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08-23 3:10pm - First Take with Steve Korte and Todd Menesses

Aug 23, 2014|

Who Dat Nation…Former Saints offensive lineman Steve Korte & Todd Menesses discuss the preseason game between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to first take here on WWL. Along with Steve courts. I'm Todd and -- 26018786. Exit 89087. And that's number's called and also Texas and 877. Well if anyone was waiting for a game in the pre season Steve that it would he would be this one exactly. Bachus typically the third game of the pre season it's season is the game were gonna see. The starters play the longest. And Drew Brees so far has not played in the first two pre season games and has have some other high profile quarterbacks. Elite quarterbacks in the league. He is expected to play tonight so we'll get to see our first look at that Drew Brees a lot of fans concerned that he hadn't played any in any of those games and how it would affect him. Going forward. You build that they should be concerned and I know that answer when went -- that. It would that is but I think my. Point being. You should at least in search her I mean you're gonna wanna see him and and -- look back and you. He knows morning but he needs some lives or -- Live reps going into this thing he's got to get his timing than anything else and and obviously he has and that is receivers. You know especially some of the younger ones that are very long ago -- if they get off the line of scrimmage and run under pressure and do you know. And -- timing part of it you know and if you get -- -- NC obviously in. -- next to place the way that we've seen him in the past do it in and -- it excellently level is so. You missed it and it's cliche but look either get better you worst in the league. And that's very very good regional -- same. Playing the Indianapolis Colts tonight. End the Colts last season. Where one of those teams that had very good offense. And they're expected to be another very good team again this year. Well look back into this. You know going into this year deacons sort of pick out your top ten teams in the Colts are right in there -- like in the top. -- separate teams in this league so. If they get some key players back you know that they you know written -- acquaintance of mine you know -- -- about it and obviously. You know what Andrew Luck is done last. -- is just mark in this guy's. He was really almost a superstar markedly as a rookie and that's hard to do at that position and really command this game at a different level. The Colts at the lottery and that sort change from the maybe the greatest quarterback that's ever played the game and Peyton Manning. Answer inherit the first round draft choice and get Andrew Luck and mean. I'm not talking about a fortuitous definition of -- I'm not really talked about that Andrew Luck so. Yet it's it's interesting to see that. Am forbid you talk about anything about. Locker destiny or anything like. Harper ready -- our opinion poll. We've had -- up for most of the day what are you most looking forward to the Saints Colts game tonight. The debut of Drew Brees. Byrd Bailey and Robinson joining the secondary is out -- -- should play under bird Champ Bailey Patrick Robinson. Or the fact that it's one game closer. To the regular season. Online right now and I think -- WW dot com you would think actually 40%. Say and they're most looking forward to seeing bird Bailey and Robinson. In action tonight well it can -- 37% are saying they're glad as one more game -- course. There's I mean in the second thing is -- -- -- prisoners say -- the season starts a couple weeks Sosa but look like anything else and you've heard about it and they talked about that made a big deal about to me acquisitions if they had this offseason and obviously with. With Champ Bailey sort of you know obviously him you know. On his downward slide he's not he's not going to be the guy that he was you know 45 years ago but it. But nevertheless a perimeter player in this league for a long period of time and and then obviously see some good -- who really sort of hit his stride. And comes in has some problems with you know the back issue going on Atlanta still don't understand that. The key sign the contract and in. This back thing is killing me you know idea if it was a I don't understand that part of it but nevertheless side are you certainly hope that he is -- what he's advertised. Now he looks that way in practice this week especially the ones they have up -- -- man. And Willie get some reps this week I'm sure he'll get a couple I don't think you're gonna see him in a lot of series is you don't want to give him. Especially just coming off that injury to get injured in. As you say quads I gained speed but it's still going to be a little faster -- well I regret and it is. And obviously they're you know they're going to be tackler for real and you know they're gonna -- it united -- it's -- very much difference when those the first string players are in there you know sort of started players are going to be -- there's going to be a little less. Probably is is exciting or less intense than normal just because there. They're still in training camp mode if you will and they're trying to. The other difference is -- take this series in assuming this is what our goal is this series now that it's any different than what it is in the normal season game. Everybody is really concerned really about themselves at that point -- got to put together a string of you know how Emery plays this is it's perfect you know here's senator or -- on -- -- left -- our right Carter -- and whatnot so. You sort wanna make sure that you do everything perfectly for those discs were dress rehearsal on this deal. And and then obviously get out of it you know unscathed as early as little as possible but nevertheless. The guys -- handling the ball. They got to get banged around a little bit and it's as part of the deal -- -- the running backs have got to get hit. So wide outs have got to get hit trying to catch up ball and they've they've got to learn to protect -- thing it was sort of what it's all about so. You know Brees -- needs to get knocked around a little bit dale needs to get pushed around a little bit now almost seemed in Rome hit but at same time and he needs to feel that pressure. And as and as we always say -- injuries can comment any time last week here in the dome Charlie Whitehurst. Got injured him but no one was really around when the injury have a look like he pulled his hamstring yeah. Look the other part of it is is is that's I've I've always had. We have always had sort of you know the idea that really when you're really not as focused as you need to be to have the intensity that you need to play. That you really sort of set yourself -- spot to get injured. Easier because I think you're just a little bit lax. You just that split second off your reactions are quite what they normally would be. And you're just not really ready for you know for the big fight yet you know so I think guys at that point that you're sort of watch it and they steal guys. Say okay I need flipped the switch here for the next ten plays and plays if it was for real because -- -- -- here. You know when Beckett. 260187866889087. That's -- calls total free nationwide or you can Texas. After 87870. Steve Koren -- -- will take -- first -- this is the first take the Saints. Playing the Colts on national TV denied it will be the featured game on CBS -- year. Of course you can hear on WWL. And welcome back here the numbers 2601 late 786. Exit 89087. Along with Steve court top -- Spurs takes Saints football tonight game number three the Indianapolis. Colts. Playing in Indianapolis course you wanna know how to turn them sound in. Turn up the Saints and all that that's our website at WW dot com we have the complete. Breakdown in effect next year we're gonna put a big white you know white board in. Steve's going to draw at all with this in the suit and tie him like the professor in point everything -- -- now works the matrix yeah me -- -- -- -- Good luck. And the easier way to go on line and find out how to how to match it up depending upon year. Your viewing the game tonight. Last week's game in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Was that a penalty fest or why it is. Is part of it from what from what you've got to see him and hope he said some of it was sloppy play is the coach said Owens who was a lot of it'd just the NFL trying to send a message -- the refs calling. Everything well look. That -- it's pre season for them to you know and so they've said look this is what we're going to do and we're going to sort of clampdown on this there's no point intentions of day. We're not gonna let the defensive backs all these guys -- numbers like that we're -- on and you know the more the game gets offensive okay it it's it's if they wanna score points they know that that just turns people on and so they liked that and and obviously. Yates is -- -- -- handicap to some of the defenders but the same time is it's a rule. So they -- like it. Well they're gonna they're they're flag so. I'm just telling you right now when they come in their pre season the -- committed to the guys he's the changes this will be done. Any questions. You know they kind of go through that the coaches -- deficit -- out and do this and -- tell -- right now just because Sherman those guys got a real masters Seattle does -- your sort -- the league at that time did was make kudos to him you know. That was he played within the rules you know in. Sore but nevertheless to me I -- -- if that's what they're gonna call and that's what we're gonna call if they change it that way then that's what the rules are so what do you like it or not is irrelevant. Supposedly -- he scrutinizing the rules right now defined. And when Alou -- chronic and how can they push it to the edge in what they found out last year case you're wondering what with Steve talking about. The Seattle defense. Other cornerbacks and safeties were really aggressive with everyone and and you have a lot of folks Jimmy Graham gone on record as saying that. You know -- every play their holding every play either grab me and they. And what they demise is. The refs are not gonna call it on every play because the game's gonna slowdown in the NFL doesn't -- that to happen which. Is what happened the NFL this year has said. Yes we are we're gonna call it tighter -- if you can call that that the Pete Carroll at the Seahawks rule like they call her doping rule to Jimmy Graham. You but. I think I think Deke Bellavia brought this out on sports talk this week and I am estimates that he said he doesn't think it's gonna be that way in the regular season. Simply because the NFL wants to keep those games and those windows that they've got with national television. And you know you don't want games to overlap and so forth. I think in the other way around attitude I think and I'm thing and they've liked it. -- they're looking like like when you get a pitching change that you have the spots already set up bird if you exercise. Ordinary it's tough because there's not a clock out baseball but there but I and I understand that but I. But they're also gonna run and keep the clock running this year when a quarterback it's that look up. I IE I can tell you this that. At the Tennessee game literally I thought oh my god we you know I'm going to be in this game for five hours I mean it was the point where it was just getting there. Is getting annoying when it like two hours for the first for something ridiculous and then -- left at halftime but my point being he was it was. I just you know it it became -- where it was annoying you know effective. It's Colorado on both sides -- kind of wanna blame -- -- to tighten and you kind of wanna say. Come on defense I -- play within the rules right because like it if you're lazy. And you reach and grab in the guys that get your -- from a guy that you know play the game. So. You know you're related tire whatever everybody's you know but but you can't reach and grab somebody so. You know the the whole thing to me is is. I can tell you this -- -- Deke is sort of spot on one -- because I can tell you that I'm. They're -- the networks are gonna flip out. If those games begin to run in all in all kind of other games without it being something like overtime over. And we had a lot of those last year yet you know horse and he always do because is he gets tighter and everything to the competition gets better you're gonna have those that. I'm just out there that flip about it because penalties but you know and you look at the data at the end of the game -- each team has. 250 yards of penalties. I mean it that is. John -- is gonna blow his stack. Promises on the other side of the colon to play devil's advocate to you if you've got more timeouts. You run more run or commercial and ran as an hour and a half ago so -- know and it's to be active that's the part of that's why -- -- in the red zone yeah. Because he can. And it drives me for executives and I can't watch a beer commercial. 32 times on Sunday I just. There's some I'm on the look acute they're lucky they are -- I -- there's some of the best commercials out there -- -- it is very creative in it's it's people put a lot of effort in the that it's okay one or 2 times and I am OK mine's K. And they always seem like there were the volumes a little bit higher. Yeah it is now that's because which basically wake he's got a much slumber political because there not letting you know -- I know you left the room at that point so it's got to be a lot of created here let's go to well -- is gonna comment on the saints' defense failed to -- on first day. Well. Hey Patrick are gone okay. That you're excited about that he personally. Are we ever got to complete look so audits -- -- at about one play. Just in Champ Bailey your your arm. And be easing she's going to -- in the. You know obviously experience wise and sort of what he brings to table as far as that you know the veteran part of it and and really kind of at the level he's played for so many years. If he can replicate some of that you know the guys in terrific shape for being what 36. Years older 3435. Years -- for -- yeah. In the secondary it's it's pretty remarkable so. Look I hope that he can come in and do it and and I'm. Sort of cross my fingers that he can but I am not. I'm not then I just. I know at some point. You know as much as he wants to play and he might be able to come in -- the kids did a few years ago it's working off the street and -- was kind of really. Played so you know in a corner position really really well for awhile yet. But the same time he realized at some point he can't continue at that level because his body is just wears out and it's just. He's just a little bit slower you're just a little bit behind you one step behind you and thank god these guys have this. Instincts and as obviously the view of the veteran recall that they have as far as having experience. Other wasn't telling that you lost so I am I if if if we can get some at a Champ Bailey and it's. Really sort of that leadership to sort of take is the next deal I still sort of see that safety stuff being sort of sort of by the guys we have -- and Carlin. And and obviously new labor movement on it but nevertheless they're gonna play a lot of you know a lot of secondary guys because typically is the way teams are now. They're not to have just for that they're going to be in a dime package a lot of they're going to be in a nickel lots of they're gonna have five or six defensive backs out there so. Hopefully he'll he'll get the rotation and they'll show some beer you know some of the stuff we -- before it is made a great player is that. My fingers are crossed but I'm not I'm not count. Oh. Yeah we hope so yeah certainly well yeah I would say Andrew Luck is definitely -- you know they're going to be thrown the ball. Well look Reggie Wayne now that he's back. That they lost a big part of that last year and then. Then obviously we you know when they got the running back Trent Richardson you know that was. I've always thought that he is never really sort of broken out yet Crennel liked to have their version of Mark Ingram Cuba you know and really anybody -- this you know so. You know you'd it's going to be -- -- -- -- -- you know Lexington as a program. Also thanks for the call thanks for the comments to 60187866889087. In. Where it can -- an 87870. We've got some Tex coming in. It's as I'm most forward -- looking forward to if the team the team as a whole plays a more disciplined foot disciplined football game as well look I can. Look at that is something that goes back to coaching and coach Payton did say in his post game then it's him it's all on him. And when you see. That's you know sloppy play one on that kind of stuff happen and you know that that's sort of a direct reflection on him and and be in you know that. You gotta take a kid pay attention to details -- -- typically if you take care of the little things that big things or take care of themselves at commanders. It's true because. Humanoid being -- it is. You know case in point we can talk about your program doctoring -- I mean I -- I mean I can understand what he's coming from Tennessee and it's gonna festivities that really hurt anybody's -- But but they outlawed. This that is not a good thing I do anymore. So they find thirty house and -- sport which is just absurd to me but the same time. I know if it's Peyton lets him get away with that by saying it's okay he cannot do it you'll because you know he won't because what's gonna happen. And you know -- -- But it was ethnic. Okay well he used to be can do that than I can do this or I can do that and at the end. I'm just telling these guys. The and one of the schedule at one point they will try to. Maneuver and take advantage of every single thing you give them and you know -- thing about you give me to take a mile I don't think yeah they will try to do that and being human nature weigh in and just be in the players this sort of on -- sort of -- you know blow all the time anyway. They're gonna try to get awareness that -- pretty soon what you have to sort of erosion that time of year mortal conduct of your team. And before you know you've got an investment team that disarming penalties. The start their pre snap penalties that -- -- stuff after the whistle at it almost things begin to sort of Grohl and -- -- and then what you have this is a problem. After the first down. Peyton kind of looked at amendment you know gave him that book. After the second one when the Titans ran the ball back a thing I think is -- into the thirty yard line the penalty though surprised that I pulled it back. But if there had been no penalty they would have started on the Saints 3035 yard line and that's typically points -- and so so I think that's where you realized OK can't. It you know more in again in these sort of flippant that are side you see what's in -- -- -- and they're they're really make -- to snuff on their they're sort of you know clamping down everybody. But but there comes a point. And when we went how much is enough because somebody is always gonna try to tops of -- I don't like the contrived stuff elect a -- first their. We don't stuff -- I don't have a problem with the dunking I think would happen if if last year he had not down. And hung on the crossbar and messed it up in Atlanta there and it delayed the game while they had to reset the crossbar all. -- that you would have seen anything mentioned about it that just that's just my thoughts on. It BI I decide at the same time my it's. You know before you know -- didn't have a sharp piece thing again and again have the guys you know the bowling -- and all -- crap that goes -- me. After awhile it gets really of gosh what kind of in a touchdown dances are gonna do now when you got offers this week I mean. -- got it -- it begins to get this sort of weird feel like -- certainly doesn't even wrestling -- to a point. You'd like you -- Lance Moore would dance at the end Indians on how to. I don't care about that I mean that that that kind of stuff so okay I'm just talking about the guys that have. -- the other guys as props -- they use the you know what the cones or the markers you know is a -- clover harder I mean. I don't know I just I just thought you know tests. To play -- minutes that's not a value. Get George John on the phone Georgia. This has been brought up before George go ahead you're on -- first -- And WWL. And on and I'm just wondering why we can't don't ultimately. Is that if the Packers can do -- a liability like interest rates still look at. Japan at Lambeau leap from what I understand is quote grandfathered in -- -- -- partly because simply because they don't they use the ball as a prop. Their edges jumping in the stands and aren't sitting up on the stance and thanking the fans and there are other teams that do that they just don't call it. Lambeau leap just sounds more. You know mentally quotes head and slam -- in the field minute and it matches and -- They do it in San Francisco I've seen the players jump up and in and into the Stan the man seated in other stadiums they -- -- you know ultimately. Won them the reason. Which you call it a lead which collar. I don't give that little Europe and outta -- yeah. Other -- a tendency to do it without problem is that. I've seen it like I said I've seen other teams do it and I haven't seen him throw the flag now this year I have no idea what they're gonna do as far as throwing flags. Well it gently grammys just groups of that okay move instead of dunking that's job at this stage in the what you -- like. And as David Potter put out the Jimmy Graham too -- to -- but probably just the step into the stands -- -- right Stewart thank. Does excel on 87866. And 890870. Got a text and 87870. Talking about leave the Saints should run the ball more. A 5000 yard seasons okay which she go home in the seasons at the seasons and linebackers need to have an impact. Sexson we need a good kick returner -- secondary needs to look for the ball and keep receivers in. Front of that so well -- a week ago that I got to address that the running the ball in our Butler -- And -- has -- expressed that as well and you know it kills me. That tells me Jesus mean offensive lines that are physical. That's the message through the subliminal message I would get from that maybe that's a subliminal ordered. But that would be almost accounts to me at that point though so is there room for law Greco with the new name for they're not -- court. -- but it workers but but my point being is is. The revenue football because this league has gotten so you know quarterback in and obviously everything sort of -- it that way and it's a vertical game and most of -- goes through the Internet and that's all good fondness to sort of -- -- -- ball. But run in the football if you noticed the teams that were there last year -- very good with doing right and and you look like you know -- -- -- team for instance like Green Day this year that lost their quarterback who to me is probably the best at this point you know. And and and really they win it at least lazy come on as a running back. That's a team at this point. And they lose -- sneak on to people think there's sort line in the weeds but nevertheless that's another that's -- topic the -- to be back to run the football think. -- not only late in the year but I think any time that you have to. Begin to exert your will dominate the other team. Your offensive line has to do that and and if you look at Seattle's offensive line. They beat the living -- people -- San Francisco's offensive line. They do the same thing -- beat you and it's like. Okay this is what we're gonna do now and -- shove it down his throat you know we're gonna do it and when to stop and look back to the clock and we've beaten you 89 minutes apart you can't have the ball. So. It to me it's a wonderful thing alone watching and I'm telling you right now that would be Drew Brees is best friend he wouldn't have maybe the good yardage you pretty -- that matters used to. -- he cares about and probably don't think it's a big thing to him. I come away with a win. And you keep the ball away for everybody yeah I mean that's that's -- game. Before we get the Texans starter Tommy mentioned this yes we did beat San Francisco last year by. There -- offensive line was very physical and we won that with a field goal because a penalty that was called on Drew Brees. Otherwise we probably wouldn't stop that. Look at the -- -- yeah I can settle in -- -- and so. Yeah we won that game. -- -- I was government backside and my most people were for the last. That wasn't comfortable instantly that was a very physical game and we know what happened with the Seattle look I can tell you right now by watching that game and look at and it. Win. That defense when the film room last year they did not like coming out of it like coming out of the fact because they won. But it was with a sigh of relief and because of some big plays. But other than that they're living daylights. -- that complexity. He Steve court I'm -- and assists. How rarity at Texas and caught the -- -- hop. There you ago Steve's chuckling at that went well take a break and be right back its first day Saints and the Colts tonight. Coming up next it will be the but like count down to kick off. -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia live from Bobby's cajun cannon restaurant in Metairie the corner veterans and -- -- go out and check out the -- And big chief out there at 7 PM game time tonight. With Jim Henderson hokey -- John and Saints sideline reporter Kristian -- then right back here for a analysis and coverage with a cannon and the big chief for the point after 2:1 AM alright here on Saints radio WWL. And welcome back to first take along with Steve court. -- -- -- And Iowa grant know we're not at the Mercedes-Benz superdome and I did you do here than at the superdome all the time. -- Over and over again. As of Thanksgiving and 87870. Says. Many aces I think -- show boats should be flag. It takes today is also. Someone else says we could call it The Who -- how talking about doing like the Lambeau leap he says that. Some position be the dome dime. Someone else the Benson bound it's how about the -- both -- that was another one. Dave potters seem to like them when balanced pretty creative. Another and one we got to see a Stephen -- restaurant I think the only time wood Z and -- easier enjoy eating at a restaurant that I would be about it. But yeah -- -- it -- coming after that at five -- Bud -- countdown to kick off. Tonight will be at the Qaeda Bobby's cajun cannon restaurant in Metairie it's a corner veterans and lake Villa. He can meet Bobby united. Bobby so they all kinds of stuff they. At some kind of giant. Hamburger. Challenge stating he was wrong about some of those man vs food -- yeah. Now in their fifty yeah fifty bucks for the burger but if you vision I think you it's it's three yeah but it's too. Like -- they are 1620. Paddy -- me less now while. So there you go cornucopia of gastronomic delights them. -- comes and had a ticket for an angioplasty afterwards that's for a ticket to a -- the leaders and who is under and it is not a I. It. Another text that coming in get rid -- actually they did not play -- at all in the superdome. Last week -- other days ago. The Saints have probably moved on from that distance it served its purpose or deserves it -- time and and it's done it's there. Memories -- of course tonight. The Saints taking on the Indianapolis. Colts. I doubt you'll hear from being played there as well. Is it the -- the series of the hit the history between these two the Saints Nichols of minute totals twelve times. And the Saints lead the series seven to five he knew that. Last two wins by the Saints in this series including the Saints 3117 win over the Colts. In the Super Bowl and the Saints scored 62 points in a 627 win over the Colts and October 10 and 2011. So -- Ends that was brutal that was a room now for us no one of them. So a lot of things going on tonight at the ground game in last week's game we did see a lot of Pierre Thomas. And a lot of people were asking about a year Thomas who had been practicing with the the number two's all week. And he is on the depth chart right now Ingram still lists his first carry Robinson's second. And appear Thomas as the third down back we did see a lot of Tarvaris could that is well. And Mark Ingram after. He played as well I'll actual four backs to play and they moved him in and out as the as the game progressed. But marking -- on a would really was a heads up play by Ryan Griffin. Caught a pass for a touchdown run the look like the Titans were not said yet and Griffin smartly. Snap the ball I don't know if that was designed player not to throw it -- across -- in the middle probably read but. Ingram was wide open was able to catch it and head on into the end zone which made him say this week that he would like to be included more. In the passing attack. He said he was a receiver in high school he did catch the ball at college. And he would like to be considered you know not that the coaches and can I consider that or that he's pleading his case. -- he just saying hey I can catch the football out of the backfield to. What us. Yeah I mean I look at what office of players do it you know especially if you anyway you can get on the ball they wanna get well and now -- You know sort of creativity Sean -- as offensively when he -- with. Electors for several times where there's you know. -- Sproles nearly receiver -- years ago out of the backfield. Spot so. That's not a usual I distinctive obviously most of you guys it's part of it you know that rotation -- actually throw the ball. Okay so that's I'm sure he will be. And then. We'll see. They did do. Again screens appear Thomas who runs the screen the best out of anyone of the backs Travares cadet that a couple screens with him as well but. Again. He's still. Some of these younger guys it is just something with -- Pierre or waits for his -- he's patient you know wait for the blocks to set up. And a lot of these younger guys meaning Tarvaris today and Tyree and -- -- as well. Try to out run the blocks -- try to run too fast to the hole and you don't do well to the game that there's. That's certain there's a certain skill and obviously certain timing that you did. You know you it's really required related to terribly run a screen very well and obviously he has a neat story has that knack for India. He's got great vision you know he's not. Tremendously fast he's got pretty good balance but nevertheless I think he's just really he sort of the guy who uses vision and obviously has the instincts to the sort of sort of the blockers which really makes it easy for. You know get somebody behind you that you know that you could -- with -- -- supporters are watching him and you could see it was begin to slide but the way you sort of get the feeling that you know any. He's lead you down the road here you know just follow -- you know Politico. You can't overrun -- that's what guys do these completely out run their their blocking abilities and its really going to be. You -- throw a football. So. Some of texas' -- wrong I was at the game last week they did play -- I didn't hear it did cited. Steve did you try to the press box owners -- -- if they do and we usually notice those things but we didn't and we actually made note of that -- the press box so perhaps we were wrong I imagine that Tim pokey. And the rest of us -- if that's ever happened to me it doesn't now. We'll take a break during his radio being around we'll take a break and be right back. First they got WW well.

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