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08-23 2:10pm - The Food Show withTom Fitzmorris

Aug 23, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back. It's the third courts of the food show. Iran. The big 87 WWL. And WWL 105 point three FM and WWL. Dot com. And a whole bunch other ways of getting it. And FM and HD. By skyway if an online. The big 870 WWL New Orleans first radio station. And WWL FM 105 point three New Orleans first FM frequency. This is Tom that Morris a yet passing is a cultured person. And here we are talking about the restaurants of the city. The best you found the worst you found. The dishes you'll love the dishes you can't stand. And everything in between we do recipes we do wind we do the whole range. Of enjoyment. When you're alive today I was listening to another food show. And and I'm not saying that this isn't legitimate I think somebody ought to do with the lady who Ali tell you who it is it's my my friend. Poppy talker as a show on WW. And owed the public station over UN though. The station which I was among the original staff and win that's. Was my first radio job over -- back in 1972. But anyway. That she -- to show that mainly focused in the healthy eating and of course that's worth talking about. We don't talk about it too much here. Just in passing now and then it's not a forbidden topic but what we're here for is to talk about the most enjoyable. Food. You can find that's our pursuit. 20601872601870. Right before the news we had Keith who called in. And I put him on hold as we just ran out of time -- keep you still there. Apparently okay well is that that says that's too much to 601872601870. I was just starting to get into the text messages. And let's take a look here many Chinese restaurants by rule -- frozen in batter and deep fry like girls of course they do. Those -- the bad ones and those -- the restaurants that I don't even bother with has plenty of them out there. But that doesn't make it that a lot of places to the what's the problem with Chinese food these days is that somewhere around nineteen. A V8. I'm just gonna pick at random. The the whole thing shifted. From the pursuit. And the execution for that matter of really really great Chinese food there are still few places that do -- But each of the emphasis shifted from that from the race to see who could put out the best food and you would go to that restaurant. It shifted over to the cheapest. With a big big take out aspect. -- it. And I've never understood why it is that anybody. Cannot know that when you go to a restaurant and you pay let's say 89. 895. For complete dinner including the fried rice and the egg roll. Do you really think. You're getting quality. There how could it possibly be quality. Certainly you don't think these Chinese restaurant tourists are making taking a loss on that to you I guarantee you they are not they're too Smart. As a businessman. To do that. But they work the market very well and as a result. Everybody's going on the cheap the ingredients you know what they used to be the cooking certainly isn't what it used to be. And we we have very very little great Chinese -- of food and in our town at the moment I wish somebody. Would turn that around there are some exceptions I'm not saying it's completely devoid. Just give some examples -- -- and certainly he has. Still agree restaurant royal China always has been and still is that five happiness is a great place. Says Milledge east cafe east out in in Metairie. And then on run and -- All of a sudden. 2601872601870. So that's the I was in the middle of this well yeah. Not that it that person is in the -- was a great opening music catchy it certainly is it's called holiday for strings it was the theme song for the Red Skelton Show on television. The Red Skelton Show on radio had a different team that was called hallelujah -- lose yeah what do you. But -- -- is here shops welcome. Chuck are you there. I think the button isn't pushed Dave. I'm hearing nothing. Chuck -- I don't even here static. We on the air. -- I'm gonna put chuck back on hold maybe you figure this out. And now it will reach over chuck is there okay will put -- back on hello chuck welcome. Are you the -- Yet we were talking about the decree before but I want on the Chinese. It will probably. -- bigger record each party -- park and drop in Ottawa. Wait what's the name of eternity. EEE. Why aren't eating -- all YE EE wouldn't that be eat yet he -- it OK -- -- it's it's a ball up in the -- for forty years and I think all or -- or winter league. Unfortunately Albert copy earlier I seen the elites and you go at the Mandarin chicken no light meet all. Okay well -- you haven't convinced -- it'll coasted Mandarin chicken will never get again. Actually saw -- when you know how much how much -- did you think there is subject in the in in a trip with lobsters. Ordinary. Zero. That's it it it it's true and and the reason is is that that's not what they mean by that what they mean news. Here is shrimp. Prepared in the kind of sauce that we would put on lobster if we had lobster but we don't have lobster we do have shrimps -- we put that sauce on top of the shrimp and public shrimp with lobsters office. You see things like that all it's just an ethnic thing it's not mean you know it's not any nastier anything. But it how much lobster there is that. In your viewpoint about Chinese restaurant just from a local standpoint. Who delicate -- -- in their third at -- control as well here's what. We would talk about the the big Green Day and substantial that's meant and we talked we we regular right we're talking about the colts group. And all I know you're you're very high on it and I'm. Rather -- by -- Achieved smoker from local prepare. I want a few -- -- really -- -- insight and not -- -- about that equality investment but that you know if it weren't for all of. For what it's worth. We we started really doing a lot of book outdoor cooking wood we've moved out here to cool watering it should be springs. And what I was getting out of my barbecue pits was about. Four or five years and then they would disintegrate just because I was always running them you know with real high heat or something -- said. Doing a lot of barbecue smoking kind of stuff too. And when. I was up to grill number four. When that could've been the grill number three. And then I was persuaded to buy a big Green Day right before Katrina it in fact it's it's ten years old brag about now. I used to be little more than right before Katrina but anyway. That sucker is just sat sits out on my deck it went through Katrina and Oprah didn't move. It's on wheels but it didn't move -- this thing is really happy day. And we have done. A tremendous amount of cooking in this I do my turkeys candidate Thanksgiving -- -- always doing ribs were doing -- it's we don't burgers steaks and we were always using it it shows no sign of aware. The only thing I've had to replaces down at the bottom. This where the war air comes in from underneath. That is made out of ceramic and after time because it's in the hottest spot. Eight it just like disintegrates and I had to replace that but it was five blocks you know -- like that. And I replaced also the grill surface which you have to do no matter what kind of -- And I would say I mean you know a thousand dollars which is about what it cost that's a pretty big investment for that but if you use an -- and you really like cooking that way. It'll do anything you wanted to do. You just have to get the hang of it it's and it's not that hard it's just you know it's yet to cook differently from the way you cooking already. Well -- and I can tell you. -- -- Katrina. Like like yourself you know we do a lot about the grilling and you know -- are several Archie can -- in right -- trainer. -- forty -- grill had a lot of success with it pump -- a report aren't going in heat shield. Because. We do you use a lot Hendrick history and everything but I'm with 2% in that. I can smoke as well and and -- concern -- the temperature fluctuations. Obviously with some of the cheap smokers you know you can began and -- very consistent he however are -- very big fans of of old school you know charcoal. So on and more. You'll have a problem I mean it with a big green and -- problem I mean what you do is you you really play in more fuel than you need -- and you you back off the the events. And that that's that's that's what you're looking at and it'll keep it'll it'll keep it'll -- overnight you don't have to even go read replenish the charcoal it uses historical very efficient. And -- I had a a cheaper. The -- national will be interdict these rebels armed and that the big tangled within it losing -- -- -- fluctuation character because he had to constantly he's an iron out well. That's a consideration but it it's not something you can get around with a big green -- will look thank you. And call again and here is Stephen. -- Your. I certainly by. That's the nickname that infect -- very often begin sushi meal with who need it hasn't it. What -- as -- picture that will not before everybody. Let's -- that yet. It would wait. No it's kinda it has kind of but it. Some -- always one missiles attack stroke with. -- -- wonder if that doesn't seem quite right it's it's so long. We she -- its. Be it I don't know anything as a texture that. And well -- -- -- to -- the part of this search and you -- is actually go with the so was there you go that'll that'll help a lot of other people decide never to -- -- -- got. Yeah. It is. Yeah all right okay. Thank you call again. Due to -- yeah we'll be back with more of the -- show after first please lose the big 870 WWO Robert -- here. Robert welcome among them. How are you good. -- Or. Is it good. So I'll tell you what -- -- -- tell you what happened don't tell me until I. Burst. Oh yeah that by bringing and they and they want actual. And I was surprised at the rub a -- be used because it and ball days. Not that it was all too short great. Yeah. That's that are actually old time classic waited -- when. And I'm glad it's not that you seem very much anymore what OK don't tell me yet there aren't. And shall we watched. God you know. So anyway. I don't. Want. Anyway. So. -- so that's why it was. On. On route short and they're for sale global. But we're just -- -- -- So but I think. It was a -- you'll have a sandwich. -- -- Which rejects an odd number. But it was a -- to -- and it really Inco well. That's -- we did that. -- the committee. Was good but could you. We went. The auto. That would take him in church. Just get more from operations in its it would have been. Cheated and that it like a bit. -- just that is it like it. -- Which. It it was a -- To. Work. But what restaurant business. Mahoney. Mahoney east. Has gotten a tremendous amount of publicity in the years that it has been open has a lot of fans. And not trying to say that any of that you know that they are wrong or that they should does deserve to get what they get. But it is a different kind of a place they do just like there roast beef. Is put into kind of shocks and I find it hard to eat. And because it tastes pretty good but it's hard to eat. And then also run into a few other things here that seemed to me to be like. Breakaway off the beam. But date but they do have a lot of regular customers of this the beacon that can. We should go to our way. -- Don't. Look that is to use that. You know. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- If eight you you say you went to Mahoney because you saw it on TV. But -- honestly and I'm not trying to be as Smart as you but I'd I'd I'd like to give you a perspective on that. Why in the world would you take advice about. New Orleans restaurants from people who don't live here. -- -- gosh it would -- on that particular. And mystery or. And new enemy on. The plate when -- -- And so -- was. Glow -- the it anyway just. -- it was but etc. what is the mood I guess just the way it was. -- -- One McCauley get that got a recipe that we'll go from. You know it eats it Michael book if you haven't in if you don't have Michael pokey if you go on line you can get it Edelman dot com and his click under recipes. But there that's really 22 recipes and one that really go well together. If you do double eggs if you like the rebel hot sauce with as some crumbled up hard boiled -- You worked really go crazy over. Doubleday eggs with rebel -- sauce on top of them that well delicious and I have that in my book I have the rest. Hurt porcelain alleged -- I didn't have that and that was the book maybe. Don't -- and just go -- just go online and get an online now at all the recipes in the book or on my website. Cool so aren't our COY it's the future where am I am here. Robert to Roberts in rural little doubt perhaps. Welcome. I'm looking for a good. -- -- -- -- -- I don't go to Baton -- much -- have nothing against it and just it's outside my coverage area the actually there's an -- here at the acme is very consistent not fine. But that's the only one I know let's throw this to the crowd and we'll find some maybe somebody who's closer to Baton Rouge and we have a lot of that ruthlessly actually. I will call us and tell us where to eat raw oysters in Baton Rouge I -- I will add one more thing this. Right now -- is the bottom of the -- cease. It'll you know why -- where they're not running too good right now but it's it's finally gotten summer hot. And that's that's a bad thing for -- is it that it's not unsafe but it's. But the choices themselves just not particularly good this time here. -- Thank you see the food show John welcome. Sure actually lived in that huge. Well good where you got a little ways to borrow. I sure do not think it's cute Derek. Anderson and our. Aren't aren't right I'm acme oyster bar. -- wrote you know where -- -- Mike Anderson's I always liked when they were in town I was sorry to see that they didn't come back after the hurricane. When they went ahead heroes right next door to -- towards. You. -- have some friends coming out for dinner tonight can be looking at your recipe -- cookbook. And cooking current speckled Trout will be dusted with cheese and while -- and I did Cheney used to garlic -- or so off speed and you're. What do you books and I already I don't there's something better or would that work. Well I I I like that idea totally idea I think that would be great that you're you're basically making Troutman year but today with a little bit lighter sauce -- little bit variation on. -- sure bet that I would I would even sought neither of the Trout in in butter. In. -- even go in I don't. Okay good guy I can't imagine that that wouldn't be anything but great assuming you have good -- to start with. Oh wait to -- Could sucked into the stalwart so -- it it's. And here is Stan Stanley welcome. -- I don't you -- -- I'm not sure. I'll welcome object. I have a question. -- -- nor shall mature and Covington and -- elect a late lunch. Burger Shalit. So like not -- -- Yet in Covington there. Yeah across the highway from the Wal-Mart. And in that it's like a little shop things -- not a -- exactly the cycle shops. A very good they have a great Hamburg they have Greek salads and the rotisserie chicken in the good bit of -- It's one of the top 23 restaurants that my wife and my family go to all the time it's just very comfortable rule them all afternoon in the air conditioning is nice strongest. I've already been through to restaurants that they where the air conditioning to be just about out. Guess I yelled yeah yeah. I know about wage out where. It's like church so. Oh. That's it it's I wouldn't say so now it's filled weekend. Thanks. Way to go to 60. 630260187. And it was about to go down the wrong road there and -- -- here is Dave Dave. -- I'm what yeah. You know -- The police unit that eagle. Yeah he didn't vote that staple. Restaurant in the -- aren't they would work in the war on in the PPP. And not go on break in the PPP. I can confidently say that the dvd probably work for dropping it. All I wouldn't -- that. We're a -- well where have you gone. Well I'm. Yeah. I don't really want anybody. But the other -- laid down here are out here -- -- -- around and not drop. Grown in your -- yeah. -- they they just re -- they had a bad fire about a year ago put them out of business for a long time and they only. Within the last month or so have moved back in there -- him a break on that this is basically a new restaurant. What are heavy and -- have you been to have you -- to Luke. Have you been to the Bon-Ton. Read read your grade we. All around there grew the red red gravy. And this is on can't street right off of canal. I -- I hear that that they haven't been open for lunch. Since they opened about four years ago but look for -- On the corner camp in common they are about to start opening for lunch I think next week but the week after so that's going to be a good addition. The Windsor court has a nice lunch for about twenty bucks. It's you know very upscale but it's it's real nice how about public Dominica. In the rose -- I have. I have been you know I would like they're around fifteen dollar a lot so. It's certainly do it -- there they have half price pizza from a three to six. I Dominica every day half priced pizza half price cocktails have priced wine. Every -- What -- Three to six I think that it might be 230 to 530. 23530. Now but it's three hours right definitely. And they're not expensive anyway there regular prices or not it's certainly get there for less than fifteen. And a -- -- issues that. You're pre race here I really can't on them. I I just gave you seven of go to go to my website. Go to -- and you dot com and then click on restaurants and right underneath it. There were three indexes of every single restaurant the whole city one of his alphabetical. The second in his by cuisine and the third when -- by neighborhood just look in the CB eighty section and I'll bet she. You'll find no fewer than 25 good restaurants there. -- -- -- and why aren't you like terrible. The spirit the little and a load load a you don't like the environment. And -- it -- a little I'm okay. It really. It's -- what they've where we're trying to do reduced him to read capitulate a kind of a look at restaurants had a long time ago that's that was the idea their I think their food is great. I really oysters oysters in particular. They do an unbelievable job -- oysters there everything from raw to a you know like 56 different ways doing. Our will -- block thank you the food show thank you and call again wing Euro. To another when camp. Can who adored James welcome. -- Pretty good out of the meters I'm -- I'm a little concerned because -- -- like you and army occurred along that like all. That the Roger. We can view I can't believe you -- that I mean everything out of his mouth is just. It's like you know. My heroes nightly basis trying to he was it was trying to pull one over national bureau -- I -- -- Did he knows which orders. Yeah his spirit that. And I called the barriers that question. On the street. But the woman in -- -- ago Weaver. Weaver. And had a boat. -- they would. People achieve the moment. I'm -- it it was people. Like you. -- You know that yeah. Well the if you're looking for a place where rose before boy. -- the equity. With what kept everybody will do that I mean he's he's he's right no no kidding I mean. Really -- mean these unless it's an old line place like mothers -- mothers wouldn't have that Prius that -- wasn't invented when -- open so. But like a place like. My favorite is Johnny's in the in the -- And they certainly have it. Operate and you know all of these in the the parkway bakery just I don't think you should. Like uses certainly they would do it. Treaties. You know that should be a -- Don't know they're all -- they are all different but -- I would put him in approximately the same. Degree of goodness but they're different in note two -- before boys in the well. Well it shouldn't be too hard I mean there are plenty of them out there -- -- keep I -- back in touch NC would let me know what you found and will find -- more. All right thank you here's Keith again -- well. -- -- -- Yeah yeah ours it's saying. Right eating appetite being unsure and nobody believed it. It gotten the bar -- sure it is about two dollars. Something like that. It was good slate of school it was. Good. Patent series it's really nice. Wood -- a deal. It would get a contract country can't tell you about that I did get an appetizer. And a well. All I know about it so far is what Bobby himself to only in the hallway a couple of days ago and that is. That the gumbo the chicken or about I think it might be a duck and do we -- it's one of those dark room chicken or duck or some men on -- He says that that's his grandmother's recipe it really -- as they -- you doing that exactly the way his grandmother did it and it's really good other than that. He he says you know it's it's a new restaurant and there you -- Okay well. I don't know I guess she ended -- to check it out. Yeah you know it's much too soon -- only they've only been open two weeks I don't go to restaurants it's only been open approximately. Six months is how it usually works out but I wanna hear consistent reports from. From friends and other people. Before I go in for a review -- if if eagle and at the beginning I guarantee you it's not going to be the same is it will be a year later. Because the things that they think they're going to be brilliant. Wind up not selling at all. And the -- that they thought is going to be a complete throw away that's the one that takes off than everybody loves and they change you know some people. Stop working there other new people come in at the beginning nobody really knows with a new Grossman it's that the dynamics are always in flocks. And I don't wanna write about it until they've got that under their -- So I never go to new restaurants and I would advise that nobody else to -- but nobody's gonna listen -- -- -- -- the right the week with Phyllis Phyllis is over here as well. -- when push that button incorrectly here's the welcome. I dare he come on in. It's probably the -- and I need to be crushed. To do it. Happened but -- wouldn't you know ended strategy going. What what what are you trying to make I don't understand. White sauce for cream like public like all like -- -- eight creamed spinach. -- -- okay all -- so it that's almost like in dog rotten. It is the way you're doing what I've got to make. That's okay. -- -- All right. I would still do it is in a rotten and just put it in the oven to warm up. But is it what you're making his -- -- -- and -- -- you start out by making a rule with butter. Equal -- butter he I want under equal -- butter. Equal amounts butter and flour. And then you just you -- -- like you're making the -- which you don't let it color. Eat you know how it is when you're making routes for a while it's. Butter in Florida's mix together but then after -- it changes texture. And when it does that at that -- taken off the stove. And -- in warm milk let's if you started with one stick of butter and a half a couple full hour. You would use a bottle full cup. Of warm milk and you -- -- in the air and -- at personal slosh around the then all the sudden get the texture of almost like very light mashed potatoes. And that's an if you -- add cheese that's the time to do with the big raided grated cheese whatever kind of like I would do parmesan or more. A fun Tina is -- I'd like to and you just buried in the -- -- you you put it right on top of the vegetables. Of course like spinach you would actually -- in there but if for broccoli just put it on top -- Enron and under the open portal bread crumbs on top that let you know it'll melt in and everything nice bubbly in -- York. Yeah well. Equal amounts of butter and flour and then twice that much of warm. Right. So how would I. Agree that. The -- you pour you pour the hot -- in two. The this again I tell New York it's like you're making the rue but you don't let it start Browning at all when he just. It's the point where it has that route -- you -- in the cup of milk and you whisk it. Until it thickens populace it happens it's unbelievable how fast that happens you'll you'll you'll -- for. More girls with years whiskey and then it you there you are. How many cable -- the -- and Tom. You have a half cup this -- same amount of flour is but whatever amount of what are you using that's how much -- used. It. Campus stick of butter then you would use 14 of a cup. Of flour and then you would use a half a cup of our crisis much -- same amount of floor. Thank you in July. And salt and pepper of course and now plea. And I'd rather -- The moment. Oh what -- show today. Nowhere about running out of these four you know the foot as soon as the football really gets going with LSU and everything you won't hear me very much on Saturday but -- one moment. Every day during the rest of the week noon till three on thirteen fifth the three WL. So come visit over there you wickets from other things going on have spotted. I -- on next Saturday. At Newman William -- Spot is on my station and so always is a Christian -- anti Bob. A bear in noticeably -- going on over the year. Over here today gosh we've done all we even had a five dissection. Hate message sent to me. War. Or you can't tick off a woman in your senses. Asking for so I guess I must ask for. I'm sorry you feel so -- upon. How were actually sponsored today by Koreans or boys. Brand for boys among many other things you know they have all the pour voice you could ever imagine that something that they're -- pride themselves on. Good fresh local French -- it's the real deal. End. They also have platters they have Italian platters. Or things like veal parmesan. Chicken parmesan they have that spaghetti and meatballs the lasagna. They also do fried seafood platters of every kind all of that done to order so nice and fresh and crisp. And on played a red beans and rice anytime you want it with hot sausage short with. Would oysters on -- -- the -- you know they're really good about that you asking for something. The lady up that the -- she might give you a look but she won't say no that you'll they'll do anything anyway you want it. Brands for voice 3939 veterans highway in Metairie they're just pass Cleary and they've looked -- come in -- have. Has some Indian with them or large. -- four -- will be back with more after first police.

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