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8-23 6pm Countdown to Kickoff

Aug 23, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the upcoming preseason game against the Colts.

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And welcome back to the but I can't Danica now but I'd have -- the -- -- -- -- -- alive for the eighth dictated restaurant on veterans boulevard here all proponent of bits and make it look. But now it's C indicate the camp of the but like athletic adult I've got to go back up to the press box to get the Saints became in group what what what you guys know. I'd be in the saint pregame injured -- has brought you back to length instituted sports. Madison for the athlete in all of us now I think they have some inactive for the coach and they are -- beat them on our power running back Vick Ballard running back. -- -- -- Inside linebacker -- Freeman. Another in that linebacker Josh McNair opted to tackles. -- John and Xavier Nixon and defensive tackle on -- huge. Use excuse me and then for the Saints they say there is no. Will not this will not play this from the Saints and that to think pregame injury report brought you back to -- institute of fort Madison for the athlete. In all. Now I hope you when you look at would you break it down -- to make their final roster and I'll think it's riveting obviously looked at the back and make him. Special teams tackles. Now we brought up -- ball here or we brought up -- not. But to me within three games any third right now as total tackles with seven. He's second. Right in -- tyrant walker beneath that theory which 657. Total. It -- to bond to waive the quarterback out of Arizona. To me the end him. Back at. They fifteenth that you've seen him make. Played the practice. Involved it also beat him give up -- We've been real active what you look -- experience. The what is your take them to -- wage. And you think you could doubt that maybe put it in Atlantic -- helping and who's in who's made it banged up or at the quarterback position. Well bothered last week when Champ Bailey wasn't practicing in Luc would practice -- Patrick Robinson went practiced the two starting quarterbacks that it went out they were the first unit. Trevor the way it was one album and Stanley dean the team with the other so I mean they they got thrown in now -- that thinks that that's not the lineup they -- in the game right understated during practice those two guys so. -- -- show him that. He's got something about it I mean you know. -- you don't want him out there on a full time basis but I think you. I think it the -- it is special teams value is certainly there and I mean it does make some plays when he down the field he does it to the football make tackles he. You're not shut down corner or anything like that but. A few things that did it this specialty group -- they have been the last couple years they need to have gotten nose for the football. And he appears to be one of those guys. Now hokey. You being ended Richard as far as not only being a running back -- time you maybe had the lead blocker and linebacker. Oh what is your take do like -- glory will not be available. Come week one I think you will played significant role this season but I think for the -- -- -- that ever. In October but if you -- the week one. You'd go -- better and like Greg old eleven year veteran out of Florida State. The -- that speaks for itself. As far as that battering ram and lead blocker on you maybe go with a bullet that athletic guy who's played and build this they felt it felt that Jonathan. At the -- people backing you really catch the ball like receivers. Coach Doug about that given day. It would you maybe you prefer all of that Johnson over Greg till -- you want that dominant lead blocker with Greg -- brings to the table. Not rather have Austin Johnson. You know we look. Great joneses that we -- what he -- he can handle it it negated nearing villain Cotto would linebacker. But I've watched Austin Johnson. And he does a good guy being he go today and he he -- those guys where there's a stalemate I mean -- lucky you can ask. From the lead fullback now days. You know you just don't have that battering -- anymore because of the dignity of this team. Get past it but they do well the only guy that can come out the back who -- -- -- he did feel last year with a one Austin Johnson. But. There was a group who got dropping it yet game you fullbacks we've been out with a flat in the off to Johnson could certainly make those I've yet to. Last week -- it would be -- opening play of the second play of the game. I gave little. Handoff and throwing the ball and those big blue that play right definitely gained about six yards on it so -- don't let the guys here for one reason. And that's to be a lead blocker you -- throwing a couple of passes down the end but he's not. He's not in that game plan so we can be might be a last resort to throw the ball to. Yeah hope I'd agree with you. You might -- be and I -- Collins who went to the Lions. -- particular -- they yeah he's just a notch below that throw I think if you will but it kicked Colin. Type guy how could you know I'd go look all that Johnson. When he knows the system. He knows. They've been around here couple years they -- we've been through the camps and in every yeah Elson. You know I guess that I prefer. To -- that knows the system means that now it is opposed to a guy that you give the -- that you do it two weeks before he. Start against your old rival in your division so I mean is the W known better W don't know. When I arrived at saint -- -- -- -- guys now hoping it would review the call a couple of if it means. We'll go to Q what about -- count down to pick up rapidly came to camp up better a couple of body battery -- -- -- New Orleans -- -- radio network. It's not that I take a look at today's saint opponent is the Indianapolis Colts speak up to tonight's game with a pole in two record. And the Colts. Aren't home tonight at Lucas all the things -- -- tell -- -- typical for the full court Colts quarterback Jim Sorgi yep thank you for joining us that. What had grown up with rapids -- high expectations. But as a quarterback you know even what Andrew -- done if you look at it now you still find it. -- these guys hold evidently for a thought about time and look how impressive -- already. Well it's really remarkable what he's done just for the fact that. I mean coming into his first year he did have a -- -- of weapons around him and it got better his second here but the last two. We feel really good -- the season and then boom injury buckets that are -- are dropping like flies -- We -- so because on offense go down and we had a stress there. In the middle of season we just played horrible that we were able to pick it up and get back into the swing things toward the end of the season what he's done numbers wise the -- You have the numbers we're with the personnel -- had around him the last two years I think is what makes him. Everywhere you looked at him you -- Walt what are remarkable quarterback look at what he's done with a couple with the poise he's had a run and never complains. Never lose. -- points fingers he just keeps on going upon his business of winning football games and I think that's why everybody. In Indiana Colts nation is excited about this is just as the fact that. We are healthy got to watch the weapons on offense or defense looks more like a 34 defense with some of the additions and we just look -- more complete team. If we can go -- at 5115. And make the playoffs the last two years what do we do this year I think that's what the excitement all. Jim everyone talked about you speculate who's gonna have that now breakout season what I've read you look at the thing I think he hits. In that stretches you here do you feel like him start dug up on him. And I read a couple of places. Not university at Tennessee but Tennessee Bard months aerial view. The defense to attack the 64350. How if you look so far anything capable having -- break out the. Well my Torre's use had high expectations coming into the season so far during training camp he has not been around very much. Well it's kind of -- -- kind of a tragic story. A couple weeks ago. When they were up the campus and in the end he had his little little girl with them and just Jimenez. Girlfriend or wife had a baby girl about three must go through three muscle tears up -- camp completely healthy and then. She fell ill and and passed away so he's been -- way home while. Yeah he's been away from the team. The last three weeks and kind of deal with his personal life his whole life and his family we wish -- all the best. Who's looking really good up until that point. But now is a question mark you know we got Josh Chapman Brandon Davies at the nose tackle position has done a really good job so far in the pre season but. We expected my Torre used to be. Fully entrenched in the -- defense to be a big part as athletic as big as he is. Just if they're making plays but unfortunately with the with the tragedies going through he has not been able to really. -- be here before you fall. Now we all go out Robert map that Sammy to be provided to think through -- story of Alabama I mean I am not Nike knapsack. Now we know -- could be suspended. Think about that -- -- you know whoever is Warner right now. You know. -- -- -- was drafted I mean I think they'll need development at the football player we've -- -- What did you expect Payton it's been. Your. -- come along very nicely. I've -- first round draft pick before last season. Hasn't struggled last season didn't do exactly what everybody expected him to do. He's used his off season he's at the complex all time he's gotten bigger he's -- blow more familiar with the playbook he's playing fast he's not have to think so much on the field. He's made a couple remarkable place so far this pre season. He's we keep pressure on the quarterback and he's made people feel at ease with what he has to do with Robert Mathis being out the first four games now. I don't think it's gonna be on his shoulders I think defensively we could bring a lot of first couple of people around give a lot of different looks like they've. Greg -- he's put a lot of pressure on himself to really. As a whole defense. Pick up the slack with Robert being about book nor. From for his first year to a second here is light years ahead of where he was last year he's actually looked like a first round draft pick a while we while we took from sorely. And I think you go adopt New Yorkers though I think you'll be very successful this year but I think on the road he'll be -- everybody talks about NFL. Now -- give what you look at the Colts and their situation obviously a lot of expectations like the thing though you have playoff team last year. Kinda the theme is obviously expected this season. Would you look at that that where they're at. Right now and those expectations. If you look at it -- -- the easiest schedule in the NFL. I mean they got probably the best young franchise quarterback in Andrew Luck. But to be even at that -- who like he is. The defense has been helpful is that your take that. Visit as bad luck goes the coach -- when you truly get have a chance for the doable with the intent to play a big part. It really does and I think we get some guys back from injury -- defense as well. Greg solar. Starting one of our starting corners there's half the season last year with a groin injury he's back healthy. Well we get the additions of Arthur Jones at the offensive line to play all along the defensive line to D'Qwell Jackson and inside linebackers are tackling machine to go along -- -- Freeman. You don't get a save fuel on Landry were trying to find the other safety. Who played next to him expertise were to -- off Howell was going to be that guy he's had a little bit above the neck issue were not exactly sure where he's at so. Got a couple guys record through their board like Mike Adams or Sergio Brown. But take Davis -- cord decide a big contract this off season expected to play well. By our linebackers just looked really solid. But it all starts off from we struggled last year stopping the run. And I think that was the main focus going into this season -- the hitter in the middle we did that. From Cleveland and D'Qwell Jackson is another defense lack of big body guy. To go along upfront with the big nose tackles and really put up those holes a little while those linebackers to make tackles that we we've addressed those issues. We've looked good the first two pre season games. But obviously that has the test will be debated is Roland Saints I mean. We need to get after Drew Brees would be to get after your play makers on offense is Jimmy Graham Marcus Colston. Terrific coach mark you were flown over the ball well and see if we could stop him tonight. In the salute to the test will be in the putting misses the game obviously we game plan forcing you to go out next Q this game this this is what -- All the Colts quarterback and current color analyst for the Indianapolis Colts radio network you sort -- thank you so much for the time have a great call with the thank you very much safer now. Are -- above I count down to -- now we look at did you live the cage and restaurant here on veterans boulevard -- on the saints' radio network. And a welcome back to the but I can't get a kick off but -- disappear of the New Orleans Saints and the Saints economic Indianapolis Colts at night. Is it Lucas balls -- want -- that we talked about is the National Football League and this week out of the game will be played at this point in time because. The cut will be made next Saturday -- 4 o'clock for the space for the Mets games so far we have seen. The Seattle Seahawks at the Chicago fans and let -- play with cope with a point 34 to six with Green Bay over Oakland thirty wanted to when he was in a broccoli and beat the if fitting in NC scientific and I can't do 37. Last night at the ballot New York it was the Giants 35 it -- when he fought Detroit thirteenth it's well. Over to exit -- -- a battle of Pennsylvania it was 31 when he won Philadelphia. Over Pittsburgh two ball games tomorrow night at the San Diego talk of the San Francisco 49ers that today its own era zone and already today. The first game Tampa Bay divisional foe for the Saints. Maybe Buffalo 47 of fourteen just by the way the first quarter is Miami three it down -- zero in Atlanta seven to zero. Over the Tennessee Titans. Bobby about things we have talked about. These three season and things like that worked on it all the -- proven wrong but one that who is right there in the top four in the league in yards. Receiving is Joseph Balkman and the long ball affect it as I guess but if you look at Dallas analyzing. Do the pre season. Like a horse race -- this would be the homestretch. Let down the homestretch. -- bought it and has assumed one of the front -- at the receiving category. Well I think it's down the stretch they come natural born Indians though right there -- going down to the wire. And it's all about reduction. I mean if you look at it one NFL season in 2012 we collected passes. Almost Florida yards and three touchdowns. He's the Bulls the one thing guy in the coverage about and quote me the of -- this he said in his statement. That it was the -- in that he got behind at the bit considering the significant than the entry Danny had that. You know you get behind it even if that happens to be in the running well was able to make a few plays in. And we've seen him make that prior is -- the feeling you get hurt you -- that -- -- -- thing. If you wanna -- now you look at a guy like we content knowledge of right where. The cornerback in college you could be relied -- we -- significant injury he might never be the thing. I think that's what you want to see from at any player and that being Joseph Morgan and -- if you look at it and that and the -- scheme. -- at night with three catches 408 yards. I mean. That is like big time winning football what you look at average recant. We all remember. It's spectacular play that he really is the Packers have particularly. I can't stand living in 2002 well -- 48 yard touchdown. You know he's that the run at the pin their. And hop it back up -- be -- down didn't break towards the end of the old and he that. That blame the Packers Blake goes down to meet with the best long plays and things history. Still I think that's just encourage him. -- you look at Joseph Morgan now he's still ahead. Did pass reception that three seasons. Because two with a three years you've noted your reserve. Though he's healthy he's ready to roll they'll know how healthy years. You're fitting Woody's -- at -- tonight. -- difficult to think baloney that ravens' being the pools now. Thought I would say I'll -- Joseph Morgan and that number. Considering he could stretch the defense. When you look Randy cooks and Woody's gonna bring to the table you can never have to its feet. Beat because that Drew Brees not utilized his eyes they can move safeties and then matter became an article two mile. The guy is still open. Because the -- nobody Millwood Drew Brees is doing and you get behind it the fifth -- they actually find you whether it's Joseph bargain. Let -- Robert Meachem whether it's -- scales brenly -- still that's why give me that he. Now we go to institute continue to run those intermediate routes and kick the ball you instantly and I think he did that number on the planet -- what. Step forward that was made for the Rams game to the title game but it was the first team -- the first the -- came out five -- -- -- -- including. A ninety yard run thirty yard carry on that Bob -- not with the last few plays or eight. Negative plays seventy yards. Could get tackled -- the last few minutes and long but was intercepted Luke -- now on the last two plays offensive might that that was not the case last week we talked about. Going in a statement in -- -- area's getting on to the school board. While the Saints a first offense that was as well as we that's exactly what they'd be about sixty plays eighty yards six minutes and thirty seconds. They wanna continue to get all week let's go. Get out there a great start and I think -- dropped Bryant with a talented defense. No matter who's been there we got to do better in average up park camp. I've that you gain from giving up four and a half yards a carry. You wanna be by three point 83 point nine. And -- dances that that that he's Beverly look at that. And you obviously think on the plus side in the turnover ratio. And I think we can do better. I thought were outstanding running with the ball against the Rams. But that wasn't necessarily the case against the Titans. You know what you wanna bounce back -- right now we had three point nine yards I carry. Mark Ingram because they're an outstanding performers -- within yards a carry that Rams game he's at almost eight yards a carry seven point eight. Continue to do that that three competent. In the one area that we got to do better not only our run defense but third down the -- Number of months the best would you look at it last year on third down the fifth and I think that's critical. And that's crucial when all's said and done. The we were at the -- they -- number nine only given up like 34. And a half percent. Right now if you look at it we well all the authority. Rick do you look at that I finished the night game. Now we were good at the offense full -- is one of 48% of the night -- party think. Plate too but you gotta get that in the 32 that's -- you get opponents off the field tunnel rob Bryant divot size and third down defense. And really stop the running backs. Reporting -- going as far as when they haven't those 567 yard run. May we talked obviously about a return to Bobby thanks to a 26 of the National Football League it covets in the first two games they gave up 47 yards of return to. Against Saint Louis 50134. Last week to this evening at six lieutenant -- 65 or. 48 yards and returned. Some things that this team talked about complaints at the beginning of man's. Weeks presser after the tie game you look back -- that you talk about the season both creating more turnovers. -- bit of a special teams department. Other that may be moaning which would you most solid facet of special teams a year ago kick return to you wanna CA improved to. While the but our kick returner right now we average and on the three yards a punt return that that that's terrible. I mean it -- five or six yards this terrible Phil you deadly wanna you know you better that now. We've been overall pretty good -- like Barbara -- five point eight. Now a -- I think it's going to be a challenge. When we going to get to Indianapolis considering. They were right in the middle of the pack about fourteen average it by about ten yards a return stood as the Bianca a challenge. Welcome every junior does Forsberg returned the -- kick off return. We weren't very good. I thought that our defense averaging forty yard -- regular. -- give an oval with 27. Goals all errors at the approval on it could be -- different. One less first down drive would you talk about those hidden yardage and -- with this in when you have a hard like gain. Not necessarily every game we gonna get the best and advance what you look Baghdad does make it different. Those hidden yardage and where are the few with this team where you start drives where you -- that you pulled it. The start drive it's almost right now you're among the best. Ford's kickoff coverage support they can get off totally got out allow. You would hope on the twenty -- the restore on the 25. And then also the return unit in his beat double digit. And I think you gotta have a Pro Bowl returner. 1415 yards again about ten yards -- return and that's one -- -- -- you gotta get. Get into scoring ring general to score touchdowns. -- -- one let cords on etiquette all the flood hit three points and that he'd be the difference in the game. It is above -- -- -- to kick out after the Kasey Kahne at the veterans boulevard but I have disappeared the Saints on the New Orleans Saints radio network. And welcome back the -- -- get -- to kick -- of the saints' radio network. Coming up after the game it is that Toyota locker room and showed it to be the point after would be -- -- by BB at the 1 AM here. All the Saints radio network the Saints to exit the -- of the Indianapolis coach here. In -- -- they've been -- Indianapolis. Without game day crew Robert -- Christie Garrett Saints out of Puerto. It color -- hope you guys done and it supports some things GM -- -- -- how other Saints going to make it it I hot day. I hop world travelers now only at I hop beat you can make your thoughts on how the Saints get -- stayed at night. This volatile laid up both they've played this entire league season schedule we've both they've made it the third. Receive it well at the ego what I wanna see in. And that on backstroke at the Seahawks but I'll watch -- be objective NFL network game. They freaking dominated the manner. Who do you think it is a playoff team or -- it bulletin games they've donated. Yes it did that and I think we got to go on the road and it would be difficult. Which you wanna take care of business when I mean about it. Is that. Don't shoot yourself in the foot you have a good play don't have a penalty that's called back. All of a sudden you have a big stop on defense. And -- worth the -- all they've got a penalty that deadly approval in the penalty situation. They continued to take the football away the opportunity as they. Now -- going to be high risk high reward -- made it all the time. At that we're take your chances but we got one turnover on offense and Rob Ryan handled it with eyes that they've got to get -- back. We just beyond the plus side in the turnover ratio and it just take pride. In any opportunity. Because all the study if you could just be part of the mix and they Corey white has put in the right perspective. He said I'm not part of by being wanna -- because I know by -- -- -- -- went up 34 of five. When I'm in there -- considered a starter which is doing your job bottom line that helped look at par but it -- job are you at the thought it to the fun of me in the game third. Alright it's everyone out here the case Decatur restaurant that -- got -- to talk game -- -- wrap up now Chris again I hope you guys on the positive thing to. Tippett has to make it the -- to the Indianapolis Colts right now all the do all the things radio network.