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08-23 1:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Aug 23, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And 870 kill cycles medium way news. Fifty. Quadrillion -- watts of power. Blanketing. This quarter of the United States of America by day. And even more of -- by night into Canada we go hello Canadian you can hear me now actually can't hear me now. If you go to WWL dot com you can -- and listen to the whole thing. Right there on your computer. Is also where you can have it on your Smartphone you know. This there's an app for that of course there is there's an app for everything. Is an app for me to keep from that from sneezing right away -- -- engaged. After. That you don't even have to say bush. This is on the Taurus with the second course of the food show it's a program but food. All we do -- talk about that eating drinking restaurants cooking and wine. Anything you've got if you have been trying to get a -- to come out the right way and it hasn't. Steadfastly refuse to do so. Call me I'm not claiming that I know how to make every dish in the world nobody can do that. But with all these listeners we have we can probably get closer to it. Or maybe you're doing something that is very obviously wrong at the beginning that your mother told you to do when you don't wanna go up against your mother but maybe. This once your mother might be. He's not wrong certainly wouldn't call your mother -- by. She. Has an idea that might be peculiar to her let's just leave it at that. -- number is 260. 1872601870. You may also send -- text messages at 87870. And I will look at them after I get finished with our calls or calls get get. Longer shrift. Then the other the other media to six you know she can do you can send me an email to Tom. At no menu dot com please don't do that if it's something we can talk about on the phone because it'll come out much better than people who send me emails they. Up more often than not we've volatile but five or six. Elements of the story that I would need to know to give them good answers so. On the phone I could just ask those questions. Email. It's a little -- 260. 187 let's see -- a couple people here. It is so Larry Larry welcome. That meant I'm doing very well what about you. I don't find it you have to question -- which will be your first question of the day. All well and good a stupid questions are always welcome here because they're always the best possible questions so let's hear. Okay so the first question is the preliminary that's going on -- be in the order. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm pretty sure it went on Labor Day itself. -- don't know the -- Saturday and Sunday at Oklahoma is well yeah -- Yeah Labor Day itself is is not a good day to dine out although in the French Quarter they may be a lot of people there. In the and restaurants might well be opened the rest of the city it's a horrible day it's the one and only day of the year that chef -- takes the day off. That tell you something right the area. Put the rest of the days you only did the cool and Mary's. In most restaurants. Are going on through about mid month. Of September that's the way it goes every year the pelican club has always carried there is farther than the end of August -- -- -- culinary season is the month of August period. And that's -- my concern not the operative -- here are well. You'd be surprised at who is just keeping it going I suspect the pelican club is because they always have done so in the past. Our I would in first of all a call for a reservation no matter what and then just ask him if they're doing and I'm -- I'm pretty sure they are and those list of restaurants. That I would recommend to you I've been posting a one a day on my website if you go to no menu dot com and then click in the main menu which is very obvious at the top of the page. Click on summer specials I have about. Fifteen or twenty of them up there that I -- exceptionally good pelican called I think always has been the best one ball. Will -- it -- match. On what good -- So stupid question what do you think well. Two days ago a -- called -- and he said. I'd note that -- -- is changing from league table -- To paper tablecloths. And your. Wa what are OK with that the form of stroke. Ho much question who is used to be questioned what the debate opened -- -- spot in our paper and. Once again once again this is not a stupid question at all but of very very good question. As -- of a restaurant. And I'm gonna go over too strict. French. Definitions here are restaurant. Is a place where you would go to dine with a fair amount of ceremony and style where all of the pieces will be there that China the sober way you'll all be very nice. The presentations of the food will be very elaborate. The waiters give -- service and the place itself this is beautiful and it's usually pretty expensive to. That kind of eatery. Is on the way out even in France there are a couple of restaurants that had three star Michelin ratings which is worth -- Billions I would think. And they have just said that's it we can't do it anymore we know nobody's interest nobody wants to do this heavy sort of stuff. By contrast a bistro is a place where the food may well be excellent but it'll be simple. In its prep and presentations. And it will be at a lower price the service will not be -- that will be very responsive to your needs but they won't be flaming pinks and carving things at the table and all that sort of thing. That is -- -- the word bistro is actually a Russian word back in the U. When does ours were still in force. Lou Russian nobility used to spend most of its time in Paris. But they were crude guys they were from Russia after all. And so they would go into these very nice restaurants in the had the money to afford it. And they would. If it took a little too long for the first -- become updates -- banging on the table saying this -- biggest -- bistro which means hurry up. All. So yeah that's where the word comes from its Russian word. And so. There and that's the difference between the two now. As far as the paper is concerned the paper tablecloths. There is no shortly defined line about this -- there -- no sharply defined lines but anything when you talk about one restaurant -- -- -- because all restaurants and different just like all people different. But my NIC a bistro style restaurant and they've got the paper butcher a -- butcher paper on top of the table -- That doesn't I can live with that in in that at a restaurant as the prices are lower than you know it's not his formal. The the it could be the ultimate. Expression of the beast grow here in New Orleans would be mister -- which was really the first of its kind. Who Steven martens really -- this abuses the one that made take off. Well that period and -- could meet one or question that I'm curious. You're able low percentage -- so it's going to bistro bar and restaurant and more. Well if we use that classic French definition. We are down to very little. In the in the restaurant category I would say. Look for -- is the -- -- grill room is -- on August would be a restaurant that commander's palace certainly would be. And -- -- Ones yes. Our -- yes. You know points and gallop towards as a bistro. A camera. Always been this fancy stuff that -- once and that the food is very straight forward. You can have a bistro with unbelievably great food is good as you've ever eat in your life but serve simply and that's what galloped -- -- reports. You know the waiters we squeeze in between the tables and we -- what you know that's part of their magic. And diamonds and -- are definitely York. -- Well that's that's about the only thing that you know liquidate. It's news the dress code. And the definition of bistro -- restaurant is again I'd I tell you. This is not a huge of a razor sharp line between two things you have black and you have white -- this every shade of gray mixed together different ways but the there is no question about it -- twice as a bistro. Well yeah what you and you definitely -- clear to me and called it question. I AM to what thanks for calling and that there again I tell you. Whenever anyone tells me they have a stupid question they are about to ask the best question will have all day and I think that once so they keep. And we move along -- thank you and call again. And here's the this Puccio and its Betty Betty welcome. Tomorrow is not great -- Thirteenth birthday and he wants to go to fronts. And I'm looking for an appropriate place to take. A defeat and people. Do you think -- year is more interest in the buff -- then not so often. -- know that it's not not to say. Not a both good or her. Well you have a lot of choices. Do what we were just talking about that but one of my favorites for brunch is mister b.'s. They they do a lovely brunch they have a guy playing the piano in the back in the it's it's kind of lively the places casual but the food is very very very good need to to respect brunch menu. I think the best brunch a ball though. Is our -- Well on it's beautiful the pricing is it is right in the middle of what you pay anywhere else the services to rip it. And when my dog it was thirteen years old she and her cousin who often came with us when we went there. They would both go up together to seize the Mardi Gras museum upstairs. Jermaine wells who whose father started our -- She was the queen of many carnival balls and parades and all of -- gallons are out there. And you can go look at it and the you know photographs of the parades and everything it's got an interest. It's kind of creepy to. But our nose I really love -- it was a date they really good job there. Okay. You know. It would be at best they can. Oh it should be pretty easy this weekend but. You. We will return with more of the food show after first please all you know anyway before I give it to you -- say a word. But -- once my favorite restaurant. We tell you and I mean by that we won't go away half cocked. But it's ones. Does not have the best food and -- They don't have the best service they don't have the best wine once they don't have the best atmosphere they don't have the best China. There have really the best of anything except this EP. History it's this history yeah yeah definitely the best history of any restaurant and want to go back 1840. The restaurant as we know it was just barely getting off the ground at that time I mean talking about worldwide not just here. And it has set the standard for much of what has come ever since. What I like about it is that I'm a guy well I'll give you a little bit of my background. That was born on -- are really wise it was delivered by a jazz musician. I grew up in true made my mother made red beans and rice every day of her life and Scioscia died. And I've got a few more things that will persuade you that I am a -- is soaked in New Orleans culture is anybody you've ever met. And when I go -- and ones that part of me. Just fields. -- I love being there I love the place I love history I love the food I know what to get this I've been going along time regular. For a long long time you can be irregular to it's easy enough to show up. And and it doesn't even get expensive do you know you go there right now. Twenty dollars and fourteen cents. There's a three course lunch it's there Monday through Saturday every day every week been going on for years. And it's real and once food. And you'll get acquainted if you do it two or three times -- get to know waiter in the -- called waiter when you wanna come in for dinner or whatever. And he'll take special care if you which is also part of the and -- experience. 713 Saint Louis street in the French Quarter just off royal in all the world there is only one and ones. And though this 26018782601870. You can also send us a text message to 87870. And though when -- steps appeared in a minute and a half. I'm gonna check that and see if there's anything there of the -- there news. Let's see we have an. We'll do it at Amaechi. Amaechi. Is an Italian restaurant mostly. With. No dot -- Domenici know that none that general -- either you know they were Brothers who were both an old radio. Jim Amaechi was the announcer on a whole bunch of radio shows in the golden age and so was Domenici. Anyway where was on -- and AM my BCI. And it means it it means friends in Italian it's mostly an Italian restaurant. But they have in addition to that a lot of other unusual things that they run as special peace and that's what they're building. It's 75 dollars tax -- wind in fact we're having to -- than we're having to cocktails through this four courses. If you wanna look at over and maybe the consider coming and joining us and when I say us I mean -- a sit down with you know. And you and I get a chance to talk at length. That's on the third of September or go to no menu dot com and click on each club. And all the info is right there. And speaking of all the info. Here's the guy who has that it has done names with the -- is on the big 87 at low low low -- that food show it's -- 870 WWL. And here is sandy. Sandy welcome you're not you're not Sandia went to the problem with Gloria. Well I think you'd remember it. -- -- -- -- Try it on. -- To a strong on Jerry. Yeah yeah -- Joseph -- you of them yesterday. In my -- and do it up there right now and that. -- -- -- Speak about the food and -- love and. That's pretty good isn't it. Tried it but -- opt out but what is it about -- and that -- it but I look at it. All I don't have the recipe for it but they that's one of the dishes that they do they also I have a couple of other things that they do would booed him there that's pretty good it's it's important Grossman it's a neighborhood style place. It has -- book. -- of sort of like a cross between -- tourism Hoosier Goosen and and ones in a way. But they have rose before boys they have seafood platters they also have stroke here or intranet and dean and -- when at the upper end of the spectrum they're pretty good at that too. I like it. Well. It we. Should stay and little. But it's pretty capital. It's. -- -- -- Number I don't remember how they they actually served and I don't think it was in the layers or anything but that wouldn't be a bad idea really. Until like shove it in the middle there and then bacon off that -- could be pretty good apps and what are. Check out that the -- Well good enjoy. And thank you and call again. Who we're we're trying to start -- something -- instead of by appreciated. Something else but I remember there was this thing I was doing it on the year about maybe fifteen years ago thank you -- call again it was a parody of something. I used to say when I worked at the time saver when I was fifteen years old. It was a a little fat guy who work there that's what used to say to everybody with more in sincerity. And I've ever seen since thank you call again. You know. So I thought that be perfect for a radio show don't you think John welcome to the food show. But I thought I got to let it. For the ball well our our cap that I'm a bit and it is still good you know. It's exactly the same. It they they don't change they don't change anything beer and they're proud that they have. The cooks in the kitchen they've been there like on average 2030 years. The guy who runs at Wayne Pearce. -- he's the nephew. What was his first name. It tells LL peers out -- pierce was and his wife tells Xena. And they -- it together and it's all the whole thing is exactly the same and so if you like -- back then you'll like it now except that. Your -- has changed. Probably more than their food is so get ready for the. Of the picture yet written. A lot and went and yet the -- Got that right. -- -- -- -- All of a lie and it was great and the food. -- really good it would really put it. Well good I'm Dudley they're coming along it's it's kind of tough to do what they're doing -- such a big restaurant in the -- if so many people there. A little loud too if you go to the main dining room I mean you -- -- -- thought that. -- -- -- -- It would -- On the crap that. -- -- Think about what it used to be like Weston park the first time I wrote in a guide to west and -- there -- whole time. Restaurants around the west and park even talking about locked down -- standard and that. It was eleven restaurants and they all had -- interchangeable menus you -- like -- -- -- and use them in the wrong restaurant in it would -- be right. -- So a room or. That I you know. What you -- -- to go to all congrats on that yet you know the -- And get up at all on congrats to. They really. That's where was he was they are on the exact spot where the old Hong Kong once. Its interest Willis is it'd keep the food. Now it's -- no fan of the you know Hong Kong's food it was a beautiful place to go hang out. Hey thank you very much called. Him. The food show to do you -- do you do you do to our program today. Is sponsored. The lines. This. -- -- -- Brand for boys. There's a lot of good things on the menu. -- notre -- pizza. But I would say would be sort of like those. A lower the top priority item on their menu but they do make it. From scratch and make the -- though they make their own songs. And I can tell you more than a few pizza places that do not do either one of those things are really very much of anything else. But here it is that rents and it's not even considered one of their major specialties -- major specialty is without doubt that roast beef pork boy that's also made in house from scratch you know big roast beef they -- -- a long time make the gravy naturally with the dripping and everything else. And that's why that's good. Fried seafood that Friday to order comes out nice -- crisp. Have you ever had a a seafood -- Linda if you haven't yet they are they pretty much are the king of that. They've been making them longer than anybody else that's for sure. Fried seafood fried oysters and shrimp and catfish on a -- at a low and dress however you wanted including with the olive salad although it would get that -- -- you. The way I like it is just with simple letters of -- posted Britain French bread butter. And pickles and lots and lots and lots oysters inch and shrimp catfish. And that's what they do brands or -- 3939 veterans highway they are open now they will remain open all the way till about eight torso. With that big big menu of New Orleans neighborhood restaurant specials -- New Orleans neighborhood prices rans. Portable ways. This is the food show on thirteen fifth no it isn't that the -- let me explain what why -- make that mistakes off. Five days a week for 26 years I've been on thirteen fifty. And I still every day from noon to precinct I'm a moment right now. And -- ice say that phone number and though those colors of that station in its spot on the -- so often that it's kind of like. Hard wired into my brain and that sometimes we're so when I want to do the other things so. And that's why -- keep telling you that that was also my sneaky way of getting you to listen to that show. More often we have different callers and different things that come up than what we have on this show. It's strange leaving you with -- could be all the same we're all talking about New Orleans food but. It's different it's really a different kind of a feeling -- so. Do you listen over there would you and -- -- in your car right now and you can do it safely. Would you mind setting but number four for me preset but number four. In the old days. That this will come as a surprise to wonder this hasn't gotten into any history books yet. But if when you go when you went to get a break gag over by by using job remember I used to do that. They would check your radio this was in the days when there was only AM. And you had to have WTI index on the first on the left than you -- them WWL. -- -- -- -- but number two. Many at W I know the stadium and sixty on number three but number four was with. No doubt WS MB thirteen fifty this station with a new call letters on. And then. You can put anything you wanted on number five. And if you didn't have it that way they would not give you will break it. -- people tell me I'm crazy for saying that. And MIA. You'll be the judge. To 60. 187. It's you have over here in the green phone. Bob Bob welcome and thank you can. Go out in that manner and used to. -- he'll never find. It. You like it. The -- it. -- an. Unedited and made it. Normal. I don't it's not a shy of -- -- -- It's it's it's or Mandarin chicken -- it's this sedation that every single Chinese restaurant in town makes but just like every other congressman know who Chinese restaurants -- a here's what you hear is which -- forcible go to -- good rest now that that. -- we have a lot of really lousy. And Chinese restaurants now nowadays. Go to I'll I'll give you one great example. On the royal China which is. Right about a half a block away from -- next supermarket on the same side -- the street it's a little last month but they've been around but 3035. Years. Miss Lee is just she's she runs the place. I used to see Harry Lee in there all the time when he was still alive that was one of his favorite places to eat. And going there and dance card you'll know her immediately that she's always running around the rest is no missing -- she's about four or five feet tall and always running around the rest. -- Lee surely leave answered this this surely. Do you have Mandarin duck and the -- like you just described it to me with the skin on all. And if she won't make it I don't know who would which he would certainly do a good job. The -- on specialty. Our specialty is yeah. Yeah so but that's. It'll you'd need a rest but it's been around a long time to even know what that issues cassettes that's that's an old American finished we. You know it's it's it's chicken Stew it's chicken Stew with rice but needed the Chinese kind of -- So go over there and ask -- betcha she'll do it for. Yeah thank you CO. Mandarin chicken. For -- I know we'd. Mandarin duck is what he was looking for his name. It's the a Chinese dish with a -- I mean come. That's what -- its Chinese. Chinese food in a -- we will come back with more of the food show after first please this low it's the food show on. -- seventy WWL and WWL one of five point three FMR. Telephone number is 260. 187. If you -- right now believe it or not you'll get Reagan. We've reached a -- period. Bought that uses it to go on over to take a look at our message boards he would has posted one. Deep DD DD DD DP. Emphasis. I hate Tom WS NBA's all my grandmother used to listen to remember just like it was yesterday yeah it was that way. In the sixties and seventies this was the number one station in town. Bar none. Number one. True but that was a long time now look at not not this station but thirteen fifty. Let's see this stations always been the big big fire but we used to WS and be used to beat the daylights out of the station really. Hong Kong -- a Bluetooth things irishman open place for as I know yet was Irish guy's name was McConnell. -- business person. Donald I think core results. Made -- the -- the best in town of course -- make hero group -- what is its its. It's a chicken -- surrounded by a slice of bacon and and stick it under the broiler who would make that yourself. You know that's easier. Yeah all right. It's here. Hey Tom what will you be doing on tonight while you're and while you are watching the saints game. Who is that it's news. Is there -- saints game tonight. As saints playing tonight. -- you know. All I'm sorry is there a saints game tonight. Well okay what are my doing. My doing that. -- are eating probably. The -- can you please stop telling us about this other stations. You on its very -- god bless. I'm sorry if you are on. I know it just as you on. You but. I I would stop it if I could but it's it is not. It's not something that I have any control over do you ever miss misspeak yourself never. You never say one word when you meant to say another word that you've never done that your life. -- you are some great. Shock welcome to the food show. Shot quite a great come on -- I know you you've spoken very highly of the big big grenade before. I'd like to smoke periodically you know port mark Pope or go to rehab like that and not and -- getting ready to be in the market for smoker. What are your -- on how. Well the -- Erica Erica. All right I agree it's fantastic I smoke stuff in and all the time of the the amazing thing about that gizmo. Is that he'll do anything from the -- was kind of cold smoking even all the way up to blasting stakes with 800 degree temperature it's it's just a matter of putting the right amount of fuel in and regulating the top in the bottom -- it's. It take there's a little learning curve it's not complicated but it's. It you have to kind of get the the hang of it. And I would tell you more except that I got to take a break and sorry call me back and we can talk about it after the news if you wanna know more. WWL. Radio will be back with more in a moment but first please this hello. It's the food show how much time do we have we don't have hardly any time at all we do we we could take one short call or we can get it started Keith welcome welcome. And donkey. Oh. It way right arm and it's accurate view -- eight years -- -- and the guys that are and so what is that the barbecued strength appetite it's pretty -- again and media range. Try the body dollars and -- but it went pretty and it a chance to hide. It's still soon to go I think but -- is it really just open but hey I'm sorry abroad at a time that you wanna talk about this more homey on the other side of the news then we'll get it going again on the put on hold vacation wanna do that on a WWL radio New Orleans WWL FM HD one -- New Orleans the news is next will be back.

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