happen to catch one and you feel like even low but usually they eat that stuff. Also -- little tiny purple -- It's called off French mulberry and they love it eat the -- beat the leaves a lot of things like that date and tell you about then -- special questions -- he doesn't always -- human named after his presentations you don't economists don't to have them. One at 1030. And the other is going to be about 2 o'clock. -- is always some great food so come on up the falls on today and spend today witness. -- -- letter on. He was selected to participate in the NRA's annual national education summit this past summer. And -- came away there was some honors and someone will talk to resume like that call up and Angela and asking many questions he will be our special guest. Coming up -- just law right now we got some time -- some phone calls that you wanna give us a call at 260. 6368. If you listening by way of our -- stream anywhere in the world you could call stole three. That's an 8553956368. And now -- get some of these emails you know as mentioned in teal season is only. 21. Days away it's fast approaching and in -- request union. From a -- -- in the -- He wants an old do you have any idea. Where a good place on the Biloxi W -- Wallace management would be to look -- -- value Biloxi thanks so much for any advice and I get this question a lot people looking for public open areas on -- And here was my response to -- I've had some phenomenal deal ensemble exe WM here are awesome tips. Find the crop of -- we knew fine that -- If not familiar with what it is I have a photo on my website. It's up there if you go to pass photos look or it's called tick we did Kyle looks like our lease them. With a bunch of tiny little six -- seeds. In if you found that stuff. You're gonna fund team found that mostly on the south Weston and of them W emanate but it's been spreading in could be anywhere. I strongly suggest doing a fishing combination scouting trip. To maybe find the concentrations of teal or maybe the week before the teal season opens up. Make the fishing trip up there in the -- in the kitchen and try out and it's too hot that you will find some. -- -- and -- features some of those -- Hamas brings in it shrimp and look out for the birds -- -- -- steel. That way you'll know where to go when opening day comes around. And don't be concerned about -- the Biloxi WMA for a slice I know duck hunting. He's kind of at its finest when the sun rising on the horizon in the birch forest on line. But they -- it's different you'd need boat trapped fishermen and rappers other honors. Those birds and and sit tight unit takes something to move. So. The best thing acted suggesting is take you bowed out there and get away from the go unless you have a -- blind. And you can pop up -- -- but you might just take TP role. Get into a tablet out there a flip it over and sit on and you can stand in the martian agent upon which it because oh on its. On the marshes action a little more solid and you'll think in and you know it'll sync up that deep maybe waste -- what the heck it's summertime September it's going to be war communal mind get wet. And that way you can really high -- grass wanna Wear waders -- and our town that just was in shorts and pants and tennis shoes and just get -- and stay cool. Anyway that's kind of my plan but you've got to find the concentrations of birds in what they're leaning on in -- -- that submerged aquatic education. But the key is dead -- we want you see it and you recognize it. You'll -- it. And you gonna find birds I mean this stuff is very powerful attractive. It doesn't last through the whole season that's why it's not good the big duck season you might get a couple weeks in November. To where it's still around there in the great ducks come into it feels that these. But for the most point so it's pretty much over and don't yet know when we have duck seasons going on we -- -- call in -- -- on. -- cell phone out there and give us some reports that some good luck to you pat let me know you'd. Another one came in off from the -- minimum Michael. And he said -- was watching you. One official game report as well as junior sidekick -- on paradise Louisiana aside Kate he walked across the you economy. Anyway he said Kennedy's. View whoever it was he thought it might have been captain Dudley. Showed how he likes to rig alive sure I'm sure you remember his technique instead of looking for a while you actually all -- shrimp. Most people including Dudley two -- very popular ways to ultra. One if you look at the handle global war of the shrimp. You gonna -- black dot that's the boring. You'd take the hook the tip -- the hook you either go in front of that blacked out in behind it. Pushing through the -- corn and pushed through the other side. It's of very hard won in its very -- shrimp will not come off. It doesn't kill the -- that allows it to move and it's very important when you're using it. Specifically these -- threat that's not the number one. Number two if you cook it in two of those second the last joint of the -- sideways. That way the shrimp and comic crawl round with a hook in detail hooking in the bottom of the -- does not engine shrimp and kill. But the way you are talking about where he saw that special welcome. That was George Rick's getaway charters -- he looks different different than anybody ever finished. What he does if you imagine looking shrimp from top down to -- policy goes head. Dawn news index fingers tailed by -- -- In you're looking at his back he takes that hook and right the -- normally has abandoned his body. He inserts the hook there comes in and come back out again. In that to me allows the most mobility if it's in his or lose handed comment. Disables him a little bit at the and his tail that disables -- he can actually kick in swim and move around with a -- the -- way. Argues that all three ways it just depends on no off field and sometimes they'll they'll leave you the head -- take detail and that's well located in the tail. And you end up spoken more fish just kind of go about what with the nation doing but that is a third way to do it and if you go back far enough on paradise Louisiana show. Couldn't give you the show number. We've been doing the show now for over ten years but it's -- with George Rick and you'll see a demonstration that maybe I'll do it again one time in -- will have an update. Here's another when it comes in from a fellow by the name of Alvin. And Kelvin says I'd been hearing advertisements. For the wildlife. Heritage Foundation. It'll -- search in this is an anti hunting group. That lowers landowners. Into donating their land for wildlife. After the -- donated it can never be around again the public needs to know the misinformation. Calvin it's not misinformation. They say exactly what they do it's a public service announcement I've heard it. They love to run and doing my show I have nothing to do with that is not one of my sponsors. Is no one in my personal advertisements. The stations run that. And I don't think they are even aware it's it's kind of deceptive. It makes you feel like you're involved in some type of a conservation happened. But actually what you would be doing -- donating the land of wildlife Heritage Foundation. Each view would be putting land aside and not allowing running on it and you write the public needs to know that if you. -- aspect any donations. The World Wildlife Fund Fund for Animals amana Howell. General and generous the name may sound I suggest you check out there web site. Look for their mission statement read it in find out what their all the -- because then their cards. Thank you for bringing that to my attention -- I've got one from theater and some questions about the hunting heritage program which I -- this year in the fight against animal to you about that I have a and premise are. It was going to be running with me I'm gonna services mentor and now we're gonna have a lot of fun this year doing that. We'll talk about that the president take this break we come back we're gonna be joined by bad breath veterans. Find out his story if you wanna talk the -- calls to 606368. Or toll free 855395636. -- as I mentioned TI I'm gonna be a mentor for a honor his name is. -- his name is not a thing and one -- moments that Herbert bush. And vote as well as -- Herbert is a student at fountain -- high school and his mother decided you know he had been wanting to get enough hunting and she enrolled him in the hunting heritage program which matches up mentors and premises and we ended up getting matched up the doesn't live far from me -- school and ten minutes away from -- -- and that's it yeah I think I wanna get involved in his Lila thought a good place for us to meet and get acquainted would be takes he and his mom to. Of these slot they'll chapter of the national while Turkey federation banquet that we went that night. And this young man introduced himself for many Bradley secrecy team optimism good looking guy athletic guy. Subtitle reassert his exit and the design and tolerate you to education summit then talk -- bottom. Saw I did some research on human thoughtful about what he's all involved in the season district one representative on the Louisiana legislative -- advisory council. He's a national four H shooting sports ambassador. All the Louisiana shooting association competitor in high power and precision air. On North Shore school ambassador a student council class representative. A member of the -- -- wall and youth on our education challenge. In a member of the five person team known as the Louisiana by U bandits who were recently McCain team champions. At the 2014. International -- -- education challenge. In addition to that Brad maintains a four point three grade point average he's a member of the national on us aside. His interest include obviously competitive shooting sports though cunning deer hunting. Fishing for H taxidermy. An FIRST. Robotics he plans to attend college point graduation. Studying petroleum engineering and eventually making his way into politics sounds like a great life plan. And he joins us now is name is Bradley pat Bradley thanks for joining us this morning. Oh thank you mr. god for the opportunity to talk about the and -- that change on the. Well you've got a long -- -- ate up most of the time he reading all these wonderful things -- up yet so. -- -- explain to Louis what was that national youth education summit also known is yes why yes what was it all about. In what did you do when you win. But it laud the world -- afford fourteen from thirty different states from around the country. And we all. Went to goofy and toward religion or an all expense paid trip funded by the by the friends there -- And the program through the leadership program design and you. -- American history of the constitution. The bill of rights and trying to develop a greater appreciation for what it should be an active and a knowledgeable citizen. And so this was a whole week -- got to spend up there what was some of the things that may -- you who was surprised to find out tournament week study. Well. That we do all kinds of -- richter probably. But at 6 o'clock in the morning and we did all content -- filter out the whole day. And we're trying to injured bit total control accurate. We definitely were never bored and kind of a -- We had formal that they. Play with. It appears. And we -- in the similar -- with. Speakers that came out. For -- leaders here in communication all going to be. We -- figured court for use in our headquarters. And we're trigger the media partner president mr. Porter which were murdered opportunity. And down. Read certain toward. You're all the monuments around the trees and you're into storage sites like in the past -- We doctor Gupta. Looking to mop mr. are fair senator marker you're. Who -- -- to agree on. And along with that religion winter on record via Marine Corps base and got to them that they their outlook. With all the remainder. Thank you walk on and to be one of only ten students who at the end of this -- having excelled in the activities up there to get a college scholarship what did you have to do to earn. Third -- scholarship it was. There is. Leadership and counselors. Work -- you down. That actually work the program throughout the week we -- all got together collaborated on the cited -- caller. Deserved the scholarship based on leadership. Our communications. Have been killed in an overall. Colorado brought here. Well congratulations. So where are you planning on -- amusing that scholarship what college you print to a ten. And it stated earlier -- figured taxes than this started petroleum engineering. But as soon -- ago. Well hopefully you make it and I gotta tell you Bradley congratulations. On everything you've done. And I think a lot of people will be very surprised to hear that the National Rifle Association. Is involved in an activity like this I mean a lot of people have the misconception. All the perceptions that people who wore firearms in -- it is so a bunch of rednecks at the back has bitten beer swilling guys hang around in pickup trucks. And what you went through in debating and discussing in studying the constitution. And how to speak among people. And and learning all of these different aspects of of politics as well as constitutional rights and Second Amendment Rights is so open very very. All worthwhile and I think that people will have a whole different outlook on the NRA I'm sure you came away with the holder and opinion about the organization. Definitely definitely and -- Try to take it upon ourselves to. Keep spreading to spread the word about what they heard. How important it is for our constitutional right of preserver or certain jurors are on the father's. And the considered. It. Our -- its cargo -- there's not many you'd really NATO. The importance of the constitution and the importance -- -- founding -- lived and died for. There's no doubt we are experiencing threats to the second amendment rights and it takes eternal vigilance and we've got to stay on top of that and people young people like Q passing it on is certainly the way to -- tell you -- like to give you a little Simon Brad a few up. Of course what I look like you do. Is -- a 32 public service announcement. A -- Yes all the NRA of the youth education summit whatever you think in record that a new voice and now we will play them on the show each week to help keep -- alert. -- -- -- Will you take your time and -- that when you got it ready you get in touch with mean and now will respond in rework it in to the thirty seconds that we need and get ready to go and we'll put on the air and keep it going again congratulations on winning that scholarship. Where is going to be your first child this season we all get -- and it's not too far away. -- failures to quit on. Board and I'm not Serbs probably somewhere around the the photo there you're in Peru -- and sooner or -- -- -- well that accurate in my blog on this coast. I. A wise choice of may run into you out there bread again let me know when you got that public service announcement -- ago and now please keep in touch with -- -- What you do and accomplish and anything you need to get out of that of the public would be happy to help. -- at work here. You acquire welcome you deserve it thank you so much. All right Bradley that was there is a student no show high school makes me proud -- -- -- can tell you that about Q. All right one break -- taken a look on his clothes market -- -- apparently summit should feel good about the youth of today anyway all will be talking to him that you in the future and though hopefully we'll get to talk to you gonna come with some of the things we talked about earlier in the show and take your. Slept and you got a little bit late those -- you Wanamaker great so on we had one last year we called don's Dog Day Afternoon. That was the first this is going to be done -- Dog Day Afternoon to. As crane creek shooting prisoner. Let slander and ran on his body. They prepare their fields. And they've got some great shooting spots there on that -- lot of limits was shot it was a great day. Was its this year it's going to be on Saturday September the thirteenth in the schedule chronicles like this you pull out there it's -- -- bill. About an hour from New Orleans -- -- from a place you in the -- sure. And you gold there and now by 113012 o'clock they've got to delicious barbecue lunch all setup the media everybody. Everybody's got that dog ready in their equipment setup. And an -- everybody finishes at lunch she -- to meander on -- pick your spot in the field. The funniest place to spread out. That's about 130 to block in the end no wants to shoot staunch the -- not moving. In this some great knowing shooting goes on you can on all the way up until law -- before sunset. If it takes that long it's -- limit you bring your dog if you while welcome to do that a 150 bucks total cost that's meals on everything. If you're interested in getting involved in it you need to call him and call him quickly. Lance led -- name if you wanna check out the website it's crane creek hunting dot com. He also does our pen raised pheasant and quail hunts at some really good terrain in told Lance that reminds me. All of the old days when we used to have while quail. While quail in Louisiana is pretty much a thing of the past if you look on the regulations. -- it opens Thanksgiving week in two runs all the way to end of February in you can shoot eight birds per person per day that's dreamland. Okay it just doesn't exist amounts and is not any while quail. But there and very very short supplies so if the tradition of hunting bird is a poignant songs is to continue. The only way it's gonna happen. With any regularity is you get well developed flight birds and Lance has got some person you know people who say you know alliances. I don't wanna go shoot team Byrd -- -- yeah will come on out there. And let some of these birds make awful lot of an NC if you still have the same opinion. I've got a couple of dogs got some friends who have dogs. A you can bring your old dogs Alain says dogs and they can suited up for you. The good thing about this type of running is. -- fit your schedule. You can call Lance and say Lance numbering in two guys with me is going to be three of us there we want you to put out 2530 -- We gonna arrive at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Well you cola. And news drop in dogs down or use his dogs in the birds started there. You just have the dogs search form find them point them flush him you shoot your birds you claim -- you go home and you're done. It's it's busy schedules you can work it into any schedule. And it's a great place to do with the terrain is is it's -- sage mix prime wounds. Easy walking it's not difficult in that fighting -- and alternate angles and stuff like that. In it again check -- out -- crane creek coming dot com that call Lance in his phone number if you wanna call and -- spot reserved to bring in a couple of people. Six so one. 916687. Break. Now be aware that is the opening day of the Louisiana teal season a lot of -- long gone -- one well. You know -- -- if you wanna do a double header to great opportunity. I'm going to be up at 3 o'clock in the morning doing a radio show and humble and go on in the afternoon. But you can get up at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning -- make it -- -- -- told but I overtime 8839. O'clock. Then jump in the truck in the Papa bill. In June limited dogs so you got a combination and still be home in time to watch a football game -- get any better than that. That phone number again calling -- Lance land a 6019166873. Something else I wanted to talk about uses his media frenzy. Over this new supposedly new world record alligator. Friday a week ago. -- by the name of Mandy stokes. Mother of three. Went alligator hunting on Alabama's. Alligator hunting season. She ended up shooting. A fifteen foot. 1011. Pound alligator. She did it on a place called mildest very damn it's located only Alabama river. And she. Thinks some a lot of people have said -- credit that are with a new world record Alec. Well not so sure about that. The largest alligator I can five that was repealed. Was in Louisiana. And it was a long time ago 1990. Beings act. This alligator was fourth -- the longer. -- amenities. It was in nineteen point two feet long -- didn't get away don't. That really is no criteria set for a world records. Fish you go about weight. Alligators. That's an issue a -- and you go by. Body weight. In some cases but mostly it's by Boone and Crockett measurement that is a formula. For measuring their antlers. You'd -- at different points in the distance dozens conference newcomer with a number. Turkeys they out to a combination of beard in this parlance. And they come up with record Turkey's -- alligators there's no formal criteria. There is some debate though as far as whether this. Marsh alligator don't know ninety of 1890. Actually existed. If that was in fact nineteen point two feet I don't think there's a photograph in existence of it. But for now. I don't know I guess they'll always be that question. In there or actually some alligators that longer than aren't that maybe didn't weigh as much. So I guess in our mind if she. Wants to say she's got or -- alligator. And -- about it anyway that's a story on the alligator. Months negating catch and I don't have an -- web page that country -- and its external. Something else we're going to be discussed some in the upcoming weeks. Probably on on next -- -- talk show our roundtable discussion when all while Johnson and -- billion join me. You'll hunt bears in Louisiana. If we had a season we used to have the -- season. We have got a black -- program. It has been very very successful to the point of where. Like there's a pretty much becoming a nuisance. Would you be willing to buy a special license in would you be willing to go out and shoot a black they're. That's going to be one of our questions that I think that'll be on next outdoor opinion poll question right now the poll question is about the fishing guides. What should they do within officially check this -- is only got a week left to vote and seems like most of the votes come in count towards the end. It's changed a little bit. Over 50% almost 52% say that they think the guy should be able to catch their limit give customers. Twelve point 6% saying. Guys should get a look at their limit and only keep it for their personal use can't give them to the customs. And then -- get 36% certain. -- efficient god he's earning money taken people -- What does he -- on -- he shouldn't be efficient each team work and where do you fit in on that. Cast your vote go to Don the outdoors guy dot com just looked at the outdoor oh. We're gonna have some new stuff thought boy you -- avenue radio photo we'll have some new information some new stories coming up maybe some new recipes. It changes every year and I've got some really exciting new products. That I'm going to be posting a bit too you know is it Thomas thought ordering things that take awhile for Christmas. Presents them as a couple of -- think you may be at the sentence. Has got to wrap it up all hope that's a yacht expenses that the -- extravaganza will be out there all afternoon and will be back again and on Friday if you listen to the think tank between ten and won them back to do this from five to nine. On the outdoor she'll have a great weekend thanks Shelden Williams back the mother ship. We'll see you next week right here three WL thirteen fifty.

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