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WWL>Topics>>08-23 12:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

08-23 12:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Aug 23, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello it is the food show on the big 870 WWL and WWO 105 point three FM. This has been a big week for me. Or it may be a Big Three weeks that it and if it's the three then it's not over yet. Because. Last week. A week ago Wednesday. And went for the first time to a restaurant. That is so different. And so good. That I am saying that this place will inspire a new generation. Of of restaurant style that will actually change the way we eat at least at the at the big time. And and you'll have to be at the big time level because it's pretty expensive Peco they -- for dinner during the week it's a 150 bucks a person flattery. The eagle on the weekends I think it's I think it's 200 as an epic I notice it's 200. Now obviously you're not gonna do that often some people will never do it at all as you know you got more important things put money into. But that those of us who are very avid. Eaters. I think this is going to be something different and I think that down the road. We will see restaurants doing this same concept. But at a lower level -- making little more accessible. The name of the restaurant is square root it is an offshoot of a restaurant called -- in the garden on the in the warehouse district. The place is really terrific. The food they serve is so one usual. And yet so delicious. That I that are really -- -- could almost not believe it. Because my luck with going to restaurants where the food is really out there. And that you you scratch your head and you wonder what won the world does that even mean by this. And I even do that have been writing about this stuff for 42 years and sometimes you know I I I'm stumped by what I read on menus around on the look it up. Not in this case I knew everything wise that they were bringing out it was just the way they put it together with so one usual. That -- it -- mind going. But it's not enough to just have your mind going I think that's the big problem and restaurants the spaces that they think if you come up with these great ingredients and you could tell. Just what form it came from and which leg of the pig it is -- all that kind of stuff. That you're done when in fact you have a big big job have you in cooking and in a way that makes it elections this is something I think we have. To a lot of restaurants and you have lost sight of that the food has actually -- delicious. This place has both and I haven't it's I don't see that often north of very few restaurants that too. This place does it in a really unusual way they only kept. Sixteen seats they line them up at a stainless steel counter in a fairly small space nice looking space but not conventional at all it's not which. What is classically. Fancy. -- but he's the chef is there right in front of view and he serves you himself. And he tells you exactly what it is that he's doing and if you worry interest in getting a recipe and trying to do it yourself home. He would tell you right then and there. There is this no snooty -- about it there's no luck kind of religiosity. That sometimes gets involved in some of the stuff. I I just think it is terrific it is going to evolves over time. Into. Something really different for dining out here in -- -- and I think maybe a lot of other places too. -- -- The reason I say it was a big week is that I I righted a daily dining diary every single day that I haven't missed one in almost ten years now. And if you. Are in -- put all the details it. This one took me literally two days to -- which is tough if you're writing a daily journal has always have another day to do but it took me two days -- -- while the -- six pages long if you can. Run it off on the computer and that's even single spaced. But I have the whole thing with photographs. On line if you go to no menu dot com. And it's right up at the top of the page today because it's it's fresh enough I just. Put it up yesterday so it'll be there the rest of the week and then after that I'll have links to -- But that take a look I I. Spotted what I thought were going to be two major turning points in the restaurant business the first one was in the early eighties when the when the group may bistro is started replacing the fancy fancy fancy fancy too fancy restaurants around. And starting to create new dishes for the second time was when Emeril and people like Emeril started making. Making a big point of the quality of the ingredients that they were using instead of saying well fresh and the best quality for you why it was precious and why it was the best. And I -- that changed a lot of things to. But there we go again with another -- And again I tell you'd go to no menu dot com and read this over you you may be you may be giggling by the time we get to the end of it. Thinking this guy is. A geek if ever there was one well I plead guilty to that here's bill. Phil welcome. My question. And it. -- -- -- -- The Ares. There is that's that's Brazilian. Rebellious yeah this is an Argentine restaurant called. That's called. -- definitely. Of L allowable La Boca it's on the corner of -- to listen saint. And saint -- it's the other -- block for mammals. Tickets it's a first class steak house but it's not that all you can eat everything on swords that come out Corbin often of the the big birthday and all that kind of stuff. Well we only have one thing like that it's in tenor I would not recommend it. -- So you know and and those places you total once it's a big charge the first time you go to a second -- while this is great the third time. It was in -- -- the first time and then after the fourth time you're about done with that unless of course your chow -- in which case you just -- -- All right thank you see you remember that it's in -- what's the name -- 26 so. 260187. Our total to 61870. You can also send us a text message if you want that is. 87870 units we need to do that and I'll be happy -- instrumental in the year two. Although it be even happier if you call -- get a conversation going and it's time for some news room from our panel and there isn't sitting in the news both. Who is that guy that names I'll be -- Hello hello hello hello hello. It is the -- -- booze again 87 WWL and WWO 15 point three FM. And this is -- Boris you're. Friendly. Restaurant critic. Unless -- Christen. Welcome. Under. I know you're here. In my view here. And so -- mine. May be millions of people go on start and when I hear a line from the song I go for. -- You called me did you use your head. Or I erred in asking a question. Down by actually be clear I am eating aren't there. And we ain't black in the spring quarter and only -- -- option -- here or one. From L a contact number and with the blocking it. Which hotel. All right always I know we're talking about yeah yeah this is over yet close to almost two. OK. What I think that there are two really great restaurants between here and there. That's -- used used to have -- a an eight block walk tall but unfortunately old Aggies are FB four and half after. The one I really like is called born BO RG and yeah John bashes US and in the the ship over the air is eight. Really terrific guy he had been before he went with Jon actually was the executive -- of -- -- of this guy has our Brian. Bryant. It's -- Bryant is obvious but the the food there is very interesting because it's based on. The cuisine. Of the decent -- you'll its people which sounds really exotic but this is down in group -- in the Delacroix island is so you know just over in saint Bernard parish were not being real we really exotic here. And the assimilated with New Orleans cooking for a long time anyway but basically seafood brightly entry. Thank you he's the the the style of cooking. Really is more about seafood than anything else but it's really really good it's a neat place it's kind of allowed its casual perfect place to go before some event. I that would be my first pick if you can get reservation which I would try to do it by the other one is. The the as the jazz club. On on the corner of rampart and pointers street. And this is a great place it's called the little gem saloon. And it all the little jam GM. And it is. Very much a part of jazz history because that stretch of six of south rampart street was where all the jazz clubs were in the golden age when -- Armstrong was getting started but he Bolden and all those people. And they still have life music and they -- all the time. It at night. -- let's shall surcharge for it but it is during the daytime know it it's wide open a very very good menu particularly. If you love oysters and do some great things with oysters but they also do. But it mistakes that you finished they do top of the just pretty good range of things on the food the agree. So be my two favorites. In the near the superdome. Now what think you have a good time. I'll let you -- -- that. I thank you I appreciate it so. I'm pretty yesterday if you were listening I was trying to. Come up with a with a different or other than appreciate it because I do appreciated but I don't like that word. It's hard to say one thing and it's repetitive so give me another word for it. Was thinking about it all day yesterday. Nobody came up with a strangely enough to 60. 260187. Or use our telephone number 2601870. And we've got to talk with you but what you've been eating which have been cooking anything along those licensee -- we do last night we went to the acme oyster house. No big deal one in Covington. Oysters -- good small I think we have finally gotten to the end of the rope here. We have had a good oyster season this summer I have continued eating raw oysters and every other kind oysters. Throughout the entire summer. No problems and still here to tell by the and the size has been nice sleeper has been good but I noticed lately just about everywhere they're starting to shrink up. And that's normal for this time of year what happens is that the oysters. The filter feeders. And when the water gets very warm. They they filter -- less water than they would when it's cold when it's called the have to work a little bit harder. In this makes them a little more court he went and they take him you know they they get bigger muscles. No that's not muscles it's oysters times anyway the the -- this time a year that they start getting a little flabby and not as good I I got. At the acme last night I think it's 895 you get a cup of the soup of the day and half of the -- The half of the -- -- is plenty enough for me. But the number of oysters on that it would they've fallen all over the place like tone and a mop and on this half a poor boy they had 21 oysters but they were small. If -- good ago. And my wife had some of their red beans which I think are delicious and my daughter had the wedge salad but now the bad news. Since the last time we were there and we go there pretty often. They have changed the menu. -- mostly the same items. By. I can just take a quick estimate that this is news give or take 5%. About a 20% increase in prices across the board my daughter will notice that first. The wedge salad which she thinks is the best wedge salad and talent she's been eating it for years. Pop up -- a whole dollar from from 594. And 599 to six -- so what's that that's. 16 at the sixteenth that's sixteen and two thirds percent. Increase -- that issue and I was looking through the rest of the menu and I saw the same things video oysters. The oyster. -- -- -- They fry some oysters they tend to be on the small side but it's it's supposed to be that way because it's an appetizer and have a little -- rebel the middle this used to be. Five don't know and now it's eight no it's. A police say 89 I think it's actually yet 899. Well what's going on here. 260. I still go there I still think it's you know I think it's a reasonable value. But most -- by that Scott welcome to the food show. Thank you welcome idea. I was Colin under if you ever -- at a record called Michael's Slidell. Oh yeah that Stiller it's delicious. And I say it's one of the three of four best restrooms and slide. -- -- that police and anybody want to take a drive over to. Slugger Alex. There are no trash on it's never really really crowded -- fantastic. IA completely agree with it really is good Michael Frederick keys that ship that the owner he's he's a good guy. He is doing the food of about twenty years ago but I think that's appropriate in Slidell. -- -- beside the fact that. It's not a cutting -- kind of place they would go broke if they did cutting food over there but also because. -- -- That that was a great time for eating around the -- to the styles of cooking back in the eighties I felt really great we've -- a lot of that is proof that way. But there. Army -- and because again I ain't got everything I -- over the years fantastic -- and it blew. Yeah something called the black -- -- and it could not take traditionalists in the sense that you apt to have to assault temper on stage. It's. It is very good. Am very it is. Yeah he's got he's got all kind of stuff there is this at cherry based -- gloss I think in the this crab meat and that I am sure you have little -- yeah I -- there was some other thing that gave a big flavor to a yeah that is a good. You know -- are done with the heat club dinners there to a three times it's it's always been good. It will my hat's off to the show I really love agreement on not. I think hurt anybody's interest did you know idea I -- not -- to -- -- well. I I I I totally agree with. Thanks thanks for the report -- there it is again I appreciate it. On this that the restaurant is Michael's in Slidell excellent highway eleven it's about a half mile from the end of the old bridge across the -- Yet the it's directly across highway from the intersection with Clark drive. Always thought that was a good name for a street car drive. We'll be back with more of the food show in a moment but first please this you're listening to the food show on the big 87 EW WW WO one of five point three FM Ronnie welcome. I'm doing great component. -- -- an awful lot to -- -- look -- the order coming out yeah I'm. Oh -- take away. Let. Yeah this place -- six months ago. Got a new -- there was nothing wrong with the old ship he just moved onto another opportunity the guy who always there are now is I think like twice as good. And his menu is tremendous -- of -- it's really unique and and without getting crazy about it. But we've been there about three times in the last couple months. Yeah I'm I'm yet to hit a dish I wouldn't have again. That there is it that they are really hit on all cylinders there in new whether he wants seafood or -- or whether. With the wanted to adopt this year appetizers are very unusual and good I give you free reign over there -- we've we've really -- -- -- -- No I thought I honest to god it's it's. It's what I call Leo a dart board restaurant you hang them and you -- the wall you throw darts at the menu and whatever the darts landed on ordered those things and you'll have as good meal as you would get from any other way. -- Really they didn't they really are good and it's. It's run by one of the best people in the business I think Tommy and Roddy who owns Tommy's right across street. He -- in the business around town for a long time he knows everybody and so when he needs a waiter or -- up the he just gets on the phone and calls and and they say sure I'll come work for you -- there they are that's why they're so great. -- -- -- in July it's Tomas bistro it's on the -- -- -- two lists and Julia it's diagonally across from admirals and it is a four star restaurant a really really great addition to the scene if you have not been there you will love it. Glitzy Jeff this year Jeff welcome. Sage column Eisenberg -- about -- Asking you to -- your opinion. Yeah it's it's a French bistro. They did their abolish. Oh gosh the 25 years maybe longer than that. The same owners. They do the basic French stuff that's scored -- the you know about that state they do that chicken dishes they do. -- -- things -- -- a great putt tape -- -- popping cheese platter that's a great way to start off the meal there. And if that's what you're looking for you'll find that they to a very good jobs they can freaks. And a beautiful place it's on a deck that this time a year they'll have surrounded by this semi clear plastic sheeting so they can air condition it. But you're underneath the trees that grow in that little part of esplanade avenue and it is the prices -- very affordable. I I love. And they are you know what they'll say they are running a culinary menu right now it's a three course dinner for three. For 35 dollars the only thing is that they haven't. Posted the menu they say they change it every day so. That is probably true but that is a very good place I think you'll be charmed by it. It's no super super fancy it's not real stuffy service or anything like that food is good that's that's cargo in town great. Thank you the restaurant we were just talking by the here. -- news. -- big guy named for the U famous French painter who once lived only a couple of blocks away. Let's -- Lloyd this year -- have always enjoyed sea hunt it was all I want my favorite shows when I was growing up. You know -- how ya here. You know that was what my very chose to lord bridges are probably used to sorry. Our our -- bridges. That will occur. -- It was. Don't call about our job. Our merger protocol Bob Michael and Olympic figure you know go to Michael's Maryland and its -- But there's a little sort of hole in the wall you probably familiar with this arm bar and grill. On street and as far as I'm concerned for the price which is about 4050 dollars. Black and retribution and articles pressure oil thirsty and it is out sprint so I just thought I'd -- to Miller. Yet they have a couple of locations the use the one in Amanda billed as the one we wind up in more often. And I've never I've never been a big fan of the place but -- it's been well I've never had seafood there you'd. That is an expansion to their menu I think maybe use it it's been awhile but dive and had that there. A my favorite aspect of the restaurant is that it's in the old train station and any -- connected with trains I love almost by default. Right it is not matter are in that train station there on the other hand they used to be a little. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah after breakfast they -- not there anymore it was pretty good I remembered -- once. -- they've pulled up our problem that your air personal don't know do you do it but yeah. -- went well butch you know. Too much competition from the train because the train comes through it about by 815 or so in the morning and everybody's eating breakfast on the -- already. -- Well I don't think it's about all they still do this that they used to -- -- traded on the binders certain at the bar. And you a -- shot or give your free. Okay -- love it. Hey listen I gotta go but we'll be back with more of the food joint efforts --

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