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8-23 5pm Countdown to Kickoff

Aug 23, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the upcoming preseason game against the Colts.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's easy for the club like now down to kick off the same radio network where invested too well the same thing the third and it -- just obviously the most meaningful pre season game but he exhibition point. I'll -- it. Will kick in with all of walking the crew coming up in Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis tonight as a through those things -- all went to. Indianapolis Colts break it down for you on the book like count them to golf. But the alive from the painting and restaurant in better on the corner of beds and make. Ability to and it is that a pre season game Buehrle has all of the regular season -- field -- him prime time may. I think even if fans that having raced at their receipt to gain over the course of time with the what it means the -- Well because they're educated. Think male or female. You know when you try to get ready for the season. That this is the most meaningful game that's why you don't want to be late. They hear listen or watch the game a company called time. Because that's the guys it is the playing in the game. Come week one against the outlook on the road. Out of nova could be a whole first half. But this is primarily the -- game. For the regular season now we all seen all hands on deck him practice. They go what you look in the secondary and the people with all the decide. I think gives you a lot of players that we're counting on plus to have a special season. If you would speak -- -- all the things to battle the Indianapolis Colts tonight. -- -- CBS that's the televised game on the -- Lucas Oil Stadium. The matchup will mark the thirteenth time all time between. The teams in pre season with a cold holding a seven to five overall advantage. Dating back to when they were based in Baltimore. A lot of youngsters don't realize that the -- Baltimore Colts. A lot of old school LSU fan yelled go Bert Jones. The great Dallas quarterback what the quarterback for the Baltimore called but now obviously. Being Indianapolis tonight's contest. We'll also be the first time. The Saints have traveled to Indianapolis. For an exhibition game got to go back since 1991. When I was still play. When they played the Colts played in the Hoosier dome. This before -- -- -- stadium you step delusional but you know the lazy -- have the ability stadium and that that he did in Indianapolis. You all that we face -- -- squad that captured AFC south title last season. But apparently have a go through pre season -- this to be the first time the Saints have played -- Lucas Oil Stadium having previously practiced them in 2008. Prior to that week one matchup with Tampa Bay because they were forced to evacuate. Due to tropical storm with Bob if you remember. Back it to about the New England how that occurred and to think did not affect them as they were able to beat the Buccaneers. I remember also coached they experts training camp in Jackson Mississippi 2006. Playing Peyton Manning technical theatre preview the game Jackson. Where the Colts looked so much better. In their 21 to six win in this thing but boy how times have changed when you consider how good you all -- now. When you look at the regular season that they to the Colts have met eleven times -- -- -- -- leading sixth at five. Including his 6270. Crushing win at the Mercedes-Benz superdome in October of 2011. If you are remember that game back -- 2011. Think if you lose seven that would leave the varsity. Against the JP Bill Polian if you feel on ESPN now. I mean I've never seen him in the press box he was so humble he was so embarrassed -- -- performance that was both Peyton Manning. Before Andrew Luck with 6207. And -- you never wanna get will like that in if you look at it. That was the Saints franchise highest output. In how dominant that was 67 victory. Did that motivate you remember the most meaningful game with the Saints defeated the Colts 31 to seventeen. It is probable after an old ninth season. Will -- the Colts are -- style body part even though we don't play them often. Would you when it's noble to get to particular team how could you not remember that opponent in established you be a good chance that -- tonight. -- theater there were a playoff team last year at the most meaningful refusing game. And -- going to -- probably the best joke franchise quarterback right now believe it actually what. The Colts like the Saints have high expectations and should be back in the playoffs. If you look at the Colts. Their schedule I mean they came help but went thinking says they have the easiest schedule. The easiest schedule in the NFL. And obviously competing in division that is rebuilding the city where the Jaguars are right now and it kind kind of made an eight team. But I don't think the tickets are as bad as what happened last year but the -- of rebuilding division. I'm I've visited the this is -- played better at -- at the if you -- to try to be the best that event that's what you have to excel in all phases offense the visits as a team. The first exhibition game against the Rams the Titans and they are the best in the league in they they got the best that I think they welcome. On special teams -- you all of them have success against the -- And they do we can have a nice punt return. As Indy will be able one before last it -- coverage given up basically almost fourteen yards a return. So we don't have some nice maybe one or two returns. Against in the it's a -- -- -- progressing. In that area he would two weeks. Let me for the Albany cot death and Atlanta. -- things still has a lot of decisions to make. Like -- the -- is going to be I don't know all of though whoever the kicker is if he had a game winning kick you gotta make it. Whether it's. You could not afford to lose the game because of a game winning kick the I don't know the jury's still a lot on that. The starting -- I think that's the way to win -- deadly though honestly go win. Donna that Billick you don't have any public that I'm an Obama lead till you hope for the best with that. The court obviously to keep Lewis -- -- it with -- that's gonna be. He -- hopefully -- -- if -- healthy he'll get better because he should be the guy -- -- we've seen a -- that he's going to be their fourth. And fifth receiver. They may -- -- might get sick keep six receivers right now we don't know -- who's going to be on the back in. Because on that back in you going to be single coverage you can't get open. And can you win you can Brees will find you and last but not least in approval of the penalty situation. And continue to take the football away -- fielder plus side. Either turnover ratio if you look right now. -- plus three. Just the only plus one identity game. And going forward I think that's going to be critical because I think I guess that before we are creatures of habit would you do in practice we do you in the pre season. -- games that count. Fielder plus Knight picked up the ball away we hybrids are reward that we turtle it done. You've got to get him back and I know Rob Ryan realizes that and he's advertising that that'd be fit. Tuesday at the bottom line is we are right there. We are right there to be among the best and I'm so excited for the season. And now hopefully we'll have a great performers on the road because you gotta you gotta win on the road we were dominant at home. You gotta be at least viva they're on the road it's been a good test at Indianapolis Oakland. Lucky to have -- time is one hour one hour fifty minutes to kick -- between the Saints at the Indianapolis Colts turned down the sound it set. It's kind of the New Orleans Saints radio network. Today's game is David live about a satellites into the official test is to provide the Saints radio network. Hotels -- -- direct TV news network satellites that are. He's he's in now welcome back -- -- like it -- to kick off of the Kasey -- and restaurant all the caught a veteran didn't make building here all the cool thing. Radio network well take it a little -- up behind me and I think we will take a look at the Indianapolis Colts. And Bobby noticeable we will -- -- degree Bryant was defeated at a chance to do not doubt that we get a pizza of one of the I think it with a 700 club. And it was a feet out of the Condo. We will make that if we have no way of 700 club that Doug about that the ministry yes well lot of people wrote about his faith -- battle with cancer. Who who had to sit back he had to be awful but it's -- -- -- it led to. The coach there with the assistant coach of the year without a head coach in Arizona Cardinals. It led into a while caught it and at Neifi is behind it takes that you but they want to know with the team. And they did a story notes -- battle in what you look any if you look at some of these numbers you can understand why they hit such a quick turnaround from the one we've seen. To get it back to the playoffs if his birthday he has yet in a lot of it is disciplined now what are they would talk about the Saints moved forward is cutting down the pin. They're that stupid reason to gain the 3.2 last week. I was saying to face a ballclub they had the fewest turnovers in a season a year ago the fuse ball was also the season a year ago and Bobby they were the least. Penalize team a year ago it would you can do then. Did that expo translated that we it's what you don't turn the ball low with Andy you know if play. Well dig it would you look at it I'm approved areas then you haven't -- the -- and I mean that wasn't. By accident -- the Cardinals wanting gave much you can look at him make the playoffs. I think boy you a couple of dealing with. And -- that you never know you -- come back what's gonna happen that he had the right. Individual at the Helm that the -- area and now chuck McDonnell. When he's still with the cold and he will but I like about it. A player's coach but he demands a -- the demands accountability. Now and take one thing. It volume high school coach -- that what you're dealing with a young quarterback. And I eat smarter and develop the hits makes so much since I've said this. I think it will be the third time -- -- on the radio because that means that much to me. Playing the quarterback position at the highest level it would actually today. You beat the best at events. If you look at it and good luck you queried that. That you get to the theater that guy you played against the best of the best on the fifth. So what what do you envision. You know you wanna make a big play but how disciplined you could be when he's says there's nothing about this on the statewide. -- you couldn't go out there can recognize this that -- that the young quarterback. Feel little. -- a lot. Feel a lot. Team that the for him you gotta get that -- that in high school or college. Professional big game -- down. And right now he started this evening did it look and -- -- back complicated. Nobody remembers you feel a little. You feel like they pick -- at the -- if you feel like you seemed Utley is the all this it's going haywire all around you I'd slide around. Yes that you don't know what the hell you know it. That's like got a big -- didn't he dale would be Tom Brady. Drew Brees. -- Rodgers Peyton and it's so good that they can break it down. That what they got a big thing too. Too and that's where it come about. What you feel a little you actually seeing a lot -- to go with the football and a lot of -- the separation is how'd they do it close games and beat you on game day. No one in the last two seasons is better in close games. It took Pavano the Colts on impressive fifty to two of the book on notice through seasons the game decided by one position. All lives he Decatur native Bobby -- -- B Phillip B a we will continue with above I count down to kick off on the New Orleans Saints radio network. It's a radio network food is delivered five -- and he's pizzeria -- it'll take out all the delivery. Richard -- -- is about like countdown to kick off all the Saints radio network but I'd official beer of the duel at saint. We don't live at the -- he can't restaurant here in a battery to hear a lot of who gets out and excited about the third it was meaningful pre season game in which the spotter it's. Historically. Played the most time. 7 o'clock in the game now from Lucas all state. Well to do all I think if you talk about what is that thing to look forward to work some things to him marketing approval on it this week's game security area. Disappointed. When his ballclub last week after the Titans game the New Orleans Saints in what they have done as far as penalties. The Saints were penalized fourteen times alone the first half 460 yards. Exceeded -- some. But still penalized an eight penalties but 68 ought to the second half that was a poll last week 22 communities. 184 yell at so the local those but it committed by your front lines daughters. But it's the ramp to thank the penalize it 404 yards that is 32 communities. 288. Yards -- 64144. About it at night. Well get a game did you Frontline players thank you would like to see maybe the total of tonight's game where -- head -- -- mystic about eight. Don't know what you want it to you right now we act like you said 32 penalties to a 388 yards. That's four times boarding needs to be aptitude games that are trying to balance that out loud at the pre season game. -- and on the 38 penalties that you broke it down I couldn't put it any better and because that does make it different. I'm telling you when you play the Packers. When you play the white iron to the all time talking about the best that -- -- I'm -- -- about the Titans. The Jaguars. Whoever you received the Raiders and you know think that the and are seven and nine of five -- to dive team. I'm not look at it that I'll look at what it did it take. You win and maybe get to overall one -- at the -- to win the NFC south you can shoot yourself in the foot. I'm a good thing you look at it it should never have got to have a denied penalties. And I pulled to a hundred yards and then I unite thrown a ball are giving -- -- -- and. Well certainly a couple of things to that book high point total ballclub this -- five -- -- a year ago critic is one of their own chances every coach every -- say that about us what the Saints. Five you know but it is just he's just big games over 565. Football people. Did extremely well winning their first playoff game on the road opponent all season what was the both of his team. What I think was at him with his it to create. Or turnovers by comedian last week the -- so blessed three PO I. First in the NFL if -- antsy right now with Saint Louis who is also plus three. Fourteen -- league Bobby -- tied at plus three Texans unit gets. The Saints. And the St. Louis Rams so that is a strong it was just forcing turnovers created turnovers and really thought yeah we see his batting him. In a few practices. We don't have our best sort of creative it became yet but he will play tonight and Darren Byrd. Well they give you look at Jared Burton out of a lot of figured by accident nothing for us for food over the practices we blah blah I don't pick yeah. I mean he was that active his first practice. Now I think -- to be does that -- at a -- sharp little on the field and knocked it about all that you put on the field. But I think the -- -- not help. Have that kind of influence. What you look at it we did I get off to a great start. We are reminded to return overreach -- the plus five. Now we're but right now I think that is critical. Going forward if we continue. To stay at that level now the guy if you look at Jerry is Bernard. And now they just showed how truly amazing here a lot. Lap why you -- you look at it OK I would say you bit. You could be around it you can like someone you could it possibly -- respects point it is just the obvious -- -- guys -- has been around black eagle football for over thirty years and I player. A scout and analysts in business council meeting used in the other night when I call hoping to keep his thought we go pizza all night if you get your dot com call resident wrote. -- dictate your thoughts on practiced in Hokies note don't practice. Hope he told me it was as -- of a pitch he hits the spot either a receiver or befits a -- with -- -- did. With that night at Vanderbilt has -- against some pretty deep. I think there's that I don't think I was full of -- I'm not. A creature of the moment is that the right way to say that we to have that in the of the preakness like are you dislike the because of the moment. But -- dollar Iguodala would it be for all what I've written I'll tell you but I participated. And I and play. I'm telling you Reid noted that well. This time of the same way. And -- -- that and that's that good -- hopefully he got food company Earl Thomas. A that the -- make them play through that maybe 2.3. They need to date him like that and they -- -- but not a path that -- and it went to intercept the one hand completely on me. It was like we've seen them in the jug machine that's as good as any receiver. Are deep at the back. Not to so all you Jerryd birdies but -- too and I think to have him in -- but it will fit. That right now. We've even split the Buffalo Bills. He helped the team bracket now wouldn't look defeated. But it 2014. Season. He helped the team record in Buffalo for the Bulls consecutive games -- interception. Yet five straight games he got a big blow would that be sweet the five games in a -- gators sent to but the thing. If you want player and not a team built with one -- player that you look. He recorded multiple interception. Multiple. It three consecutive games now. Three games he had two interceptions are more. Now battled the first player to do that. You got to fifth Nike takes the and he's on our team. Can you imagine right now -- -- in its social media again a great game and B yeah it. Three straight games this -- victory gave the -- like that they are like you would do that. The you don't need that you gotta go back in 1960. That any individual player had multiple interception that regained that a role. And his numbers in history says the Korean and -- the tears spirited if he is around the ball. He will make the play in the case you can't have Bobby -- the -- -- -- this is the ball like countdown can laugh but I'd appears to be at the Saints. All the New Orleans Saints radio -- And welcome back it is the -- -- can't get a kick off the Saints radio network but I'd official beer of the New Orleans Saints can -- the -- -- for the indicated that front in the battery. Here. Although count down the -- -- it's not -- a ticket things at the stadium the site tonight's game is Lucas Oil Stadium opponent in camp with Indiana. With the night went to Colts entertain the pseudo New Orleans thing we -- at -- the violence of all the things. Hope you guys opt for a seat this deepest hope power you. I'm doing good. -- you know I've been up here to Indianapolis a lot of time right now the scout but this is my first time and with those stadium. And it's being and the bar. Free from that list miles last week. From here down the field is a long ways. I typically don't use my binoculars during the course of the game but help negate any doubt about it gonna have to do that tonight that. And we are way up here in the years I if you could go in the stadium it like where we sit in the superdome only hire we -- -- -- last real. Of the thing and it's a period they don't ever have to worry about a partner hit that got them up there I promise you -- a and right now I don't feel you don't meet that player warming up. Here by two and it went here and sweatpants and just have to offer a -- -- program. You know after. If so much was made it last week when coach Clayton had that ball game about the number of penalties kind of watch games Thursday night one game last night. With the NFL network. You know -- we -- -- you know I get it up on. To replay the game their -- on what they want it doesn't look like they'll -- slowing down just because it's that third pre season game. And that's when you start and hopefully the majority of the time that you can back at it and it's thrown a flag isn't much -- the starters they are the backup guys and you would think. That you know. I haven't the starters in there that. You're gonna have fewer penalty because these guys know what do I think it just be efficient that I'm making a point over that you know. Beyond backyard it's not be tolerated and not being able to get their feet and made it they just called me so much growth and down and out here when the officials. Last night on the NFL network you know they did you know. He thinks that. That the officials it you know who's -- -- blink first to go beat the players at the officials. These -- the rule changes that we made we many here who want him back -- we don't column though I guess you could probably look for another penalty this tonight. Well OK now -- what did -- -- -- get through it and I kind of took approach. That. You have to make Seattle -- lead Seattle that being the field I mean the Bears are playoffs -- been there. Type team and that that of this July -- When you look at that -- the -- at home. But you know with that being said after that statement. Well look at one area we got a proven it didn't happen last year and hasn't happened -- to -- the game against the Rams. And that kind of person he. -- -- -- We win on special teams that might be the game to do that when I look at right now you know we were ranked thirtieth. You know we -- look at my return average -- guess what. The Colts will one before last it but covered. They've given up fourteen yards -- punt return. So maybe it might be an opportunity. To get that confidence. Get that swagger in their return game. We did that because how we struggled. In about three out of four phases. And on special teams go to nickel they'll be entered to the team it went that -- Bobby yeah would be nice to have a complete team with Gaddafi could beat me today I mean if we could just half a run in the mail. Special teams unit somebody that in the middle of the fact you know we eat right -- being seen at the last couple years about how often they often -- it. Boy if we could ever is getting the team that stuff that -- that -- did well now they jumped up in the top five. So the only thing to pick up now is our special teams unit and I'll think coach Peyton. These 240 almost got right now he didn't like the way that the kickoff coverage was last week now. Granted I mean the Saints are shuffling guys out there were any good to them but they definitely won't. To work out as a punt return. We don't really know whether he will be in the player not tonight I have gotten word of that so far up here but. They just need to find it that one guy back here in their return game -- like the fire he did that thing going and I would assume that any coach would be that bad in the punt unit. On the kickoff unit and in I don't know that. The basket yet is to -- it went pretty good at at least be. Really to take it a 170. Yards and the quality deep in the end zone at least I don't think he does but. It's. It's it's still a work in progress right now and yet meet these people on -- matchup against a poor special teams. Team in the game that yet so we'll end tonight would be a good time to time -- -- him. Don't make a glimmer of hope that maybe guys can't beat them and when they did last year. And I'll look at it if you agree with me but I am glad well there precede the game opponents because the Colts are relevant. It would mean that that it if you look at. What it did last year he broke playoff team. They expected to win the AFC south. You going against probably the best young franchise quarterback in the league and it looked. And if not I'm interested not okay or have the third afford water as far as the score but. I want us to win. And I think it goes a long way from a confidence standpoint. He beat Pete Carroll talked about. The golf wanna hit that home and I think the best that have been. If you look at it the 49ers. They've been up and down and did not wait they need to be but I think it's that important. That we. We -- winning big games or are we could -- the thing. By halftime considering that we gonna get the playoff caliber team and that's who beat their biscuits now there. Well Bobby that certainly extremely. Standpoint -- -- -- -- you've taken a step up for the Saints team especially quarterback like. Sam Bradford didn't play in the Rams game and -- Jake lockers not -- you don't even need to put him anywhere in the same category. Is Andrew Luck. But yeah happy to be is not so much about that. Whether the Saints win the game tonight you certainly don't want to come out here get -- now that that I'm a 100%. With you thank. And again you don't know how much offense how much defense to -- or the coach will show. Anybody but it will be ones -- ones and note could be the guys that you will be stacked up we have. It's been a couple weeks here when you start the regular season. So Islamic hit it close competitive ballgame yet yelled that -- deal with regardless of how the outcome of the game is that I feel. Stick with my philosophy -- free agent is not about point its about performance in. Just a good performance is what I think -- coach staff wants to see. I'll -- with Dick think you would hope it's not but that's now for our injury report it's the well I can't down to kick off right here all -- -- Saints. Radio network. Well when Roger lose Rolex time is what now what now and fourteen minutes to kick up between the Saints and the Indianapolis Colts turn out the sound it said it took the New Orleans Saints. Radio network well looking at what the Saints quarterbacks have done in the pre season majority has gone to Luke McCown -- voted. The Saints game against the Rams rank Griffin last week. Equally when he did he gain one if he threw for 100 -- -- nine yards in the victory over the Rams he threw for a hundred it sit -- -- yours. Last week going to get their pre season game. Around the National Football League -- -- is second in total York's pass that only to the quarterback would be. New York Giants who had -- bit verbally at 356. To -- to go -- -- have been that -- program. -- to gain the -- with two nights ago Paula as that the appointment passes of 42 attempts complete 70% of his passes. The 358. Yards and three touchdown with no interceptions. Israel tops in the leagues in all categories he has thrown no interceptions he's got a quarterback rating of 118. Point nine. Luke McCown has been -- as well completing nineteen to thirty attempts 466. North. One interception that was on the first drive against the Rams Chris Long made it very good plate with two touchdowns and no interceptions last week Bobby. The story people thinking about. The young quarterback in Iraq Griffin and he has really improved progressed over the course of a year. Eat a lot and all pro right -- the future. But I know right now what he's done and ask that you would do as a player you wanted to solidify a position that you are an NFL quarterback. I mean when you look at it definitely try to do whatever you can't just survive. And make utilize now. Would you think even if you on the back -- -- about any position. You can make four to 30000 dollars -- you -- in the real world and have that that kind of income. Now the practice squad yeah that you even though over six figures with that being said. Ryan Griffin. They keep -- the practice squad that -- it was that -- And political and active roster if you look at the umpteenth might. He three quarterbacks that inactive rosters. Noble goal which is to maybe have a practice like guy they wanna develop. So with that being said. Brian Griffin knew what he's done and his progression. If you look at 32 teams. Even the few times that times do that that Brian Griffin. There's no way he was last in the practice squad that was gonna happen again last year the Rams interested in him. That you know that that's that's if you wanna see. As opposed to our organization. Regan as a player that you getting better and I thought just from my standpoint I was New York me it would validate -- but. He can really throw the ball along way he's got a for all all well hey this thing is you could have a JaMarcus Russell or. Where you throw it ninety yards with that it really doesn't even matter -- it's all about it just the occasion. And knowing where to go with the ball now to get it a point. Where you could throw it seventy yards 657 yards yet that held but it still. About anticipation. And Dolan who article the ball right grip and holly lives the pocket. I mean -- liked -- better. And to be the sky's the limit you keep getting better and better I don't know if he's the future. You know that's down the -- you Drew Brees is the guy right now. But if I had to speculate -- guess I don't know what's -- -- tonight. That Ryan group they beat you because that is youth even though he hasn't played in the regular season game. If they keep -- quarterbacks that thinking quarterback behind some reason then give them ever have a lit it through our performance. I think they would think that -- but now home. Because of his age but I can picked up but he knows the offense and that they would bring them back home or. We look at Dickey would above I count down the kick off right here all the New Orleans Saints radio network. About this at the eighth to August now am I to me on Twitter and on line and I -- -- I can. The Indianapolis -- well it. Just one season the knee and season that they bounce back quickly. Immediate field now they -- the cream of the crop in the AMC's now so -- think -- may be greater take it next they have asked him if -- around a critical the company game that you would it be the what a -- back. That football team in book -- -- -- Let me put -- on the god you can from team. It didn't buy out much like any one play. This dog and well and John de activated and look. All of the not one not -- much. You know bottom line is one thing. We want one. They gain they keep up and I -- -- -- -- in public that you can come on you know you've got him. Position but Allen leave him in line. -- -- And the unthinkable that the point in camp. -- an object in it and then -- -- about it can happen again. Thank you -- you know one. Into game. Don't mean. It went on on you go out. In -- -- -- -- I'm talking about the look at. Me and Manny inquiry. On the rule argument again in -- pot guy game look. Now -- -- -- the hot seat because obviously Danica now the alarm. As far as the position battles. Who do you think the kickers that'd be one. Who do you think you're starting the editor well we wanted. Who. Authority cornerback aren't over to cornerback opposite if you -- -- three and noticed a lot of and to play. And who you think will be there for the U receiver and maybe you'd think he can keep things that a slight. For hard brands questions that I military feel obligated to take on that. Not a lot you know the ball off the beaten you I think the very beginning of seeing Graham. But when it hit. Albeit important issues I'll go with it again here. Gonna. Get in line at that spot so don't -- no question. Yet -- part of those who you think it's gonna be. That fourth or fifth receiver and do they can't keep six receivers obviously -- -- speculating. Yeah I would think speculating. You know who's gonna win that because it's been that -- bar again. When you look at. Got bought out we did over the big news of Robert Meachem who you think what what's gonna come about. I think the key spot and I thank you know you've been you know no -- -- -- -- -- Walking whole -- Robert Meachem I think because they were back in the game and then we. And what he did an excellent. Now. And it can't be not exactly playing the game I think you're right well. -- bought one -- only keep from quarterback. I think you need to keep the -- until somebody hit it it. -- it would mean well he wouldn't want people ignition. Lockout but Robert Meachem and he's been. Now Mike and I figured that definitely comes into play when you look at. Not only as the starter on defense -- often that you look at the back -- when they play. And a high YouTube tribute. All of those players -- teams in the Booth. On every special teams unit we look at it could be that says a lot when you look at Josh -- It's on everything as a team unit and you look at these two linebackers Kevin ready and cal knocked. Born every special team units Tom like. Mean the coaches trust them there or let the police grew -- -- it not be on the team infinity on every unit. Not gotten in Abu remote. I mean yeah. I mean you look at it like now on Thomas won't it won't -- on the court and he's a former. That's why do -- -- -- I didn't know not let you know they couldn't hit one good round. Mind. -- but yeah. Well below will be there. In the -- we all hold on the yeah. But they can't -- -- -- You know. Off and when he. -- -- -- -- It but -- government. The. I think DA dot com and if I detail to what it's about like I've got a kick off -- the -- radio network.