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8-23 Coach Sean Payton

Aug 23, 2014|

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton addresses the media after the Saints

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pretty much what I told the players it was good to get the win. There are a lot of positives I felt the energy was good I thought situationally in a lot of areas we did some good things. Still high in the penalty count with ten. Substitution -- That was a mass in the second half and part of it -- first staff won't get that squared away we need to because it -- timeouts in that. Just keep shown up too often but on the positive though I like the energy I thought that. But we came out pretty good focus and look we'll get to the tape and make the corrections and questions. Yeah I mean not listen I think it was good to see drew. You know back on the field and and he seemed to get in a pretty good rhythm I thought -- was real important in those drives especially the first one we're. The third down conversions because I think we have to cover two or three. To keep the drive going one of them longer situation and Marcus made a good player on our sideline so. But that's encouraging in and I thought during the course of the week he specifically drew would look real sharp. In continued over the game. No there there is more. It wasn't drive or and it was going to be player oriented you know there's a handful players that were -- The first game the night and so we're going to be somewhere between fifty and Tony. Fifteen point places that existed for. Five or six players. -- Well listen normally -- done both me and either I don't know that there is a normal we've we've played him. First series or be Smart especially with the you know a short week. I think they're the key is just getting the reps during the course of the week in practice and he's experienced enough to understand. The difference between practice and in game speed but I. I thought during the course of the week. Tuesday Wednesday. You know I I thought the ball's going off of his hand really sharp accurate and I think the same thing existed tonight so. You know how much or if he plays one kind of sit down and kind of go through that. He's he he's got really good instincts and so in the Indy has good speed and so when you put a first step. With that you know he finds himself were on the play a lot and I thought -- little bit harder. If you're not watching specifically so we watched that tape. Tomorrow we'll have a chance two great out a lot of these players -- -- cast upon. You know the plan was just a fair catch it but nonetheless feel that it's something that he's able to do. But overall it was good to get him playing time it. Offensively or defense. Yeah I listen I think we do a lot of good things. Situationally with you know we its penalties that that hurt us. And then -- said the the biggest disappointment for me is just the substitution ten guys on the field twelve guys in the field you know stuff like that that. They'll end up costing you in in a bigger game. Yeah that was encouraging with some real good plays on the ball. And I thought although a lot of that comes with the energy and passion thought. You know I thought are we got a little bit pressure there as the game went on and and I thought we were able to even in the first half. Get into some rush lanes in and make it difficult for the quarterback especially there was some. Third down throws that he was high and wide with the I think we did real good job of at least -- Someone in the space. It. Well listen it's it's a point of emphasis in you know -- have just finished saying we're not a finished product right now and yet that's something that. Is encouraging I think tonight. -- -- -- we we wanted to be balanced we wanted to build women in and have success from the football and I thought we defended pretty well and I don't know that we got a lot of run. Opportunities defensively as much in the first step but. You can only defend which he -- so. That'll be something we keep working on going into next week. -- -- -- To say -- -- but I think to answer your question that it it I don't know to what degree. I thought yeah overall we will look at the tape but I I think. Listen I don't like government through our defense free busted coverage. And and so we've got to get that ironed out but overall. I was please.

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