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08-23 4:10pm First Take with Todd and Steve

Aug 23, 2014|

Who Dat Nation…Former Saints offensive lineman Steve Korte & Todd Menesses discuss the preseason game between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back -- first eight here on WWL 260187866889087. Those are the numbers to call. Andy can also Texas at 87870. Count up next hour at 5 o'clock it is the about like countdown to kick off. With Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia this will be live from bodies cajun cannon restaurant in Metairie -- veterans. At lake Villa and others on the all the away games. From there from now on -- -- -- -- tradition to watch it's big guy in sports bars and had a big TVs and everything's going to go it's it's a great experience the court about the moment but he for a lot of freebies. It is her body for assignment team Miami do some damage in the eleventh and it's just. The last week's game against the Titans some of the good things that we can take away. From last week's game word takeaways the Saints forced five turnovers. Which is pretty good which was something that. Coach -- had it. Emphasized he wanted to see more. Look our turnover ratio if it's point I mean I think we were -- did even last year it was and we weren't closer Morris all so. We can get that on the plus side a -- Super Bowl year I think we're plus 23 years something -- -- sign them and it's ridiculous I don't know it. But that translates into. -- victories and you can see overtime because really you get another possession that you could score on top of him it was a deep into scoring. While now you really. Sort of step this thing into a whole different level but. Of those two things are for pretty critical so if they can if we can dispute that one turnover ratio was sort of way and plus minus category. This -- some good things here. Other pros have been won more than the first element of the current dip from all and again if everything -- must have looked like it would you know -- there were some biography that. Just wasn't. Really don't even in the Q leave them like that from. Okay is -- not a fumble so. Yeah I just wasn't a zone -- but it was -- one of his talent. As -- difference between you and the union lineman we have. -- All I know -- it'd look like -- -- in. So that at. But -- but -- -- so although the five that we did get to force turnovers were great. Joseph Morgan. Again Tuesday stretching the field to giant plays one circus catch one just 100 yards and catches or something yeah Syria. We fixed -- zone and obviously after the tough to injury and didn't seem comeback he's obviously got a -- field yes you know so. The two time. -- need to work -- consistency pars wells. And back up quarterbacks and I know you know we did CB Drew Brees last week. I'm of the two who do you think has the edge between McCown and Griffin as pokey made plans to remind me it's McCown and down right. Well. -- you can sort of look at it both ways OK and in them veteran these days have been the same time I think. I would feel more comfortable this point going with McNown and a scale only because. He's played a lot of football league he's in he's seen just about everything. I don't think he's as talented. As a younger guy and and obviously though he hasn't had a future that the younger guys -- so at some point you have to. Do you attribute to decide I don't know really sort of with the status is on that run he can make or keep him and put him on on the on the practice squad of. I'm I'm not sure about that the -- the reason I asked that I found this interesting. Articles. On the nfl.com. That they did earlier in the season. And talking about rating all the back up quarterbacks. Okay me and for the Saints. They had Ryan Griffin listed as the thirteenth best back -- quarterback that. In the league pretty good McCown was not even on on their list yeah well I don't know if they know something that we -- now or. We do know the Saints are very high on Griffin they lying and figured unity that you commitment system and I. Think he's. You know young guy he needs so much seasonings Ohman some reps in two ruse to get him and -- slow but -- obvious he's quick study. -- -- what he's done and obviously -- his physical capabilities do. Generally he just needs game time stuff. I don't want -- he -- to and so what I did it does that mean those guys -- as we as a Clinton it's the most important position that you never wanna see zone on a football team right. So calm. When a few really good about this happening right now now. Okay but it. But I do like the idea of the future him and he drew is not -- for error so you know at some point reviews about him members who. Even though he seems to think so in the NFL drug test and everything Sosa but after. Pretty yet dispute that is it is that it yet and it picks up it's up there but you know they haven't they have this problem everywhere else in the NFL it's not like. It used to be years ago you would have a back up quarterback. That everyone could see. Was the future of the league of that team you know the Vince Young the -- Aaron Rodgers the last time the Brett Favre. Mallet possibly. With that Tom Brady they're talking about him. But the the F 49ers right now Jim Harbaugh saying well they're gonna go Blaine Gabbert is their back up he hasn't been looked that Brady looks horrible but that's what they're gonna go with right now as the lead. Horrible but they're active that's all they've got voter confidence and coach -- but look I. It's like that that's a tough position to play and obviously you know you see two guys that are sort of in that top. And there are really really if you was sort of look at that top eight guys and you know. You look is -- to those guys you know and that I think it's really sort of bodes well for the Colts from the standpoint. You go -- superstar quarterbacks. And those teams. Following suit mean those of the top teams that are gonna have a shot to win the whole thing that very often do you get a guy like Russell Wilson. In and released begin to sort. You know -- could command. Of the offense so early in -- it was like you know. Earliest when these guys that sort of act accuse them early thirties. You know which is really sort of surprising in -- People always sort of happened knock on this term. Deal to manage the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's another one of those guys that -- came in and there's just a difference about him when you see him and Andrew Luck -- you know you what is the difference well. Because I want guys you know six foot five and 240 pounds -- -- guys. The six -- -- want to -- on eleven and then or three quarters and you know 190. Different dirt skill set so. Both of them are successful they do and so. It's great for them and competitive. Given that chance I'd rather have of the six foot 52 reports on guys that are superstar from day one Clinton. Well attacks comes in at 8787 aces Brian Griffin has the highest pre season passer rating of any NFL quarterback in the league there's no way you can put it on the practice squad. Are lined up on someone else's roster and I think the Saints. Well I do I think they know that twosome I think that's why they'll probably. Retain him -- they'll probably cut McNown and then hopefully. -- sort of keep him around you know. Re sign him you know I don't I don't know -- other and kind of go about doing it but if it's a tough deal look there's a lot of guys out there and they can only have 53. Right and so. Boy this week there is going to be a blood -- there is -- lot of guys are going to be put -- mystery in this next week that can really play NFL football. And your missing the main point what might -- -- Griffin as the backup he won the majority of those quarterback challenges that Drew Brees the practice that was the deal I think that might have been that -- hit -- that might have the other a and he beat out drew and a lot of the quarterback well. That there you go through him and I think so. And coach Payton who participated in these state court and Todd and s.'s will take a break its first take here on WWL. And of course the Saints take on the Indianapolis Colts tonight. Will have it all live for you coming up at five it's the -- like countdown to kick off -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia live from -- cajun cannon restaurant in -- at the corner of veterans and -- Villa. Seven is game time the best play by -- team in football the voice of the things Jim Henderson. Saints color analyst hokey guy John and Saints island reporter Christian Garrett who by the way. -- was sporting -- souped. At the Mercedes-Benz superdome for the fans and yet -- unavoidable gone by seasons he was -- and I think he was in his suit he looked very sharp on the sideline. And after it came was going -- colored Souter was Elijah is a Hillary like it was it was like a brown or green jacket and that was it a branch Nebraska thing -- know what to seersucker I don't know -- them. On the orange -- no nothing nothing like you -- seat back in the day it would like he's playing golfers. Very nice suit. -- after the game you joined the cajun -- the big chief for the point after 2:1 AM it's ten hours of wall to -- things covered that started last hour right here. With first take. Talking about the back of quarterbacks here a moment ago I am just looking around the league. Earlier in the week after Johnny football system and so gave the one finger salute to the Redskins. The coach Mike Mateen had said that well you know he's made his decision Brian lawyers gonna start. The first week he's I don't visit our America's -- but -- -- idol is -- twins note like garbage can look like RF -- it a bit neither neither one has looked good in the pre season to be honest. Immediately fans and some people in the media started college at the mistake by the laying you're making a mistake Johnny men's -- our best chance of winning its that are the idea how to. Now all he has kind of taken a backtracked to that statement. And you and say that well I'm not I'm not totally gonna dismissed. Possibly eight to. Quarterback system. And I believe now that has that ever were no Rose always says you won't have a quarterback now it's as you do not at quarterback -- the and what this whole thing tells you where you're talking about rating. Backup quarterback and you do not want to play and now it is indeed it's -- is simply given up. It is. Your guys that are -- a bad place to be meanwhile on the other side Rex Ryan is confirm that geno Smith will be his starter for week one -- Michael Vick who is who was rated as the best back in the league on the list and came up -- simply because. You know being a starting quarterback expert -- -- but apparently the Jets seem to feel that you know cook it is better than Michael Vick at this point. Now there and I'm there this team either so the Steve Steve's -- is I would wannabe coach Jimmy the one of the now at this point you know. Literally Jim dale Morrison's coach killer yeah. Person well accurate statement well you know what with the the thing with with with the team and we so we saw that here I guess Saints fans know all too well when a coach. Says this is my guy and is gonna stick with the quarterback. And it's either -- did. To the detriment of the team. You know here you could say it was Aaron Brooks and and Jake DelHomme was that was the issue here the fans and one object Loman but he was the better guy in. The coach made -- decision and you know he was gonna -- has that was gonna stick with with. With Brooks. The team though however. By making this decision. I don't know if that's it's better that gets its worst with the fans. That you're not gonna make your decisions that by -- -- as the head out of -- extra. We wish you well enough yeah I don't like India that I mean that to me sounds when you sort of off want to put my dad from the git go yeah. One and you'll know why do you have to answer anyway I mean what can he just. Now like can you say it's yet to be determined then and now make that decision when I feel like don't do it all you guys now. Don't ask me again. I don't know -- All right 26018786. Exit 89087. Era in Texas and 870 tummy size adjustment but you know equipment that you -- that I. That I think you -- -- -- -- and I -- that you know who knows. Misty -- I I did -- cook. -- they potter who catches over the -- I did sickle. But it's OK but it's OK I -- with Jeanette we know it's human idea. That's just like you know the 11 day in place and Angela so we were on last statements that first. We knew what she meant it. If this lasting that there anyway we knew we had to receive. I think this is an allotted 7866. And 890878. Our -- ready jaguar opinion bowl. For today is what are you most looking forward to in the Saints Colts game tonight. Is -- the debut of Drew Brees. Is it bird -- Patrick Robinson joining the secondary his chances are all three will see some action tonight or the fact that it's one game closer. To the regular season. And we no longer have to worry about pre season game -- yachts and this is that this is the -- -- this is the one game right now because I'm forty. 42% of you voting online say is. It's those guys in the secondary watch them the world and on that and I think it and you could see so many guys that are. In a bubble players. That are really horrified from there you know. NFL football careers at this point so this is really their time to show him and and obviously the closure and put him in positions that are going to be tough and see how they respond and then obviously. You know do their comparison. Hoo boy and then you know Monday morning it's like. Is -- due to the -- or in there and he. Had its tough deal. -- a tough Dillon and just being a being a high draft pick doesn't guarantee you and your not gonna now see that week is. Boy election is an absolute bust -- -- to first and second round for sure brown. But January 3 third and down and -- you view -- if you really sort of like maybe they missed on some and they're gonna. They can't afford to keep you around -- on your first or second round guy and they're pretty much count on you to start your first round guys that really -- start your second round rather -- same -- you know at some point this season -- starts ago. And shoes you feel about this at least that's what the draft. Another text on Saturday 78 -- as I am most looking forward to no injuries. Tonight given those typically with a foot injury last week. Probably won't see any action tonight in tonight's game so I don't think it's a serious injury. From what -- -- Someone says is it possible that we could see anywhere between four and six safeties. On field at the same time with the big hitters of the group lining up close to the line of scrimmage now. Right you know I don't rob you're a Celtic FC 668. Feet and routes and rob Bryant -- -- owners in there with he is. This is an above getting weird when it comes put those folks in and set them up where they're gonna set up on the defense if he thinks it's gonna give him an advantage. So he maybe do something different who knows. If he does a wooden. -- DC six safeties well. No -- now the -- the mother when his own. -- and see tonight. In addition of some kids and I know he's going to be if he's come up with some kind of innovative new defense says. Some NFL analyst and we've talked about this before seem to think he may be doing on the verge of doing like is dead dead. You're not Tennessean in the pre season while a guy. Can tell you this at 46 defense. That it's you know the Chicago made famous doing that they called prepare like right and it. There was no other way to look at and say well 46 issued before you know that the -- and you do that it was just a point numbers of these he's called for six okay. But I can tell you right now that that was. -- That took some want practical offer suggested that you know. -- and then that became sort of an issue and you have really good dominant defensive linemen and linebackers complain that front seven. And you snug everybody up like that. That pose some problems if you haven't seen it before if you really know how to Erstad and a block. So calm but again -- got to sort of personal political office so. Him just because guys and he's apparently it doesn't mean anything. It's good to Jerry on lined one -- Jerry you're on a. Firstly. -- out -- to be back out -- -- yeah I got I -- your opinion on it -- and began at. You know lag now now that man I'm not -- ballplayer made a lot of mistakes. But somebody -- Special -- -- -- like touch football ridiculous yeah. Well look I I agree with you I mean I. Games started on the -- and now I don't look to be out this ticket I I do think -- it's you know they've they're kind of was defying a little bit you know when they do a lot of the stuff news. Look I you've got to deal the story if your -- obviously you can you can get -- the line of scrimmage yours because -- as you can get to the line of scrimmage prior to backpack. So I and I don't like that so the the fact is normally you know like like it and then don't labeled you know but that. But it elect if that's the way they've changed the rules. And that's -- try to do idol I don't know taken. -- put this way if it's a much easier deal -- but the team did in league ended the season and begin to back off a little bit. That it is to to go in there and get tougher week it's easier to surrogate tough in the pre season and get tough maybe in game one and then beacons -- Okay now Rivers understands that we can can go back to me mitigating the bit not making. -- the -- -- -- that's the case. If you want to call holding every single play football probably. You really good somebody -- -- -- -- -- deepest lines Holden. A guy -- carters center from getting second level. In other -- -- on there they're basically blocking for the linebackers. And defensive holding -- is not not new it's not common so. You could call that really on every single place you wanted to and you could probably call you know does -- -- -- to play -- it is so. Office holder often parents. And I -- -- -- it the cylinder -- especially in the center. -- You know I'll describe. No harm no I mean. He got guys down field full speed yet there seem to make an out cut our extra -- stay with being. Related it like all approach each other means call that issue and they're on. You know. Yeah you know some of that inadvertent stuff that they call or some of the stuff where they're trying to. You know they're insinuating that it was a play or if it was. You know it's yet you look you can call that in an effort stuff all the time I can't stand them because that's that's a subjective caller is passing references. Listen guys religious or run with Regina attorneys that are trying to locate the ball and just sort of attack whenever. In a jump into his space at the last second you know but. I mean that happened -- Can't -- it would ailment and you're right. You know -- -- and I mean nobody and it -- you know -- pianist caught. Start you know do everything a guy -- just makes Scott. You know our game yeah I well I'd like to play him on. Well. Jerry I hate to tell you this but being -- Dino. Who is the NFL vice president of officiating says he's not surprised by the increase in penalties in the pre season and he says don't anticipate the trend lasting. Yeah into the regular season so he thinks they're area all cleared up. And it's not going to be as bad as it was because they wanna avoid slowing down the regular season game as we've said. They'd wanna get that closer to the historical norms of about 1516 penalties. Per game not the one just saw. This year the pre season. The average -- pre season total has been 23 penalties a game. And the first two pre season games. That's though we averaged now last year averaged fourteen on Sam them down on the Saints yes right to right was for the so hopefully. They're not gonna continue calling it that way which. Could be good could be bad because then you gonna have Seattle and those guys are about to start doing again what they were doing last season. And and saying you can ecology just -- Can't we can't have it both ways of -- knew we don't know you know his command and understand us as fans we don't want a call against our guys but we wanna call what is on the them. The work anyway you got to college all the time. Or you gotta let it slide sometimes. Which you know what I'm not I mean a network but Seattle I think now out secondary and matching up there so. We have that -- to play him and it wanna play it that way pot. You know. Well it's not so much is secondary it's our receivers are -- going to be bump and run that way. You know and LA that's a tough deal it's that's going to be something they've got to get -- pretty quick so we've managed to find out. Kind of what their plan is for that they're not gonna talents -- As well it shouldn't you know. Jerry thanks for the call will take a break what we come back we'll continue with first take. Don't forget that 5 o'clock but like countdown to kick off of Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia they'll be live from Bobby's cajun cannon restaurant. In Metairie will be right back on WWL and welcome back to first -- -- with Steve -- I've -- an SS are the numbers to six of one point 786 exit 890878. Where you can Texas that it -- 7870 lot of folks -- that what they're looking for tonight. In the yes Saints Colts game is a less penalties and I'm pretty sure that's -- Sean Payton look and. Or is thickest part of it. You know electors but at the Simmons or sometimes penalties you can -- -- but those ones are now they've been told. Over and over again and I'm sure the hasn't been happy about this and and I guarantee blistered at practice about this this is one of those things where you probably referees there. And watched everything he promised to call tonight college Tyco -- -- practice you know you know because it's. This is one of those things you can sort of go rider in the year and really really cost you and it costs you ball game you know you know really well. And -- and getting a lot of -- asking about this and it's made the national news say NBC sports editor as well when when that's when they've played local these pre season games out tonight it's it's a nationally televised pre season games that means it's. The CBS crew that's gonna carry that that would normally be on Sunday. And did you hear it on you know WL TB locally and hear on the radio as well. And you're not a -- it up. Go to our website at WW well dot com bulletin yeah I think the south but. Two weeks ago when they when they had the pre season game. At home last time at home what -- do when it's or put those ads on the field when they get into the red zone and they superimpose it on the field right. -- of teams do that for their pre season games. The Saints had in the local teams sell it in the local you know does who carries -- locally doesn't that -- normally does it right. And it was a slap you mama Casey seasoning right there which I'd like -- well. Somebody it's weeded out so that's a good thing they don't have something like that up one -- play in the Ravens. Because of -- Ray Rice thing that started with a domestic abuse of the NFL and she and now again with a well guess what. We do play the Ravens next week in the pre season. And it's sold that -- not going to be used and the folks that let him understand about the whole situation with a Ray Rice and everything in. With the NFL now. The league is also. It's also brought attention to the league. Not so much about the domestic violence issue but. They've been having a blind eye toward this whole. Put in the ads on the field thing because they said -- really not supposed to do that for the local broadcast they want that happening and it's been doing it so it did local teams controlled their local pre season broadcast has been happen and so now. The NFL's cracking down -- probably no more -- you won't see those are grown so someone innocent tweet. Trying to be funny by someone. NFL. And your ruin it for everybody arsenals and release of sensitive is that how it all happens. One guy -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sense now from -- that granted -- do that stuff right my memory is domestic violence issues yeah it's a seasonings were not make -- on the domestic I -- aren't meant as a hero and I -- rice did not serious about commitment I mean but it's aside I'm just talking about that. -- man I disagree seasonings and -- of the season so there you go this with people's late in the -- All right let's see here let's go real quick to Paul hey Paul you're on the first day. And what. About any. Yeah. Is it. That way perjury that listen -- now the good. When -- toward that. -- -- -- -- The only. Way of the crop. Report it. And. He still will get penalized. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- However if. You -- in the air like that and like you're gonna jump and do that meant spike it down. I guarantee he's gonna get penalized for that. Wanted to go to a book a flight -- I think flat and well I don't know about it for. First off I don't I don't understand why and I know the fans like it in the fans like Jimmy Graham and -- I don't know why we're so concerned that he can't do it anymore to be honest truthfully. I mean score the touchdown to hand the ball to the refereeing. Just score as many as you can keep. Do you know I look at that real fighters is that the whole ideas because that is Ortiz deal like this play a game. And we kind of got used to that and he's been sort of a dominant -- in the league. So you know I understand that I -- and -- to. I like the fact that they've taken some creativity and fun at the same time I do understand it from the standpoint of Wednesday's win. When -- don't pulling himself blame -- Grambling -- I'd put. Him. On. Her managerial. They typically do throw that into it charities done and they've donate at every year to to carry. You know whether it's the local charities around here or the united way they're -- -- -- -- yeah way. They used to do feel that that looked itself fortunate that tonne of money now that they collect. You know -- to do these things during the year. That's it that's a nice steal for them but I mean you know. I don't know if the players get it off and that is that good. No I would imagine he does get to write off his donations don't with a club does yet though probably. -- All nights of the skull we'll take -- a break here we come back will wrap things up for it. And gets you set for the but like countdown to kick off of Bobby appeared Deke Bellavia live from Bobby's cajun cannon restaurant in -- trade. We'll be right back. On first take on WWL.

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